Shotacon Teacher Gets 20 Years for Sex with 13-Year-Old


A teacher who had sex with her 13-year-old pupil in a classroom has been jailed for 20 years.

The 37-year-old Idaho woman, a teacher with three children herself, began a relationship with (or “groomed”) a 12-year-old boy, her pupil. She described the boy as “the light of my life.”

By the time he was 13, the relationship had progressed to sex in a locked classroom, but all this came to an end when she was caught half-dressed hiding amongst some bushes with her juvenile paramour.

The teacher tearfully begged for leniency: “The trust that I destroyed with my family and the community haunts me daily,” though the judge was having none of it: “You cashed in your family, your husband and your children, your reputation. And you did this for the sake of lust.”

She received a 20 year sentence.

The “affair” also apparently prompted the woman’s husband to take voyeuristic photographs of other women in revenge, which led to separate charges being pressed against him as well.

Via the Daily Mail.

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  • 12 years old… Yeah that’s pretty messed up. But then, our criminal justice system has problems when it comes to sexual offenders. This woman was sick in the head and needs serious psychiatric help, not the same imprisonment they’d give a violent offender or a conman. But hey, I’m next to Idaho, that place is fucked anyway.

  • Oh Idaho…. Oh America… Can’t you get it through your fat fucking heads that sex happens, and sometimes not the way we want it to. You know, I wonder if they realize that locking people up for this does NOTHING to prevent it in the future.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Ok, look up Van Halen and “Hot for Teacher”!!!

    Remember almost being “Raeped” by a friend of my mothers, a real hot 30ish Hispanic woman. But after a hickey or so, she distanced me from the lady… Oh, well, Mom said so, that was it:-(

    I think 20 years is ridiculous. I’d acquit on Jury Duty, and I mean that. Esp for a male “Child”, right… This modern “Enshrinement of Children” is beyond sick. As the parents have legal right and responsibility for the kid, they can intervene and then the law should come into play after such an arrangement is broken, but only to the extent of keeping peace, not long prison time.

    It’s like this: If you are a parent and you don’t want your kid to fuck or to be fucked, fine, you keep him from doing it or stop him if anything is starting.

    Say Father Fl—– comes in and goes: “Good News! I have selected your young man for a camping trip which I shall give him intense Bible Study!!!” Starts rubbing the lad’s shoulders, “Repeat after me, Billy; As Iron to the Whetstone, so one MAN doth SHARPEN another!!!”

    -Well, when they cry to the Catholic Church that little Billy is cutting himself, his ass bleeds, and he’s announcing he’s going to be a “Transsexual Satanist” when he goes up… And they get years of delay and threats of excommunication if they go to the courts or media… Well—- Can you say “Ste-Ste-Steeeeuuuuuupid…?”

  • Sometimes I sit and think, “What’s the big fucking deal?”

    I mean wow America. You glorify violence yet find Natural human behavior to be a sin against nature.

    Don’t give a fuck if he was underage, kids are banging while underage anyway.

    Even happens with adults.

  • It’s simple, murders different from consensual sex.

    Murder is an act of savagery while consensual sex is an act of love or lust.

    You’re expected to be a dumb savage here.

    Every guy who hates hippies and pot probably drinks beer on a regular/semi regular basis and thinks it’s normal.

    They love beer because it brings out the dumb savage asshole, mellow and peaceful people are pussies and possibly traitors to the american way of life.

    They can watch a movie where a man is tortured to death for 20 minutes ala Saw or Hostel but be offended if they see a movie with on screen graphic sex.

    Killing a man in cold blood is natural while an act of love is giving into satan’s lust spell which makes you the devil incarnate who must be put to death.

  • Regardless of what I think of an adult having sex with a 12 year old, it's hard to understand 20 years when we all know if she had merely killed him she'd likely be out sooner. But nope, the repeatedly let him fuck her.

    Even though she's hardly a looker, I doubt the lad complained much as he filled her full of cum. No matter how you look at it, a male youth isn't really equal to a female youth. He HAD to be willing.

      • “you don’t have to be willing to get a erection at that age”

        Oh yeah? Then it must be a RAGING erection… what better cure for a raging erection than a real healthy vagina of which that kid isn’t going to get any for years to come and when he does he’ll be in deep shit as the vagina’s owner–his “consensual” partner–fleeces him in manners most subtle and never once say or think “he is the light of my life.”

        Female and male sexuality are not one and the same. What’s definitely rape when committed against a 13 year old girl by a male is a wonderful favor when committed against a 13 year old boy by a female.

        Repeat after me: asymmetry.

        — same anon.

  • you know, when i see the img that Artefact puts on the article, i really think she would be a hot teacher… i am afraid of looking the original article and discover that she is ugly as a sin… it would ruin my childhood dreams…


  • I feel sorry for her. It seems as if it was consensual and dear god most children no what sex is by the age of 9 these days a lot of them have their first fuck by 12 so the only difference is it is an adult? The kid obviously enjoyed it or would have said something. The justice system is fucking stupid as hell.

    This woman get 20 years and a murderer gets 15 and a rapist gets 7. Yet the minute you go under 18 and have a relationship with someone you get 20 years…makes me wonder if this would be true even if she didn’t have sex…that’s what I’d like to see. A relationship with an underaged person male/female doesn’t matter where they do not have sex and see how long they can last before they get charged.

    Would they have charged her if she had done everything but sex? Oral, petting, etc…?

    Seriously if everything is fine with the other party then who cares? Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. They can’t help it and who cares if it is consensual…aw hell why I am trying to argue my case on sankaku? Ignore it.

      • the problem with your logic is you treat males and females completely differently when in the courtroom everyone is equal. If it was consensual then yes it wouldn’t bother me if it was a male teacher and female student. The keyword here is “consensual”. They boy wanted it, is this any different then if a girl wanted it?

        I agree with anon 5:24, because the U.S. justice system is fucked up. You can kill someone and get a less severe offense than that. Why is sex such a taboo? I mean for fuck sake our forefathers were married to 14 year olds, because the legal age was a lot less then. Were they rapists and pedophiles? The U.S justice system needs to get its act together, especially when it comes to sexual charges. How comes if you commit a sex crime suddenly the world can click a button on the internet and know where you are and what you did, but if you killed someone and get out on parole, nobody gives a shit. This is so fucked up it is unbelievable.

        • She broke the law, they have to enforce the law.I do agree that its sad for her she had to suffer but the Justic had to set example so that people would get the message that you can’t do this to a childen.

        • “The keyword here is “consensual”. They boy wanted it, is this any different then if a girl wanted it?”

          Adults can be manipulative and make children feel that it is something they should do. An innocent child isn’t going to know whether its something he wants or not. They are far too young to know what they are doing and adults should know better. Thats why the law is in place.

          This isn’t a woman who fell in love with a 17 year old, 13 years old is very much still a child, simple as that.

  • “the light of my life.”
    Could she explain more why she thinks like that,anything special he did that she feelt like that.

    Anyway a report about why she thinks like that would be interesting.

    • “Lolita, the light of my life.” Paraphrasing how Nabokov’s Lolita begins. That sentence also features prominently in Kubrick’s adaptation of Lolita. Need to know yer roots, otaku, need to know yer roots.

      Apparently, the teacher was a sophisticated–if uncomely–woman (she quoted Nabokov, after all, while the pro lolicons here don’t have a clue), and I’m pretty sure the male enjoyed it. Applying “rape” and “lust” to a female giving free pleasure to some male is the sort of cruel, and crude, joke only US people are capable of enjoying.

      Extremist egalitarians should begin understanding not everything in nature is symmetric like their symmetrically retarded brains. While any advance on part of a male towards an underage female is necessarily violent in nature most advances–excepting certain extreme cases–on part of females towards underage males are caring and loving, even if abnormal. Females can and occasionally do give love, males can only receive it. You’re male and you doubt it? Try opening up, physically, to someone the way females do. (I’m a male and I know this from experience, not out of feministic tendencies.)

  • 20 years? “Lust”? What lust. The US are living in the middle ages, all those puritan twats.

    Not only in Japan, but in most Europe it would have been something that wouldn’t have even reached a court of law so long as it was consensual, let alone a 20-year sentence for “lust”

  • “The “affair” also apparently prompted the woman’s husband to take voyeuristic photographs of other women in revenge”

    Yeah! That’ll teach her! Why bother having sex with another woman to get back at your cheating wife when you can just take pics of other women instead.

    • As far as the law is concerned, 13-year olds are too undeveloped to have opinions of their own. Hence, even should they decide to race down the street beating homeless men with clubs they’re still not really at fault–merely victims of their own innocence!

      Ah, to be 13 again…

      • At that age I was always thinking of having sex you know?

        I was like: “I want sex now ’cause later I’ll be spilling cum. Right now that thing doesn’t come out yet”

        Aaaah… 11 to 14… I really had such high dreams. U.U poor me.

  • I was about to defend this, but Ashley Jo Beach isn’t very good looking. That said, 2 decades seems excessive. Maybe a couple for violating AoC but it’s not as if they’ll let her be a teacher again when she gets out.

  • Something people in this forum are ignoring is that between parties of substantially unequal power, “consensual” may not be truly consensual.

    Children are raised to obey their parents and adult authority figures. Teachers fall into this category.

    You can’t truly know whether the less-powerful person truly wanted it, or was in part or in whole, complying with the wishes of the more powerful person.

    The teacher abused her position of power. People in positions of power are (supposed to be) held to higher standards than ordinary people.

    If the teacher told the kid, “Do me a favor: take this paper bag to the man in the blue hat down the street there.” – and the bag contains drugs, illegal payoffs or illegal collections, etc., the issue is the same.

    Sex seems to be a hot button for many people, but the issue here is more general.

    I can’t say I was hot for teacher at that age, but the neighbor k
    ids’ mom was a prime MILF. Early thirties, great figure, pretty face. I’d have done her if she asked.

    Happy New Year!

    • “Something people in this forum are ignoring is that between parties of substantially unequal power, “consensual” may not be truly consensual.”

      So when your good-looking partner, female or male, got you charmed like a snake charmer does a cobra was it consensual? When you told her or him you can’t live without her or him–you were being honest, weren’t you?–was it by your free will that you fell for her or him? When you sailed to la-la land on a random stranger’s gush of pheromones was it your neocortex at work or your treacherous autopilot?

      The notion of consent itself, taken to the pseudo-philosophical extreme US people like to take it to, is ridiculous. As is the aggrandizement of sex that has become a staple of US mindset. As somebody up there said: sex happens. Life happens. So long as it feels good and leaves a good memory it’s okay.


      “The teacher abused her position of power. People in positions of power are (supposed to be) held to higher standards than ordinary people.”

      How about having judges who misjudged hanged? Or having a few politicians in maximum security prisons for the havoc they wreaked? Some abusive cops getting due punishment? They got the biggest power, after all.

      A teacher’s “position of power” is by no means comparable to judges, politicians, and the police. You know that as well as I do, and you probably also know by invoking the power argument you get the better of people’s reason as they imagine the overlords and their watchdogs whenever power is invoked.

      Thirteen year old kids, like the one in this case, are teasing, abusing, and ridiculing their “almighty” teachers all the time. At home they have higher authority, their parents, who can always be appealed to. Did this kid ever do that?

      Oh, and before you walk the path of “traumatization argument” the kid is traumatized now that he’s been caught with his lover. If his lover, whom he most probably enjoyed, is guilty then he, too, must have a share of guilt–I bet that’s how he thinks now.


      “If the teacher told the kid, “Do me a favor: take this paper bag to the man in the blue hat down the street there.” – and the bag contains drugs, illegal payoffs or illegal collections, etc., the issue is the same.”

      No, it wouldn’t be the same. If she had had the kid do something unhealthy for him then she would deserve punishment _proportional_ to the damage caused.

  • Seriously, I really get pissed when i read such crap again and again. 20 Years!? Oh sure, if you’re a mass murderer, you get 10 Years, but if you have an intimate relationship with a 13 year old, you get punished worse…
    What the f**k is up with you, USA?!

  • Bronxdragon says:

    She must have groomed him pretty damn well…for the little guy to be the “light of her life”…I mean either he was a stacked little 12-13 year old or he knew all her spots. Her husband….is a idoit but damn little dude got a taste of the forbidden fruit.