Japanese Christmas More Ronery Than Ever


Japanese, particularly Japanese men, face the prospect of a lonelier Christmas than ever if survey results are any guide, with 12% of those men staying at home set to spend the time alone, and 25% not planning anything special at all, an increase on previous years.

Divided by age group, a mere 52% of Japanese in their twenties planned a “home Christmas,” as compared to 67% of those in their thirties, and 87% of those in their forties, results which probably suggest the event soon loses its romantic overtones with the onset of age and family.

The survey found that amongst those who did plan a Christmas at home, only 4% of woman intended to spend the time alone, compared to 12% of men; 67% of women intended to spend the time with friends or family in some capacity. In fact, 25% of men intended no special celebration at all, demonstrating a substantial difference between the sexes.

These results are particularly notable in light of the “traditional” Japanese celebration of Christmas being tied to rather social romantic and marketing events, as opposed to the west, where Christmas sometimes takes on familial or even religious overtones…

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