12-Year-Old Girl Raped in “Muslim” Marriage


A man who had his son “marry” and rape a 12-year-old girl has been arrested together with his son and the girl’s father.

The 54-year-old London man, together with his wife (54), arranged an illegal Muslim marriage between his 16-year-old son and his brother’s 12-year-old daughter, a common arrangement in some Islamic countries but highly illegal in the UK.

The boy was subsequently urged to consummate the marriage by members of the family.

The case came to light after the girl’s mother complained to police about her daughter being married off in an arranged marriage.

Both the father of the boy and the father of the girl were subsequently convicted of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, receiving three year prison sentences; the boy’s mother was also given a suspended 1 year prison sentence and ordered to perform community service.

The young “husband” was charged with rape and given an 18-month supervision order.

The girl’s father and the boy were also placed on the sex offenders register.

Via the BBC.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I can relate to this and right now my 2 years gf is also a muslim, even though she is only 15, she has been already get married in the past 3 times already.. this is what I don’t like in their religion the arranged marriage

  • Anonymous says:

    Why are you guys talking about religion? Persionally, I think that ithis kind of thing has nothing to do with religion, but more the mental state and morals of the person who commited the act. And if I remember correctly, Mohammed lived a few millinia ago, back when marring a six year old was accepted by pretty much everybody. I feel that if the people in this article really wanted that marriage to take place, then thy should have moved to an area where that sort of thing is accepted.

    I feel really sorry for that little girl. I think that its awful how her father used religion for grounds on that. I shoed this to a few muslim friends, and they were discusted. Not about the marriage itself, but how they went about it.

    Well, I’m done with my rant. Carry on.

  • I usually refrain from posting but the mistakes in the comments drove me to do so…
    By the way, the article’s correct.
    It is illegal/sinful to marry with someone without their consent and without them knowing what marriage is.
    You cannot consummate without the other’s consent. This however does not mean you can ‘never’ do it.
    Doing it with kids in Islam is illegal.Even if they allow it.
    The person needs to be 12, not 9 to do so and with the person’s comment.
    SLAVERY IS ILLEGAL IN ISLAM. People had slaves before Islam and you couldn’t just tell the people to free them since they had actually bought them with money. That’s why there were rules to treat slaves. You were just NOT ALLOWED TO GET SLAVES other than the ones you already had. The current slaves were to be treated like your own children and were to be fed what you eat and wear what you were and had the freedom to leave.
    You can marry cousins in Islam, just like in most communities. Otherwise everyone in theory is a cousin of yours. Aunts/uncles, step sisters, step-whatever are illegal to marry.

    • Anonymous says:

      HOLY SHIT!!!
      HELL NO!

      • Anonymous says:

        Your comment shows that you have never studied your own ‘holy’ quran

        I don’t know if IT’S TRUE that Muslims have never drawn mocking pictures of Jesus, but your own quran had condemned and Jews and Christianity for false reasons

        Your quran says ‘Kill Jews!’ because they had worshipped Uzayr as the Son of God while this statement isn’t found in any Jews historic literature

        Your quran says ‘My religion is mine, your religion is yours’ while in the same time enforces other people to believe in Islam

        There are still many, and I mean, MANY things that is wrong with the Islam and I wouldn’t even mind to jolt them down

        We are not spewing shit for nothing, as what old saying says, ‘there are no smoke with no fire’

        • i did know which part of qur’an that you read. but basically, you cannot grasp the exact meaning of al-quran if you were only read a certain part about it. you need to read another part that has conection to those certain part.

          the part where it says ‘My religion is mine, your religion is yours’ it’s true. as long as other people did not disturb moslem/islam, the moslem has no right to disturb other people either. those moslem were like ask other people ‘do you want to believe in islam?’ if you said no, they would leave you alone, and would not bother themselves with you. it is called “dakwah”, it is done peacefully.

          the part about jews, man, look at palentina, look how those jews, killing women, children, old man. islam is a peaceful religion, but it is strict to other people who tries to destroy islam and its worshipper. it is very rational, isn’t it?

          moslem weren’t taught “smile even if your enemies hit you.” islam taught moslem “you are human deserve to live, protect yourself, protect your family, protect your nation, and protect your belonging, be it wealth and religion.

          you said there are no smoke with no fire, but the fire, i believe is always coming from other people who wants to see islam destroyed, look the fact man, in every war where islam involved, is always ignited by other people first.look at palestina, libanon, indonesia, and every other country.

          in al-quran, there is not a single statement which told the moslem to expand their territories.

          lastly, i want to say “think logically, if islam is really that horrible of a religion like you and other people accused, why is it that islam become one of the biggest religion in the world? believed by so many people who seek salvation, and capable to last for over 1500 years. trust me, your view of islam is biased.

  • I’m surprised the article doesn’t use words like niece or cousin. Anyway… I’m not of the opinion that dozen yo girls can’t possibly be informed enough to make smart choices but clearly we need to apply laws equally, she could easily be misinformed (read: muslim) and if we can’t have any this boy shouldn’t either.

  • OK
    in case the girl was underage,
    but i live in germany where you can see documentaries in TV about “porno generation” that teenager even underage have sex together, and this is thought about normal here. as an adult, you can get in prison if your GF was underage. but there was some case that the girls parents have to know about if for example boy is 16 and girl like 15,then it is “ok” though.-.

  • Muslims will also tell you that Aisha was more mature mentally and that she agreed to this marriage….

    Yea, I doubt any 6 year-old girl having the mental capacity to make life changing decisions like this. Even IF the case was that of Aisha wanting to have sex with a man whom was old enough to be her Granpa…STILL!! Prophet Mohamed should`ve had the moral decency to know that engaging in such act is morally wrong…..But no, muslims will then tell you that marrying a 6 year old girl was a norm at that time, EVEN SO!! excusing someone`s immoral behavior to justify Mohamed`s immoral behavior isn`t making this crime look any better.

    Islam is a joke of a religion…. :/

      • it’s not like that, damn it! prophet muhammad, did not had sex with aisyah until aisyah is physically ready for that. they married for several years without sex.

        don’t accuse him, without any base you really knowledgeable.

        • Anonymous says:

          Their all angry tyrant monkies filled with deformation and retardation.

          Islam goes too damn far. It makes real victims and kills people. It’s full of complete bullshit ontop of bullshit farting out the islamic asshole of a pipping swab-headed houdini ass-riding carpet bitch man.

          Nothing that anime or loli stuff can do.

        • Yeah that piece of shit says he didn’t rape his wife until she was ready AT AGE 9, that is when he fucked her. The only reason he didn’t before that is because ALL HER HAIR FELL OUT after she was forced to marry him WHO WAS HER OWN UNCLE.

          At the time, Mohammed asked to marry her when she was TWO (2) and her father said no, and also said you can’t marry her I am your brother, so the fucked up pervert changed the law, and now all those filthy muslims want to marry their own cousins/nieces and also causing many deformities and retardation.

  • I studied Islam as well the life of the “Prophet” Mohamed for a long time. And I can tell you people that Mohamed DID in fact marry a 6 year-old girl, named Aisha, and consummated that marriage when she reached the age of 9. Keep in mind, Mohamed already had 11 other wives, as well as hundreds of concubines, to engage in sexual activity.

    The muslims today will try to justify the marrying of young Aisha by giving many reasona…

    As fucked-up as this sound, to the muslims, Prophet Mohamed will always be the perfect man who never did any mistakes and everything he did or said was: good, divine and the will of God.

    They are an interesting bunch.

    • he did married several women (i did not remember the number), but hundred of concubines???? no moron, he did not marry that many.
      where did you studied islam, in some liberalist university?
      i am a moslem and i know the fact quite well, prophet muhammad is not some sex-manic prophet like you said. he married his wifes under certain situation,, and that is to help those womens, and he did not took every women he met, he is a very reasonable and logical person, even compared to present standart

    • Anonymous says:

      every religion and culture before time has been doing child pornography or sex with child , many people ignore that truth and say that only Muslim has been doing it but ur wrong, it existed then and now , those people that are doing it now are called pedophiles, which to me it is a incurable disease or worst, very similar to homosexual believe it or not but both are the same thing, but it affect in a different way….. that why in my statement ,the people who are pedophile and gay they are sick with an incurable disease i don’t mean to say it like that but it “scientifically” seems this way

  • i’m a muslim i’m not killing anyone.

    i,m not raping anyone.

    i,m not stealing

    i,m not a racist

    certainly not married to a loli

    just guilty of being an OTAKU.

    does that make me a bad person, anyone???

  • not every muslims are like that… depend on the cultures. people like in pakistan have this kind of BS. marrying loli, kill for honour.. these are not islamic at all, just some BS created by people.

    i’m not really a religious person myself, at least i know that every religion want their followers to do good things.there is no use to attacks the religion as the people who put all kind of bulshit in it.

  • O_o loli rape isn’t acceptable in Islam. At least in my place. “Because Mohammed said so,” well he never said that AFAIK… The fact that he married underaged girl, you don’t have to follow “what is against your right sense”, right =w=. “God” gave us brain to think. There’s nothing good for blindly following your Religion. And this includes ALL religion, not only Muslim.

  • wow…such comments.

    each comment has something about islam or religion it has most rating,i dont care if u down rate this, if u dont want a religion fine! but to follow your own rule? sure…imagin there are no police for example, what happends? lets just rape steal and kill anything to follow our needs? islam didnt teach us that and if ppl do wrong stuff and called themselves Muslims [THY ARE NOT] there u go.

    wow i just posted this in a pron site..

  • whydoubother says:

    i feel very upset for the comment here, why do you hate islam so much? u people just doesn't know yet how peaceful Islam is…., islam is meant to save people from this world of darkness, so please stop say bad things about Islam.

    may Allah show you mercy in the afterlife

    • [code]http://www.sankakucomplex.com/2009/12/28/12-year-old-girl-raped-in-muslim-marriage/?cid=394946[/code]

      samefag is same
      the same question as why do you conservative Islam fanatic hate west so much? u people just don’t know yet how peaceful west culture is, westerner just want to show people to the light from this world of darkness, so please stop say bad things about people Europian and American.

      May God show you the way to repent while tou still alive.

      • whydoubother says:

        Define “conservative”, what do u meant by saying that?

        and after all, west is the friend of muslim country right? have u never wondered that “where’s your {western} oil come from?” muslim country have always help other country with their supply of oil, and it’s worldwide

        you need to learn more about international relationship

        May everyone helped you study better while thou still breathing

    • well you need to learn the violent people the wrong in their doing.
      I especialy don’t like honor killings and stonning people becouse they cheated,anyway just the act that people throw stones and kill people to death is already wrong enough and nobody is punished for such an evil act.
      Those are all too violent acts that takes a persons life which is wrong.

      • whydoubother says:

        i’ve learned a lot of violent people in this world, and i really hate people who say bad things about other religion.
        you know that tongue is sharper than sword, isn’it?

        just because some jackass do something like this, then could you say what u want to islam religion. it sounded like u haven’t found your road of peace yet, it’s like you still lost and you still have to find god and have faith in it.

        i dunno why they kill people that cheated, but that’s the way it is, maybe it sounded very cruel,but who knows that it’s the way to repent? anyway, why do u cheated when u know that it’s a bad thing to do??

  • H-Ero said:
    Why don't these people receive a harsher punishment? Is it because she's only a 3D loli? I bet they would have gotten at least 20 years if they played eroge.

    because the system is a piece of shit who fails to punish the real criminals?
    seriously,this "punishment" is a joke and its not fumy.
    i don't know what sickens me the most,the crime itself or the fact that the bastards did not suffer any harsher punishment for it.

  • hey common sankaku complex. you guys should not be to biases only to muslims. there are a lot thing happen to others religion all around the. it is not that they are sex maniax or wht. the truth is when all thing they done not based on the holy books. same as wht others religion has. the problem start when someone do not follow the islamic guidelines. and tht wht happend

  • Now that everyone has had a chance to fap to the pic in the article, I may as wll go aheand & spoil the surprise : the character in the pic is a trap.

    Sumire Kirishima, from the H-game “Hanamaru!”

  • islam is clean religion ( peace , frienship , and education ) pls if you want a gore religion try to google jews hateness and youll see then how muslims are good people , who visited a muslim country and get hurted or insulted , and pls stop swalow in your politics storm consperarcy , muslims are not you ernemies but us make them enemies , why ( to start wars ) why wars ( to sell guns and burn oil ) ,

    so lets keep politics play their stupid game and let stop been rasict in this nice site starting by sankaku editors who should be a manga fan and peacful guy .

    buy guys (we are one ) war is for politics profit

    • No, it doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve to have a say in the matter, and it’s NOT funny because some idiots actually think that.

      Simply time to stop and use your brain…. the girl could have EASILY complained to someone outside of the family BEFORE the ‘rape’ (if it even was that) and gotten out of this…. I’m suspicious as to whether this is another case of people trying to force THEIR morality on other people.

      • You are a joke – OH this girl in country where women who complain of rape go to jail, and little girls are sold into marriage every day, beaten, noses cut off if they run away, or KILLED, how would she even know who to complain to? SHE didn’t speak english, she was from pakistan, illiterate (since 90% of girls are, and get sulphuric acid thrown in their faces if they try to go to school) girls are COMPLETELY controlled by men, first the father, then the husband and family — if they run away from husband they go to jail.
        YOU’RE an idiot.

  • I feel sorry for the mother (she obviously tried to stop all this, or rather, or at least stepped in when sex came up), and I feel sorry for the 16 year old (as he was forced into illegal acts by his own father, then forced/urged to rape a 12year old), as both of them have been (imo) wrongfully punished (especially the boy, who is now a “sex offender”).

  • Islam and all other religions are just a myth/story mae by someone (islam is the worst though, I was a muslim once) I can’t understand why people follow religion, I was religious once, I went from a religion to another seeking the “truth”, and I could say I still didn’t find it, but I also didn’t find it in religions, and yea~ Muslims aren’t sex-maniacs, they are Rape-maniacs.

    • please don’t say that it not like every Muslim is like that.We Muslim are ashamed to and frustrated because of non Muslim who claim to be Muslim.So please i am begging please don’t say bad things about our Prophet Muhammad (S.a.w) please.

    • reaaaalllyyy,….???? wow….

      i’m a muslim i’m not killing anyone.

      i,m not raping anyone.

      i,m not stealing

      i,m not a racist

      certainly not married to a loli

      just guilty of being an OTAKU.

      does that make me a bad person, anyone???

      • yes, i agree. look other country. japan for example, creating some crazy shit like lolicon, shotacon, hikkikomori etc…

        you won’t find them in moslem country mare than you can find in japan, and they are a bunch of some religionless people.

        well being an otaku is not a good thing, but still acceptable anyway, as long as you don’t cross the line. you know the line right?

        • generalizations are usually made by grossly misinformed individuals… telling someone to stfu instead of refuting in a constructive manner really says it all doesn’t it. Yes I believe religion (namely the 3 major religions) will be the downfall of mankind, still there’s no need to be so judgmental .. especially when you have the common sense of a retarded monkey ^^

  • Oh that poor girl, It makes me sick every time I see news like this. PEOPLE LISTEN its NOT 1 million BC, Its also not the end of the world were only 3 girls and 2 guys are left alive and radiation is covering the planet and those 5 wont live another 5 years either and are expected to mass produce to stay ahead of death. STOP THE BULL CRAP of justifing crimes with old dead traditions which apply to 1 million BC and something that hasn’t happened yet. I surely hope her and the millions and millions of other girls world wide who suffer from this can have ‘some’ type of happy childhood before they turn 18. Its not likely though.

    • i just couldn’t understand why people keep accusing islam like this, islam is not its believers, islam is pure, if you want to accuse islam for something, learn the fact first. go to some library, rather than locked yourself inside your room and fapping to some pathetic pic/vid. i suggest you to read some book about islam, one which unbiased by western politics.

      don’t talk big when you know nothing about islam. when all your information about islam coming from stupid site created by idiotic liberalist while you fapping to some porn movie.

      learn the fact –> comment

      that’s the order, moron……

      • look Indonesia. Use google, dumbass. it a country with moslem in majority. don’t judge islam using the believers as parameter.

        it’s people like you who will make the war keep burning. keep accusing other people rather than trying to understand. moron.

        go fap yourself to some hentai manga and get lost!!!!!!

    • Well, actually The Whole United States of America is Gay because you guys can’t stop talking about gaynest .

      Gay this , Gay that . Why not call the whole USA Gay . That way , You can be proud of yourself .

        • You have no such right on a forum such as this, you give up *completely* free speech as part of the privilege of commenting.

          You right in so many negative it’s impossible to understand what you’ve written. Never mind.

  • I feel sorry for the boy, he could just have been in a bad position now he has his whole future fucked.
    No one hires sex offenders.

    All because his dad had such a great idea and either ignored the law or didn’t care about it.

    UK is fucked up.

  • Islam, Christianity, Religion period. is a hold over from a primitive time, we should as a people ban each and every religion on the planet, round up religious leaders and those who do not renounce their beliefs and try them and excute them for crimes aganist humanity.

    • And that would make us better how? Oh you know what your comment reminds me of?

      “KADUNA, Nigeria, 13 March 2000 (Newsroom) — About 300
      Christians of the Kabe ethnic group in the city of Kaduna were abducted
      and forced to renounce their faith by their Muslim captors during
      religious clashes in the state last month, according to a human rights

      Human Rights Monitor, a Kaduna-based human rights group, issued a
      report recently that said those who refused to renounce Christianity were
      killed. It did not say how many died.”

      You call them primitive yet you have the exact same primitive attitude, believe in what I believe or die.

      By the way this was not a shot at muslim people, I just picked a story of google to prove my point.

      • How would it make it better? well gee, I wonder it would cause people to stop turning to some imaginary guy/girl/dragon thing in the sky/ground/whatever and to think for themselves, not to mention all religions mandate that you hate on everyone else that isnt you, all what we would be doing is removing the chaff from the wheat so mankind could grow and stop being the primitive bunch of morons that still believe the world is driven by some hateful skyspirit.

        thats how it would make us better. for the good of mankind, Religion in all its forms must go.


        • Hey it’s an all loving sky spirit…

          Unless you believe the great sky spirit is a wind spirit or an ether spirit…sky spirit fucking help you if you don’t believe the correct variation on the generic sky spirit belief system!

          And unless you like the same gender, or have premarital sex, or have sex that isn’t for making babies, or have sex with a barren wife, or masterbate, or you haven’t had sex and the fluid buildup comes out in a nocturnal emission…the succubuses drag you to hell…and unless you like mixed linens. Mixed linens and shellfish are abomninations in the eyes of the great sky spirit…A murderer will get into his kingdom before he accepts a fashion unsavvy heretic who mixes his linens.

  • Oh what? And what Al-asad (or Bin laden in real life) just did to the little country. Muslims are maniacs and involved in terrorism, mass murder, and pedophilia.

    I just say that China and North Korea are yellow-threat, since they did not do real damage other than poisonous food products and missile threat respectively (without real target either). But Islam is red-threat since they had crashed and airplane and did mass bombing at Indonesian cities, killing over 9000. I lived at Indonesia and continuously harrased by them, not to mention the pedos.

  • Please stop to spread racism and hatred against Islam and us Muslims.
    Islam is the religion of peace and truth.
    This is a Japan-Site, isn’t it? So we Muslims, Japanese and Friends of Japan should fight against the real danger and enemy of Japan and the world: China, North Korea and Communism.
    China hates Japan, and will for sure start together with his slave N. Korea a war in the future then it is strong enough.
    Japan and Islam have similar culture, and Japan is a friend of many muslim states, especially with my home country Turkey. Japans culture and language a part of the altaic world/people, so we are brothers.
    So please stop Anti-Islam Propaganda here and stay together as friends against the true forces of evil.

    • As a fellow Muslim who read your illogical and unprovable statement just make me feel ashamed.

      First,how can you say Islam and Japan are similar, modern Japanese are the atheist who only care about their-self and today Muslim fanaticism are thinking like people from dark age, like those who can burn innocent woman just accusing her as witch, and also this is why conservative are sucks.

      Second, Chinese govt. not that stupid for starting war against capitalism country. They only care about offering their cheap slave-labor and rip-off product to that country, so nuking eleven just make them lost their market all around the world.

      Third, campaign about anti-racism and anything like that is useless since majority of these anons are as thick-head as those extremist suicide bomber, so with their self-righteous mind they just gonna bombard you with sage bomb and troll.

      And last, it’s true Islam teach about peace and truth, but don’t forget they also teach about fight back when you’re attacked, and that’s what are those delusional self-claiming jihadist promoted and that’s accepted boldly by people here.

      • You know i accept that all this fanatic Islamist are just using the religion as an excuse for there acts and that the religion it self as written does not proclaim those acts but you have to seriously wonder yourself as a muslin why all the countries with this religion have so many fanatical factions and seem to be in a dark age mentality.
        Personally i find all religions to be harmful since they act as a cover for the monsters of the world. All a monster has to do to excuse his actions is say that he acts in the name of God. Hey as those fanatic Muslisms use it so it has been used against them. I remember a certain president saying to us that bombing little children for a non existing reason is ok because he also talks to God.

        Whenever you here someone saying that he knows what God wants then keep your distance because you may get cut by his sharp teeth.

        • Can I interprete it as those hundred maniac killers as you say are the representative of 6.000 billion of people around the world? or is it you’re just being ignorant about many people good deed and only care about those minority warmonger?

        • If people all over the world started using spoons to kill very often with the number of victims being very high then yes we should consider the fact that people are not ready to use spoons properly.But not if only one killer uses it. The same goes with religion. Religions have rules but humans twist them to there liking so they can to crazy shit. Unfortunately religion makes enough damage by being twisted as if spoons where used everyday by hundreds of people for murder. So is safe to assume that people are not ready or unable of following properly a religion.
          The fact that there are some people who can be prober religious people it does not excuse the cost of the damage because the damage is too big.

        • Please refrain from using narrow-minded opinion such as generalization.

          Religion is just like a knowledge, and knowledge also just like tool, so the same tool on many different people can cause any variable results. What you said is not different like saying spoon is hazardous just because a psychotic serial killer using it to stab the victim’s heart till death.

    • China has more in common with Japan that Islam.

      Since when did chinese people blow themselves up.

      Communism is dead. China is no longer a purely communist state but has adopted capitalist ideals.

      Islam is a religion of Jihad, Fatwa and suicide bombings. Japan is buddhist which is against killing.

      • Communism isn’t dead, it’s just hiding in a town in Louisiana,,,,They make pencils, and yes, this is true.

        Also, China was never a “true” communist country, as they still had some sort of leadership above the rest of the people, while an a true communist state everyone is on the same playing field with no one above or below them.

        Just wanted to point that out.

    • After Nazism and Communism, the strongest threat to mankind is not China, its Islam.

      I live in Denmark and is see every day how truth, great and peaceful Islam is.
      I hate this terror religion, like 60% or even more of the non-muslim population on this planet.

    • you say ‘stop to spread hatred against Islam’ yet you say ‘ the real danger of the world is China, North Korea and Communism’?

      I’m not a Marxist or a follower of Kim Jong-Il, but I have to say that your ‘anti anti-islam propaganda’ propaganda fails.

    • “Please stop to spread racism and hatred against Islam and us Muslims.
      Islam is the religion of peace and truth.”


      You’re doing a “good” job doing that on your own!

    • “this is japan site”

      “Muslims, Japanese and Friends of Japan”,
      fail, don’t you dare put the “M” word beside Japanese. at least in japan, 3D women has more rights than in your country.

      “the real danger and enemy of Japan and the world: China, North Korea and Communism”
      gee i guess 911 was done by the chinese, along with others reported bombing news at India etc

      “Japan and Islam have similar culture”
      lol. china and japan have similar culture. islam? 1 and only 1 true god? girls cant wear mini skirts? cant drink alcohol? wth?

    • You’re on a website about Japan and you think arranged marriage has ceased to exist?


      You may want to look up the term “omiai”, Japan’s form of “self-arranged marriage”. A quick bit of research on “giri” also shows that many people are still pushed/forced/coaxed into marrying in Japan. So Bulldog, I suppose you can lump the Japanese in with the hated muslims….throw in India and basically, you think approximately 50% of the world is BS.

      Oh……remind me….how is marriage working out for all the western countries who don’t do arranged marriage? That’s right. 50% divorce rate and 70% of all married people cheat on their spouse. Oh yeah, our way is sooo much better than theirs…..go western culture!

  • 12 year old tagged as a child sex offender.

    Should punish those with a brand across their foreheads!!

    I mean, its ok in tribal Arab countries, but don’t try this in Britain.. how dumb can you get.. this dumb apparently

  • xD for sure the two children’s had a lot of fun.
    the only things I dislike is the word “Islam”(terrorism) and “UK”(the country of stupidity).
    Ok, If you agree with me, vote negatively on this post.

  • Those Muslims blindly follow their religion without even considering the consequential.
    and such incidents really make Islam looks like bullshit.
    Fuck 99% of the Muslims.
    only 1% i can consider righteous.

  • It's about time these fucking primitives (some call them Muslims) finally ran up against the modern world.

    This crap just pisses me off. And it sure doesn't make me any more agreeable towards religions.

  • Religious customs are one thing, but if you choose to live in a particular country then you obviously need to follow that country’s laws. Ignorance of them is no excuse, nor is the blatant disregard of them due to accepted customs elsewhere.

    People need to be less stupid when trying to brazenly push the envelope.

  • Ecchi-BANZAII says:

    How come the “woman” don’t get the same 3 year sentence?
    This is BS…
    It should be 5 years for them all, EVEN the woman.
    They boy is to young so the 18 month is enough.
    Living with that kind of criminal record just because the parents are crazy perverts shouldn’t be possible for youngsters.

    • It was right to convict him. He is old enough to know what is right and wrong. Sure he was pressured by his family but that is no excuse for committing an act that he knows is wrong. He deserves no less than the full penalty of his crime. No matter who pressures you to do something it is your choice to give in or not and don’t you dare say otherwise.

        • “do you really think that the average 12 years olds are completely innocent? […] There are plenty of 12 years old girl sexually active.”

          However true this is, it’s totally irrelevant. As far as I can tell from the sources, she was being married off and forced to have sex completely against her will.

          Besides, even IF she “agreed” out of social pressure, and even if she understood very well what was happening, it was still against her will. The issue here is not her age, but the lack of consent. It would have been just as bad if she was 16 or 20.

        • The girl was raped… well, yes. But by today’s societies standards, do you really think that the average 12 years olds are completely innocent? I am not saying that the poor girl liked to have sex, specially not with her own cousin. But she could very well know what was happening and who knows may have agreed to it. There are plenty of 12 years old girl sexually active.

          (and here comes to voting down)

        • The girl was being forced => it was as ‘rape’ as it can get. The fathers and the son not considering it as such doesn’t magically stop it from being rape.

          It is true however that the 16 year old most likely didn’t know any better, since he has probably been indoctrinated his entire life. But if that should be reason enough to exempt him from punishment, then by that logic you’d also have to exempt all Islamic terrorist bombers from punishment, as they don’t know any better from having been indoctrinated their entire lives too.

        • If you are 16 and you do not know that rape is wrong then there is something wrong with your brain because that is not normal. I have never in my life met a 16 year old who doesn’t know that raping someone is wrong. If you are human then you should know that before you turn 16.

    • Anonymous says:

      i am muslim, in my country there are arranged marages from age 10 to 20. after 20 the child is aloud to marry freely. it is still rape because the child was under 18, and the man was much older.

    • Lol what are you saying dude? Sex-Maniacs are not Muslims according to Islamic law. Forcing someone is illegal to and actually has harsh punishment.
      Marriage without consent is illegal.

      I usually refrain from posting but the mistakes in the comments drove me to do so…
      By the way, the article’s correct.
      It is illegal/sinful to marry with someone without their consent and without them knowing what marriage is.
      You cannot consummate without the other’s consent. This however does not mean you can ‘never’ do it.
      Doing it with kids in Islam is illegal.Even if they allow it.
      The person needs to be 12, not 9 to do so and with the person’s comment.
      SLAVERY IS ILLEGAL IN ISLAM. People had slaves before Islam and you couldn’t just tell the people to free them since they had actually bought them with money. That’s why there were rules to treat slaves. You were just NOT ALLOWED TO GET SLAVES other than the ones you already had. The current slaves were to be treated like your own children and were to be fed what you eat and wear what you were and had the freedom to leave.
      You can marry cousins in Islam, just like in most communities. Otherwise everyone in theory is a cousin of yours. Aunts/uncles, step sisters, step-whatever are illegal to marry.

    • Anonymous says:

      no they are not….these guy are not true Muslim to begin with…i hate people who use religion for their own benefit ARGGHH i mean look in Taiwan and Korea there are people selling girl of 9 years to about 40 to 50 years old dude, at least in this one the husband is 16…but yeah arranged marriage at such young age? not good!! but if they want it hmm okay


      • Not really.
        Look for yourself.
        Muslim population is growing when western population is less numeros from year to year.
        Then if you use your head you will see that Darwin support muslim politics. They slowly colonizing Western countries and our advancent civilization cant change that that they grow when we decline.
        You can thx for that PC and social politics.

    • Their prohpet married a 6 year old girl.
      Muslim responses ?
      1-That’s a lie !(a lie)
      2-I don’t trust the sources
      3-Well, it’s the prophet, after all
      4-She’s was an intelligent girl
      5-She had a bigger body than the average 6 year old
      6-Yeah, so what? It’s normal

      • That declaration is false. Islam advocates for the civilized treatment of women. And before you object, let me ask you some questions:
        1) Have you ever read the Qur’an?
        2) Have you ever met a Muslim who practices Islam correctly?
        3) Have you ever read the Sunnah?
        4) Have you ever heard of the stories of the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

        If you have answered no to all these questions, that means you have been exposed to REAL Islam, and thus you have no right to make such fallacious accusations. The media portrays Muslims incorrectly and unfairly. Just because of this one case doesn’t mean you can group all Muslims as offenders. Did you know that somewhere in America, a woman is raped EVERY TWO MINUTES? Approximately 28% of victims are raped by husbands or boyfriends. Does that mean I should condemn all Americans as sex maniacs since rape happens so often and since even husbands and boyfriends can’t resist raping their partners?

        Educate yourself before you make such blasphemous comments.

        • At Anonymous who said: “no torturing intended:”

          you’re such a fool, idiot, ass-licker moron…. I wonder if your small and useless brain can even think that:

          if there is no intention to torture, then just shoot an arrow straight to the heart of the accused.

          This is why moslems are hated; because they insist of many things that they even don’t think about the consequences first (and keep insisting, to which level they cannot endure; then they call it “insult for Islam from some kafir” thus legalize genocide and murder in the name of Islam). I can mention many examples of moslems act foolishly and not willingly to admit or bear their consequences, but instead accuse others as being “kafir.”
          Yes I know, because I live in Islam-majority country. Not all moslems are bad; but many of them is.

    • technically, by definition, you are able to marry once you reach puberty, there are many girls who reach puberty at 12 rite? However, today’s standards & trens is that people are getting married at later stages. Modern society & law dictates adulthood is 18 years old. Teenagers getting married is a matter of societal changes. After all, teenagers have sex too, rite? This is not a religiuos problem but more of a diffrence in culture & changing of moral standards. Romans at one time have no problem with paedophilia.

      In more developed muslim countries,where the marrying late trend is seen, there are secular laws saying no marriage younger than 18, still this kind of cases can be seen done by very few people.

      Not that i’m supporting them though, the only crime here is that the parents do it fully aware its illegal in UK, it’s done without consent of the bride, the bride’s parent (i assume) & the full understanding of the groom.

      Also, I want to say that certain rules must apply before you can get married. They are:
      1. You are sexually capable (he passed this one)
      2. You are financially able. Obviously a 16 year old is not financially able to support the family.

      Conclusion: To blame Islam is wrong. This is an act made out of the perversion of the rules of Islam.

        • Okay both of you just shut up Okay?
          Read the history books again.Romans was nothing compared to Minoans,Sumerians,Egyptians,Indians(from India)and Chinese.Why?These are the cornerstone of civilisation.They were building great things long before the romans exist.In fact the only thing that romans excels is in their efficient use of Iron and military strategy,while other stuff they just borrow from either the greeks or other civilisation through the silk road.Even their famous Gladiator Games were borrowed from other cultures around them (mostly greece and egypt).

        • “Not the same anon”
          I bet.
          Regardless, no period was specified, ever, so you can stop dick riding the Romans now.
          The naval battles were even worse.
          They just used more slaves and give them more knifes, explosives and flamethrowers.

          I hardly see why you think the “intelligent” opinion is that this is a great improvement on being eaten/mauled by wild animals.
          Because it as a great team building activity or just a colossal waste of life and money?

        • Not the same anon, just wanted to point out that you’re retarded Deathcrunch. You’re describing the Roman Empire as it is wwas the Dark Ages. The Romans had better hygiene than most of post-Roman Europe due to the aqueducts as well as *gasp* public bathhouses. Let’s not forget about those wonderful roads with proper mile markers either, or the DOMED Colosseum where they could hold NAVAL battles. Roman culture is centuries ahead of most “cultures” today, and they’ve been gone for centuries (476 A.D. for Western and 1453 A.D. Eastern). Before you go off spouting about how filthy and uncultured another culture is, learn the difference between two bloody eras.

        • Anon2, as he/you was/were the second anon in this discussion, I’m sorry you can’t follow rudimentary logic. If you’d rather I follow your logic and address every single person posting anonymously at the same time I think you have a problem.
          I’m also sorry you weren’t blessed with the courage or intellect to create a name you could be identified with.

          A shame you spent all that time writing that whiny comment instead of actually being able to back up your pathetic “argument” oh well. If you bitch out so easily I don’t mind. You can push your hilarious hippy bullshit elsewhere.

        • Okay, first of all, define morality for me, what you and I see as morality is completely dfferent from each other and especially different from anyone else who grew up in entirely different cultures and homes. You can’t claim something as morally wrong or factually wrong until you define clearly what morality and facts are. The “Dead guys” you’re complaining about, are also the people who asked such questions as “What is Morality?” and their work stemmed from the great thinkers like Plato and Aristotle, so I wouldn’t go complainng about them as you clearly have no idea who they are. Since the view on morality is subject to opinion, let’s look at the facts.

          1. The parties involved pushed for consumation of a marriage between a 16 year old boy and 12 year old girl.

          2. By UK law, this is illegal.

          Therefore, factually, by this society’s standards, this action was wrong and the parties responcible were punished. There relly isn’t anything else to discuss here.

        • DeathCrunch, I honestly believe you are mentally handicapped. No, really, I do. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to insult you, I just genuinely believe you are retarded.

          Starting from your retarded angsty teen name “DeathCrunch” to your inability to address the person you are talking to properly (Anon2, what the hell?) to your incoherence when expressing yourself, to your lack of any logical thinking and to the obvious huge gap in your education.

          I really pity your shallow little mind and I can only hope that one day you will resemble a human being. My only advice is: start reading books and learning, you are so uninformed and deluded, it hurts. And sorry, I can’t take you seriously anymore, so I can’t argue with you anymore. That’s all, good luck. And one more time, this is not meant as an insult, I just want to help you.

        • Anon2, you start half of your sentence with a variation of “In my opinion”.
          Fine you have an opinion, it’s completely factually wrong and morally wrong retarded but you’re entitled to your own moronic opinions so you can do as you please. 🙂

          “Some dead guy from last decade says “modern” advancements suck”
          Hurr, some uncredited dead guys from a decade ago ages with my opinion on modern science, how intelligent and relevant.
          Ahah, oh wow.

        • “Romans at one time have no problem with paedophilia.” Just this sentence, earned such an agressive responce, but for all the wrong reasons. I am merely pointing out the changes that can happen in societies moral standards.

          How did the talk about polytheism, slavery, barbaric games have risen from this one sentence.

          You guys still fail to articulate on my other points.

          Anyway, im the ‘anon’ that started the comment, just in case u confuse me wif sum other anon

        • You silly uneducated individual.

          During the Roman Empire and Ancient Greece most scientific fields were born, knowledge and civilization were born. A fun fact: Never again in history have humans accomplished more in the fields of knowledge and technology than during the Ancient Greece/Roman Empire period.

          So, who the fuck are you, someone from these modern Dark Ages, void of all reason and logic, where equality and religion are fucking NORM, to judge about the Ancient Empire?

          In fact, I believe we have only degenerated, thanks to the Dark Ages, religion and now, Equality. I’m not the only one who believes so, Nietzsche and many philosophers of the 18th and 19th century think so. And the evidence supports it. And one more thing, polytheistic religions are nothing like monotheistic religions, so don’t think that woshipping multiple gods=multiple monotheistic religions. I could explain in detail why polytheistic religions aren’t as nearly as harmful as monotheistic ones, but I can’t be bothered now. Look it up somewhere “polytheism and monotheism”. Anyway, don’t talk if you have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s all.

        • Not everyone in the world is American, the fact you feel the need to jealously whine and moan about their culture is funny though, so thanks for bringing that up. 🙂

          Considering their hygiene and lack of protection, it no doubt hurt many. That is only the people and slave that were “willing” for it mind you.
          “Pitting animals against each other?” That is also wrong and a poor taste in entertainment and completely different to over-protecting them (I don’t remember not-shooting animals doing them harm) but if you could stick to what I actually said instead of running off on a tangent because you can;’t fault my logic that would be grand.

          You called completely separate ideals barbaric, ideals only tangibly related. Religion is all fundamentally stupid, this articles seams to be lost on you, but having a separate god for every object and occurrence is to much.

        • That’s only because you’re looking at it through the eyes of your “superior” American culture.

          Public Orgies? Since when did that hurt anyone?

          Pitting animals against each other? Is there anything inherently wrong with it? Only modern first world societies have this idea of “Since we’re superior to animals, we must protect them”.

          Worshipping multiple gods? So you find Hindi or Shinto to be barbaric then? Since these religions also have multiple gods.

        • I don’t get the ‘act of faith’ stuff but a crime is a crime even according Islamic standards. This incident was illegal according to Islamic laws as well. I think the punishment this act is 50 lashes (or was it lashing to death?)
          It’s the person at fault, not the religion.
          Most crimes are committed in America (and most by Christians)
          Should I assume that Christianity is a sick religion,immoral and disgusting just because of that? No. It’s the person at fault.
          And btw, suicide is very sinful in Islam too. Terrorists are just brainwashed people who think they are dying for the sake of Islam or whatnot.

        • TO speak more clearly…
          [btw, I am different person from 23:24 29/12/2009; the guy above me]

          I live in Indonesia, the country where Islam rule; yet they still call this country as a ‘democratic’…. o__0

          I said that it is common in Indonesia to marry boys and girls below 17; and has become such a custom here; that only starts to decline in the mid 90’s (mostly due to the economic recession and hardships to maintain a family).
          If you can read Indonesian ( I’m not sure that this is available in English), you can search “Syekh Puji” in Google. This man married 12 years-old girl, as the 2nd wife. His age is about 40 (42, if I not mistaken) and got arrested for comitting a child abuse (yet thousands of people still be free for doing the same thing)…
          We even have the Polygamy Award several years ago… >___<!!
          Muslims called polygamy is an "act of faith," that is better to marry a girl than to do adultery….

          There's still many crimes that Muslims here done in the name of "Act of Faith." You can search about "Front Pembela Islam" (The Front of Defenders of Islam) and read about how selfish they can be.

        • I live in an Islamic country and we have laws that prohibit anyone younger than 16 from getting married:
          not just “consummating the marriage”
          but getting married in the first place.
          and I find the “marriage” in this article very offending to the laws of my Islamic country.

      • Meh, this one isn’t so bad.

        They are both underage. Also, the boy was urged(Lies, he was forced) to consummate her. Only the fathers deserved some sort of punishment.

        Either way, this article was just a normal scenario for muslims, only in a place where there are laws that prohibit such things.

        Though, of course, you get anons and users who feel that their culture is SUPERIOR! to others and find this sort of news distasteful and infuriating.

        Other than that, the article does not provide a reason as to why the girl’s father was placed as a sex offender. I am guessing he was the one who forced the boy or he had sexual relations with his daughter beforehand and somehow forced the marriage to hide it.

        • It does matter if the girl didn’t want to marriage and have sex. The girl was obviously raped. It’s not some happy marriage shit going on here. And the rapist himself was mentally raped by the two fathers.
          Who the fuck thinks of that poor girl? She’s a human you know.Straight marriage my ass.

        • we’re not in the 15th centery anymore where you have 10 kids as soon as possible in hope that a few survive… welcome to a future where most if not all survive! there’s no need for 12y to be sexually active… especially with older people (men or women) let them be children for awhile..

          and thats coming from someone that doesn’t belive in any religion!

        • An every-day crime is given less attention than a similar one, by your words, one hundreds items as worse.
          Oh what a strange we live in eh? Running things by logic and other such retarded ideas.

        • Just because this sort of thing happens a lot in many places doesn’t make the crime any less serious.

          If one guy kill another it is unlikely that you will hear about it in the news, but if he blows himself up and kills a hundred then that would be front page news.

          If crimes like these are commonly committed everywhere then it should be given a lot of attention.

          One crime committed is bad enough. The fact that more are being committed everyday means that the world is really fucked up.

      • funny though,the 1 who always have sex in their mind is western.and its with anybody and everybody that they think fit their ‘port’.and its as soon as they gain puberty,like in previous sankaku news.

        • dude, becaome a sex-maniac is fine, islam did not bribe the moslem with sex, the moslem were promised the happy life in the afterlife, as long as they follow islam rules.

          if only islam said believe in islam and you can have sex anyway you want, that is bribe, but in this case, i don’t think that what islam promised is qualify as bribe.

          i just could not understand, why you people keep accusing islam and its worshipper, when criminality happen in every side of this world, be it muslim or not.

        • Anonymous says:

          ok this is messed up. i mean,72 virgins or a 72 year old virgin?
          and gender/species not specified?
          muslims are fucked up.
          for one thing a guy can only handle one at a time(uness he deformed(eww)) and they`re virgin won`t have sex with you. another point a 72 year old?might as well have sex with a mummy for crieing out loud. there isn`t one opption that makes sense. my friend once told me “You shoul only have one because if you have more you`ll be cheating the other(s)”

        • TexasDude:

          I think the “72 virgins” is not specific. I bet what the wimp-dick guy gets is 72 virgin hamsters. Or perhaps, they themselves are raped by 72 virgins male horses?

          Either way, they have a sex problem in that they are insecure with their performance and size issues. Who knows. Afterall, if they see a womans eyes – its the womans fault the male Muslim can’t control himself. How lame.

        • The term “virgins” is only used to make it simpler for the western media to use.
          A more fitting term would be…”perfect” women/very beautiful women.
          Age does not matter as everyone is of their prime age in the hereafter.

        • Muhammad married a 6 year old girl! Ok he didn’t “consumate the merriage” until she was mature enough, meaning 9 years old.

          Given that the religion promises 72 Virgins jihad martyrs, not even Negi has that large an harem! Since their religion unofficially bribes them with sex I’d dare to say they are sex maniacs.

          Uhm, this raises the question, how old are the 72 virgins they get? Are they loli? And if they are lolis, do they stay loli forever? Maybe the virgins are customized for their master, maybe they receive a variety of petanko, loli and mega-oppai virgins. Also, 72 virgins is not enough for the hymen-hungry muslim dick, do the wives regrow their hymen after each penetration? Or maybe the “72 virgins” means “72 at any one time” getting newly manufactured virgins and disposing of the *used* ones. Do they get only muslim virgins or caucasian and asian virgins too? Do muslim otaku get 2D virgins?

          Guess I’ll have to read the Quoran a little more.

        • Anon 09:29 It’s the religious propaganda rather than what actually written in Qur’an and Hadits

          We are allowed to have sex with our slaves even though they already have a husband. It’s in Qur’an. If you actually read it, you’ll know it.

        • It’s unfair to judge things as ‘common’ when you get the news from Sankaku.

          Again, let me get this straight:
          -We Moslems are allowed to keep slaves, AS LONG AS WE TREAT THEM AS IF OUR OWN FAMILY (let them eat in our table and wear the same kind ol clothes as ours). This single MOST Moslem aspect is then one most forgotten by Arab fags or any Moslem wannabe.

          -We are allowed to mary lolis, but we are only allowed to have sex them when they get their periods, and of course, their consent. This is what happened when Muhammad married Aisha. For the note, she was happy for the marriage. This consent part is the one most fabricated or ignored by most practitioner though.

          -Again, let me get this straight. The practitioners are at fault, not the religion.

        • the funny thing is… in Indonesia, a Habib (guru/spiritual teacher in Islam) sue the Playboy Indonesia magazine for “spreading pornography and immorality to people” and give a testimony in the Court, while holding the magazine, said “I HAVE READ THIS, and proclaim that… [etc. etc.]” See?

        • @20:08 28/12/2009

          There were other religions that promoted that kind of stuff,but most of them were either wipeout by other competing religion (Christians and Islam) or deserted by its followers due to common sense.
          Those religions including: Vikings belief system (rape of captured women),ancient middle eastern pagans (children sacrifice),ancient south american religions(heart sacrifice and torture),various pacific deities that demands cannibalism from its followers and many other nightmarish stuff that man came up as an excuse for religions.

        • @ 06:38

          “IMO, its freaking sick to have sex with an underage BTW. pre-adult girls hurt like hell when their hymen broke.. evenmoreso for lolis.”

          I agree with you on the matter, but I think the hymen breaking hurts about as much. An immature and/or reluctant person will tensen their muscles more though and that will cause more pain than with adults. In fact all girls don’t have hymens, and some hymens just stretch… though stretching shouldn’t be underestimated, that’s what mine did and it hurt like fricking hell.

          But to get to the point…

          It’s truly more about the *psyche* breaking. And that I can tell you hurts more than the hymen part. 🙂

        • 06:19 im a muslim malaysian…its pretty damned illegal to have sex with lolis in my country.

          marry a loli -> yes
          have sex with loli -> no

          IMO, its freaking sick to have sex with an underage BTW. pre-adult girls hurt like hell when their hymen broke.. evenmoreso for lolis.

          bah, just personal view.

        • agreed as it may be ‘illegal’ in the uk, these things are quite legal in the islamic countries…and besides…just because its illegal doesn’t mean people aren’t doing it…I lol at you…

        • >Actually a things like that doesn’t exists anymore because it is everywhere against the laws.

          Did you even read the article? The article at the top of the page? The article about the illegal marriage and subsequent rape of a young girl?

          English is not your first language: I can forgive your poor grammar, but not your poor logic.

        • Sounds like 女中 あゆ should update HIS knowledge because not only is that still legal in some Middle Eastern countries, it’s still a common practice. Sankaku Complex has even reported on it, as some poor 12 year-old girl tried to run away from her arranged marriage.

  • Muslims who act like this aren’t “true muslims” according to other followers in their religon. Islam is a peaceful religon, with an even greater peace than that of christianity. These are the reasons Muslims are looked at as evil when they’re truly not.

  • Anonymous says:

    Hey! Muslims are not bad. I am Muslim too. You said it “illegal marriage” In ever religion this is happening. Don’t blame Muslim religion. There are always pervert persons.

  • Look at all the sexual abuse of minor, stories on this site. You will see most of them are committed by non-Muslims. You don’t see the titles as “Christian mother…”, “Christian father…”, etc. Yet any incident involving Muslims, you see the Muslim in the title “Muslim father…”, “Muslim man…”. That’s hypocrisy. The media does and none of you were intelligent enough to notice it, and you’re doing the same.

  • fail article.
    indeed i accept the article as a fact but
    obviously(not so obvious to some people) it is biased towards hating islam. after reading most of the comments it seems like it works like a charm.
    if the offender is muslim then you all say muslim this, muslim that, but if he/she is not a muslim then you all would not even bother mention the religion and like “oh that was just some random guy”.
    i honestly think that sankaku should stop posting this kind of article and stick with “ps3 is more superior than the 360” or “some random gallery for fapping” kind of article.
    no offence haha… i love sankaku except for this kind of article.

    • MAYBE that’s because GRAND MUFTI OF SAUDI ARABIA issued FATWA that is it fine to marry children. In Saudi, 8 yr old bride kept by 55 yr old husband against mothers wishes, because only the father has the right to ‘sell’ his daughter to a pervert or take her back.

      YEMEN, no minimum age
      MALI, no minimum age
      SAUDI, no minimum age
      AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN, may have age laws that are not followed
      SOMALIA no minimum age




      Here in Sweden way underage girls in FORCED MARRIAGE from muslim families caught frequently.

      They married 12 year old in PAKISTAN no problem, right? ISLAM IS THE REASON.