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Hideo Kojima: “After Seeing MW2, I’ll Return to the PS3”


Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid series of stealth interspersed cutscenes, has stated that such is his admiration for Modern Warfare 2, he feels motivated to make a return to the PS3 for his subsequent games.

He commented to the official PlayStation rag that:

“After seeing Modern Warfare 2, I feel like I want to use all the modern specs!”

Doubtless he is champing at the bit to make even more extravagant cutscenes.

Regarding his then unexpected decision to release Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker on the PSP, he has given a variety of rationales to various sources:

“I wanted some young people to play MGS too. In Japan especially, the most popular hardware with this audience was the PSP.”

“With portable gaming you can play anywhere, and get right into the game at any time, play against your friends or with them in coop. In trains, cars and cafes, you can enjoy it on the move.

Also, with music, video, phones and photos all available in portable format, surely it’s inconvenient not to have it as a portable.”

“Nowadays you can play games anywhere; I wanted to realise a Metal Gear game which was portable too.”

“With the PS3 there are a lot of parents who won’t let their children have one, so there are lots of middle and high-schoolers who can’t play at home. Even with a game like this which is anti-war and anti-nuclear, kids will just be told ‘It’s a game with guns where you shoot people, isn’t it?’ and that will be the end of it.

I wanted to take into account players in this kind of environment by choosing the PSP.”

Presumably he told publishing executives something rather more convincing than that he was aiming to slip an anti-war military shooter past parental censors with a portable release; a shorter development cycle and lower costs for a portable title, with consequently lower risk, must have had nothing to do with it?

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