Gaming Media Fawns Over “Flawless” Bayonetta


Bayonetta has been praised to high heaven by gaming rags the world over, but it seems the atrocious nature of Sega’s PS3 port is something they are keen to avoid any mention of.

The Xbox 360 version is hailed as a paragon of the genre by the international gaming press, getting a highly impressive if rather suspect metascore of 93% over 17 reviews:

100 Edge Magazine

100 Eurogamer Spain

100 1UP


95 IGN



94 3DJuegos

94 Vandal Online

93 Games Master UK

90 GamePro

90 Game Informer

90 Official Xbox Magazine

90 Eurogamer

90 Meristation

80 TeamXbox

80 Eurogamer Italy

However, the PS3 version, widely acknowledged to be a disaster, still manages an overall metascore of 91%, despite the porting issues:

IGN on the Xbox 360 version – 95%: “The 360 version is vastly superior to the PS3 version on a technical level, so PS3 owners fortunate enough to own a 360 should absolutely avoid the PS3 copy.”

IGN on the PS3 version – 82%: “If you have no other choice but to purchase the PS3 version, you’ll still get a kick out of it. Just be ready to be exorbitantly patient.”

Other PS3 reviews doll out top scores with scarcely a mention of the platform differences. Bayonetta’s marketing machine seems to have done its work well indeed…

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