Otaku Force Mangaka Offline Over Second-Hand Shoujo


Otaku incensed at a mangaka’s decision to portray a heroine as being a non-virgin have launched a campaign of harassment which has seen the writer forced to close her blog, reporting that she is “heart-broken” over their hateful attacks.

The mangaka in question, Sasuga Kei (real name Keiko Sasaki), currently writes “G.E. Good Ending,” a popular love comedy serialised in Shonen Magazine.

However, she made the mistake of portraying a “dojikko” character (Shou Iketani) as ending up with kiss-marks on her neck after an amorous encounter in the back of a car – fans complained that for this formerly prim and proper girl to be sexually involved with someone was an outrage, with 2ch spewing forth such criticisms as:

“Honestly, we just can’t idolise a heroine who isn’t a virgin.”

“In a shonen manga it’s weird to have a romantic manga with so little idealisation.”

A subsequent flood of comments to her blog, most harshly critical, led to the mangaka closing her site, saying “I just don’t have the confidence to continue with my site.”

This is of course not the first time the depiction of a girl enjoying normal sexual relations has sent otaku into a rage at having their fantasies of de-virgination shattered…

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  • Anonymous says:

    That’s the world of manga and anime for you, that’s how it is in Japan. I’m guessing the author wanted to be gutsy with making her heroine a non-virgin, personally that sounds like a great idea, brings a form a realism. Buut I just checked out this manga and man it got mega crushed. In Japan there are customs even for manga and anime so I don’t think any of you guys would change anything really. Customs meaning, cute heroine, or cool MC, or how harem’s should play out (even reverse), how idols should have no boyfriend etc. They’re not going to listen to a bunch of foreigners on how they run their stuff, although I wish we had some domain tbh lol, because there’s some really good stories in Japan that have been restricted or reduced by these customs. One for instance, is the ecchi in High School of the Dead :/ Overall, that’s the way it is in Japan. It’s a “mind your own business” case if our opinions got heard over there.

  • Anonymous says:

    Its amazing how many Otaku seems to think that you lose your virginity when kissed. A hickey does not equal sex. Nor will you get pregnant from a kiss.

    Ofcourse rationality is in limited supply among fanatics. I wonder if the lunatic fringe will ruin another manga?

  • Unbelievable… Just because you don’t agree with the direction of something doesn’t mean you have to right to completely trash it. Flaming is not the same and voicing your opinion. And just because a girl is prim and proper doesn’t mean she’s a dried up corps. Kiss-marks, at least to me, don’t mean anything other than she was with someone. It implies intercourse but doesn’t mean there was any.

    “fans complained that for this formerly prim and proper girl to be sexually involved with someone was an outrage”

    I find that hilarious cuz you know those otaku want to hit that.

  • In all honesty, I think that it is a very creative approach because so far, all the shojo mangas I have read are pretty much cliche and if people want to read super virginal girl, super naive, It`s simple, read shoujo, This is shounen,
    Please no more Kannagi Syndrome.
    to the mangaka-KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • One of the manga I like most is “Bitter virgin” . The only thing I hate is the ending only after 32 chapters . Maybe that’s happen because of guys/girls who love only virgin heroins and I hate this . I hate the girls who cheats on their boyfriends but I truly think that a girl may like a lot of good guys in her life and make love with each of them if she’s in love relation only with that guy or want to make the guy she loves hers. I’m a guy , my wife was virgin and was very happy on the beginning of our relation . I must say that our sex life is very bad now maybe because she didn’t have more sex experience or because I wasn’t good enough to “train” her . About GE- I really love it until now and I will read all the chapter from now on no matter what.The sex with the one you are in love is a nice part of our life and that can not be denied by anyone. (also rape or sex for money 🙁 ).

  • holy fuck,raging about an anime character for not being a virgin,fucking nerds,i hope all you people that thinks harrassing someone over such a stupid thing as an anime character not being virgin die,motherfucking chink-ass nerds.

  • give the mangaka a rest assholes. you dont get this kind of good romance mangas these days so who are you to criticize. asses like you just sit at home and watch anime and mangas. do you even contribute anything to help the mangakas ? be in their shoes for once bitches.

  • ‘can’t idolize heroine which isn’t virgin’
    huh? that comment’s immature and funny at the same time. it made me completely understand why those people still read only childish reading materials.

  • All that shit over a fictional character, stupid people. IF they didn’t like it, they should have just stopped reading it; it’s the mangaka’s story she can do whatever th hell she wants to do.

  • For god’s sake what kind of freak must you be getting worked up about a manga heroine being a non-virgin…MY GOD THOOSE PEOPLE ARE GODDAMN FREAKS.SERIOUSLY IT’S JUST A MANGA YOU FREAKS YOU DONT NEED TO HARRAS THE AUTHOR BECAUSE SHE’S WORKING HER ASS OFF SO YOU CAN ENJOY DRAWN GIRLS INSTEAD OF GOING OUT OF YOUR GODDAMN HOUSES.The internet is having a really negative influence on some people shut out from the outside world.If thoose geeks left their homes once in a while and found out what real life human beings were, perhaps they would not annoy the author with such ridiculous arguments.For all of you internet-damaged children/teenagers w/e you are:GET OUTSIDE OF YOUR FING HOUSE AND COMMUNICATE WITH SOME REAL LIFE HUMAN BEINGS ….

  • C’mon, She just closed the website, but the manga still continues, right ? (hopefully they will just stop at harassing the site)
    Dont screw with Otaku,lol they can make a manga sold and can also bash the hell out of the mangaka when she broke their fantasy o_O
    I guess that is a predictable reaction and every mangaka should be more prepared. It has never been easy to work in the manga industry (especially when your success depends on a group of readers mostly with mental issues )

  • Just so you know, the girl they’re making a fuss about is NOT the one in the picture. It’s a blonde, short-haired one.

    Funny thing is, in chapter 11 it’s HEAVILY implied that the black-haired girl in the post picture has not only had sex with a guy in the past, but also had photos of her shown to all her classmates. She even had to move to a different town and school.

    Yet no one raged about that.

  • Just so you know, the black-haired girl in the picture is even more of a heroine than the one they’re making all this fuss about, and in one of the chapters there’s CLEAR evidence that she has not only had sex with a guy in the past, but he also took pictures of her and showed it to all of their chassmates, making her so embarassed she had to move to a different town and school.

    To think they’d rage so hard at some kiss marks on one girl’s neck and not at another being exposed like that is mind-boggling to say the least.

  • I think that if you wanna a super virginal main female character read shoujo, It `s simple, Please no more Kannagi Syndrome.

    Leave the female mangakas alone, they are trying to write a good manga, They also need money for food, you know.If you don`t like it , don`t read it.

  • I’ve just started reading this manga. I took these comments lightly at the time, but this is just bs.

    If they are so against it, they need to make their own damn manga. Let the author continue the story they want, and let me enjoy it.

  • Those idiots and this virginity crap again…
    they don’t realize that they’re sharing their imaginary girlfriend with thousands of other losers just like them.

    Besides, a girl can get kiss marks from heavy make out sessions. They don’t HAVE to have sex.

    I’m sure Kei has lots of normal fans. More than the 2ch losers. But most of those fans probably don’t take the time to post on the site. But ronery otaku are obsessive enough to probably make like 50 angry posts.

  • Noobs. If they rage just cause some manga character isn’t a fucking virgin, they should just QQ on life. It would spare them the agony of “having their fantasies of de-virgination shattered…”

    • Or they could just make pipe bombs and kill a bunch of people in real life.

      That would spare them the agony of being regarded as ineffectual.

      And if they make a suicide attack, they don’t have to go to prison!

  • freaks
    lot of shit they do i’ve read here are pretty fucked-up but to complain over this…christ, no one is going to bother them in their own little fantasy but don’t let it encroach onto someone else’s reality

  • Sigh, digging a bit deeper, it is not just about purity issues, it is about the slow cerebus knighting of the series. How it went from Shounen Romantic Comedy to a Seinen Romantic Drama. Some of these Otakus couldn’t handle the whiplash. Turns out calling the girl a slut is a good scapegoat. Subjective of course

  • Only with one person EVER? You must be playing too many dating sims.

    Very few people ever follow through with relationships like that. Men and women alike are bound to enter into many intimate relationships with one another over their lifetime and it’s not always because they cheat on each other. People change as time goes by, and it’s inevitable.

    It’s only when the persons themselves don’t see a problem with sleeping; or to be more precise, they only see what they can get out of the relationship rather than how to nurture it – that’s when the moral troubles begin.

    Purity can still exist in a person even after sex.

  • Tentacle raep is fine, but a loose normal-looking main female character is wrong? Is the fact that she looks like Rukia a bit much for them to take? LOL! These otaku can go join the Moralfag Hall of Fame.

  • Men are extremely jealous and territorial when it comes to women, and no, sorry girls, no amount of trying to force other ideas into our heads will change that. Liking virgins has nothing to do with lack of confidence, it’s been like this in like, nearly all male dominated cultures since ever, so it’s pretty obviously genetic.

    On a different note, if you disapprove of the direction a manga is taking, just stop buying it, that’s your right, duty even, as a consumer.
    Harassing the author makes you lame, but the author caving it to the douche bags makes her even lamer. Whatever happened to believing in your work?

    • “Men are extremely jealous and territorial when it comes to women, and no, sorry girls, no amount of trying to force other ideas into our heads will change that.”

      Sorry, honey, but it already has. I have yet to encounter a guy who has had a problem with the fact that I’m not a virgin. I guess it’s because the guys I have sex with aren’t crazy enough to be hung up on things like purity and whether my vagina has been touched by a horrible, filthy penis (issues much?) As for the territorial thing, newsflash: women are human beings, not territory. Go piss on a brick wall if you want so badly to stake your claim on something.

      And no, I don’t care if you idiots all think I’m a whore. I’m having fun, and you’re all shut-ins. Enjoy your unattainable, imaginary girlfriends!

      • I don’t think you’re a whore. But I will enjoy my unattainable imaginary girlfriends more than equally-unattainable real-life women who label me with the meaningless definition of “creepy” for finding them attractive or daring to show any sign of unconfidence or insecurity while talking to them.

      • “women are human beings, not territory. ”

        Women get to regard themselves as something other than territory only so long as they are male-operated police forces and prison systems giving women the opportunity to take pride in sluttiness.

        So long as you’ve got men enforcing your political correctness, you can brag about being a slut.

        If that police system ever fails, you’ll have to fight your own battles.

        Good luck with that. Slut.

        • Are you twelve? Do you think rape was legal before 1960 or something? You seriously think the reason why women now feel free, as men have for thousands of years, to acknowledge the fact that we like sex is because the police are now much more vigilant about prosecuting rapists, and not because society has fundamentally changed on a social level? Are you fucking stupid, or just completely ignorant to history? Also, even if that were the case, why should I be worried about the police system failing in the country where I live, the United States? Did that strike you as a likely possibility? I am shocked by your stupidity, kid. Quit embarrassing yourself and go back to fantasizing about a world in which women are actually impressed by your vastly superior Y chromosome. Fuckwit.

  • The funny thing here is, all I see are retards acting just as bad as the people who attacked the author. Forcing your ideals on others and criticizing others for being the same as you. Some people enjoy having virgin heroines, some could care less, but don’t try to attack someone for liking something you don’t.

    • That’s one philosophy: “don’t try to attack someone for liking something you don’t.”

      My philosophy is: “Go ahead and attack people, just don’t pretend that you’re morally superior, and whenever possible, prefer practical physical actions to words.”

    • ‘There should be more loose women in Manga not less. That way Otaku might feel they have some hope of actually getting some tail at some point in their lives.’

      Ironically, I agree with part of this.

      I DO approve of manga that depicts women as promiscuous, because that’s realistic.

      However, I think the take-home lesson is that because women are promiscuous, men *shouldn’t* idealize them, love them, or marry them.

      Women can be cherished wives or empowered sluts – but when women demand the right to be treated with all the loyalty due to wives and all the tolerance due to sluts, they’re asking for more than any man or group of men can give them.

  • … they mind is screwed… I think the sexuality of the personnage is not that important of liking the hero, or heroine…. I find this manga funny. Maybe they just frustrated baout their own virginity… I’m french and in france is not that a big deal if the hero/heroine of a franco/belge bd, or manga are not virgin… in fact that have some impact on the story, if they not, the love story between protagonist evolve through this… Japanese otaku are really… stupid, but I says that without hostility. (I’m a geek so ^^)

  • While I disagree with the outdated and childish antics of the Otaku, the only real person to blame here is the Mangaka for folding under pressure. People will think what they will, but a true artist will hold onto integrity in the face of criticism.

    She should bravely continue making her work according to her vision.

  • If those damn perverted virgin otakus force Kei to stop G.E., I’m going straight to Japan and unleash a barrel of RAGE!!!!

    G.E. is a good manga, and if they would hate it for a simple fact that the heroine lost her virginity, then they fail as a true otaku fan. COMMIT SUICIDE NOW TO CLEANSE YOURSELVES OF YOUR SHAME!

  • hm afer reading most of the comments…
    i have to admit, that actually i prefer non-virgin woman more…..
    and on behalf of the mangaka, it’s her charakter not some damn public place everyone can walk around on !
    those guys should go and screw themselves!

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s her fans response, her target audience so they’re gonna act how they want. Sorry it sounds like I’m on their side, but that’s literally how it is. Critics are critics, fans are fans. Not much you can do, like that other comment said, she shouldn’t have caved in. If you’re going to do what IS considered “bold” in Japan’s anime/manga industry, then there will be consequences. I mean Jesus, Hajime Isayama received death threats and I have no idea what he did besides the Pixis incident.

  • honestly people are so low now a days, need to get laid or something, wait, they cant, because they cannot accept to have a girlfriend who isnt a virgin.

    i remember back then when watching/reading maison ikkoku, ai love, kimi ga nozomu eien or more recently school days. when heroin is a women, i was initially shocked but no problem later. people still like them.


    • Anonymous says:

      That’s exactly why the outlet to being obsessed Otaku’s. Try to understand their perspective, it’s basically coincidence that there’s so many that pressured her.
      They’re ridiculed by you and your miles away from the Jap Otaku’s, how bad do you think it is where they actually live? That’s probably why they became Otaku because people treated them that way. Sadly life is perceived by physical appearance and with that, the rare golden egg exists in society where one is appreciated by the who they are. But that’s the key word, “rare”, therefore Japan’s already awkward society, caves in with so many Otaku.
      What I think should happen, is to remove this strong influence of “cute anime” heroines. Anime has deeply engraved negativity in Japan’s society. But it’s not like my suggestion is ever gonna happen so who cares.

  • note that they criticized her, and she couldn’t take the heat. so she got out.

    seriously, the whole fantasy is that they are pure and everything, that’s the major point in those kinds of stories.

    if they are getting angry that say, miko mido is not a virgin then that’s just retarded, its a fucking hentai anime, of course non of em are virgins, or at least not at the end of the story 😀

    its just how it is. some ppl just want certain things in certain ways.

    me personally, if she gets fucked i wanna see her get fucked is all. i hate implied stuff. i don’t watch porn so i can see stuff implied. so i’ll just stay away from this manga or whatever.

  • I wonder whether this really is about being a virgin or not but rather a “betrayal” of expectations. When a character acts completely different than you expected you feel as if you were fooled somehow. I think most of the hate has that as the source.

    If the character was portrayed as “secondhand” from the beginning very few of the otaku would be outraged. For example, if the hero of a story all of a sudden would turn and run leaving his friends in mortal danger the same sort of anger would surface.

  • Wow grow the fuck up. Who cares if she’s not pure as they put it over there. Figuratively speaking most of the otaku have lost there virginity or purity to there right or left hands or what the hell is it called the uh flesh light thing. Fuck they should take a look at themselves before they start bagging on others just because somethings not going there way.

  • “Honestly, we just can’t idolise a heroine who isn’t a virgin.”

    “In a shonen manga it’s weird to have a romantic manga with so little idealisation.”

    i guess different otakus have different minds and philosophies

  • I’m sorry but I just have to say it… these “harassers” had probably never dated anybody, huh?
    I just can’t get into their minds… but I guess the general reader audience wouldn’t really care, even if this is a shonen tittle.

  • As a writer who portrays most of their characters as non-virgins, it makes me worry about the potential success of my own work. Do these people really not appreciate a realistic character? It seems to be all about ideals and idolization to them…

    • You notice this a lot in manga, stories and characters that are unrealistic. For example, in some manga, there is a LOT of echi content. Perverted acts, perverted dialogue and basically everything to titillate the audience, but no actual intercourse, no love making, no real relationships. This is highly prevalent and unrealistic (in real life, people occasionally fall in love, date, and even have sex).

      • That still ends up taking a form of valid idealism. It’s the same kind of idealism that has a guy marrying a 2D PSP char. While there may be a number of ulterior motives, in the end, the manifestation ends up being an attempt to grasp the ideal.

    • Well, in a world that went out of its way to destroy any kind of idol, virtue, idea, whatever and leave failed relativity of everything in its place, it’s comforting that some people pick these up again, although I’m not sure I like how they push them to the extreme and harass people.

  • I am really into anime and probably consider myself an otaku….Don’t think being an otaku means that they are freaks. Just like how equality now are different from other feminists too.

    I guess not everyone can see it’s from a third person perspective. That’s how I usually do when I read or watch anime and manga. So I actually want the character to get together rather than go like “Mine precious”…But I guess the more extreme are always the most vocal, even though then are the minority.

    Works like that in politics too.

  • Ema gonna write this again (and for sure it’s gonna be block by whoever the admin of this site is) and again as i’ve said this before that the more you know about Otaku or perhaps the more you become a real-deal Otaku, the more you are turning into one real fucked up human being. If the world “fuck” would be a thing, this is probably the thing they ever deserved in life.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Ok, ever see “Fallen Angel Rina” from the “Cool Devices” series?

    “You ruined the image of my Virgin Idol Rena! I will never forgive you!”….

    I remember hearing that some BubbleGum Crisis fans went ape seeing Adam Warren’s AmeriKKKan adaptation that showed Nene smoking…

  • isn’t it sort of ironic that otaku are obsessed with virgins in any sort of canon, but still beat off to doujinshi that show the same characters as not being virgins?

    i personally think all young female characters in ‘normal’ anime (ie, not shows intended for adults) should be portrayed as virgins, because god dammit, that’s one place where it’s better for anime to be unrealistic… besides, asuka fawning over kaji wouldn’t have been as hilarious if she hadn’t still had her v-card…

  • Kurodo Dhaos says:

    *sigh* not again…
    seriously =_= …to those otakus with low-level inteligence, I got something to say:
    If you don’t like the fact what certain girl is non-virgin, then just leave her alone! Leave her do what she want, damn it! What, you think she is going to be a virgin forever, and what she can’t be with someone else(even if she loves that person) just because you said it so? Or what she isn’t worthy anymore just because she did it with someone else what isn’t You? She isn’t a slave, you know! And stop loving someone for such reason!? [b]That’s not TRUE LOVE!![/b]

  • Those otakus (the ones who complained like sissies) are just plain stupid. Those cunts are discriminating women. Stupid shits can’t embrace reality. Fuck! As if they themselves are so high and mighty. Stupid shits I tell you.

    When did the virginity of fictional characters become OMG SERIOUS BUSINESS?

    It’s losers like this, Japanese or not, that give all fans a bad name. An artist should be allowed to create whatever characters they want without having to worry about one little aspect of that character causing them to be harassed by a bunch of ridiculous fanboys having a bitchfit.

  • That’s just unfair. Leave the mangaka alone. It’s her idea anyway and people actually diverse in preferences not just virgin-loving manga readers.

    Tsk. More power to (fictional media) Freedom of Expression.

  • This is so stupid. It’s mangaka’s story, she can do whatever the hell she wants, if they don’t like it, they shouldn’t read it. And you’re not supposed to be idolising fictional characters anyhow…

  • ok , let me see if i’ve got this straight…
    a bunch of wankers and neckbeards are whining because a ho’ in a is ‘perceived’ as not being a ‘cherrygirl’ ?
    wtf kind of idiots does this country grow ?
    they read/write/film the most perverted shit on earth and they are pissing themselves over something like this ?
    the yanks didn’t use anywhere near enough nukes …
    dam, oh dear…
    what a bunch of sodding wanker pussies…

  • Bullshit, the people who read manga should get in touch with reality. If I was her I’d go tell them all to fuck off and don’t read the manga if they’re so upset about it. Virginity means Nothing, if anything they’re upset probably because they are virgins and they don’t want other people to have sex because of it, I bet you a million dollars that’s the reason.

  • Honestly what the fuck it wrong with some people? Why does it matter if she’s a virgin or not? SHE’S NOT REAL! And just because she made out with someone in the back of a car doesn’t mean she had sex.

    If they wanna idolize someone pick a REAL PERSON instead of a FUCKING DRAWING!

    • uh…nah. I don’t think that’s gonna work out too well. Especially after that one article claiming a bunch of current idols are involved in what amounts to prostitution behind the scenes. I don’t blame them for wanting “pure” idols…I just think they should stop at “letting their voice be heard” and not trespass to “harassment”.

      • True but they can’t really expect someone to remain a virgin for the rest of their lives.

        Yes, That’s what pisses me off the most. They are entitled to their opinions and whatnot but don’t harass someone until they go into hiding.

  • Good to know there are still some real otakus out there with guts, not these western normalfags that think they are otaku just because they watch an anime or two.

    That mangaka bitch should get shot for trying to reflect her own whore image on a pure, innocent 2D girl. Keep your 3D pig disgusting crap out of my 2D, if this world is horrible and the worst possible, at least 2D doesn’t have to be.

    That being said, I didn’t know Sancom was so full of normalfags? Heh, times change I guess.

  • I’m not familiar with this manga so I don’t really know the character’s situation but I can understand why these otaku are mad. If it was a seinen or jousei manga then you shouldn’t expect the main girl to be a virgin unless it’s revealed that she is. Shoujo and shounen main girls on the other hand are expected to be virgins so the fan base was most likely disappointed when they found out that she wasn’t pure.
    I get disappointed too when my expectations aren’t met. I don’t see how we can insult these otaku about liking virgins. These otaku could have a virgin fetish so we can’t say that it’s wrong for them to like virgins. They definitely overreacted but what do you expect from otaku?

  • All the cute female heroines must be virgins. It’s a common knowledge since Holy Bible. But seriously, why do they give a damn? I’m more outraged by the half assed endings of most anime than about a sex life of Nagi, Horo or any other characters. After all I’m not their boyfriend 😛

  • This reaction of the Japanese otakus has restored my faith in humanity a bit.

    And the wedding with a virtual character also.

    Sankaku Complex is full of news that give me hope for this world and make me optimistic.

  • Wait wait…..come to think of it..since when do “kiss marks” mean she’s definitely “deflowered” ? But then I’m guessing there’s more to the scene, and thus, mayhaps what’s done is done.

  • Quote: ” I agree with the other posters – if you don’t like it don’t read it. There’s absolutely no reason to berate someone with insults.”
    Just imagine what would happen if what you wanted became reality. Every thread would be praising the topic of the thread and any naysayers would be banned. Healthy criticism is necessary for development, although insults are unnecessary.

  • From the article I gather that the ones enraged by the character’s “damaged goods” condition took the time to bash the mangaka, while the ones who had no problems with it didn’t show any support, which is kind of sadder than the criticism itself.
    Maybe if the mangaka knew that some of her readers were ok with her decision (and with a cute 2D girl having a healthy sex life) she wouldn’t feel so threatened.
    tl;dr: Fuck you virgin otaku. Show some support, reasonable readers.

  • Personally I approve of this reaction simply because I prefer sex to be kept out of anime/manga. The reason the readers are annoyed is probably because they were enjoying a pleasant love story and this scene has lowered the tone of the manga and changed their perception of the characters. I think the issue isn’t so much whether she’s a virgin or not but the fact that this content (encounter in the back of a car) has been introduced in the first place.

    This reaction is nothing unusual since the manga is a product and when customers are dissatisfied with product it’s only natural for them to complain. If customers don’t complain then producers will not adjust their products to meet the demands of the market. I think that consumers should always make their feelings known when dissatisfied with a product they’ve bought so, once again, I approve of this reaction.

    • “Personally I approve of this reaction simply because I prefer sex to be kept out of anime/manga”

      Heaven forfend there is this dirty, abominable, disgusting and totally unnatural thing called sex in my clean entertainment, huh?

      Tough luck. As a medium that always featured and specifically dealt with realistic characters and realistic interhuman relationships, manga had (off-screen) sex from the very beginning. Protip: read western comics. Oh wait, they have sex too! Well, I guess you can still read the bible… ahh shit, even the bible is full of sexual encounters!

      The best option would probably be to kill yourself, asexual moralist faggot.

      • I phrased my first sentence poorly and I actively enjoy echi anime/manga. What I object to is when they suddenly throw sexual scene into an anime where it seems inappropriate and doesn’t fit well with the theme of the show/book. I haven’t read this manga but judging from the reader reaction this seems like one such incident.

        I have no objection to sexual content, but there’s the issue of appropriate time and place. You don’t shove a sex scene into a manga when it’s not appropriate in the same way that you don’t just get up and start having sex on the table at a polite dinner party. Apparently the author has failed to consider whether this content was appropriate and has paid the price.

        As for being a “moralist faggot”, do you really think I’d be reading this website if I got all moralistic over the issue of sex?

        • Also, it appears you don’t really understand the situation. We’re talking about ridiculously overblown outrage over the simple fact of a girl not being a virgin. No inappropriate scene, no change in the established direction of the manga, no jumping the shark. Simply a girl not being a virgin. If you think such massive outrage could only have been caused by some real issue, you obviously don’t know Japanese otaku, especially the sort that dwells in the 2ch boards.

        • You phrased it poorly indeed. As has been mentioned, the sex happened off-screen. There was no way for me of interpreting that sentence other than that you completely object to characters being portrayed as having as much as an implied sexual relationship.

          I do agree that explicit graphic sex shouldn’t be put into a manga that doesn’t want to be porn. However, how you could possibly think that every kind of sex scene (there are non-graphic and non-explicit ones too) would be inappropriate at such a point in a story is beyond me.

          “As for being a “moralist faggot”, do you really think I’d be reading this website if I got all moralistic over the issue of sex?”

          This site is full of trolls who do exactly that (whether they really believe what they write is another matter). Can’t blame me for mistaking you for one…

    • @ West

      There’s complaining and there’s harassment and if you read that thread on 2ch there were many that crossed that line. There should be absolutely no reason for people to harass the mangaka just because they wrote the story their way. Just as several people said before if they don’t appreciate the change (or as I see it innovation) then simply move on to the incredibly high amount of other manga there are out there.

    • I don’t know. The way several scenarios have played out so far I never took it for a simple “love” manga. Hell, the title ALONE kind of made me dread reading it at first. Also: A reaction THIS strong was unnecessary imo.

    • Perhaps the mangaka can develop a computerized story generator for people like you. You could even go to their website and vote on how the story should progress! What fun.
      They can have their assistants draw that story, then they personally can spend the rest of their time doing something interesting for people who actually like good stories.

      • Lol you just don’t get it do you Anon 10:19?

        If her readers don’t like her work, her ratings will drop. What happens when her ratings drop? What happens when any ratings drop in general? They get cancelled.

        Always keep your customers happy. They’re the ones paying you.

      • The audience shouldn’t have to dictate the content of the manga because a competent author should be able to deliver a work that the audience finds enjoyable. Apparently she is not a competent author since she has thoroughly upset her readership.

        She has failed to judge her market and she has failed to stick to the genra thus her product is a poor one and is deserving of the criticism it receives.

        • Maybe she just needs a new market!

          Anyway, they didn’t force her to stop blogging, they expressed their opinions and she decided she wasn’t willing to continue blogging. She was as free to blog or not to blog as she was free to do anything else.

          Forcing someone to stop blogging is when the blogger is at the keyboard, and I come in and grab her wrists and pull her hands away from the keys. That’s force. That didn’t happen here.

  • Oh silly me, and here I was living in denial that the purpose of reading something is to enjoy the story and not fulfill your own retarded fantasies or try to raise your self-esteem from the bottom of a fucking barrel.

    I feel bad for the author, getting waylaid by a horde of gibbering wankers like that.

    • You’re giving otaku too much credit. They seem to live in a fantasy world where everything seems to be required to be geared to their intensely particular and unrealistic fantasies; they don’t operate like normal people.

      Which is fine, now that I think about it. At least they’re isolating themselves from the rest of the gene pool.

  • Virgins are horrible at sex.
    I’d prefer a nice experienced girl who knows what she is doing. But that’s just me… (there’s a fine line of course, as nobody likes a whore who does it with his best friend in his own fucking house)

  • Doujins aren’t “real”. The mangaka has created the characters so I’m guessing he/she is the one who decides what happens with the character.

    But I agree, it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

  • Has anyone considered the poor author?
    She’s been harassed and criticised so much she felt she had to close her site – she probably has lost the confidence to write/draw any future stories because of these pathetic otaku.
    Here she is trying to bring innovation and new light to the manga industry and she’s shut down.
    I agree with the other posters – if you don’t like it don’t read it. There’s absolutely no reason to berate someone with insults.

    • On the other hand, these “pathetic” otaku are her customers. Customer is always right.

      If they don’t read it (read: buy her product), her ratings will drop and her manga will get cancelled. It would be wise to take heed of her customer’s suggestions.

      And innovation? Please, what “innovation” do you speak of? It’s a cliche shounen romance story albeit with a non-virgin heroine. If you consider that innovative, then I suppose it is in a way.

      • BS, a customer isn’t always right. If, the customer sticks a cup of coffee into the dvd drive thinking it a cupholder and it snaps..

        Guess what, he still wasn’t right that it was a cupholder.

        It’s one of the reasons why some shops do keep the sign: We retain the right to refuse service somewhere around the premises. To deal with the utter morons with entitlement issues.

        • ‘BS, a customer isn’t always right….

          It’s one of the reasons why some shops do keep the sign: We retain the right to refuse service somewhere around the premises. To deal with the utter morons with entitlement issues.’

          Both the mangaka and the otaku in this fight have entitlement issues.

          The otaku have a small entitlement issue – they believe they’re entitled to complain. Evidently if they complain, the politically correct fags on this site will hate on them.

          The mangaka has a massive entitlement complex, however – she thinks she can piss off her customers and still keep their business.

          No. Piss off the customer, lose the business.

          Thus your “We retain the right to refuse service” comparison is off base. The mangaka can refuse to produce stories about non-virgins, but the customers can refuse to buy the stories. The mangaka is the bigger entitlement lunatic in this story. The customers are scum, but they’re better than the mangaka.

      • Very true.

        Artists are free to create stories with non-virgin characters.

        Readers or potential readers are free to refuse to buy, to refuse to read, or to denounce said stories, with or without having read aforesaid stories.

    • Agreed. There’s criticism, then there’s this. I support ans bitching to each other about something, but it sounds like they attacked her. That’s just not cool.

      They were enjoying the plot up until they showed the girl in an at least moderately realistic light, It’s not a big deal.

  • They’re so principled that they’re going to get a manga they liked cancelled…

    Now I know how Naruto will end…Naruto will bang Hinata a dozen chapters before the final battle and resolution of the series…then fans will go berserk and force Kishimoto to stop publishing.

  • What the shit! godamn vergin otaku. Go out get a girlfriend and you wont give a shit any more. stop disrupting good mangaka with this bullshit.

    < also am i the only one who finds irony in the fact there is so many dojin and eroge on the side bar within this topic.

    • ‘stop disrupting good mangaka with this bullshit.’

      They’re not disrupting GOOD mangaka, they’re disrupting Sasuga Kei (real name Keiko Sasaki).

      Good mangaka are busy producing good products, not whining.

  • If they didn’t like reading it, because of woman not being a virgin then don’t bother. Read something else that you’d have your own taste.

    I wouldn’t seriously don’t mind as long as the story and the characters is interesting enough to read.

  • If they didn’t like reading it, because of woman not being a virgin then don’t bother. Read something else that you’d have your own taste.

    I wouldn’t seriously don’t mind as long as the story and the characters is interesting enough to read.

  • Japanese or Western otaku, they are all retarded. Didn’t those Star Wars fans throw a hissy fit over the Jar Jar Binks character? George Lucas should be free to create the world he envisions, right? But nooooo, those hissy fits “fans” certainly felt otherwise.

    It’s easy to point and laugh at the Japanese otaku, and not taking the blinders to see the same thing happening in your backyard.

    • There’s a difference between criticism and attacks. “I find this turn of events to be idiotic, and here’s why.” Is much different from “I want to idolize a virgin, your work sucks for giving a somewhat realistic depiction of a girl!”

      It’s hardly excusing the people that had a rage fit over JarJar, but it’s a much different scale when you remember that George Lukas has a large fan base and could probably benefit by getting rid of a few worthless fans that drive people away from the fandom…

      • Criticism is still just criticism. Just ’cause some group you disapprove of is engaging in it doesn’t make it any more or less of an attack. Authors should have free speech. The audience should also have free speech.

        • There is a difference though between constructive criticism and what amounts to destructive criticism. The usual: “this sucks, go kill yourself, you can’t write.” sort of thing.

          One is useful to an author/artist, the other…
          Well, about as useful as strapping a jetpack to a pig’s back and setting it off.

    • No. I think the thing about Jar Jar was that he’s annoying as hell. I don’t believe he received any direct harassment over it, but obviously people voiced how lame they thought the character was. To me there’s a difference between “Dammit Lucas why’d you make this lame ass”, and “Dammit, why’d you de-virginize our idealized heroine”.

  • i don’t like seing stories being limited just becouse some people can’t have it their way.

    Stories(writen and drawn) should exist in all possible ways.
    So people grow up and stop limiting ones ability to tell stories,or rather do it yourself if you can.

  • flamehaze628 says:

    The behavior of these low life virgins is amusing.

    Knowing the full extend and true meaning of the word “Otaku”, i will never refer myself as one again.
    So foolishly was i to think it only mean “a person who like animes, mangas and games.”

    • ‘Knowing the full extend and true meaning of the word “Otaku”, i will never refer myself as one again.’

      The rest of the planet is fascinated by this update on your personal selections of self-descriptive terminology.

    • Otaku merely means you’ve crossed a certain threshold of obsession. All other characteristics commonly attributed to them by Japanese society might apply in ~80% of all cases, but in theory you can still be an otaku without being an utter retard like the subhumans featured in this article.

    • Kyon Theorist says:

      No joke there. I admit that when I was told years back that I was an anime otaku, and given pretty much that same description, I was proud of it. Now though, it’s an insult I wouldn’t let slide. Too much stupid is required for me to have a membership. No offense meant to self styled otaku, but most likely you aren’t really whom I speak of anyways.

    • Exactly, virgins are overrated. First time is pretty awkward for most and most of the time hardly what you would call great sex.

      Like everything else, practise makes perfect, so what’s really so damn appealing with getting a complete newbie who doesn’t know one end from another, or which hole to put what end in for that matter…

  • 2ch’ers needs to stop posting semi naked pictures of themselves and pull their fingers out of their asses. This kind of stupidity gives every other manga/anime lover in the world a bad rep. Not to mention it’s fucking retarded and lame.

    • not the first time.

      the fucks should just draw their own manga so they can idolise what they like all day and leave others alone.

      i’ve been called akiba-kei before and i like that, but this is 2ch-kei and it’s pure insanity.

  • Fucking otaku losers, what's with these rejects from society?

    For starters why shouldn't girls in anime have boyfriends?
    Oh right, it's because otaku losers are virgins and want their anime personalities to be virgins too.

    Personally I'd rather anime personalities have relationships so that they have more in common with people that are NOT losers.

    It's naturally for pretty and attractive girls to have boyfriends.
    Heck it's not impossible for plain girls to have boy friends as long as they are not shut in losers.

    • Sukunai:”Fucking otaku losers, what’s with these rejects from society?…

      Personally I’d rather anime personalities have relationships …”

      Those fucking otaku losers are the ones who spend money on the product. Their money is the only worthwhile thing they have; thus, when they spend it, they want to be happy about it.

      If Sukunai personally wants to dictate what anime is like, Sukunai needs to get access to as much money as those otaku losers. Then Sukunai can say to the artists, “Hey, I’ve got the money, you do what I say now!”

      And the artists will make whatever they are paid to make.

      Whoever hands out the money makes the rules.

      “Pay the piper, call the tune.”

      • Mainstream audience won’t buy their failed products en masse. Otaku will buy Haruhi, no matter how fail to becomes because they are otaku. That explains why ANY company wants morons for customers and won’t lightly give them up for whatever reason.

    • Good thing Sukunai from Sankaku Complex told us about how virgins and people without a relationship are losers, because I’m sure the 80% of famous scientists, thinkers, inventors and philosophers who were not in a relationship and virgins were fucking losers. I mean, they invented the world as we know it, pushed technology and humanity forward, but that doesn’t matter, they were losers.

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Sukunai.

  • Princess Lala says:

    This topic made me make an account after reading on this website for a whole year lol.
    Please bother to read my post.
    I read this Manga. I am from Europe, 21 years virgin girl and I do understand these Otakus totally!!! When I learned about the girl pictured in this news not being a virgin anymore and not together with the one who deflowered her, I got mad, too!
    Reason: She got hurt by the guy who did it with her and the people are getting mad at the girl, too! It is like saying to the girl (in this case it is a fictional girl, so you say it to the creator of this character):
    I am sure this is what the angry people have in mind and I share that opinion. Behind the flames of every single enraged person (especially the virgin ones) is the pure(!) wish for finding THE ONE! Either 2D or 3D and wanting other people understand and agree with that!
    In this case the manga girl does not seem to have the wish for bein a prostitute or porn star or sex addict etc. She wants a monogamous relationship, yet ruined her own wish for sharing all love experiences with her dream guy. And we are angry at her for being a stupid hyprocrite! like most 3D girls…70 % of all 18 year old girls are no virgins anymore, yet wish to find THE ONE..so their own wish contradicts with their behaviour (sex!). And when they get married (older than 25 is average age) surely almost none of them was virgin or having only 1 partner..
    Please reply to my post^^.

    • So, basically what you are saying is that it is morally wrong for a manga story to be realistic since the real world is so impure and evil? So, basically manga is not supposed to be an art form, but rather, a medium of showing some sort of impossible ideal perfect world?

    • I think you’ve hit the heart of the matter. Most otaku’s probably don’t mind the girls in their manga not being a virgin as long as there’s a real, deep relationship behind it instead of a “hey I met you today and you say you love me, so it must be true. let’s have sex”.

    • Firstly, hate is never pure. The capslock in your post proves that.

      Secondly, the vast majority of girls lose their virginity while in a relationship. My neighbor’s daughter is about twenty years older than me. She just got married last year after dating her boyfriend for ten years. And you know what? They probably had sex. Big whoop. A ring won’t magically make the man more committed. That itself has to be determined by the individuals in the relationship and whether they’re ready to move to the next level. Hell, I’ve even heard from friends that sex can even ruin a relationship sometimes. If the couple got married and found this out after the fact, wouldn’t it cause more problems for not only the couple, but the families involved?

      Point being is, you’re treating sex like it’s the best thing in the world. It ain’t. There’s better things out there to get angry over, and non-virgin girls aren’t one of them.

      • Princess Lala says:

        I re-read my post and I think I explained myself bad.

        edit: I tried to explain it better..but here seems to be a limit of words..so sorry that I can not explain it thoroughly to you :S

        Hate can be pure but just not in a positve way^^. Well I guess you meant it pure=positive..so we agree on that. But you misunderstood me.

        The wish for love is pure. The higher the level of purity a wish carries…the higher the level of pure hatred emerges IF this pure wish gets destroyed..like your best friend intentionally kills your love of your life.

        The bottom line of what I meant is: experiencing all kinds of sexual behaviour (kisses, sex etc.) only with the love of your life! only with 1 person ever!!!

        • So i take it that you believe that eternal love exists in 3D? At your age?XDD Well, it doesn’t! And you should accept already that lust and love ain’t the same thing! And the “happily ever after” it’s a lie, seriously grow up >_>’ As a girl, I’m more ashamed of people like you than of those ugly sluts you can find anywhere >_> And they say male otaku are creepy… @_@”

  • Conclusion:

    Women: Whine more, that doesn’t change the fact that you are sluts.

    Men: Enjoy loving your slut women who have had several dicks in their mouth and their body.

    I’ll enjoy loving my perfect, innocent virgin waifus.

    Also, the amount of butthurt in these comments is overwhelming.