Mother to Police: “He Didn’t Pay for the Pics of My Daughter!”


A mother who approached police with a complaint about a man who allegedly refused to pay her for pornographic pictures of her daughter has been arrested, prompting the apprehension of a number of other mothers involved in similar crimes.

The young mother in this case approached Miyagi police with the complaint that “I sent pornographic photos of my daughter to a man I met online, but he hasn’t paid me properly!”

This admission understandably prompted an investigation, which was to result in 12 arrests across eight prefectures.

Police found mothers and other female relatives involved in selling thousands of pictures of their daughters, aged anywhere from 1 to 12.

Reportedly, these women were not in any economic hardship and were instead motivated by a desire for extra spending money.

In one case a mother received 3 million yen over 10 years for having her daughter participate in 60 photography sessions; in other cases mothers have progressed from selling pictures to selling their daughters bodily for sex.

Via Itai News.

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