Tales of Graces Wii Beta Confirmed?


Excessively diligent investigators maintain they have proven that the recently released Tales of Graces has a missing character, which is of course exactly what happened with the Xbox 360 beta version of Tales of Vesperia and its eventual perfect PS3 version.

As explained previously, 2ch denizens examining the compiled code of Tales of VesperiaΒ Ξ² found suspect references to a missing character (PAT), which turned out to be loli pirate Patty.


Tales of Graces seems to have traces of a certain “DEVD,” thought to be a missing character.


As with Vesperia, it also has mysterious gaps in some of its event scenes:


The inevitable suspicion is that a PS3 port may materialise a year hence; however, the extra character is probably a man, and Wii fans are not the same close-knit kindred of maniacs as Japanese Xbox fans, so the same entertaining theatrics as last time seem unlikely.

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