“Why is Crime in Japan Lower Than in Christian Countries?”


“I heard most japanese people are an atheist. But why is crime in Japan lower than in many Christian countries?

why are they well-mannered?”

The problem of atheist crime and Christian moral perfection is certainly a vexing one.

The illiterate and pathetically ignorant drivel posted on Yahoo! Answers in response to this question is hardly worth reproducing here, but 2ch’s response is as edifying as ever:

“Wrong: Atheists.

Right: Polytheists.”

“Because the eyes of other people are more scary than those of God.”

“The Sun watches down on us so we can do no wrong.”

“Because we don’t have any religious wars.”

“Isn’t it because religion itself breeds violence?”

“We’re not really atheists though. And what’s called an atheist overseas is practically a cultist, like some kind of atheist religion.”

“You can’t watch late night anime in prison. That makes for a polite society.”

“Piety destroys character.”

“It must be genetic. Just look at those damn Koreans!”

“Because we’re Japanese.”

“Religion serves as an expedient means of making the uncultivated or ignorant obey the law.”

“Because you can only believe in yourself.”

“’They’re clever because they eat lots of fish.’

I don’t think Japanese are smart, but I do think the person who wrote this is an idiot.”

“As expected of someone from a place where they don’t each much fish, he’s pretty stupid.”

“If you compare them to America, the crime rates in most countries are just a joke.”

“Not revering a single god doesn’t give rise to useless prejudice.”

“Religion is a weapon of mass destruction.”

“You can do whatever you like if God forgives you.”

“We aren’t without religion.

December is Christmas.

The New Year is Shinto.

The funeral is Buddhist.

The marriage is Christian.

There’s no more faithful people!”

“It’s almost like you can’t have morals, happiness or love without religion to them. Their culture has been hijacked, hasn’t it?”

“’It’s because they are 98% one people.’

This is a big factor – mixing in different cultures and religions causes public order to deteriorate.”

“The reason is because sex is completely tolerated.”

“Society is a harsher master than any God. The punishments actually happen after all.”

“Crime may be rare and manners good, but it is stifling here.”

“Look at the troubles after the war or in the Showa period, and the crime rates then. Japanese society is currently stable, that’s why crime is low. Individualism vs collectivism or whatever are just secondary factors.”

“Overseas, atheists get suspected of communism. In Japan, it’s the Catholic priests and the Buddhist monks who are the communists.”

“Japanese only believe in capitalists and men of power.”

“I’d like to ask those American fellows the opposite – just why is it the religious folk are the ones with the worst manners and the highest levels of crime?”

“In the US, there’s one god for 300 million people.

In Japan, there’s 8 million gods, that’s 1 to 15. Plenty for everyone.”

“Let’s just put it down to bushido.”

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  • Because the Yakuza run the crime and keep low level criminals in fear. A business man who is robbed has no money to spend it at the Yakuza pussy house. Nor does a seedy area lend its elf to customers coming to use Yakuza run business. There is a TON of crime in Japan but its hidden away behind closed doors.

  • Majority are not Athiest but are shintoist and buddhist. Even their culture is infused with shintoist philosphy.
    If you want athiest nation most of them are communist like north korea, China and other communist country. Since basically these nations don’t allow religion to be taught in their country.

    • Dude… That was a tad… Uneducated. North Korea and China are largely Buddhist. The Soviet Union was Unorthodox Christian, and even Karl Marx himself was a Protestant Christian. I’m not for Communism, but one should think before they bash.

  • Why less crime than Christian countries?
    No guns primarily, like in Canada.
    (another Christian country)
    Mostly, simple mathematics.
    Japan in one country.
    Countrie(s) is plural.
    You cannot compare so many
    different races inside one country
    (like in the U.S.)
    compared to just one main race
    populating a smaller area.

    Okay from what I read Shinto has no unified moral code. (imagine judaism with only genesis, kings, chronicles, no prophets, no mosaic law)
    Because you only have history, and tradition, and superstition it was left wide open so that when Confucianist philosophy came in it was adopted as THE religious code of ethics to be added to Shinto (Shinto is like a sponge it absorbs every religion it touches from tao to buddhism)
    Confuscius is best described to westerners as a mix between the teachings of King Solomon (prizing wisdom and study above all other pursuits, telling the virtues of good conduct, discretion, and honor) and the teachings of Jesus (Golden rule, love, give, forgive, family)
    So essentially you have something pretty close to Judeao/Christian morals with a people who are far more disciplined then your average not very devout "Christian" who could probably name more reindeer then apostles.
    Is this a fair estimation?

  • (Please, I am fairly serious here.)
    So… is no one here ever serious? I find many of these articles to be humorous and many sad at the same time but from reading the (funny and idiotic) comments, I seem to find that no one here is willing to “discuss” at all.

  • The level of crime in the US has nothing to do with our religion, or our lack thereof.

    The reason why the level of crime is so high in the US is because we are, and always will, be nigh uncontrollable bastards. Many of us are proud of it.

  • I was wondering if the gang here has a system of morals personally. I know most people believe athiests (which most of us here are right?) are all selfish objectivists whose morals are little more then escaping the punishment that comes from breaking the law.

    I know that's not true. I love the golden (Jesus) and silver (Confucius) rules. My life is richer due to morals i've taken into my heart and I feel happy and whole. It has also made me friends and given me a loving adoring and virtuous wife. You may hate Jesus, Solomon, and Confucius for religious reasons, but from a philosophical standpoint I've learned from them and I think we all can.

    I was wondering of he athiests here, Do you have a moral system that binds beyond God and faith? Do you do things sometimes because it's right? Do you ever give in secret, not for honor, but because you want to from deep down in your heart? I think a lot of you are that good. Call it your Dao or the Holy Spirit, or just the likeness of God in man, whatever God is.

    I'm probably more of an extremely reverant agnostic myself. I love what religion has given me and even if there is no God and no heaven and that may well be. I regret nothing in my dedication to it. It has given me a better life.

    I'd love to learn more of morals and honor from other POVs. Like if you don't believe in God or karma, or good and evil, do you still give in secret? Of course you do! Why? because it's the right thing to do and you know there is a right thing to do eh? This is what makes man less like animals more transcending animal like God in my eyes, whatever God is. So maybe we are his likeness? But who am I to judge? I am merely a reverant agnostic.

  • Maybe one of reason is They nowhere to hide when they already commited the crime ? or else they’re yakuza? don’t really know it but agree with their fear of eyes and mouth of the other.(if you had alredy watched “Welcome to NHK”or”Chaos Head”.)

    What is your morale? Your own sense which decides what is good or bad?
    The ones who don’t have it have no difference than dog or the other beast? The ones who have it are higher being than the ones who don’t?

    Which is cause you do something bad? It’s come out from yourself,Doesn’t it? What you call it? Your desire? Your will? Evils? Satan? Doesn’t that mean the ones who can fully control their own will , they won’t do something bad perfectly? Weren’t they used to be called “the Highest being”,”the Worthy ones”,”the Blessed ones” or “the God”? that’s Nirvana

    I’m not sure about their connections there’s some book write about that though don’t know either what the title is but what I’m sure about is it’s almost impossible to do the above (realize that even some god/goddess in some myth couldn’t !?)and that was the buddhism trying to to teach train to do. Possibility seems like a miracle.

    I won’t type about the method it’s too long to type and it’s your invidual problem that you cause and have to solve it for yourself. Anyway Wiki & Google are waiting for you.That was piece of the buddhism that i know.Thanks for reading and Happy New Year for advance.

    • They tried to kill Him at least once. And they succeded. He died. But then the problem arose. He resurrected… No-one is able to kill God. Even if he wants.
      Why do you want to kill God so badly? What did He do to you?

  • During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution. James Madison

  • Japanese mentality is much more pro-social, than let’s say, European. In Japan a human is primarily a member of society and the priority for a Japanese is wellness of the society. Japanese people are very homogenous society, everyone tries to be like others are. European nations, in contrast, consist of individuals. For us (I am a European), a human is the most important, even before society. In a society composed of different individuals, there are some, that are ingenuous, some, that are saint, but also there are some that are evil and malicious… This is the price – in a homogenous society, where a human thinks about others first, it is difficult to find either genius or a villain.
    The half-width of the Japanese society’s Gaussian curve is considerably smaller, than that of European society.
    Proof? In Europe crime is bigger, but also art and science. These are Japanese people, who come to study art and music to Prague, Paris and Florence, not German piano apprentice who goes to study music in Tokyo. If he goes to Tokyo, he goes to make a concert, or to teach others…
    Of course, As the effect of a very hard work, Japanese musicians are among the best performers in the world, but I cannot find any Japanese composer comparable to, say, Chopin…

  • Ignorance is bliss. The Japanese has one less Thing to worry about than those religious persons.

    Truth is, there is no religion. What is is only God that created everything, and man is obligated to follow the Will of their creator, such is my own view.

    Religion started existing when people started mixing politics into faith. Jesus didn’t found Christianity, his followers did, and the bible is their own creation. So was the case with Jews who altered their bible saying it was the will of God. The only holy bible that is still pure and altered is the Qur’an, which was ‘written’ by the illiterate prophet Muhammad.

    Oh, and believe me, as an educated person, I find it’s hard not to notice God’s splendor in everything in universe as you get to know more about science. If ‘religion’ is a ‘pillar’ of a house, Science is actually more like the ‘walls’.

  • There’s a really simple reason for that. Actual crime that gets reported in Japan is pretty low, due to their cultural thing about “not upsetting the majority” or “not making trouble.” Actual crime that happens, though? Bet the Brooklyn Bridge it’s a pretty scary number.

  • These so called “Christian” nations that the person is asking about in there original question. What percentage of those nations populations are “Christian” vs. claim to be “Christian” vs. act in the “Christian” moral teaching regardless of the answer to the 1st to questions?
    In the end the ability of a nation to prosecute bad behavior has a lot more of en effect on crime stats than if people claim to believe this or that.

  • “Not revering a single god doesn’t give rise to useless prejudice.”

    I like that one… If you believe your god to be better than all else, then you may just as easily believe that you’re better than all else… which leads to prejudice

  • I also think that it is more of a matter of cultural difference.
    Asians are more shrewd and reserved, and tend not to do stupid things like getting into drunken fights or leave valuable property out in the open to attract unwanted attention.
    Also, in parts of South and Central Asia, you worry about getting beaten up or killed if you commit a crime, other than officially sanctioned activities which may constitute crime in western countries, like loli-rape or honor killings. On the flip side, it is a deterrent to crime if you don’t get charged for giving a robber brain damage.
    In North-East Asia, Asians have separated morality from religion for thousands of years, hence even if they don’t practise religion they still follow some moral precepts passed down as cultural tradition. Also, religion does not weigh heavily in the minds of average NE Asian people, apart from following minor forms of superstition, so its gradual decline is barely noted.
    However in the west, with the rise of atheism, the only thing that restricts heavily on the people, Christianity, was removed and all of a sudden people are free to do anything and are left with no moral guidelines to follow, rather, ex-Christian atheists adopt a ‘create-as-you-go-along’ system of morality to follow.
    If you say I’m biased, then I’ll just say that modern laws are directly descended from and are based on Christian values passed down in the western world so it makes sense if a westerner is more prone to run afoul of laws created by the very traditions he rejects, whereas in another culture where such a law is non-existent, it would not be counted or reported as a crime, ie. in the Middle East if you rape a woman it is her fault and she should be dealt with by her family. To a muslim, dying in a blaze of glory taking down nonmuslims is not a crime, but in a western society killing someone for religious belief is a crime because Christianity’s ‘thou shalt not murder’ beliefs have been ingrained in western consciousness and has evolved into current ‘all life is equally sacred’ thought patterns. Only in the west do people oppose the death penalty for murder.
    The argument that western atheists can be moral is also a simplification. Most of the people doing philosophical arguments probably come from a more priviledged background and can afford to debate and navel gaze as much as they want. These people will never have to balls to commit a stickup anyways.
    Lesser educated, economically desperate people, which is traditionally the MAJOR MARKET for religion, can now get rid of any guilt and just commit crime because they no longer believe in spiritual demise.
    In Northeast Asia, where morals are passed down as part of culture, not religion, at least atheists have a history of moral precedents to draw from. Asians are more mature in this respect. There is a reason why NE Asians are so subdued and reticent in their nature, because it is a culture of non-conflict. They tend to literally beat into their children respect and consideration for others. In the western world, concepts of self discipline are nearly non-existent, and is usually associated with monks and confused with the term ‘abstinence’ for example dieting.
    Asians are surprised that white parents allow their children to talk back to them in a rude manner. Not in a ‘oh look’ way, but a ‘OMFG they let their kids do WHAT!?’ kinda way.
    The west, prefers to espouse freedom, to let anyone do anything they like as long as they follow guidelines. However, this creates conflict as individuals with opposing views cross path. In Asia, for the sake of harmony, sometimes people back down and actually follow others’ opinions even if they don’t believe it. This is not all good, as per se, as it usually allows a more-than-constitutionally powerful government to take root. In Asian view, western society is basically anarchistic, further allowing asian govs to strengthen power, and reduce crime even further by creating draconian laws.
    I don’t believe that either the West or East Asia is ready to see eye-to-eye, but bascially as food-for-thought:
    -Whether the West is mature enough not to need religion as a guide to morals
    -Whether Asian methods of keeping crime rates low are as desirable as thought…

  • Christs are as evil as people watching the news, there are many christs, so there are many christs commiting crimes, its that simple.

    Besides, you need to differ between american and european christs. America is the country of cults, sects and religious insanity and fanatism …

    Just face it, it doesnt matter what you believe in, the bible, buddha, lord of the rings or sparkly vampires, humans are just assholes in general, doing stupid things, commiting hideous crimes and reveling depravity and debauchery.

    At least faith, no matter which one, sets some rules that keep many idiots from doing even more stupid stuff.

  • On the shame and saving face issue: That only works for certain types of crimes. Especially crimes with a sexual background or the almost legendary japanese bullying. Though that victims dont report that stuff thanks to feeling ashamed is an issue all over the world, the Japanese are just at the top of it.

    On the other hand, there is the yakuza, setting up offices in broad daylight, scamming, intimidating etc.. It adds to the reduction of random muggins and what not, but well … they do worse, the problem is only, that they dont get caught.

    Then there are the cute little police boxes all over the place, no matter what happens, you can always get help, good to keep minor stuff under control, doesnt help against organized crime.

    Last but not least, the Japanese are number one at investigating and clearing up cases and convicting the criminals, a funny contrast to organized crime being able to parade around the streets in broad daylight, you usually only have that in Italy.

  • There’s all sorts of mixed things to say about this. And it’s hard whenever I make a statement on any of these things because people on most sides will take issue. For instance, it’s hard to imply there is any decent amount of influence of Shinto on Japanese culture without someone saying “no you’re delusional, Japanese people are atheists”.

    But here’s a chance for me to say a bunch of things on record in response to some of the controversial material within.

    Atheism is not a religion here in the West. Anti-religious activism is not the same as Atheism. Outspoken atheists who rail against religion, would be classified as anti-religious. It’s just something some atheists have added on to their religion. It’s also the result of a society with more persecution of Atheists than Japan.

    Japan is in fact a largely atheist country. Most follow religious customs in a non-religious sense. Many are atheists, what I would actually contest is if they can be called an actually atheistic country. I would say more likely a country with many skeptics, and even more Agnostics who are mostly influences my a form of Buddhism that is many many times removed from the original and Shinto. Both which are heavily Animistic and add up to a country that tends to be, when spiritual, mostly Animistic with a dash of Indian and Chinese philosophy.

    I know a lot of people are doubting and think religion is silly. But I think there are a surprising amount of people who lean toward belief or are on the fence.

    I think trying to understand to what degree any country has “shame”, is “collective” and has a strong status quo, is a difficult science. And I don’t think that throwing the Chrysanthemum and the Sword is enough to explain such a tiresomely difficult to understand matter. It’s overly simplistic to say “the East has more shame than the West”.

    While I’m not saying that statement is absolutely untrue, there’s a lot of boxed you’d have to open in order to prove that statement. As of which I haven’t seen.

    I think that what’s more likely is that Japan has a slightly difference balance of taboos than say, the United States of America.

    Also, there’s that whole “Japanese people are less likely to report crime(due to shame)” idea.

    That’s part of why I don’t like the whole “shame” argument, it brings all sorts of problems. One person will blame shame for Japan having less crime, another will point to the same thing to say it’s likely that much crime as any other place happens, it just doesn’t go reported as much.

    I actually think it’s quite a lot of different things. Including things like how they industrialized and economics. I don’t think that shame or collectivism is an inappropriate factor to factor in, however, I think it’s too simplistic to lay out as the sole blame. There’s no way it’s that simple.

    Especially since it’s considered an “Asian thing” when several other countries that should have just as much Confucian influence if not more really, and other Sino shame influence, have more crime and so forth. I don’t look at crime statistics and see an automatic plummet in crime between the West and the Sinosphere. There’s actually quite a bit of diversity in both.

    And as an anecdotal from a “Westerner”, there sure does seem to be a lot of the concept of “saving face” here.

  • So…apparently Japan has less Christains, so crime is lower. Tell me…if I had a rock with me all the time and tigers never got appeared when I held it, does that mean that rock prevents tigers?

    Too many people throw out the word “Christain” as some kind of catch-all. It’s a scapegoat. It’s a demonizing term (ironically). Whatever the case is, it’s misused.

    • Ding ding ding, we have a winner. Crime is almost nonexistant in Kuwait, too, you know, must be the best place on Earth, right?

      Correlation DOES NOT EQUAL CAUSATION. Crime and religion go hand in hand because they both appeal to the same demographic: stupid people. Don’t believe me? Remember Proposition 8 in California? 95% of those identifying themselves as atheists voted against it. You think that was because they were atheists, or was it just because they’d given the matter some thought?

      Most of the UK are atheists, too. You think 95% of them would vote for gay marriage? Fuck no.

      tl;dr: statistics can mean whatever you want them to mean.

  • religion is the best case of stockholm syndrome that has or will ever be presented and/or proven. all religions basically say that we’re right and everyone else is wrong, but at the same time deny that fact if confronted with it and at the same time AGAIN enforce it. a hardcore christian will defend his belief to the death, and not even know what he’s defending. there’s a saying: as long as there’s been a God, there’s been killing in his name. the first murder in the bible was a man killing his own brother because he was jealous. according to the bible, man got kicked out of paradise for disobeying on account of a woman. how is this supposed to inspire sunshine and happiness when the bible reads like a lovecraftian horror gone wrong? incest, rape, murder, deception, every one of the ten commandments in the bible is BROKEN in the bible. then there’s just discrepancies that we can’t be sure if it’s from mistranslation, or it’s from the bible being rewritten so many times. there’s books that have been taken out of the bible, and stuff that’s been shuffled around and things added in that shouldn’t be there! for example, the account of judas betraying jesus. anyone that’s cone to sunday school as a child or taken a religion class in high school knows of this one. but there’s 2 endings. one, he hangs himself. 2, he disembowels himself. how did he die twice? it’s just too much to look at and then go to church with a straight face, ya know?

  • the bible that we all know of may say one thing, but all the different “christian sects” as i like to call them, all say something different. Catholics say one thing, protestants say one thing, then there’s baptists, Pentecostals, salvation army, and a million other branches that started all because someone didn’t like the way that someone wore their hair, so they had to be a child and start their own “christian religion” which is the same as the one they JUST left, but for one small detail, whatever that may be. i was born and raised a christian, and i find so many flaws with Christianity and the “modern” bible, that it’s not funny. like the fact that our “bible” was rewritten at least twice in history, and mostly for political agenda. it’s really sad when the pastor of my church can’t answer my questions, and when his spiritual leader can’t either, but the funny thing is, the ppl that i know that know the most about the bible and are correct are those that don’t even believe in the church. let me make that clear. i believe in “god” but just not in the concept of organized religion. to me organized religion and organized crime are not that far apart. the big difference is that if you want to make more money, religion is the place to go in some parts of the world.

  • Let’s not forget about atheist like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Malosivic, Himler, Castro, and Hussein. Plus I won’t leave religion out of the light. We have the Crusades for both Islam and Christianity, 9/11, and the Yellow Turban Rebellion just to name a few. Humanity is violent no matter the religion or not.

  • I’m christian, but I don’t understand those christians that hate on atheists or agnostics. Why should you do that?

    Personally, I want an “ending” to our life where everyone is saved. Where everyone wins. You’re atheist? Cool, I respect your viewpoint. Why do we have to fight?

    I’m living my life hoping that, however the world ends up ending, everyone is saved in the same way (If we’re saved at all. If we just die though, that’s gonna suck.) Look out for others, they’ll look out for you too.

    • adding on to anon 15:36

      or how people who have been impregnated through rape can’t abort because you guys vote against it, or how advancements in medicine in genetics are being held back by anti-cloning sentiments held by your faith.

      Unfortunately thats only some of the implications for society that your faith imposes. While you’re happy, those people who are afflicted by your faith’s illogical social limiations are suffering. Try to at least attempt to put yourself into someone else’s boots; have a bit of empathy and compassion.

    • you mean like how they vote to not let same sex couple marriage because it is evil in their bible, or the man got arrest due to not being naked in his own house and so on? I would rather they leave me alone.

  • Wait…did someone just suggest that there wasn’t trolling going on here? I mean, I feel asleep just trying to scroll down this mighty wall of text, which consists primarily of Christians and Atheists calling each other fags.

  • Some interesting opinions from Japanese 2ch users there. I disagree with some, and agree with others, which is about what I would expect.

    I will say that it seems that atheism is just as misunderstood as theism in some sense. Being an empirical rationalist that lives his/her life based on what is testable and demonstrably true is no cult, it’s just a mindset. I’ve always had a mistrust for those that claim to have the truth… I’d rather spend my time seeking it myself.

  • Japan is still a copie from ancient chinese-confucian culture. It was civilized by the Chinese at least beginning from the 5th century. Even until today Japan is still a “Made in China”-country, like Korea and Vietnam.

    and so on…

  • Main problem is that people in general
    are stupid and ignorant morons.
    By encouraging these morons to believe in
    the “big fairy” in the sky, it leads some
    of the even dumber morons within the morons
    to go radical and even create even more
    retarded religious ideas/beliefs.

    A majority of the regilious zealot twits
    have held back scientific advancements since
    the begin of your BC/AD Calendar.

    Until all you retarded people stop with
    organization religion and brain up, then
    maybe, just maybe the stupid human race
    can move forward just a bit.

    Let science proceed unabated by your
    pseudo-morals regilious crap. If science
    somehow screw up and end up destorying
    all humanity, then so be it, we had crappy run…

    • You may believe this, but that won’t stop me from wanting to kill people indiscriminately.

      A challenge to my faith is a challenge, one that is based on passion, not reason.

      This is why I praise any bomber and those martyrs who crashed the planes on the twin towers.

      Also, one of my dreams is to bathe in a blood of atheists.

      Richard Dawkins. Christopher Hitchens. One day, I will kill these people and eat them and defecate their pathetic remnants, because they are just animals.

      All atheists belong in mass graves, to be forgotten both in Earth and in Heaven. They are nothing. They are not human. They may speak or think, but so can parrots and computers. Atheists deserve to be eaten by those willing to die for God Almighty.



      I sincerely hope that terrorists kill all you atheists. For I shall go to hell proudly before denying its existence.

  • What a bunch of ridiculous ideas from 2ch.
    Japan has a low crime rate because it is a monoculture with (for all intents and purposes) no immigrants, and if you get arrested, you have a 98% chance of being convicted, after which you are the ultimate outsider in a society that demands that you be part of the group.
    Religion has sweet bugger all to do with it.

  • Sectarianism – Impose their idea on others

    Theism – Believe there is a God or follow a way of life taught by a religion

    Agnostic theist – Religious by tradition but does not practice nor give a damn

    Agnosticism – Don’t give a damn or try to find the truth 50/50

    Agnostic atheist – Don’t believe in a God

    Atheism – Impose their idea on others

    learn the difference

    • Yeah, but Japan won’t be having any more babies. They’ll die out from not having children, or kill themselves over their lack of employment.

      Philippines? You can throw a volcano, a storm, or an earthquake at them, and they’ll make 10 more for each who died, and they’ll do it with a smile on their faces.

      In fact? Pretty soon, if the Chinese or Koreans won’t take over Japan, the Filipino immigrants in Japan would out-breed the Japanese.

  • if you have no religion, by default you kind of take on a humanism world view and attitude to life, which is infinitely far better than worshiping some ancient myths and superstitions.

    it’s painful to see that the majority of the world feel that if you have no god, you are automatically a criminal with no sense of values or morality.

  • “Let’s just put it down to bushido.”

    I like that.

    I think most Christians are too self-centered in terms of their faith. The core belief is to declare your faith in Jesus as your god and saviour and then you get your ticket to paradise. However, a lot of denominations doesn’t put importance on the moral issues, so yeah….

    Probably, the Japanese people have always obeyed the respect and moralist culture.

  • It’s true religion is a big factor in violence.
    And I agree with what others are saying: Christianity lets you do whatever the hell you want so long as you believe in Jesus.
    Atheists/agnostics do good for the sake of doing good, not for the sake of they’re scared they’ll burn in hell for not doing so.

  • Japanese commits crime of mass proportion during WWII, guess that paid for all the crimes that would be committed in future? huh?

    Anyway tbh the war did indeed wipeout a great number of those Japnese who were imperialistic mutherfukers that were still clinging to the old Japanese “caste” system, they actually treat their civilians alot worse than the Americans when they occupied Japan

    So the war practically removed a large number of those Japanese soldiers who would be by modern standards criminals, hooligans n bullies

  • Japanese people are nice well mannered people while Americans are well, trigger happy motherfuckers that are so hypocritical and waste lay to anybody that’s in their way

    I should know i live there, Fuck a bitch’ peace~

  • you know why the number of crime in japan? it is because the government it self afraid of “843” yakuza. hahaha. well each country has its own law and it different compare to other country for example in USA the GPM (Gross Profit margin) they also count the source of income from the gamble place such as at Los Vegas, but in another country such as singapore they dont count the gdp as the one of the source in the country . in another word the way of legal action also different.

  • Heres the reason
    Japan: Lost kid, gasp, ill shall help you. knock knock, this your kid. Mom “Yes, thank you. can you wait for a second” Guy “Yes.” Mom ring ring “hello police.” sir can you wait while the police come to arrest you. Man sure why not. glad i could help. mom and thanks again for helping me find my lost kid.

    U.S.: Lost kid, gasp, ill shall help you. knock knock, this your kid. mom “yes, omg thank you. heres your reward.” hands over money. man thank you bye.

    in short, in japan you get arrested for the dumbest things. so the people dont act bad over there. help a kid over there, hell even look at one, and you get arrested. here help the kid find his home and ka ching.

    you get it now.

  • I personaly find it funny that so many people are:

    ITs the god(s) they worship! ( or dont worship )

    or other religious BS.

    Lets face the facts:

    In America, you commit a crime, they slap you on the wrist and let you go. ( There was a shooting near my home recently… 4 cops died… the shooter had been in jail many times before and even had been sentenced to 102 years in jail… but… they felt sorry for him to face such a sentence so they let him go… )

    In Japan, you commit a crime and they throw you in prison and throw a way the Key.

    In America its the Culture to blame society for a persons problems.

    In japan, their culture is if you do something wrong, Society judges you.

    Its Japan’s culture that saves them from the high crime rates.

    • Most Westerners who call themselves ‘christians’ hardly know anything about the religion and simply go along with what they think they do. This question of western v. japan brings up the problem of labels and of what people truly are:

      most westerners are moving in a trend toward atheism or non-belief notions, while the japanese still largely seem to have shinto beliefs, though changing as well. Obviously most westerners still would claim their christian but christianity isnt a religion where you pick and choose what to practice.

      • we can blame technology for people becoming less attentive, with short attention spans as a price for being able to multitask; how can a person who’s hooked on myspace, facebook, and all these networking sites that require multitasking, be expected to be submersed into a 4,000-year-old tradition that involves meditation and deep reflection on one’s souls?

        This is why people are getting more excited about picking and choosing a religion, and going to India or Japan, because they think they’ll find their souls there.

    • In contrast to Japan: 98% “They’re all the same damn mumbojumbo anyway.

      2% “No, I’M God. You should worship me. Let’s gas the subway.”

      1% “Oh, uh. I guess I’m Christian? I dunno.”

  • The only thing I can do is to be ashamed of the misbehaviour of many of my brothers and sisters in Christianity.
    nevertheless, I am Christian – Catholic and I try to live as well as I can. I do not know if religion has anything to do with the level of morality of the whole societies, but I try to watch over myself.
    For me – Christianity is a way to salvation. The only way, that leads to the Heaven. It does not mean, that non – Christian won’t be saved after death, but for me this is only a guarantee, that the path I have chosen is the right one. That’s all.

    • You know? God Bless you; I, although Baptized in the Catholic Church, am willing to become the Scourge of God, and go to Hell with the Infidels so that you and those who are inclined to be gentle Christians would have some sort of peace of mind and not be harassed by Atheists and all sorts of heathen.

      I am willing to go to Hell by crushing the non-believer, so that the pure cannot be tainted by their poison.

        • this shitty GOd doesnt show himself..never ever talk to a single person…just some stupid BIBLE that prove he exist…..and some stupid foolished people said

          i can prove my great great great great grandfather exist coz he got a grave picture and i existed…

          and even a priest can never prove GOD existed he only say if u believe then he exist…i dont believe also soo he dont exist

          BIBLE said the Shitty GOD created only adam and eve. then gave birth to cain,abel….where the hell did cain got his only wife…theres only 1 woman living…that mean cain rapes eve then adam rapes cain daugther in order to spread tis world with ppl

        • Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

          You might have confused it there, buddy.

          The fact there are things science cannot reach gives the possibility of a God, not a proof.

          Logically and rationally, one has to go back to the Scholastics whose hobbies involve trying to prove that God exists and disproving the atheists.

          I am not one of those people, because I am insignificant to them by comparison.

      • You’re right. But did not Christ talk with prostitutes? Did He not come to the houses of sinners? Even He, as a Jew, had a conversation at the well with a Samaritan woman… I do not have to look at naked photos here…
        Who would tell you about Christ on such a forum? You might even die without hearing about Christ. I am relieved, that you heard the Gospel and now you can chose freely between condemnation and salvation.

  • we have all this crime because our evil overlords (democrats) encourage every piece of crimnal filth to come here with no restrictions (unless you’re white , then its almost impossible to get a visa to work or live here)…
    as long as the vermin are not controlled in a vicious manner (because the democrats want their votes)this problem will continue…
    we have over 40,000,000 turdworld pos ‘criminals’ here thanks to our ‘openborders’policy promoted by the dems…
    90% + of the crime is committed by a demographic that comprises 13% of the population…
    of course you will ignore these truths because they don’t match what the pravda style’pro-crime’ media tell you…

  • as a christian,we are taught not to critize any religion(except for satanisim or anything relating to evil)and should respect their religion.

    and crime is not related to religion,because religion only guides you to live as “good”person/s,ans it’s the person that is commiting the crime/s and not religion per se.

  • The huge outbreak of crimes on the border of south texas this season has been mostly the result of illegal aliens and drug gang cartels from Mexico. People who break the laws break the laws, people who don’t don’t. So, juvies gang member wanna bes and foreigners are responsible for the rash of home robberies and large scale crimes here. Japan does not have Mexico on its border nore does it have another country with in walking distance. That is the only reason why. Fail on all the generalizations above.

    • Can you say that it’s ultimately the economic successes of places that attracts all sorts of people who are trying to improve their lot in life?

      I mean in a microcosm, it’s like how people from rural areas go to cities only to find out how hard life is, so they turn to a life of crime because it seems easier to work outside of a seemingly unfair system.

      Japan does not have a Mexico, but it has China, Russia, Philippines, and Koreas. Goodness knows that the economy on those places (probably not so much in Russia or China or South Korea) are not so good.

      I’m Filipino, and I saw a lot of Filipino people go to Japan in the 80’s and the 90’s only to be domestic helpers or hostesses or prostitutes, when they had engineering and other reputable degrees.

      I mean in Japan, it’s a pain to learn the language, so immigrants, legal or no, have a hard time getting a proper job; it’s not just the language too- the Japanese still have a point of view that they’re different from everyone (in almost a condescending way.) Which is normal, given the history of isolation of that country.


    They are ineffectual.

    We, the weak and the faithful, have enough courage to strike fear into the hearts of the infidel.

    Would you go to a Muslim country and declare yourself an atheist publicly?

    You only say you’re an atheist in the West because Christianity has gotten tired of babysitting people while advocating the doctrine of Free Will. Thus you’ve gotten the luxury of exercising your Free Will based on Christianity’s own remorse and weariness over its own approach to religion.

    Pussified Christianity is at fault. We have to burn more people at the stake, and actually spill blood and display cruel and brutal punishments.

    Now, Don’t think just because you say you don’t believe in God doesn’t mean you’re gonna have substitutes. Take away religion, and it becomes the ideology that takes the attention of society. It becomes the idealization of some political figure; Adolf Hitler, Lenin, Marx, and so forth.

    I advocate death to blasphemers. Without chaos, there can only be stagnation. Just a bunch of fat, basement-dwelling, neck-bearded atheists thinking they’re making a difference by spreading their empty doctrine.




  • The answer has nothing to do with religion.
    Is simply, the laws in japan are enforced and there is not much incoherent laws.
    In western countries there is too much corruption and hypocrisy (much of the bad influence of USA).

    • Agreed, the dirty African monkeys are the problem.

      Fuck America for domesticating them and breeding with them. As if it wasn’t enough to cross breed with African monkeys, America seems to have gotten a liking to muslims and similar sand niggers lately.

      What a shit hole, no surprise there is so much crime going on, all the worst of the world is getting concentrated there.

      The Japanese are right for being so xenophobic, keep your genes clean, don’t fuck up like America and now slowly even Western Europe.

  • I think the low crime rate has little to do with religion. It’s more like everyone in japan grew up watching way too much moralfag stuff. It’s pretty much in every single anime that kids would watch. From gundam to naruto to trigun. Everything they watch makes most of them into good kids.

    In the west, you mostly get kids that just watch mtv and all the rap shit. Then they try to act like assholes because they think it’s cool to be a douchbag in front of their friends to impress em. Thus they grow up to be jerks.

    Today’s rap is just all about rap, kill, steal and blame the white man or cops for putting em down.

  • “Because the eyes of other people are more scary than those of God.”

    Pretty much this one. Japan is so constantly paranoid of the way people perceive them, many times to the point it screws up their life. Many bad things actually do happen there, but a lot of them are purposely pushed aside at the risk of standing out and causing problems.

    Also, it should be heavily noted, just because you say you’re a Christian…IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU ARE. I’m a Christian myself, however, I know what that means. It means actually doing what the Lord wants. If all Christians really did follow Jesus’s example and not gossip, tell cruel jokes, turn the other cheek (regardless of what was happening) and so on, it’s pretty obvious you wouldn’t have all the bullying and wars and whatnot. Unfortunately too many people are desperate to get into heaven and have God save them from bad things, but they don’t want to actually do the holy things that go along with it.

    And ya, I do realize I’ll probably get hate for this, but whatever. I just got tired of seeing everyone saying religion is bad and does nothing but cause problems. It depends on the religion and how well the people are even following it.

    • You really need to rethink on what God really wants. Through out history, there has always been two kinds of Crosses. One which the Christians use which is hostile (for Crucifixion). The other which the Swiss use on their flags is harmless.

      You need to rethink that the ideals which Christianity puts forth would result in potential conflict with other religions. Plus with the history proving its self, how can one claim that religion itself promotes peace?

      Man can only try to be as close as possible to God. But can never be anywhere near him. How true are your own words? Have not committed sin before? Can you guarantee that you will not commit it again? History speaks for itself.

      • “You need to rethink that the ideals which Christianity puts forth would result in potential conflict with other religions. Plus with the history proving its self, how can one claim that religion itself promotes peace?”

        Nice speech

  • “The Sun watches down on us so we can do no wrong.”

    Wait………I thought the sun shines on the entire world during the daytime unless you’re in the poles….

    Those damn crime infested north and soutpoles…

  • The Japanese don’t believe in socio-economic darwinism like the westerners do, that’s why. You don’t have a lot of people trying to screw each other over if their society isn’t as allowed to be (or is percieved to be) such a dog-eat-dog world.

  • Personally, I think crime rates are higher in places where there is more opportunity to commit crimes. An individuals income level, and desperation probably play the biggest factor, not their religious affiliation or lack thereof.

    • Thank god, someone with a brain! It’s funny seeing how people jump on the bandwagon trying to link crime rate to culture or religion, when you can simply look at things like poverty rate, education rate, etc and get a pretty good idea why there is such a big difference between the two contries (or USA and the rest of the civilized world for that matter).

      Protip: take a look at USA prisoner education level and their income before getting sentenced… none very high. Then take a look at education and social security in Japan.

      Well fed people with hope of a better future don’t commit crimes.

  • The answer could be as “simple” as looking as the diversity of the United States and that of Japan, as it is inferred that differences cause conflict. Also the the idea of shame and/or dishonor might be another point which is the reason Japan having a high suicide rate as compared to the rest of the world.

  • worshiping a piece of rock or an old tree is better than worshiping those wont cant get along…
    rock, trees, rivers… = harmony. just like a garden.

    look :
    hooded circumcised c4-armed foos,
    bishops holier-than-thou but factually shotakons,
    and tranny or lust-depraved monks…

    we can sum up that these people are all screwed up.

  • zzzz…..GOD never exists..Only those stupid BIBLE and jewish spread those words..no one can proved HE exist….hahaahah
    if HE really exist i will be the 1st one who will kill him no matter what…

      • i will….because surviving depends on oneself not on the so called praying to GOD…

        and if GOD really exists…this world wll never be worst…

        2 patient (1 rich none beliver/1 poor a beliver of GOD) in a critical condition.. rich was sent in to famous hospital, poor sent to a normal hospital. since poor never got enough money he just pray, normal doctor was sent..rich was sent to a famous doctor.

        for u who will have the high chance of survival?

        • yup so most of the answer will be among ourselves not with GOD thing……. Screw the GoD…

          to be honest i myself was stupid for believing God existed more than 17 years i guess.. but now i throughly abondoned it already coz it makes no sense..

          like where i live…my country here, when something happens they cry for Gods help and not doing anything to solve it…@.@

  • “I’d like to ask those American fellows the opposite – just why is it the religious folk are the ones with the worst manners and the highest levels of crime?”

    My answer: I can be a complete and utter douchebag to you if I’m doing it in God’s name.

  • Before making judgment that Japan have a lower crime rate than Christian countries. You need to start tearing apart the punishments. (I am not sure regarding minor offenses.) And how religion has played a part in punishment and how this would in turn affect the public stand on committing crime.

    Should we take the example of capital punishment, Japan like most other countries with low crime rates have the hangman. Countries with higher crime rates usually have lethal injections, those with the highest with life in prison. This would mean little pertaining to the topic. Thus, the question goes round, how did religion comes into play. Why some countries hang, why others injection, why the rest imprisonment? The main contributing clause is the word pardon, or forgive; Some, humane. This can be caused by influence of religion, or due to pressure from rights groups.

    With this, (before I really turn this into an essay), the post is incorrect to make a statement without statical proof of crime rates of various countries. This post is a generalization of the author’s point of view. Therefore, is unable to support the presented thesis.

  • As someone that was raised in a religious household, I was taught acceptance of everyone. I think that the general misconception is that religious people are violent, when in reality it’s only a few sore thumbs sticking out.

    But the violent religious people are violent because they’re angered by homosexuals, Atheists, or whomever else they deem to be “sinful” or “headed for hell”, and believe the world would be a better place if everyone was a straight Christian.

    Oh, and that women stayed in the kitchen. (inb4 good idea)

    • sir, but we can’t denied that there are cases in the South of US, the church force students to learn only Bible Text Book, which taught only that earth is 6000 years old, that fossil are created by god…

  • He got wrong from the beginning. They are not atheist! They just don’t worship a GOD who sees all; however, they believe that every creature and everything in the world has its sprite, so, if you do anything bad, even a rock or a tree can sees you, you can’t escape!

    In some Japanese stories, when you do something good/bad to a small animal, it can transform to a human form to requite/revenge.

    • Wasn’t there a story about a man that fucked a swan only to have it turn into a beuatiful woman?

      That story probably started when a horny guy had a boner, stuck it in a swan, and while finishing off got caught by his buddies, he laid low for a few weeks told his friends that he was with the swan who “turned into a woman but he opened the door and she ran away” so his gullible friends wouldn’t hound him for being into beasitality.

  • but that’s not another life on earth though.
    btw, none of those 2ch losers make sense. Compare the population of U.S. and Japan. More people live in the Unites States, therefore, there are more crimes. Of Course, there are many factors in crime rate.

    However I’m sure that Americans don’t buy schoolgirls under wares in the middle of the road just like those Japaneses do. Every country have problems, and they aren’t the same.

    And common, we’re listening to those otakus who do nothing but staring at 2d girls. Bottom line is :

  • partly it’s due to the media and famous peoples attitudes.

    There’s to many famous people in the west that have had jail time or would do crime.

    They need to change what’s in aka modern pop culture if you will.

  • What a stupid question.

    Couldn’t one also say: “I heard in Japan they eat a lot of rice. Is that why they have a lower crime rate?”

    One has nothing to do with the other.
    Japan has a lower crime rate because of a variety of factors – religion isn’t one of them.

  • Religion isn’t the problem, like many simply claim. The problem is society and people. Here in Canada, I have rarely met a person who preached hatred and fear to the public; those that do actually have people pointing and laughing behind his back. But Canada is a very accepting country, and we don’t oppress any group of people (though it is without exceptions) – this, as well as the fact that we are majorly Christian.

    I don’t really like blaming Religion for all our problems, and rightfully so. In reality, Religion is only part of the problem, but hardly the main one.

  • One: society, no one in Japan has the balls to do anything, or if they do then they’re psychopaths.
    Two: IT’S ILLEGAL TO OWN WEAPONS IN JAPAN. SWORDS, GUNS, AIR GUNS, SPIKED BASEBALL BATS ETC. The majority of the police don’t even own a gun.

  • I am of the belief that nothing good has or ever will come from religion, with regards to all of the bad that has come of it. The number of wars started in the name of organized religion is preposterous.

    That’s what I don’t refer to myself as religious, or participate in formalities like church. Religion is tainted with the blood of many. I can be “spiritual” and believe in a higher power without forcing my beliefs onto anyone or starting a war.

    Also: I think most Japanese people are more timid than people in North American society. This in turn reduces crime due to a higher fear of reprimand, as well as likelihood of reporting crimes that occurred against them, due to fear of some kind of social stigma.

    • The ONLY good thing that came from religion was the monks who preserved a great number of important roman and greek books by constantly copying and recopying them.

      If it wasn’t for the monks the philosophers of rome and greece would have been erased from history after rome fell.

    • Compared to the number of wars over land, money, gold, silver, resources, oil, diamonds, government, propaganda, corporate agenda, reputation, country, personal indifference, etc…

      Just because someone thinks the idea of higher entities is ridiculous doesn’t make all the other causes of war tolerable.

      It’s ignorant to think that just religion is the sole instigator of war when the last major one was about 100+ years ago, and every decade there’s one fought over land or country or whoever is sitting in the government high chair.

  • I think this distinction sort of ignores certain cultural characteristic and social structure of the Japanese society compare to say US one.

    For example Japanese have a large and very robust police force that is well integrated amongst general population.

    They also keep track of their individuals and families much more closely then certain libertarian Americans are likely to accept.

    There is also rigid social expectation that comes both from the traditional Confectionist-like philosophy and prominent large family structures that reinforce social acceptable behaviors onto individuals.

    Among other possible modern factors, high literacy rate, educated work force, social programs, etc all contribute to specific results, although to say definitively that one factor can account for a data point might be a little simplistic.

    To an American a least, the way Japanese police functions is rather akin to “big brother-lite”, in the fashion of a “Friendly Police state” as stipulated by a documentary I saw a couple of years ago. (BBC I think?)

    There is also the concept of the individualist vs collectivist concept concept mentioned by 2ch commenter, and I think that’s another important social denominator, and while Japan seem to have become more individualistic in the modern times, the cultural norm is still heavily favorite collectivist expectations. Its interesting we sometimes see this tension between the two play out in the anime.

    Man, I wish I can still cite the specific documentary I saw. :/ I use to be able to articulate this better.

  • anyone ever figure it may be because they’re just much more well informed on the world?

    knowledge of the real world does tend to have an affect on one’s ‘faith’…

    hell, in the US we have higher rates of crime in states with people who are more religious, then ones who are less.

    I don’t think it’s religion that’s the issue, rather people are just misinformed, ignorant, or just plain stupid >.>

  • Japanese people don’t commit as many crimes because culturally speaking many of them have felt compelled to follow the rules of society since they were born. I think it has more to do with how they were raised, considering Japan is a rice farming culture where only through collective co-operation can you maximize crop yields. That sort of cultural system persists into modern times and so Japanese people have an ingrained belief not to interfere too much in the lives of others for the sake of social harmony.

    Americans on the other hand shed blood for their sense of entitlement, self determination and individuality. It’s only obvious that a culture founded by violence for those ideals would then maintain those ideals through the violence of their criminals who all feel they have some reason or another to commit crimes for themselves without thinking about the effects that has on other people.

    Of course individual values still play a role in every culture, so it’s not like Japan is completely devoid of crime. Most of the crime there consists of what society frowns least upon, such as white collar crime, corruption and sex crimes. Rape is still something you get off on a 2-5 year prison sentence if the police believe the victim wasn’t “asking for it”.

    • Additionally, the argument that Japan is so safe and efficient only because 98% of the population is Japanese only goes so far as to how much that 98% obeys the social and cultural norms.

      Obviously a sudden influx of immigrants who don’t share those values will cause a change in the way things are done, for better or worse. But a slow trickle of immigrants would surely cause people to embrace the dominant culture and thus even someone who is black or white would end up doing as the Japanese do. So in that way the only attack to social harmony would probably be Japanese society rejecting them because they look different and the inevitable counter attacks (through courts, arguments etc) that result from that. I can only imagine how much passive aggressive behavior white,black and other asian people have to deal with when working in Japan.

  • This is comparing apples and oranges.

    Japan isn’t an atheist country, for the most part far from it. Shinto and Buddhism are the major factions while Christianity, Muslim, Jewish and other small denominations of different faith populate the rest. Atheists are a very small minority.

    Once that fact is out there, this question bombs on attempting to try and justify their ignorant criticism.

    Now we’re just comparing societies. Japan is stable and organized and their laws and the people’s adherence to authority prevent crime rates from being high. Their society is old, literally in terms of age of the population. It’s not that the people are too old to commit crimes, rather they conform to those quieter practices and attitudes.

    Basically, less weapons to carry out the crimes, lesser drive to actually commit them.

    • Yes, and I think that brings up a wonderful point too. Most of the population (nearly 88%) adhere to Shinto and Buddhism. All this says to me is that Christianity and Catholicism are shit and they brainwash people into doing criminal acts in the name of a POS Religion. IMO all religion is BS … when we die we rot in the ground just like everybody else. Religion is just a tool to control people. Atheism ftw. And don’t even bring up Agnostics, they are seriously just the pussy version of Atheists. jm2c on the whole religion aspect. In terms of why crime in Japan is low … I feel its a combination of a lot of factors. Crimes not being reported, gun laws, cultural, religious, etc etc…

  • Religious people tend to be more violent because they tend to be irrational. To believe in a Giant Invisible Sky Fairy, one would have to toss logic and reason aside.

    It also allows for a lack of personal accountability (God will forgive me of all my transgressions) as well as a reason not to value the life of oneself or any other (I’ll have my rewards in the next life).

    All in all, religion is the cancer on the prostate of humanity, and as long as the majority of people remain uneducated and irrational, it’ll continue to spread and do damage.

    • My logic and reasoning is very much as strong as yours, The7k. The fact that I believe in God does not mean that I am uneducated, nor that I have blinds over my eyes. And personal accountability? I believe asking God for forgiveness means that you are accounting for your actions, because if you’ve wronged someone, it is your duty to apologize and right things after asking for said forgiveness. You can’t just keep sinning and asking for forgiveness, you have to change in order to receive acceptance into Heaven.

    • Are you talking about people who are religious or people who just say they have affiliate with a religion but don’t practice at all?

      I really would like a list of the last major war in the last 200 years that the MAIN cause was because of religion and compare that to the bloodiest most violent wars in the history of mankind and their causes.

        • There’s a difference between using religion as propaganda tool and religion as the main cause of starting a war. Religious wars are caused solely by an indifference in religion. Hitler and the Nazi regime detested the Allied Powers for suppressing Germany so much, crippling them after World War I. His racial purge of Germany was more racially motivated. If you weren’t “not Aryan” he would have you killed.

          As for the Crusades, true. No denying that was religious, intolerant, frankly it was stupid. It was 800 years ago also. It wasn’t the bloodiest most violent war either. Better do your research instead of just pulling familiar things out of the air.

          How many people died in the Crusades all in all? 500,000? Maybe?

          The Thirty Year’s War, fought between Catholics and Protestants in Europe, was deadlier…almost 12 million. That was 400 years ago also.

          World War II…60,000,000 people. Add World War I fought some 30 years before…almost 90 million people. How long ago? 60 years? Just because back then Germany couldn’t hold it in.

        • Yes, but he drove the people to do what they did via an attack on mostly religion, but also blacks, gays, gypsies, etc. The point is that religion was used as a major selling point for the war, much like aethism was used against Communism.

          Anyway, the bloodiest and most violent wars would probably be the Crusades, which were *gasp* religiously driven and can be directly related to the problems in the Middle East even today. The whole “kill enemies in service of Allah” clause was added after the first crusade…

  • Im a Christian but we arnt all zelots. Im what I like to call an open minded christian, in other words I believe in god and Christ but I also believe that science isnt evil, a belief in evolution and aliens does NOT controdict a belief in god and Im also think that people should choose there religion. Ill spread the good news as we call it but if you dont care to hear it I wont force it on you. Sadly Im one of a few who think this way.

  • I just love how those Japanese don’t take anything seriously and just joke about it.

    Those comments are hilarious and witty.


    Chill out people.

  • I love this stuff….

    okay here I go…
    in the truth in the matter the japanese dont really care for the christian it the Ideal of the bibles…

    Like for example Insect… love between mom x sister x brother x father x ect. it mandatory in the bible, but people that are atheist have common scene to make laws that keep things in bay.

    Like second reason is that there is a new god being made every two weeks.

    Religion is a waste of time at the end you ether pick your self up and dusting yourself off and keep going, or commit suicide.

    lastly mankind are going to become gods sooner or later anyways….

  • It’s quite obvious that atheists are more moral than Christians, despite the exact opposite told by the Christians in order to brainwash their children into believing a pile or horseshit without evidence.

  • It’s been known for a few decades that atheists and other non-theists make up a proportionally smaller segment of prison population in western countries.

    Based on data taken during an study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation during the 90s, it was shown that while atheists make up ~14% of the population in the US, they only make up 0.21% of the prison population.


    A recent study published in the Journal of Religion and Society ( http://moses.creighton.edu/JRS/2005/2005-11.html ) backs this up and shows that the countries with higher levels of religiosity have higher crime rates, higher levels of teen pregnancy, more abortions, more sexually transmitted diseases, and lower life expectancy. Those that were more secular enjoyed lower societal problems across the board.

    Here’s an interesting analysis of that paper, and low and behold it refers to the Japanese people:

    • Though not the same, I’m thinking there’s a strange similarity to notion of ‘violent Islam.’ I’m not trying to make a point based on the roots of any given religion. I just wonder how many of self-proclaimed religious prison population are using that towards their own ends, or as an excuse. Like the average Muslim will likely decry the radical terrorists who claim to work in Allah’s name, etc.

      I think I lost my train of though…

  • It’s because people are just “brought up” as Christians rather than choosing it at the lowest point of their lives, (which basically give them the leeway to shove Christianity under the table and only bring it up when necessary.) That’s why some prisoners make some of the best Christians. They have nothing to lose.

  • If a christian has a choice of whether or not to murder a man, he’ll know that “god will forgive him” and snuff the man’s life out without a second thought, go to confession a week later, and pray the priest doesn’t report to a cop.

    Atheists know judges are pretty unforgiving of murder.

    • o.o Really? I thought you were supposed to be genuinely sorry for your sins. Say your sorry and don’t mean it even for a single instant and it doesn’t work. Hard to fake when He’s All-Knowing.

      Repentance only works in a very narrow sense that you have to whole heartedly be sorry for your sins. However, I can’t say that all denominations believe that. Some people believe no matter what you do you can go to heaven. Basically that’s a meal ticket which to other are wrong.

    • Chritians know that murder is a sin and it is forbidden by God, it’s one of the 10 basic rules.

      Atheist know that once they die there’s no eternal punishment awaiting them, so they can “sin” freely and even kill without worrying about it.

      • As an Atheist I don’t murder or steal or rape, o wait that isn’t in the bible… er nvm it is they approve… I don’t do things because it is not something I would want to happen to me. We live our lives like it is our one and only shot, THAT is a good enough reason to be a good person. Now go ahead and explain why criminals will go to confession instead of a police station?

      • From my own personal experience, when I was a Christian having heated discussions on atheist forums most people were polite and at worst I was just mocked. Now that I’m an atheist, when I’m posting on Christian forums I get serious death threats all the time.

        I’m not trying to generalize atheists or religious people, but when you start to see religion from an outsider’s perspective you begin to see some really comically irrational behavior.

        • Anonymous @ 03:07:

          “[url=http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Bullshit]Almost every atheist[/url]” is sick and tired of the usual [i]”Evolution is impossible because of the second law of thermodynamics”[/i] type arguments or hearing the Kalam cosmological argument being regurgitated fifteen times a day. Oh, and don’t forget the usual Bible quote spam. Gotta love them Bible quote spammers.

          If you’re a learned individual looking for some serious debating; stay away from places like YouTube and find a proper place to debate. If you don’t, stop QQing about being trolled by “almost every atheist”.

        • Having faith in a deity can be a good thing, I enjoy the belief that when I die, there’s a place I’ll be able to sit down and have a Dr Pepper with those who went before me. It’s a coping strategy, but everyone has one of those,

          Organized religion is the main problem. It’s faith in people being closer to G-d and instructing you so one day you can be as close as them. From a Jew’s perspective, Christianity has become less about following Jesus and more about what your pastor/preacher tells you do.

          Follow your G-d, and not your book.

        • it might be true, but some people like me will take a look at that statement, but most likely if they said something like earth is 6k years old then i can jump to conclusion that he’s stupid right away

        • It goes for both sides, almost every Atheist dismiss every argument you could make as soon as they know you’re a religious person… because they see you as “stupid, ignorant, and surely you still believe in the easter bunny” person.

      • Yea sure…that’s why preachers say that murderers can confess on their deathbed and say they love christ, get a blessing from a priest, and go to heaven, while every non christian no matter how much good they’ve done in their lives gets to burn in hell.

        • @pluki7

          Go in iraq, jordan, or any middle east country and tell that to a muslim, if you’re still alive come back to tell me you did it. In the quran it is explicitly mentioned that apostases deserve death, in the middle east any apostate of islam gets killed. I’ve talked with many muslims on that issue (even moderate ones) they all agree that betraial of god is justly punished with death. I dunno if your country is highly muslim but it seems to be a very odd kind of muslim country.

        • @rockbottom

          I was born and live in Indonesia, which has the largest muslim population in the world. I am a Christian, and I have many friends here who have left Islam for Christianity. It’s not a dream.

        • People extrapolated 6,000 years based on ages of people in the bible and real life events. No exact age was ever cited.

          Just for your information, earth is 4.5 BILLION years old. Life is 3.6? 3.7 billion years? I forget…when did the first protocell appear again?

        • Even if God doesn’t actively send people to hell he is apparently too weak to give everyone an equal opportunity to believe in him and they still end up in hell anyways. You think a child born in the middle of a muslim country is going to become a christian? No, dream on.

        • Highly conservative Roman Catholic…if you so much as sneezed or yawned in that hellhole you’d get a bunch of grumpy old people looking at you like you went up to the holy water and pissed in it.

          And a lot of the people I know are the “believe or burn” people.

          I can respect your beliefs because you have a decent belief in God…I grew up with the smiting wrathful vengeful dick one.

        • I don’t know what kind of fucked up church do you go to, but it sounds kinda cool with all that “accept God or burn in hell” lies and “murder is ok” bullshit.

          The bible says murder is wrong, among other things and that Only God can take a life, there’s no “I’m sorry I killed, may I enter to heaven please?” that’s what Hell is for, murderers and other sinners, Christ doesn’t forgive murder, neither does he condemn inocent people just because they don belivie in him… The bible says “Even if one doesn’t believe in God, God believes in him”.

  • “In the US, there’s one god for 300 million people.

    In Japan, there’s 8 million gods, that’s 1 to 15. Plenty for everyone.”

    for some reason, the quote above makes me laugh so hard (in a good way).

  • cute…

    capital crimes are down and are only about 1/4 to 1/3 of other western countries, it’s still higher than the crime rates in china for that matter

    but sex crimes are the manyfold of what the numbers are in western countries…

    so pick your poison…

    • Nice try anon but before lying on the internet you should do some research. Sex crime in Japan is also less than in the west. Try opening your eyes next time….in the west they actually claim 1 in 3 women is sexually assaulted in her life. If your theory is correct, that would mean that every woman in Japan can expect to be assaulted.

    • i’m a caffinist. i believe in the power of coffee and the control that it has over the entire world. think about this: if all the world’s coffee supply just up and disappeared one day. you wake up and there’s no coffee. anymore. ever. the world would be thrown into the most horrendous state of tumultuous chaos and the end would pretty near be that moment.
      think about that one.

    • Agnosticism is for those who want to be atheist but don’t want to upset anybody. I used to be agnostic until I realised that it can only help perpetuate the root of evil.

      Now I am atheist and I know why.

      Why should we give credence to anyone who proposes completely unsupported statements and if anyone questions them says they don’t need evidence, just faith. This wouldn’t work for anything else, except maybe Banking.

      Religion does not help provide stability, morals or justice. It can only provide an excuse for putting them aside.

        • [quote]Atheism is not the belief that a god exists or does not exist[/quote]

          Don’t tell that me you went ape just because I didn’t say that atheists [i]lacked[/i] a belief. Believing that no god exist is about as silly as believing that one does.

          [quote]…but rather, it builds up on the idea that what cannot be proven or is obviously proven false cannot be justifiably thought of as truth.[/quote]

          How you get from point A to point B is none of my concern. You’re still lacking a belief in a god.

          [quote]That does not mean that atheism denies the possibility of intelligent involvement in the growth of either life on earth, the sun, or even the whole universe.[/quote]

          Don’t you just love them Raeliens? And the Buddhists. Can’t forget the Buddhists…

          Wait a minute… where did I say that atheists did? Since you’re replying to me, I assume that I said it somewhere… *checks*… nope.

          [quote]All atheism denies, is the god inside all of our major religions, which has been proven one too many times.[/quote]

          Did I say that atheists denied something else? Actually… I wouldn’t even say that atheists denies the existence of a god. Denying something would mean that you believe it to be false, and thus go against the very thing you started your reply with.

          [quote]In essence, the most significant difference between atheism and agnosticism is that the first refuse belief without proof, and the second take no stance without proof.[/quote]

          I’d say that the most significant difference between the two is that one means “without a god” whereas the other means “without knowledge”.

          Being “without a god” (atheism) doesn’t in any way imply that you also reject Ptolemy’s geocentric model of the universe. I sure hope you have better reasons for doing that.

        • You have some warped views on atheism, lolicon.
          Atheism is not the belief that a god exists or does not exist, but rather, it builds up on the idea that what cannot be proven or is obviously proven false cannot be justifiably thought of as truth.

          Atheists do not believe in god because there is not a single clue to such existence. That does not mean that atheism denies the possibility of intelligent involvement in the growth of either life on earth, the sun, or even the whole universe. Rather, atheists see this as a scientific matter: a theory needs to have grounds on some logical observable phenomena, less has no grounds to claim validity.

          All atheism denies, is the god inside all of our major religions, which has been proven one too many times.

          In essence, the most significant difference between atheism and agnosticism is that the first refuse belief without proof, and the second take no stance without proof.

          Personally, after applying the scientific method, I discovered that atheism is the most logical way to think of it. Nothing short of clear observable evidence is going to change my mind.

        • [quote]agnostics aren’t sure, theists believe in a god[/quote]

          One believes, but neither of them claims to know.

          Imagine someone flipping a coin. He/she catches the coin on the back of one hand and covers it with the other.

          Is it heads or tails?

          You would necessarilly be [i]agnostic[/i] regarding the side of the coin because you couldn’t possibly [i]know[/i] which side landed up. It wouldn’t, however, influence your [i]believef[/i] in which side landed face up up.

          You would be either an [i]agnostic headist[/i], or an [i]agnostic tailist[/i]. You could, of course, give a rats ass and be an [i]agnostic aparesultist[/i].

          The point is that agnosticism isn’t a position between theism and atheism. Agnosticism deals with knowledge while theism/atheism deals with belief.

          You’ve obviously been told that theists know that there is a god, and that atheists know that there are no gods. They don’t. You could be a either and still not know whether any god or gods exists.

    • Agnosticism is the most pretentious viewpoint. Only hipster teenagers say they are agnostic because they want to be edgy.

      Saying you’re agnostic is kinda retarded because, of course, there is neither a 100% chance that theism is wrong and there is neither a 100% chance that atheism is right. But you have to choose one of them in order to progress. That’s how science has worked and how humanity has always worked. Imagine everyone went like this: “Ok Cauchy, your limit theory sounds interesting, but you know, math is based on axioms not on definite evidence, so it might be true but it also might be wrong. Both might be true so we won’t go into any of those, since we are agnostic.”

      Agnostics are petty wastes of air and water who just hinder humanity with their “view point” which is practically pointing out common known facts.

      • They have to choose? That’s a lot of bullshit. Why choose an answer in a matter with no answer? There view point is the most truthful. They fucking don’t know. At least their not assholes claiming they know shit they can’t know.
        There view is the most logical. Logic is immature in our days? They have to choose something and start throwing rocks like all the other idiots around?
        If that’s what hipster teenagers choose then they are a lot smarter that you.

    • It’s pretty convenient, too. But still, you are bound to the god-thingie somehow. I for example simply don’t care. It doesn’t really matter if there’s a god or two… or none. Why bother when you can conveniently ignore the matter?

      • I have two questions for you. Do you believe there is a god? If yes, then you are a theist, if no then you are an atheist. Do you know if there is or is not a god? If yes, then you are gnostic, if no, then you are agnostic. Think of a cartesian plane, or an (x,y) grid. Agnostic/gnostic lies on the “x” axis, and theist/atheist lies on the “y” axis. You can’t not know if you believe in a god or not, and you can’t not know if you know or don’t know a god exists. So my question to you is, are you a gnostic atheist, agnostic atheist, gnostic theist, or agnostic theist?

      • Because ignoring matters is simply running away and that’s a no-no *stifles laughter*

        You bother because its fun using rationality against faith and that not bothering removes some of the fun from having an ego *wink wink*

        • In my country there’s a saying: “the cleverer give in”. Actually that’s pretty twisted, but explains the reign of idiots. Let’s just say I don’t find it pretty important if god(s) exist or not. It’s a trivial thing. Sometimes I write for the simple lulz of it, like right now.

          Faith >> rationality, after all you can’t beat someone, who won’t listen, with words.

          btw, I think the ‘not having an ego’-thing is also a pretty good reason for japanese having low crime-rates. I’m not japanese but I too normally can’t be bothered with an ego. This thing tends to create narrow-minded people.

    • Why is crime lower in Japan that other countries? Because it’s full of Japanese people.

      Why do people smile at you when you smile first in Thailand? Because it’s full of Thai people.

      Why do people talk with their hands all the time in Italy? Because it’s full of Italians.

      It’s more of a cultural thing than a strictly religious issue IMO.

      • from what this site has at least pointed out in many different articles, most japanese are very unwilling to report crimes done to them. They fear public reproach and disgust more than the justice they could receive.

        EX: man who raped 50 women or more and still wasnt reported.

        • “Phantom crime” is the cry of communists and paranoiacs. It’s also one of feminism’s favourite tricks….”I know that the crime statistics say that you’re safe but you have to be afraid (and buy lots of products and services that we’ll market to you for your security) because there is PHANTOM CRIME running rampant. I can’t give you any statistics, or facts or evidence but hurry, vote away even more of your liberties and privacies so we can keep you forever safe from PHANTOM CRIME.”

          Reminds me of the craze in America in the 80’s for convicting “satanic day care centres” where dozens of people went to jail all over the country after psychologists used “repressed memories” to convince people they’d been abused. Every single conviction was overturned and the whole craze was just national idiocy.

    • I don’t really think religion is the reason their crime rates are so abnormally low, i think it’s because cops in japan are more worried about the police’s image than actually catching criminals.

    • Many religions make for a more tolerant society. That simple.

      Whereas America! with it’s one MAIN religion(christianity) and it’s many versions make a shit hole and a breeding place for hate crime and confused children.

        • Wow. Science is not a belief system (which include both Buddhism and Christianity) but a method of verifying ideas.

          I guess you could call “religion” a belief system with beliefs (ideas) that don’t change.

          Also, what someone said above about humility made a lot of sense. Americans (me too) are NOT taught to be humble, our society seems to idolize pride, whether glamorous or notorious. Our media treats criminals the same way as they would treat heroes. Just a thought.

        • without science we wouldn’t had swords to kill with or

          FU FU FU

          Swords were made during the time science didn’t yet exist.

          Big sticks were found whenever someone found a reason to bash another one’s head in.

          Weapons have little to do with science and more to THE BURNING RAGGGGGGGGGGGE to KILLLLLLLL.

          Imma take away yer science and science-post yer overpriced computer to my house.

        • mass production made it possible to inflict death on a larger scale then ever they made tanks and bombers on assembly lines they mass produced death in fact I would say death is all humans want to produce no “religion” will ever change that and we will all wipe each other out with our mass produced death bombs….

          so I’m just goin to fap tell i die

        • first off science has killed a ton of people
          without science we wouldn’t had swords to kill with or guns OR chemical weapons OR nuclear bombs.

          not to mention science is also responsible for the mutation of any number of infections and virus

          it has done more harm then it has done good.
          by comparison religion has only been used by extremist to kill people

          AND extremist religions used science to do it

          If you saw some christian actually heal someone miraculously you wouldn’t believe it because its got to be some sort of trick