Tales of Graces Total Beta Bug Fest


Fans of Tales of Graces have been pained to discover the title has dozens of bugs, some severe enough to crash the console and other locking players out of various parts of the game; with the game being released on the Wii, which lacks any hard drive, the impact is doubly severe as no patches will be forthcoming.

The several dozen bugs already identified are too numerous to list here, but include a variety of particularly severe issues arising on second play-throughs, including one bug which hangs the Wii completely, and a wide variety of bugs which render parts of the game inaccessible.

Apparently the thought that anybody should test the game after its initial play-through simply did not occur to Namco; some are taking this as more evidence of the Wii version being a mere beta edition.

With no proper patching possible on the Wii, the probability of a final version on the PS3 or 360 seems to have increased even further, not that this will come as much consolation to the existing owners…

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