Equality Now: “Games Are Extreme Pornography”


“Videogames are not art. They are extreme pornography,” rants the UK leader of Equality Now in response to the notion that adult themes should be allowed in games.

Evidently still not done ignoring the plight of women under Islam in favour of promoting obscure titles such as Rapelay, Equality Now’s London head Jacqueline Hunt launches into the kind of moralist tirade which has already seen most fetish pornography banned in the UK, this time writing for a top leftist rag:

My organisation, Equality Now, has heard a lot from the fans of some of these games.

We highlighted the game RapeLay, produced in Japan, as one example of many that promote violence against women. In RapeLay the player manipulates an onscreen penis to simulate rape of a woman and her young daughters over and over again.

Our international campaign called on the Japanese government to ban games that promote sexual violence against women and girls. Fans of these games were outraged.

They asked us why we were targeting RapeLay when, they said, it was mild compared to similar available games. In Japan there is a whole genre of extreme pornography, known as hentai, which takes in cartoons and comic books as well as videogames. Imagery includes women and girls being molested, stalked and gang-raped.

We received hundreds of emails from around the world, many calling for our own rape and murder. “By the way, I played RapeLay (doing the 13-year-old was best)”, said one, referring to the pre-pubescent girl whom players “rape” in the game.

Incidentally, the individual responsible for the now widely quoted “doing the 13-year-old was best” quip was a Sankaku Complex reader who privately admitted he was merely trolling – a complete ignorance of even the basics of Internet culture on the part of Equality Now (perhaps not surprising considering their inability to accept any culture other than that of their own moral hysteria) seems to have caused them a great deal of trouble recently when they were caught lying about misquoted Sankaku Complex comments.

… If games such as RapeLay can now be classified as art, maybe the popular media promotion of sexual violence against women is so normalised that we don’t even pay attention any more. Does “killing” a prostituted woman in Grand Theft Auto just reconfirm to a gamer the “lesser value” of women in prostitution generally?

Certainly the UN’s women’s committee believes that gender stereotypes, including those of women as sex objects, and gender-based discriminatory attitudes, contribute to violence against women.

Will the players of RapeLay act on their threats towards us? It’s just a game, don’t threaten our free speech, say the fans who tell us to shut up or else.

Ironic words indeed, coming from the very people actively trying to force police in other countries to lock people up for exercising their own freedom of expression.

The inconvenient truth that sexual violence against women (for that matter, any kind of violence against anyone) is rare in Japan, and vigorously prosecuted when it does occur, whilst many western nations enjoy rates of all kinds of crime several orders of magnitude above those in Japan, seems to be something no feminist dares address.

Instead it appears they prefer the security of appeals to emotion and ignorance, which it seems groups such as Equality Now are in no short supply of…

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  • They Will Destroy My Mass Effect Series because of this shit Misunderstanding !!!!

    nah that was just my word for my fanboysm

    So what if my game has Sex, and Rape, at last i know and learn that doing that in real life is painful for woman who raped by unwanted man. And also a criminal. I will doing fap by seeing my PC monitor filled with hentai video, manga, doujinshi, images ETC rather than doing it in real life without married.

    I dont need your lecture, Stupid-ass crap for brain Equality Crap-ass Shitty rapeface of Feminazi!!!!

    I’m also Video games Addict that learned about politics dirty play LIKE YOU DID TO US!!!!

  • The arguments are quite similar to what the American Government did in the 70’s. It was thought that Pornography of any sort was damaging so a congressional study was issued. It was found that not only was it not damaging it was perfectly healthy. So the study and it’s findings was ignored.

    Similarly, these women clearly do not care about the real issues of Rape against women. If they did, they would consider studies that were done on this very topic. It was found that Rape Fantasy lowers crime rates because people who might otherwise be inclined to act on such a fantasy find “release” through fantasy alone never even leaving home. Similar findings were found in regards to Loli decreasing the incidence of Child Molestation.

    Incidentally, this means that every time a Feminist group fights against Loli or Rape Fantasy that are directly responsible for an increasing crime rate.

    Oh how do they sleep at night.

    And what about Women with Rape Fantasies? Women are not the only ones who get Raped. But, right, they are only equality in name.

  • Anonymous says:

    Amuzing to see those people who just need to feel important, yet they dont bring any solution to solve the real problems. Sexuality is a part of humankind and shouldnt be opressed, what will happen if u put a bunch of men/women together in a cloister for many years, telling them that that sexuality is a demons act etc. I guess thats where the real pervertness started, sexuality will allways find its way becouse its part of us, be it homo or hetero. If its being pressed down it will twist and find its way thus creating another way of sexual stumilation.
    Its those people who are constantly fighting against sexuality, that are perverted, opressing something that is natural will only result in creating something unnatural.

    Also their equality is nothing more then a lie to get the necessary power to do what they want. When i woman punches you its allright, but if u punch her its discrimination, where is equality in that. If they would get their “equality” they would no longer be seens as women and thus they would have to compete in the mens world to survive. No nice smile and ewerything is allright/forgotten, no nice wink ewerything is allright/forgotten, if they wouldnt have any rights, they would have their buts kicked long time ago for something trivial like this.

  • shut the fuck up you buntch ass hairy unfuckable feminist “women” you have already won the right to vote but I’ll be damned if you get read of porn how about you shave those hairy ass legs,face and armpits and get on that flatbed truck that has to transport your big ass and try to find that unbelievably desperate guy to fuck you may i suggested the old folks home yous truly the ancient come and find me bitches

  • Anonymous says:

    Hentai creates otakus that don’t dare to lay their hands on women.
    Sure, that’s why Japan has low birthrates but at least we’re not committing crimes.

    Surprisingly, it has the opposite effect of what most people think it’d do.
    Every human would want to experiment with something every now and then because they’d like to see how it’d turn out.
    It’s normal human nature, and by putting in strong themes in what we make, we suppress those urges.

  • I haven’t played a GTA game in, maybe, 6 years? I forget. Are there male prostitutes in any of them? I don’t recall seeing any in GTA 3 or Vice City. Either way, it’s kind of fucked up of Ms. Hunt not to mention them. I mean, if there /are/ some in the game, that means that you can kill them for money, too, right? Which means she deliberately omitted them from her statement to frame it as though the inclusion of female prostitutes somehow demeaned women more than men. Likewise, if there are none in the game, she also failed to mention the fact that female prostitutes are depicted, but male ones aren’t, which is clearly discriminatory against males of the same profession (by denying their existence in the first place).

    I also noticed a distinct lack of recognition that, you know, there’s plenty of shouta hentai/games/whatever out there, too. It’s not like women are the only ones depicted in hentai and it’s not like men don’t get raped either.

    “Feminism” (at least in definition) isn’t meant to be a notion centered purely around furthering women’s position in society. It’s about gender EQUALITY, even if the rights being fought for are those of men.

  • Bronxdragon says:

    Damn fem nazi and dumb asses who don’t even play games. Go argue about things that are actually important like how that kid over in that country has aids cause you dropped a big ass bomb over there.

  • These self-righteous feminazis from the UK need to have their arses kicked. In fact, I’d liek to train them as my “pets.”

    These [In]Equality Now biznatches don’t care that they’ve continued a leftist trend to pervert feminism to mean equal rights =/= equal outcome. We must not let these women destroy an industry, demean artistic expression, stifle game production and paint all men as mindless walking genitalia that must be put under tow or die. Such a movement for a lack of freedom should be fought without ceasing, without yielding to their communistic ideals of gender relations.

    If we don’t continue the fight, the male’s natural role in society will be screwed (literally).

  • These self-righteous feminazis from the UK need to have their arses kicked. In fact, I’d liek to train them as my “pets.”

    These [In]Equality Now biznatches don’t care that they’ve continued a leftist trend to pervert feminism to mean equal rights =/= equal outcome. We must not let these women destroy an industry, demean artistic expression, stifle game production and paint all men as mindless chinks (penises) that must be put under tow or die. Such a movement for a lack of freedom should be fought without ceasing, without yielding to their communistic ideals of gender relations.

    If we don’t continue the fight, the male’s natural role in society will be fukked (literally).

  • it’s because there are no much ppl outside playing eroge so they let their imagination run wild and commits crimes,stupid feminist thinking that banning eroge would lower crime rate is just their wishful thinking.in my point of view,even if they ban the eroge the crime rate will not drop but would rather increase.It’s is discrimination against eroge.Most eroge players wont even do crimes like that because when they play the game they know that it’s not right to do this in reality so they resort to do this only with their imagination,but the stupid bastards try to ban eroge will not see the result they wanted.

  • Wow…talk about a one track mind. These people amaze me with their persistence and stubbornness in fighting for imaginary women/children(RapeLay is in 3D!:D) rights while ignoring the plight of the ones living in real life (eg. just take a fucking look at some Islamic extremist countries). The 3D penis in RapeLay doesn’t even penetrate the ladies 60% of the time! They just twirl around outside 🙁

  • &@&@&@#@&@&@&

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    \ \___/ /

    \__ / \ __/
    \ ~~ ~ ~~ ~~ ~ ~~ /
    \ /

    ” … we shall fight on the beaches … ”

  • Does anyone else find the ever so slight irony in the name “Equality Now” and the actions that we keep hearing about?

    Seriously, it’s almost pathetic enough to be called humorous.

    When do we need someone else to control our own actions? Sigh…

    What ever happened to non-involvement…

  • They’re challanging a game only sold in Japan, which is only on PC not on Consol and not sold worldwide.
    Your lucky this game is not on the Wii otherwise the game developers would make a Shota version of the game for women to Jerk a Wii Controler.

  • ya know what would be really funny, taking down their website, both through viruses and spamming.


    I looked but it looks like they have just enough sense not to post their e-mail, anyway just for the record, i’m willing to pay 1000 pounds for both their heads.

    I have a bank wired up to a swiss bank account which can transfer the money as soon as I get solid evidence.

    For an extra 1000 put the prime minister of englands head on a spike outside no 10 downing street.

    ya know these are the sorts of threats the people should be using, they won’t lisen to reason, they need to be wiped off the face of the earth violenty so we can send a message that we won’t be treated like sheep.

  • Not that I’m defending anything they say, but you really shouldn’t fault them for not understanding “trolling”, since trolling is basically saying something vile and then expecting people to not believe you were serious on the basis of… well, because OBVIOUSLY you weren’t serious, right? Of course he didn’t REALLY enjoy raping the 13-year old in the game- he was just TROLLING.

    Let’s face it, the only people do more harm to the fans’ cause than Equality Now are the fans themselves.

    And the claim that “sexual violence against women… …is rare in Japan, and vigorously prosecuted when it does occur” seems to stand in contrast to the somewhat excessive number of articles seen on this very blog about Japanese men raping women and underage girls and often getting away with it.

  • Truly disappointing…

    Frankly I hate the idea of equality for women.

    Each gender has their own respectable jobs and responsibility. If women are to be allowed same rights as men, then no matter what women will still be above men because no men can bear children.

    Don’t mistake me though. That doesn’t mean women SHOULD be oppressed. It just that there should be a clean line between the two that shouldn’t be crossed.

    Now back on the game thing…

    I think EN is just plain jealous cause they cannot be as perfect as these 2D girls. In fact, I already had seen many girls jealous to imaginary girls.

    And as many of you might’ve known, women’s jealousy is SCARY. And I mean SCARY.

    Any man that haven’t seen/watched porn as late as age 17 is either gay(oh wait, even gay watch gay porn) or IMPOTENT.

    And btw, what is “extreme pornography”? is there “mild pornography” or “casual pornography?”

  • why would women want equality? well if they really want it then i guess when war comes we will have to call them to arms and possibly they will get raped by the enemies in their captures. we have our own responsibilities so they should just mind their owns.

  • I have an idea: Lets have someone make something that appeals to their every belief, turned up to 11. If even they say it sucks; we have evidence against them.

    Not too complicated huh?

    Basically, if even they are sick of their own bullcrap, it can work against them. Consider it like parents taking interest in their kid’s lives and doing “I want to be cool too!” stuff. Like saying things along the lines of “Word UP! Bro-ther!!!” and all other lame-ass things. If they want something sweet, make it so sweet it gives them diabetes.

    Sometimes, the best way to knock interest off of someone, is to crappify the interest value in it as much as possible by appealing to every whim on a dime.

    If it works on kids, then it should work on immature zealots.

  • My sociology research post I made a while ago showed that a significant majority of those with sexual misconduct and convictions under their belt are from a cultural background that sustained a conservative or oppressive regime towards sexual gratification.

    Meaning – Moar Censorship = Moar Rape!

    Better to keep it in the imagination tbh.

    • Well it’s no surprise. There was recent research into countries that are high in religion and crime. Results showed correlation between countries that have a strict regime filled with dogma and demonization of people produced more crimes overall than countries that are more liberal. It doesn’t show a cause of course, but it does show a pattern which should be noted.

  • “Does “killing” a prostituted woman in Grand Theft Auto just reconfirm to a gamer the “lesser value” of women in prostitution generally?”

    Fact is, GTA is made to simulate real life. In real life the only things stopping you to kill someone are the ff:

    1. Lack of knowledge on how to kill
    2. Lack of weapons
    3. Laws
    4. Morality

    If the first two are satisfied and you have no regards for the last two then, in effect, there is nothing stopping you to go on a rampage and kill anyone. Police, prostitute, “13 year old kids”, a 60+ year old senior, just about anyone. GTA simulates real life. Equality Now hates GTA, therefore Equality Now hates real life…. Those Brits really need to get a life….

    • Barbarian of Gor says:

      What I thought was really funny about GTA controversy is that while you can:

      A. Go to a hooker for a “Recharge” then beat/kill her for you $25 back with no consequence — Where’s her Pimp to “Kill yo Ass” (rightly so) or at least be a tough “MotherF-cker” who’ll take away more health than you re-charged likely if you do overcome him…

      B. Go into a police station, kill two cops for the hit fee. Then, give the criminals their money’s worth squared by killing more and more and more until your “Felony Level” is nuclear and the Nasty Guard comes for you. Simply (obtain boltcutters previously) carjack an APC and ride away.

      B-1- Now, it’s move to India and hide in a pit UNDER a Snake Charmer’s basket, right? Nope. You just pays you money and your “Record” is expunged the next day you can walk right next to the police and they don’t look at you twice…

      HOWEVER, and this is what I’m getting to-why was the game banned for a while?

      Hot Chocolate—

      Had a crude “Dating Sim”, no doubt inspired by Japanese RPGs, where the character had to impress, comfort, woo women over a period of a few weeks, just for some straight/normal sex. Except not off camera like the $25 blowjob hookers.

      In short, the game got banned for the player behaving like a civilized human being rather than a Gangster with a “Sawney Beane” level mentality.

  • Wait, Pornography is a bad thing? Since when is it uhhhhh…. BAD? I wonder how many people in this organization actually seen it? Probably a big chunk.

    I think that the censorship in games is bad enough without having these soccer wankers make it any worse, they’re probably also the people who bitch about people stealing their jobs or something.

    Someone should find that Jacqueline Hunt bitch and jizz in her face!

  • So yeah, I raped to death a 5-year-old little girl.

    I drawed a stick girl, took some scissors, made a hole between the legs.
    Then I drawed a large penis and stuffed it into the hole. The draw of the girl tore apart.

    Now sue me, Equality Now, for I had killed an imaginary girl. Sigh…

    • Let’s take that further my friend….

      I had consensual sex a 12-year-old girl.

      I was the one who seduced her into doing it and she just gave herself to me. I can remember the feeling of entering her for the first time. She hugged me tighter as I got deeper into her and she would squeal much. I told her how sexy that sounded and she laughed. We kissed and after a few minutes we both came together. She arched the back, thrusting forward as I came deep inside her womb….

      Then I woke up!

      So sue me Equlity Now for having a wet dream with an imaginary girl who visits me often. Here’s my e-mail: djmaca02@yahoo.com

      Get me if you can! Find the girl in the world of dreams and try getting a testimony out from her. I dare you EN! Come and taste the blade of reality!

  • How about addressing real issues that affect real women? Nah, that’ll be too hard. Let’s just bash video games and pretend you Equality Now idiots are actually doing something for real women.

    How does Equality Now survive? Do they take membership fees, donations or something? All those money could have been given to organizations addressing real issues, fighting workplace discrimination against women or helping women in abusive relationships, instead of giving them to these idiots who just talk and do nothing.

  • Okay, does anyone else even bother to listen to these INSANE LOONIES anymore? I swear…. were they to spout this BS in real life, I would backhand them across the face and state EXACTLY why I did it.

    It’s about time to realize that hentai games actually DECREASE the amount of forcible rape in society, as does porn of other forms!

    Equality Now is the DEFINITION of fem-nazi who wouldn’t be happy if every man on the planet was strung up and EXECUTED to ‘protect the women’.

    They need to be SHUT DOWN, right now. I don’t say that even about the KKK, who I HATE as well…. but Equality Now has gone over the line of reasonability.

    If they don’t like hentai games? Simply don’t play them and don’t buy them. Leave the rest of us who enjoy playing them alone, or face the consequences…. namely, a GUILLOTINE!

    • GUILLOTINES are for the frenchies dude…. These guys are more partial for the “Burning at the Stake” method…. MAybe EN are a group of lesbians who wants to keep the lolis for themselves? Like in BLUE DROP for example….

    • No, bitches cannot handle that the world is realizing that there is nothing wrong with things like violent games, sexually violent games, etc.

      The rest of the SANE WORLD has realized that pornography, violent video games, etc. actually CUT DOWN on the violence in society, they don’t INCREASE it.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:


    This current system enshrines the woman as the vulnerable victim, but then encourages her to attack and destroy men. Any marriage is at a woman’s mercy. One toilet seat left up too many and she can get the meat of the man’s income, custody of the kids and more income, sleep around with non-producing ‘toys’ (usually criminal and non-white) and have fun while the man faces prison if he can’t afford this, the state still pays her and adds interest to his fines.

    I’ve lived this. I’ve seen every marriage of everyone I’ve known in my age group break up into a bitter divorce, with the woman getting the upper hand no matter what. It’s the same formula, they meet in college, get married, the man works hard getting ahead, the lady feels dejected/dissatisfied and starts sleeping around. The divorce is bitter and ugly and the man loses every time.

    So, what does a man do facing this?

    Well, that’s where “Gentelman’s Tours” and “Mail Order Brides” came in. Not everything has gone bad, most notably the “Pointless Racism” of past decades. It’s simple need/demand. If AmeriKKKan/EurNaziPean women aren’t worth talking to, and hazardous to stick your dick into, but across the world there are lots of cute, demure women whom their culture DOES treat like trash… Decades past it would have been seen as desperation and/or Bestiality, but these days they look cute and exotic and immigration related marriage was a form of hard to break “Pre-Nup”. I’ve known a few “Mail Order” brides and they are universally disgusted by how women behave here.

    So the “Modern Women who seek to Destroy Men” have been attacking this. Calling all tours and marriages predatory. They want to MARRY the man, then divorce him and support a parasite non-working male off his labors. They don’t want to be left with the parasite male who can’t be ‘sued’ cause he has no money.

    Japan, being a racist culture, didn’t have this option even. Marrying even a Chinese or Korean would be scandalous, they might as well molest beasts. Most of the “Good” men spent their lives studying with little time for friends or socializing, just to “Get ahead” so that when they got married (Parents would select from girls/other families asking) they could provide. But they found the ladies going pro for real or wanting a social/very rich husband, but also displaying the worst of the “Women’s Liberation” attitudes.

    So they turned to fantasy itself. These men were left too shy often to even see prostitutes, much less try to socialize with women who only wanted “outlaw” types for sex, even if they themselves wanted to leech off a producing, working male.

    And that is where we get down to this group and others like them. Their main focus is to:
    1. End “Human Trafficking” meaning making going to Asia and getting a wife be equivalent to taking the “Snuff” option at a child providing illegal brothel.
    2. Criminalize all pornography, even 100% “Fake” pornography.
    3. Cry “Rape” and “Sexism” to further enhance their rights and demand ever more from society.

    As others have pointed out, they don’t really DO anything about any of their other causes, like ending “Female Genital Mutilation” just a few ineffectual petitions, but they go all over and do influence governments to pass laws on-2D loli porn… They don’t care about the “poor exploited women” in these third world countries, they just want them as examples of how they “Hate Men” and to be kept from being “Competition” to try to force by desperation men to risk it all marrying them so they can exploit them.

    No man in their right mind wants to touch or associate with these “Hyenas in Petticoats” they’d be treated like shit proposing, walked all over in marriage and ruined in divorce. Their kids would be warped, even coerced into “revealing” they molested them, and any “Advantage” of reproduction will be no better than “Bacterial”.

    Think about it: Some men would rather whack off to 2D pictures than even TRY to get a girl, because they’ve been ignored and slapped in the face too often. And even in Japan the “Exceptional Oddball” can’t be a high enough percentage to justify multi-million dollar Hentai/Loli animations and games. In AmeriKKKa and EurAsia, likewise, pornography has reached critical mass.

    They get help from “Religious” nutbags, especially those who like to “Crusade to end Human Trafficking”… These people are proud “Cultural Jihadists” -whoops- “Crusaders”. They fear interaction of white males with women of other cultures, especially marriage, will undermine their exact vision of “Christian” culture. They know if they can totally close the door on all “Sex Tourism” (even ADULT ladies and legitimate marriages) they will cause massive starvation and less aid/charity to those areas because of less sympathy/relations, but they don’t care. They don’t even want to “Save” any of the “Darkies”. They’ll just toss a few “Chick Tracts” around as they leave, not in hope to “Save” any of them but literally to “Damn them to Hell because they rejected—well, a bunch of proof in this little comic.” Any “Darkies” they “Let In” have to be totally inferior and subservient. “Jesus Saves?” Well, in their books, only “Je$u$ $lave$” are allowed.

    And, frankly, I don’t know if AmeriKKKa, EurNaziopea or Japan can be saved. Representative democracy has been undermined by money seeking corporations who use fake wars for control and “Reactionary” causes for their own sakes. Any “Man’s Party” would be quickly turned “Right Wing/Republican” by corporate interests or publicly assassinated if it refused to corrupt its values. It’s like 1984 where the corporations were trying to destroy the family and they’d eventually get to outlawing sex itself to ensure their workers have no loves or passions distracting them.

    • Now, wait a fucking minute…. this is NOT about discrimination against ‘darkies’ considering that a lot of people in public office in this country are black!

      Now, the thing about the religious loonies was right until you started to bring racism into it… this isn’t about racism, this is about SEXUAL REPRESSION and religious/other people wanting to force THEIR sexual morality on everyone else.

      Right now, it is ‘okay’ to do that with pedosexuals (that is changing VERY quickly however as people realize that most children are not ‘innocent victims’ of the big bad pedosexual anymore, but instead are WILLING PARTICIPANT 99 times out of 100).
      It was okay in the past to do it to homosexuals and heterosexuals outside of marriage…. and that changed in this past century.

  • i really don’t understand the way EN think, why are these poor woman who is being abuse right now. The mindsets of EN is very closed minded i think. They have to see that there are more woman are being abuse in war torn country, the third world nation and so on.

    • Quite true…. men get a bad rap, but the fact is that the REPRESSION is usually being forced by women on other women… it isn’t just the MEN who are forcing those ‘repressive beliefs’ on women…. it’s other women too who have been BRAINWASHED into thinking that their imaginary ‘god’ wants them to live as virtual SLAVES to men.

  • OH GOD.

    Don’t they have something better to do?

    What about you (Equ@lity n0w) start doing good things so you can be accepted in Heaven, rather than messing with others’ lives. And I don’t think what you are doing is a virtuous thing.

    GTFO this world, eQu@liTy n0w bastards.

  • I must admit, I’m a feminist. However, I think people can do whatever they want as long as it isn’t hurting anyone else. Jack off to all the porn you want, whether it’s loli or slave women or whatever. As long as that doesn’t carry into real life or lessen your view of women, it’s not harmful. I myself enjoy shota, hentai, and yaoi. Feminism is about women being equal to men (though we’ve made great strides, we’re not there yet), not about degrading men. These people make feminism look bad, because they’re crotchety old women, probably religious.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    More venom from “The Modern Women who seek to Destroy All Men”…

    And I call it out, not as any attempt at all to “Protect Women and Girls” but a simple assault on men out of an “Antisex League/Millitant Lesbian” agenda for the destruction and slavery of men.

    Women have went from feeling like “Second Class citizens” due to friction over them challenging traditional roles to “Untouchables” for the most part. Back in the 70s and earlier, they had to try twice as hard to be even accepted in non-traditional professional fields and did face ‘sexist’ attitudes. They had real stuff to B*tch about (no side slur intended) back then. Before that, they had few if any options, such as “Secretary” or “Laundress” etc. It was seen that a woman perhaps would work for a limited time, then find a husband who’s single salary supported the family and they would devote their time to raising the children and emotionally supporting the husband. Women who worked, such as to pay the bills when the “Husband” was a “non-worker” often were fired and had to take off the wedding ring a their next job application…

    Divorce laws were in place to account for even earlier times. If a man left his family, they would be in dire straights while he’d be able to re-establish himself easily otherwise.

    The new laws are a combination of the worst of both systems. They make women far too powerful and this is combined with a “Man hating Lesbian” and “Eternally Victimized Women” agenda. At the same time the man is always considered the agressor and always the most burdened by any break up or even any interaction gone bad.

    Women can openly threaten to use “Sexual Harassment” to get ahead at work. A cry of “Rape!” ruins a man’s life, (if he was above McJobs) even if proven false. Drug addict women who blatantly cheated have gotten custody of the kids and alimony with false claims of molestation. Except to the very, very rich “Pre-Nuptial” contracts aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.


  • To those sitting on the fence saying “Oh, they’re only going after the most extreme hentai that I don’t read/watch, so it doesn’t matter,” this should be your wakeup call.

    They did not single out a single genre or only extreme hentai, they are calling for ALL hentai to be banned.

    And you can bet there will be spillover into softer ecchi anime and manga as well. I’m sure there are some that consider any nudity/pantie flash/implied sex to be porn or ‘hentai’.

    Also, dojinski will likely suffer as well, which is where a lot of managaka and anime makers start. That will affect the talent pool leading to a decrease in quality and quantity of anime and manga in the future.

    Female anime/manga fans also should speak up to let equality now that they don’t speak for all women or even a majority of women.

    You’d think that the low crime rates would show Equality Now that the best defense against real crime is a fantasy that doesn’t hurt anyone and that lets people safely rid themselves of any bad thoughts or emotions.

    BANNING stuff doesn’t make it go away, it just makes the banner feel good because it might be out of sight of their narrow bigoted world view. But it will still be there and simmer and get even more extreme and cause more problems than it just being available. Ban hentai and you’ll see a sharp spike in crime in Japan. WIll Equality Now apologize to all the victums and pay for their suffering and pay Japan to prosecute the perps? I doubt it.

    Remember that the USA banned alcohol a long time ago and that created large organized crime mobs that persist to this day. Yeah, that was a good idea. :/

    The fools who ignore history are doomed to repeat it and screw up the world for everyone.

    • And that is why they aren’t going to succeed… most of the lawmakers in Japan have privately told these people to ‘go to hell’ and are just acting like they are kowtowing to their wants, but are really not doing anything.

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    That bitch needs a little bit of prospectivity.. Let’s revoke her UK citizenship and ship her down to iran or somalia with 100 Rials or Shillings. Be sure to embed a few dozen gps tracking chips all over her body -since she Will no doubt lose a few limbs- so we can find her again a year later.

    After “freeing” her from slavery, forced working crews or a local raghead pimp or all of the above. Carrying her stumped filled body back to the UK on a -Temporary passport-. We will then ask her about her opinions about FAKE DIGITAL REAPINGS again…

    I’d love to know about her opinions then.

    After the screaming mad rants and gurglings, we put her on another boat (with a ragead name on it!) with a randomly picked port with a yen shoved up her ass.

  • So are they saying standard porn can be considered art? If so lets take a look at what it takes to make a porn film.

    At least 1 actor, a camera and $20 – $100 per actor, males are usually paid less(fact), and a director.

    Now how the hell is that art? I have never seen a porno actor with an ounce of talent EVER. And stories, good god I have never seen worst stories in my life.

    Now I’m not saying their all like this, far from it. But how much longer does it take to make a hentai? Well the production team are usually on a very tight budget, depending on the length of hentai could take months if not longer(same deal with H-Games).

    My point is, if they could consider regular porn as art which takes very little effort, then why not hentai? If they consider neither as art and purely for self-gratification what the hell is wrong with that?

    As a lot of us already know, they wont go after porn because it’s so mainstream and their is no way they could ever bring a hard hit to it. But hentai sales are mainly focused in japan and it’s finally making more of a mainstream appearance in other countries.

    Equality Now’s amount of double standards are disgusting, you make up facts, you lie and cheat, I question if your presence has a point at all. But no you run around crying because of these imaginary people being victims. If you place such high priority on imaginary people, visit the mental ward, their are lots of imaginary people you can help there.

    I am an adult, I choose what is appropriate for me not some deceptive tool who holds a higher priority over imaginary people rather than REAL people who are actually suffering as we speak. It’s time to grow up and fix your priorities or get lost.

  • Equality Now doesn’t need to focus on Japan. Hentai and porn are things that people have because they don’t want their libido’s to suddenly take control of them whilst on the eyes of the public. If that disappears then men would have to do more drastic things to silence their libidos.

  • First it was rapelay and Japanese ero games, but with this mention of GTA as an additional scapegoat; equality now’s commentary has attacked mainstream video games.

    The continued wrath of a million gamers will soon be upon them.

    And what’s next? Calling for a ban on Mario because princess peach re-enforces the stereotype that women are weak bitches that need to be saved by some prince in shining armor? bullshit.

    • Or banning Metroids for sending an imaginary kick-ass hightech heroine to clean up some Chozo mess….

      Banning Ragnarok Online for not having female Minstrels/Clowns and are limited only to Dancers…..

      Banning FF for multiple use of imaginary women in ridiculous and comedic instances lowering women’s morale….

      Banning Luna Online for having loli expose their underwear when the move around while they have wing items equipped….

      Banning “Dept Heaven’s Riviera: The Promised Land” for having imaginary women there killed just before the final battle….

      Banning “Dept Yggdra Union: You’ll Never Fight Alone” for massacre of all female game sprites and having the heroine expose herself while having a bath in an imaginary hidden oasis in the middle of an imaginary desert….

      EN = TOTAL FAIL!

  • You know, this has probably already been said before but I think groups like this try to get games and stuff banned not because they feel that they are really threats to society, but that they know people will agree if they say explicit sexuality in games is bad. They know that they can get games like Rapelay banned so they will in order to feel like they accomplished something; If they tried to deal with the real issues in the world they would fail and they know it. None of this changes the fact that they are bitches who need to stop stifling art just because they don’t like it.

    • DING DING DING! We have a winner, folks. Tommy_S, you hit the nail on the head…. if these idiots actually tried to do something about the repressive regimes in the Middle East and elsewhere, they would FAIL…. and they just want to feel ‘good that we got rid of something we don’t agree with’… even if it infringes on other people’s rights to view or play whatever they want as long as they are not PHYSICALLY harming someone else without their permission.

  • Seriously… Come on, Equality Now… There are many women out there who could do with your help. Your group’s name “Equality Now” obviously serves to tell people that you want to strive for equality between the sexes. Forcing your opinion on the other is clearly for YOUR own freedom and not OUR freedom of speech.

    In this current economic situation, instead of going on about pointless issues, why not use all available resources to provide aid to the people who are in need? I’m pretty sure there are lots of REAL women who are getting abused etc. If you’re thinking that stopping such games is a step to nip the problem in the bud, you people have to think again.

    Why do people play games? Usually for leisure, or to de-stress. I don’t particularly see games as being harmful. If you don’t let people unwind, sooner or later they are going to target REAL women, and the next victim could very well be you!

    I also notice that Equality Now continuously highlights RapeLay. Does your group know how many Visual Novels are released every year? There are hundreds! Are you trying to say that all of those games are extreme pornography? Please look again. There are many good Visual Novels out there with clearly good art, and good storyline. Fans such as me appreciate such games. RapeLay is merely a single speck in the entire context of Visual Novels, or your so frequently used term “Adult themed games”.

  • ::sigh:: Are they STILL talking about rapeplay? Does anyone even still play it? Can’t they highlight any of the other “multitude” of games with rape and gangrapes as a central theme ? Or perhaps some of the other -thousands- of games that inspire violence against women/girls (as if they actually know what “central theme” even means)?

  • bitches, they should focus more on wahts happening to realoty, lots of wives are being abused, teens get raped, etc. why do they have to focus on games? those are just GAMES!! they dont hurt anyone…

  • To be neutral, they would have less to say and even less credibility if people just stopped trolling them and send them more coherent and educated letters and emails instead of “doing the 13-year-old was the best”. No wonder Equality Now thinks they’re dealing with a bunch of freaks and maniacs that belong in jail. It’s too bad they actually have recognition by some governments and they can go and publish all the worst crap they get and get away with it.

      • That is true, but that is also part of what I’m getting at. They can go and imply that all the fans of “rape games” send them crude one liners and death threats, even though they probably don’t all do that and are just honestly telling them what they’re doing isn’t right. They can easily pass off that the most common response to their “just” actions are maniacal letters and emails from perverts and degenernates. The problem is people will believe them too.

  • Here we go again….seriously. I don’t get why most country are hating on Japan, and their games. Japan is so open about sex unlike all the other countries. Why do you think Japan has the lowest percentage in sex crime?

    • Because the religious nuts think of sex as something filthy that should be hidden. The mere thought of anyone celebrating sex in any public way (such as games, TV, Movies, Music, magazines) is to be chastised and shown the error of their ways. Not that this sort of thing extends to all the priests touching on alter boys….but we’re over that. Right?!

  • “Ironic words indeed, coming from the very people actively trying to force police in other countries to lock people up for exercising their own freedom of expression.”

    that would be singapore.

  • As a woman, I’m more interested in what they plan to do about the rape and murder of real women in third world countries than how they feel about the sexual affairs of non-existent women in fantasy worlds.

    How about we focus on getting real prostitutes off the streets instead of flipping out that some random gamer killed one in GTA? It’s not men that are treating prostitutes like they have lesser value, it’s the prostitutes themselves that allow themselves to be sold away for such a low value. Why can’t this group focus on that, if they’re so concerned about protecting women?

    These women seem ignorant that hentai may also contain consensual themes. Hentai is essentially just porn in a 2D medium. But they seem to take it as some personal attack against women… what about male x male hentai where men are getting punched and raped by other men? I guess they don’t care, because they’re only interested in “women’s rights”.

    Well I’ll tell you one thing, they’re trying to encroach on THIS woman’s rights to play a goddamn eroge in peace. Go save some real women and leave the rest of us alone!

    • Well, feminists claim that hetero and lesbian porno lowers women to mere sexual objects, while gay porno glorifies the male form.

      Sounds logical to you? Me neither. But (certain) feminists have been persistently demonstrating the lack of basic reasoning. Not that it’s limited to them *cough* YEC *cough*.

      And yes, movements like EN are only interested in defending women’s rights, which ironically results in increased discrimination towards both genders.

  • The best way to ignore a group like this is to leave them alone – so do it. Stop posting articles about them. The more exposure they get, the more people will notice them. Posting about EN just makes thing worse.

  • ScarredBushido says:

    this is so stupid but doesnt japan have a high rape rate? or is that jsut in the bad areas?

    besides thats just 1 game u have alot of other games where it is acctual romance storyline no rape or killing involed

  • My first response to the article within the originating website:

    Extreme pornography? What is "extreme pornography". Hentai is the word Japan uses for pornography in general which includes a mass slew of things. Usually, they can't even show genitals and have them annoyingly blurred out.

    This hentai, includes all sorts of things. Including yaoi, which is interestingly enough a majority female audience(much like how lesbian porn often has a majority male audience). And it's also my favorite type of hentai. Sadly, this too suffers from too many themes of rape and coercion.

    If you'll read any creations by author Haruka Minami, they're pretty much all indeed blatantly porn/hentai. And I happen to love them. I will look at het(hetero) hentai from time to time, but I really just tend to prefer looking at guys. To each their own, though. What I will agree is that there are far too many rape themes and rape looking situations in hentai. Both in the yaoi that I love and hetero pornography/hentai. Do I think that they need to be banned? No. I would be in quite the despair without my yaoi.

    I merely think certain things need to be more promoted against. I'm actually not totally against rape pornography at all. The idea of rape fantasy will always be a part of the BDSM community and BDSM is a healthy thing. A rape game is really a BDSM thing not a promotion of rape. There are many men and women who have rape fantasy from both the dom and sub side. It does not mean that there is the actual desire for rape.

    That being said, as I've said, these themes all too common, and therefor normalized and established. It teaches men that they have the need to be sexually dominated and pushes so many images into the brain of a person it can help to establish a unhealthy mindset towards sex.

    There needs to be less domination in general and more of the romantic type sex. Dom/sub to some degree in any pornography, not just the Japanese kind, is far too represented when it is just one of many ways to express sexuality. And also female dominance is heavily underrepresented. Making these images of men raping women, women crying during sex, and so forth seem normal and women as naturally more submissive and masochists.

    But the proper way to do this is to get active within the porn community and change this. Not try to destroy pornography, that's backwards from the things like the free love movement and reactionary. And what about anarcha-feminism? Laws aren't good.

    I refuse to believe that freedom of speech has limits. I don't care if it's hate speech or what, freedom of speech is absolute. And I don't want you to shut up anymore than I want Rapelay to be banned. What fans I think are fearing is a ban, an illegality of such material. I share the same fear. And I also do not stand for making more laws.

    Another problem with this is even though many women have rape fantasies(which is again not the same with being okay with rape), is that culture indeed to blame for problems of rape and things, and even something on a small scale that seems insignificant can have a huge ripple and butterfly effect that hurts gender equality. Feminism is a cultural war that is far beyond little things like legal rights. Most of which are already granted to women. It is a social revolutionary ideology. And after law, one must focus on social activism. And things like rapelay are part of a problem that causes sexism. The fact more women than men admit to rape fantasy is not because of biological differences like sexist evolutionary psychologists would like you to think. But that women are taught roles that often induce such ideas. Women have double triple catches of sexism they must face in the matter of sexuality and other parts of society.

    And the current state of the pornography industry only helps to perpetuate the problems. The idea that women are submissive. That it is okay for men to sleep around, but not okay for women, and so much further forth. It also promotes unfair standards of women's beauty that by a chain of effect, also suppresses women's athleticism.

    As for art, most things that aren't called are. And making more qualifications, people often define art by what degree of skill and expertise goes into a creation. And certainly many pornography, especially drawn pornography, cg or otherwise, takes quite a lot of skill and expertise in order to create. Much comic porn or stand alone pictures contains massive amounts of shading and attention to detail. That is very much artistry, in my opinion.

    As for ways to get active, instead of trying to make things illegal. Instead of(though I'm not blaming you of being an "anti-sex feminist") shunning any or all types of pornography, get involved in porn in you want to change things. The more women push for a dominant influence in the porn industry, the less men and patriarchal values would be present within it. A way one can start is a infoanarchist pirate and distribution of copyrighted pornography. And then with heavy critique. 35 char limit. That's all for now.

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    lol…saying playing rape simulation game encourage actually carrying it out in reality is almost as ridiculous as saying driving simulation games encourage speeding and dangerous driving in real world.

  • Do these idiots know who they’re fucking with?

    So far they’ve dealt with Anon while Anon was on it’s meds and thought “Hey these guys aren’t a threat.”

    Wait until the Chans get in on this.

    That’s when Anon will rip it’s mask off to reveal itself as the great gibbering lunatic of the internet that you do not **** with.

    If the internet was a real place, 30% would be casual users in everyday clothing behaving normally. 50% of the room would have it’s pants off and continuously masturbating. 15% would be wearings neo nazi, skin head, jihadist slogans while preaching racial purity…

    Then you would be left with the 5% of people wearing camo, loaded up with assault rifles, chainsaws, waving bloody knives and swinging pikes with the severed heads of their enemies.

    Usually they’re just psychotically grinning at one another, but then someone makes themselves a target and that 5% eviscerates him, castrates him, and puts his severed head on a stick as a warning to everyone else.

    Right now they’ve angered the 60% of masturbators. If EN publicises closing 4chan down, then that 5% of them will come down upon them with the full wrath of Heaven, Hell, and Gurren Fucking Lagann.

    Come on Channers, do what you do best and give their computers syphilis.


  • I think its about time we unite brothers, and bring these idiots a good fight. The longer we let have them giving out ridiculous statement they will just come out with something more superbly idiotic. Let’s see how they like it when we question their ignorant stupid way of thinking and how they like it when its our turn to choke their freedom of their so called ‘moralist’ thinking.

    There are real women suffering out there, all you can care is some drawn/created work that don’t actually exist in the real WORLD. Why?! Maybe because your are are cowards who dare not face the real men/organization that brings suffering to REAL women everywhere around the world, you are to lazy to actually move out and save these poor soul. Instead just resting your butt comfortably on the sofa and point your finger to game developers for problems that you can’t even prove.

  • I have a plan for ridding the world of the Equality Now problem.

    Infiltrate their organization, trick those ugly cunts into travelling to the Sudan to stop the ethnic cleansing and mass rapes by taking away the Sudan Army and militia’s H games.

    Have a group of Sancons, drop a crate filled with fresh machetes in the center of the army base that the EN were about to cleanse of hentai.

    Convince the slags that if they preach the evil of video games that the Sudanese army will leave them alone.

    Insinst on being the last one off the chopper.

    Close the door have the anon pilot circle the encampment.

    Recoup all of the money that we used to finance our expedition to the Sudan by selling the video we shot from the chopper of the Sudanese army snuffing every member of EN and hacking them apart with shiny new machetes.

    Sell the snuff films to the British and American moralizing politicians who secretly watch videos like that to get off.

    Keep a record of our transactions with those politicians to decriminalize BDSM and hentai in Britain Canada and the US.

    Buy mansions on remote Japanese islands.

    Live our own H fantasies on our private islands while siring an army of anons to conquer the world in the name of “The Great Holy Anon V”

    Let’s make the world a better place gentlemen!

  • Movies are not art, they are extreme videotaped pornography. Seriously, have you guys heard? They are putting adult themes into movies nowadays.

    Music is not art, it is extreme audible pornography. There are adult themes and bad language in some songs now.

    Paintings are not art, they are extreme pornographic pictures splattered on a canvas. People have painted negative things and bare breasts.

    With my logic, there is no such thing as art. Everything can be tied to adult themes and negative and unsavory emotions. Someone ruined your fun time by making something bad in your favored form of media, so everything in that medium is now hardcore porn. Now go recite your bible verses, children(read: everyone), you aren’t allowed to see anything rated above PG.

  • [“(doing the 13-year-old was best)”, said one, referring to the pre-pubescent girl]

    13 years old is not pre-pubescent. It’s pubescent. Fully fertile. The majority of girls have their first period before 13.

    Science isn’t a strong point of feminism.

  • wow you really have to be delusional to make such contradicting statements.
    so video games are violent pornography, but women working in the profession of prostitution are infact no lesser value than any human… cause clearly it would be a horrible thing to treat a STD ridden whore who will suck or fuck anything for a few dollars like a lesser human.

  • I don`t understand, maybe they just trolling us or what. I just wonder how soon they will rise against Islam. I think if someone really care about they children they should look after them instead of abusing actions of others

  • They’re probably just being trolls themselves, shoving their assholes into everybody’s business just to build their own harems…they should just jump off a cliff into a jagged rock in Hell, if they’re gonna bash all formes of games we play, they’re no more than Mavericks…

  • The first thing you all have to understand is that “Equality Now!” is _NOT_ about equality, _nor_ is it about feminism.

    It’s a religion.

    It seems, based on the statements I’ve read, that its leaders have worked themselves up into a self-drug-induced maniac state.

    And, as other people posting here has pointed out, politicians will be influenced by them, will be used by them, and will use them in turn.

    “Remember the Alamo!”

    “Come home with that coonskin on the wall.” (President Johnson to U.S. troops in Viet Nam, in 1966)

    The War on Poverty

    The War on Drugs

    The War on Terrorism

    “Think of the children.”


    True feminism (and equality) are simple:

    * Equal opportunities
    * Equal services and facilities
    * Equal pay for equal work
    * Equal responsibilities, and protection, under the law

    There are all sorts of other things which people try to claim under the umbrellas of “equality”, or “feminism”, but do not properly belong there.

    In our little anime-watching group (two men, one woman), ‘equality’ means when one of the guys has us watch a heavily male-oriented-fanservice-laden episode, then she gets to have us watch an episode from one of her yaoi-harem series.

    While I _can_ watch yaoi, I’d really rather not — and I think that’s how she feels about male-fanservice episodes. So, we generally (but not always) watch something that everyone is happy with.

    Somewhat ironically, in the 1980s there was a Laserdisc-based game in the video arcades (“Dragon Quest”?) in which the hero was exhorted to find and slay the dragon thusly: “Do it for the children!”

  • People need to realize that rape fantasy is a fetish that is a part of the BDSM grouping. And that rape fantasy, whether of being raped or raping, does not constitute and actual desire to rape.
    I really want to know this woman's name and how I can contact her. The method must be on one of the links somewhere. I have so very much to talk to the people at equality now about, and yet I've done so little.
    Edit: Ah, okay. Her name is Jacqueline Hunt. I'd like to meet this Jacqueline Hunt and have a bit of debate and discussion with her. The very least I can start with, though it won't likely reach her, is to create a user and bring my debate to the guardian, instead of leaving it here.

  • 99% of gamers that play a game where you rape a women won’t ever do it in reality, 99% of gamers who kill someone in a videogame won’t do it in reality, get a fucking life. Fucking old maids seriously.

  • Women with too much time in their hands are dangerous bitches

    I just hope Segolene Royale will never hear about EN

    she started a fuss which resulted in anime being banned from french tv for nearly 10 years (because ignorant people were airing Hokuto no Ken in a kid show). And since Sego has soooo much free time in her hands, france would be the next anti-2d loli if she ever hears about these femnazi…

  • Generalizations are what causes everything bad about this world from minor extremisms to world wars. Is Equality Now trying to destroy themselves and the rest of the world with them?

    What selfishness.

  • They have zero chance against the videogame industry. Maybe against some obscure spineless Japanese publishers like Illusion but if that gibbering moron Jack Thompson couldn’t do shit to a title like GTA, neither will you.

    The simple truth is…games make money. So do cigarretes. So does alcohol. So does oil (which is why the alternative power sources in car industry are held back). Until you figure out a way for “female rights” to make a huge pile of cash for someone, “dear” EqualityNow your opinions on this matter are irrelevant and no one gives a damn about them.

    Still I find it amusing how they continuously dodge the subject how Japan has vastly lower crime rate than other western, more “civilized” countries. You dodge the subject better than Neo dodges bullets…

    • They don’t even have a chance against Illusion, from what I have seen of their next games! They are planning on coming out with tentacle 3D games next, so Equality Now has just been ‘thrown the bird’… by 100 people at the same time!

  • why bother spam arguments to EN? it’s a proven fact that all members of EN has a mental disability which inhibits their logic ability so any attempt to reason with them will result in failure.

  • The very idea of censorship is downright wrong and doesn’t belong in a democracy. I don’t give a shit why or what you censor, it’s wrong.

    The state, or anyone else, shouldn’t have to tell adults what they can or can’t watch. The single thing that should be “censored”, in my opinion, is actual real rape and underage material.

    Because who cares about some 2D/3D crap that doesn’t hurt anyone and as an added bonus lets people live out their fantasies or sexual frustration in a safe way. Even extreme fetish pornography for that matter. Who cares if someone likes bondage or whatnot? Is it consensual? If yes, then fucking let people do/watch it.

    And as for exploiting women, it’s not like the girls in the porn business don’t make any money in it. Hell some “proper” girls even choose to sell their virginity online. Are they hurting themselves? Maybe, but what gives others the right to tell them what’s right or wrong if it will get them through collage or help them when they’re down on their luck. In desperate times some women turn to prostitution whereas some men turn to crime. Why don’t Equality Now speak of criminals as victims of inequality as they do about prostitutes or porn stars? There’s a psychological and physical difference and equality between the sexes won’t be achieved by ignoring these differences or trying to put a lid on them.

    They argue that a sick person (AKA a Man) that gets an idea (rape) from a game will do it as soon as they get the opportunity.

    Why am I even posting this here? Not like it will make anyone change their mind…

  • “Does “killing” a prostituted woman in Grand Theft Auto just reconfirm to a gamer the “lesser value” of women in prostitution generally?”
    Really? in a game were u can murder anything alive u worry about a prostitue being treated as less instead of the violence towards EVERYTHING itself?

  • I don’t think anyone will do anything,i mean the gta games are still around and going strong and nobody seems to care about the anymore but the fact remains you can still get a hooker screw her and then shoot her and get you $10 back and when the equlity groups found out about that they threw a fit and nothing happened.

    • Since they care so much about video games, someone should make a game were a (female) character tells them to fuck off and get to work into something important, according to their logic about defending video games characters that should make them think at least a lit.

  • Answer me one question:
    how dos even the most decrepit game full of the nastiest debaucheries of inetractive porn affect them directly?

    I believe they have self esteem issues. If I choose to be the town harlot or give some unsuspecting whelp the fantasy day of his dreams that’s really my business.

    Besides if you indulge a man once in a while instead of crunching his nuts you might actually enjoy it or at the very least get something useful in return.

  • Personally I don’t think equality groups are bad, but they need to realize different cultures have different views on moral values and beliefs.

    This group however is trying to push their own morals on other groups thinking everyone should think the same way they do which is something I think is wrong.

    So for this group I think they should more focus on Israel and other countries of origins where women are treated like property… if we are lucky they will go in and then sold like slaves XD.

  • Equality Now is SO anti-hentai. If they would just let this go and let the otaku purchase their S&M games, the world would be good. If they don’t, I’m expecting that they’ll get hit in their feminist heads by a rogue baseball bat… courtesy of Wuentin Tarantino.

    wtf, the bear jew always tops

  • ”Evidently still not done ignoring the plight of women under Islam ”

    You just said that my mom and sister, who enjoy as much freedom as any other Western woman, are in a bad situation because of Islam.
    EN may be ruled by a bunch of assholes but you yourself, Artefact, aren’t any better when you discriminate people with such phrases.

    • The phrase “plight of women under Islam” is not a universally quantified claim. Your mother and sister enjoying the same freedoms as any other western woman (Really? Are you sure that it’s not just you and the rest of the male part of your family thinking that?) does not falsify or disprove the fact that there are women suffering under Islam.

  • If EN wants to help downtrodden women, they should start with those in the Islamic countries where women have very little to NO rights at all OR their in own respective countries OR in nations where sexual violence is the highest!

    Japan IS STILL a SOVEREIGN nation and they can handle their own problems.

    Japan used to shut herself away from the rest of the World long ago because of OUR moral behaviours.

    It could happen again!

    To the ladies of EN: PLEASE, for your own good, let it go!

  • All I can say is, Bitches don’t know about HENTAI!

    I lied, I’m also going to say, who the fuck cares? The only reason we have hentai and the other game, which I’ve never heard of, is because we are human and our goal as humans is to seek pleasure. If there isn’t enough pleasure to go around for everyone, then there would be a major world catastrophe with pleasurably deprived, angry people all over the world. This is just my notion.

    Like I said earlier, Bitches don’t know about HENTAI!…A better question would be why aren’t the women in the kitchen making us sandmiches?

    • mmnnnn sandwiches… but i don’t know if i want a women making me a sandwich… a lot of delicatessens are run by men and them sandwiches are good… besides i for one don’t want a sandwich made from anything in my kitchen…

  • Gender stereotypes it is not.

    From times immemorial, in majority it is men who want to fuck badly, and it is woman who resist him, is it not?

    You want equality? Then why fight nature? Instead of accusing us of our lust, how about stoping being such moralfags and give us some pussies to eat out. Rape us, that is what we want. Then we will be equal.

    Please steal this comment for your site, I dare you.

    • “From times immemorial, in majority it is men who want to fuck badly, and it is woman who resist him, is it not?”

      That’s crap. Women want sex at least as much as men, they just need to be triggered, men don’t have that problem ;D

      • And have I said otherwise? I didnt said womans dont want sex, I said they are the ones who resist it, much of the time at least. They are passive in nature, how can they expect to be equal like that??

    • They likely did at one point, and in all likelihood got rejected every time. Rejected, forlorn, and severely lacking in estrogen (if not outright empty), their current course of action comes as little surprise.

      Misery loves company, after all.


  • It seems they just hae nothing else better to do but to molest the freedom of expresion. On the other hand they most likely are affraid to point at the Islam world and at places where there is bigger crime rate, becouse they know they can’t do anything about it anyway.

  • Thats funny… I wonder, once they are done with hentai games, maybe they care to take a look at today’s commercials?

    I mean like, naked woman in the shower is hot and everything, but it does not help me to understand if the product they sell will help my hear grow stronger or just intended to make me horny.

    On the topic, I have to admit, after cutting a two feed monster apart with a chainsaw. I kinda lost the will to do the same to a human, I already seen that gory scene, so I wont gain anything from doing that to a real human.
    Games does not drive male’s to madness, its the cold hearted female part does it.

  • “We received hundreds of emails from around the world, many calling for our own rape and murder. “By the way, I played RapeLay (doing the 13-year-old was best)”, said one, referring to the pre-pubescent girl whom players “rape” in the game.”

    So what if he really meant that seriously? It’s not like their ugly RL3D counterparts would have the same perfect sex appeal as those girls in hentai games.

  • Hmm Equality know makes a convincing argument that it requires a person have more than a vagina and reproductive organs to be a woman.

    Sort of like how a set of balls and a pecker might not really make you a real man.

    Lousy fem nazis need to be told to fuck off (in those exact words) and made to realise that ordinary men and ordinary women have no use for them AT ALL. They are the equal of macho assholes (which no one has any use for either).

    If they want to impress me, they can go stop Muslims from treating females as property, maybe interfere with a few stonings. Otherwise the approproiate response from them showing up at the UN is to tell them to fuck off loudly and forcefully.

  • With the amount of scary people on the internet, im surprised that Equality can still function as an organisation. I think the problem lies in the fact that the haters are attacking Equality Now directly allowing the organisation to use the attacks as a basis to build up support and prove their point. We should instead focus on destroying their credibility, proving to the general public that eroge statistically and scientifically do no harm, and even have certain good effects and pointing out the more pressing issues that they should be handling.

    Now im just a lazy internet commenter commenting at 3am but I hope someone uses these ideas for the good of all Eroge. Otherwise I wouldnt be up at 3am fapping to give such good ideas.

    • The problem here is that equality now will simply attack whatever group attempt to show the positives, and then such a group would only work as a way they can bring more stupid women into their dark clutches, and gain even greater support. Given the way the world works they have already won, the best we can do is complain, make them look the fools they are, and slow down their actions. Stupid people and the laws against free speech (not to be confused with the rights of free thought, oft falsely called rights of free speech) mean that no matter what cause you make, if the opposing cause has not already been created you will win the battle. For this matter our best bet is to start a petition for sexual objectification of extra-terrestrials, just so we can have sex with something.

  • Rensei Bayushi says:

    Every time this comes up, I think of the crap that Patricia pulling pulled back in the 80’s to desperately put a negative spin on Dungeons & Dragons.

    I have a saying that “A picture tells 1000 words, but people only see 10”

    What I mean with this is that they’re taking the most extreme examples and twisting them into some sensationalized abomination to shock people unfamiliar with it into believing their side of the story

    y’know, it’s a wonder they never attacked Byron hall for the abomination that is FATAL

  • You know, they really need to learn to detach fictious women from real women. As well as themselves from fictious women. This is what it all boils down to. They themselves feal attacked if somebody treats women or their fictious versions anything other than a glass princess.

    The assumption that men cannot differentiate between fiction and reality is what makes Equality Now a farce. Ironically, they objectify men.

  • Will the players of RapeLay act on their threats towards us? It’s just a game, don’t threaten our free speech, say the fans who tell us to shut up or else.

    This would be a proper argument had the fans of RapeLay been lobbying for the legalization of rape in subways.

    Sadly this group of feminists doesn’t seem to understand much about internet culture as a whole, and is likely to take everything said by 12-year olds a bit too seriously.

    • i think the or else doesn’t have the direct violent thinking,but what they got from or else was also groups who know how to comment against their campain with proper argumens.
      And also the annoying ones who attack them

  • Who are they to say Videogames are not art? What exactly are they trying to do? What gave them the rights to ban certain commercial items? Has adult entertainment violated anyone’s right? No, ok, then fuck off plz.

  • They comments about sexual abuse on women, but their government killing civilian in a war which I don’t need to say about…

    It’s a nonsense when you speak about “Truth” while yourself doing things we don’t see as a “Truth” at all…

    This world is “Fana” we live within Sins… and we must not judging others like we’ve been blessed all time. This “Equality Now” seems don’t know anything about games and sexual abuse… In game, we don’t really hurt people, well… it’s just a data at all!!! And if someone doing anything bad, don’t blame the game! It’s the society that leads that man to do so…

    Let’s speak about another genre, FPS. If a man which used to be play FPS games and he did terrorizing act, and you say that FPS game are MAKE him go bad?? Fuck you!!!

    The society and the mentality that did the works, not the game itself. Game is just a “Product” of a civilization, and Western civilization often leads to bad things like war, famine, treacherous, and maybe some conspiracy…

    So, what Equality Now is speak I can say that all was nonsense… grow up kid, don’t live alone inside England… World had better things to learn.

  • Would someone kindly mail the following two links to them:



    Those are far bigger issues than eroges could ever hope to become.

    Those are the types of things they should tackle.

    To not do so, is to betray the very principles that they claim to be defending..

  • They are just another group of extremeist who like to pretend they have the moral high ground. They do it to make people feel guilty or sympathetic to their cause so that they can trick people into sending them money. Its really just a scam they do it with animal crulty and save the starving children as well.

  • Nothing on this world makes me more angry than “Equality Now”. The most disgusting, obnoxious, lying and filthy organization in this world.

    They are fighting for equality even though equality has no scientific or logical feedback. What the fuck? I think women are there to get fucked and look pretty, that’s all they have ever been good for in human history. Prove otherwise to me and I’ll gladly accept it.

    But you can’t. It’s simply how life and nature works: Men invent and build everything, women support men and bear children. That’s the way how we got this far that we have computers and the modern world as we know it.

    “Equality Now” is fighting for something based on faith, much like religion, and that’s the way I see “Equality Now”, a religious terrorist group.

    Also, I’ve never seen a pretty woman complain about equality. Why is that? Because pretty women are happy and satisfied, because they get a lot of attention and are pretty popular. That’s how women should be. Good looking, happy, healthy. But I bet the biggest source of “Equality Now”‘s anger is simply their frustration because I think they are all ugly, fat, disgusting whores, I would bet my life on it.

    Fucking feminazis, I wish they would all just get shot.

  • “What we know is that violence against women and girls is all too real. The NSPCC for example reported in September that a third of teenage girls in a relationship suffer unwanted sexual acts (including rape) and a quarter physical violence such as being slapped, punched or beaten by their boyfriends.”

    Here is the deal.The research consist only of women.
    And i have heard and read more then enough about these lies,these statistics are wrong,made up as they usualy are by women.
    You still keep demonizing men with making up shit and turning stuff around into your liking,thinking that everything is violent when it really isn’t.

    • Now i still need to read that report and see the flaws of your work or if it’s a good one that i can agree with.
      I’m giving you a chance,but i’ve learned some stuff from manhood to realize things.

  • Well groups like these just give feminism a very bad name. They should just learn from other groups who actually do their homework before making their stand. Not attacking based on pure prejudice. Can their mouth work with “equality” with their brains? Or, it just reacts faster.

    They should just change their name to “Prejudice Now”.

  • “that gender stereotypes, including those of women as sex objects,”…..

    I see men as sex objects….but still, WTF. I mean, I am a woman, and I like this shit (it mean I’m going out to rape a woman, no), knowing I might not get more makes me sad. (I do not play games with characters under the age of 18, but that’s just my taste, then again, if they don’t take my Yaoi, I am fine)

    These people just want to make everything right in the world is just waisting time on 2D and 3D games when they should look at real people who are getting abused. These people need to stop talking out of there ass and use whatever is left in the brain from their rotting teeth from bad dental health….

    • Your Yaoi is in danger along with everything else. It’s very existence is degrading in the fact that it is supposed to be men with uncontrollable sex drives that actually have the need to masturbate.

      Doesn’t make sense? According to Equality Now it doesn’t have to, unfortunately.

      On a lighter note, it is confirmed that there is not one attractive soul in Equality Now.

  • >”Does “killing” a prostituted woman in Grand Theft Auto just reconfirm to a gamer the “lesser value” of women in prostitution generally?”

    Did they just say prostitutes were of ‘Equal’ value to women? Does that mean they see prostitution as a legitimate job?

  • It really Erks me, They want the rights of woman upheld and such (I have no problems with this, In fact its the founding of today’s known church that put woman in the state of low class, But ya they don’t want to hear that >.>) While striping the rights of whole country’s. Equality they call it? HA, If anything there no better then the extremist terrorist groups or the Nazi or KKK.

    You want change? Well BSing and yelling like a child in a candy store is not helping. Maybe if they try, you know Making there own line of art and games that involve reaping men or so?

  • Here we go again…Equality now obviously has no lives and as such are doing anything they can and attacking anything they can to gain attention/exposure. As stated by many Sankaku readers. Equality Now needs to focus on real-life events, real-life crimes, not video games and art. It appears to me they are simply after attention and to be in a media spotlight. If they are so concerned about Women then start by helping real women, not imaginary, 2D art and games. In the end, it is real people who commit crimes and are responsible for such crimes, however according to reports, these such crimes are relatively low in Japan. Equality now is attempting to protect imaginary, 2d women. Equality now, your logic is legendary, legendary ignorance.

  • It is just so frustrating because there are women and girls in countries all around the world getting raped FOR REAL. But God forbid they actually put themselves in harms way protecting the women and girls they “claim” to represent. Instead they decide it would be easier to attack an obsure sub-culture’s fictional games, manga, and movies.
    Disingenious, Fear-Mongering, Ultra-Conservative, Bitches the whole lot of them.

    • Of course, targeting and raising a media fuss over something obscure with a politically weak audience/following is a sadly not very uncommon concept for “do good” organizations to raise funds or at least show they are doing something with the money they are already recieving.

      There’s a low risk of it backlashing, because if they choose their target smartly there’s no way anyone important will challenge them, in this case, imagine a congressman defending rape-games… We all know how good that would look in the news if it where ever to happen, don’t we?

  • there is nothing wrong with a little extreme pornograpy in videogames since it’s just fiction.
    It’s for the adults,they know better how to judge over these things.

    “Does “killing” a prostituted woman in Grand Theft Auto just reconfirm to a gamer the “lesser value” of women in prostitution generally?”

    Hey now,how about you stop being so 1 side orientated and think you can simply kill anyone in that game,why is it so different if it’s a prostitute in there when anyone can get killed in the game.
    Stop connecting fiction with real life situations is the first step to your recovery.

    • Don’t, just don’t, trying to make them think of real life will only be worse: ‘you can rape people in real life, you can kill prostitutes in real life, therefore men going out in public is just confirming the lesser value of women in society?’ I call it right now!

      • though the ones that exist and do wrong they should get.And everybody who does something wrong is their fault and not some content.
        But let me say about their report that is made only by women,that there is a big problem how they think everything is violent when it really isn’t.
        Confusing answers into thinking that was a violent thing not going the womens way is not violence.

  • “Will the players of RapeLay act on their threats towards us? It’s just a game, don’t threaten our free speech, say the fans who tell us to shut up or else.”

    Translation: “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!!!” We can’t handle the internet despite picking a fight with it! So instead we will just point out our own hypocrisy!

    • I’m just so fucking sick of these people. They have demonstrated repeatedly that they refuse to respond to logic and factual evidence and are only interested in pushing their own self-serving “morals” on everyone else. At this point, they’re not even worth the time of day to spit on.

    • They cant win this battle. They mess with Sankaku and hentai/ecchi games, they mess with the internet, they mess with the internet and they mess with annons, and dear god, u dont wanna mess with all these annons, just going to 4ch scares me. A lot.

    • It’s not just Sankaku Complex, it’s a battle for freedom between Intelligent People and Those Retards of Equality Now. Even intelligent women should be against those retards of Equality Now!

      • Woman here, who thinks EN are a bunch of asshats. Part of me feels like I ought to apologize to the other people here that members of my gender are being such total retardmobiles, but I dont want to admit any affiliation with them simply for sharing the same gender.

        I dont give a damn if some men want to ‘objectify’ my gender in a harmless game, so long as they dont get all uppity when I want to ‘objectify’ theirs in other harmless games and doujinshi. THAT’S equality!

        • Ahhhhmen to this! You have just described the fundamental (pun intended in some cases) failing of groups like this one. They have an inability to tell fantasy from reality (as in, taking violent action against a collection of easily replacable/recoverable computer data, compared to violent action against an actual person or property) and then proceed to project that inability onto everyone else (ie, ‘We can’t tell the difference, therefore noone else can either!’).

          As for the rest, go for it! If you’re into casual gaming, you may be interested in ‘Coconut Queen’, which involves being the sole female on a tropical island that you have to develop into a tourist resort. 🙂 No hentai involved, though.

      • I sure am against inEquality Now. They’re ignorant two-faced retards. I’m all for equality and letting people be who they want to be (within the law – provided it isn’t being moronic) no matter if they’re manly men, manly women, girly men, girly women and so on. Instead of doing actual proper work for making the world a better place for women and men (the life quality of either gender heavily affects the other) they waste time and precious resources on acting like complete trolls.

  • Now do you understand why a good ol’ fashioned DDoS attack might work better as opposed to sending a bunch of identical letters that can easily be deleted by a spam filter? Letters require two-sided cooperation to work–As you can see above, like hell a one-sided, emotionally-charged organization will cooperate and listen to anything they’re already set to destroy. It might as well be a lot more effective to just disable their means of letting their ‘outrage’ be known to the world like they deserve, otherwise they’ll only end up succeeding on suppressing the free speech of the Japanese companies.

    Sometimes, you have to flip that poker table over and fill that cheating dealer up with nine millimeters of cold, hard lead.

    • because bombarding someone’s email is not illegal while a ddos attack is.

      while i believe that sending duplicate emails to equality now will not work, but ddos attacks will not help our cause. just as violent protests tend to reflect badly on the group.

      instead of just spamming equality now, we should email spam ppl that can do something about them for being a failure of a feminist group for not protecting real women but rather virtual women.

      • How about this, a DDoS attack timed with snail mail? Everyone sends EN two letters (pretty sure you can request delivery dates), also w/o return address o/c. The DDoS attack can be claimed as “a distraction,” and the flow of mail might get some external attention: paper evidence > electronic evidence, and a lot harder to get rid of.

    • “…disable their means of letting their ‘outrage’ be known…”

      So you think it is a Good Idea to suppress their free speech before they suppress yours? And you wish to violently attack their computers with yours to accomplish this? Playing right into their hands…

      • “Playing right into their hands?”

        So you wish to act like a masochistic little prick who likes to do absolutely nothing to show any form of effective resistance and just let them trample all over you without any care in the world?

        Fuck pacifism or not “stooping to their level”, we have to show them that if they impede on peoples’ freedom of speech, then they will end up suffering as well. Even if it is just in the short-term, it will be a good form of DETERRENCE.

        http://888chan.org currently has the most active /i/ board. It might not be a bad idea to see if they might do something–They have fought and won against feminazis before, so I doubt they’ll write you off as a NYPA if you give a detailed explanation on the situation and attacking Equality Now’s sites/affiliates.

        • The problem here is that DDoS is not a permanent solution by any means unless those botnets are focused 365 days a year on their servers. Even then they can shore up their systems much like Scientology did when faced with DDoS attacks. That is why you need something for the long run

        • How do you think they’re going to be able to actually get their perceptions of anime fans being “predisposed to commit violent acts” if they don’t have a means to actually get the word out? What if their lives become so messed up that they have even bigger problems to deal with than a bunch of nerds with no lives? THAT’S THE ENTIRE POINT BEHIND THESE TACTICS.

          Pacifism? Criminality? All I’m seeing is just a bunch of bullshit coming from do-nothing morons that lack the balls to do anything decisive or effective. Let make this very loud and clear–It’s a war out there, and the battleground is comprised of an environment with rules that the opponent is very comfortable with operating in.

          You don’t accomplish much in a war by following the opponent’s rules in a battleground that the opponent is very familar with–You do everything you can to circumvent those advantages and suppress the opponent’s attacks against you, as well as conducting further penetrative operations to ensure that they are unable to make conduct attacks. Equality Now has a vast amount of influence, people, resources and experience. How is sending nothing but a bunch of letters or using the same tactics they’re using against us going to do anything when we have so little manpower in this socio-political environment?

          By disabling their servers, you eliminate their ability to further their influence, communicate amongst themselves and use their resources. By utilizing life-ruining tactics against their key followers/movers (like /i/ did against those feminazi bloggers a year ago), you drive away the people and the experience that helps the organization going. It requires little more than maybe a handful of people with the right computer programs–See how it actually works?

          The “Gay Movement” has accomplished quite a bit in the past 100 years, but you know what? They still haven’t gotten the “reasonable treatment” they deserve. They’re still being beaten, murdered, and oppressed in the socio-political realm–How much more is it going to take for these idiots to realize that a bit of asskicking and deterrence is going to be needed to set things straight? Do we have to have yet ANOTHER genocide happen to them before they realize they need to own a gun or two? Or better yet, what about the civil rights movement? They may have been able to get equality laws passed through non-violence, but their “pacifism” didn’t do shit about the fact that the southern states all closed the schools down for over a decade and deprived an entire younger generation’s worth of education, now did it?

          You might be concerned about the “long run”, but if you don’t do something to stop them NOW, there isn’t going to be a “long run” to begin with. We might prevail with “fair” tactics eventually, but how much more do we have to lose until it actually happens, if at all? We don’t know for sure what’s going to happen–Why obsess about it and let it prevent us from defending ourselves if we’re under attack at this very moment?

        • It seems to me that the EN wackos think that anime fans in general are predisposed to violent acts, therefore these fans must be stopped before they actually commit these acts. Therefore, by responding to them in violent or illegal ways you give them an excuse to go “See? I told you so!”

          There is a vast gap between “pacifism” and criminality. Surely you can think of other things to do that won’t make it easier for them to make you look bad. I recommend that you study the history of the Gay Movement and learn from their successes. They’ve accomplished quite a lot over the last hundred years or so and have rarely resorted to violence.

    • This. There are times when diplomacy merely falls on deaf ears, when reason is simply ignored. In those times, the only effective way of communication is the way of force.

      Man the harpoons gentlemen.

  • “Japanese games is giving games a bad rep. They need to stop playing their dating game and get a life.”

    “Games is”

    Your grammar convinces me that YOU are the one who needs to get a life.