Sea Shepherd’s New Ship Smashed in Crash with Whalers


The latest development in eco-terrorist group Sea Shepherd’s campaign of piracy against Japan’s “scientific” whaling vessels is their new flagship vessel “sinking” after a spectacular collision with a whaling vessel.

Sea Shepherd’s latest acquisition was the Ady Gil, a former “eco-boat,” which with much fanfare they repurposed, its new mission being to sabotage Japan’s dubiously justified whaling operations.

However, a collision with the very ship they were targeting resulted in the ship’s bow being sheared off:

All 6 crew escaped without injury, with their stricken ship having to be abandoned – Sea Shepherd claim it is sinking.

The Japanese ship and crew were apparently unharmed.

Sea Shepherd claim their vessel was rammed in a deliberate effort by the whaling vessel to sink her (a claim which prompted Japan to release the above video), although they are silent as to how their highly maneuverable trimaran managed to end up in the path of the ship in the first place.

They also criticise the whalers for not coming to their aid, although another anti-whaling vessel is said to have accompanied them.

Their ship was apparently attempting to foul the propellers of the whaling ship using a rope, a technique of marine sabotage which generally requires a return to port to fix, at much reduced speeds:



They were also photographed shining a laser at the whaling ship, and readying a “projectile launcher”:



Although environmentalist groups and the international mass media generally fawn over their antics, which have included ramming, boarding and sabotaging ships in international waters, they are, unsurprisingly, generally regarded as little more than sanctimonious pirates by many Japanese, with 2ch gleefully rejoicing at their latest misfortune:

“Their ship looks so stupid I couldn’t help but laugh.”

“Serves those pirates right.”

“People are still going to blame Japan for this.”

“Quite an expensive gag they pulled there.”

“Wasn’t this the high speed ship they were bragging about?”

“It looks like a rejected idea from Batman.”

“The other side is saying the Japanese ship rammed them – a little hard to believe.”

“A taste of divine retribution for those Australian racists.”

“Marine terrorists ought to be arrested and punished.”

“They probably planned this from the start, with a ship to pick them up if they got into trouble.”

“If you look carefully, they’ve got a skull and crossbones on their ship. Pirates.”

“Japan’ll probably apologise anyway.”

“Just a performance to elicit more donations from their sponsors.”

“Isn’t the objective of these idiots just to play at sailors whilst raking in more money?”

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  • Anonymous says:

    the people in these comments probably know nothing about the people in Sea Shepard or the operations that the Japanese whalers are committing. If its for research they wouldn’t need to kill hundreds of whales of an endangered species they would do with a few and leave it at that, but they have entire fleets of ships doing this. But i also dont condone alot of the things that Sea Shepard does trying to stop them. There are better ways to do what they are doing. Either way, both of them are are fault and being liars. of coarse i’m only talking about the companies and the people covering for the the whalers.

  • Man, I can agree with what Sea Shepard stands for, but not how they go about doing it. They just come off like assholes and that doesn’t help any cause at all. Really though, did they need that kind of boat to help sea life in the first place?

  • Anonymous says:

    this proves that japanese whalers will not stop for anything and does not give a fuck about you Sea Shepherd

    GO GO JAPANESE Whaleing ship!! sink all his boats like pearl harbor >:)

  • when they can use their money to help starving, sick children instead they take the money to play sea pirate and endanger the lives and live-hood of human beings.

    They deserve much worse than losing their boats, they should be put in jail.

  • Acts of terrorism vs extinction of a species,which is more important to us humans?

    Talking about terrosist acts,we’re talking about threatening the importance of a country or its connections to the rest of the world,which for these big boys on toys are a serious offence whether it is legalize or not since acts for the selfish gains for an individual or a group of insignificant numbers does not justify equality for others,even if it is for a cause.

    However the acts to preserve a species that is in danger of extinction is not much of a selfish act if it justifies the means of provoking serious thought towards not just the survival of a species but also the peservation of an ecosystem that is in danger of being disrupted from the equlibrium of a balanced system.In time this could turn out for the worse for many more species unless our own actions are not kept in check.

    In my opinion,there are no right sides to a two sided argument,rather it is the right act that should be taken on both sides that is important if a problem is to be settled peacefully.

  • I find it comical how they expect help from the people they are trying to hurt. That’s like attempting to rob someone’s house then suing them for shooting you when you enter their house with intent to harm them.

    Would anyone in their right mind help a person after they blind you with lasers, annoy you with speakers, gas you with stink bombs, attempt to disable your boat in the open ocean far away from a harbor? I’m surprised at the patience of the whalers to not arm themselves.

    I don’t agree/disagree with the concept of harvesting the seas for whales but the idiots got what they deserved. If it was me I would have snipped off each and everyone on that boat with something more then a water cannon.

    • If you’re in trouble on the sea and you don’t get help, you die. Hence the whalers’ failure to lend aid would be extremly serious…if there hadn’t been another ship around, in which case I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  • why is it anyone who defends the Eco-Terrorists doesn't mention the fact that it was the trimaran who rammed them? It's obvious from the footage that even if the whaling ship was cruising and shooting its water cannons, if the trimaran had not throttled it's engines this would have not happened.

    Sure, cry for the whales all you want. I couldn't care less since we all have to eke a living somehow. As for the Ady Gil crewman who had his ribs broken: blame the captain of the Ady Gil for being a fucktard.

  • There’s an inaccuracy in this article.

    “All 6 crew escaped without injury”

    Actually, one of the SS crew on the Ady Gil suffered broken ribs.

    Also, just to clarify, the Ady Gil was pretty much donated. They didn’t spend a cent on it. There are a lot of mistaken comments on this article.

    Finally, anyone who honestly believes that the Japanese are whaling for scientific research should go out and find a reasonably-sized patch of sand and promptly shove their head into it.

  • Watching the orientation of the whaling vessel, it definitely seems to be turning towards the Ady Gil. An attempt at ramming *does* seem likely.

    However it doesn’t look like the Ady Gil would have been struck if they had stayed inert. As the whaler gets closer the Ady throttles its engines and starts moving forward, right into the path of the larger ship.

  • Here is a partial list of acts performed by the Sea Shepherds:

    # 1979: A Sea Shepherd vessel rams the whaler “Sierra”.

    # 1980: The “Sierra” is sunk in Lisbon harbour with the help of limpet mines. Sea Shepherd claims responsibility.

    # 1981: Sea Shepherd sinks the two whaling vessels, Ibsa I and Ibsa II, in the Spanish harbour of Viga (Sole source Sea Shepherd. This has not been confirmed by any other source)

    # 1986: Sea Shepherd activists shoot at Faroese police with a line rifle and try to sink their rubber dinghies.

    I’m no fan of Japanese whaling, but these Sea Shepherd dudes definitely live up to their reputation as pirates. If you’d like to read more about their antics, go here:

  • Seriously the Pirates were driving this
    No way in hell they could be hit on purpose if they did not want to or the guy at the helm was an idiot.

    Mistakes were probably made on both sides. Pirates got to close trying to do their thing hindering the whaling operations and the Japanese probably had difficutly seeing such a small vessle so close to them and messed up defensive manuvering.

    If anything after looking at the Pirates boats specs I would have to go with them getting themselves rammed on purpose to generate attention. Captain and leader of the Pirates faked being shot before.

  • The article pick side which makes it sad.

    I haven’t read much about this but from what i heard it’s near the antarctic regions

    What the Hell is Japanese whalers doing there???

    Do Japanese water stretch that far down?

    if not then they have no right to be there for anything but science and catching whales for money is not science.

  • hellangelsakura says:

    its all bout the mind ppl
    y do they want to save whales?
    cuz they r intelligent?
    cuz there r less number?
    then wat bout the other animals?
    they r all living organisms
    “omg we gotta save these whales but damn this chicken burger is damn good *chew*”
    whales,live free,get loads of attention n protections
    other animals,live in cage,bred for food,no1 gives a shit

  • Japan should just stay away the fuck away from dolphins and whales.
    They are migratory mamals and Japan doesn’t even have the right to fish for them in it’s own territorial waters, let alone in the fucking Arctic.

    Dolphins and whales don’t belong to anyone, and certainly not to just one nation.

    Everybody knows the “for science” claim is just bullshit. They sell the fucking whale meat after (scientifically) cutting it up. And why the fuck do they need an annual supply for scientific use? One whale would be enough for years of research.

  • Retarded hipporcrates,offically agreed not to hunt whales, but then as usual, cant keep to your promises. Save some dignities and respect yourselves by following what you have agreed to do.

  • It’s funny how nobody has mentioned that the boat was drifting a good few minutes before this happened, In the forward camera shot of the incident the Japanese vessel clearly turns to and then turns away after striking the boat…..

    I have eyes, I have a brain…. Don’t dare say I’m imagining things, the Japanese knew exactly what they were doing by destroying this boat due to the fact that having it around hurts them in there hunt for killing Whiles..

  • Fail. They left the lighter vessel to free-drift? What, did they think it had shields, or ships in open waters can stop instantly?

    If they were going to sabotage the whaling boat, why were all the crew at the far end? Teleporting rope?

    What a waste of a perfecly well-designed boat.

  • Japanese illegally killing whales in Australian Artctic Waters…….Yehhhhhhhhhh… for *Scientific* reasons too *cough* like, does this While taste good with this Brand of Sake, or this one? ohh, we ran out of Whale Meat, better go back and kill me some more whales…

  • Yes they have alot of money , but thats threw people giving and kind acts , and there trying too save whales not wipe them out as it seems japan is doing…….and it dosn’t look like the ship was ram because they were in front by a long shot drifting after docking and then they were hit…..and that boat that got hit looks like its off batman i want one.

  • Even Equality Now pursue their misguided cause in a peaceful and lawful manner.

    What the Japanese whaler is doing is completely legally legitimate. Those vigilantes don’t like it, so they are taking things into their own hands by pursuing violent and dangerous acts to justify their cause.

    If acts of violence are permissible when you are “doing the right thing”, then nobody should persecute terrorists.

    • Anonymous says:

      My gut tells me you’re male wearing lipstick and eyelashes, and sucking up to neo feminists.
      It also tells me, that it’s “The right thing” to try and eradicate your kind from the face of the Earth.

      Not for the sake of equality, as it’s cancerous thing these days.
      But for sake of balance. Mine, not yours.

  • It looks more like the whaler turned to hit the ship. If it had kept on its path I don’t think they would have collided in that way.

    On an interview on CNN the captain of the other anti-whaling ship said the whaling ship had purposely targeted the Ady Gil. I didn’t really believe it when I heard it but from this video it kind of does look like that is what happened.

    • Anonymous says:

      They are just saying its scientific when its not. No science vessel has science literally written all over it it obviously not when there are 10 whales on deck being sliced open while still alive.

  • Yeah… but it would be much more hilarious if the whales would hire some hitman’s to assassinate the whalers.

    I say its fair game, the whalers kill whales. The whales should be able to defend themselves. But the point is they cant. Because the whalers are some bunch of gangbanger pu$$ies. And that’s where the Sea-Shepherds come in.

  • Because we need those species. Not only they are necessary to keep the food chain in order and prevent ecological collapse, we’ll need them as genetic material for future genetic engineering. Do you know how many things a whale can do that most other animals can’t?

  • crap boat sinks after being hit once. and it cost what!?

    poor freaks who donated and thought they saved the world of something.

    i think they just added a few zeros to it so they could grab more money from stupid rich freaks.

  • Actually the Swashtika was and still is a symbol of my religion, Buddism. The symbol of peace [peace symbol] was originally a creation of the SS, the nazi secret police. It was created by taking a cross and breaking it in half and turning it upside down. Bet you didn’t know that. If you wear a peace symbol, you hate jesus and god. LOL.

    • I don’t know much about budhism, but the swastika isn’t exclusive to your religion. It is also a symbol in hinduïsm, and until early in the previous century, it was used all over the world as a symbol of peace and good luck. In the 1920’s the nazi-movement used this “old symbol from germanian culture” as their flag, and after all the well known events that happened afterwards, it has become associated with ww2/nazis/holocaust in the west. SS was only created about 10 years later.

  • Actually the Swashtika was and still is a symbol of my religion, Buddism. The symbol of peace [peace symbol] was originally a creation of the SS, the nazi secret police. It was created by taking a cross and breaking it in half and turning it upside down. Bet you didn’t know that. If you wear a peace symbol, you hate jesus and god. LOL.

  • well they are trying to convict whalers by pretending to be hit by them(and possibly killed/hurt in the process)

    i hate it when people who have too much passion for justice rub their justice to others because they think its their duty. damn them.

    • Anonymous says:

      if youve watched the show youd know that thier engines were malfunctioning they even try to show them trying to fix it before they go hit. and the whaling ship never made a move to try not to hit them.

  • I actually side with the Shepherds with this, though I think they need to have more smarter ways to counter it instead of only using the media to create a controversy.

    Oh well, at least they have a new ship. lol.

    As for the whalemeat thing, I hear they are used for the blubber and for certain ‘school meal’ types of every-day fish meats. Either way, that market is only bound for failure in the near future, with or without the activism.

  • At the end of this, one has to ask, what are those idiots thinking?

    Two, what would push people to risk their life to stop the whaling?

    Have anyone actually seen a whale before? They are magnificent. Takes a long time for one to grow up that big just to have a whaling ship spears it to death. I have never even heard of a whale attacking a ship before in the past… why do we have to eat them? Even a shark gets more respect. Perhaps one day it would be alright for people to kill each other off in the name of culture and tradition and food.

  • seriously, how hilarious would it be if the whaling researchers hired mercenaries to just kill all the sea shepherd retards?

    “ok deploy the prop foul” *boom* headshot.

    I say its fair game, the pirates ram the Japanese with their ship all the time. they should be able to defend themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      they wouldn’t because that would cause a international incident with an American film crew on board each vessel. and the fact their ship is registered with another country. long story short: theyed be fucking themselves over.

  • the law is been raped by japan, science sure who believes that garbage.

    but to me these people are dumb, if your going to care about a goal at least take the time to cause real harm, the way these guy are doing it is so lame and not really much of doing any real good.

    But what should be done is change the law so that only 50 wales a year can be caught, lets see what japan BS will say then.

    For me who cares kill all the whales its not like its going to matter in 100 years they will be done for one way or another, and that is science.

  • ok it was in australian waters the japanese shouldnt be there the whaling they are doing is illegal and both sides have played dirty the navy should go down there and force the whalers out of there simple and the japanese should conform to international laws even simpler

    • No, fag it was in international waters. Only 4 countries out of 193 recognize Australia’s fake claim to those waters (and those are all countries who ALSO have fake claims down there). Every single major country in the world does NOT recognize those waters as Australia’s. The whaling is perfectly legal. Australia using it’s armed forces there would be an out and out act of war.

  • I’d still like to see this “research” they keep needing the whales for. It’s bullshit, the whale meat should be going bad before they dispose of it, but you know how the Japanese love their seafood fresh, so I’m guessing they barely do anything before selling it off.

    I love you Japan, but you’re being dishonest little pricks when it comes to whaling.

    Oh, and the Sea Shepard’s crew is full of idiots and wusses. If they had the brains and the guts they would be blowing up these ships instead of just impeding them.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Scientific Research?

    “We Have Detilmind armost conclursivery that whale meat is vely, VELY Dericious!!! Moah leasealch es needed howevel…”

    Yep, the Jappy-neese appetite for whale penis and whale anus sushi is going to trigger an extinction or two, and along the way the price will go up and the demand will match the enthusiasm for the price. Silly anime I saw “Jungle De Ikyo” had one where a whale was in Tokyo (too complicated to explain here, but funny) and the military shot a bit of flesh off, then fortunately it was rescued, but the people were grabbing the flesh to eat, I guess the inciderary explosives were only a spice…

    I am not judgmental or aside from “Lound Eye” non PC jokes, racist. I am truly fascinated by the oriental mind’s ability to turn the most rare, scary or gross looking critter into a delicacy. Now, some things, like “Thousand year egg” are by-products of desperation, but others are well I can not call them other than art. They have made an art form out of turning the most rare, hard to get to, disgusting to think of eating, etc. critter into something their affluent spend enough to buy tens of thousands of bowls of rice on like it’s nothing. This may seem racist, but it’s not, the stuff I’m joking at, the dishes I have tried, I was truly moved by how tasty and artistic the meals were. Back in the late 90s I had a Chinese girlfriend, one of China’s new ‘middle class’ and she was fascinating, both in how Maoist she was but also her enthusiasm to eat every creature on the planet and compare notes, but she did it in a way that made my “Leftist Hippie 2.0” mind take exception. Fairly fat, for a Chinese lady, but I didn’t mind. Think a sexy Maoist dominatrix feeding you scary stuff;-) She had me at odds with my Dad in CA, ’cause I wanted to go hunt some shark to get “Shark Fin” after some time with her, and some really sexy whisperings of recipes in my ear:-)

    She had an idea (due to current media stuff) that the USA should let “SnakeHead” fish overrun it’s waters because it would convert enough “Wasted” biomass into usable meat, including prairie dogs up to a mile from a river. This would make a lot of people yell, but I remember all the times I’ve fished and got nothing but “Suckers” and then get laughed at when I even suggest eating them. I mean, fish all day, get suckers you need to cut open and bleed so scavenger animals eat them, and then there’s more suckers and any “Real” game fish have to be planted, making a need for “Fishing Licenses” to pay for it and “Daily Limits”. What if all the fish were usable fish and you could even throw “Food” garbage into the water and it’d turn into more of them?

    And, while I do enjoy reading about the works of Eco and Animal Rights “Terrorists”, I am resigned to the fact that we’ll probably have a catastrophic collapse in the oceans. I’m just enjoying eating seafood while I can, because in a few decades at most almost everything (except jellyfish and algae) will have to be grown in your own fishtank or special “Aquaculture” pool. Do you hear me? If you like shrimp, lobster, Halibut, etc. even Clams… you’ll either have to make a swimming pool size “Saltwater Aquarium” and grow them yourself, or pay through the nose to buy them from someone who does. Eating shark will be the work of five years to a decade, and two pools, one partitioned for two sharks bought goldfish sized for hundreds or thousands, the other for fish to raise them on, though you’ll also need to feed them meat and anything else they’ll try to eat. And when you are done, you’ll have to wait to try to mate them because you probably won’t even be able to buy the “Minnow size” ones anymore either. Oh, and by that time the government and the UN will probably be trying to sieze them in sheer desperation to get the oceans back under control.

    It’s putting a perspective on things. I do want to “SeaStead”, that is get some decommissioned ships and make a few large floating concrete platforms and have a tribe/micro-nation out in the middle of the ocean. But with the collapse, we’ll get a largely green ocean that’s full of jellyfish and probably about every other “Niche” creature will grow to hideous proportions, like the Giant Squid with all their predators (sperm whale, shark) made extinct. If that happens, well I’d actually still rather be there, than in the ‘developed’ countries because they’ll be in martial law and in civil war. But instead of the beautiful salty seas, we’d be on top of a sargasso swamp with Lovecraftian horrors just beneath the waves, kind of like a cool James Cameron movie.

    It’s good in a lot of ways, most notably that AmeriKKKa will be more into suppressing internal revolt than bothering new independent nations. Also that our work on “Aquaculture”, vacuuming the jellyfish and algae from the oceans, restoring marine habitats, etc. will win us Nobel Prizes and give us lots of pull with the oceanic nations… I could make a whole career out of helping an island nation restore and protect it’s now drift netted to extinction marine ecosystem, and I’d have tons of fun making “Tethered floating concrete barriers” to rip apart drift nets, and perhaps remote “Limpet Mine distributors” to deal with armed groups trying to force the issue.

    But, almost as I want to set up such an operation for the personal freedom and for the Slave girls, I want to swim in the ocean itself on a frequent basis. I love the ocean, especially the Pacific, every time I’ve visited it I just jump in and relax, looking like a nut no doubt to friends with me, of course this was along the beach in the USA. I mean have a large hexagonal floating mesh to keep the sharks out, maybe double it as an “Aquaculture” cage and just swim in the open ocean. Lay back and float wearing nothing but my tribal chief mask and my Muppets “Animal” t-shirt. However, the ocean will probably have critical mass in Jellyfish, plenty of ones 1mm small that could kill or drown me. That’s a direct result of the imbalance in the oceans, all the fish eat these, but now there are so few fish they grow to Lovecraftian size and then eat the fish first. While the aquaculture tank would be the safest place, it’d still turn what previously had almost never been a danger into attempted suicide for a long time:-(

  • Eco-terrorists think they get to police international waters… Very retarded. But then again Japanese fishermen think they have claim to whales and dolphins… which are migratory and belong to the international waters.

    Stay in your own goddamn waters Japanese fishermen and you won’t get suicidal retards like these trying to sink you…

    And as for the dumbasses who commented “terrorists should stop bothering the hardworking Japanese fishermen”: They are hardworking indeed, if no one bothered them half the world’s marine life would go fucking extinct!

    • You really need to stop. Nobody likes a troll. If you can’t say something with any semblance of validity then you should just not comment. That goes for both sides of the argument, but you in particular… over and over and over. So please give it a rest before you embarrass yourself any further.


    Stupid eco-freaks got pwned! S

    eriously, those morons in the Sea Sheperds should have their nuts cut off for ruining that beautiful boat. For those who don’t know, before that boat was bought with environmentalist blood money it was called the Earthrace and it was a piece of history. It was used to set a world speed record for circumnavigating the globe. Now it is lost forever thanks to some spoiled Hollywood Socialites and their idiotic beliefs.

    If you watch the video closely, you can clearly see that the crew deliberately attempted to ram the Earthrace into a ship many times its size with predictable results.

  • You can see the ‘ship of such massive proportions’ is accelerating towards a pretty stationary target. Those kinds of ships have pretty fucking powerful engines and you can see that quite clearly in how it breaks the waves en-route and the deceleration right before the hit.

  • We allow all kinds of non endangered fish to be hunted yet we won’t allow these? Just because you see then as too cute to hunt does not mean they have to. Quit thinking that you are the one who can dictate what is right, circumstances are different there so our pet is their prey.

  • Westerners who are complaining about Japanese whaling are just plain ignorant about the issue and need to get some facts straight and get off their high horses.

    Here are a couple of questions for you:

    Which country does the most whaling annually?
    Answer: Norway. And they do it openly for commercial purposes. Pure profit. Even the US is historically more responsible for high whaling tallies and overhunting than Japan is.

    What do you think is more harmful to the ocean ecosystem (and the natural world at large):
    -Japan: takes ~400 non-endangered whales annually
    -America: dumps millions of tons of sewage, garbage and chemical waste into the ocean every year, is (by far) the single largest contributor to global warming and all associated ecological problems

    If you’re against whaling that’s your right to your own opinion, but let’s not forget that adage about “he without sin” shall we?

    • Anonymous says:

      lol someones a little racist and ignorant themselves. reread your first retarded question you said historically, but the United states “Historically” did when we haven’t done it in generations while the japanese are still doing it more than ever. Provide the evidence before stating the west is ignorant. Theres more than the US in the west what about the other countries? what makes you so sure those whales are non-endangered. And China is the largest contributor to global warming than any other country. Its apparent that you know nothing as well. your just trying to sound smart without trying to look stupid nice try though. Also the term Western is relative because You to the west of the US so nice try on blaming the rest of the world for what your country is doing you only made yourself look worse than you could have imagined.

  • To this very day, I have laughed every time I see the sea shepherds. I laugh even more when I see them crying. I just think what they’re doing to protect these whales is just unnecessary and ridiculous.

    tl;dr Sea Shepherds fail.

  • its true that whaling shouldn’t be allowed under the false pretense that it is but what these guys are doing is ridiculous.

    im sure in all reality they crashed their stupid looking boat purposely for all the media attention which they are now getting.

  • Video proof of a Japanese vessel attempting to murder those on another vessel = Japanese FAIL.
    The video from the Bob Barker proves this. It might have felt good to the Japanese at the time, but its gonna make for some really bad PR.
    A ton of donations to Sea Shepard.
    And much less sympathy to the whalers.
    They just made things a lot harder on themselves.

  • In an event last year. The doofuses swamped their own boat due to terminal idiocy, and didn’t have a backup. The Japanese were kind enough to rescue them and were rewarded by attempted and actual sabotage by the people they rescued. Contemptible.

  • Targeting Japan for whaling annoys me somewhat because there are European countries doing the exact same thing.

    That being said whaling is barbaric and anyone discussing the economy or anything else is missing the point that highly intelligent creatures are being slaughtered to fulfill the financial desires of selfish, ignorant assholes.

    If we can somehow curb this massacre then maybe we can educate people to respect other more domesticated animals.

    I love lolis soooo much.

  • I’ll have to agree with the people that the Japanese ship was not at fault for ramming the Sea Shepard’s ship. Considering the strongest argument the article provided stated the following query:

    “although they are silent as to how their highly maneuverable trimaran managed to end up in the path of the ship in the first place.”

  • Thats too bad im a fan of highperformance boats and cars and to see that go down because of something stupid seems like such a waste. Im sure if the guy who origionaly built it does build another he wont be giving it to them to destroy lol.

  • The rest of you should stop masturbating your gigantic ego saying “Save the whales!”
    Admit it. None of you fuckers truly give a flippin’ damn about no whales. The pirates were hostile, the Japs rammed them. End of story. There isn’t even any need to bring in whaling to justify antagonistic behaviour like that. Downvote me for all you like. Fucking hypocrites sitting in their rooms stroking their e-penis and being delusional about caring about life other than their own.

  • I think those eco-terrorist is Kiwis from my country. By the look of that ship, it seems to be ours, sad thing is some retard chose to ram it into a larger boat =_=
    OK, us Kiwi hate Japan fishing so close to our seas after we nearly killed off all the whales when the early British settlers first came. We learn from our mistake and is trying to stop Japan from making the same, seriously, Japan WILL kill every fish in the world.
    I do not support what they are doing, but I have one world to those Japanese, GET THE FUCK OUT OF OUT SEA AND BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

  • Between the style of the seaborn ship and the word “Shepherd” in the title of the post, I thought that Commander Shepard had come down to earth and rammed the Normandy into a whaling ship.

    I have been playing too much Mass Effect.

  • MartianMage says:

    Well watching both vids it really looked like that the whaling vessel did intentionally ram the smaller one but you know what? If this collision didn’t happen those sea shepherd dudes will prolly sabotage the whaling ship. To cut things short they’re out there for trouble… If you have the guts to go out there and sabotage other people then you shouldn’t complain when it doesn’t go well for you. =/

  • love and peace ♣ – I’m pretty sure the wales are happy being wanted and hunted. It’s a privilege for them to be a Japanese dish. And for the freaks in the black
    SciFi ship USE A BFG NEXT TIME morons.

  • they ran over a boat just sitting there. the speed boat was just floating, drifting in water and the whalers purposely rammed their boat. this video released by whalers only proves how reckless they were. and they water hosed the people on speed boat after they collided with them proving the whalers were trying to injure or possibly kill people on a disabled boat. but what do you expect from morons who kill whales for a living? i hope the whale ship is sunked some day. all you people on the side of whalers are going to be on the losing team.

    • Whatch the one on here and see the stupid terrorists trying to get out of the way….as soon as they saw that the ship was going to maneuver into a position of defense against them, they moved, the SOB on the command made a mistake and voila! A lot of donnation money down the surface od artic ocean.

  • Oh, BTW, the Sea Shepherds do not respect the ‘Rules of the Road’ which regulates conduct by ships are sea. Maybe they should start practicing it before they ask for sympathy.

    ‘Japan is sorry..That it took even that long to sink your ship.’

  • It might be a bit misleading to label them “eco-terrorists.” I know this website has a decidedly pro-Japanese bias, but their actions hardly seem worth of the terrorist label. How about “annoying douchebags” – hell, I’m anti-whaling and that’s what I call them.

    • ter⋅ror⋅ism

      1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
      2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
      3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

      get a dictionary first before typing something out and look idiotic no?

  • The Sea Shepherds are a bunch of fanatic nuts. We are talking about folks that have actually tried to cause LOADED supertankers and liquidified natural gas carriers to either collide with other ships and/or run aground, often times near the openings of ports and bays. For what reason would they want to cause a major oil spill from a collision of a supertanker? Or, for that matter, a massive explosion from a damaged LNG carrier? No rational explanation exists.

    Frankly, they are a menace, and they have been known to set their sights as low as going after Indian tribes conducting ritual hunts at sea – there is a reason why the US Coast Guard has to be attendance during the rituals, least some flake from the Sea Shepherds ram their waterski into a Indian craft.

  • After seing the vids – both of them – I see that SSP are just a bunch of hypocrites whinners…they ask for it (i’ve seen the ‘great show’ that is Whale Wars) Thats just idiotic. I see a thrue purpose on trying to stop whaling, but this way of action just put people against the cause. Fuck…even in a show Green Peace representative said so, and after such BS that constantly come from them, I agree. The japanese whailer (research boat…)changed course to try and stay in a position that would let them protected from the attempts to disable the ship…the morons on it fucked it hard, and then it was too late to get out of the way (they even accelerate the thing). PATHETIC!!!

  • here’s a little history lesson for all you j-culture fans. the whalers are the terrorists and this stuff is a remnant from japan’s psychotic arrogant era. only the nazis and japan ignored the league of nations ruling that whaling had become completely unnecessary and barbaic in 1934. that means all other asian, caucasian, african, latin nations all over the world agree to meet and abide by whaling commission, even the two other countries that still whale. norway and iceland still whale but they participate in whaling commissions that japanese are too scared to show up for, and norway/iceland citizens routinely attack or harrass the whalers that’s why groups like sea sheperd don’t harrass them. so don’t use the racism card. and norway and iceland come right out and tell the world they are doing commercial whaling and not trying to be sneaky about it by calling themselves “scientists” (do you need to kill thousands of whales each year to study whales?). scientists, my ass. japan has been caught several times trying to buy off the votes of other nations. they are lying when they say this isn’t true (japanese people lie when they are doing something guilty but they sort of still want to to the guilty thing, as to avoid confrontation…my japanese girlfriend does this all the time and calls it “justified lying” like making up crazy stories about her job, relationship, money, to family so they won’t be upset when in fact if she simply told them the truth they’d go “oh, ok, thanks for the update…pass the edamame”. btw, she hates whaling but she will never speak up against it). also, japan has ignored australians rightful claim to 200 mile waters while australia respects japan’s water territory. if australia whaled from japan’s waters without permission then japan would get pissed too. japan whales outside of their waters and often times in the waters of other countries who have voted against whaling. japanese people do nothing but sit and watch senseless slaughter of whales and dolphins even japanese people who are shocked by that barbaric thing. it’s part of their culture not to confront other family members or friends directly when that friend is doing some seriously stupid shit. i’ve been exposed to this maddening non-communication via my japanese girlfriend. most japanese people don’t approve of whaling. if they simply spoke up and said “cut the shit, dickhead whalers” there would be no need for incidents like this. after world war 2 (remember that one, all you japan fans sticking up for the whalers instead of the good guys called sea sheperd?) douglas macarthur allowed two whaling ships to whale again to prevent japan starvation (after japan had tortured, killed, went mentally insane against all its asian neighbors and quite a few caucasians too). it was supposed to be a temporary thing to show japan mercy…mercy that japan did not show to others during world war 2. one of those ships was the nishin maru (so the dudes on the current maru ship come from a history of seriously psycho whalers. soon it was discovered that the whaling had gone mad again and japan was killing more whales than they could process for food. unlike japan did to others back then, japan was shown mercy after the war they caused yet they went right back to over whaling. this is their history regarding this topic. this is why the aggressive protest against them. don’t let the anime, j pop, oppai, cosplay, Wii, blind your eyes. this whaling wackshit is from an old era and the money people (probably yakuza) are doing it for cash. i say let japan focus on their unique peaceful cultural things that we all enjoy and let them continue to promote human peace. let them get brains in their heads that tell them they are not capitalizing enough on their fashion, tech, arts which could bring billions of dollars into japan from around the world and stop supporting fucktards freezing their asses off fighting hippies over whales that no other nation is hunting…for meat that tastes like shit. japan is cheating the system that nearly every nation in the world agrees to and uploads. scientists all over the world (asian scientists too so it’s not a race clash) have said japan’s whaling “research” is completely unnecessary. it would be like some dude killing 3,000 elephants a year just to say “yup, they’re elephants…so what should we do with all this meat? sell it!!”. japan tries to explain “poor us, we are just scientists being harassed by hippies” when in fact it is the whalers going against international will by doing it in a very dishonorable way. they are not allowed to whale for meat yet that is exactly what they are doing. they agreed not to whale for meat yet that is exactly what they do. they don’t need to kill 10,000 whales every decade to study minke. everyone in the world clearly knows that japan is acting cruel, and more importantly barbaric, by slaughtering whales so some dipshit can eat whale meat with his ramen. whales nearly went extinct because of shit like this. japan is trying to bring it all back yet pretend they are not. KICK THEIR ASSESS, SEA SHEPERD!! BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The whaling ship rammed US!

    To think that the people we were trying to sabotage and leave stranded immobile out in the ocean wouldn’t let us on their ship after we refused to get out of the way!

    It’s like a guy running across the street to stab your cars wheels with a knife while your in motion, then he sues you for running his ass over…well he would win that suit in america…

  • These ppl are the flip side of the fundie loons on the right in the US, though it is not exactly rational to destroy a resource for jobs and food by hunting it to extinction instead of managing it.

    The human race might grow up one day.

  • You might not like killing whales but you have to respect japan’s right to hunt them as granted by the International Whaling Commission. If killing whales is wrong then you should solve you problems peacefully and not try to ram boats at whalers.

    • watch the vido from the ship bob barker you clearly see the whaler turning to ram the speed boat. and not the first time this sort of thing happened, WW2 PT-109, as an american I would be very upset if the japanise started a reality show were they protected cows from getting slaughtered. something to think about

      • Let’s see, supposedly a multi-hundred tonne whaler leaps forward under hard acceleration, turns nimbly and rams…a light, fast speedboat bumbling awkwardly through the water.
        See the problem here?

  • [b]The fucking whaler made a turn to ram the boat, just look at the vid! Notice the angle of the whaler because he turns?

    I am a fan of Japan, but these goddam fuckers aboard that whaler should to to jail for life for attempted multiple murder![/b]

    • Then maybe you want to rant at eskimos who eat whales and use their blubber for various things. Like starting a fire!

      (this applies to eskimos still not living in towns or other developed areas)

  • I’m not the biggest fan of the guys like this handalaing the japan over whaling problem, but there is a problem. The IWC (International Whaling Commission) tried to pass laws back in the 80’s to prevent over whaling however Japan then stated that all of its ships where research vessels. When a new law said that if your taking whales for research then you must use non lethal methods Japan simply ignored it. There is a problem but I doubt any country going to go to war over it, and seeing as that’s where Japan gets a lot of their food can’t really see them wanting to stop as it would make the cost of food shoot up for them. It’s easy for people like the Sea Shepherd to say stop, but it’s interesting to notice that they never stop to think of an alternative.

  • I can’t believe they would try to tie up the propeller, what if a Storm or typhoon came in, they would of knowingly killed innocent Japanese who were just trying to make ends meet.

    Its the companies not the fishermens fault, I have no respect for these vigilanties.

  • Failtard Eco-Pirates.

    Cool, darty-aero/hydrodynamic-looking lightweight small fast object, meet large, heavy, blunt, slow object.

    Note also that the eco-pirates weren’t using a “penlight laser pointer”; that was a bulky industrial-strength unit with significant blinding potential.

    • Bullcrap, if you knew what you was talking about you’d know they are small military spec laser for temporarily knocking out someones vision without causing permentant damage.
      They were supposably’ designed to be mounted on the side of guns and was on trial by some forces in the US (police or mititary – I’m not sure) to be used a none voilent method of stopping targets without injury.

      I’m not condoning the actions of the muppets which go on these ‘crusades’ but if you watch the Bob Barker’s ship video (, you can see that the whaling ship does turn in on the Trimaran.

  • they deserved to be rammed, getting into the path of a BIG ship…. with a little ship… buncha retards… there goes that 5 million dollars…. but then… its not their money… its bob barker’s money…



    Friggin’ idiots here on Sankaku, lol.

  • Rofl i wanna know what those japs are smoking cuz i want some even the first vid unless your a retard watching it the camera dood and the batman ship were pretty much at a standstill sos the boat had to be the one turning into them

  • ROFL i wanna know what those japs are smoking cuz i want some even the first vid the black batman ship was stationary the whole time so was the camraman sos the whaling ship had to be the one turning all hail japan propaganda

    • It could be that since the second video was filmed aboard another ship, it was this other ship the one moving while the wha…scietific ship kept moving in the same direction.

      And the only noticeable change of direction of the jap ship is after the toy boat crashed into them.

  • Hahahah they were rammed, fucking retards.

    That whaling vessel might as well be a garbage truck trying to ram a ferrari.

    The ONLY way they could have been rammed, is if they were looking to be rammed. I mean sure stop in from of a great big boat, good way to be rammed.

  • and QUIT using the word sabatage what they were doin was equal to putting sugar in your gas tank whoever said osamas name should have a car bomb stuck to their ignition switch in their car ignorant moron
    BLOWING UP a middle eastern oil refinery is sabatage rope and a propeller and a fucking laser pen sounds like kid shit

  • ironic thing is if a semi hits anything its the drivers fault if a semi even touches a driveway of another residence they could actually be fired if the owners complained but come on a 450 ton ship vs a 1 ton ship sure they were trying to hinder the whaling ships opperation and a pen laser as armed and dangerous buncha pussies you could aim an rpg at the haul of that ship and it wouldnt even dent it so shut the fuck up japan needs to get their head out of their own asses and put it someplace warm uhh like a 3d FEMALE they go after any and all whales they can get their hands on to make as much money as possible any law or endangered species be damned

  • You know, I understand these anti-whaling groups have a point they want to get across and things they want to protect, which is understandable I guess…But you know who else resorted to sabotage to fight ideals they didn’t agree with? Osama Bin Laden.

  • It looked to me as if the Whaling ship tried to go to the left as the idiots in the speed boat pulled in front of them and stopped. One of the idiots on the speedboat is seen also using a green pen laser to blind someone. Turning criminal, as in vigilante tactics, is not going to garner the proper attention needed for whatever cause someone has. The idiots on the speedboat should be glad they are alive and think about staying on dry land from now on. What they did was the same as pulling in front of a Semi-truck which is doing 55 mph with a moped and stopping right in front of it.

    • The larger ship has right-of-way, so long as they’re both motor-powered (and they are). That’s international law.

      OTOH, I despise whalers. While I think what the protesters are doing is a waste of time, and possibly even makes things worse, I think their hearts are in the right place: whaling should be ended. Period. This is just as stupid as killing off all the rhinos in Africa because idiots want the horns for various “medicinal” reasons.

    • Actually in this case the whaling boat has the right of way due to its size (if it was bigger, you’d be correct). What they did was the 1700’s equivalent of putting a row boat in front of a galleon, so they are at fault for being too close to the whaling boat.

  • ”People are still going to blame Japan for this.”
    Yes, for this and for illegal whaling.

    “The other side is saying the Japanese ship rammed them – a little hard to believe.”
    Not really, after watching the 2nd season of Whale Wars, and the thing the japanese are capable of.

    “A taste of divine retribution for those Australian racists.”
    Which racists???

    “Marine terrorists ought to be arrested and punished.”
    Exactly, lets arrest the illegal whalers.

    “If you look carefully, they’ve got a skull and crossbones on their ship. Pirates.”
    *Facepalm* The “skull and crossbones” is a symbol of freedom.

  • “Sea Shepherd claim their vessel was rammed in a deliberate effort by the whaling vessel to sink her (a claim which prompted Japan to release the above video), although they are silent as to how their highly maneuverable trimaran managed to end up in the path of the ship in the first place.”

    It’s like saying “the train didn’t stop when I was crossing”.

    “Their ship was apparently attempting to foul the propellers of the whaling ship using a rope, a technique of marine sabotage which generally requires a return to port to fix, at much reduced speeds”

    Accusing the whalers about ramming them while their own mission is sabotaging the same vessel, it’s kinda stupid.

    “They also criticise the whalers for not coming to their aid, although another anti-whaling vessel is said to have accompanied them.”

    Such hypocrites… They came to ruin the whalers, then now they’re whining that they weren’t being helped… tsk tsk tsk…

    • yup, and the last time the crew tried to rescue those pirates, they went crazy once brought onboard and tried to destroy everything, so good luck trying to get rescued a 2nd time….

      those SS is no different from kidnapping rings in latin america, roadblock the car/limo/motorcade, then kidnap/hold hostage…

      the instructions for the drivers when they see a roadblock in the middle of nowhere? run through them… so i justify the shonan maru for doing the same… being blocked and harrassed in the middle of nowhere? RUN THROUGH THEM!

  • The whalers didn’t even attempt to avoid the collision. They willingly rammed the Ady Gil knowing full well that they might be putting it’s crew in mortal danger. It’s sad that nothing will be done about such reckless behavior; unless, of course it’s the Sea Shepherd being reckless. Then the police will be waiting for them at the harbor.

    While I have little respect for the SSCS and their methods, I have even less respect for the whalers. Not so much for their whaling, but because they’re doing it under the guise of performing scientific research.

    • You don’t have much experience with large boats, do you? They don’t turn quickly. You cannot alter course on a dime. You drift. Direction changes are more akin to emphatic suggestions than direct actions.

      The whaling vessel would have likely been hard-pressed to alter course, and that assumes it even wanted to. Exposing its rudder to their little vessel would have been extremely detrimental to them, and likely exactly what the smaller boat had wanted.

      • Besides, if you ever read a Physics textbook, you will learn that the larger the mass of an object, the larger the inertia and the HARDER IT IS to change course or even stop.

        There’s a reason why trains don’t stop in time when an idiot runs across the railroad.

  • Haha, that’s simply hilarious.

    I just watched the same video clip on the news, minus a few changes.

    Firstly, the video had no sound; secondly, it only showed the second part of the clip, right before the ramming.

    The news presenter stated “A Japanese whaling ship blatantly rammed an activist boat of Antarctica”. Good job changing the point of the story.

    I’m sure they hadn’t thought about the fact why that video would be distributed if it incriminated the whalers..

  • You know, for a race thats technologically advanced as the japanese, they sure do some stupid things, there is nothing “scientific” about what their doing, they’re hunting endangered species for food and they don’t give a crap, if they cared in the slightest, why is it that their killmark has increased? I think that the pirates are a bunch of retards, but they actually have decreased the number of kills if only a little.

    It’s a pity whales are peaceful and not aggressive like sharks, because a couple could take a whalers ship easily and have a nice meal after.

        • You know what these extremists are? Traitors to their own species, riding on the romanticized ideal in people’s heads about pirates.

          Sure, I don’t think hunting whales is good and all, but to actually place the value of animals over that of human life is just ridiculous. These people “save” the whales because they want to be the “good guys”, while the larger Japanese whaler ships were the “evil guys” that need to be defeated in order to “save the world” or some razzmatazz. Sounds familiar? Yup, its every cliche game/movie/anime etc in the world. Same goes for almost all similar organizations in the world championing their causes. Bad news, the world doesn’t exist in a black and white, good and evil state. Stop trying to be the “good guy”, cos’ there isn’t any. Get off your moral high horses and take off your “I’m one of the good guys” helmets. We all know that deep down inside these “activists” are doing these to feel good themselves. Kinda like mental masturbation.

          TL:DR, Fuck you, self righteous fags. Keep on whaling, Japan.

        • Big deal, it’s not like other nations don’t have equally despicable practices when it comes to the environment. Everyone should get off their high horse regarding whaling and dolphin hunting. The only reason why these guys hunt whales and dolphins is because there’s a market for it. I don’t see anyone flipping out about the crab or lobster or any kind of expensive fish that is consumed on a daily basis worldwide. If the people on the Sea Shepherd want to actually have an impact and not look like pretentious, carrot chewing, hipster douches, they should try to change/refine policy regarding whaling and the commercial distribution of whale and dolphin meat. Too bad that is something that will never happen in Japan.

  • They’re flying the skull and crossbones. That’s the international symbol for “We deserve whatever is coming to us.” No sympathy at all for them.

    Don’t really agree with whaling, either, but as long as it’s not an endangered species of whale, I don’t see it as any different than hunting deer…

      • Look at it again, the little pirate boat was being propelled, it’s just that the way the boat was made that at that speed it doesn’t leave much wake. You can distinctly see two streams from under their boat, which is more in line with a relatively slow moving speed boat’s wake (around 20-30 mph give or take). Also, immediately before the crash you can see the speedboat (and if your ears are good enough, actually hear it) speed up. These guys are nothing more than show-boaters that are putting people at risk with their stupid antics, and I would feel no pity for them if they died while doing this.

        • Obviously you don’t know how much damage a laser pointer can do to the human eye, otherwise you wouldn’t be stating such a stupid comment such as this. It can permanently blind any eye if it is aimed right, and I’m pretty sure you would be pissed if anyone is attempting to blind you permanently as well. If you think I’m joking, you can go right ahead and point a laser right into both of your eyes.

          BTW, those eco-terrorists slowed their boat down in front of the whalers, and that’s a fact. If you seriously think the whalers intentionally rammed their ship, then explain to me how one of the fastest ship on the water was unable to outrun a slower whaling ship? It’s not like the whalers could plan so far ahead to actually know the eco-terrorist’s directionality and speed. Nobody’s capable of planning that far ahead with a ship. If you complain why didn’t the whaling ship stop, then try to learn something about inertia, and the reliability of stopping with an anchor. Please stop and look at the facts of reality, the eco-terrorists intentionally planned for their ship to be rammed by the whaler so they can use it as an international publicity to gain international pity.

    • Too bad they are not doing anything illegal- their actions are mostly sanctioned by international law. Sea Shepherd skillfully uses a loophole in the UN maritime charter that allows them to act against those who break international law on the high seas. That includes whalers, since the hunt on whales is banned by international treaties.

      And since the actions of the whalers are illegal, they can hardly sue sea shepherd in national courts. Criminals rarely sue other criminals.

      Too bad, Mr Neocon. The whaler pirates are far more likely to go to jail for their crimes against maritime law.

  • That is hilarious. “They should have rescued us!” Well, dude, the last time a Japanese whaler rescued a bunch of you guys, you immediately began running around the ship smashing shit and pouring acid into equipment.
    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

  • It’s somewhat like the driver of a car claiming that a train deliberately rammed his vehicle. What arrogance and disregard for facts of naval maneuver. Of course, one expects little more from media charlatans.

    • This is what they do. They got the dupes at Animal Planet to film their ‘heroics’ and basically acted like victims the whole time they were acting like twats. The Japanese just try to avoid them…spraying them with water is a lot more than they’ve done in the past.

      These guys are all air-headed assholes. The leader of these goons would love to see one of his idiot crew members die because of his antics just to get the press. He’s already lied about the Japanese shooting him.

      If I could order whale meat from Amazon, I’d do it just to piss off these damned hippies.

  • They criticize the whalers for not coming to their aid? Pfft. I say let them drown. If they’re stupid enough not to realize we’re the top of the food chain, they’re stupid enough to win a darwin award, in my book. Go let them kill themselves off, thus purging their ‘stupid genes’ from the gene pool.

      • I think the issue is more that I wouldn’t trust the passengers of the boat or what their intentions could be. Sea Shepard was clearly intending to sabotage the whaling vessel, and it is entirely possible that they would continue shenanigans if brought onboard should they see the chance.

        A total stranger attacks you with a baseball bat and you disarm by breaking his arm. Do you then give him your support and help him to the hospital, or call someone better suited to deal with such incidents and let them deal with it?

        • People from the SSCS have boarded a Japanese whaling ship before. The only hostile ones during that encounter were the Japanese crewmen.

          If in the process of breaking his arm, I managed to sever one of his arteries, then sure; I would call for an ambulance. It would be faster than me taking him to the hospital myself, and since I’m not a medic, I wouldn’t be able to treat his injury.

          If your reply was an analogy to the Ady Gil incident, then it doesn’t really work. The worst that the Ady Gil could have done to the Shonan Maru 2 was to stop it from aiding the whaling ships. It would have had little to no trouble getting back to it’s harbor for repairs. However, what the Shonan Maru 2 did to the Aby Gil could easilly have resulted in serious injury or even death. The crew were lucky to have a friendly ship near by, seeing as how the collision left them stranded on a sinking ship with no aid offered by the Shonan Maru 2.

      • If said crazy man was trying to attack the car, yes. But you did not specify in your example. If it was just a hit and run, then no. But in this case, they were trying to preform criminal acts on the boat. They deserve what they got.

        Using your analogy, if said crazy man was trying to strike the window of the car with a sledgehammer, then yes, he deserved getting hit. I don’t blame the driver for not stopping.

        Some people are simply going out and doing things that are going to get themselves killed. Nobody is going to help their attackers, so in this case, I side with the whalers. Had it just been some random boat that was minding its own business or lost control, then I’d be pissed at the whalers.

        • The majority of the whales that the Japanese hunt are not anywhere close to being endangered. And the discussion of this particular thread is not whether the death of the fishermen would be such a big deal in the greater scheme of things. The discussion is whether the Japanese ship had a right maneuver their ship to counter the protester ships actions, and whether Japanese had any obligation in helping protesters after their ship was damaged. The OP doesn’t think so, and I have to agree. And apparently, by extension of your argument, that the death of a few humans is insignificant in the greater scheme of things…neither do you.

        • So?

          The Whales being killed is still a bigger issue.

          Sorry, there are FAR more humans than Whales on this planet. Losing a few thousands Whales could mean the end of a species. The loss of 100,000 humans would go un-noticed there are billions of us already here.

        • Since these boats are in Antarctic waters, any damage to the boat’s maneuverability and hull integrity does in fact pose a significant increase in danger for the crew. So a better analogy would be slashing the car’s tires and forcing that car to drive in a blizzard. What these eco-terrorist do is dangerous; they attempt to disable ships in a hostile environment, and they risk their own lives when they maneuver their boats so irresponsibly close to the fishing vessels. What happened to them was just a matter of time. They deserved to get their boat wrecked for performing such a stupid stunt, and frankly I’m surprised it has taken this long for something like this to happen.

        • Your sledgehammer addition makes the analogy even more flawed than it already was.

          The damage that the Ady Gil could have inflicted on the Shonan Maru 2 would have been significally lower than that which a sledgehammer-wielding crazy man could have inflicted upon a car.

          If you wish for a more accurate analogy, then the crazy man would have been aiming to slash a tire on the car. It wouldn’t have wrecked the car, but it would’ve stopped it from going at top speed.

    • Uhh, you do realize that’s gonna cause an international incident that’ll get the Japanese maritime defense force involved, right? The whalers have had their protection before.

      Torpedoing the boats is gonna get the JMSDF to demolish the torpedo boat with their warships, and they’ll most likely have their special forces work with the Austrailian government to hunt down the organization members of Sea Shepherd, Navy SEAL style.

  • Serves those worthless saboteurs right.
    Apparently the boat that was destroyed had a value of approx. 1,3 million dollars.
    I guess they get all the money from celebrities who think they are doing something good for the world.
    How nice of them.

      • I can’t believe all you weeaboos are seriously defending Japan in this. Oh wait, that’s why you’re weeaboos. If Japan had a giant dick I bet you’d all line up and bend over to take it in the ass one by one.

      • 10 species are extinct each day. 6 aren’t due to any direct or indirect human actions. So what’s the deal about being self-righteous and think that its natural to keep this creature or that creature alive. It is a natural order that some creatures will continue to exist and evolve while those that failed will perish. We are not apart from nature, we are a part for it.

      • Well… I don’t have much insight in this whole whales-are-an-endagered-species to tell if it is a really bad crime or not.
        But to me it seems like the whales are in no way of being extincted because of the whalers, as for now.

        I saw an episode of whale wars not long ago, it looked like those terrorists had forgotten about the whales they want to save so badly and got their joy out of trying to destroy the whaler ships and trolling the japanese crew on the comm radio. If they could at least try to do something constructive it might lead to somewhere.
        Also, don’t ask me what’s constructive in this ..erm, war of whales, because I wouldn’t know.

      • I’d like to think that what these terrorist are doing is just… simply retarded.
        I mean, if they want to stop whaling they can at least try to do something constructive, like, try to get them convicted or whatnot. I don’t know really, but it has to be a better way than this.

        I saw one episode of Whale Wars on tv recently.
        To me it seemed like they didn’t even care about the whales, rather, they wanted to mess with the whalers by destroying their ships and trolling their crew on the comm radio.

      • They are hunting an unendangered species, pilot whales, and have strict quotas agreed to by an international fishing organization. It’s not like they’re whacking humpbacks and blues and grenade-fishing with nukes.

        • Doesn’t it seem strange that “research vessels” are built around fishing/slaughter equipment? They use a legal loophole to claim research while they hunt whales for sale. They’re required to produce research reports to justify their hunting, which I assume contain no significant new developments or findings. I find it insulting that they’d be so smug and dishonest as to claim “research” so they can perform illegal acts. It’s sort of like money laundering: the act takes place through what – on it’s own – would be legitimate businesses, but they’re using legal channels to cover illegal acts. It’s a felony, but they conduct it under legit auspices.

          I assure you that if they were not allowed to sell the products of their research, there would be a dramatic drop in whale “research”.

        • TexasDude:

          Research? What bloody research? I’m pretty much sure that:

          A: The Whales are NOT liking the research
          B: Has no “science” to it, as killing an animal (some of them endangered) is usually not required. Name another out in the wild animal that is routinely killed?
          C: Why is the “research” generating a profit from the dead whales?

          Call it as it is. BS. This is one of the things that makes Japan very UN-COOL.

          Also – While my opinion about the Sea Shepherd is low. The video shows me that they were RAMMED on purpose.

          Sure its a SPEED boat. But it was barely moving… check out the STRAIGHT wake. While the Japanese Whaling ship wake is curved.

          Also, the Whaling ship caught up to them and turns.

        • This is kinda funny being I read this like 2 second after watching the South Park episode making fun of them about it. Personally, I could really care less about whales or dolphins. If one of them saves me from drowning or getting eaten by sharks, then sure I’ll go Osama Bin Laden on the Japanese Emperor(since he’s worthless anyways) and blow his ass to the rising sun. But ’til then, fight your own battle sea creatures.

        • @Schrobby: that’s absolutely stupid. You’re trying to say that there’s scientific research because of commercialism, and that the scientific research is the justification for it. Using whales in commercial products and as food was established WAY before they had the agreement for the research.

          Rather, this is a COMPROMISE they made. Even if you eliminate the scientific reserach, people will still hunt whales there because it’s a livelihood. On the other hand, there’s no reason for banning commercialism using whales. Not only does it hurt the economy power and status of Japan in the field, but it’s also quite pointless since it will just be like prohibition in USA.

          Your plan of solution is pretty pointless, too. Yes, scientific interest will leave, naturally, since you took away any possible method of them doing work there; they’ll just go somewhere else. But you seem to think that there’s some underlying goal of researchers in a way such that they have become the bad guys instead. You seem to have a skewed view of how things work.

        • I have an easy solution, but Japan would never agree to it. I’d allow Japan to shoot double the amount of whales they kill now – but ban all commercial use.

          If they have to burn the whales instead of selling them for a nice profit I’m very sure scientific interests would suddenly disappear to everyones surprise.

        • Don’t call bullshit on the fact that all the caught whales are used in research. The International Whaling Commission allowed the capture of whales for scientific purposes. They also allow for the whales to be sold to restaurants afterwards. Japan has produced an incredible number of research reports on whales since this agreement, and the IWC has acknowledged that the number of whales Japan has caught was indeed necessary to do said research. The hunting of endangered species of whales is also allowed in very small amounts, hence the 10 Fin Whales Anon :39 mentioned.

        • “have strict quotas agreed to by an international fishing organization.”

          Total bullshit.

          The whale fishing is only autorised for science or research.
          And, holy shit, surprise ! EVERY boat which fish whales is for research !
          The same for the total-carnage of dolphins.
          “Hu ? We fish dolphin in Japan ? Really ?”

          How hypocrite…

        • “and have strict quotas agreed to by an international fishing organization.”

          Bullshit, seriously…
          The whales fishing is autorised only for science and research in Japan.
          And, ho surprise, EVERY boat which kill whales are for research.

          It’s the same for the dolphin carnage.
          How hypocrite…

    • This is nothing but a publicity stunt by these extremists. They’re expecting people to believe a slow whaling ship is fast enough to ram into what was labeled as one of the fastest ship on water. Unless the whaling ship is capable of bending time and space, I really don’t see this as possible without the eco-terrorists slowing down intentionally to get the ship damaged, so they can use it as a ruse to get on the international news to gain pity.

      • I don’t agree with the idea of ECO-Terrorism. But watch the video. . . Those pirates were running low speed (check out their tiny wake) and that whaling ship is going at least 3/4 speed. I think they thought the whaling ship would avoid them, but realistically, cutting their engine, or trying to reverse was a dumb move. Hit the crew with another jet of water as they passed by too. Those guys must have been really pissed being harassed as much as they were.

        • Actually I’m pretty sure the crew members fear for their lives as well, because the Sea Shepherds have resorted to violent tactics in the past before when they boarded ships that stopped or slowed down.

      • No matter how fast your trimaran is, it must be purposefully steered to avoid collision if the other ship wants to ram you.
        Now, the she shepherds weren’t trying to avoid the crash, they were trying to make a point. The whalers did not stop or maneuvered around like proper people should, but rammed them.

        • Anonymous says:

          At sea the larger vessel is the stand on ship, in other words it has the right of way. It is REQUIRED to stay on course and the smaller ship MUST adjust its heading and speed to safely pass. People shouldn’t talk about shit they don’t know.

        • Have you even driven a boat before, or you’re just spouting nonsense because you support these eco-terrorists?

          There’s no such thing as stopping on water unless you drop anchor. Even if you do drop the anchor there’s still leftover inertia due to the ship’s initial generated momentum wich will keep the ship moving forward, and the anchor will keep dragging till the speed’s slow enough for the inertia to wear off. By the time the inertia is gone, the ship WILL collide with whatever is in front of them if the other object stopped or slowed down in front. The conditions are no different to space, which is why astronauts train in pools on Earth.

          Furthermore, it has been documented that these Sea Shepherds have been resorting to pirate tactics, where they will board ships and attack the vessel’s crew members, and Sea Shepherd members are not ashamed to admit to that either, they freely admitted to these tactics to news reporters as well. If you’re a crew member of that ship, I can guarantee you that you would not wish to stop in any manner due to these violent thugs, unless you wish for them to gleefully beat you senseless for their amusement.

        • obviously u know nothing of the seas. do u think with those waves u can manoeuvre easily? the shepherds should go astern and try to get out of a larger less manoeuvrability vessel, or get out of its way fast. but instead they edge a bit in front slowly moments before they collide.