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Valkyria Chronicles “2” Dumps Valkyria Chronicles Storyline


Valkyria Chronicles 2, already derided by fans for abandoning the PS3 in favour of a cheap PSP sequel, has attracted even more opprobrium for completely abandoning the storyline of the previous game/anime, with the new game blithely resurrecting no less than four characters who died in the previous story.

Naturally this disclosure imparts spoilers:



Whilst including bonus characters from other franchises might be quite normal, including much loved characters who died in the course of the main storyline in a game ostensibly set in the same universe, and after the events of the original, is a severe stretch at the very least, and sacrilege at worst.

It seems Sega could scarcely have done more to alienate fans of the original series, whom it has already openly scorned as being surplus to its demographic requirements; with Sega having already said any commercial failure will likely scotch any proper sequels, it seems the franchise will be over despite scarcely having begun.

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