Fans Disgusted by Final Fantasy XIII


Criticism of Final Fantasy XIII by fans of both Final Fantasy and the RPG genre has reached a crescendo, with critical voices now far outweighing positive appraisals, especially if typically worshipful mass media reviews are discounted:


An “E” ranking is one of the less flattering ones:

“Honestly, it’s the worst Final Fantasy game ever! Everything about the game is ‘lightweight.'”

“This is no game, it’s a CG movie player with an RPG minigame! The story and maps are unbelievably linear, there’s a little divergence in how you level the characters. I just don’t want to recognise this as an RPG. It doesn’t even feel like you’re playing a game, just that you’re being shown one CG movie after another.”

“The characters aren’t very appealing, and the cutesy antics of the female characters got on my nerves. For fans of Final Fantasy, this is really something that is no longer Final Fantasy any longer.”

“The production values are high, but like FF12 there are pluses and minuses. At the very least I don’t think this game can be recommended to everyone.”

“Final Fantasy fans will be looking forward to a good story, but personally I found nothing interesting about the story at all, though this must vary from person to person.”

“The game just repeats movies and dungeons over and over, there’s no variation at all. There are quests in the second half, but getting that far takes far too long. If you don’t enjoy the story getting that far is troubling.

Honestly, this was a big disappointment. I can’t recommend it to people who like RPGs.”

User contributed reviews everywhere are dominated by such sentiments.

A minority of very vocal critics, or a deeply flawed title getting its just deserts?

Whatever the situation with online reviews, few who have actually played the game could deny the veracity of some of these complaints…

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  • The game is not totally unenjoyable but is far too linear. There are no alternate endings you cant really deviate from the storyline, there is no new game +1 that is always a good payoff to devoting hours trying to level all the way up and get everything to run through the second time. Where is the payoff for doing all the work?? starting over from scratch with nothing different to do. Poor choice, poor planning and overall a complete disappointment to fans that have waited so long. It is beautiful and interesting but I definitely give it thumbs down.

  • After 25 hours I have reached grand pulse the so called “open world.” Too bad its chp 11 of a 13 chp series and all i get are some lame missions and a shit load of grinding before i get to the next chp. This game is stupid. The scenery here is also the lamest of them all its just open landscape with tons of monsters but no amazing scenery. Why couldn’t I go and explore the waterscape back in chp 3 or so? That place was amazing visually. Sigh I just do not care for this game anymore. Its like an overhyped Crisis Core, but at least that one was funner to play and to be honest it had much more content than this game. For a PS3 game, this is just unexcusable of SE. I think I’m finally done with FF. Well hope somebody actually really loves this game. Maybe you’ll buy it from me when i sell it on ebay.

  • to be quite honest thats your opinion and mine is i think the story was awesome and that most ff games are linear until the end of the story. and about the cutscenes,there may be more cutscenes than any oter ff game but its builds the story,and corect me if im wrong but i bet most of you who are beliveing this bull**** havent even played ff 13 and wont thanks to this junk. I rest my case (and before you say anything ill have you know im playing it right now so i have actually played it myself)

  • Here’s my idea of a kickass rpg.
    The entire world is sandbox and there is a ton to explore. The game will let you go to this place if you can make it their alive. That way you have to earn your cutscene. Then overload the game with weapons and equipment. Heck, 3d games like borderlands and world of warcraft have it figured out, why can’t Square/Enix figure it out.


    One could tell FFXIII would suck as far back as the release of the Demo bundled with AC. The Demo felt like the reactor mission from FFVII, only more cliche’d.
    I almost went like: “so… when are they gonna blow up the reactor ?” at one point.

    Then the game pops and it’s like they tried to remake FFVII, but left all the GOOD parts out. This is basically the FFVII remake everyone was screaming for, only made by Enix instead of Square.

    Shit… FFXII is miles above this title. If it were some minor player, it’d be understandable but it’s FREAKING SQUARE-ENIX.

  • OkamiFrenzy says:

    Ok let me give you this… final fantasy of course this game doesn’t seem all that worth it. But when you put it all together and if your a true die hard final fantasy fan, there’s no reason to be bitching about how the game sucks. Yeah I know I played a demo of it. It’s all around like any other rpg games. Truthfully I think the game won’t be that bad I mean true the game has allot of scenes you can’t control the character completely in… but that’s what makes the story interesting. I mean like lets say Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers. That game has no big challenges but swinging the Wii remote in the right place but people still find it fun. You don’t even lvl but all you do is gain health pieces by finding it in secret places or monster timing challenges. That’s just about it in advancing in a final fantasy game. I mean be glad that you can lvl and have fun lvl’n.


  • I played about 35 hours + now… most of these complaints are valid lol… but some of them are too exaggerated. Is it a playable game? Yes. Is it enjoyable? Yes. Is it a Final Fantasy? Yes.

    Is it a memorable game? No.

    Play it once, and be over with it.

  • i was gonna even buy the limited edition, now after 80% of the critiques have said that it’s a big disappointment, i think i will pass FFXIII

    though it;s hard to digest since i have played 7,8,9,10 and 12, but i am not ready to be disappointed by the dev which i adore so much, so yeah

    Hello FFXIV!

  • I imported and played about 18 hours of it. My Japanese is limited to kana so I can get by reading cura spells or what not but I don't understand the story. 18 hours and I can't arrange my party yet. The battles are what interested me into importing. It looked very engaging, but now that I've got my hands on it I am disappointed.

    So you know a little of where I'm coming from I got into Squaresoft with FF4, Secret of Mana, FF6, Chrono Trigger, and Breath of Fire. Those five came out in a 3/4 year span in the 90's and I loved everyone of them. I've never had a problem with Square doing new things because it usually came out well done. Even as I got older and their stories got crazier, I enjoyed their games (well, cept 8, whatever) because they always made the effort to make something new.

    but…13 isn't anything new.

    They put a lot of effort to make it look nice, but it's just the same gameplay with fresh paint. Battles run like X-2. Change tactics(13), change dress-spheres(x-2). In fact, since you only control tactics and 1 party member you have even less to do than you did in X-2, which becomes old, fast. Leveling takes the form of sphere grids, cept you don't have to collect those damn spheres. Instead you gain CP to use on the grid and level up orbs, one by one by one, like FF10. Seriously, just save me the hassle and auto-level me up why don't you. Your new and improved save point also buys/sells your items so there's no need to stop at towns anymore. In fact you can level up your items(new addition), at the save points(booo) and those things are everywhere. The game also puts you on noob mode so if you die you can restart from right before the battle. Yep, you don't have to load from your last save which is convenient cause I wanna get this over with as quick as I can.

    It really seems as though no effort was made to make it a new game, other than story/graphics wise. I've already gotten bored of battles. Most of the time when I'm running the character from battle to battle, I'm wishing it's an action RPG instead, it could've been better, a lot better.

    I know I'm not even half way through but I'm losing motivation fast. Fell asleep 3 times while playing so far. And I can't help thinking Square went back a step with this one.

    Been a Square fan since the early 90's but this one's disappointing. Like when your a kid, your teacher gives you a mark for not enough effort, in this case Square needs to put more effort back in gameplay rather than graphics.

    • This is ridiculous. Even the people who complain about the game have nothing bad to say about the battle system, and it is usually pointed out as the one high point for those who hate it. Having played it… what are you smoking? While the Optima system is similar to the X2 system in that you switch “jobs” in the middle of the battle, that is about where the similarities end.

      If you’re 18 hours in and can’t arrange your party yet, you’re playing slowly. 18 should get you to the Gran Pulse. Considering how linear the game is, the fact that you’re somehow moving that slowly is kind of amazing to me. Either way, you’re basically talking out of your ass.

  • It all started back in 2001 with FFX in the PS2.
    If you guys remember, there was no world map, but square was very smart by adding a bunch of sparkling goodies to keep the fans happy (like myself).
    It was not so linear, but it made you miss the old world map from FF IX.

    The first time speaking characters, the fantastic story line, the beautiful CG, every element of this game made FFX what it is today.
    X-2 serving as a test model for future squeals of FF VII, kinda sucked, but people got addicted to it because it was a first time squeal FF (with girls!).
    And we end up with Vicente going trigger happy on Dangerous of Cerberus, and a great PSP game named Crises Core, not bad, I really enjoy the damn game and the old world map is not really a feature that I need here.

    I hated XII, it laked of so much stuff that dint hooked me up for more than a few hours…
    With XIII going down like this, I wonder what in the world are they going to do with the remake of FFVII. If it's going to be another crap like this one, then don't even try it.

  • I need to play this game in order to see if what everyone says is true. I have hopes. And anyways since when is most of the final fantasy not linear!!!X was like that to a point. 9 was like that. All of them were like that. and cutscenes,why complain about it!! MGS4 had alot of cutscenes but it was a damn good game. I personally aint so hot about the customization but hey we all have to get use to changes. Thats what i said about ff8 and ffx and etc. and abou this not enough money and online shop, to me it seems alot more realistic to me.

    • The game is really linear. Until Gran pulse, you walk forward through dungeons and there are occasionally side branches you can travel down to get treasure. The saving point is the battle system, which is one of the best that a Final Fantasy has ever had. It’s incredibly fast, really visually interesting and allows you to basically customize a party to function how you want.

  • “…with critical voices now far outweighing positive appraisals, especially if typically worshipful mass media reviews are discounted…”

    So basically, everyone says it sucks, except for everyone who says it’s good. Riiiiight…

  • I’d actually be MORE excited if American gamers shunned this game. Everyone seems to think that Final Fantasy VII and X are the best things since IV. Not to say that these aren’t great games mind you, although I do think that X was a bit short.
    Final Fantasy VIII and XII are my current favorites, with the Edea, Cidolfus and Gabranth boss fights. I get groans of disapproval every time I tell FF fans this. It isn’t some emo, against the norm, elitist garbage that fuels my love for these games but the fact that I found that they got me pumped the most.

  • I imported it. It’s definitely not a be all end all RPG. It’s stupid barebones in certain aspects. Like how the traditional victory fanfare and victory poses got removed. The only part that’s fully fleshed out is the graphics. Squeenix made the stupid decision of focusing on graphics. Out of the RPGs coming out early 2010 I think White Knight Chronicles is the one to buy.

  • Why are ppl who played the game and didn’t like it ‘bitches,’ ‘whiners,’ and ‘crybabies’? Jesus, are ppl not allowed to dislike something? Are they not allowed to vent their displeasure? Everyone who hasn’t played the game should wait and see, but what if they don’t like it? If you do like the game, great! You come out the winner for it. But if you don’t, you’re out of time and money.

  • Yet still they buy it.

    Anyway, even if it’s just a CG movie with RPG elements I’d still love it. I mean, hey, you bought and watched Advent Children, right? If you add playable RPG elements there, will it become bad? No! So just think this: FFXIII is an awesome CG movie with playable elements, and it’s a matter of taste wether you like it or not. I sure do.

  • you have to play the game to make that judgement. Dont let other peoples views and opinions sway you. if you let other people make your videogame buying decisions for you then you should’nt have any games really because EVERYGAME has had something bad about it or had someone say something bad about it. just try it for yourself 🙂 you can always trade it in for another game lol

  • Let’s not blow it out of proportions here. Nothing wrong with a lot of CG movies. I think we are just less impressed by CG movies these days, as opposed to when they first started making us go “ohhh” and “wow” in FFVII and FFVIII.

    FFXIII so far sounds like a disappointment, but that does not make it a bad game or one that cannot be enjoyed. We can make our own judgment in March. I am sure most people will play it and finish it simply because it is Final Fantasy.

    • what’s so damn great about ff6? seriously i hear 6 and the first ones before it are so friggin awesome etc etc.

      let go, they are not making another like it. stop beating a dead horse its fucking annoying.

      i played it after playing other ffs and i couldn’t stand it. crono trigger is still awesome tho. graphics suck at best. either

      • VI is not my personal favorite but i understand its a legendary game. VI’s internet popularity comes from the fact that its the best one that’s not mainstream (VII and X). I myself like VII the best because I am not an insecure nerd and likes/hates certain things to help me ignore my pathetic life; but just because VI has a very annoying fanbase i don’t hate it.

  • Just go and fuk and fuk yourself.Everything is about opinion and shit.Who care if some1 else say bad,if it suits your liking its ur choice muthafakcer.EG,you support a football team,what wrongs with supproting ur fav football team? this is bunch of opinion.Dont force your freaking shit opinion on others.If u dont like it STFU,or drill a hole in ur room and fuk urself if u are too free…

  • Final Fantasy 13 is the “BEST FF GAME EVER” because you don’t play the game, “YOU JUST WATCH IT”.

    Seriously what kind of game takes 70% of your time watching cinematics. That has got to be bad.

    It is like saying the best gun ever is one that you never have to fire, but then that wouldn’t be a gun not would it, am rite. It could still be an awesome sword.

  • Sad thing is most of the people that actually reviewed the game are matching it against SE’s other games rather than actually taking the time to look at it from an original point of view… Seriously.. GTFO.

  • There’s a trope for this at tvtropes.. it’s called Unpleasable Fanbase.


    that.. or fans probably called Ruined *sorry for caps* FOREVER!!!

    honestly, people have been calling the latter ff titles as games being ruined forever… all started since the transition from SNES to Playstation 1 I swear…

    or more like.. since… sequels of the franchise came out…

  • Unlimitedbladeworks says:

    Well this pretty much settles it. I’m not gonna buy this game when it’s released in the States. If japanese gamers are saying it’s too linear then it must be REALLY fricking linear. Maybe I’ve ben spoiled by games like Mass Effect and Fable II but I’ve gotten used to having more say about what happens in my game. It is supposed to be the player’s adventure after all.

      • That’s not moronic. What’s moronic is not to try out something until you find out what it really is. This is why a lot of ‘gamers’ dismiss ‘good games’ because they listen to what a handful of faggots blabber in the internet. What is USD 60 if you personally played it, told everyone it was shit and sell the game online? That’s not much of a problem is it?

    • I agree with Anon 14:20. First, I just have to say my first FF was 10, then I played 11, 12, X-2, 7, 4, and almost done with 9. I love watching anime, especially when the story and animation is good. (I’ve seen all the good anime.)

      So…the big point is people say the reason for considering 13 to be horrible is because it’s very linear and filled with cutscenes. Well personally, I think as long as the story and characters are good, the game is fine by my watch, and hopefully it’s not too repetitive. But if it’s like a movie experience, that is completely awesome for me. Games these days are getting more realistic graphics, which is a temptation for game developers to make their fantasies become more of a reality-drama story show, rather than focusing on a world exporation, dungeon grinding, roleplay experience. I’m sure all of you have heard the videogame industry is like Hollywood these days, right? It’s this generation of games that have been considered a threat to the movie industry for being more realistic than ever before. So, my premonition is that games are going more towards the movie-watch play route. If you have realistic characters that pass off as real people, it’s just… “logical” to make it like a movie from Square Enix’s view I assume. I mean we got Advent Children, so I guess they want to go this route with their games, which is fine with me because like Anon 14:20 said, it’s about the story and scene, not so much about playing role-play with Playstation1 graphics anymore.

      • continuing from 21:16

        One thing I forgot to add is if the argument is that roleplay and exploration is lacking in FF13, that’s what FF11 and FF14 are for lol! So all I really want from FF13 is just a good story, and most important would be meaningful characters. FF12 is a prime example of game with good gameplay, but horrible characters. If FF13 lacks good gameplay, it better have good characters to please me.

  • The game may appeal to some but in my opinion the Best was Final Fantasy 6 US or was it 3 in the Japan?(Locke and crew) I was hoping they made the story as compelling as that version. Probably rent this first.

  • Sakaguchi was at least involved in I to X. Then he and uematsu (along with Toriyama) left and created Mistwalker. So believe it or not, the man came up with some very neat ideas and the same goes with the older staff that was ALSO involved with CT for example.

    Even if the plot is good, the gameplay wasn’t decent enough. Take XII for example. Most if it was on the based “lore” from Tactics

    As for MGS, Kojima even stated that the game(s) were meant to be like a movie played through the players PoV, seen through Snakes/Raidens “eyes” of course. That’s the whole point of this theatrical feeling found in 2 and 3/4

    III-X were perhaps linear (Sorry I never finished I-II or bothered playing them) VI and IX added perhaps even more depth with so many character involved. But even so all these games added mode to explore to do whatever you wanted a la world map. X was perhaps a bit different since you only got that option at the…

    *SPOILER* At the end of the game were you choose to defeat Sin’s “first” form and you either proceeded further in or you could basically do whatever you wanted and go explore the world and the “missing” pieces of the game. *SPOILER*

    So in the end these game provided you with the option to go and so something else other than having to progress with the story. I thought this was the case with X up till Calm lands and up till Zanarkand in X-2. I spent about 20-30min with XII before I thought it was way below the normal expectations of the series so far. The whole “normal” ATB removal let’s copy XIs battle system felt like they could have just copied Star Oceans or Tales of* Battle system which still works as of today, oh WTF it does can you believe that!?

  • I too have imported FF13 and have been playing for like nine hours now.To be very blunt and quick about it my Japanese is pretty poor and forget Kanji reading, but for the most part it’s a good game. The battle system is interesting but requires little strategy. The maps and storyline ARE VERY LINEAR, that being said that is not a bad thing. This is an RPG but it’s not Fallout or Oblivion. It tells a specific story about “their” characters and their struggles. You go point A to B with side quests inbetween. The only complaint I could have is that there is no room to really customize you character or party, everyone does one thing and thats it. Healer, Guard, Damage dealer, and Support etc. The leveling is also different too, gone are the levels of yesteryear. Your characters don’t level up, you use the Crystal-something-or-other to increase HP, Strength, etc. So basically no room for custom a Lightening or Snow, they do what they can and thats it. Straightforward and to the point, enjoy the story no extra micromanaging necessary! So play it or don’t, ’nuff said!

    • On the topic of the stat development, it would’ve been a good idea in principal, but they totally fucked it up by making it so you can’t grind.

      Seriously you get every upgrade on the skill paths, and you have to wait till the story will unlock the next parts of the grids for you and it repeats.

      If it wasn’t for the retarded capping it would’ve been fine. As it is now, its only an illusion of stat building.

  • The same thing that happened to MGS4 is happening to this game. It seems like in Japan when a game gets to blockbuster status then the developers lose their minds and try to make a game that’s way, way too epic for them. No one can tell them what to do because they’re working on a AAA project, and what you get in the end is an overbudgeted vanity project that fails to deliver. They need more people in game companies that can pull these primadonna developers aside and tell them “Fuck you, this game isn’t fun, do these parts again and fucking get it out the door!”

    I guarantee PS3 Gran Turismo will suffer the same fate.

  • I miss the good old days of actual turned based battles. I began with final fantasy 7 and loved it! I been playing any final fantasy I could get my hands on. Final fantasy 8 kept the turned based battle but replaced the materia system with spell draws and the junction system. The story was great especially since I like science fiction, The idea of time compression as the villain’s ultimate goal was quite innovative. Also playing in the past as Laguna and friends also helps connect everything. Final fantasy 9 a homage to the older games, the story wasn’t as great, and as for villains, Kuja was terrible. Again they kept the turned based system and added a fourth character slot which allowed for some harder fights. I forgot to mention limit breaks and trance, those kind of disappeared in a way. Final fantasy 10 was ok, the voice acting was new but turned based battle was dying a bit and the grid board for leveling was kind of stupid. I didn’t even bother with ff12, I was able to play the demo at a convention before it was released and didn’t like it because it was trying to imitate MMOrpgs. I felt as if had really lost the spirit of its predecessors. I then backtracked with ff 1&2 for the psp and 4&5 for SNES via emulator. I was back to the good ole turn based systems. As another persom mentioned Lost Odyssey was GREAT! It retained the turned based system of older games while introducing the movie style gameplay of games like MGS. I can’t also forget to mention that it retained those high quality graphics seen in the CG in the actual gameplay, now that is amazing.
    I can’t give my review of ff13, seeing as that I don’t have the game yet but it seems as if SE was trying to do the same as Lost Odyssey in terms of the graphics however they kind of failed to retain that old school Final Fantasy greatness that was the battle system. Besides the linear maps, I think that is what truly would bother me about this game. It great to try new things but to throw out a good formula and experiment is alienating the older fans in favor of trying to reach a new market. With this strategy they may lose more fans than gain, and that is not a good business model. Just my two cents..

  • Only played for about 5 hours or so, but I have to say I like how the story is going so far.

    There was someone commenting about how you needed to know the backdrop to really understand it, but from the menu screen you can access something like a diary and encylopedia that updates itself as you play on. Not really required to know whats happening, but its an interesting read.

    It’s a bit weird that you don’t get exp from killing stuff (and it’s not like you can avoid battles all the time), but the battle system itself is fun enough.

    The fact that once the leader dies in battle you game over’ed sounded pretty bad, but as I played on, I realise it really adds to the tension in battles especially in boss fights. Besides, there’s an option to pause and restart a particular battle anytime if you need to.

  • Looks like Square Enix is going to be coming out with an FF13-2 now! Or probably some kind of verison where it’s like a “director’s cut” where they remake the whole thing properly.. I can see that happening if the fans get too pissed off. Which they seem to be.

  • Didn’t they start from scratch again and dumbed everything down after Microcrap sent 10 trucks of cash to Wada’s mansion? If I recall correctly they stated that FF13 was supposed to be an open world game. Microcrap is ruining the gaming industry. It started with pressing uncompleted games and later releasing it as DLC just cause’ the shit won’t fit on a dvd or to milk everyone for more money. They started the $59.99 price point crap. Wada is ruining what’s left of Squaresoft. Lead free solder leading to RROD or YLOD. Worst generation ever. At least I still got FF6

    • And you would be wrong. It is pronounced like desserts, but the word is actually deserts. Not deserts as in dry places, but a different word entirely. It means something that you deserve (you can see that both deserts and deserve come from the same root). It’s an archaic word, and the phrase “just deserts” is pretty much the only place you will see it used anymore. It is a very widely held misconception that it is desserts, since that is how it is pronounced, and you can sort of see how “just desserts” might mean the same thing, in a more figurative way. But “just deserts” is correct, and I applaud Artefact for getting it right.

  • Look I don’t care about anyone elses opinion just hurry up and get the game over here! I’m not gonna trust some over critical uber nerds especially after they have led me wrong not once but 3 fuckin times.

  • Japan considers Final Fantasy X to be the greatest RPG of all time and both Tidus and Yuna are constantly in top 10 lists for characters, so I have trouble taking their opinions on gaming seriously.

  • Hmmm so fans are trying say this game is not good, and FF12 is better (I hated that game; wished I never spent the amount of time I did playing that piece of shit), they even say that FF10 was linear and crap (even though I loved the shit out of that game played it everyday until my report card said “FF”)… okay well insta-buy; no regrets. Glad I ordered it.

    Loved all the other FFs, except 7 and 12. Seriously how do you like a game where all you do is control you characters movement’s? FF12 gameplay was basically just watch him fight then grind for more gambits yay, FF7 a good game, good extra stuff to do,but sporting an idiotic, overrated storyline arguably the gayest FF as well. And for God’s sake, fags that are saying 6 was the best, shut up…we all know that it was the best, but there is no need to keep restating it, let sleeping dogs lie.

    Seriously I’ve waited 3 years for this game, I’ve seen videos, played the demo, and I don’t see what is wrong with it. I think people are pissed off that it doesn’t meet all their demands, but damn give it some credit, every iteration of FF tries something new and excels at it; this one is CG and an active battle screen. Don’t like it? Well don’t buy it, it’s as simple as that.

      • Yea pretty much, but seriously when fans overrate they overlook the negative causing me to buy the game thinking there are no flaws; conversely if they hate a game, they will state the flaws and I will know if it’s worth a purchase. From what I can tell it’s a great game and they are exaggerating the flaws, perhaps SNK or SEGA should create future FF titles so the fans can receive true garbage and there will be no need to exaggerate minuscule flaws.

  • Rensei Bayushi says:

    Looks like my prediction on critical response has held true. I’m certain in a few months people will be praising XII left and right until XV comes along and all of sudden XIII will appear to be god.

    Complaining: the second biggest thing on the internet.

    • the is a funny phenomenon isn’t it. cause asi i pointed out earlier, this trend of critical bashing has happened with every FF since the PS1 titles.

      happened to X (and yet NOW X gets voted as the best FF ever in polls for the last few years)
      then X-2
      then XI
      then XII

      and just like you said, now that XIII has come out, all the XII bashing has suddenly turned into “they should have been expanding on what they did”

      XII, the one that was supposedly reviled,
      the one that had reviews WORSE than what XIII is getting now
      and now its like “that game was in the right direction!”

      XV they’re going to do something new (cause its not like the franchise is known for experimenting at all) and if the trend for the past 6-7 years continues it’ll be “why didn’t they build upon what they did for XIII!”

    • so that sakaguchi can continue to be an utter nonfactor?
      completely unrelated to FFXIII, but its funny how the sakaguchi fanboys refuse to acknowledge the man’s been a complete nonfactor since leaving S-E to anyone other than fanboys desperate to cling to the faith.

      hell, if you listened to the man disown S-E and Final Fantasy while hyping Blue Dragon, he wasn’t even a factor in Final Fantasy for the past 10 years (oh yes you heard that right, according to Sakaguchi himself he was busy building a movie studio, NOT working much on FF7, or any game after)

  • I dun really care much about what ppl said…. i am gonna get this game no matter what.

    And they are also tons of ppl that i know saying this game is good. So who do you think i should believe? Some random online hikimori trashing the game or my friends?

  • It could be thirteen or thirty-eight, but seriously, how can we take that few people seriously? Even with the “millions of people who have already played it,” just shut the fuck up until you’ve actually played it. People have their own tastes.

    And also, I realize that people might get on your nerves when they really like a game…A LOT…but calling them a “fag”? Seriously. I love Final Fantasy 7 (mostly because it was my first RPG), but I also realize that it isn’t the “BESTRPGEVARLOLLOLLLOL!!1”. Sheesh.

  • The series has been on a steady downhill since FFX. They’ve been playing to their home crowd a bit too much and overloading it with Japanese culture which is turning off plenty of Western gamers, myself included.

  • Can’t read japanese, so correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems that chart is from 19 people’s vote? Sample size a bit too small to draw any conclusion? Like you said, the chances of it being due to a minority of vocal critic is very high, since for all we know those who are enjoying the game are busy playing it now

  • These are the same people who rated FFX and other overrated RPG’s as Top 10 (list was somewhere on this site). After what they showed us their preference, I wouldn’t take their words as legitimate in no way, shape, or form.

    And didn’t Famitsu give it a 39/40? I would call that a highly positive review (and let’s be honest, they never give away scores so easily).

    • Famitsu gives away scores in the high 30’s very easily, it just depends on how much you spend on advertising with them. Getting a 40 from Famitsu is much rarer, although they’ve still given away more 40s in the last couple of years than in the entire remaining lifetime of the magazine…

  • So, its not perfect. Big fucking deal. People can enjoy games that are not perfect. Case in point, Gauntlet Dark Legacy is my favorite game of all time. ALL TIME. Making a big deal because its final fantasy.

  • Nothing new. Every game released has the same kind of claims. Please, its like people forget to have fun when playing games anymore. Im not just referring to the people talking about this game, im talking about all games. Im ashamed to be a gamer these days. Its getting really petty.

    • Yet remember gaming costs way more then before. So I see why gamers are more careful about just running out and buying any old game cuz $60+ for 1 game is like around 3 – 5 used games from the last gen. People haven’t forgot to have fun they’re just very careful what to have fun with. Plus everybody has their right to have an opinion. Not every gamer is a fucking spoiled little rich kid who’s garbage parents can buy them any o’ shit just to shut the bastard up.

  • The only complaints I’ve ever heard regarding this game have been from this site, and nowhere else. I’m not saying the complaints aren’t legitimate – the game could end up being bad – I’m just saying Final Fantasy deserves the benefit of the doubt.

    I’m certainly still going to buy it, and I look forward to doing so.

  • I’m not an FF fan myself. I bought the “Advent’s Children” when it came out, watch five minutes, gave up. Last month, I had an anime-watching friend explain a bunch of FF stuff to me, then we watched the movie the whole way through.

    It was like watching some broody, teenybopper-oriented vampire movie.

    But… I think that graph is an interesting way of displaying multiple datapoints on a subject.

      • Advent Children was just a CG exhibition, and if that’s all you expect from it it delivers quite exceptionally.
        I do like that game list though, you got all the ones I enjoyed and omitted all the ones I didn’t, though the first has nostalgia value that makes it worthwhile…

      • Advent Children was just a CG graphic exhibition, and if that’s all you expect from it it delivers quite exceptionally.
        I do like that game list though, you got all the ones I enjoyed and omitted all the ones I didn’t, though the first has nostalgia value that makes it worthwhile…

  • I think the problem is when making this game they were focusing more on Versus XIII so this game got shit watered. Can’t wait to see (and hope) Versus XIII become a great hit. Still getting this one though and I still can’t believe I unintentionally began my pre-order on it with $13 XD

  • I never liked for FF8 all that much even though it is so popular. The characters just did not interest me beyond the mains and the story with time compression just made no sense really.

    FF9, fun game but most of the characters did, again, not interest me and it seemed like they just threw the final boss/thing about the crystals out of nowhere. Both FF8/FF9 never felt like I was out to save the world really or that there was some deadly threat

    FF10 was better, characters each had a story behind them and the threats they were fighting were pretty serious. Main char was a annoying though but I still liked the story.

    FF12 was pretty much the same as 8,9 to me. Did not care for the battle system that much. All the quests and things to do were very nice though. I just could not get into the story however and found the characters bland and uninteresting.

    FF13 seems like it will fall into the ranks of 8,9,12 for me, I will probably rent it before I drop over 60 bucks on it.

  • Three words. Final Fantasy VI

    That was the best game of the whole franchise.

    Screw the FFVII fags. Screw Square Enix. Screw Ivalice, Screw linear plots.

    … I’m sorry for the good old FF that have to share their name with this unworthy game.

  • Ya know, those Japanese AND importers are a bunch of hipocrits. They got a damn DEMO with the Blu-Ray Advent Children Complete, which gave a hint. They even KNEW how it was going to be, yet 1.5million people still got the game upon release.

    What I would like to know about that chart is how many people out of the 1.5 million copies sold rated it? It could be something like 50 people or 10,000 people. Not everyone votes in polls. I bet you most of the 1.5mil haven’t even finished the came or gotten to the half-way mark (because, you know, people are/were still busy with work, school, family and so on). Plus what’s the point of playing through the game so quickly? Enjoy it! You paid what $50-$80 for a game you played for 3-4 days and finished? You probably missed loads of cool things.

  • *Prays*

    All the efforts are put into Versus 13 to make it a real FF worthy title which is exclusive for PS3

    standard 13 must be a game purely made for cash since I bet MS paid alot to make it to XBox360 aswell..

    * ends Prays*

    • *prays*

      Why did all those xbox “exclusives” go to that playstaion to give the shitty fan bois more bull shit to fight with then they don’t realize that multi-consoles are common place, so much so it crashed the game market. And gameplay choices are not affected in a major way from being on both consoles as proof has shown, but it’s the programmers and designers who did this.

  • If you look at the Japanese releases of FFXII and FFXIII on, they both got extremely mixed reviews from Japanese audiences whereas at least FFXII was better-reviewed by western audiences. As much as I love Japan, I’m not sure I can ever judge a game by whether the Japanese fans liked it or not. Or at least I’m holding out ’til my copy arrives in the mail.

  • Hm, 32 hours into the game at the moment…and while I can see where the some of criticism comes from but people are waaay to butthurt over it. It’s not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be, people love to join the hate bandwagon I guess.

    If I had to point out some flaws, it would be that it took longer than my liking until I could finally customize my party as I liked, including shifting around members and such. Also so far the bosses have more or less all been too easy, and have barely posed any challenge yet.
    But in general, I’ve loved the game so far.

  • This game took a long damn time to come out, so expectations were high. Too many damn complacent crybabies out there unwilling to embrace a FF aimed a wider audience (the less hardcore, the female [ex. FFX/X-2] etc) It’s a Final Fantasy and it’s Square Enix. I’m sure it’ll be more satisfying than and last longer than the 5 hour Batmans and 10 hour Assassins Creeds that are somehow must-haves.

  • Awww some crybabies who probably never played this game made some reviews.

    Most of the Japanese People who really played it till the end loved it.
    Goes for me too – From 1st hour to 10th its a little bit lame,but after this it is getting awesome.

    The 1st lame 10 Hours are even better than every RPG that is out till yet.Especially Blue LOLDragon and LOL Odyssey

    • Yes because having the game on multiple consoles affects gameplay, that’s 100% bullshit. Most of the complaints are based on story and gameplay tell me how the is affected by being on multiple consoles minus controllers. There is NO way multiple consoles affect story (only the stupid CG which shouldn’t be a selling point for a video game it should be for a movie), and gameplay besides glitches have no affect on gameplay choices they employed. There is no way you can say and back up “Gameplay choices are affect by the consoles” when we have so many games since the 70’s(one of the major reasons for the video game crash was because there was SO many consoles with the same games on them). Don’t give me that anti fanboy bullshit, “if only it wasn’t on console X it would have been better” why? Can you answer that why is that?

  • Fanboys are funny – “I will stubbornly enjoy that so called game that is stupid as brick because I dont need enything else than 30 gigs of CG movies of pretty girls in skimpy dresses to be thoroughly entertained for 40 hours.” – That almost sounds like watching porn…

  • “Whatever the situation with online reviews, few who have actually played the game could deny the veracity of some of these complaints…”

    What about the millions who have played and enjoyed it thouroughly?

  • honestly, yesterday i just don’t wanna buy this game because of some bad critics in internet, but then I decided to buy it today, and see with my own eyes, i bought the Japanese version, and really enjoy it. the story is quite good, although my fav is still FFVII 🙂 and the gameplay is quite entertaining, and yes, it’s different with the other FF series, some new battle systems, and it’s really enjoyable.
    Please! just play the game 1st and then u can really give any critics about it.

  • despite all that is being said about this game even if its softened my hype boner, in my opinion as long as the game is playable (which for me FFXII wasn’t) and i actually care enough about the gameplay and story to play through to the end (which again for me FFXII wasn’t) the game will be a smashing success for me.

  • I say like this I will buy the game and get my own opinion only because others don´t like does not mean I will not like it so. So ppls that are not sure try to get your own opinion I say it is always the best.

  • Meh Square hasn’t made a good game in years, Don’t know why people thought FF13 would be any diffrent. I was looking forward to FF14 but from what I read they gonna wow noobify it to much and remove the main reason I like FF11 which is the fact it forces you to be social.

  • As has been described with other Square Enix PS2 games that had a series of games, it just kept getting worse and worse with cool movie cuts becoming the full game which isn’t cool. FF10 to FF10x2 then to FF12 which did have a lot of play and a new attack system. Other games Xenosaga 1 2 and 3 as well later ones ended up being like the game company was throwing us a bone. Not giving a new enrichment to the title. I am not saying Square Enix didn’t put a lot into the CG and movies, its just when you can’t buy and sell stuff, collect stuff upgrade gear and level you chars even change classes.. whats the point of playing?

  • Did people actually expect something amazing from Final Fantasy? They haven’t had a good game in years. Why don’t you people stop following this series and go play a real RPG series. Like Shin Megami Tensei. It has about 2-3 new games every year and they are all amazing.

  • Opinions count for shit, sales are all that matter.

    The same retards who bought FF13 and are calling it shit are the same retards who will go out and buy the next FF game when its released.

    These people are attention seeking morons.

    Cry me a river

  • hmmm I’ve been looking forward to its release… but i shouldnt really take these words into mind.
    But i sure hope i dont regret buying this. Maybe i’ll get some guy to buy it and borrow from him

  • Don’t listen to FF fanboys. They can filter out the good and only see the bad. All they do is complain, complain, and complain. FF haters are the fans themselves. I’ve been in the FF fanbase since FF7 and here what I remember:

    Reasons why fans hate FF7:
    a) Being too popular/overrated
    b) Being more popular than FF6

    Reasons why fans hate FF8:
    a) Not being another FF7
    b) Squall being too emo
    c) Junction System

    Reasons why fans hate FF9:
    a) Not being another FF7
    b) Short characters
    c) Discovering Kuja’s gender

    Reasons why fans hate FF10
    a) Not being FF7/FF8/FF9
    b) Too linear
    c) No levels
    d) Tidus laughing

    Reasons why fans hate FF11
    a) Being MMORPG

    Reasons why fans hate FF12
    a) Being too different from tradition
    b) No character development
    c) Political story
    d) Vaan

    Reasons why fans hate FF13
    a) Not being FF7/FF8/FF9
    b) Too linear
    c) Lack of towns

    Don’t listen to those fantards. Ignore them and just give the game a try.

    • “Reasons why fans hate FF8:
      a) Not being another FF7
      b) Squall being too emo
      c) Junction System”

      lol Oh dear me, I hated FFVIII because of the fact that it:

      a) Had a boring plot (with really boring and annoying characters like Selphie and Rinoa “MEANIE!” for instance)
      b) Had really BAD music that didn’t help with the storyline at all
      c) I agree that the Junction system was bad, but not as bad as the other two.

      The whole damned game was like a bad romance novel, especially with Squall and Rinoa. I really can’t understand why anyone would even LIKE that game unless it was for: “DUR HUR, TEH PURDY GRAPHICS, HYUCK. *pick nose, eat booger*” in which case I can understand.

      On the topic of FFVII, it is just a way too overrated game and anyone who hates any game that isn’t like it clearly hasn’t played that many RPGs in their lifetime.

    • lol I guess Blue Dragon was so great, Eternal Sonata, Lost Oddesey, Infinite Undiscovery shit…how about Tales of Vesperia…you know the only and actual good jrpg xbox 360 owners got.

      FF fans that complain well actual jrpg fans that know wtf they are talking about know…what a good jrpg is. There’s a reason why bowsers inside story is more deep than this shit.

    • I hate 7 for the fact it wasn’t very interesting. I didn’t like practically all the characters but a select few (and not Cloud or Sephiroth, I couldn’t stand them), and it bored me.

      I will agree it is overrated though, I don’t see why it’s more popular than ones before it that were better.

    • Reasons why fans hate FF7:
      a) Being too popular/overrated
      b) Being more popular than FF6
      or for me C
      I played it and found it boring [check]

      Reasons why fans hate FF8:
      a) Not being another FF7
      b) Squall being too emo
      c) Junction System
      …i can’t answer I loved it

      Reasons why fans hate FF9:
      a) Not being another FF7
      b) Short characters
      c) Discovering Kuja’s gender
      D)it felt bland to me [check]

      Reasons why fans hate FF10
      a) Not being FF7/FF8/FF9
      b) Too linear
      c) No levels
      d) Tidus laughing
      I liked it it was different and fun

      Reasons why fans hate FF11
      a) Being MMORPG
      Never played it, I am interested

      Reasons why fans hate FF12
      a) Being too different from tradition
      b) No character development
      c) Political story
      d) Vaan
      E)played halfway through felt bland, loved gameplay.

      Reasons why fans hate FF13
      a) Not being FF7/FF8/FF9
      b) Too linear
      c) Lack of towns
      never played it can’t say


  • I’m a loyal FF fanboy. I admit it.

    However, I felt that the last one was rather dull and uninspired. I was at first impressed by the beauty of the game, but I found myself playing it less and less, and eventually realized that it was boring and hollow.

    I had heard that XIII was going to get back to the roots of FF, and thought this was a good sign. But it looks as if they went the opposite direction, and built on top of what made the last FF bad.

    It’s almost as if FF is becoming a parody of itself.

  • What kind of a fantastic world is it when people still use zippers, belt buckles, and wear inexplicable hoodies and beanies?

    I remember a time when I was a 13-year-old kid who played Final Fantasy 8 and didn’t think much of the crappy story and abstract gameplay (for more details, watch Spoony Experiment) because I liked the anime character designs of the effeminate characters. And the Eyes on Me song. Yes. I liked it. I don’t anymore. I grew up a bit, but then RPGs became Serious Business, like it’s Art and Serious Art Business. Now that I’m an adult? Both outlooks are ridiculous. RPGs and games in general suck if it doesn’t involve gang rape and impregnation.

  • Every Final Fantasy has a crowd of people who hate it. And some of these “complaints” are just reasonable assessments like “it’s not for everyone.”

    No fucking shit it’s not for everyone, no game is.

  • I speak japanese and played and finished the game and I loved it, its not my favourite ff but its a great game.

    People just love to hate I guess, if there is anything popular out there, there will always be an army of attention seeking trolls waiting to take a pop at it.

    Ignorance is bliss

    • The stories has gotten linear since FFX, before that Final Fantasy was a saga, an epic fantasy tale, where you, as a player will get deeply immersed in its world and plot. You’ll KNOW the creators spent effort in making the stories. Remember the famous ‘Sephiroth killing Aeris’ plot twist? That was one telling how not linear the stories are. And what do we get in FFXIII? a failed fanfiction, where the characters all run around from places to places, talking about how beautiful the scenery is, or how jaded and confused the characters are, and how evil the mastermind is, and how you’re gonna protect everyone that’s dear to you…. C’mon, how shallow can it be?

      • I think an even more surprising and more emotional scene was Galuf’s death in Final Fantasy V. It’s not even one of my more liked Final Fantasy games. I just really liked the music, especially Gilgamesh’s theme.

        Out of all the Final Fantasy games from PSX and onward, I found I liked FF IX the best as characters. It was the first game since then that the main character had a chipper attitude, and I found Vivi so adorable, but such a massive killing machine in battle.

      • I’m glad Aeris died and no, that game wasn’t epic. She was a mostly worthless character whose only “saving grace” was the fact that she had a stupid limit break that made your characters invulnerable for a short time.

        She was a 1-D character personality-wise whom fanboys cried over because they didn’t have their little “cheat” thing anymore when it came to boss battles.

        Btw FFVII sucked almost as bad as FFVIII did and anyone who thinks otherwise clearly hasn’t played RPGs before it.

    • Usually in an FF game, your given a linear story, but the gameplay is relatively open, allowing you to do whatever exploring you want before you want to go to the next plot point.

      You have a world map to look around, and towns to explore and people to talk to. Although you can’t do especially much until you go to the next plot point.

      What sucks about this game though, is that there is none of that. Virtually no towns, few people to talk to, no exploring, since the maps are just straight lines.

      While before, the story was linear, the gameplay wasn’t. That’s FFXIII’s problem, now even the gameplay has become linear, buttan mashing fests.

  • 5cm.per.second says:

    Well this is the 13th one. It's not like every Final Fantasy was going to be gold. I was kinda excited for this game way back when, but I guess I'll stick with Demon's Souls a little longer for my rpg fix.

  • It’s funny considering how they took so long to make this game only for it average at best. Where’s the innovation? Hopefully this’ll wake up the Square and move with the times or they’ll do of the same.

    • See, now you’re just making it obvious that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      “More of the same”? FFXIII is /nothing/ like XII. Which, itself, was completely different from X (we’ll ignore the MMORPG here). And that only had passing similarities to IX…

      There are plenty of good reasons to not like FF games, but saying they’re “more of the same” just shows that you’ve never even played them.

    • no, I think the problem is that they tried to make the game TOO different from the usual formula, and couldn’t deliver in the newer form

      on a side note, it’s funny how Mega Man games are essentially all the same… yet people don’t seem to mind o,o

      • They’ve been all over the place since the PS2 FF games, and I don’t feel it’s worked out for them for any of them. FFX felt like it wanted you to enjoy the characters and become emotionally attached to them, but it didn’t work because Tidus was the epitome of lame. I don’t even want to count X-2, it’s just… FFXII seemed to want to take on an MMO-ish system, but if I wanted to play an MMO again, I would do just that. Now it seems that they want another character/story driven one like X was supposed to be, and if the story is good and the characters likable, then it’s fine, but it doesn’t sound that way judging by these reviews…
        Funny though, last Mega Man game I enjoyed was 3, with pliers clamped on the select button on player 2’s controller…

  • I would agree with the reviews skewing negative. That being said, I will still probably pick this title up for the production value alone. I hope they get back to their RPG roots however at some point.

  • What kind of arguments are these? Where is the proof? Stupid people, just play your fucking 2d games with level 190234901239019023901 and shitty graphics and be happy with your non-linear endless senseless leveling.
    Can’t reven criticize the right way, learn criticism!

  • Lucky Channel says:

    I can’t comment on a game I haven’t played, but still harsh on the game, ouch >.<. I hope this is just people looking to hard for flaws, and I'll be able to play the game for the fun of it. We shall see.

    • Having actually imported and played the game for maybe 5 or 6 hours now, my opinion is split.

      The combat system is actually pretty complex. I believe I have access to everything except the summons (which I have seen, but then the story switched away from that character), and on that front, the game is quite solid. It plays a little more on the action side, but the Optima “class” change system allows for some very interesting fight possibilities. I’ve read that they actually do make heavy use of this and require shifting classes in order to win boss fights efficiently.

      The level up system is basically the sphere grid without having to buy or collect those stupid spheres. You just spend accumulated points to fill in lines between crystals, that when connected, boost a stat or give an ability. The only difference really is that they split up the optima system roles, so you can pump more points into whichever role you find yourself using more often first. So far, everyone does not have every role available to them, although much like the sphere grid, this may change. The crystal grid seems to level up at certain points in the story, opening a new section rather than having the entire thing open from the start. I’ve only seen it happen once so far though, so it could be that it opens at a certain amount of points gained. My kanji reading is horrible, so the tutorials were mostly lost on me.

      The story on the other hand is a difficult issue. I had to look up some of the previously announced back story to make sense of exactly what the game was trying to tell at first. The story has be interested in where it’s going, but it’s also a story about persecution, and I’m not sure that Final Fantasy is really that good at telling broad stories like that. It’s for the same reason that I had problems with the political machinations and overall war storyline of FF12. A story about a singular villain trying to destroy the world is simply much easier to make epic and focus your attention on than fighting against a wide spanning concept like persecution. I’m hoping that the linearity of the story will actually help to focus that, because I’m having a hard time connecting with most of the characters again.

      Overall, so far, I don’t think it’s a bad game by any stretch of the imagination, but it has its fair share of issues. Some people are probably going to hate this, but I’m finding the combat and the visuals entertaining enough to continue playing.

      • Actually the battle system does seem pretty interesting from what you discribe. The gripes and moans about cutscene length or the fact that there are no town stores or enemies don’t drop gil is a moot issue, especially if you’ve dealt with Xenosaga II not having stores or a money system at all, not to mention over 8 hours of cutscenes. THAT was a game worth bitching about.

        To be fair, I do plan on buying the game because I have seen the demo so I have an idea on if I’ll like the gameplay, but I think it’s too soon for anyone who has not played the game themselves to say if the game will suck or not.

    • how did this even happen? FF12 wasn’t fantastic but at least the fans liked it? they seem to want to change their winning formula so much that they’ve screwed it up! why not just pull a nintendo and stick with what everyone likes?

      • SE is missing the message like a retard missing the point. On one hand there is FFXIII with state of the art graphics but bad gameplay, on the other end of the spectrum we have New Super Mario Bros that has subpar graphics and godly gameplay that sells like hotcakes. So no, graphics isn’t everything. I guess it doesn’t matter. FFXIII still sells well even though it sucks.

      • I remember there being a lot of criticism for FFXII, too, and both times I brought the game before I actually looked at how people responded to it, mainly because I don’t buy games using other people’s opinions. FFXII turned out great for me, I’m not about to say XIII will either, since it’s a gamble, but I could care less about people telling me something sucks. They did it with XII, I didn’t listen either.

        Call that being stubborn, but I don’t like listening to other people.

        • it’s totally different, FF12 is a great game, just not what FF fans are used too, so they complain as much as they can, but with 13 it doesn’t seem to be a good RPG even less a good FF game

          imagine that FF13 wasn’t a FF game, just a RPG made by another company, now imagine the game gets unfavorable user reviews… would you still consider buying it?

          graphics alone don’t make a game…

        • 12 was mostly complaining about the shift to an MMORPG-like battle mechanic. Most could still say that it was a solid game with a decent story underneath it, witht eh exception of that “any FF after 6/7/8 sucks” crowd.

          13 is looking to be a much more… unanimous disappointment, though I do see your point.

      • If you wanna talk about cutscenes, Xenosaga isnt the only one with hellalot of cutscenes.

        Does .Hack//GU ring a bell? Its like after every few minutes, there’s a freaking cut scene. Why not just save us the trouble and make us a movie instead. Damn faggots.

      • fuck you,im freakin dissapointed in the storyline from FF12..and im a big fan of the FF series starting from the FF3-10…FF10 WAS THE LAST TRUE “FINAL” FANTASY…and then there stupid online games and then theres stupid FF12-FF99

      • Not all final fantasy fans are happy naive retarded blind sheeps. Got this game. Story started off good…but then…it turned to utter shit. With Snow going Serah and Serah going snow…I mean fking seriously…wtf was the point? I don’t mind this kinda story but the execution made it unbearable. Seriously fk this shit. If not liking 1 out of the many FF’s out there makes me a non-FF fan…then I wonder what’s a real Final Fantasy fan.

        Please explain what makes one a real Final Fantasy fan.

        • It was always inevitable. Final Fantasy is a lot more popular than it was back then. Square Enix has to accommodate the newer fans as well as the older ones. Taste obviously differs between older and newer fans so somebody will be disappointed. Looks like Square Enix decided to cater to the majority of their fans or to the Final Fantasy age group. Can’t be helped; something has to give.

        • They were more captivating because Squaresoft actually spent time to make it so. CG should be used to enhance the story experience, not BE the experience.

          I started with FF Mystic Quest and really got into FF with 4 – 7. 8 at the time it came out had amazing graphics, yet I hated it because of the convoluted story and just wretched characters. Secretly hoping Squall and Rinoa could die in space so the game would end on a happy note!

          I haven’t enjoyed an FF as much as I did 6 and that’s a lot of years and games in between. They did it with 2d sprites, walls of text, and gameplay. Now they try to sell you with CG porn but with no substance.

          Mainly, they’re execution sucks now. Here’s to hoping that all this outrage brings about a real change to SE’s decision making.

      • Real Final Fantasy fans, wouldn’t accept any piece of shit that it’s thrown at them with the name Final Fantasy slapped on it, they’d demand a good game that makes honor to the memories of past games, seriously.

      • REAL Final Fantasy fans have long abandoned the series when it started being more of a movie than a game. The new fans are Post FF7 gamers who thinks story and narrative are what’s important in a role-playing game instead of exploration and…role-playing.

        • I’m one of those people that started to wind away from Final Fantasy when it became 3d, but for one thing only: the extremely boring characters, I couldn’t really stand the onesideness of everyone, specially the “Gee, I’m not a talkative person so everyone is going to think I’m some super cool guy with a lot of mystery”, there’s a newflash for you, saying nothing makes you have low social skills, really mysterious people are those that you can think you know them inside out for years until you realize you have no clue what the hell they’re doing.

          Every game just kept on putting you worse and worse characters, and while the story was good, with that kind of people I could never identify myself with, too shallow for my taste.

          And I still remember the reaction many people had on 8: it’s not about having great characters and battle systems anymore, it’s about how good you can render the female’s boobies (god, to think what would those people say if they knew back then about how this one turned out)

          Sorry for my english, it’s not my native.

        • STFU EVERYONE this will be the best FF since FFX, which is the best FF ever. And the thing that made FFX so epic was THE CUTSCENES which made it feel like you were playing in a movie and got you really close to the story and characters.

          Dungeongrinders can GTFO to Dragon Quest. Retards.

        • I was remarking on the idiocy of Templa’s implication that an opinion is stupid. People respond differently to various things. Some people think bananas are delicious, while other people don’t. Some people think linear storytelling is fine, while other people don’t. These polar, contradicting perceptions are both valid in and of themselves. I have no idea where the profoundly impulsive tangents are coming from, but I can tell that the previous notion clearly went over your heads.

        • i am going to go out on a limb and say that (much like everything else on the web) this is the whiney vocal minority. Despite constant pissing and moaning by some that the latest ff isn’t 6 or 7 or whatever thier favorite is, I personally have managed to enjoy every ff that has come out for exactly that reason. If every ff was 7 then they really wouldn’t be making new games, some people just can’t stand change. Others just like to bitch.

        • i guess the main rebuttal is i wonder how many of the ppl commenting on western sites have actually played the game to know anything. it was funny cause there were A LOT of comments coming way before even the fastest intl shipping would have gotten it to anyone, nvm it being rather hard to believe that many of you really imported. i can be pretty sure most of you are just parroting one another.

          not to mention while japanese player reviews have definitely been split, THAT chart is by far the most skewed i’ve seen out there, as most other charts have shown reviews to be divided pretty evenly (a lot of ppl like it, a lot of people hate it, and a fairly even distribution inbetween) but far from the case with “critical voices now far outweighing positive appraisals”.

          hell, its even funny that ppl keep bringing up FFXII as some sort of evidence why XIII is even worse.
          “at least people still liked it!”
          if some of you are so obsessive about what japanese gamers, who have just as many morons as western gamers, maybe you should see how they scored that game.
          XII fared pretty much the same if not skewed LOWER than XIII is doing now.
          XI skewed lower
          X skewed slightly higher
          X-2 skewed slightly lower
          one pretty much has to go back to 7/8/9 to find a Final Fantasy that has scored a significant level higher than what FFXIII is doing now, IN JAPAN.

          basically if there are a few things to take away from all this is that =
          1) the japanese whine about their games as much as westerners do (hell, look at DQ9 yet they’ve still gone on to buy it in droves and make it the best selling DQ ever. and DQ9 is skewing lower than XIII’s customer reviews too)
          2)they troll website reviews as much as westerners do
          3)westerners for some reason believe that those first 2 points DON’T happen (the japanese take their game reviewing totally seriously versus western consumer reviews!)
          3)and westerners like talking crap about games they’ve never played so they over hype some stuff they’re hearing from people hearing stuff from other people (who could very possibly just be repeating stuff they’ve heard from more people).

        • Anon 07:40

          I bought a legit HP notebook from a store less than a year ago. It had legit windows vista installed. It was simply unusable, slow and so buggy half of the software i normally use couldn’t run without every sort of trouble.

          Now take what i just said and repeat it for MOST of the people who used Vista, then perhaps you’ll recover your grasp on reality…

          Microsoft pushed vista on privates and companies (they said they wouldn’t release directX10 on winXP…) and as soon as it came out all the pre-assembled pcs and notebooks had it installed by default.

          Just like Microsoft did for Vista, S.E. pushed FF13 by paying various media to flatter something they had no idea about, obtaining the same result in the end…

          I haven’t played FF13 but when i read such factual data about its “features”, which i clearly dislike at this point, i can be pretty sure i won’t buy this game, especially after experiencing so many disappointments with the last S.E. games.

          After all i dare you to call the story of any FF from 6 to 9 “linear”, whoever played it will simply laugh on you and it will be over.

        • Cue Windows Vista, It sux yes, but most of the comments come from people around who NEVER used the OS at all. People just feel that the thing sux because others said so. Give FF XIII a break, go focus on something else until the International Version is out before comments can start pouring in.

        • “… We need more loli in FF.”-.YOU ARE A FUCKTARD,why do I get the feeling that young ppl these days look for a weird excuse to say that giving fan service to a game will make the game more enjoyable,and not only games,movies and comics as well,they keep giving what people want, the thing is,none of you know what you want,essentially since you know nothing about litterature(which is why the twilight saga sucks) and storytelling

          Wether it is you say that the old gameplay formula was better or not,well yeah it is better,I’ve played FFXIII,but you can see it for yourselves,look at the FF14 reviews and you’ll see what I mean,I’m in the beta and believe me that style of gameplay, it got old! japan is despised by the gameplay.

          Square Enix tried to test something new,yet the story was so linear,well what about Metal Gear Solid saga, it got linear till the end,with way much more cinematic cut scenes than FFXIII, so do yourself a favor and face the facts that we’re not in the 90s anymore.

        • FF7 was good, why? nobody who played it knew what the fuck was going on. don’t try to kid yourself thinking “i understood the storyline.” bullshit. It was confusing as hell. when a story line is comprehensible and one can actually follow it, suddenly the story becomes shallow.

          FFX was an excellent game. The characters had depth; the world had a strong structure that made it believable; limits, and SUMMONS; cool battles were also key.

          I dunno about everyone else, but i started playing the FF series when i was a kid, and the games were a LOT harder than it would be now. If FF13 is easy, fine? as long as i’m actually about to use my big flashy summons unlike their uselessness in ff12, then great.

          Finally on the topic of linearity: all rpgs are linear. FF7 sure as hell was. you have the “freedom” to go back a town or 2, but if you wanna finish the damn game, you press onward.

        • Finally someone that I can agree with on all those said FF games. Hell, even in that order too. Except for one thing: the loli thing. I despise “underdeveloped” loli if you get my drift…the current Star Ocean’s loli girl pissed me off so much. Sorry but, I couldn’t stand that chick at all.

          As for this new FF13 thing, I’ll definitely buy it because I’ll need my fill of some very shiny and explody stuff to happen in my screen… in an RPG next year.

        • I’m confused as to why they used 12 as an example. I thought 10 would have been a better example. Only emo fan boys thought 12 was bad because it wasn’t an emo love story and because if you don’t know what weapons the characters would use its harder to make fan art to appeal too everyone. Other then that 12 was epic and made up for 10 and 10-2.

          And while I’m at it 8 was better then 9! The only reason people hated 8 was because it wasn’t like 7 (which is the first FF most people played) and they were expecting a sequel to 7 so they could be gay fan boys over it. 9 was not as good and even people who always say it was better cant remember all the characters from it because they were forgettable. Except for Eiko. She was the only proper loli in FF… We need more loli in FF.

        • The true grim truth is that since the advent of PS2 we didn’t have a proper final fantasy. FFX was still a quality game and had the FF spirit, but it was a clear sign of what direction the company was taking…

          I bought FF X-2 the first day it came out and regretted it dearly, so until a proper FF comes out Square Enix is dead for me.

          In my humble opinion the more budget they use, the worst their games are. Being them i’d start releasing for ps1 once again, it would be better than this shame anyway.

          I wish i could see the good old “Squaresoft” logo once again…

        • Maybe so, but if such a quantity of people with the game say it’s bad… Maybe it’s worth checking it in a rent before shelling the cash? I mean… These are recession times everywhere… I’d rent it first and then decide if the whole game is worth it…

        • have you even PLAYED the game? Anyone who have played it will know the story is a half assed unrefined effort by the SquareEnix team. It’s exactly as the review said, “unbelievably linear”. Not spoiling anything, it’s like playing an rpg written by a bad fanfic writer, shallow.

        • You guys now, you can’t just say “The story sucks” It sounds like EVERYONE SAYS SO.. To criticize the right way, you have to at least say that it is YOUR OWN OPINION and proof WHY it is so. And not like “I don’t like that pixel, the Game is crap” – wtf? Seems like many people don’t get it, sorry. Wouldn’t even have thought that some people seriously read my comment.

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          Xenosaga II was a similar visually overdeveloped fail to what FF XIII seems to be now.

          Xenosaga I and III were both great, each in its own way.

          XENOGEARS, however… best storyline ever and OHH, when will we ever see anime cutscenes with sex, blood and naked bodies in a mainstream jrpg again..

        • every time xenosaga came into conversation in my youth it was complaints that there were too many cutscenes. after i turned 18 i tried to play the game, but i got too pissed off at the main character. i think she was a do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do bleeding-heart idiot. on the subject of ff13, saying it’s the worst ever. I think it has it’s work cut out for it going against ff10. i’ll rent it before i buy. i am looking forward to ff13vs.

        • I agree 100%. After X (hell, maybe even X-2, which had good gameplay) the series became clustered with retarded changes.

          I loved it when all we had to do was wait a few years and we’d be guaranteed a great FF game, and in the mean while Square would release other, different RPGs to keep us busy.

          Now they’ve turned the once great series into a giant, fucking clusterfuck.

          We will never get a real FF game again, that isn’t a fucking re-release or remake.