Final Fantasy XIII Sales Plummet


Many have been disappointed by the news that blockbuster RPG Final Fantasy XIII’s sales have slumped rather sharply, with it dropping to fourth place in the crucial Christmas sales period.

The weekly versus total sales for the December 21-27 period:

1. New Super Mario Brothers – 506,000 / 2,440,000

2. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks – 297,000 / 297,000

3. Tomodachi Collection – 227,000 / 2,317,000

4. Final Fantasy XIII – 189,000 / 1,690,000

5. Pokemon Heart – 125,000 / 3,465,000

Being beaten by a six month old title after only a few weeks is not exactly the performance which was hoped for, though it is at least doing far better than the nearest PS3 title.

In other RPG news, the Tales of Graces beta is shaping up to be the worst selling Tales “mothership” title ever, with 143,000 copies sold to date, not even surpassing the beta version of Vesperia.

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  • Statistics are good but it always better to actually play it or a demo or something to see what it truly is. When I first saw all the negative comments on this game I kinda was very bummed out. But my friend reminded me that was just BS. SE Isn’t a bad company really. FFX is one of my favorite FF since FF6.(FF7 was good but ah yeah tired of it).

  • wow, so many people commenting, best rpg ever? In my mind, planescape torrent. Of all the rpg´s ive played this one probably hits the spot most accurately, players have enormous possibilities and the world truly reacts to your decisions in sensible ways. Yeah sure its not about THE most powerful guy in the world or THE weakest guy in the world who THEN becomes THE most powerful (and so on) But its about a poor soul whose life was turned upside down and now hes dead (literally dead) set on trying to do something about it.

    When someone sais the word “rpg game” most people think of something similar to a very linear type of game like final fantasy, i dont care how many options you have in the game, or how many abilities you can have, that doesnt change the fact that EVERY time you play a final fantasy game theres only really one true path that the game is about, sure you may uncover different endings and different secrets, but its all just about grinding through various monsters with a bossfight and cg movie once in a while, and usually you wind up saving the world, if you strip the caracters of backstory and focus solely on the game then thats what final fantasy is about innit?

    In its truest sense roleplay is about taking control of a person in a certain world, thus ALL computer games are roleplay in a sense. In real roleplay, you can do anything, even if that “anything” you did doesnt matter in the end at all, and usually roleplaying is about more then killing monsters, theres XP for talking, its called diplomacy. All roleplaying computer games are about a single story that has a set path for the player to follow, thus, all games are linear to an extent. if they werent, people would get bored and/or lost.

    Like possibly a few others who hang around this site i am a roleplaying geek, and i mean pen-paper roleplay, if someone said to me “this computer game is too linear”, then since all computer games are linear, that would mean “i dont like what this game is about, i want to do something different” which translates to “this game is not to my taste, i dont like it”

    If you really dont like a game, dont hate it, and dont go telling everybody who just might listen to you for the heck of it that you hate it and its lame, caus those other people just might like it. If you think final fantasy 13 is “too linear” then for the love of god throw your entire final fantasy franchise out the window if you hate it so much and go find some geeks who will play real face to face roleplay with you, only THEN will you know the meaning of a non-linear roleplaying game.

  • Big surprise, another post on sankaku focusing on the negatives of FFXIII. I honestly can’t explain why I keep reading the posts here about it, it only makes me more dubious of everything on this site as a whole, because I have not heard even close to this level of negative feedback on any other site I visit.

  • Because this is all mutha gay box fault…they degrade the graphic and so on…so you cant really blame ps3 since its gaybox fault.and this is a fact gaybox fanboy when you are reading this go and fuk ur gaybox.

  • This somehow reminds me of another RPG of sorts gimme a second I’ll think about it. it was poorly put together, Underbudgeted, and Over priced and the developers and rights holders decided it would be best to just patch the game to where it should be as time progressed. I believe it was Called UCGO and was the Developed by Dimps and Owned by Bandai.

  • All the people that I know of who imported the game, had pretty much only positive things to say about it.

    This site somehow makes FF13 seems like a disaster and is going to bankrupt S.E or something.

  • ‘Crucial christmas sales period’

    Christmas isn’t important in Japan and its not a holiday.

    Damn it arte, for someone who’s an otaku you’d think you know a few things about Japan.

    If christmas day is on a thursday then new games get released on that day over there too, that’s how unimportant christmas is to them.

  • The ranking hardly means anything when you take into account the install base of PS3 and DS. There are simply alot more DS than PS3 in Japan. Only meaningful if you compare with other PS3 titles.

  • Of course the sales have dropped people who couldn’t wait to play bought their copy on release day.

    You really can’t expect a game or anything to fly off the selves forever. And there are a lot of complaints about the game that have some people thinking twice about buying the game.

    Come March I’ll be buying my copy. I could care less how much someone else disliked the game. I’ve waited for this game for too damn long to let some else’s opinion stop me from playing the damn game. But I play videogames to enjoy myself and not nitpick at every little thing and then some.

  • Besides Tomodachi Collection, everything on that list a rehash! You can always count on Nintendo to keep serving the same shit, with millions of people to enjoy eating it up. It doesn’t even look like they’re going to change Link’s art style anytime soon.

    I’m going to at least rent FFXIII when it comes out here in the US. You guys can keep hating on it, but before I form an official opinion, I’m going to play the damn thing first.

    • I agree put Mario or Zelda on anything and people will up for that shit for days. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a Mario game. But I did enjoy Phantom Hourglass and have been thinking about getting Spirit Tracks, since it looks pretty good.

      I plan to buy my copy because just because others hated the game doesn’t mean I will.

      • I enjoyed Phantom Hourglass, but I’m loving Spirit Tracks. They seemed to have refined a lot of the things they were trying out in the first one.

        As for FFXIII, I’ll wait till it’s released state side and see what friends think. I don’t have a PS3 yet, but I may when it comes out here. We shall see.

  • I’m quite relieved to hear that the sales of this game plummeted for two reason: from what I’ve seen, read, and watched, FFXIII is the least creative in the series, and that even the non-canon Crystal Bearers makes a better FFXIII.

  • Why I hope sales even worldwide plummet if the game is a piece of shit. So they can learn what happens when you make a pretty looking shit game it doesn’t mean that people will buy shit because it just looks nice.

  • Man, you guys are really going at it with your opinions. I’m not a fanboy or anything, but it is interesting to see what everyone says up here. (except the trolls). It does suck to see the New Final Fantasy losing it in their sales. The game seems quite amazing and yet, there was something about the game that made it just unappealing or something. Oh well, they’ll do better next time. At least tje other games I’m also interested in is doing incredible. 2010 should be a turn around for any other game that wasn’t doing so well for a while now but are still hanging on, like Sonic the Hedgehog. (I’m wondering how many people will diss the blue hedgehog for two games that didn’t do so well back then.) I just hope some VG companies will get it together and not make such mediocre games.

  • somehow i knew Arte was going to sensationalize this.

    few points
    1) before you all call Arte a “trolling cunt” or whatever it was I read, he’s right, it IS a steep drop.

    that cannot be disputed. a 90%+ drop is not typical even in Japan (at least for a successful title). anyone that claims otherwise is full of crap trying to sound like they know something but they’re still full of it.

    2) that having been said, Arte DOES sensationalize everything FFXIII he’s been getting recently for post count.

    take this for example, it still puts FFXIII at 1.7 mil. most analysts weren’t expecting more than 2 mil anyway.
    it IS truly the case where the vast majority of the people who were going to buy FFXIII bought it already.


    first of all FF generally only falls in the 2-3 mil range to begin with.
    people that thought it was going to hit the 3-4+ range are showing they knew squat to begin with.
    now that still means FFXIII is hitting the low end though.

    however but then the second part is there are only a little more than 4 mil PS3s in japan to begin with.

    even if FFXIII hits the 2 mil mark analysts were expecting, that means FFXIII is hitting a 50% attach rate. which is already an insanely high attach rate for a singular title.

    Halo doesn’t have that rate
    Gears of War doesn’t
    God of War never did
    Dragon Quest doesn’t
    no past FF did either
    Mario doesn’t even have that high of a rate, and thats Mario

    bottom line, FFXIII is hitting the upper bound of what it was going to sell given the current amount of japanese PS3 ownership anyway, barring i huge unprecedented spike in console sales (of which the PS3 already got a pretty huge one) or a huge unprecedentedly high attach rate going far and beyond even 50%.

  • Compared to the first week, there’s a drop off of 87.4%, which is consistent with previous games.

    Past second week numbers were as follows (Famitsu):

    Final Fantasy XII: 217,438 (88.1% drop off)
    Final Fantasy X-2: 181,798 (87.6%)
    Final Fantasy X: 233,429 (86.7%)

    Final Fantasy IX: 328,404 (83.2%)
    Final Fantasy VIII: 270,993 (89.2%)
    Final Fantasy VII: 329,740 (83.8%)

  • Haven’t all the god awful FPS games with their only redeeming factor being great graphics shown us it doesn’t matter in the u.s.?

    If it looks good and you can shoot/kill stuff it will be a blockbuster hit..

  • It may be less important than Dragon Warrior but it’s still showing that it doesn’t have the same sales power that older FF games had. This is an indication of sales. FF doesn’t sell so much in America that they can ignore failing sales in the region where they make the most money.

  • “though it is at least doing far better than the nearest PS3 title.”

    That’s the important bit isn’t it? There’s only been around 4 million PS3 sales in Japan, so at this rate in another month over half of all Japanese PS3 owners will have FFXIII.

    For a country where Final Fantasy is less important than games like Dragon Quest, that isn’t exactly bad. Is it such a surprise that nearer Christmas the main games that sold the most are for consoles with much larger install bases?

  • Doesn’t mean it won’t do well internationally. And, of course, the drop in sales is most likely due to the infamous “OMG da game iz linearr!!!1!!1” After hearing that so many times, as well as their taste in RPG’s, I’m not surprised.

  • Sales plummet?

    First of all, people tend to preorder Final Fantasy, so it is only natural that in Japan sales would plummet a few weeks after it’s release.

    Secondly, it hasn’t even come out in America. :p

    What is up with the editors on this site constantly bashing this game? I’ve heard nothing but great things from everywhere else. Only on this site are such things said.

    It’s fine if this site wants to have a different opinion, and say some negative things – but there have been about a half-dozen articles only in this past week.

    Every hear of the word overkill?

    • You’ve heard nothing but good things everywhere else? Specify where because I’ve seen nothing but negativity on gaming forums surrounding this game. Artefact isn’t bashing the game, he is merely giving us the “otaku” opinions from Japan.’s review on this game has plenty of one star ratings because they are simply not happy with it. Don’t tell me you think that Artefact magically convinced those people in order write write a negative story about FFXIII.

      Like you said, the game isn’t out here yet so the only way we will ever find out is by actually playing it. Until then, Artefact is going to post what is going on in Japan because that’s what this site is geared towards.

      • I thought ff13 was awesome

        but the general opinion you say? Have you asked what everyone thinks about this game? No you haven’t, you’ve simple openened your ears to the haters and nothing more.

        People who like the game usually just keep quiet and play it.

        People who hate it jump on every messageboard trolling and posting hate, it always the haters who have the loudest voice.

        Fuck the haters, they’re all tools anyway. They still bought the game and will buy the next one, this is what happens when you let 12 year olds kids post anonyomously, most the haters probably don’t even have it, especailly as most the haters can’t even fucking understand japanese.

        • God, this is half of what makes games fail the way they do these days. Retarded 12 year-old children decide they hate the game from screenshots and a few negative comments, MONTHS before they even have a native release and could play the game, and then they spread shit all over the internet about how it’s going to be the worst game ever. The level of ignorant filth about unreleased games lately has been astonishing…

          That said, Final Fantasy XIII shipped 1.5 million copies in its first week in Japan alone. In the Playstation 2 era, that would be grounds for making it a $20 Greatest Hits title right there. Just because a game does not have the legs of god damned Mario and Zelda (New Super Mario Bros on the DS is in the top 10 EVERY MONTH despite being out for years) does not make it a bad title by default. 4th place in sales at Christmas is NOT a bad place to be in.

        • sure because they don’t give their reasons or anything, sure because i never played a ff before and know what it means to be linear…

          hey guess what! FFX was my favorite…. NOT! can you guess why or do i need to draw you a straight line?

          worse than being skeptical is being a fanboy and if you love a game just because, then you are a fanboy, if you can’t judge a game before buying it then you are completely blind… sure the experience may be different, it can even surprise you, but if you can’t see why a game fails when everybody points it then you are plain stupid..

      • Gamers’ expectations are their own worst enemy. I never ever look at reviews, I can tell by the cover of the game, or random commercials I see, how a game will feel. And from that, I say “All right, I’ll try it out for what it is.” As soon as someone says “I wanted another (insert game here) then they are already uselessly biased. Expecting one game to be another is so blatantly obviously foolish that it’s unbelievable.

        Play a game on its own merit, and you will never really be disappointed. Other games will probably be better, and you can say that, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun for what it is.

    • relentlessflame says:

      In fact, the drop-off rate is fully consistent with previous Final Fantasy games. And it stands to reason that most interested would pre-order the title, given that the firstpress included the FFXIV code.

      The reason Artefact keeps posting this and spinning it in this way is the same reason as always: because people keep taking the bait.

        • relentlessflame says:

          To be fair, I’m not trying to dismiss the criticisms. However, it would be much more surprising if there were *not* this sort of vocal criticism out there for such a popular, mainstream franchise. Everything popular has its critics. The discerning fan would be wise to consider the criticisms and see if the points raised are likely to have a major impact on their enjoyment of the game. But you also have to sift through what is actually fair and valid criticism, and what is just sour grapes and/or personal preference. Why Sakaguchi left, or whether they’ve “sold out”, or whether parts of the game are linear… these may or may not have any impact on a given person’s enjoyment of the game. And all that has nothing to do with the sales figures, which has nothing to do with the criticisms to begin with. In other words, this whole exercise is about peeling back the layers of spin to get closer to the truth. Doubtless that there are some true statements coming from all directions.

        • Oh my, this one is great.

          While its true that saying “sales plummet” isn’t very appropriate given the current data, and that it isn’t much different from that of preceding games of the franchise, criticizing the evaluation of the game’s shortcomings by the players is out of question…
          When a magazine like Famitsu praises practically every aspect of the game while the players and less famous reviewers find unbearable shortcomings in the first 4 to 8 hours of play, you can clearly say what is shill and what is not.

          We are talking about a game company that was capable of delivering masterpieces on a super nintendo system…
          Expectations of a top tier rpg worked on by hundreds of people of the same company and with a millionaire budget is the least to be expected!
          To justify disappointment because of this is ridiculous… High expectation can make people unsatisfied with parts of the game system or the story itself, but are not enough to make someone say the game is boring and linear from the start, for hours of play!

          SE gloated in interviews, saying they wanted to make FFXIII for a broader public… and isn’t this called selling out? Instead of thinking about making a revolutionary game like Square’s policy once was, they’re first thinking about selling as much as possible…

          People like Sakaguchi left exactly because they refused to create games for marketing alone and such is the result.

        • relentlessflame says:

          Well, something similar could be said for most popular franchises that have a loyal following. There’s nothing to focus on *except* on the perceived shortcomings because the fans just *expect* it to be good. And of course, it’s easy to just dismiss anything that isn’t negative as “shill” too… The anatomy of every fanboy war ever…

          Anyway, the main point here is that, as always, stats can be used to support whatever conclusion you want. You could take the same data presented, and make an article that begins…

          “Final Fantasy XIII fans are reassured by Japanese second-week sales figures of the game which, despite having dropped-off significantly, are consistent with historical trends for the franchise. This suggests that the vocal criticisms of the game expressed in certain online circles have not had any discernible effect on game sales.”

          Same data, different context, different spin. Somehow I think you’d get way less comments that way, though… Anyway, all in good fun. :p

    • And its still the best RPG out till yet.

      After all the Fail RPGs(West and J-RPGs) this was the needed savior.
      Now everyone waits for Versus =)
      The Western People are probably waiting for some crap like Mass Effect or other Unreal Engine Gorilla games.Shooter where the People talk aka W-RPG xDDD

      • DeathCrunch says:

        Best RPG? Maybe if all else you’ve played is Halo.
        The rest of us have actually played a few RPG’s and will have a favorite that won’t be budged.
        And a higher number just plain aren’t retarded enough to call a game we’ve never played the best ever.

      • Really now? Best RPG? The needed savior?

        Well, why don’t you go ahead and name a few things what make FF13 the best RPG then? Seeing as it’s so good, it can’t be hard at all, right?

        • no, its more like 1000 Years of Memories was the ONLY part of the writing that was good, and Sakaguchi didn’t write it. unfortunately he wrote everything else that that was far from good. maybe YOU people should read some books to get a better view of judging actual good writing.

        • You mean you’re blaming a game for actually having a plot and sticking to it? That’s just short-sighted and stupid. In no way shape or form was it a boring game, and the only people who think that are fools who place expectations on a game before they play it, and then when the game isn’t exactly what they expected, they thrash it like petulant children.

          The game was wonderful, and exceptionally atmospheric. The world breathed, and the characters were far more likable than many many other RPGs. People lose track of the fact that story progression slows when the player slows it down, not because the game did something wrong.

          In the end, most people who whined about the game were the same idiots who complained about having to read 1000 Years of Memories: morons.

        • did u say Lost Odyssey? HAH!! that game was a complete crap dull-fest, with one of the lamest stories i’ve ever seen.
          Disc 1: this lame looking bad guy wants to become immortal
          Disc 4: this lame looking bad guy wants to become immortal

          Not only was it boring as f*** but the story progression was extremely uninspired and unoriginal, so NO, having played FF13, it got me hooked from the get-go

    • This sounds true, but it doesn’t work like that in the real world, alot of people wish to wait ’till a friend can tell them what it’s like, or some customer reviews appear, people also just want to buy it from an actual shop rather than online, or pre-order, and shops run out, aswell as online retailers, and it takes a while for them to re-stock for more people to buy it. What this shows is that people bought it first week for it’s name, but now that friends have it, and they’ve possibly had a go for themselves, they don’t want to buy it. These sales figures really are better showing of the merits of the game, or any product, than the first week sales. I’m ofcourse not saying the game is necessarily bad, but the sales figures clearly show it is over-priced for it’s quality, and it’s price is not much higher than other games out at the moment, which shows quite simply that it’s not great either, or atleast not well suited for it’s target audience.

      • Your are looking on this subject from a western or American point of view. The second hand market is a huge factor in Japan and the title is already stockpiling in stores. Most online retailers have already lowered the price by 1,000 Yen.
        But at least the second hand retailers currently buy it at almost the same price it is sold in stores.

  • I’m still going to give it a try as I’ve been looking forward to it and I feel the complaints are minor to me. I mostly play RPGs for the story so if I like this one then I most likely won’t have a problem with the gameplay. All this bad news has been a buzzkill for this game as I was hoping to play through another great game after ME2.