“I Ran Over & Killed an Old Woman, My Car is Ruined!”


A woman who displayed more concern over the state of her car than the elderly lady she fatally struck has attracted a storm of criticism.

The 26-year-old unemployed woman, a resident of Aichi prefecture, ran down an 87-year-old woman at a pedestrian crossing, killing her instantly.

She writes about the experience on her now defunct blog:

“I ran over and killed an old woman… Well, it was at night, and I was coming back from a friend’s after finally getting my car back.

The opposite lane looked pretty congested on the way back (but I was listening to music and not really looking), and the old woman suddenly came out of the cars. She was killed instantly. My long awaited car is ruined, and I’ll lose my licence! Damn it!!”

The woman had just got her car back from the garage 2 days previously, after an accident in which she severely damaged another car.

The family of the dead woman were particularly incensed by her conduct after the accident, saying “All she said was ‘sorry,’ and when she attended my mother’s service she sat at the rearmost row fiddling with her flashy nails the whole time.”

The woman writes about condolence call on her blog, where she also posted a variety of showy pictures of her elaborately decorated fingernails:

“I went to pay my respects with my hands like this. Nobody pays any attention to something like this, do they? I did dye my hair black [from blond] though.”

When confronted about the blog’s contents by media, she at first claimed “Somebody else just wrote that!” but soon changed her story to “I just wrote nonsense there. I don’t know why I wrote that, and anyway the blog is closed now so it doesn’t matter.”

Courts handed her a 16 month suspended prison sentence.

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