Final Fantasy XIII Sells 1.5 Million & 250,000 PS3s


The latest sales figures relate the considerable success of Final Fantasy XIII, with 1.5 million copies sold on its initial opening, along with a record-breaking weekly figure of some 250,000 PS3s sold.

Enterbrain reports precise totals of 1,515,532 (out of 1.8 million shipped) copies sold, with the weekly sales figure for PS3s also jumping to 245,406, the highest weekly figure yet.

This compares to Japanese opening sales of previous titles fairly favourably, with sales possibly set to exceed 2 million:

2001: PS2 FFX 1.75 million (2.33 total)

2003: PS2 FFX-2 1.47 million (1.94 total)

2006:PS2 FFXII 1.84 million (2.23 total)

Though undeniably the prettiest in the series, just whether this incarnation matches up to the rest in gameplay is still a matter of considerable acrimony.

As expected, Final Fantasy XIII appears to be the killer app set to combine with the PS3 slim for a major mid-lifecycle fillip, although whether it will reverse Sony’s fortunes completely remains to be seen, particularly with the exclusive international release snatched from their grasp…

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