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Sea Shepherd Charges Japan with Piracy


Eco-terrorist group Sea Shepherd are bringing legal charges of piracy against the Japanese whaling vessel they recently attacked, after their crippled vessel was abandoned at sea, a loss of over a million dollars, in an incident the group is claiming was an intentional act of piracy by the Japanese.

Claiming that a Dutch crewman was onboard the Ady Gil at the time of the collision, and that the vessel’s nearby “mothership” was registered in the Netherlands, Sea Shepherd intends to press charges of piracy against the vessel in Dutch courts.

Their legal counsel claims to have clear photographic evidence of the Japanese ship violently attacking the Ady Gil, meeting the legal definition of piracy.

With most of the action taking place in international waters, Sea Shepherd’s attacks on whalers are in a legal grey area, though any charges of piracy leveled against either Sea Shepherd or a whaling vessel would be unlikely to result in extradition.

Japanese legislators have been said to be considering whether attackers could be arrested at sea, but given Japan’s generally supine diplomacy this seems unlikely.


Sea Shepherd claim the ruthless Japanese pirates chased them down and aimed their huge ship right at their helpless little craft, intent on causing maximum casualties:

“The Shonan Maru did a quick turn and came in real fast, they were aiming for the cockpit, where the crew were, and fortunately we got the engines in reverse and backed up just enough so that the front of the ship was torn off instead of hitting the cockpit.

They were trying to sink the ship. We put out a mayday distress signal and the Japanese refused to respond – it was a hit and run really.”

The Japan’s Fisheries Agency for their part claim the nimble boat deliberately stopped in front of the much larger and less manoeuvrable whaling vessel:

“You can see that the Shonan Maru is moving to the port to try and avoid a collision and there’s no avoiding the collision with the Ady Gil.

It’s a fast boat, she heads off full steam in front of it and miscalculates. So it’s no wonder that it came to the grief that it has.”

Unlike Sea Shepherd, they have released a number of videos ostensibly supporting their claims.

The Antipodean press has also responded gleefully to chance for some Japan-bashing, eagerly lapping up Sea Shepherd’s melodramatic account of a battle with whale-slaughtering pirates, one rag even calling it a “war”:

“It was the most terrifying moment of my life – when you look up and there’s the bow of a thousand-tonne steel ship hanging above you, about to split you in two. You’re looking death straight in the eye.”

Sea Shepherd’s wealthy backers have already promised a replacement ship, so it seems the dance is set to continue.

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  • Humans think they’re so superior. Through this bloated mentality we may kick the proverbial footstool from under our feet and hang. We don’t need to exploit animals like this for “food”, and smart-ass comments sure aren’t needed either.

    Any true environmentalist philosophy must absolve killing as the minimum standard of decency and logic.

    You wouldn’t approve of slaughter and genocide for other people you care about or your own race, so why disrespect all life that is non-human? Interference like this in whale social systems and it’s impact on all creatures is hazardous and unnecessary.

  • They aren’t eco-terrorists.

    They’re not scaring or threatening creatures by destroying their habitats, they don’t trawl creatures and destroy coral reefs, or cut down trees for profit, they aren’t cutting fetus whales out of their mother’s bellies, the above acts would be in line with someone who is eco-terrorizing. Eco-terrorist is another backwards label on the wrong group.

    How do you manage wildlife? It’s wild, thus it is not managed. If there is imbalance then Humans must deal with having fucked up the Circle of life without more killing.
    Population management is nonsene. Direct action approach saves lives.

  • It really doesnt take any experience or brainpower for it to make sense that smaller vessels should stay outta the way of larger ships, hell, i cant think of anywhere where its not law. So how do the hippies plan on justifying piracy by the whalers? whats the turning circle on one of the whaling vessels compared to their million dollar toy?

    Even if that wasnt enough to question the validity of what they’re saying… I’m Australian (sea shepherd is an australian based organisation /facepalm), you should see some of the crap they’re sending through the media. Firstly they said their toy ran outta fuel, and was sitting there helplesly, then they changed it to the whalers trying to chase them, etc etc.

    Terrorists wearing environmentalist’s clothing… I’ll be standing on the shore cheering the day the whalers get so fed up they turn their harpoons on those who deserve it.

  • “wealthy” Sea Shepherd backers? HUH?

    It’s the totally other way around. The whaling fleet is a billion dollar enterprise. The Sea Shepherds are the underdogs in this fight. Way to get it mixed up.

  • A charge of piracy is a little far-fetched coming from Sea Shepherd. They aren’t pirates, but considering their own activities they’re not in a good position to accuse the whalers of being so.

    That aside, the Shonan Maru No. 2 was clearly at fault in this collision. The Ady Gil was at rest at the time of the collision, not intentionally putting itself into the path of the whali- er, “research” vessel. The Shonan Maru No. 2 failed to give way or observe avoidence procedure and headed directly for the idle Ady Gil at high speed.
    Video footage (available on YouTube) taken on board the Ady Gil itself shortly before the collision shows the crew relaxing and the engines being shut off about a minute before the Shonan Maru No. 2 rams them.

    Sea Shephard could sue the captain of the Shonan Maru No. 2 for the collision and loss of the Ady Gil, but a charge of piracy would seem to be unfounded.

    • PhoenixBurn says:

      Maybe you should get your facts right before posting.

      1. The Ady Gil CLEARLY thrusts forward (not backward as they claim) into the SM#2 before impact.

      2. How is a 491tonne vessel supposed to “give way” to a much smaller/agile vessel?

      These arent matchbox cars you know, it takes quite a while for a vessel of that size to respond to steering commands especially when its at speed.

      3. I doubt the SM2 captain could see the smaller vessel being so close to his ship, so he would have delayed information from his shipmates as to its position.
      Going by the Bob Barker footage it does turn away from the Ady Gil.
      (Yes the BB footage looks like its turning into the AG, but the BB is actually circling the SM2 anticlockwise which gives a false perception)

  • Paul Watson (over the radio): We are going to ram you!
    Stand clear!

    A Taiwanese drift-netter (over the radio): “Why are you
    crushing our ship?”

    Paul Watson: “You are killing too many dolphins ..
    and you insulted us by calling us creeps.


  • They really should have tanked kinetic.

    Put it on the killboards

    2010.01.07 03:30:00

    Victim: Ady Gil
    Corp: Sea Shepherds
    Alliance: Ecohippies
    Faction: NONE
    Destroyed: Fiberglass Trimaran
    System: Antarctic Ocean
    Security: 0.2
    Damage Taken: 1337

    Name: Shonan Maru 2 (laid the final blow)
    Security: -0.03
    Corp: Institute of Cetacean Research
    Alliance: Nakabe Scientific Research Centre
    Faction: Japan
    Ship: Yushin Maru class harpoon vessel
    Weapon: Solid Steel Hull I
    Damage Done: 1337

  • This is hilarious. The whalers were going about their legal (by international law) business when they are stalked by a group who then attacks them with the intention of crippling their ship and assaulting their crew…and the eco-tards want to charge THEM with piracy? That demonstrates spectacularly insane negative-universe reasoning.
    This is just press release babbling by Big Green Industries.
    If they want to see what it’s like to be attacked by pirates, let them go for a cruise off the coast of Somalia.

  • Sankaku Complex fails again to deliver an impartial coverage of the facts. The way you guys put it, almost make it seems like the whale fishers are just a bunch of victims, of innocents charged against spurious charges. Come on, this may be a japanese culture site, but it shouldn’t be a “Japan’s fanboy” one. Both sides are wrong, you can’t just put the blame on the “eco-terrorists”.

  • It is abnormal to see people catch whales and eat them. Therefore it must be wrong, right? Because it’s not common?

    What’s that? The whales aren’t endangered? I see no problem with this then. What I do see a problem with is this damn organization repeatedly ramming these whaling ships, and once they finally do something even MORE retarded (hard to believe, I know) they cry foul. But nope, they had to make sure to record this from multiple angles before anything else!

    • How do you know they’re not endangered? Oh, because of the ‘science’ the Japanese are ‘conducting’? Right before they sell the dead whales on the open market? Yeah, real reliable! It’s like trusting a logging company on the health of the amazon or the cigarette companies on rates of cancer…

        • Put up or shut up. The ball is in your court. Prove that the Minke Whale is endangered. International Union for Conservation of Nature says they are of least concern, meaning they are as endangered on this planet of becoming extinct as we are.

          Here is the IUCN page for the Minke Whale, with lots of research done on them. What can YOU provide as far as published facts rather than gut feelings and what envirodouchebags fill your head with?

      • Then what sources do you have to say they are? All the sources from third party groups have so far said they’re not. Until someone can provide evidence to the contrary, then we can only rely on the sources that say they aren’t. And if they are endangered then shouldn’t you be able to easily come up with statistics that say their numbers are endangered.

  • we need to convince the japanese that ‘dirty hippies’are just as tasty as whales…
    than liberals , illegal aliens , harley riders , ricer drivers , etc… ‘soyrent gleen’ anyone ?

  • when organizations study monkeys, elephants, dogs, birds, whatever, they don’t kill 10,000 over a 10 year period to conduct their research. nobody needs to slaughter 10,000 of one species to conduct “research”. if i had a harpoon gun and saw people harpooning whales i’d point the harpoon at them and say “i heart whales…cut the shit”. japan should be glad they are not norwegian whalers because european activists are hardcore and have sunk 12 boats while japan faces nerdy vegans who throw stinky water balloons like children. whalers better hope the hardcore activists don’t join the fight or the japanese will be clinging to icebergs praying for the hippies to rescue them.

  • there’s only one reason why SS were there: to fuck with the whalers. They seem to have no problem laying a line to tangle props, creating an immense PITA for the whalers. So I have no problem with the whalers “pushing back.” I think Japan’s research-based whale hunting policy needs to change, but this is absolutely not the way to go about it. But for sure these kooks will do it again. So here’s a shout out to the SS: Be carefully you crazy kids! Next time you might get so lucky…

  • AzureXuchilbara says:

    They may have good intentions, but they started sh*t up…And now that they got their asses rammed (literally), they consult to good-old fashioned pointing fingers and nagging like an innocent b*tch…

    The media ain’t helping either with their anti-Japanese bashing…

    If you start sh*t up, you finish it without any third-party involved…

    I don’t support what whalers do, but I also don’t support acting like the b*tch that was raped when said b*tch started sh*t up~

    But honestly…If someone in a tiny vessel was doing the same thing to me, I’d ram the sh*t out of them too just for being in the way…

    Then I’ll shout:

    “You should have brought Metal Gear Ray with you, planeteers..!”

    That is my honest feeling to the whole thing…

  • Why do peace activist use violence? For that matter, there are groups against the content that are found on Sankaku Complex. If they attack those who work for this website and those who view it, is that OK? I like checking out Sankaku Complex but if someone keeps attacking me because they do not approve of it then I will defend myself from their attacks.

  • Major Bukkake says:

    Like most eco-nuts, they lie. I work on the water and the videos clearly show the boat speading up so it would get hit and cause a stink.
    The Major loved watching them get pounded with the Bukkake Cannon!
    “Arrgh, quit blasting me in the face!”

    • You realize that a ship the size of the Shonan Maru can’t possibly turn that fast, right? The video was shot from the vantage point of a ship circling them.

      In the video the Japanese shot from the deck of their ship, you can clearly see the Ady Gil’s wake as it was traveling towards the Shonan Maru. You can also see the prop kicking up wash as the Ady Gil got closer to the Shonan Maru.

      Seeing as to how the Sea Shepherds have a history of trying to ram Japanese vessels, this isn’t surprising in the least…

  • Whaling may or may not be right. However, what the Sea Shepard’s are doing, it ain’t right.

    Also, how come no one is whining on Norway? They keep hunting whales too.

    And yes, they sell the fucking meat. So? The Japs are selling the meat legally, and they have the IWC’s thumbs up on it. Can’t we all also agree that, it is better to sell the meat than to throw it away?

    • Lets be honest here, only the Koreans care about the Japanese killing Koreans. The rest of the world was just upset that they didn’t get to finish before they picked another fight and had to get involved…

      • War criminals no they are just poachers and nothing more.
        Antarctica is protected by international treaties and harvesting of whales there is technically illegal.
        If they hunted whales in Japanese waters or national waters they got permission to operate in then they would not be criminals.

        They are pretty much in the same lot as people who illegally poach bears on a nature preserve or decide to use a drag net in a lake.

  • Sea Shepherd actions, in my opinion only made Japanese whalers more determined.

    Simple economics;
    less supply, same amount of demand = big bucks

    Educate the japanese public, decrease the demand
    less demand, less profit.

  • Dame cry babies if you want to stop them go to the goverment and protest ther not go into ILIGAL acts like harasing boats and mesing with them and puting your creu and others lifes on the line stupid venag pises of crap go help some neady children go help som one of the street if you have money to wast in stupid lilltl boats you have to make a new shcool for unther developre cuntryes or a homles shelter FUK THEM PREPY JUPY ASSHOLES

  • I like that the Japanese continued to fire their hoses at the sea shepard ship after it had been damaged and the crew were standing on top of it. Way to try and murder them, Japan. One of the hippies should’ve let themselves be hit to martyr for the cause…

  • As far as I’m concerned Sea Shepard should get themselves an ex US attack sub and put the whaling fleet where it belongs on the ocean floor.

    I feel little no remorse to those who willfully destroy the planet for profit.
    The Japanese do not need whale meat to survive or for their livelihood it’s just something like caviar.

    • So.. You’re alright with murdering an entire ship’s crew in the replacement of saving one whale, which means the family of those who are lost will be incredibly devastated, especially the children of those crew members. The ends justifies the means. So you’re one of those people who fully supports the animal rights activists who injected cyanide into turkeys that murdered random people and families.

      If you try to claim no, then you’re nothing but a hypocrite.

        • @Char 13:18

          “As for using an attack sub if they ever managed to get their hands on one they probably would disable the torpedo tubes if they were not already completely disabled”

          Our city has a Barbel-class diesel-electric sub (50 years old) at a museum on the river. The U.S. Navy was so paranoid that they required it be altered so that it was no longer sea- (or river- or lake-)worthy before handing it over.

          Its prop was chopped off and turned into a sort of statue (rendering never-again usable as a prop).

          A 10-foot high x 20-foot long rectangle was chopped out of the hull, allegedly for “disabled access”, though no wheelchair is ever gonna make it past the hatch sills, or down one of those ladders.

          I was so disappointed… I was hoping they’d disable the weaponry, but keep the sub itself functional, and have the option for giving submarine rides up and down the river, or some such.

        • Well…Greenpeace was caught actually trying to buy a nuclear weapon from sources in the former Soviet Union in the mid ’90s. Their excuse at the time was that they were trying to show ‘how easy it was’…

          Which was something which every military, intelligence, and government official handling the issue already knew and often lost sleep over.

          None of them really bought that excuse.

          As for the Sea Shepherds trying to get an attack sub for real piracy – err, go ahead. Give the navies of the world a reason to sink your ass on sight.

        • As bad as SS’s behavior is they could be much worse.
          They don’t use guns or rpgs even though both are very easy to obtain.

          As for using an attack sub if they ever managed to get their hands on one they probably would disable the torpedo tubes if they were not already completely disabled and probably would fit it with a ramming prow like Captain Nemo’s Nautilus.

          They would not touch a nuclear sub even an ex nuclear sub converted over to diesel electric with a ten foot pole.
          These eco types don’t like the N word.

      • A tangled propeller means they need to be towed back to port before they can resume. When you’re in the antarctic and your ship is dead in the water, it’s essentially a death sentence.

        In a way, disabling someone else’s ship in those waters can be considered attempted murder.

        • Nope… the sea shepherds actually once used a prop fouler on a japanese whaling ship. It took the ship out for ~1h. They have some sort of poles with cameras and stuff to free the props.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Wouldn’t be the first time a huge commercial vessel bullied a smaller vessel, “Eco” action is full of it. Maybe the yahoos driving it treated it as a car while at the same time the ship was trying to do a “anti Somali Pirate” thing of creating a wave that can toss over or at least severely deter a small speedboat?

    As I pointed out in the earlier mention of this issue, I side with the “Ecology” issue over Japan’s desire for Whale penis and Whale anus sushi masked as “Leasealch”.

    Let’s face it: The whales will probably be hunted to extinction and the whole main links of the ocean food chain along with it. Maybe we’d better just enjoy sea food while we can, knowing we’ll have to set up fish tanks and salt water swimming pools to raise fish if we ever want “Just a bite” again. I pity those that like “Shark Fin Soup” cause they’d end up buying a minnow size one for thousands, then raising it on mountains of meat scraps for 5 years +, guarding it like they do an illegal dope patch now, then having the Department of Fish and Wildlife take it away because: “This animal is exinct in the wild and a desperately needed part of our ‘Take Back the Oceans from Jellyfish’ Program. Here’s a citation of merit for contributing…we’ll help you with a tax write off…beats jail if you give us any lip, no?”

    • There are estimated to be 800,000 minke whales worldwide, female whales can have one child per year. If the whales stopped breeding, and no other sources of death were able to kill them except for whaling, we would still have 800 years of whales at the current kill rate of 1000 a year.

      Minke whales are one of the smallest whales. Compared to other whales, they breed like rabbits. They eat the same food that the highly endangered Blue Whales eat. Over the last few decades, the Japanese research shows that the blubber thickness on the Minke whales is thinning, meaning they are not getting as much food per animal as before.

      As sad as it is to see a big animal slaughtered for research (and food since it would be illegal to waste the meat by the treaty that the Japanese have for their yearly quota) If there is any whale that should be open to hunting (within reason) it should be the Minke. They are plentiful, they grow fast, and have a high enough birth rate to support limited harvesting.

      Again, for the record, the Minke whale IS NOT ENDANGERED. They are classified as Least Concern:

      Least Concern (LC) is an IUCN category assigned to extant species or lower taxa which have been evaluated but do not qualify for any other category. As such they do not qualify as threatened, Near Threatened, or (prior to 2001) Conservation Dependent. Many common species such as the Rock Pigeon, Common Juniper, Human, the Snail Kite and Sacred Kingfisher are assigned the Least Concern category.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        Claps hands… Nice bit there, you should write “GreenWash” for big companies.

        I’m not denying your numbers, but they only account for Japan and a current restriction on whale hunting. The very Wikipedia article we both likely used points out the truth, they were originally the first hunted whale (the others were too big) then they were ignored (their name came from a mockery of a sailor that caught one accidentally) as too small then finally are hunted again since the big ones are too few and far apart as much as the legal issues.

        Economic issues alone could cause a massive re-surge in whale hunting which would not only quickly push these whales into the endangered area, but also make extinct or heading towards extinction the larger ones. Note that man eats “Krill” also, or rather consumes it for use in animal feeding, agriculture, etc. And, I’ll stress again, this will lead to a jellyfish explosion.

        Note what you are mentioning, about these whales ‘breeding like rabbits’, and no doubt because the bigger ones were hunted to near extinction. Well, jellyfish are very common in the “Plankton” range, but then get rarer and rarer the larger they grow. At all stages they are predated on. Krill eat them massively at the small stage. Fish eat them at the pea size. Sharks eat them at the larger size. Only the very few that grow giant then become largely untouchable. And they like acidic, warm waters that destroy or hinder other creatures.

        What needs to be done is have a very strict cutback of harvesting from the oceans for about a century, heavy research (not “Leasealch” they are doing to always find if Whale Penis sushi is tasty) on what can be taken and how, and then a return to stable fishing. Like Humanity’s use of oil, its harvesting of the Oceans is a deadly “False Economy”. However, unlike Oil, the Oceans can and will replenish themselves, but if brought to collapse first, it’ll take far longer and much of what we have now will be permanently lost.

        But, laugh all you want, that indeed won’t likely happen. The squandering rake only cares about money when he’s thrown away his father’s inheritance. Likely the beautiful Oceans I want to retire to on a SeaStead will be greener with algae and choked with jellyfish. In the decades to come the work we do cleaning up the oceans, scrubbing out the jellyfish and restoring fishing grounds will be of great renown, but I’m disgusted at how easily and cheaply it could have been avoided. Oh, and you’ll be eating the jellyfish, btw. Due as much to should-be criminal price speculators, most other food will be much more expensive and like I’ve mentioned earlier there is a way to convert it to a food source, though it’s “Suicide provoking” eaten alone it’d make good “Filler” for a lot of stuff.

  • As always, nobody cares what the whales think. Nobody even bothered to consider that whales actually want to be hunted. This is because whales thoroughly understand that they’re inferior creatures that must be slaughtered and consumed to nourish superior Japan culture.


    A whale.

  • “Respecting” animals you eat is just human hypocrisy. People who say that just use it to cover up after themselves.
    Just because the animal runs wild and has had a good life doesn’t mean it could be eaten guiltfree.
    Note that animals domesticated by humans have evolved down the line into their specific strains to be reliant on their human captors for food and to carry on as a species as a whole, and barely resemble their relatives in the wild. They depend on humans even as they are killed for food, as humans will breed them in the end in a kind of interspecial symbiosis.
    However, Wild animals are depopulated without the possibility of being replaced to suit expensive tastes for the ‘real taste’.
    I am not a full vegetarian but I will respect my animals by consuming little to no meat, not by giving them a ‘good life’ before slaughter. Animal protein costs too much in terms of environmental damage to be worth eating at every meal.
    Its really dunderheads like Hugh Fearnly Whittingstal who think that they are doing animals a service by promoting ‘organic farm raised’ when people should be encouraged to cut back on meat. As long as there is demand for meat you cant tell a poor guy to buy something three times the price. He will still go back to buy the cheaper product. Better tell people to cut down by meat by 50% or more. Better standards will come around by itself.

  • Do the Japanese actually think they are fooling anyone?
    All there video in the final moments is filled in a way that their ship is not on camera so it looks like the sea shepard passes in front.
    The video from the third ship the bob barker that has both vessels in view clearly shows the Japanese ship turn hard and fast at the last moment to intentionaly ram them.
    Noise makers, stink bombs, and dropping rope in the water to try and foul a ships prop is one thing, to run some one over in an attempt to kill them is another.

    • If you look at the prop wash behind the Japanese ship in their own video, it shows the Japanese ship turning away from the small ship. You also see the small ship moving forward (based on the prop wash coming off of the side fins and back of the boat)

      If the Bob Barker was moving (which it probably was instead of sitting still at anchor in the water) could easily make the video look like the Japanese ship was turning on a dime and going after the small agile ship.

  • Now, some species of whales are endangered — but several are not. At all.

    If the Japanese are hunting endangered species, then they should be stopped. Simple as that.

    But if the type of whales they’re hunting are not endangered at all, what is the freakin’ problem?

    It’s wrong to arbitrarily pick out a few animals for protection based on the fact that “some people like that particular animal” or “because they’re cute.”

  • Japan should cut it out, but the crew of the Sea Shepherd should be thrown in jail. I also wouldn’t mind if a few of them died, because god damn are they whiney. The act like five year olds.

  • I once went to a museum about ships. There was even a simulator in which you could steer a ship and stuff. One thing I learned is that ships don’t turn that easily. It could take more than 30 seconds for a steer to finally come through. If that simulation was anywhere near true, it would be impossible for the whalers to easily adjust course and ram the Ady Gil. Then again, I don’t know much about boats.

  • geez WTH those treehuger. what wrong killing a few whale? not like the jap can wipe out all the whale and i doubt they are all vegetarian(ironic right?) beside didnt they say the crashed intentionally in the article before?

    • A few whales? How about over 10,000 a year, not including illegal catches? A species that takes decades to grow to maturity?
      Furthermore, it is only legal when it is caught for ‘research’ to ‘learn more about whales for sustainable whaling’, which is bull when you consider the numbers being hunted.

      • Minke whales are the ones being caught. They are not threatened. If you have proof of illegal hunting of whales show it. Japan is allowed to kill up to 1000 Minke whales a year.

        Minke Whales Statistics

        Maximum length: 10.7m (35ft) males / 9.8m (32ft) females
        Adult weight: 15 tonnes
        Life span: 30 – 50 years
        Sexual maturity: 6 years males / 7 years females
        Gestation: 10 months
        Birth length: 2.4-2.8m (8-9ft)
        Birth weight: 400kg (882lbs)
        Dive duration: 20 mins
        Distribution: poles to tropics, three distinct populations, north pacific, north atlantic and southern ocean
        Current world 500 000 / pre-whaling – 200 000

  • You know the morning this actually happened? That night South Park played the show with the anti-whalers. It was really funny and unreal that it played after this.

    If it wasn’t for the videos one might believe what the anti-whalers might have a bit of believe ability to their story but sorry, saw the 2 1st videos that played and the anti-whalers clearly stopped in their path and on such a huge whaling vessel the captain and guy steering the boat couldn’t possibly see where they went well before.

    So crooked lawyers, crooked lawyers and more crooked lawyers are headed to the Dutch courts for the anti-whalers. Good luck with that, with the videos I hope the Dutch court puts all the lawyers for the anti-whalers in jail for 2 years just for taking up the time of the court for a swindle cause.

      • Woohoo, here comes Sea Shepherd’s knight in a shining armor: hippies hiding behind an Anonymous name, legions of them! Blame anyone who don’t agree with SS’s terror tactics as Weaboos. How incredibly thoughtful of you! And I thought only sites like Japan Probe are infested with moralfags and culturally ignorant commenters.

      • no, just people who don’t immediately jump to conclusions, and want to seem more evidence before making their minds up.

        Not to mention that some people are less likely to support sea sheppherd if they dont agree with the methods that they use.

  • Wait, isnt it a common knowledge that whails are the hightest and most intelegent life form on this planet, that watches over humanity? Didnt they taught you anything at school? *Sigh*

    /me thinking of becoming a pirate myself

  • while I do think the japanese whalers hit them on purpose. I also ask the idiots piloting the 1 million dollar boat what the hell they think they were going to do. If you are planing to royaling fuck up their whaling vessal what do you think they are gonna do in return?

  • In the words of Eric Cartman “Godamm Hippies”. These hippies got what they deserve, international boating law says the larger ship has right-a-way and that these fools were trying to foul the screws of the lager ship should void their case.

  • Whalers: Stop bugging us!

    Sea Shepherd A: We didn’t get them.. Plan B!

    Sea Shepherd B: What’s Plan B?

    Sea Shepherd A: Let’s get hit and sue them!

    Sea Shepherd B: Okay

    Whalers: WTH! They’re in the way! Use water canons!

    Sea Shepherd A: yeah! Do that! So you look like you’re harassing us more!

    NEWS: “The Japanese did it on purpose!”

  • i bet you they were thinking

    ‘there’s no way they would actually ram us’


    ‘….would they…?’

    just before it hits

    ‘….they’re bluffing….i hope they’re bluffing…’

    and finally

    ‘….i should have stayed at home’

  • Sea Shepherd seems clearly too be at fault for this incident…but how do you define the morality of their actions when the Japanese aren’t behaving in good faith either? This “research” bullshit has gone on for years and it wouldn’t be quick or easy to convince/influence a rich country like Japan to do anything about it. Government has failed. In that context, is it wrong to meet bad faith with aggression? I’m not convinced it is.

  • they were throwing smoking bombs now but what about the next time?!? man, i wouldn’t be surprise if they high caliber rifles next and tossing real grenades at whaling ships…,Saving whales by trying to harm other humans…,that’s kinda pathetic….

    • Replying to myself since no one else has… 😉

      “This video has been removed by the user. ”

      It would appear that the Shepherds aren’t so sure about their own evidence. After further review, I have come to the conclusion that the Sea Shepherds are ENTIRELY at fault for this accident. Thank all the gods that they didn’t pick the US for their venue. We have a declining track record for handling this sort of case.

  • I’m all for stopping whaling, but I don’t think throwing smelly butter at Japanese ships is the way to go about it. Maybe looking at closing the legal loophole by amending the international law would be a better way to go about it? Either way, moralfags-on-a-boat is a shitty TV program anyway.

    As for this collision, I’m more willing to believe the Japanese on this, the idea that a large whaling vessel can deliberately chase down and bash a tiny highly-maneuverable state of the art power boat is absurd. The SS crew are the ones who decided to dispatch a tiny powerboat and cruse dangerously close to the Japanese vessel. That’s like riding a pedal bike on a motorway/freeway then QQing when you get sucked in by the back-draft of a large lorry.

    • Bureaucracy is something that is meant to uphold stability by denying progress. I would rather support moralfags than whalers.
      Note that Japanese whalers travel all the way down south to AUSTRALIAN ANTARCTIC WATERS to hunt whales. I don’t see why some kiwis getting pissed at a foreign company trying to profit off wildlife from nearby waters shouldn’t rustle up some armed intervention.

  • OMFG! xD
    I recall the first article about this few days ago and they were claiming that they themselves are pirates…

    HOW on earth acting like that could make anyone support them?!

    I hope some day a whale will flip and sink their own ship ^^

  • To kill such large creatures to fufil their weird food fetishes is simply quite disgusting.
    As sankaku goers we know that Japanese have alot of sexual fetishes that in 2d may be hot, but in real life is simply horrific.
    Apparently, some people get a hard on eating something endangered the same way real life pedos enjoy raping lolis. Its the thrill of the hard to get.
    Japan is not starving so much that it has to kill difficult to replace creatures such as the whale for food. People cry out against poor rural Chinese eating dogs and cats, yet not the affluent Japanese eating an animal that is more rarer and more difficult to replace?
    The biomass required for a whale to grow to its size is on a whole different scale. One kg of fish feed does not create one kg of fish flesh. often it takes 10kgs of biomass to create 1kg in the next chain.
    Imagine for a whale, which eats fish and other marine life, how much biomass is required to reach that size. And then, it is hunted just for a temporary pleasure of a meal that may not even taste as nice as a pork chop, but only for its luxury status.
    The Japanese government pretends that killing of whales is for SCIENTIFIC research, but then that the MEAT of the whale must not be wasted and MUST BE SOLD as food. And NZ and AUS have already tried to show them newer functional methods of nonlethal research on whales, which they conveniently discard. Nononono, whitey-san, but we all know we must kill them to study them. The meat? Oh, just a byproduct we are obligated to sell…
    As long as the gov is apathic and complicit in the matter, illegal whaling under a false guise of research will continue.
    People normally condone eco-terrorism, but frankly throughout history, war picks up where diplomacy fails. People do fight for their rights, and these eco-terrorists are fighting for their right to live in a more biologically diverse world.

  • The freaking hypocrates!!!! The moment the wha…I mean…the research vessel tried to turn and get into a defensive position, the shitheads messeup and got into its way…and the worst? There are a bunch of fools on the ned saying the contrary….they’re the pirates, so they got what their stupidity got them into!

    PS- They arent stupid enough to try go into Japanese waters…JMDF would own their arses that fast…

    • Paul Watson: “You are killing too many dolphins .. and you insulted us by calling us creeps.”

      # 1993: Sea Shepherd concludes that the organisation has sunk 8 ships and rammed and damaged a further 6.

      “After the sinking of the Icelandic whaling vessels in 1986, Sea Shepherd lost its status as observer at the IWC.”

      With a clean track record as that, its obvious that the Shonan Maru is to blame for this incident. Damn those whaling pirates, amirite?

      • “Seattle Times columnist Alston Chase comments thus on Sea Shepherds relationship to weapons: “The business of Sea Shepherd is confrontation, whereby these sailor activists try to provoke others to attack. Crying self-defence in these circumstances is like the gunfighter who starts a quarrel to justify duelling his enemy.” (The Seattle Times, July 1, 1991).”

        quote from 03:41 annon’s link.

  • I don’t think what the Sea Shepherd did was right, but then someone has to teach those fuckin whalers something.

    Quote wikipedia:
    The Japanese fleet consists of a factory ship, two spotter vessels, and three harpoon boats. The whalers say that lethal research is needed to accurately measure the whale population, health, and response to global warming and is essential for the sustainable management of the world’s cetacean stocks.[1] Australia and New Zealand have started a non-lethal whale research program to show that the Japanese lethal research program is no longer necessary.[111][112] Sea Shepherd and other environmental groups dispute the Japanese statement of research “as a disguise for commercial whaling, which is banned.”[62][113] Article III.2 of the ICRW,[114] however, requires that no meat from caught whales is wasted, and in order to meet this requirement as well as fund their efforts, the whalers sell the meat on the open market. Among other places, it can be found at Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji fish market and Japanese restaurants.[1]

    The whalers are hunting whales for profit while maintaining that it is for research purposes, and the Japanese government doesn’t really give a damn, and probably some higher ups even secretly consume it as it is a luxury item, and the Japanese have a fetish for luxury foods rivaling their sexual fetishes.
    Let them live. A creature with the biomass of a whale doesn’t develop overnight.
    I know many of you here think that food is just food, but I think that eating whale meat is even worse than cat or dog, which aren’t endangered. And yet you hurl insults towards the Chinese while saying that the Japanese have a right to eat whale. Hypocritical.

    • shut the fuck up, what the fuck do you know? you just go to wiki, read some crap and all of the sudden you’re a damn expert in the matter? The Japanese aren’t breaking any rules, they got their quota following rules made by the IWC. It states killing whales will only be allowed for research, and that those killed whales cant go to waste. The Japanese whalers have been doing their extensive research, “research over the last two decades has paved the way for long-term, sustainable use of this renewable marine food resource.” and as the rules says, they wont waste the wale meat. Also Japan if they dont want to, they dont have to follow those rules set by the IWC, they can go and kill as many whales as they want and no1 cant do shit about it.

    • Did you bother to read your own source?

      “Article III.2 of the ICRW,[114] however, requires that no meat from caught whales is wasted, and in order to meet this requirement as well as fund their efforts, the whalers sell the meat on the open market. Among other places, it can be found at Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji fish market and Japanese restaurants.[1]”

    • i miss the old days, when they were just lying around, not taking a shower, smoking dope and doing nothing.

      but no look at this shit, we have fucking hippies on boats which they can´t use, except in a kind of kamikaze kind a way, by slamming it in the jap-boats.

      the japs should just play slayer, when they come near of one of their whale-fishing-boats lawl.

      • Cos’ now the older pot smoking hippies have gone on to marry/cheat rich people and play on their conscience to get to their moolah. Then, they passed on the moolah to younger hippies to do their retarded stuff for them.

    • They only throw stink-bombs, smokes bombs, and things like that.
      They was not going to kill all the members of the fish boat, did you see the size of the sea hepherd at least ?

      They was no totally innocent, of course, but when you look a what doing the guys in the fishing-boat, you should think who is the real attacker.

      • your claim is like saying a train hit you car, so the train clearly was out to get you.

        Sea Shepard’s boat was faster more maneuverable. the fish boat was a train in comparison. it hard to define them as attacking when you park you boat in front of them ans refuse to move.

        of course maybe that IS what you really do believe they should have done. after all there truly are idiots in this world who think a train will stop for them.

        • The Ady Gil was actually designed to set the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe…It’s impossible for a hulking fishing boat to catch up to them unless they wanted to be that close…

        • This is the truth, these damn hippies are lucky they wasnt killed and all proof was destroyed long ago. They can’t call foul when they surround ships and try to damage them. Everybody that smart knows these guys are criminals and what they’re doing is wrong. I’m ok with Whaling because people have to make a living its a dirty job and they might not be getting paid much. Yet these hippies are getting MILLIONS for committing crimes. How can you support them. I saw the videos that damn Batboat could have moved at anytime and they had the rest of their own people to help their asses. They have no right to call foul when there’s proof of them being wrong.

        • They use ropes or other such objects to jam/destroy the propellers. If you haven’t seen the photo’s from the previous post, I suggest you do – they have a projectile launcher, and are using a green laser to aim.

          Like many people here, I have no sympathy for them – while I sympathise with their cause, their methods are nothing but mild terrorism in the name of their ideals.

          Also, while the way they’re killed is cruel, at least whales are free their whole lives, as opposed to livestock shoved in cages and fattened for their whole lives, never experiencing freedom. And I don’t know about Japan, but I went to Norway recently, and they use every part of the whale, which I find at least is respectful to the dead whale. And it doesn’t taste bad either.

        • You really don’t know what you are talking about.
          What kind of sabotage ? None ! They juste can’t !
          How do you want do this with a ship so small compared to the huge fishing ship ?
          Are you blind ?

          The only thing they can do against the fucking whales-hunters are the media attack, with television and everything, so everybody could be aware of the slaughter. It’s the only thing they can do.

          At least… it’s a full success this time…

    • Well I think that THIs is the main problem, in fact. The UN conventions are clear on this, on high seas, you *have* to help a distressed ship whenever you can.
      Not lending a hand to th ecrew of a ship sinking a few metres away from you is just wrong. Even if said sinking ship was full of retards.

    • I wouldn’t render assistance either. I’d toss over some life jackets or a raft if it was needed and/or send out an S.O.S. but I would be damned if I would bring them aboard. For all I know, they’d take advantage of the moment and try to harm me and my crew or worse.

      • The sea sheptards second ship was in the area as well, which is why there are multiple camera angles of the crash.

        Sorry, If you are flying a pirate flag, and attempting to damage someone’s ship, you are not getting help when they run your dumb ass over.

        Looking at multiple videos of the crash, I have to say that the whalehuggers are at fault.

        First, when looking down at the black ship, you can see thrust coming off of the side nacelles and from the back of the hull. If they were trying to stop, it would not be there. So, they were going forward, probably in another attempt to destroy the prop of the Japanese ship (as witnessed in many of the videos from the ship)

        Second, at the end of the crash video, you can see behind the Japanese ship for the final seconds of the video the wake of the ship shows that they were turning away from the black ship.

        If the Sea Sheptards really want to stop whaling, they should be lobbying with the organization, pressuring their respective governments to apply economic pressure to get the practice to stop. They should not be acting like douchebags of the sea: Throwing acid at ships, using extremely loud sirens, destroying equipment, and trying to blind people on the other ship with lasers are not the way to do it.

        • “It’s pretty much akin to leaving the scene of an auto accident, a crime in itself, whether or not you were to blame.”

          Except that in an ‘accident’ the other party isn’t intentionally trying to cause you harm. It’s more akin to having an unknown car repeatedly attempting to force your vehicle off the road, and crashing in the process. Would you stop to check and see if the assailant was okay, or keep driving to safety before calling the police?

          This same group of ecoterrorists has sunk or damaged a number of other ships in the past, and has admitted to carrying firearms on board their vessels. Knowing this, would you put your crew at risk by stopping to provide assistance? They had another boat in the vicinity as well, so it wasn’t like they were out there alone.

        • Greenpeace helped tow a Japanese boat a year or two ago after it was damaged hitting ice, I believe there are actually international laws requiring you to help boats in distress.

          It’s pretty much akin to leaving the scene of an auto accident, a crime in itself, whether or not you were to blame.

  • I’m sick of people trying to get their point across through dishonourable measures and ignorant ideals. Sea Shepard shouldn’t get anywhere with this, they dont deserve it.

    Not that I’m a fan of whaling of course, but its the lesser of two evils in this specific case.

        • I don’t agree with that. Sitting on your fat ass will isn’t gonna change anything. Australia is even trying to put an end to whaling with diplomatic measures… but without any results.

          “Now THAT will change the balance of the ecosystem. Big time.”
          Yep, youre right, it doesn’t change much. But at least the fat bastards who are in charge of the whaling company wont gain as much profit with slaughtering whales. If there would be more people out there like the Sea Shepherds then there would be 2x, 3x, … more of saved whales.

        • Have they? the backlash to things like this isn’t going to be ‘oh i see what those thar guyz was trying to do, lets be good’, you’re more likely to galvanize supporters of whaling, and divide the rest of us into this type of bickering, thus lowering support on a ground level, meaning more effort required to get people out there, meaning less interference, more whaling, less whales.

      • no, you just disagree with calling eco-terrorists eco-terrorists.
        ultimately “terrorism” is a pretty pejorative term anyway as the question arises who defines what as a threat.

        besides, in this particular case you’re just trying to deflect the term eco-terrorism as something Bush caused, a shallow attempt to delegitimize to term by attaching it to an unpopular president that people think did everything wrong.
        unfortunately for you it doesn’t really work seeing as the term predates Bush being in office.

        • Terrorism is a fairly simple word to my mind. If you try to SCARE people into doing what you want or agreeing with you. You are a terrorist.

          It’s the use of fear that makes you a terrorist. You don’t even have to be military at all. You don’t have to do much of anything physically to be a terrorist. You just have to try to use mass amounts of fear to further your agenda.

  • Fucka Yuu Waru Fucka yuu Dorphin

    Every video of the incident I’ve seen has squarely put the Ady Gil at blame. They were the smaller more agile ship. They were trying to run the Shonan Maru afoul with ropes and got damaged in the process. They can fuck off while I eat my delicious whale meat that was harvested for scientific research.

  • Since weeaboos are going to cry fowl and say IT’S THEIR TRADITION, LET THEM EAT WHAT THEY WANT, contrary to what the Japanese whaling industry wants people to believe, whale meat isn’t some kind of pan-Japanese traditional food like native fish.

    It’s pretty much region-specific, but they can market it as some kind of super-fancy gourmet meat like high-end caviar because ZOMG IT’S WHALE MEAT. Just like people special order milk products and expensive melons from Hokkaido, high-end sake and shochu from Sapporo, sweet potatoes and mikan from Kagoshima, wagyu beef from Kobe, etc. etc.

    It doesn’t help that whale meat is extremely unhealthy due to the massive amounts of mercury content, and shit tier whale meat is sold cheaply while labeled as something more banal.

    • what gets my goat is they still trying to call it ‘scientific’ whaling yeah right >_> (tui ad to those that get it^^)
      i wouldnt hate them half as much if they didnt just out and say we want them so we can eats them

    • People pretty much only widely ate whale-meat during the wars when everyone was starving, claiming it as a tradition is bar-none ridiculousness, like claiming the second hand food you scavenged is a national dish. Sure some people actually eat it, and I don’t have a problem with that, some native American Alaskans, and other small indigenous groups too, but they are hunting whale for subsistence as opposed to the large scale waste that japan makes of whales.

      Japan simply does what it wants to do, not for any real reason. After it was shamed by the US after the 2nd world war they hold onto their “scientific” whaling like a stubborn child, just ’cause they want to make some vague assertion that they’re a big boy too.

    • Whale meat is considered by members of the elderly Japanese public that attended public school in the decade following the war, as a crude replacement for cow meat. Also, whale meat is more expensive than expensive corned beef on regular supermarket shelves, and hardly sells well. A_Moose seems to think that there is a whaling “industy”, but there exists only a few vessels, and only a minuscule portion of the people who actually engage in commerce through seafood touch whale meat in their entire working lives.

      Thank you four making a decent argument, however.

    • Doesn’t make any difference.
      Mink whale is not endangered species, so catching them should be no different than catching fish. People do not have to justify fishing, so there is no need to justify whaling.

    • When the alternative to ignoring them is to do what Sea Shepherd is doing, then I say it be better to ignore them. Like seriously, what are they even trying to do, being so close to such a “dangerous” vessel?!

        • @17:30 anon. The amount of money a company has to “give back” to the government depends greatly on their earnings, therefore, if IBM, American Steel companies and Standard Oil ended up making money with the war, like you said, at least a fraction of that money ended up in hands of the government.

          However, I also acknowledge the fact that more money ending up in the U.S. government does not necessarily mean more money ending up in the American people’s hands.

        • @HentaiCat 05:49:

          The “profits” you speak of were not made “by the USA”; they were made by powerful corporate empires.

          IBM profitted selling data-processing equipment and consulting services to the Third Reich.

          Swiss-based banks profitted by holding / investing money stolen from the Jews.

          American steel companies sold their products to Krupp (a German gun manufacturer) _during the war_.

          Standard Oil invested in A.G. Farben _during the war_, so that Farben could develop their synthetic petrolium products; in exchange, Farben agreed to not compete with Standard Oil, and Farben factories were spared from Allied bombing raids.

          Why the hell were the boards of directors of these companies not shot for treason?


          The true reasons for war are not as “obvious” as the ones presented via media and government announcements.

        • Yea… riiight… The huge profits that were made from that war by USA has absolutely no meaning… It’s all in the name of everyones favorite freedom. Don’t make me lol more than I already am ^^

    • I’m going to have to side with the Eco’s on this one whales are critically threatened and Japan does not need whale meat to survive.
      It’s simply an industry for a luxury product.
      The species just cannot sustain industrial harvesting they reproduce too slowly.
      If you want to eat whale meat then go get it in a traditional manner like the Inuit, and obey quota rules as if they were the gospel.
      Also no poaching of animals from international waters.
      If I made a deer harvesting machine I’d be convicted rightfully of poaching.
      This is why I have no problems with the Inuit harvesting them.

      • Hmmm…. a deer-harvesting-machine. That could be good; there’s a reason why in some U.S. states deer are called “meadow-maggots”.

        But there are deer-hunting limits, and they are enforced (boyyyyy can you get a big fine from the Department of Agriculture and Wildlife if they catch you over your limit, or without deer tags [a kind of permit], or hunting out-of-season, etc.).

        The “Sea Shepherd” people are just like EN and various other groups, who have taken an issue and turned it into an extreme religion.

        As to whaling, the solution is “obvious”, though un-acceptable to the ecd-religionists: genetically modify whales into weapons as in the anime “Blue Submarine #6”.

        The economic incentive to whaling goes away when the whales gain the ability to shoot first.

        • In English species is like the word sheep the same word can mean one or many.
          Specieses would be incorrect.

          I meant plural as in none of the whale species are particularly fast breeders.

          Some such species as the minke can sustain some hunting but not large scale commercial factory harvesting.
          BTW the minke is not one species but two.
          The common Minke found in most oceans and the rarer Antarctic Minke.
          They are not like salmon where each whale produces hundreds of offspring.
          Instead they reproduce about the same rate as same as the black rhino or one calf every two to three years.

          Gestation for the minke is shorter about 10 months but whales in general often will not breed until the young are weened.
          If there has been a lean year they will often skip breeding entirely for that year.

          Calves also are subject to natural predators such as Orca which are not whales at all but are instead are the largest members of the dolphin family.
          Large sharks also can occasionally take a young minke.

          Marine biology is something I’ve had an interest in since I was little.

      • man, assuming it gets past hearing…the judge is going to have a hard time understanding this case…

        “so the ship with the pirate skull and crossbones is the pirate ship?”
        “no your honor, that’s the plaintiff”
        “….. so the pirates are suing a whaler for piracy??????”

        but with all the douchebaggery going on, i’m reminded of the robbery victims being sued by the robbers and actually being convicted….

        • Big ships do not turn like cars, they turn like trains, large slow turns.

          Of course, if you didn’t have preconcieved notions of what happened, you might actually watch the videos and look for clues from all of the angles.

          For example:
          There is visible prop wash coming off the back of the small ship, which increased just before they got hit. I.E. they were going forward and increasing their speed.

          The prop wash of the large ship can be seen to be turning to the left behind the ship when the camera pans up before the end of the video, which means they were turning away from the small ship.

          The 3rd party perspective from the other ecoterrorist ship is meaningless since they are obviously going at speed counterclockwise around the other two ships, which gives the illusion of the large ship turning.

          My non crash inspector finding:
          The small ship was planning on cutting in front of the large ship like they are on video doing multiple times, but the captain of the ship misjudged and got run over.

        • Yeah, Shonan Maru is turning, but Ady Gil is also speeding up. There would never be an impact if the two things didn’t happen at the same time. Oh, and I see by your posts that you are just another vegetarian hippie, so you’re even more biased than I am.

        • First Posting Idiot says:

          I agree. They clearly accelerated when they were getting closer to the Japanese ship. This rapid lawsuit of theirs is a complete joke, especially considering how the Japanese crew released videos that can pretty much secure their victory in court.

          Normal hippies I can tolerate and often agree with, but these incompetent cash dumpsters are a waste of everyone’s time. If they really wanted to help the dolphins, they’d give up this worthless effort and let the politicians get this problem solved. Their tactics only serve to annoy the Japanese whaling efforts and make other anti whaling groups look like idiots.

          If they want to drive around in a fancy boat, shooting projectiles and playing pirate, they should go to Somalia and try to save some humans for once.

        • man, your post is full of bullshit, I really think u never saw before a real life boat how much fast can turn, off course the sea shepperd guys could evade any time, but if they has been hit, is shonan maru’s fault only…

          and why the shonan maru didn’t help the crew of ady gil after impact??? is illegal to run away as they do.

        • It’s one thing to film a video from Shonan Maru’s point of view, it’s another to film from a vessel in speed, moving port of Shonan Maru’s bow. Especially against a featureless horizon like international waters. Only the points of view from the involved parties are to be trusted.
          Another thing, a big ship can’t easily turn like what that video gives you the impression of. But I wouldn’t expect Americans who’ve never been on the ocean to realise that. Ady Gil clearly speeds up as the Shonan Maru is passing by, which is also indicated by the foam forming by Ady Gil’s propellers. They had all the chances in the world to escape from any potential impact with a boat as fast as they claim, but for publicity reasons, of course it’s in their interests to stage a ramming.

    • I reckon those whale huggers deserve it, if whales weren’t close to extinct then it becomes a matter of way of life, would you tell a farmer to stop breeding cows cause their big fat and tasty? Maybe if their close to extinction, the method those ppl are taking is rediculously stupid, japan already has a quota that they agreed on, if they want to change that they should argue at the courts, spend millions on lawyers, or they could consider feeding the poor and needy

      • I think Anonymous on 04;18 is right, they are just giving some fucking excuse so that they can kill whales. I believe that it is better to let nature take its on course rather that killing *Willie* wales or something to maintain equality in the reproduction line

        • Killing off the humans would be the solution but there is only so far people will go to preserve another species like the blue whale. The minke is an animal like the kangaroo which is acceptable to reduce the numbers of unlike humans.

        • Ha,do you think thats the correct way to save the whales?

          think about this: there are 1,166,079,217 humans on India and only 1,300 tigers,the human is destoying the place were the tiger live.

          according with your theory:we should have to start killing the people of India because they are killing the animals?

          killing the minke whales for that reasson is stupid, we are not helping the whales

        • It’s not natures problem anymore, during the whaling boom 150 years ago humans have already screwed up the system thus leaving only 2000 bluewhales and 500,000 minkes fighting for the same source of food, do the math, what’s gona happen if you leave it to nature

          we sowed the seeds, natures not gona fix it for us

        • “humans have no negative effect on the ecosystem, T/F?
          Humans number in the billions, while creatures of similar size number in the thousands, T/F?”

          LMAO are you saying that we should start to farm humans as well? maybe get rid of a million or two like Hitler, or a bit less in number like Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, even Alexander the Great maybe? Hey even better, lets start a third world war, I bet half the world population will be wiped out, or maybe get the Russians to drop Tsar bomb somewhere. 0.<~

          but if any of you studied the most basic of economics regarding supply and demand…
          killing off the demand is a much more efficient way of "protecting" endangered species. it can be also known as "the plan to get rid of all the rich guys who want and can afford whale meat, then the whalers will no longer have a source of income to sustain their whaling~"

        • In what aspect is whaling different from fishing?
          Mink whale IS NOT endangered species. There are tens of thousands of species deserving the conservation efforts and money SS is wasting. Not to speak, that the only meaningful conservation is a conservation of ECOSYSTEMS, not single species.

      • People don’t raise whales on farms.

        Japan goes over their quota, and it’s public knowledge that their “We are whaling for SCIENCE” is total bullshit. They acknowledge it half the time.

        • “huurrr durrr worse place to get that info from moron that’s the organisation that acts as the very front for the whalers”

          You could be a tad more convincing if you didn’t resort to ad hominem. Attack the idea, not who tells the idea, otherwise you end up even worse than those you are attacking.

        • kajunbowser says:

          Pot, meet kettle. These arsebags are trying to pull one of those car crash manuvers on a ship they ran into. The Dutch won’t go through with it, unless they really want to have poor foreign relations w/ Japan.

        • “It’s illegal for .org, .gov, and .edu to publish false information. It’s a credible source.”

          You’re telling me that my government doesn’t tell me blatant lies? bwahahahahahahahaha! Who would be able to police that policy worldwide anyways?

        • “huurrr durrr worse place to get that info from moron that’s the organisation that acts as the very front for the whalers”

          So your sources that refute the information will be posted shortly? I wait with bated breath.

        • “I need a source for this info”

          I don’t know how biased the information is, but:

          “The amount of scientific data gathered by Japan’s research program is extensive, including: There is a large and increasing number of young Minke whales; There are at least two separate breeding groups of Antarctic Minke whales, whit slightly different genetic make-ups and geographical distributions; Female Minkes reach maturity at about 7-8 years and reproduce about once per year; Minke whales consume about 220kg of feed daily; and Contaminant levels in Antarctic Minke whales are very low (in contrast, contaminant levels in the Arctic are high). Much has been learned about the feeding habits of whales through analysis of stomach contents and other tests. These tests indicate the blubber thickness of whales has decreased since the 1970s. It is suggested this may be due to decreased food intake caused by growing competition for food between whale species. In fact, scientists now believe the population recovery of the endangered Blue whale is being damaged by the increasing number of non-endangered Minke whales. They believe that to help endangered species we must manage other species that are abundant in number. This is called the multi-species management approach. Exactly the same principles apply in Australia’s annual cull of kangaroos.”

        • You have seen the video of the ‘eco ship’ darting port to starboard of the vessel right? I have seen it and I have utterly no sympathy for that ship. Do you taunt a bear by dancing in front of it? How about a bull? That’s what those ‘eco pirates’ were doing. Imagine a non-muslim burning the Koran in Iran.

        • They aren’t doing research on ‘whaling’…
          When the Sea Shepherds contacted the whalers and said that they are illegally whaling, the whalers were holding sings that stated that they were collecting tissue samples and that they examined their stomach content.
          And that’s total bullshit. Their income comes from selling whale meat…, because its illegal they claim they are doing research.

        • The minkie whale is far from extinct, in fact, they are over populated and are eating up the krill which blue whales (endangered) live on = minkie whales are hindering the recovery of the blue whales

          Japanese are doing research on ‘whaling’ not on whales itself, Killing the minkie is exactly the purpose of the research, to help keep an ecological equilibrium, just like killing kangaroos cause their a pest