Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIII “Last of its Type”


In what may be a tacit admission that the Final Fantasy series has become too staid even for Square Enix, CEO Yoichi Wada has said he thinks the company needs to move on from the established Final Fantasy formula.

In his recent Edge interview, he has this to say:

That period [the start of franchises like Biohazard and Metal Gear] really set in stone a certain style of Japanese development, which some might say has reached its culmination with Final Fantasy XIII.

How do you think these kinds of big-budget, long-in-development Japanese games stand up in the current climate?

I believe Final Fantasy XIII is going be something special, and that it’s going to be well received by the audience.

But whether we are going to continue to internally create this type of game remains to be seen, because I actually feel that the team that was involved with Final Fantasy XIII should next move on to create and generate some ‘next generation’ forms of play.

Internally and externally I feel there’s an expectation of Square Enix to offer something new, and I really think that the Final Fantasy team could create something completely different, but at the moment they’re strictly catering to the particular audience they have now.

Combined with his admission that he would consider having Final Fantasy titles developed overseas, and that he is personally a fan of western games, to say nothing of sacking large numbers of Japanese employees whilst procuring a western developer, it appears some big changes may be in store for both Final Fantasy and Square Enix.


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  • Anonymous says:

    Essentially I think it meanswill go the same way as front mission series, what was once a good stratagy mech game they turned into lazy mans dumbed down kiddie action game. I think reading this FF will just end like a platformer or action game series from now on. Tbh FF13 to me imho felt more like action game than rpg was just too linear or more like you watching a movie where they throw you bread crumbs few minutes play between scenes before next part of movie plays imo.

  • A big issue is that the characters are becoming too human-looking. I think we all thought they learned their lesson from ‘Spirits Within’ when they went to do stuff like FF9 or 11 (10 sort of had the same issue but at least had badass 1-armed hellions and furries) but then they resort to the whole pop culture pretty boy stuff that’s just not memorable.

    We get more attached to odd-looking sprites like in 4/6/7 don’t we? Then even when the graphics get tailored up it doesn’t matter since they’re in our hearts.

    But when it looks like Advent Children to begin with, there’s not a chance.

  • Anonymous says:

    Basically I’m going to say what a lot of fans have had on their mind for years but haven’t gathered the courage to say what needs to be said….and that is Square[soft] undeniably has went downhill ever since merging with Enix. It has. The ultimate culmination of this fact is presently seen. You cannot, absolutely cannot, have a single, company-founding game in development for the better of 5 years and be THIS detached from the core of what your audience wants and what you ought to know what is required to make a masterpiece. It’s embarrassing, delusional for all the factional teams involved in the development, and downright grounds for a serious internal review of design using 1997 as a ground zero template.

  • Square not Milking FF for all its worth? I find that hard to believe. I think such a notion would backfire, since I think we’d get more crap as a result of western development (especially considering how the aim to get purely western views)

    I doubt this would mark a return to the grand creativity that Square had in the Playstation era (which gave us various games like Einhander), since let’s face it milking FF for all its worth makes more money than being creative.

    Maybe it’s the partial realization that their attempts at mass marketing FF is starting to backfire.

    And to think FFXIII is an upswing in the series. It might be just as well considering how the original producer left square lately. All empires must fall after all.

  • IMO this doesn’t sound too bad. They have been going at the rpg game for years and quite frankly destroying almost all other competitors. If XIII turns out to be an amazing game and receiving even half the acclaim that VII did it would be a fitting end to an era.
    I don’t think they would give up on RPGs all together but they definitely need to focus on other projects. Square-enix probably realizes that they have a market that they haven’t even touched and they could make into a beautiful thing.Also if their objective is just to put to rest FF and focus on other RPGs then that’s cool too. Their RPG game is on point and they’ll be able to show other games the same care that they’ve done with their flagship series. Hey maybe they’ll finish Kingdom Hearts 3.

  • They should have stopped making this kind of FF 5 FFs ago…..

    Oh and square has destroyed the FF franchise already…well considering it takes them 3 or 6 games to make a good one these days….

  • Hey, due to the production cycles, every subsequent FF has usually been done by a different team anyway (sorta like the interleaved production of Treyarch/Infinity Ward-produced Call of Duty installments).

    That’s also why no two subsequent Final Fantasy installments are similar.

  • So I guess this means even less world maps, mogs, chocobos, medieval to Victorian era fantasy, Odin, Airships, Ultima and Holy spells, and every single other notable thing about Final Fantasy.
    And we’ll never see the crystals, white mages, red mages and black mages again.

    And that means more belts and zippers, more childish main characters, sci-fi, ugly reptile races that look like the belong on Tatooine, boring political “plots”, and every other thing that’s been ruining Final Fantasy on further edge.

    Gosh darn it, why don’t they just call it “Final Sci-Fi” now?

  • Bronxdragon says:

    Square enix should have stayed Squaresoft….I don’t remember who the joined up with and I don’t feel like looking it up but they just need to break off…..who ever they brought with them screwed over Square…..

  • EVERYONE, they made the CONSCIOUS decision not to redo FF7. These people have no intent to bring FF back to glory. Everyone refers to the FF glory days of 7-9 and maybe 10. That’s where it stopped, that’s where the glory stopped. 11,12,13 show the direction Sqeenix wants to go. They received a server crashing amount of e-mails on the topic and they’re not listening. FF13 wouldn’t be better if they overhauled the character models, nor would any other if they kept the same standard for characters, while gutting what really counts, gameplay. Sidequests, missions, scandals (Aeris naked and not dead, sephiroth as a playable character etc…) And you intellectuals are crucifying the series based on character models??? The direction they want to head is action rpg (or just action) which is a travesty considering FF was designed and acclaimed as an rpg.
    I would personally pay 200 u.s.d. for a ps3 ff7 remake. Many people would. They don’t care though. They are announcing that they plan to kill off FF as it once was.

  • well with XIII released before XIII versus combined with all the negative feedback from how it is too linear and a few other problems that currently slip my mind i hope they wont make the same mistake on versus

  • Wada says that they need to move onto something else with FF, people like Inafune says the Japanese gaming industry is dying, we’re all saying jRPGs are getting stale, and those are reasons for Final Fantasy to change according to him?

    I have two words (well, three):

    Dragon. Fucking. Quest.

    Still the biggest seller in Japan. Still practically EXACTLY the same since the first game.

  • How long did it take them to realize this again?

    We’ve done the FF thing. Many, many times. When you try to use a franchise as a cash cow, you kill it, that’s just how things work.

    Now then, remember those experiments you said you wanted to avoid? The ones like WEWY? Yeah, get back to them. Because those were actually good.

  • IMHO they shouldnt have released xiii in just japan first, it would be better if they just simultainously released it, bad feed back from jap earlier is just going to kill the franchise all together

  • The Final Fantasy series is getting stale, they have to move on to a totally new series.
    I personally enjoyed the FF series back in the PSX system (especially FF9), they come up with real neat FANTASY world and deep storyline..
    Ahhh.. Such a good old glory days.. 🙂

  • I’m not sure what to think here. Whether they change FF to a different kind of game or stop the FF series altogether to start something new, it would be a stupid move on their part.
    FF is one of the most well-known franchises that even people who don’t play the games (or games at all) know what it is. And if they change the series to something new, it wouldn’t be FF anymore. It would be just like Street Fighter 2010.
    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out AVGN’s review on it.
    Either way, I’m scared for SE.

    • well 13-3 i a timed game which make no sense what so ever with FF which lives off of endless hours of gameplay i think instead of doing something else with FF they should toss wada out the door. since he’ll only put Square Enix and FF down the drain at this point

  • I think next FF will be full action based because turn battle is too much unreal and boring for western.
    (Despite for japanese, western FPS is boring clicking game. Too few FPS made success. And when the thing is too hard, they simply stop to play because they play for fun.)

    Maybe it will be a Legend of Zelda style with tons of muscles.

    …Why western is wanting realism in fantasy?

  • Don’t take this seriously, its just wada rambling.

    He’s not a game producer, so he had jack shit to do with game development.

    As long as new FF games sell millions, there is no need for change.

    There is nothing wrong with tried and tested game design, not everyone wants a revolution.

    Not everyone wants to be a casual wii gaming twat.

  • “Dear Square-Enix,

    Thank you for releasing Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 in Europe (even if I don’t live there). You guys could learn a thing or two about developing good console games with them, something it seems you have forgotten how to do.

    Best Regards,

  • FIRST:

    SE, do what you want with the series, BUT JUST KEEP Tetsuya Nomura at the helm of character design, and FF will rule FOREVER. I’ll never get tired of his work. No matter how gay (beautiful) his characters look, he is still one of a kind.


    For fucksake, they said it themselves:

    “catering to the particular audience they have now.”

    Just remake FF VII for PS3 already, you’ll get fucking TONS of money! Srsly, are you morons to not see that, SE?

  • Well, the first Final Fantasy was almost a swan song for the company. They took a huge gamble by doing something different, and it paid off big. On the other hand, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. (And despite the articles that have come out on this website, I still think Final Fantasy is a great franchise.)

    The team has been great so far, so I’m cautiously optimistic about this. I do, however, hope they don’t go too “western” with the new style.

    If I want to play some Gears of War type game, I’ll play Gears of War. I play Final Fantasy because I want to play Final Fantasy — as do millions of others.

  • The mistake they made was changing the formula in the first place. They plan to rectify that mistake by moving into a completely new area??????? S.E. is retarded! Whats the definition of insanity Sqeenix? Same thing, different result. R.I.P SQUARE, apparently all the original employees died and their infant children took over just in time to bankrupt the company.

  • Philosopher says:

    What they need to do is just mix things up and implement a lot of subtle ideas, not change something huge like the core battle system.

    Here are some that I can think of (without me having played XIII or seen any footage):
    – Remarks by characters during battle, like when you miss during an attack the character will say something to reflect their frustration. Something like Left 4 Dead where everything’s contextual and can change.
    – Using environments to change battle. Instead of all characters just standing there in a huge open clearing, have characters be able to move and take cover behind trees, crates, rocks, man-made cover, etc.
    – MANY more battle animations. Rather than having a set animation per attack, change it up. Have a regular attack have a dozen animations to it, having them change also depending on context. Just a simple sword attack can have many different executions. Have special animations done when you have certain characters together. Like a fist bump or a cute hug between the girl characters for battle victory. Or poses that cosplayers would want to copy. Have them toss actual vials to each other when using potions. Have them chug it or drench themselves in it. Possible wet clothing and skin because of that for fan service!
    – Special battle circumstances for bosses or mini-bosses. For example, characters starting out very far from each other and you have to get through waves of enemies between them to slowly get to a rendezvous or to meet up.

    That’s off the top of my head. I’m sure the creative team can do better!!

  • Dear Square Enix
    CC: Square Enix Europe

    Please stop beating Final Fantasy to death. Now that you have the rights to it, please please please make another Legacy of Kain game, preferably in the form of a Blood Omen 1 remake. Since Amy “Director of Uncharted and Jak III” Hennig washed her hands of the series and Eidos canceled the Defiance sequel, you are our only hope.

    Sad Fans

  • MartianMage says:

    It’s not like the old Final Fantasy formula ain’t great. It’s just the new Final Fantasy they’re trying just isn’t appealing to both new players and old fans. Square should just look back at FFIX and try to learn again what made old FF great.

  • destroyah3034 says:

    Some things that people seem to be missing in this discussion, is apart from the story, what really made Final Fantasy such a memorable phenomenon was its music. They need to pull Nubuo Uematsu out of retirement, and they need to beg Hironobu Sakaguchi’s forgiveness, and re-hire him, otherwise I don’t see Final Fantasy going in its proper, natural direction.

    As others have said this whole westernization is not why we the fans played the original games. We played the games because they were different than the drivel that was available here at the time in the Western world, namely the US. Final Fantasy 1 through 9 were really good, action and drama hybrid masterpieces- the formula was just right. I, on the other hand, agree that 10 was a mistake, that 10-2 only made worse.

    Then on the other side of the coin, I enjoyed the direction that twelve took the series to, with wide open maps that you could get lost in, and the ability to avoid monsters all together, yet I wished the game was a tad longer by about two to three times the play time.

    Here is to hoping their CEO sees the light, or an enterprising fan lobs some eggs at him next time he’s in public, because his brain is on backwards.

    • X was a masterpiece; Conditional Turn Battle System > ATB any day.

      And X-2 was a response to what people had claimed they wanted – the ability to navigate the story openly rather than a straight narrative.

  • If they want a giant boost for not only square but for Sony, remake Final Fantasy VII. End the Final Fantasy Legacy as we know it there, then move on to a different type of FF.

    I like so many would buy the PS3 just for that game. It has to be made perfect thought, they need to keep the characters in anime form, hire quality seiyus, and not change the story line. Just make it the most visually orgasmic game ever made. This means also real time play, not cut scene after cut scene!

  • “and I really think that the Final Fantasy team could create something completely different, but at the moment they’re strictly catering to the particular audience they have now.”

    -_- who the hell is this dude?… gonna ruin Square Enix.. abandon the fans they have now in hopes to increase Fan base, did they learn nothing? the damn Shoujo FF10-2 was crap, FF12 had characters that were boring as hell, FF13 seems to have its problems.. ever since FF10, Square has been trying to innovate and change the way they make games but all they really need to do is keep dishing out the good stuff..

  • So many fans will be turned off by this information. From what I’ve seen, only a minority would want a change in the series’ formula. The majority, however, hate the idea of change (they still worship FF7, 8, and all turn-based FF games, and call them the best ever). I love change, but people – I mean rabid fanboys – will be pissed.

  • Honestly, I think all our problems could be solved by going back to 2D or very elementary 3D.

    Recently, my favorite RPGs have been from a smaller company named Gust. They don’t go over the top with super cinematic soundtracks or cutscenes. They deliver exactly what I want to play…a game with a decent story that lets me actually play it and a soundtrack that is far more fantastic and whimsical than the more recent attempts at movie soundtracks.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    What they should do is turn the game over to indie developers, philosiphers and storytellers.

    A fantasy RPG is, at it’s purest a combination of mindless but if done right addictive “Dungeon Crawling” and some retelling of “The Hero’s Journey”. Losing sight of this, the dungeon crawling is tedious and the story is dry as dust.

    However, “The Hero’s Journey” is an “Eternal Story”, it’s just a matter of how to tell it.

    Let’s analyze what made some of the best ones work:

    1. Ultima IV Quest of the Avatar. The first three were just graphically good (for the time!) dungeon crawls and even for the creator were feeling like he’d reached a plateau of what to do with them. Lord British had essentially told the first tales of “Fantasy adventure on the Computer” three times, and wanted something more from the games.

    So he made “Quest of the Avatar” which was about moral and spiritual development. Technically it advertised at least 40 hours, but plenty of people I knew spent 400+ hours on it, mastering each and every aspect, going all over the grand world…

    It kept its popularity for a long time and as computer graphics improved, kept with amazing sequels. It also innovated itself, Labyrinth of Worlds used Doom-like 3D years before it was supposed to work, and challenged itself, “The False Prophet” and “Pagan”.

    2. Final Fantasy. I’m no scholar of that series, but the one I remember the most was FF7. (in the USA) It was a graphical marvel, but perhaps as a coincidence the story it told touched the hearts of many people and helped the series springboard to mega hit status. Like all RPGs it was or about the “Hero’s Journey” but it had a lot of “real” things in such an unreal world.
    a. “Growing Up”, Cloud grows up during the adventure, like it or not, just as in RL. You think you are a big kid who’s struggling to keep alive, get pussy and maybe a few extra bucks, but then people start referring to you as a “Man” perhaps even complimenting your progress and you go “WTF?”
    b. The cost of doing good. In RL you don’t trip a bank robber stealing a million from a bank and get a reward of a million dollars. The world is harsh, ugly and evil and good is as often punished as rewarded. But that is the reason it is called doing a good thing. The characters are trying to save the world, but because of that are “Eco Terrorists” and no one minded that, I guess because they didn’t interfere with anyone’s “Whale Anus sushi” with a speedboat;-)
    c. Aeris’s death. If you’ve truly lived, you’ve experienced the loss of another. If anyone whines “Spoiler” well again it should be common knowledge now. This element made the thing feel very “Real” to the player, there are even (way too much free time department) people who’ve made ‘edits’ of that game so Tifa can still be alive, her loss is so tragic.

    Furthermore, Final Fantasy had two more (among many) good things going for it:

    1. A visionary quality artist, Amano. His elegant illustrations probably made the company guys and less established artists angry and frustrated, but they really captured the eye and imagination. I forget which Final Fantasy it was, 2 or 3 on the SNES, but the one where that sorceress has the headband… The stand alone pictures he did for that really captured the imagination.

    2. The intro and iconic title artwork. That intro is a rather simple thing to do, but done right it really captures the users attention. The best “Real” stories have a simple saying as an introduction. You might YouTube “The Thief and the Cobbler” for a really good example, the intro to “Aquaria” is another. But the Final Fantasy games start out with that beautiful intro, then the title flashes in, then the artwork/screen shots. It’s a “Like being born” feeling, of entering the new world, being projected.

    Now, the problem is that most companies that re-examine and look for what made previous hits work, usually end up with a “More of the same” that works well for just after but later becomes dry.

    I’ve made my own suggestions for other types of games, the “Littlewitch Romanesque: Adventure” but for a new “Final Fantasy” they should look into some more accomplished “Indie” publishers and give them a daring amount of “Free Reign”. For instance BitBlot that made “Aquaria” and “Paper Moon” and are working on “Marian”. Now that technology is catching up to the mainstream, Indie makers have a huge edge because they don’t have to justify and pre-plot every step to a ‘board of directors’ until the creative process chokes itself and they just push garbage through to hopefully get their paychecks.

  • ~Final Fantasy IX is Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Favorite Final Fantasy title, saying that “it’s closest to his ideal view of what Final Fantasy should be”.

    I think we should do what the man says

    • ff IX was quite bad

      the story was decent but not that good. The plot was weak there was nothing that capture you. The ending boss battle was weird

      music was good

      all the character was horrible except the moogle they are awesome

      zidane was normal not horrible not great this make him boring

      Garnet probably my most hated heroine she never seem to able keep her word i.e hated her mother one moment to sudden cry at her death, never change her way of talking

      vivi was a bit too stupid but atleast his reason is her young

      Amarant his reason to follow party was dumbest in the whole ff ix

      there more but i am too lazy to write

    • ff IX was quite bad

      the story was decent but not that good. The plot was weak there was nothing that capture you. The ending boss battle was weird

      music was good

      all the character was horrible except the moogle they are awesome

      zidane was normal not horrible not great this make him boring

      Garnet probably my most hated heroine she never seem to able keep her word i.e hated her mother one moment to sudden cry at her death, never change her way of talking

      vivi was a bit too stupid but atleast his reason is her young

      Amarant his reason to follow party was dumbest in the whole ff ix

      there more but i am too lazy to write

    • Black_Knight says:

      I-III – were trial and error
      IV-VI – Perfected the original formula while adding their own charm
      VII – The My First RPG (For most people, okay game, but a lot of undeserved praise)
      VIII – Romance Drama (Whatever)
      IX – closest to what Final Fantasy should be as a whole.
      X – Mix and Match levelin’
      XI – normal MMORPG
      XII – There was a 12?
      XIII – Shouldn’t this be called Spirits Within the game?

      You think having the word ‘final’ in your game title would mean something.

  • I have a better solution for their ailment:

    Square-Enix, just give us a new Final Fantasy Tactics for a console and everything’s gonna be alright. I don’t get why they confine the Tactics branch into handhelds when they could actually try to reach out to the consoles. The original Tactics was an underrated classic and Bahamut Lagoon was also an interesting RPG. I think SE are stupid and lazy as to not making a FFT for PS3; there’s no excuse, so they better try to make one and we’ll play it if the final product’s good.

    • The only way I want another Tactics game is under the following hostage-negotiated conditions:

      -Stop diluting the class pool by splitting solid classes into sub classes
      -Multiplayer Co-Op and Versus a-la War of the Lions
      -Loads of side quests
      -DLC support for MORE QUESTS

      Basically, don’t do anything like FFTA ever again and remember what made the original game good. Vagrant Story+FFT are the only Ivalice Alliance games I will ever accept to date.

  • Man, the Final Fantasy name’s dabbled in nearly every genre except dating sims and kart racers. I’m curious to see just where they decide to go from here.

    Speaking of dating sims, I’ve just fallen in love with whoever the brunette is.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      I don’t think so, maybe they thought that XI is starting to look way too dated for Japanese PC gamers, so they came up with a sequel to that one so they won’t lose their foothold there.

      Don’t know about the PS2 version’s popularity there, though. It was a very good move on their part to develop it for both systems, anyways.

    • And then,they released those lovely jewels called Dragon Quest VIII and IX… really, don’t blame Enix for Square’s fall because all the failures have well known names from the old Squaresoft.

  • they should bring back Hironobu Sakaguchi

    ~Final Fantasy IX is Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Favorite Final Fantasy title, saying that “it’s closest to his ideal view of what Final Fantasy should be”.

    he remembers what Final Fantasy games should be. . .

    • AsakuraZero says:

      leaving the side-scroll method from the main series was teh WORST error from capcom and plus that they added the shittiest stories ever on that damn fucking megaman network series and whatever came out after those dammed games

      MMZ and MMZX were on the spot (ZXA was a bit bad imo)

      and i have played every damn MMX (i skipped the original saga exept MM3).

    • horrible idea, I think in these times every single game genre is basically headed in the same direction with series like Biohazard and metal gear solid both turning more action-orientated rather than keeping the parts that made them fresh and interesting to begin with. Although I understand that conforming to the times is something that is in the best interests, profit-wise, for the developers, losing these unique qualities will only serve to harm the original fanbase and though these new, westernized games will undoubtedly receive a wider audience overseas, it comes at the price of destroying what took years of dedication and imagination to build up.

      Maybe I’m just being too nostalgic but I don’t feel any love for these new action-laden games. since when did having eye-raping graphics, gratuitous gunfire, and corpses of dark ethnicity strewn across the floor make a good game? I know games can be good without any of those things (though good graphics are usually a plus). I don’t want to be given occasional chances to be stealthy in a stealth game, i want to be given occasional chances to shoot things up instead. sure it’ll be difficult for certain people but then again those certain people have no place in playing these games if they don’t have the patience or will power to get past those parts in the first place.


    • Square just might be getting their shit together, this can be something great if they don’t do anything to outlandish with their next Final Fantasy. People are tired of seeing the same game systems repackaged and calling it “ground breaking” material.

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        PT is talking about the Legends, Battle Network and Star Force series.

        Although, from the sound of it, Wada seems to actually be considering moving the whole main series to another genre, rather than starting a new series belonging to a different (sub-)genre.

        … Or I don’t know. His words are quite nebulous.

        • They would fail if they switched genre since they have made non-rpgs before and they either fail outright or are nowhere near as popular as the rpgs. It is more likely they will mix in some western rpg concepts and create some new features and concepts of their own to try and change Final Fantasy. Whether they do a good job of it remains to be seen. One thing I expect is that future Final Fantasy will probably be less linear and be less of a movie.

        • I honestly couldn’t care less about the “JRPG Feel”.

          I would like to consider myself a serious RPG gamer, I’m the kind who would play Last Remnant by gathering 400+ chain kills in a single battle to grind after getting The Seven.

          What keeps me playing JRPG is more variety that comes from having a large portion of the industry churning out RPGs, trying to make new interesting mechanics, new forms of combat systems, that’s what’s fun.

          But sadly, there are a good amount of rehashes in this industry that we all love, but that’s inevitable. All we can do as gamers is to support the companies we love by buying the games that actually deserve our money.

        • Unique JRPG feel? When they’re all so similar and there’s dozens of copycats?

          What is “Final Fantasy” supposed to be anyway, since the main games have no connections beyond superficial stuff like chocoboos and the summoned monsters? It’s just a marketing label, like what Gundam has become. Trash it and do something else.

        • I’ve played all FFs from V to XII as they came and I-IV somewhere in between, and always considered them the best RPG series in history of gaming, especially because of it’s unique jRPG feel, so for one, despite of how pitifully bad FF XIII seems to be based on its reception, its a franchise I will surely miss. Damn, I don’t want another Fable, that’s for sure.

        • you speak the truth bro, but most of these readers are western idiots that cream at the thought of crap like Oblivion,Fable, and othere western produced bullshit games so these jerk-off’s are not going agree.

        • People like you, whom actually consider Hideo Kojima as the apex of writing, are the reason the entire video game industry has gone the same shitty route as movies and television.

          The mass media seeks to appeal to such retards, but thankfully the intellectuals can depend on independent sources. Of course we will remain ever resentful at the budget of the mass produced garbage in comparison to original productions.

        • I’m hoping that there will be a day when Final Fantasy left the JRPG style and instead using western style Action RPG elements such as free roaming, non linear storyline and karma system just like Oblivion or Gothic series, or even Fable series. It might be good that way.

        • Nope. Final Fantasy will continue for as long as people exist that know what it is.

          Even if they change direction with the traditional numbered games, they’ll still be releasing Tactics games, spinoffs from the numbers (In the style of Versus), which might be JRPGs…

          I’d be one of the last to say this, but the video game industry has some stagnant and overly reused areas. The typical JRPG format being one of them. Rehashed sports games, rehashed shooters and basic hack and slash games, not to mention horrible movie tie(cash?)-ins.. and kid’s games…

          I seriously believe we need to clone Hideo Kojima, hit each clone in the head in a different way, and see what innovation comes out of it. That man is legendary.

  • I get mixed feelings when i read this. I enjoy knowing that Final Fantasy will not get stagnant with these proposed changes, I just hope Square will not destroy the franchise in a effort to do something too outlandish.