The Most Pirated Games of 2009


A ranking of the most pirated games of 2009 provides a measure of popularity of sorts, and seems to demonstrate that the misgivings publishers have about piracy rates on the PC are not all froth after all.

The games, as measured by copies illegally distributed through torrenting:


1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (4,100,000)

2. The Sims 3 (3,200,000)

3. Prototype (2,350,000)

4. Need For Speed Shift (2,100,000)

5. Street Fighter IV (1,850,000)


1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (970,000)

2. Street Fighter IV (840,000)

3. Prototype (810,000)

4. Dirt 2 (790,000)

5. UFC 2009 Undisputed (720,000)


1. New Super Mario Bros. (1,150,000)

2. Punch-Out!! (950,000)

3. Wii Sports Resort (920,000)

4. The House of the Dead: Overkill (860,000)

5. Mario Power Tennis (830,000)



(PS3 ISOs are distributed but there is no way of running them)

Although it is uncertain what percentage of these downloads would actually have resulted in a lost sale, it certainly seems the PS3 enjoys an almost unprecedented advantage in this area, for game developers at any rate.

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  • I dont really see too much of an issue w/ pirating. Dont be a stupid company and make stupid decisions and your game wont be pirated except by the tards that steal everything no matter what. Here is a perfect example.

    Borderlands Vs CoD:MW2

    DRM:Borderlands purposfully has NO DRM while MW2 included the latest batch uf “unhackable” DRM from activision.

    Community:Borderlands was made FOR gamers BY gamers and utilized community input and continues to listen to its community for its expansion packs. MW2 blatantly ignored ALL input from its community and specifically took away things it KNEW its client base expected (see dedicated servers, and many other advanced features available in past offerings). Not only that but MW2 Dev’s continue to ignore all input from its community and go against the flow of its user base.

    Distribution: Borderlands publishers decide to opt out and NOT use steam due to its invasiveness on user systems and the conflict of interest it presents w/ Valve. It offers standard(see old school dvd) distribution against the current trend of download with DRM(gamespy,impulse,steam). MW2 offers current trend distribution only and your game MUST be connected to the internet and verified to even think about playing it.

    Scorecard: Borderlands is not often pirated and most copies pirated turn into purchases so you can play multiplayer with friends as multiplayer is strong and continues to improve with each expansion. MW2 is the most pirated game of the year and may wind up most pirated of the decade at this rate. Most copies DO NOT turn into purchases due to advances in hamachi and users developing advanced coding for the game themselves have made their own dedicated servers and community. No need to buy a version of the game with less features ensures this trend will only get stronger

    Read this and MAYBE developers will understand how making video games works. Here is a few tips… Dont claim you know all, listen to your users. Pretty simple right? Apparently not for infinity ward….

      • Initially borderlands (see Gearbox) refused to use steam but caved after forum requests started showing up. Just google gearbox refuses steam to see the original interview with Gearbox and how they planned on NOT using steam. I may sound like a borderlands fanboi but I will attribute its retraction of position on its ability to listen to their customers (or future customers) requests. How are MW2 issues being handled so far…. OHHHHH wait, they arent.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          I agree with you save on the apparent demonization of Steam.

          As long as developers aren’t forced to introduce DRM crap into their products in order to get them on Steam, I think it’s all fine and dandy.

          And I somewhat want to believe that it isn’t Infinity Ward the ones with the assholic behavior here, but Activision. We’ll have to wait and see Treyarch’s next entry in the series to be 100% sure about this, though.

  • Well the ps3 definetly has the advantage but not from a gamers point of view just the developers but microsoft is stopping this on the xbox isn’t it because there were loads of articles on this site about modded 360 users being banned from xbox live, i suppose thats a start but that doesn’t really stop the problem though.

  • I’m a game developer (console platforms), and I can assure you that third party (non-publisher owned, i.e. publisher-independtent) game developers do not care.

    In fact we sometimes pirate games ourselves (privately anyway, but sometimes just to get ahold of hard-to-get reference titles when we design a new game. For research, of course).

  • Am i the only one who’s noticed that Piracy for these main systems are such a big deal now that the game’s aren’t of the same quality as they used to be?

    I think it’s pretty simple. Start making genuine fun games and people will buy them. Keep doing a bullshit job and only focusing on the graphics instead of the gameplay and people will continue pirating. Because who wants to pay for a lousy game?

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    I’ve heard it said that a bank robber is not a ‘radical’ by any means, that he himself is one of the strongest supporters of “The System” in that he absolutely agrees with the value of the money he takes from the banker.

    The companies should be flattered if anything about the downloading issue. Just put out nice messages to support them for their labors, they’ll be popular with people who can’t afford ’em in the recession right now but when the economy improves will go back to buying their stuff. Whereas though they of course would want to protect their intellectual property, the spreading of the materials does more good in advertising than hurting in lost sales. It probably opens up a market to them that would otherwise not browse their games.

    And, btw, one thing I DON’T download is “Pirated Games”.

    Anyone who’s been following my posts knows that my M/O is “Buy no game system under a year old”. I just wait and watch and then buy from a used shop. Just before X-Mas as a gift to myself I got Lego Star Wars and Batman from a Pawn shop for US$5 each. Fun games, and US$5 is so worth it in time versus having my computer 75% tied up mastering a DVD for 12 hours, not counting download time. If I’d bought ’em at $20 each, okay… And I’d REALLY have had “Buyers Remorse” getting them each at $60. But I just waited a while, $5 each, no need for “Piracy”.

    I don’t think these big companies are hurt by piracy, if anything they are helped. Smaller makers, however might be. The guy that made BilesToad (ancient game, anyone remember?) said his game was a multi-million user ‘hit’ but he himself barely sold his first “Print run” of a few thousand. Myself, yes, I first wanted the game BAD when I saw my friends playing pirated copies. I plead the 5th on anything I did regarding that;-) And I actually went with B-Day money to buy it from the software store but no one there knew about it, how to order it, and treated me like dirt trying to ask about it. That was pre-www and mostly pre-internet…

    • If it takes you 12 hours to burn a disk then you either have an extremely slow computer that couldn’t run it anyways or a really crappy burner. It takes around 15 minutes or less to burn a disk and if it is a movie that needs reencoding then it takes at most 2 to 3 hours.

      • Barbarian of Gor says:

        Or my relative “Green” ness to the subject…

        For raw data backup, my DVDs go pretty fast, though with “External HDDs” more affordable, I prefer those nowadays. Gonna get a Terrabyte one ASAP!!! I do “Double fault” for stuff I like (comics, porn, books) and “Triple + fault” for critical things.

        However, I’ve made a few DIY porn (collections of favorite parts of porn movies) DVDs and it took F*cking forever. The DVD software (nero) laid everything out and let me demo it, but then the mix-down to DVD readable track really took a long time to grind it out/convert it. Maybe I should have converted a file before adding it to software that presented itself as “Drag and Drop”…

        Haven’t ever tried making a PS2 DVD either. I’m patient and can just wait till I see things available. Might want to burn a CD for older stuff, that is waaayyyy past any company even existing/interested and I’d get scalped for: Dreamcast titles, SegaCD… (Saturn, perhaps, if I get one)

  • I am not sure how much game pirating affects sales. What I do know is that pirating should not affect the game financial success of a game. Games like MW and GTA SA may have been pirated a lot but they still sold massive amounts of numbers. I am of the opinion that majority of people who pirate software, movies, music, etc. would never buy the game new in the first place. Before napster got hit I used to download music. I never bought a cd before or since. I literally own 7 cds that were gifts. The film industry is the same. You either are going to go to the theater or not. I wouldn’t spend a dollar to watch Ishtar. A lot of games that have flopped that were good flopped for more tangible reasons. Freespace 2 flopped because the space sim genre was on its way out. Okami had a bad advertising campaign. I would even say the box itself needed some work. The Legacy of Kain series lost its way a bit after Soul Reaver. SR2, BO2, Defiance were very similiar to each other in gameplay. SR2 while I would consider it have normal gameplay time nowadays was extremely short when it came out. It could be finished in 10 to 12 hours and Soul Reaver 1 took around 60 according to box. Probably 40 to 50 with a faq on your lap. I distinctly remember reviewers considering it half a game. Most game failures can be traced to something other than pirating. If pirating ceased to exist I doubt various industries would see a substantial increase in revenue.

  • lets see

    In the world we’re living now
    Sales for ‘This Game’ is 160K copies
    but ‘This Game’ was dled 900K times, if they can’t pirate it, we won’t have this poor sales… is it?

    In the world where we can’t pirate anything
    Sales for ‘This Game’ is 160K copies
    why is it the same as the world of piracy?

    as I bought ps3, as there’s no options, I simply bought the one that I really like only, became more picky in buying stuff. buying off stock clearance games, 2nd hand, whatever.

    as if I would spend my 1/n monthly salary for that piece of crap. got $100 budget monthly, Disgaea 4 ($40), Sim Crap ($65), Atelier Something ($50), re-skinned FPS with a little bit theme changes ($70)

    I’ll be happy with my disgaea 4 and atelier something for hundreds of hours, than buying sims crap or buying re-skinned FPS with a little bit theme changes.

  • I’m lucky living in a Country were I can freely buy Pirated Games and DVDS especially Movies .

    Pirated DVDs are as crystal clear as original DVDs minus The Fucking Stupid Special Features because all we want is to enjoy the fucking movie not Stupid Special Features .

    If People say Pirated Goods are Bad , then your most probably a westerner .

    From Where I live , We Support Pirates . ARGH !!!!!

  • and still the sales of PS3 and 360 multiplat titles show no large differences which tells me the effect of pirates on sales is moot

    and on a second note MW2 was torrented over number as protest or simple rage like spore

  • Its a play before you buy type of deal for me, I mainly download games, only PC tho, to see if it’l run or not such as Crysis for example, if itss any good and works without much frame rate loss then I’l buy it. the companies stil lget there money from me, just not as first.

    Also I only see it as something bad if your putting it onto disk and selling it as a legit copy.

  • Just to let everyone know if you do a quick search for the top selling games you will see a very similar list to this top pirated games list. That pretty uch confirms that the most pirated games are the best selling games so at least in cases like this piracy has no effect on the sales.

    • I guess people on here are idiots if they vote down the truth that is easily found. I guess some people here would rather believe the corporations version of the truth then the “real” truth. The real truth (through easily found methods) is that in most cases piracy has either no effect or a negligible effect on game sales.

      Next time you want to vote down then comment on your reasons for doing so. If you don’t then I guess you are a coward that has no reason and it can be ignored.

      • why to pirat MW2 on the pc… oh dedicated servers/!? Just might be the reason? they fucked up big time with the direct port and no Dedicated servers the game is bugg as hell atm and needs alot to fix out, some issues with even playing the game with certen network gear and even then it might just kick you for shit’s and giggles. this game has fault’s and unless they iron it the fuck out in my book it’s gona be a fail.

  • this suddenly springs up on my mind.

    i think pirating is sort of like watching a ball game over the fence, you watch the game for free, the game host still makes money from regular ticket buyers, where as theft is just sneaking in and hog the seat inside the stadium.

    for people watching the game over the fence, you don’t necessary have the option of having the best view(or even paid seats, if the seat is expensive). as for the game host, they still makes a profit.

    there was alway people watching over the fence, and there is always will.

    it is only a problem when the ball game isn’t profitable to run.

    • In the vein of pointing out that piracy is not as bad as it sounds, I think piracy should be the opposite of a statutory offense. IE: You can’t be charged for piracy unless you’re over 21 or something similar. By then, you should have a job and be able to purchase your own entertainment, but before then, you’re a kid who most likely has little to no income; you may be under the impression that you are “sticking it to the man”; and it’s sort of the cool thing to do. Also, if the product is not available in your country, I don’t think they should be able to get you.

  • Pirates are just cheapskates. They just make justifiable reasons that what they’re doing is right. Pathetic I tell you. They just pass the blame to the developers instead. I’d say FUCK piracy.

  • This reminds me of the PS2 RPG Suikoden V. There’s always crying why Konami is taking so long to make Suikoden VI. Hah, why should they! Grats, you pirates killed the game series, I hope you’re happy.

    In Japan, Suikoden V only sold 195,000 copies compared to Suikoden IV 303,000 copies.

    Well, no matter, mediocre games should just die off and make way for more cinematic Metal Gear Solid.

  • i don’t believe piracy is a big a problem as the company say simply because me like most other people only get what they couldn’t/wouldn’t Buy/afford such as games,manga,anime that are only distributed in japan or that country’s either ban or massacre with censoring,editing,crappy voices and subbing whats wrong with wanting the original product.

  • look, i am a pirate, but i rarely torrent new games cause i think some of the new games suck, but that is only for PC and DS.
    I at least balance it out by not getting my wii or 360 chipped because i find that most PC and DS games are WAY over-priced and that 360 and wii games are priced accordingly

  • Putting equals sign between “copies torrented” and “pirated” always makes me wonder about cluelessness of publishers.

    – p2p is cheap and easy, so people just download. Doesn’t mean they bother playing (“maybe I’ll check it out in the future ? … months later … delete” crowd). If they do, it’s often “oh what a piece of crap, I’m sorry my tiny p2p client I made you download that junk”.

    – if p2p didn’t exist, noone would even fart in the direction of many games, not even mentioning concept of buying.

    – OTOH if the title is good – those that can afford it will often buy it. Those that can’t – wouldn’t buy either way.

    There’re minuscule amount of people that really do well on free, worldwide, unencumbered distribution of their works. For example:

  • Here’s the real damn problem, You got all these game companies that think everyone is a pirate, so they use this shotie ass DRM that cause more problems then they help. Then they stick 50-60$ price tag on a game that’s not even barly worth 20$ 98% of the time and 3rd on the poor suckers that buy the game once they play it and (most games) require you to register the cd key you can’t return it like console games, you are stuck with a game that might A: suck ass B: won’t run on your computer or C: is bugged to hell. Who are the REAL pirates?


      You hit the nail on the head why so many people are going to ‘pirating’: the games are too expensive right now so they could not afford them anyway at the price that the game companies wish to sell them for.

      Plus, the DRM that treats them like CRIMINALS and makes it impossible for them to ‘protect their investment’, ala CD’s, by making a backup copy of said CD or game DVD/Blu-Ray.

      That is the main reason why I did not bite, even though I had said I was going to, for a system. I went online and saw all the HORROR STORIES of PS3 and XBox360 drives eating discs, and I was like “We STILL have this fucking problem?! Hell no, not buying!”

      Time for the game companies to either offer FREE replacement of severely scratched discs OR allow us to back up our discs/install the games totally to the drive once and then NEVER have to put the disc back into the drive ever again.

    • Us, we’re terrible people, these poor companies suffering our plague of stealing invisible products, and then post about roughly how much they lost due to us awful awful people.

      It sickens me.

  • Well, makes sense MW2 PC players got screwed with the haphazard 360 port and loss of dedicated servers with how much people pirate.

    Strange how the internet thinks everything should be free to them now. I’m all for eliminating money, but still…

  • Anonymous said:
    All pirates should just die, you are the reason why pc game industry is dying.

    Consoles/Casuals are a bigger market is why.

    Poor game companies making millions off of completely regurgitated and recopied content. Oh and please bring me more pricey microtransaction based content.

    • This is not necessarily true. Clover Studio — the developers that brought us Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and “I’m like the motherfuckin’ Fist of the North Star” God Hand — is a prime example.

      Okami was rightly hailed by game press as a truly outstanding video game but Clover Studio closed due to poor sales.

      It’s pretty much universally agreed upon that the Legacy of Kain series has some of the best voice acting in the history of video games. The series’ intriguing, mature plot is amazing.

      But there’s a good chance we’ll never see another LoK game because the last couple games sold dismally so publisher Eidos (now known as SquareEnix Europe) doesn’t want to take anymore risks on it. There is proof of this — Crystal Dynamics wanted to make a sixth game and started preliminary development but Eidos canceled it.

      Okami, God Hand, LoK, etc. are anything BUT rehashes and crappy sales killed them, not consoles/casuals.

      • And guess what? I have not bought, downloaded or played any of those 3 games.

        Since I didn’t download tem it probably means that I helped the companies by not stealing money from them. Yay for me. This is great – I’m helping someone by not doing anything.

  • “illegally distributed through torrenting”…
    So if a relative does it and gave all the PC games to me that way, do i get shot by the government?… 😀
    Bcuz this anon is guilty for having those top 5 pc games… aheh… heh…

    • the more you pirate, the more money you steal from the game developers, this is true.
      but Infinity Ward wouldn’t use that money for fixing MW2, and the fact that the pirated version actually had dedicated servers, pirates win this war.

      • Pirating isn’t stealing anything. A 1:1 comparison like that just isn’t true. I’ve personally downloaded games/movies/music that I would never have paid for if I had the money. Where does that fit into the equation? Yet, some of the stuff that I’m downloading and find that I like, I later purchase. Where does that fit in? And don’t say “honor to you” or whatever; I’m certainly not the only one thinking and doing like that.

        Piracy is a rather complex issue, and NOT just “it’s stealing”. Piracy has probably been one of the great pushing forces responsible for forcing publishers to go digital, and/or to just simplify distribution for the consumer, and for the developers. This has also opened up easier routes for developers to bypass the
        publishers, by giving them cheap tools to publish their games themselves.

        Damn. I can’t believe how well the bawwwwing publishers have brainwashed (sorry) the general public like this! It’s the publishers that won’t adapt to the market that suffer – that is true, but not so much those that do adapt, and not so much the developers, unless they’re stuck with publishers that won’t budge.

        • It’s one thing when you’re pirating a successful game.

          It’s another thing when you’re pirating a game that could have really used the sales boost.

          House of the Dead: Overkill had the best characterization and dialogue I’ve observed in a current-gen game. It was also stupid, over-the-top rail shooting fun that I haven’t had since I was a kid playing Area 51 in arcades.

          It’s the best Wii game I’ve played and it got great reviews but its sales were dismal.

          I’m sad to see it on this list.

        • actualy i have an idea how to make distribution easier and make games less cost productive then bringing them to cds and dvds in the factories.
          I would like to suggest,sell my idea that could pretty much help all game companys and other data distributers but i don’t know to who should i turn to share my idea.
          And i will make that idea copyrighted so nobody could steal it from me.

        • Indeed. I pirated alot of stuff myself and I treat it as some form of a “extended demo”. If I really like it, in most cases I end up purchasing the product. And here I’m talking about stuff that I would never ever even consider buying if I didn’t get to try them out via piracy.

        • Karma is arguing based on the laws of demand.

          chen-03 is arguing based on the free rider problem.

          Both are valid you know, and publishers are constantly trying to eliminate free rider problem through innovative means, but I’ve yet to see much success in this area.

          Nonetheless, we consumers benefit a lot from all that, so I am not complaining.

        • @ Karma:

          This would be true, if everyone in the world actually torrented things just as a demo, deleted them if they didn’t like them, or bought them if they did. Nine times out of ten, people just torrent to steal them. I often follow the same process as you and actually buy it if I like it enough, but we’re in an incredibly small minority.

        • >It’s the publishers that won’t adapt
          >to the market that suffer

          True enough, for every piratable product. I just don’t want anime DVDs or music CDs. Why bother buying and _then_ ripping on the computer so I can use them? Or like, I wanna watch Urusei Yatsura from the eighties. Wut? Impossible to buy? Screw the publishers, I have the interwebz!

          (Chen-03, who has still no way of recovering his lost password.)

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          I don’t think it’s Microsoft’s fault that many publishers (such as Activision) don’t consider the beneficial effects of releasing demos of highly expected titles, or that they think infecting the users’ systems with random DRM bullshit is actually a good idea (see 2K Games).

          For more info, check this out:

          It’s long as all hell, but it paints a pretty good picture of the situation, all sides considered.

        • No. While people say it’s “dire”, it’s still in a good condition. Unlike consoles, where developers has to pay royalty to develop games for Sony (PS3) and Microsoft (XboX), you don’t have to pay anything for the PC. Which is why PC is still the best bet for indie game developers. some of these indie games tends to be a hit as well Games like World of Goo, Portal, and Audiosurf were created as indies first, but then picked up by larger game developers and became more famous.

          Another thing is the ease of modding on the PC compared to te consoles, as this also lead to some popular mods that sometimes eclipse the original games. Will we ever see soemthing like the Counter Strike phenomenon on the console. No. But that phenomenon will still happen on the PC. And for that developers like Valve, Blizzard and Codemasters still believe in the PC side of gaming. Capcom for example released better, more refined versions of it’s street fighter IV and Resident Evil 5 for the PC, citing it’s the BEST version of the game. If they think the PC gaming industry is dying why would have they done that?

  • Poor game industry, they only make millions off of the same completely regurgitated and recopied content.


    Please bring me more pricey microtransaction based content so I can pay for stuff that should be free.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          @Myballz: “Sony” games (that is, PlayStation 3 games) are just as expensive as Xbox 360 ones. There’s just no argument to be had, both the Blu-ray Disc copy protection and Sony’s own watermarking or whatever it is that they use in the PS3 games are more effective than the DVD’s and Microsoft’s, respectively.

        • Everyone is bitching that Xbox 360 ROD is a problem yet Sony games are so hard to copy they are expensive to buy.Yet, I wonder if the Japanese decided to make a Recordable Blu-Ray drive in the market yet to allow all the Bootleggers to make movies and videos?

        • So is there no available mod chip for the PS3?
          I wasn’t aware of that…

          One would think that it should be much easier to pirate on the ps3 since it is much more user friendly than the 360, especially now that microsoft banned 3rd party memory devices.

          Not even any need to burn anything on blu-ray, just hook up your pc HDD to PS3 and play the .iso like Artefact says. The PS3 would obviously need to be cracked though.

          Just look at all the custom PSP firmware…
          Why can’t they do something like that for PS3?

        • You people stupidly assume that all developers are payed in the same way.

          Will Wright gets paid royalties; as do many other ‘visionary-class’ developers.

          Developers at Valve take in hefty royalties per sale of each game via Steam.

          But yes; programmers generally get given a fixed salary ~ but that isn’t always the case.

          Many indie game studios exist and many of their games are pirated. They have no bonus demanding administration so most of the money the publisher gives to them goes straight into developer pockets.

          And programming is being more frequently tasked overseas to places like India and China. They get paid pennies to program and no amount of torrenting will decrease what they earn.

        • Yes they deserve getting pay for there work but do you seriously think that all of those who downloaded a game they would have bought it? The answer is that very few of them would.
          If someone has money running out of it’s pockets then why would he not buy the game.
          In modern societies everyone wants to sell things, the game developers want there game to sell, the car manufactures want to sell cars, the mobile phone companies want to sell all there new cellphones, the movie makers want to sell DVD’s and cinema tickets and many more, but the government allows enough basic salary taking in to account only the basic necessities of food, water, electricity, insurance,clothing and nothing else. They never think that the basic employee has a necessity for some pleasure by getting some of those things. For someone to have money to spent he/she must be successful.

          And since the new games are now ridiculously overpriced(the fact that you buy a whole console with the prise of 2 or 3 games says it all) they are obviously for the money holders. So i suggest since the poor guys won’t buy anyway, that the companies start giving something special with each game and not just throw a disc in a shitty box so that the rich guys would have a reason to buy them and not think that if i download the thing it makes no difference.

        • They do get a fixed salary.
          The above anon is just a retard.

          They can get a bonus if the game sells well. But usually the people who get rich from successful games are only the company bosses, project leaders and maybe a few select senior employees.

        • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. OFC im a free loader.

          An anon justifying why we should buy things…
          Obviously, this anon must be a developer himself or just a rich kid who can afford all ori games.

          They survive on ‘sales’ thanks to people like you. So leave the rest off the world alone who are busy torrenting. Try taking your ideals to someone who would cares and agree wif your linear thinking.

          Not all users here can afford. But you can I guess.

          I laugh at your stupidity.

        • Developers deserve to have their games actually bought.

          I can assure you that they have immensely stressful jobs, and probably more stressful than yours.

          They have to work on these games in a very short time frame, especially if they get a lot of hype. Their working hours can easily end up going over 13 hours.

          Ever wonder why game designers and programmers arn’t millionaires? They get less than a cent per sale.

          When it comes to anime, there will always be otakus willing to buy DVDs, and people to watch anime on television. They don’t “lose” money on subbed anime. Emulated games are old, and no more profits are made on them so downloading them matters not.

          Don’t be so stuck up, they deserve money for their work, you free loader.

    • I don´t think those numbers are very acurate except for the 0 on PS3(which is 100% pirate proof). In one hand we don´t know how are they counting it.Does it counts the .torrent files tht barely weights 30kb and sometimes never get used or are they counting the fully downloaded ISOs that are like 7,3 gb? For example Star Wars the force unleashed on PC was like 15gb and the last remnant for 360 was 3 discs aproximadately 21gb(xbox games never use the full 8.4gb of DL DVDs).
      It is also not counting everything that is distributed by warez and what is sell on the streets on burned virgin DVDs.
      I would be interesting if they add numbers for DS and PSP games.

      • –Oh, how I love to game.
        The joy I feel from a campaign quite fully crushed beneath my heel.
        And yet to pay is such a pain.
        I think I’d rather steal.–

        If you want a game, then feel free to BUY it.
        Every time you play a pirated game, you ROB the developers of their money.

        Think of the economy of the situation…
        If you steal the games, then the developers make less money.
        If the developers make less money, they’ll try less to make a good game.
        Less good games…well, needless to say, it’s a loosing situation for every gamer.

        People who pirate games are RAPING the industry and have no right to call themselves GAMERS.
        If you want that title, then pay the FULL price for the game.
        And if you can’t afford to PAY for the game, then GET a job and WORK.

        Don’t punish your favorite industry because you’re too lazy to EARN your piece of the gaming pie.

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s not true, it’s just the same garbage lies that thieves all around spew.

          The vast majority of people pirating could easily afford those things they’re stealing. They just CHOOSE to steal instead, because they’d rather use their money in something else. Which makes them hypocrits, and you a liar.

          Usimyoc is right.

        • Most people who pirate games probably can’t afford the game to begin with. So really, they’re not losing much of a profit at all. Not to mention, some people buy the games they steal after they’ve tried them.

          So are they really losing money when this person wouldn’t have bought it to begin with? Have you ever bought a game you ended up hating? WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY RIGHT? Well, you’d have known that if you had a chance to play the game before hand.

          I’m not going to sit here and convince myself or anyone else that pirating is harmless though. It’s certainly not, but it’s not all bad either.

      • @Takumi… Yeah no..

        Almost no PS3 games use the whole 50GB. The download would be compressed so that your not downloading the extra 30GB of blank data on the end of the ISO. And it’s merely created when your extract or burn.

      • TORRENT SUCKS ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!

        who gives a shit about torrents?!
        they are outdated but ppl don’t seem to understand that. Private Tracker or go fuck yourself…
        and those figures are worthless.
        #1 you can’t detect/count all files which are transfered via p2p.
        #2 OCHs
        #3 torrent sucks!

        Anon is always right

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          Thanks for the heads up, HentaiKamen… dear Lord…

          At least used games won’t get your account permabanned and brick your console, shitwad. And I’m trying to talk Anon into at least not ending up with a useless brick, since he doesn’t sound like the kind of guy who pays 60 bucks for a game anyways.

          Use that sorry excuse for a monkey’s turd that you call brain to, perhaps, think before you post, idiot.

        • @HentaiKamen Gamestop pays royalties to some distributors for each second hand game they sell. The money going to these distributors eventually goes into the pockets of developers from their royalties.

        • Oh really?
          Or have you been simply paid to think that.
          Distributors (not developers!) do not like second hand sells because it cuts their potential profit (virtual, almost like counting on winning on lottery).
          But reality is different, for example “used cars vs new cars”.
          That being said I give QED, though if it is not sufficient example than it simply not worth discussing further…

        • @ ChaosAngelZero

          Retard ALERT!

          Take your head out of your ass, and use it.
          If you weren’t some smug moral douche, you’d have known that companies “lose” just as much money from second hand game sales.

          What is the difference between a (pirated) downloaded game and one bought second hand? Smug pricks like you get too feel morally superior by paying some insignificant amount just for the sake of feeling like they did the “right thing”.

          Developers make NO money from second hand sales.
          Only dirty opportunists like GameStop make money from second hand sales. If you want to actually do the right thing (aka supporting the developers who have done a good job) then buy new games at FULL price.

          Only then can you earn the bragging right you seems to desire so badly. Douchebag.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          @Anon: Wouldn’t you consider the possibility of either buying used games, or buying them when they get “Greatest Hits” status, or wait until they end up in one of those “We really want to get rid of these, please take them” $5-a-pop bins? (many great titles have ended up there, like the original Xbox’s GunValkyrie, Jet Set Radio Future or Phantom Dust, or PS2’s God Hand, among many others)

        • And what would be the problem with downloading 50GB ISO? Big hard drives are cheap and even with my slow connection (4mbps down/768kbps up) it would take only about 1.5 days to download.

          Of course those who have dialup are a different matter (I know it, a regular CD ISO on dialup takes really long to download).

          While BDR drives are expensive, if you play a lot of games it will still be cheaper than buying the games.

      • Wow, $10 is a lot more. I won’t start complaining until it’s $70 or more. But seriously, why pirate and give up multiplayer? That is one of the main reasons I even have my 360. Wii is for Metroid and Zelda, and PS3 is for everything that isn’t Halo and Call of Duty for me. PC is for most FPS games and RTS games.