Courts Allow Burglar’s Crime Spree, Jail Victims


A career criminal who was left brain-damaged after being beaten by the family he held hostage was spared prison only to go on a fresh crime spree, which courts refused to prosecute him for as he was ruled unfit to plead.

Meanwhile the man who injured him whilst defending his family is serving a 2 and half year prison sentence.

The 57-year-old convicted criminal previously invaded a UK millionaire’s home with a gang of knife-wielding hoodlums, threatening to kill the family he captured if they resisted.

However, the robbery went awry and the burglars were attacked by their victims, with the gang’s leader being caught and severely beaten.

Police however saw fit to arrest the burglary victim, with courts finding him and his brother guilty of inflicting grievous bodily harm and handing each several years in prison, whilst courts subsequently released the burglar on the grounds that his injuries prevented his trial or imprisonment.

After being hospitalised for two weeks the burglar immediately returned to his life of crime, being charged with a number of offences, but courts refused to prosecute him due to his injuries, which included “brain damage,” a fractured skull and a broken jaw, ruling that although he was evidently fit to commit crime, he was not fit to stand trial.

Via the Daily Mail.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Wow might as well kill him, bury him in the yard, plant some flowers over it and if for some reason anyone would find out simply point them over to this article and tell them to go fuck themselves if they expect you to either present your asses to some hoodlums or go to jail for years for defending the people you love.

  • OK, this has gone WAY over the line. No more Mr. Nice Guy thinking the robbery victim’s to blame for giving the robber a sample of the victim’s knuckle sandwich. It’s time for the robber to have a whole buffet spread of knuckle, heel, cranium (and whatever body part you wish to land on him) sandwich from all who thinks this “justice” is utter bollocks.

    The FAIL LAW should take the leftovers.

  • in florida and texas you can kill anyone with the exception of law enforcers who enter your house as long as they arent arent in the process of exiting. thisz is stupid voters in these states should demand the right to defend themselves.

    • Actually, if law enforcement officers don’t say who they are…. you can kill them as well. They have had some cases recently in Texas and Florida where judges have said that police HAVE to identify themselves before or WHILE ENTERING…. otherwise, they are treated under the law as intruders.

  • Screw that. If the guy commits crimes, he should not be allowed to walk free. Put him in a mental hospital for his “brain damage” but he can’t be allowed to keep hurting people.

    If he held my family hostage and threatened them with a knife, a deadly weapon, I’d probably beat his skull in as well.

  • -“brain damage,” a fractured skull and a broken jaw, ruling that although he was evidently fit to commit crime, he was not fit to stand trial.-

    There is so much fail in this that i can´t finish my food.

  • Victims do not always behave rationally. Especially when family members are threatened. We do not know what threats were made and how the family was treated when they were held hostage.

    It was the criminal intruders that initiated hostilities. It was the criminals that forced the family to fear for their lives and forced them to make decisions that most people do not have a need to make.

    If threats were made against the female or child members of the family, I would forgive the rage the family members were justified in have.

    It is all too easy for us arm chair lurkers to villify the victims for their actions. But we were not ones put into that position and had to endure the conditions that they were.

    I feel the British court was more concerned with the welfare of the criminals, rather than what the victims actually had to endure. The U.S. is equally guilty of this too, to some degree sadly. Though this case is pretty blantant. I view this as a justified use of the insanity defense for the victims.

    • BINGO! If you think someone is a DIRECT DANGER to your family, or might come back to ‘finish the job’… you are not going to let them get away…. at least not ALIVE, if you have a choice in the matter!

      You are right that after someone breaks into your home, anything you do to that person short of killing them….. should be okay…. even after they run if they say “I’LL BE BACK YOU FUCKER!”

      Then, I would chase down the bastard to…. and make sure they didn’t need to have a trial nor medical care for him… because he would be DEAD or so severely injured, it wouldn’t matter anymore.

  • Since Nobody will ever knew who i am so i post this… once a buglar went to our house at 4 am after we had a party . 1 of my friens nocked him down and we forced him to take sleeping pills… after we stripped him we blindfolded him but him the car and drove to our police station ( a small one) and bond him on a lamp pole .
    He was even in the news^^

    • No, don’t do that…. that is MURDER…. I could understand the guy accidentally being beat to death, but if he is shot in the head and didn’t have a gun himself…… MURDER, and the person who does that SHOULD be thrown into prison.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    As I said on the first iteration of this story, this is one of the good things about AmeriKKKa, strong “Castle” laws in most states.

    However-“Self Defense” is still treated like a crime and aggressively prosecuted so one only knows they are OK when the Jury says “Not Guilty” and the prosecutor decides not to have it declared a ‘mistrial’ and try them again. The costs of even round one are ruinous to most households and a public defender is a guarantee of a ‘guilty’ sentence. It’s usually only public outrage that stops similar injustices despite castle laws in AmeriKKKa.

    The “Justice by Points” system in AmeriKKKa makes it more likely the law will weigh heavy on a citizen thought “Law Abiding” because they usually have a job, property, income but usually limited funds versus zero or able to afford a ‘dream team’ and they are almost totally unlikely to act violently seeking revenge. The prosecutors, the police, get “Points” that help them keep their jobs and get promoted by the arrests they make, the people they shove in jail so when they can arrest someone they do, when they can prosecute them with a good chance of conviction they do with total uncaring indifference to “Justice” or “Guilt or innocence”.

    • There’s something fundamentally wrong with the newspapers, IMO. Too much sensationalist brainless reporting + global exposure – good media watchdogs = “OMG WORST COUNTRY EVAR” impression.

      I live in the UK. I’ll be happy to admit it has plenty of problems, but I for one am quite happy to be here. Watching out for burglars is just common sense.

      Also, police response time tends to be pretty quick here, thanks to there not being massive distances to cross (unlike, say, rural North America or Australia). No need to bludgeon burglars yourself when there’s functioning law enforcement around the corner. On the contrary, it can feel a bit Orwellian and claustrophobic at times, when it seems they’re just a bit *too* quick to respond … maybe thats just me.

  • welcome to england , land of gutless wanker judges and MP’s…
    sodding bastiches need a beating and a deportation back to theur 37 world shiteholes where they can kill each other without anyone interfering…

  • this is just totally backwards. the burglar broke into someone’s home with a GANG OF KNIFE-WIELDING HOODLUMS!?! i think it’s poetic justice that the tables were turned and an ass-whooping took place. the fact that the man defending his home got arrested just seems like an inordinate travesty.

    • MisterMxyzptlk says:

      Yeah I’ve always been of the opinion that when you decide to perform a criminal act any protections under the law are gone for up till the time the cops arrest you. If the tables get turned and your victims beat the crap out of you, well thems the breaks kid.

      • That is a ridiculous narrowminded belief.

        If the victims beat the crap out of the person they are commiting an assault, making them criminals as well, does that mean if while getting beat, the original criminal manages to turn the tables again, that any damage done to the “victim” doesn’t count when it comes to pressing charges because the victim committed a crime as well?

        • No, it isn’t a ‘ridiculous belief’, because in the latter case you are simply PROTECTING YOURSELF or the future victims of the person in question.

          Frankly, once you commit a crime, it does NOT go ‘back and forth’…. once you commit the FIRST crime (and the people ‘assaulting’ him have committed no crime except in your stupid head!)…. you have given up any protections under the law until the police get there and take your ass into custody….. unless these people are still beating you after you are no longer a danger to them…. which is ‘in the eye of the person doing the beating’, as they say.

  • Let’s put it this way. If you were a business, would you give something away for free when you could charge for it? Would you earn a little profit for something when you could earn a lot of profit?

    • that might actually involve some physical work (moving of supplies, shifting of boxes), some rather strict time-keeping skills (meeting with your neighbour crackhood. You’ll be late more than twice and I guess you’ll never be late ever again. Most crackheads will probably be desperate and you got to arrive on time) and also some mental work (calculation of prices/profits, weight of drugs etc)

      Too much hassle for him I guess

  • Goes to show that the British are racist faggots. Wouldn’t happen if the victim were British and the criminal was a foreigner.
    But yes, I’ve seen weirder things happened in my life than this! >_<

    • They lost sight of that a LONG time ago…. if they hadn’t have, we wouldn’t have the statutory rape laws, the ‘child sexual abuse’ laws, the prostitution laws, the drug laws, and a few other laws on the books!

      Simply put….. we are fucked by idiots who are making the laws who simply don’t realize that they are causing more harm than they are ‘preventing’ (if they are preventing any at all!) with these laws.

  • they should have beat the brains out of him the first time. brain-damaged just didn’t cut it as I don’t think his brain can be even more ‘damaged’ then it already is. bet those victims must have regretted not using more force when they are bashing him up, especially since they are going to jail for 2 odd years anyway. might as well do a good deed while you are at it

  • HentaiInRealLifeIsNotAwesome says:

    I don’t understand why this man is being jailed, he defended his family from a criminal threatening to kill his family, does logic have no place in the court systems these days?

  • As little music number, if you would allow.

    Oh the world is filled with retards,
    and the justice system is fucked,
    But since we have no rights at all,
    Let it burn, let it burn, let it burn!

    Doesn’t rhyme, but it gets the point across just the same.


    While their at it, they should get a rapist and put him in a small area with lots of people and let him do his thing, then arrest all the rape victims if they tried to resist the rapist and possibly “damaged” him. No great example of Justice would there be.

    • With all due respect, that is different than chasing down someone who is fleeing your home…. but I can understand that the people in question were thinking “If this guy gets away, he might do this to someone else!” and wanted to MAKE SURE he wouldn’t do it again.

  • He was able and willing to be a criminal again he wasn’t hurt that bad.
    If the f–ker can go on a crime spree he can stand trial and go to jail.
    Really this is a travesty the only people severely brain damaged here are the cops and the judge.

    The fact the burglar went on a crime spree two weeks after going to the hospital shows he is not fit to be allowed to run free.
    Really the people of the UK should be having a riot over this.

    They guy just went and committed more crimes which could have been prevented if they took him off the streets.

  • It was probably some former police chief / families running the burglary ring there and the cops know better than to jail the mafia members who are also relatives of most of the force, as it its here in the USA. Innocent helpless people are always the big losers in the eyes of the law.

  • Wasn’t this where the husband +x brothers ganged up on a single burglar when he was running away, knocked him over and hit with a golf club repeatedly as he was laying down defenceless til he got brain damage in a failed revenge killing? Yeah they got what was coming to them. Letting the injured burglar completely off the hook though wasn’t the right decision either.

    • No, they didn’t get what was coming to them. The fact is that they were thinking “What if the guy gets away totally? Who is he going to hurt next?”

      That is a good enough reason to beat someone to death. It’s simple: if you don’t want to get killed…. DON’T BREAK INTO SOMEONE’S HOUSE!

  • “After being hospitalised for two weeks the burglar immediately returned to his life of crime, being charged with a number of offences, but courts refused to prosecute him due to his injuries”

    Bravo, dickheads.

  • People you should have seen it coming since the whole Equality Now thing. When people place so much attention to things that do not matter (2D lolis and underage people exchanging nude pics between themselves) over the real issue (true cp distributors), there’s no much to expect from the established law system other than more fail.

    • Hey, CP distribution is not a problem in some people’s minds…. I don’t have a problem with it and think that they should just make pedosexuality IN GENERAL legal and simply move on.

      As to child porn? Easy way to make sure that children aren’t being forced into it: mandatory psychological examinations before they are allowed to take part in it.

      Really, most of the children are not being ‘forced’ into child pornography. From what I have seen, their lovers (totally consensual or not) are videotaping the things and putting them on the internet.

      Which, need I remind people, has been done to adult women by their boyfriends!

    • It wasn’t “defending” it was beating the hell out of the bulgar.

      Think it like this. You walk on street and come across some random guy who is not threat to you (like in this case, after the bulgar tried to flee), you start beating him until he has brain damage, is that justified? I think not…

      If you get pointed gun/knife at you and you are being threaded, you do have right to defende yourself any means necessary BUT when he/she flees after giving up you don’t have any reason to go after him and beat the shit out of him/her like in this case…

      Think it logically…

      • Here’s some logic.

        They came into your house, forcefully and without permission. They threatened the well-being of you and your family. At this point, most people would come to the conclusion they have no respect for authority, the property or well being of other people.

        Now, assuming that you do ‘scare them off’, what’s stopping them from repeating their actions, or worse yet, trying to get some sort of revenge for you humiliating them? Just about nothing, I’d say.

        So, logically, since you know that there’s a 75% chance the legal system will fail due to some less than intelligent loophole no one has cared to plug, and since your more than likely still high on adrenaline, you’re going to chase them down and teach them a lesson yourself.

        The only thing they didn’t do logically was finish the job, as far as I’m concerned.

  • A deranged criminal running loose in the streets? The police are wasting taxpayer money and failing as usual? This is a job for Batman!

    Oh wait, Batman is a fictional character. I guess you UK people are really screwed this time.

  • What the hell?

    Is this for real? This just sounds way too ridiculous. Surely there’s more to this story, right? Like, the burglar has psychic superpowers or something? Cuz that would make more sense.

    • Only if the robber was… uh I’ll avoid the en joke and say no way not posisible no lolis fictional or real was harmed in the making of the robbery therefor no reason for them to get invoiled. suports of the Robinhood legend maybe?

      • No matter how you try and justify it, hoarding the world’s money/resources is never right.

        Even if you actually are an incredibly talented and deserving individual it would still be morally wrong for one to live a good life on the expense of many others (who might suffer and die). That being said, I am indeed a hypocrite, just not the delusional type and was just pointing out the truths.

        Don’t get me wrong though I am not saying that the criminal was Robin Hood – that would be just as unlikely as the “victims” being good people undeserving of this crime. Err, what I am trying to say is that if those “victims” were good people who made their wealth the honest way, they wouldn’t have beaten this man to an inch on his life, fracturing his skull and giving him brain damage.

        This just smells way too fishy. When you consider the incredibly violent actions of the “victims”, it seems like they were no more than thugs. So it was just a case of thugs targeting thugs. I just can’t imagine bloodthirsty people like these making their money the honest way. They should have waited for the police after catching the robber instead of trying to kill him.

        • @HentaiKamen 07:10:

          1. Yes, they use threats to scare the victims. But that doesn’t mean they _won’t_ hurt the victims, regardless of what they promise. You’re gonna trust your life, and those of your loved ones, to criminals?! Well, you might, or might not be lucky that particular day.

          2. A law enforcement officer friend told me that torture/murders, particularly home invasions, start “small” and escalate. The criminal tells the victim(s), “Don’t resist, and you won’t be hurt.” This usually gains the victim’s compliance. Then, they tie the victims up. Once the victims are immobilized, it goes to torture and rape; and finally, the criminals decide to “finish off” the victims.

          There are home invasions which start as simple robbery, but through natural stupidity, sociopathy, or effects of alcohol and drugs, one or more of the invaders get the idea to have “a little fun”; the others follow, and things escalate.

          If I’m alone and someone points a gun at me on the street and says, “gimme y’er money,” I’ll do that.

          If I’m at home and somebody (or some bodies) break down my door, they’re gonna eat 8 rounds of 000 shot, plus any reloads I can manage.

          Yes, they might shoot at me, but they were going to that or worse anyway.

          A friend of mine has a saying:
          “It is a sin to die with unexpended ammunition.”

          I believe it.

        • stupid kamen, in some south asia country, buglers tied you up, rape your wife and daughter, steal your money, and burn the house to remove all evidence including the witnesses/victims.

          so much for your “Burglars use threats to scare the victims” bs…

        • yodajammer69 says:

          Yes and exactly how many times have you been put in this situation Hentai Kamen? I know as a family man I would not have left the guy alive after making threats to my kids and I am an honest, hardworking person.

        • @Anon 5:57
          I wouldn’t do anything stupid in the first place, because no amount of money is worth your life. Secondly if I get help and manage to fend of the burglars, I would most certainly not try to kill the guy who tripped and fell behind.

          The worst I would do is tie him up, call police and maybe give him a good slap or two for putting me through this crap. If he wanted to fucking steal he should’ve done it when I wasn’t home.

          @Anon 6:02
          Burglars use threats to scare the victims.
          If they were out looking to kill you, they would do so without going through the trouble of tying you up. Desperate people steal, so it is best not to give them any reason to harm you.
          They want your money, not your life.

          Your point #3 is bullshit. The “victims” ran down the burglar who fell and kept beating him savagely, likely even had intent to kill him.

          It is one thing to react on impulse and in self-defence, but the “victims” managed to drive the burglars off. Past this point there was no need to chase them down with the intent to kill. This is past the point of self-defence.

        • 1. Whether the “rich” people lied, cheated, and stole their wealth from starving widows, or earned it the hard way, is a separate issue from the burglars and what happened to them.

          2. One of the reasons for jail is to protect society’s members (which include you and I) from certain types of predators – such as these burglars/kidnappers/life-threateners.

          3. You make the claim, that, essentially, “good” people never respond in a violent way. I call bullshit.

          When you’re having a lethal weapon pointed at you (presuming you are alive), your heart races, your adrenalin is flowing, and you are _not_ rational and logical, regardless. I can tell you this from personal experience. Yet you (and the law) fail to recognize and adjust for this.

          4. For some reason I don’t understand, most comments on this and the previous related article seem to focus on “robbery” and ignore the “kidnapped, tied up, threatened with deadly force” aspect.

        • no they can, they just wont. the laws in the UK may be related to the laws in Scottland that allowed the bomber of Pan Am flight 109 go back to Libya to a ‘hero’s welconme’ becase he was dying of cancer. in this case even if he is brain damaged now doesn’t mean he can’t be tried for home invaision becuse he was of ‘sound mind’ at the time. ether way I agree with both Hentaikamen and Grailgun. In America he would have been jailed for the crime and laughed at on late night tv.

  • This is bloody retarded. When I read this the first time I couldn’t believe it, and now that I’ve read the updated report, I still can’t believe it. This is absolutely ridiculous. You’re fit to commit a crime despite your injuries, and they know this, but you’re too injured and damaged to stand trial? I can’t believe the world we live in right now.

    • Hey, this is what you get when you allow the stupid people to make laws. Personally, I am for legalizing a lot of stuff, but robbery? If you come into my home…. you’d better be ready to have an ass full of buckshot!

      At least, if I can GET to my gun quick enough!

      I don’t think this is ‘liberal thinking’ here, seeing as how I am an extreme liberal on most things…. I think this is BRAIN-DAMAGED FOLK thinking and stupid courts that have gotten out of control and are giving more protection to the criminals than society at large!

  • Well at least its not just the states with retards filling up the justice system positions. Good to know that other places are fucked up the ass for this kind of shit, now we don’t have to suffer alone.

    • Home Nudity man got charged but no actual penalty, as it was more an exemplary case. Jailing victims of a crime is something different. The Brits have it. Let that criminal try that here in America, and I guarantee you he won’t get away with just brain damage and a few broken bones…

        • Home nudity man needs to appeal the decision in that case to higher levels…. it is a KNOWN FACT OF LAW that you can do whatever you want in your home, even walk around naked, and that the person who is looking in your home is the one who is arrested if they complain about it for ‘peeping’.

        • ^ This. Being on that list pretty much fucks over any chance of you ever living a normal life ever again.

          It’s gonna be nigh impossible to land a job.

          If he ever moves, he’s going to have to go door-to-door to his neighbors introducing himself and informing them he’s a registered sex offender.

          I’m pretty sure there’s tons of other ridiculous crap that’re going to limit his freedoms. All because some angry bitch looked in his window and saw him naked and minding his own business.

      • Hey devilmore, nice job bringing America into a conversation about a robber in the U.K. That’s completeley relevant right? If you’re going to make fun of someone/something, do it in an article about that someone/something. Also, how do you have a +8? Oh that’s right, I forgot. By making fun of America, you automaticlly get voted up because it’s the “cool” thing to do and everybody’s doing it.

        P.S. No I’m not American, I just hate ignorant d-bags who make comments as if they actually know something about anything.

        • Kitsune9Tails says:

          He might have been commenting that way because of the recent “Indecent Exposure” incident in Virginia. Of course, the comment on how each European nation has its own laws also applies to American states, unless its a federal crime.

          Just because Virginia had an idiotic ruling doesn’t mean that the idiocy extends to all states (just south of the Mason Dixon).

        • You’re the moron for extrapolating things that simply aren’t there.

          Devilmore brought up America out of the blue, and he did not talk about every country having similar issues. He made a valid point about each European country having its own set of rules, then pretty much criticized America as a gimmick comment. It had nothing, at all, to do with the article or his original point.

        • im pretty sure that wasnt devilmores intent. otherwise he wouldnt have singled out a country and called them stupid, in this case, the usa, in an article that has nothing to do with said country. i have to agree with anon 6:53 on this one although i dont agree with his presentation. also anon 6:53 didnt say anything about stupid court decisions being strictly limited to the uk, so im pretty sure that you missed his point too. of course, this is all just my point of view so maybe you were able to glean something from his comment that i wasnt able too. either way… meh.

      • Darkrockslizer says:

        So that man can now pretty much ROB, RAPE and KILL as much as he likes and nobody will be able to sue him!?

        And he is in that legislative loophole BECAUSE he was punished for his crime!?

        The fail of justice system in England has just reached a whole new level.

        • Keira Earhart
          You mean the case where a guy who saw someone robbing his home as he was returning found the robber unarmed hours latter and shot him and tossed him in a ditch. Hoho use your fucking brain before you cite an example.

        • Oh come on. The Brits are the ones that always do things to run counter to the rest of Europe, and they even refer to other Europeans as ‘continentals’.
          Its a case of Anglo-saxon fail, same as US.

        • Epic FAIL!!!

          It’s funny how Europeans have cast America as a “stupid nation of brutes”, while I can’t remember a case in the US of A where a man robbing was assaulted and victims were charged. Even worse, the man continues his crime spree fresh out of the hospital and “brainy” UK can’t hold the man as criminally insane due to brain damage, but instead continue to allow the man to rob or even possibly kill at will because he isn’t FIT to stand trial!!! UK should look at their own system before they critisize us. Complete hillarity!!!

        • Actually, of robbing, raping or killing the only thing the robber did was robbing, which is what turns the case on its head. And it’d be the same in the US.

          “self-defense allows a person attacked to use reasonable force in their own defense and the defense of others”. That’s part of common law.

          If there’s a robber, you scare him away or possibly capture him, but unless he threatened you physically you’re not allowed to harm him. And if he does threaten you your response is to be measured.

          So here the burglary victims got arrested and put on trial because they almost beat to death a guy who, as far as they know, would have just fled without harming them. Just because he tried to rob them it doesn’t entitle them to break his bones.

        • This is one loop hole that everyone can exploit in Britain. Unless they amend their loony toons law soon, I’m going there to rob the Bank of England, get brain damage to escape the courts then sue the Bank of England for not having a wet floor sign that caused my to slip while I was robbing them.

        • Lol. Intent was thrown out the door due to his injuries.

          Does that mean that if we get assaulted after holding a gun to the president we can get off Scott free?

          It shows an over-reliance on law and not enough on brains. I think the public can agree that he should be punished. Just think: He got unlucky this time…