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A court has judged a man guilty of indecent exposure after a female passerby observed him naked in his own kitchen and complained to police.

The 29-year-old Virginia man, himself a father, was charged with indecent exposure after being spotted by a mother and her young son passing by; the details of this “crime” are presented in the previous report on the incident.

Despite his protestations that he was innocently moving about his own kitchen whilst preparing coffee, police and courts insisted he had committed an act of lewdness offensive to public decency.

The judge handling the case agreed with prosecutors that being naked in his own home was “indecent,” and rendered a guilty verdict, though he magnanimously refrained from handing down a prison sentence or taking his daughter into care. An appeal is planned.

The convicted sex criminal finally seems to realise his expectations of privacy in his own home are unreasonable:

“I feel the exact feelings that they’re speaking – I’ve put onto other people. They’re looking into my home. I live in a fishbowl, an ant farm. Everyone’s looking inside my house now. That’s ok.”

The man admitted he was foolish in not closing the curtains, but with characteristic self-preservation the judge responded “I don’t fine people for being stupid. We’d all be in jail.”

The woman who brought the charges, who is incidentally married to a local police officer, is reportedly pleased with his conviction.

Via Fox.

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