Capcom: “Gamers Have Left The Wii”


Capcom has expressed its disappointment with the Wii’s increasing inability to appeal to traditional gamers, blaming it for poor sales of some of its recent titles.

The admission comes by way of an interview with Capcom France’s director general Antoine Seux, who expresses his disappoint at the pathetic sales of the latest Resident Evil title, which sold only 16,000 copies in the territory.

You also released other strong franchises, like Monster Hunter and Resident Evil on the Wii, or Bionic Commando. How did they do?


With Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, all in all the numbers weren’t too bad, but we won’t lie, they were inferior to what we had hoped for.

After three weeks we have a total of 16,000 units sold. We feel like there is a clear problem with that game’s style on the Wii, where clearly gamers have moved on to something else.

Only two years ago, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles was a very big success on the Wii, but Wii customers have moved to games with a wider audience. It’s a disappointment.


We are far from the “classical” target of today’s Wii.


Two years ago, we still had gamers on the Wii, people loyal to Nintendo who – it seems – have deserted this console in favor of the new generation.

Capcom is said to be focusing its future efforts on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Nintendo itself has repeatedly acknowledged that its game line-up has fallen apart, and it is painfully obvious to most observers that “serious” games have been the most affected, with the bulk of the console’s dwindling top sellers coming from the “casual” camp.

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  • Anonymous said:
    True hardcore gamers play PC, XBox360, and PS3.

    Nope gamers game on consoles, people that play games on PC at all, play nothing else and have no lives at all. They tend to be termed losers more often than not 🙂

    I've never met a person that plays games on a PC show any real interest in anything NOT on a PC.

  • The interviewed guy bases his commentaries on units sold in France.
    However games are very expensive in France and nowadays it’s very easy to buy them online from England where they are MUCH cheaper.
    I’m french and I buy my games online in England.

    Short example: when Street Fighter 4 came out, you had to choose between either buying it in England for 35 € (50$) and waiting 4 days to get it or buying it in France 70€ (100$) and play immediately. Yes, that’s half price. No surprise the number of games sold in France decrease…

  • Personally, I left the Wii because of the lack of multiplayer support. (I don’t give a shit about graphics and what-not.) Which should indicate to Nintendo that it either needs GREAT single player games; which have been absent for awhile… or to simply scheme up an addictive multiplayer title. I’ll admit that the recent Call of Duty games are worthy examples… but why use the Wii wen you can get a better experience with the same titles on a 360 or PS3?

    I’ll buy some more Wii games when Nintendo guillotines that dumbshit Reggie for doing all this crap in the first place, and of course after it improves it’s line up. Finally, I’m also very curious as to why I’m still content with my DSi… just not the Wii; therefore there’s obviously something wrong with the satisfaction grade.

    For now, I enjoy Gears of War 2, Modern Warfare(s), and other great QUALITY games on my 360. Screw you Wii.


  • Developers have flaws and Wii has flaws. Nintendo’s first-party titles like SSBB, SMG, NSMB, Zelda TP, MPC, SPM (and WiiWare titles too like ExciteBike and Contra Rebirth), still have great quality. Some of the third-party titles like Oboro Muramasa, Deadly Creatures, Disaster Day of the Crisis, Rabbids Go Home, MadWorld (and others) have good and great quality too, but the insane amount of casual shit like Party Babyz and similiar simply outweighs. I’m don’t counting multiplatform titles like Okami, and I’m don’t counting GameCube titles ’cause it is not fair. In the near future there are titles like SMG2, Sin and Punishment 2 (Treasure!), Metroid Other M, new Zelda that I’m waiting, but amount of such titles is not very big. There are no F-Zero Wii, Starfox Wii, Kirby Wii (and GameCube too, there was very shady project that was developed for GameCube, then changed the platform Wii, and currently there is no news about it, maybe cancelled?). Well, with all it’s pluses and minuses, I think current generation of consoles (I’m counting ps3 and x360 too) is worse than previous, more casual shit like CoDMW2, Wii Sports and similiar.

  • hmm capcom. maybe thats because on rails shooter is a niche market to attack.
    most of the good games that are aimed at “serious” gamers on the wii are real niche games.
    for example
    mad world- good game except its in black and white and a hack n slash kinda game. good luck trying to sell that to the main steam.
    resident evil and dead space on rail shooters- well onrail shooters are pretty much a niche genre from the begining. (i myself dont really like on rails shooters)
    muramasa- a great game also but its another hack and slash

    in my opinion the good games on the wii that didnt sell very well probably would have sold very well on the xbox 360 or ps3 either.
    i mean would you buy darkside cronicles on xbox360 if you could get resident evil 5 on the same system. and plus their are a bunch of other games for them to compete with as well.

  • I was all for the Wii when it came out, even queing up at modinight to get my hands on one, I liked the vision of future gaming experiences that Nintendo promised.

    Now fast forward to today…

    I frikkin hate the console, all we get here in the UK are crappy multi player mini games, beach sports, golf, party games etc, not really pushing the future of gaming are we now???

    so I agree “gamers” as in people who like to play something other than a mini game bonanza, those who appreciate good game play, nice story arcs, or just a good ole fashioned shoot em up, playing for more than a few hours a week, are leaving the console in droves, especially when we have 360 and PS3 now, with games aimed at more than the casual gaming experience.

    So, sorry Nintendo, just like the abismal DSi, consign the Wii to the atic and get a “real” gaming platform out there…………

    • yes, agreed to all,
      but also consider the cheapness and slowness of the hardware, theres nothing hard but all veryyy soft,

      the damn wii wheel drives me crazy,

      oh, hardware specs, in 2010 they sell a system with less than 100 mb ram, hahahahhahah,

      my handphone is faster – and older btw

      was – what a scam

      • Because it seems the only thing the Wii is good for is to download old games like Duck Hunt and Star Fox and play them on the Wii.The only issue I have with Nintendo is they don’t release many popular title games.

  • I see it as the problem isn’t Nintendo its Capcom, those RE:shooter games are ok but lack in alot of everything, they are bulky to use at times and “headshots” often don’t work, i’ve shot a zombie in the head about 5 times before he went down, i thought that was their weakness.
    My wife is a big RE fan she has all up to #4 which she didn’t like much since zombies werent in there, same goes for #5, can’t they call it something else since zombies seem to be on vacation?
    call it something like:

    Umbrella Strike Force
    Resident Evil

    That way people will know its resident evil without having to try to sell to fans of the original.

  • And what do you define as a “life”? Different people have different hobbies. If their hobbies don’t conform with yours, they’re no life losers? It’s ironic that you call others narcissistic because it seems like you’re the narcissist here.

    You’re judging people based on their hobbies and consider them “inferior” and have no life compared to yourself.

    LOL Narcissist.

  • Yea that’s why the Wii has a better online service than the 360 or PS3.

    They play so well with others.

    And what do you define as a “life”? Different people have different hobbies. If their hobbies don’t conform with yours, they’re no life losers? It’s ironic that you call others narcissistic because it seems like you’re the narcissist here.

    You’re judging people based on their hobbies and consider them “inferior” and have no life compared to yourself.

  • Technically its outdated as hell and so is the 360. So its barely the future. The shitty dev tools don’t help either. Consoles are using mid-range 5 year old hardware. Hardcore gamers are are becoming so rare today that people seem to have completely forgot what it meant to be a hardcore gamer. The only thing rarer is actual hardcore games with complexity and intelligence that actually challenge the players wit and skill. Nowa days games have giant fucking arrows telling you where to go, very linear environments, overly-cinematic elements that make the game more fun to watch than to actually play, and no dedicated servers for multiplayer which leaves very little headroom for clans and a massive list of restrictions to the average player. Oh and very, very dull brown graphics with no art direction.

  • I didn’t buy the second railgun RE game because Umbrella was so boring. It’s the same way I’ll never buy another Starfox game again after the last 3 games, which I liken to getting abused by the same rapist continually. I want RE5 on the Wii! I want so badly to kill those particular zombies with a Wii remote!

  • PS3 is for the future and hardcore gamer.THE DEV are just too lazy to dev in ps3 because they are noob.They prefer xbox and wii because of their structure like pc and easy to navigate…what a pussy…gaybox is retard anyway..

  • I don’t know why Capcom is blaming the wii, when their the ones who made the games. Instead of making fuckin’ railshooters for wii, why don’t they give us another resident evil 4 wii. They need to get their shit together, and give resident evil wii fans a a proper title.

  • This has nothing to do with nintendo or the Wii, all these developers have jumped onto the Wii for easy money. I’m sick of on the rail shooters, OVERKILL is easily the best so far.

    Capcom is becoming just as pathetic as Square enix, seriously though, the Wii is graphically the weakest console this gen, but so was the PS2 and that didn’t stop it from being the best selling console ever.

    RE5 was just as cash in with an improved RE4 engine, there wasn’t really anything new, I can’t say I liked RE5, but that’s just me.

    Maybe it’s just me but I hate hardcore gamers who whine and bitch about casual gamers, a lot more than I get annoyed at casual gamers who complain about a game being to hard.

    RE4 was the best game from capcom I have ever played so far, but it’s gone way downhill since then, hopefully that will change when monster hunter tri comes out.

  • Am I the only one who thinks this Seux guy is full of crap? Sure you can argue that Wii is for a casual market, but quite frankly, it doesn’t excuse third parties from making bad games on the first place. Darkside Chronicles sold poorly not because of the Wii, but because the game just sucks its just done so poorly it makes you wonder why they even tried to develop it.

    Also he said this on the same interview:
    “For us, Capcom, the future is the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360… “This will be a difficult year for the handheld in general, DS or PSP.”

    LOLWUT!? The DS and PSP are some of the best systems of their respective companies. They generate alot of revenue, and arguably have much better game libraries than the consoles do.

  • the wii is not for gaming, its for girlie jump-fun
    it has the same power as the 10 year old game cube – outraging
    I see no improvement to the old mario kart or mario sunshine – of course not, how can there be any with same specs?
    its basically a game cube with a fancy controller

  • It’s sad to see companies insist that there’s no market for games on the Wii just because particularly crappy or niche games aren’t selling like hotcakes.

    Umbrella Chronicles sold well because it’s Resident Evil and people wanted to try it. Now that most people realise that it’s not a very good game, it’s obvious that people aren’t going to buy another copy and paste sequel like Dark Side Chronicles.

    I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a Capcom game in a very long time. It seems to me that the remnants that make up today’s Capcom are just a bunch of nobodies hanging onto their franchises created by the truly creative developers who already left Capcom a long time ago. Perhaps Capcom should try making games in more interesting genres than just rail shooters, and avoid copying and pasting everything from their previous games.

  • The Wii is made for the kind of people that won’t stick with it and will always want something new. That is the reason why they are losing their customers.

    The PS2 was so popular since there were games for everyone on it so even if they lost their casual gamers they still have a majority of their customers. In this generation it has been split but I think that is going to go away since the the Wii is starting to fail so all of the casual developers are going to go to the PS3 and Xbox 360 so they will now become like the PS2 was.

  • I’m bloody telling you…Make some loli/snuff/torture games with your favorite anime characters and I will guarantee that sales will rise…

    Then again, we will never see this hit the US of A…

  • By playing Darkside Chronicles, I only found headache, the camera was shaking all the time, how can such a game success? Wii’s time’s over, that’s true, but the failure of Darkside Chronicles is its own problem.

  • Actually, the main cause for the ‘demise’ of the WII is that many of the major developers find it particularly difficult to port. So, they simply don’t bother when it is so much easier to stick with the PS3 and XBox 360.

    Thus, there is a shortage of really good games for the system and gamers go elsewhere.

  • oh now they regret having me beloved MH on stupid Wii not PS3… either way… im gonna get a Wii cause a) i love MH b) party games are fun seeing as i have flatmmates c) prepubescent little girls game are fun too… consider urself lucky im gonna waste money on u nintendo, u thief>:(

    • Woo, finally someone who loves monster hunter. It’s hard to find people who like that game. Usually they hate it because of the steep learning curve. But the game is awesome and people need to get off their asses, get a PSP, and get MHFU. Then get a black wii and MH3 on March 30.

    • How is this fact when there’s people like those Wii Fit owners that love the Wii? If something sucks, then it has to be flat out not enjoyable. Yet there we have that Mario Bros. Wii game making millions quickly and people posting videos about how they love it around the internet. Maybe it sucks to you, but not to those 20+ million Wii Fit owners.

    • I hear ya on the Tatsunoko vs Capcom release. I’m also looking forward to No More Heroes: 2 Desparate Struggle, the new Metroid by Team Ninja and Mario Galaxy 2.

      I agree nintendo should stop making shitty games like “Fishing Party” or some stupid BS similar to that and push out the good shit.

      Don’t talk BS about Wii being crap when some sick ass games like NMH2 and Tatsunoko is coming the fact that nobody mentioned any of the new games is further proof of that most ppl jumped here only to talk crap without doing their homework.
      You will only have the right to say a system is dead when its ENTIRE line up is trash to put SSBB in the same boat as a shitty party game is retarded on your part.

  • Pirating for the Wii is pretty bad too.We can’t forget that.I’ve played and Completed Muramasa,MadWorld,Tenchu 4 and House of the Dead Overkill.Didn’t buy a single one.It’s something I can’t afford right now.These games also don’t cater much to the casual gamer.We all know where this console stand as far as marketing angle.As well as the fact that Nintendo lives their 3rd part hanging ALL THE TIME.No More Heroes 2 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom:Ultimate All-Stars are dropping the same day for christ sake’s.I’d say one is gonna sell a few wiis where as the other( if not both)is gonna make a few nintendo veterans happy.But how can I manage to buy to great games the same day?And one of them calls for a peripheral to actually play,while the other can be enhanced by the one.NMH2 is the only one getting a bundle I recall.Nintendo could jump on that to sell some Wii motion plus and Classics while promoting the games.I’ve seen no effort yet.I live and NYC and I didn’t even hear of a Nintendo world store event for either of the games yet.Muramasa even got that,and though I’m in love with that game,it didn’t have the potential to sell consoles the way TvC does.

  • The only thing atractive on the Wii is price…always have been. Even the Nintendo games are lookig like re-rashes of past games. Be happy to burn lots and lots of money on the sme thing over and over again.

  • ??? the Wii was never a gamers console in the first place.

    You can't lose what you never had.

    Hard core gamers game on the PS3 or the X-Box 360. Actually truly hard core gamers game on both the PS3 and the X-Box 360.

    The Wii has always been a casual family gaming machine.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Didn’t affect SO negatively the PS2 and the 360. The latter could be explained by the way Microsoft baleets modded consoles/ third-party hardware/ cheaters/ et cetera, but there’s no excuse for the former.

      The Wii is for wee kids/ infomercial people, and long-time Nintendo loyalists were reluctant to acknowledge so. The Nintendo 64 was one hell of a disappointing system for third parties, and so was the GameCube. Where’s the reason to believe the Wii is any different?

    • Games being too realistic… brakes the purpose of some games indeed
      A true gamers knows a game is more than graphics, its about storyline, interactivity, non-predictable events and a high re-playing value. I still play megaman 2 today, i prefer it over MW2 and other over realistic games, if i wanted that much realism i would go to war myself.

      • Why did you include “storyline”?

        I see no story in Ping Pong, Tetris, etc. and I consider those more enjoyable than 99% of the games that exist now. In the end, none have anything on Checkers, Connect 4, etc.

        If developers want to waste their time with a story then I’d say put it in the game’s manual, since I couldn’t really care less about why I’m shooting people in Counter-Strike, or who Ryu is related to, the list goes on.

        • What’s a jackass and jackass 2? Never heard of them, I see them nowhere in the top sales charts – way to waste your time with opinions.

          Video games are toys btw, they both have the same purpose – nothing but entertainment by using certain devices.

        • He included storyline because video games are a very respectable medium for storytelling.

          Just because you want to reduce video games to the same level as toys doesn’t mean everyone else does. 😛

          Movies don’t need plots or storylines either (jackass, jackass 2), but I don’t see how that means we shouldn’t have them at all. :/

  • well no shit, the wii was never a ‘gamers’ console

    saying that, i love nintendo and everything about it, the wii is very entertaining and fun to play with but a real gamer would buy a pc

  • The Wii did have some good games though, the earlier releases were promising (Resident Evil 4, Galaxy, Brawl, and others) but now their new games aren’t as attention drawing. There targeted age was kids and adults, but most gamers lie between that fine line. These days, those gamers are drawn to the powerful graphics and more indepth stories of games on other consoles.

  • To me the problem is that the Wii is more of a toy than a true gamer’s console. It would naturally appeal more to casual players and family types, which is what the majority of the Wii was and still is advertised to.

  • It’s really funny to see the third parties sabotaging the Nintendo Wii by making crapware/shovelware and say no-one buy their games, but only Nintendo’s own game.

    While Resident Evil 4 Wii version (which was already launched for the Gamecube not along ago at that time!) sold much better than Umbrella Chronicles, Capcom decides not to make another traditional Resident Evil game, but a sequel to Umbrella Chronicle, the Darkside Chronicle, another on-rail shooter with horrible pacing. Tatsunoka vs Capcom is on the right direction, but no-one knows the Tatsunoko character if you are not atleast 30 years old and in the US most of the characters have a different name. It’s was better if it’s was Marvel vs Capcom 3.

    It’s just astounding that the best selling console at the moment, the Nintendo Wii, gets even less third party support than its predecessor, Gamecube! The gamecube at least get a normal version of Need for Speed, Madden, Fifa, SSX, NBA Street etc. etc.. It looks like that the third parties want to earn money, but do not want to spend even a penny on the Wii. No marketing at all and no sells, can’t they guess why?

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      Even back then, many of those titles were online multiplayer-enabled on PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox (the latter being the only really viable option for online gaming, of course), but not the GameCube.

      Capcom seems to be shocked at the chance that the Wii is, from their standpoint, another GameCube. Which is hilarious, to say the least.

  • Well,maybe the wii could have had better games if there wouldn’t be any pirating ffs,and then we have people complaining that wiihasnogaemz,seriously WTF
    ,maybe if the wii had a love+ version of the game,everyone will make GOTY.

    C’mon let’s think about it,is it us “HARDCORE GAMES LOL” or the fucking greedy bastards that are lazy to make a good game?


      • Endless Eight is beautiful btw

        It reminds me of eps 25 and 26 of Eva in ways. Not quite as big an impact, but still good. They should keep raping their fans and I’ll put it in Eva’s league, keep it up Kyoani.

        I was wondering how Anno would rape his fans with Weva/Rebuild since the fans he had at this point love eps 25 and 26. Behold though, he rapes his fans once again with 2.0. Beautiful, and I expect more rape with 3.0 + 4.0.

        Keep taking your anime and video games seriously though, especially if you’re dealing with people who aren’t really trying to get praise by it’s supporters. What Kyoani, Nintendo, etc. are successfully doing though is predicting the audience and making money off it while still pissing a lot of people off – 5/5.

        Now then, I look forward to the upcoming Disappearance movie. Wondering how they will top Endless Eight, will be quite a feat.

      • “Great non-Nintendo games constantly fail while Wii fit and Wii-play continue leading the world-wide sales.”

        It’s quite telling that in spite of this admission, you still don’t possess the logic capacity to get what the Wii is all about and why it was a great move on Nintendo’s part.

      • ^This!

        I wouldn’t call most wii owners gamers since most of the people that buy the wii only buy it for shit games like wii sports. I would have gotten rid of my wii a long time ago if it wasn’t for the virtual console.

  • Well, it would help if Capcom would release good games instead of crap. Street Fighter IV was utter crap. They should have done what SNK did with KOF XII. The only good recent Capcom games (Mega Man 9 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom) are on Wii. I call 360 the weakest as it is mostly redneck games like Call of Duty. Also, it breaks at the drop of a hat.

    • Anonymous says:

      er dude king of fighters xii is rubbish any hardcore kof player will tell you this. street fighter 4 does suck but ssf4 is much improved.
      i swear kof xii… -_____________________-

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      And yet, while being aesthetically much superior, KOF XII is a terrible game when compared to SFIV (which itself is pretty damn bad compared to its predecessor, 3rd Strike, and another one of its competitors, BlazBlue).

      Oh, and you’re forgetting about Lost Planet, Dead Rising, their upcoming sequels, Resident Evil 5… hell, even Devil May Cry 4 is leagues above whatever the Wii has offered in the genre (which is fast-paced 3D action, just in case you want to make any comparisons), not just Capcom games.

  • (This might end up an unintentional double post. I got a timeout error the first time I tried posting)

    I’m expecting a massive downvote for this, but just give games like Mario Galaxy a fair chance. It sure is cool to say that you think Mario is gay and all, but give it a shot and you’ll be impressed at the quality of such games. Then you’ll realize that Nintendo itself is one amazing developer. It’s alright to say the Wii is going through a meagre lineup of “adult” titles, but it’s not going through a meagre lineup of quality titles.

  • Well when capcom says they’re going to make a resident evil game for the wii i would like to expect it would be like resident evil 4, but they been constantly shoving shooters on rails down my throat I don’t wanna fucking buy shooting games on rails that’s why they get none of my money.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      The reason why this is so is because actual Resident Evil games (and by that I mean the shooting/action heavy ones, the RE4 style) would be a massive downgrade on the Wii from what they can be on real consoles or the PC.

      But, infact, it has to do with sales. Resident Evil 4 Wii sold 149,794 units on its first week, while Resident Evil 5 sold 985,799 on 360 and 1,098,285 on PS3, according to VGChartz. OK, you may say “but RE4 was a port of an older game”, you’re right… so, how does it fare when compared to Resident Evil 4’s own performance on the PlayStation 2 (a massively inferior version)? RE4 on PS2 sold 321,491 units. Hell, it sold 376,991 units on the damn GameCube, although in the long run the PS2 version ended up selling about twice as much as the GCN one.

      Do you understand where Capcom’s coming from, now?

  • I’m expecting a massive downvote for this, but just give games like Mario Galaxy a fair chance. It sure is cool to say that you think Mario is gay and all, but give it a shot and you’ll be impressed at the quality of such games. Then you’ll realize that Nintendo itself is one amazing developer. It’s alright to say the Wii is going through a meagre lineup of “adult” titles, but it’s not going through a meagre lineup of quality titles.

    • Thats part of the problem, not all games for the wii are bad, but the few ones that are good are remakes or sequels of other games. Besides, its Mario, they MUST put a lot of effort into a game with the face of nintendo on it. I want more Luigi games.

    • I have Super Mario Galaxy and beat it.

      Overall, the experience was boring. Probably because Nintendo’s capabilities go only into the following:

      1. non-gamer crowd

      2. the same game over and over.

      3. nostalgia.

  • Gamers haven’t ‘left the Wii’… the more HARDCORE, PIXEL-COUNT caring about people have ‘left the Wii’ for the XBox360 and PS3…. which, I applaud them for doing…. those are more powerful consoles and more suited for lifelike games instead of ‘cartoonish’ games.

  • So capcom france is wondering why their half-assed rail shooters aren’t selling, yet the one RE game that did sell on the wii was a port of a traditional RE game?

    O capcom, u so krazy.

    Also, you all better buy Tatsunoko vs Capcom, we need more wii games like THAT.

    • not only that, most of their games sucked, the fews that are actually good are remakes or sequels of old old old OLD games. I hate how the meaning of GAMERS got destroyed since the wii… casual gamers are anything but gamers.

        • i agree with you completely. i being a female with a life, play the wii 2-3 times a week (although that will change when super mario galaxy 2 comes out) versus my boyfriend who devotes anywhere from 5-12 hours a day between warcraft on his pc and his ps3 games. of course he has no life outside of sitting at home with me when it is my turn to spend time with him.

    • Not only that, it has practically cornered the market for casual gamers. That was the business brilliance about the Wii that traditional gamers are missing. The Wii might not end up making the gobs of money that the PS3 and X-Box might (even though those are sold damn near at a loss), it will lack the aggressive competition that the PS3 and X-Box experience.

  • The only reason I haven’t sold my wii yet is because of the virtual console. IMO all of the awesome old-school games that the wii offers more than makes up for the lack of any good wii games. As long as they keep adding more great games to the virtual console then I won’t regret ever buying a wii.

  • Before darkside chronicles was anounced there was a rumour that a game based on RE2 was in the works.

    Many hoped it was a remake for the ps3/360 but instead we got a crappy wii rail shooter.

    No wonder it bombed. A RE2 remake it high on RE fans wish lists. If the inferior original can get a remake and also be ported to the DS why can’t the much loved sequel get the same treatment.

    Seriously, fuck you capcom for that BS deicison, I’m glad that half arsed rail shooter bombed.

  • Well….maybe it had gotten better slaes IF THEY HAD MADE A TRADITIONAL, FREE-ROAMING RESIDENT EVIL GAME!

    I dunno, like RE4 or even older Resident Evil games. But noooooo, theey had to release a cheap cash-in for the Wii, just like many other companies.

    Fuck this game.

  • Why such strong tittle fails? I don’t get it…

    People normally buy the console if they know a game they like is coming, I would understand the low sales if those where new franchises instead of well knew ones.

    • It’s not a strong title when people are expecting another true Resident Evil (Biohazard) game. Not another generic on-rail shooter for the Wii. Especially since this is the 5th on-rail shooter released in less than 2 years already, 6 if you count Link’s Crossbow Training, not sure if there’s more.

      Dead Space Extraction
      House of the Dead 2 & 3
      House of the Dead: Overkill
      Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
      Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles

      Furthermore this is just a comment from a director in Capcom France, where they don’t even develop any games there, they just publish them. He even makes a ridiculous comparison with Resident Evil 4, which doesn’t even remotely relate in gameplay with the Darkside Chronicles. If he had compared it with Umbrella Chronicles, then he might have some merit, but instead he just made a comment without any knowledge of the products he’s selling.

  • These quotes come from Capcom of France. FRANCE. France doe snot speak for the whole Capcom organization.

    Also, maybe gamers don’t want ANOTHER light gun game on Wii, maybe they’d like a REAL Resident Evil.

    • So the French begin to spout utter nonsense to the whole world. Seems it was a long time of peace. Too long for them. Time for another invasion by a certain country. Or the Alliance Of The Willing.

    • Don’t forget online and download content for games. Jesus Christ, do you know how much money they’d make on Super Smash Bros. DLC alone?

      And don’t forget their screwy regulations with third party developers.

      Aaaaaand the lack of new IPs is horrendous. What’s that? Another Metroid game? Oh boy, I love Metroid games! Nomomomomomomom! Mmmmmm, tastes just like the last one I played!

    • First Posting Idiot says:

      100% agreement

      It doesn’t matter if you have a bigger user base when most of your games are either for children or crappy party games.

      Look at their new line up. Nintendo will hold on for dear life with Constant Mario games until they can release their Wii and DS successors. Right now, their only chance is another smash hit like SSBB.

      Something tells me Sony will get it right with the PSP2, so the “DS2” will have a run for it’s money, and the “Wii2” will probably still be inferior to the other consoles.

  • It’s not gamers that have left the wii, it’s the wii who left gamers. Developers went all half assed on it with crappy ports and shitty games, the fact that they even considered the umbrella chronicles as a show of core gamers it’s laughable. Of course no one’s going to give a shit about your game if it sucks, they could have made a half-baked port of RE5 and it would have taken in a lot of cash, but instad the cheaped out and made on-rail shooters.

    The wii is looped in a vicious cycle, developers don’t make “serious” games- Gamers don’t buy them-Developers don’t see the need to improve on them.

    • Black_Knight says:

      It’s a cycle that the ‘hardcore’ gamers also perpetuate since how many ‘casuals’ are likely to pirate ‘serious’ attempts. When you have truly good games like House of the Dead: Overkill selling 400,000 copiesm but over 800,000 copies are pirated, that tells companies that you could make a great game. But if people are just going to pirate it, there’s no reason to try to produce anything that takes effort when the ‘casual’ market is more than willing to pay for a tenth of the effort. (Look at Peggle)

    • The problem is that the wii is aiming most of the games (if not ALL the games) for “casual” gamers, who dont deserve to be called gamers. They develop a console with lot of potential, but instead of exploting that potencial they waste it with childish games or making games extremely easy, making what could be a great controller into a easy no-skill-required (taking in mind skill doesnt involves playing a game where the controls mess up a lot) to attract new people (AKA lit kids or grown up without coordination to play real games or too old so they never tried one before so tehy would never do, and maybe they shouldnt 😛 )

      • Well, we in America just have to wait until March 30, when MH3 comes out and sells half a million copies. Let’s see how one of Japan’s most successful titles will do up here on a console pretty much everyone has. The psp one didnt do as well here than it did in Japan, but the Wii one looks totally kick ass. Can’t wait to ride that sandship, fighting off a Shen Moran.

      • It’s not a the wii, it’s the company behind it that caused that. There are plenty of good games out there for it, but the problem is that nintendo allows and even promotes the participation of third party developers that are barely qualified to create games, if a company makes big money from casual gaming it’s quite obvious the rest will follow suit, thus jumping on the bandwagon of un-expensive and gimmicky bullshit that turns big profits.

        The wii had some games that could very well work on other platforms, but instead of seeing how accessible the machine was all companies saw was a cheap development process that could turn a simple maraca game into a multibillion hit, then they all tried to do the same and we ended up with the puddle of shit the wii has sunk into, and no other publisher will put out any game that breaks off the gimmicky pattern for two reasons;
        1-It’ll be hyped like fuck precisely because it moves away from the rest of the games.
        2- It’ll be facing heavier criticism because of the aforementioned hype.

        The wii has become the “safe” and comfortable console for developers, it’s hardly a matter of casual gamers vs hardcore gamers, it’s about casual developers not taking chances, or big ones simply using the wii as a gold mine to fund their bigger titles.

        • The term safe was in quotation marks as to denote slight sarcasm, it’s not that the wii is safe for third parties, it’s just the safest for any developer. It basically comes down to developers being lazy and unoriginal to make a quick buck off of the wii’s large consumer base, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

          But that in itself is a problem like you said, it’s only a matter of time before the gimmicky bullshit reaches critical mass and developers find themselves in need of fresh ideas or decent ports, we may be reaching that turning point this year.

        • Your argument has some merit, but one thing is definitely not true: the Wii is _not_ a safe console for third parties.

          Sure, there’s a lot of shovelware (just like on PS2! the most popular console always gets the puddle of shit), but most of them aren’t profitable at all, no matter how cheap they were made (even a cheap budget game costs maybe 300k dollars just to produce).

          Nintendo does not allow everyone to develop – they do have criteria for licensed developers, and they happen to be pretty much the same as Sony or Microsoft.

          The problem is the gold mine greed attitude. Nintendo made some really good “unusual” games for non-gamers (or gamers with an open mind) such as Wii Fit. Those were great.

          However, third parties (publishers especially, not developers) smelled gold, some actually struck gold with shit, and how they all jump on the bandwagon.

          But don’t worry, it’s just a matter of time till that bubble bursts. And then what’s left is the good games – no matter if casual/non-gamer/hardcore (each of those can be QUALITY games) – that will remain.

    • I’m glad to see one sensible post.Some asshat went on about the Conduit;which I most say was very disappointing;as proof that the gamer has abandon the wii.No sir that was not a game worth 50 bucks.It didn’t sell because it wasn’t appeasing or strongly advertise to the wii’s average demographic.And ports can’t due.Though RE5 would have did great,that and deep space 2 would help a lot,but even then they have to be around initial release (no more than 3 months after) and calls for extra to convince people to buy it again.BUT Capcom France?Yeah they don’t have much say on this.Wii games in europ-…excuse me,Games in Europe aren’t to widely excepted unless like a friend of my says “it’s FIFA” or Winning Eleven.

        • 13:57 07/01/2010

          i believe this is way late, but the 64 had games that define 3d gameing, and STILL hold up today.

          it missed alot of rpgs, sadly, but that want the n64 strong point, that was the ps1’s.

          n64 had the ability to have 3d, not look like blocky pixlated shit. not saying any ps1 games weren’t good, but compare the look.

          and before we go further, having non midi music is a plus to almost all, but can you say zelda sounded bad?

          and were there any games on the ps1 aside from rpgs, that defined games, as a THIS IS HOW ITS DONE even years later? even today?

          personal tastes aside, n64 kicked ps1’s ass, but ps1 had cheaper deveopment, and medium.

          if it wasn’t for that flaw N made with sony, hard core would be Nintendo, and real arcade feel would be xbox

        • How can it be the zombies when l4d2 sold 2 Million In 2 Weeks excluding steam sales and RE:5 best selling single release in capcom history.Clearly its not the zombies its the wii ask any third party developer.

        • Just a reminder, you personally being an exception does not disprove Capcom’s hypothesis. Statistically third party Wii games (especially those aimed at the “core”) do not do as well as expected, and in many cases simply do poorly. It could mean any number of things, but Capcom believes that it’s a sign of gamers migrating, don’t know if that’s actually the case, but at least it’s something I’ve been hearing for quite some time. The Wii’s already sparse selection seems to be gearing towards 1st party, exercise/sports sims, and shovelware.
          I’m glad for the gems I have on mine (<3 Muramasa), but I can't say I do much with it now except "wow" visitors.

        • Sales of console don’t mean people are playing it. Check out the sales of the games and you will see why Capcom says this. Also, M rated games aren’t the only ones that don’t “do well.” Almost all games on the wii sell miserably.

        • how can that system be dead when the sales still top the xbox and ps3. maybe its the zombies thats losing its popularity. also everyone knows the wiis main target is non-gamers. m rated games dont really do so well on that system.