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Square Enix: “Final Fantasy May Be Developed In The West”


Square Enix President Yoichi Wada has suggested there is a chance that the blockbuster Final Fantasy series, to many the quintessential JRPG, might be developed outside Japan.

Speaking to Edge, he admitted even Final Fantasy might be developed overseas:

“There is always a possibility that Final Fantasy could be produced with the input of our Western developers [i.e. Eidos], overseen by our Japanese developers.”

With possible development being “overseen” by Japanese developers, a Gears of Final Fantasy style direction at least sounds unlikely.

He also circumspectly hinted that some of the company’s other properties might be developed outside Square:

“That is one of the possible paths, but it’s not something that we would shift completely over to.”

Doubtless the overseas performance of Final Fantasy XIII will have some bearing on these decisions.

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