Woman Gets 60 Years for Sex with 12-Year-Olds


A woman who had sexual relationships with two young boys has been handed a 60 year sentence.

The 33-year-old Indiana mother of two had sexual relationships with two boys, aged 11 and 12, over a one year period.

She was subsequently charged with 9 counts of child molestation.

One mother spoke of her surprise at the offender being a woman and her outrage at what was “taken” from her son:

“[She] took away the first relationship that my son will be able to have, the first girlfriend experience of a teen … the first intimate moment, the first everything that we as adults got to experience.

She’s left a mark on them, a mark that’s going to last the rest of their life. It’s never going to go away.

Society, I think, needs to step up to the plate as well and make sure they’re just not watching males, they need to be watching females as well.

I would’ve never in a million years thought a female would have done something like that to my child. But I guess we kinda walked around with blinders on.”

The other mother is even more hysterical, haranguing the judge for as long a sentence as possible:

“My son is going to have a long road ahead of him.

As far as I’m concerned there is no sentence in this world that is good enough. You took every precious moment he could experience in his life.

You preyed on him and then when you were done with him you preyed on the other one.

I ask you, your honor, if you would please do the fullest extent, as much as you possibly can, because this is going to set an example for all of the other women out there that are doing it and getting by with it. No one is standing up for our sons … and at some point someone has to. I have no pity for you.”

The court ignored the woman’s pleas for mercy and sentenced her to two consecutive 30 year sentences, also forcing her to register as a violent sex offender.

The average sentence for murder in the US is 15-20 years…

Via the News and Tribune.

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  • The reason she managed to evade arrest for 1 year is because both boys enjoyed the sex with the woman and didnt report her. Someone else saw suspicious behavior and reported it to police. So whatever good thing they enjoyed has been taken away from them.

  • …and THIS is why Anime (particularly Hentai) appeals to so many people over mere Porn.
    Because in Anime a 33yr.-old mother of 2 can still look Hot enough to seduce two boys young enough to be her actual Children, AND proceed to showing them the time of their life >:D

    • Anonymous says:

      Something tells me you’re a sad, pathetic, lonely virgin. PLENTY of 30+ yo women are hot. If you believe otherwise, you’re definitely suffering from unrealistic/warped beauty standards.

  • TexasDUDE (one day I may create an account)

    On Tom Lekis, he had (has?) a page of female teachers who have been busted with their under-aged students (17 and below).

    I think we remember the hot blonde chick from 2-3 years ago. She got off with little or no time for having sex with a 15yr old. Yeah… he is NOT tramatized!

    But this page had about 20~30 pictures of women in the past 5~7 years. Some are scary looking. A few good ones.

    Its still usually double standards.

    I do remember some hottie teachers (3 or 4) back from when I was between 13~17. With at least 2 of them – every guy in class wanted to bone them. (well, at 15 – anything works)

  • “One of the boys told police that Granger had bought him clothing, football gear and games. He said he initially resisted the touching by Granger. The boy said she had oral sex with him at least 10 times and that they had intercourse on three occasions. He said she would have him touch her about 15 times a month. He said he stopped because he “couldn’t do it anymore.” He eventually told him mother when she became concerned because he had become withdrawn.”

  • Hmm… It’s strange. They say about violent sex offender (is it rapist?), but moms say as if their sons were not raped, just lost their virginity. I think, if it were rape, their speech would be much more about violence, but they say only about virginity. And I think there’s tremendous difference between man and woman, while one can beat both, one can’t really rape a man.

    Knowing nothing about sex in 12 doesn’t play any role. Lust doesn’t show itself until it’s triggered. Granger is not quite ugly, and I doubt 12 year child can evaluate sex appeal as an adult does.

  • it sounds to me that the mothers cared more about the politics of “equality” than anything else. They kept comparing the situation to “oh if it had been a man with girls then it would be different, double standards yuck, etc etc!”. It’s like, if their kids get cookies then I want my kids to get one too! It sickens me when people look at situations so simplistically and ignorantly, rather than just realistically and truthfully. 12 year old boys are not the same as 12 year old girls at all. If thats the kind of equality people want we should all be born off converyor belts and have genitals that are merged male/female hybrids.

    Ok, if it was reversed genders? Fine, look at roman polanski’s case. As far as I know about that case, I feel about it the same way I feel about this one. It’s not about the gender, every case is just different. Some kids are smarter and more matrue than others, everybody deals with different situations differently. In the end, it’s just a fact that often the punishment can do more bad than the actual crime did (you can go to jail for innocently looking at a burger, and end up breaking out as a gangster).

  • The real crime is that these women are receiving sentences directly related to what they look like.
    The really good looking teacher that plead she was too pretty for prison was sentenced to a couple of years of house arrest. Other decent looking women got relatively light sentences while the ugly women had the book thrown at them.
    It was so obvious that Jay Leno of the “tonight Show” used it in his monologue.

  • Look, as far as I am concerned, I was a horny little bastard at age 8, let alone 12, when I knew just about everything basic about the female body, it was sexy.

    I have seen 33 year olds that I find more attractive than anyone else I can think of. I would totally enjoy a hot 33 year old when I was 12… This is absurd! If it was some 33 year old man, or even a 12 and 11 year old girl, I could understand a horrible sentence.

  • Did any one asked the boys how they feel about it?

    Or they were simply treated like victims (making them feel ashamed and confuse) and jailed her making the boys feel even more like wrong doers?

    Her acts if consent by the boys were no more damaging them it would be if they had their first experience with girls or boys the same age.

    But the acts of the society criminalizing sex may have let some unforgettable marks on those boys, marks like feel ashamed from their sexualities, bodies and selfs, things that may lead them into not being able to sustain a stable relationship or feel guilty after sex.

  • “She’s left a mark on them, a mark that’s going to last the rest of their life. It’s never going to go away.”
    Yeah… the mark of AWESOME! *shakes head* I wish I could’ve had that mark at that age. The moms are idiots and the judge went over the top. 60 years? and there are violent rapists/murderers that get less >_>

    • Are you stupid? In America, you would NOT get 40 years for killing 2 kids. You’d get the death sentence. Even in states that do not have the death penalty, the charge would be upgraded to a federal crime, which carries a death penalty no matter what the state.

      BTW, only in America? Here’s a list of things countries have the death penalty for:

      Benin Labour Exploitation
      Cameroon Secession
      CAR Witchcraft
      China Embezzlement
      Egypt Rape, Drug Trafficking
      Ghana Armed Robbery
      Liberia Armed Robbery
      Mauritania Sodomy
      Pakistan Sodomy
      Sierra Leone Aggravated Robbery
      Somalia Homosexuality
      Uganda Rape
      Zimbabwe Drug Trafficking

      That’s just a tiny few. If those countries will kill for the offenses listed, how can stupid sentences only happen in America? Maybe you’d like to do something new, like oh say read a damn book, before you spout out your oh-so-original “we’re all so smart and America is so dumb” bullshit.

      • the title of this whole post is “woman has sex with 2 children” not “woman rapes 2 children” if you didn’t notice
        I’d do anything to fuck a girl/woman when I was 12. As far as I know, the woman shouldn’t get 60 years for that
        she should be paid by the boys/boys’s parents.

        • don’t get started with “law”!
          the woman got 60 years not because of it but because the mothers were able to say some “emotional speech” and convince the judge to do that (hell! they could’ve paid for it!)
          If it was according to law, it definitely wouldn’t be more severe than cutting the lucky-bastards throats!

  • Well…. I’m not sure about US but in my country, any man (include teens) that have sex with an underage girl (which is below 18 if I’m not mistaken), will be sentence as rape, even if the girl willingly wanted to have sex.

    Is a child protection law I guess. But I don’t think there is one that protect underage boys here.

    Anyway, I think US is doing a great job… Protecting the boys as well… Btw, at 12 y/o, that’s the time when you think you know everything, you are mature and things like that. But seriously, you are just a kid. You know nothing yet.

    I guess US is begining to move out of the protect the females and condemn the males era.

    • You don’t deserve freedom, or even believe in liberty if you want a government to tell you what you can and can not do of your own free will.

      You are in no position to tell another human being they aren’t ready for something, and what they can and can not do with themselves as long as they aren’t hurting anyone else.

      The act of consensual sex is not rape, and never will be. Rape is a violent crime of force, domination, and suffering. Don’t EVER tell me they are the same.

      • Yes, the definition of rape is like what you mention.

        But, the idea is they assume that kids are not mature enough to understand what they are doing and especially when they are having sex.

        As long as you are having sex with an underage girls, I guess they are assuming that you are forcing, or lying your way through to get your sex with the kids.

        Well, I guess kids do not have much of a real freedom until they become an adult.

  • You guys have to understand that she had a few changes.

    For each charges add up to the 60 years sentence.

    While for murder, you will only get one change since the victim is already dead. You can’t kill a person twice.

    • They got laid when they were 12 years old. For a horny teenage boy that’s a dream come true plus he gets to tell some interesting stories.

      Oh noes! A huge, devouring vagina has feasted on my poor innocent shota dick! I haz been ruined! Oh the humanity!

    • Most likely there just is not budget any more.
      Heck these witch hunts and wars on everything will bankrupt the country if they don’t end.
      The US historically ended up choosing survival in the end vs sticking with a bone.
      It simply can’t continue it’s present trend and survive as a nation for the next 20 to 40 years let alone this woman’s 60 year sentence.
      See the example known as prohibition.

  • So consensual sex with a minor is worse than murder? Am I reading this right? Man, it makes me scared to hit on girls. I see girls all the time that look older than 18 but are really 14-16. And yes they will lie about their age.

  • Giving her 60 years isn’t really making it a type of death imprisonment, it’s just that the court estimated her approximate age where she wouldn’t have the power/energy to have sex with any more 12-year-olds

  • wtf >_> this is wrong is so many ways… why the hell did she get 60 years?! she doesn’t deserve that! the parents act like their children are destroyed -_- they need to be shot or something.. at least the killer would be out before this woman that all she did was take their virginity, this will have no effect on their life at all…

    they get older, get girlfriends, have kids, live a normal life. i feel sorry for this woman, I’m against Child molestation but giving this lady 60 years hardly fixes anything… i can see everybody at the trial was against her.. that’s hardly a fair trial -_- sending her away for 60 years could be worse for the boys, think about how they will feel thinking they are the cause of her pretty much dieing in prison..

    the mothers act like their boys are ruined, but they still have their whole life ahead of them…

    • I know right. This is sending an absolutely wrong type of message. “If you kill you’d get less punishment than If you rape them”. WTF.

      Fuck this country. Our sense of justice is no better than the Taliban in the middle-east, you know them who we fight against for “justice in middle-east” >.>

  • ““[She] took away the first relationship that my son will be able to have, the first girlfriend experience of a teen … the first intimate moment, the first everything that we as adults got to experience.

    She’s left a mark on them, a mark that’s going to last the rest of their life. It’s never going to go away.”

    and maybe he’ll cherish all that? 😛 hehe… I always curiously wonder what the boys have to say in response to these ‘ordeals’, we NEVER hear from them, lol.

    Seriously, has anyone other than me seen all those international “boys great coming of age” films? Like Monsieur Ibrahim, Leolo, and then there’s The Reader, which is not an international boy’s coming of age story but has a minor having sex with an adult female and growing up to be pretty much successful, healthy, and intelligent.

    At least they weren’t being raped at a prepubescent age, now that’d be horrendous.

  • USA has something Broken and needs to get there Wagon fixed mentaly….

    sinse when is murder worse then rape… besides you cant tell me that boys at that age would not be interested… i personaly would be at that age i know i was back then…

    i understand that a murderer gets 20 years thats stealing another persons life away… but for sex ??.. i meen realy ?.. in say 10 years thees boys might have ended up at a prostitute to get there innorcence taken anyways or at a random girl thay dident realy like in the first place….

    a contry that puts a age 15 strap on a game where you to shot a mans head off with all blood included… and still puts a 21 banner on a game with partial nudtie like topless or such.. is a contry that is messed up if you ask me

    • Blame it on our Puritanical origins.

      My country (American here) is ass-backwards when it comes to sexuality. A nude man in a movie, anything showing or not, used to get an NC-17 rating until a few years ago.

      It’s so exhausting trying to get my fellow countrymen to think of sex & sexuality with anything more than a 13-year-olds’ mind.

      • Ikr. CoD gets MA+15 rating, where you kill, sometimes innocent people (MW2), yet eroges from Japan are rated +18AO.
        Oh no! Topless person! Sex scene! Dont watch!
        Here, go play this killing game instead.

        It just really sends a bad message to foreigners. Now I know why Asians dont like us 🙁

  • We’re all in favor of protecting the innocence of children, but some of the stories we read indicate that the legal system has taken the law to abusive and unjust limits.

    Repeatedly, we hear how good-intentioned laws have been twisted (my personal favorites being the young girl who was arrested as a child pornographer for sending a provocative picture of herself to her boyfriend and the father who was arrested as a molester for kissing his daughter in public).

    If these were anything like normal 12-year-old boys, they understood and enjoyed what they were doing.

    Someone needs to stop this insanity and reform the system.

  • They will never, ever care what the “children” think about any of these cases. They’re entirely about “adults” forcing views on one another no matter how much it flies in the face of rational thought. Sure, I don’t like the idea of the act happening, but it’s not anyone else’s God damn business if they have sex or not. The legalities do more damage than any of the (supposedly impossible to the law) consented upon sex.

  • I think the worst thing about our society is the concept of an adult, most people think getting your ass anally penetrated and then pouring acid down your asshole means that your finally an adult.

    Guess what, it doesn’t, neither does responsiblity, thats the sort of thing you give to a 10 year old mine worker.

    Or 5-year old timmy, “now timmy, i’m trusting that you won’t pour bleach down your asshole, and won’t penerate every young girl in 500 miles”.

    Yeah right, girls are just as dirty as boys, they just smile while doing it.

      • ugh, hurts..so..much.. one sec i’m getting a call

        “dude I just became an adult!!! LOLZ”
        “I totally dug up a dead corpes and rapZ itZ”
        “then me and my bum chums went and gotz hammered”
        “can you try to speak clearly please”
        “and then a bunch of weird stuff happened and we swore to secrecy not to tellz”
        “all I know is my butt holz hurts and we can’t go to pubs in Vegas anymore”
        “well you know that they say what happens in vegas…”
        “yeah says in my azz, night”

  • NoobsDeSroobs says:

    Why is it bad that a 11 and a 12 year old child get to learn about all these special and intimate moments that the rest of the grown ups know? Were they harmed? No, Their physical body were not harmed and I can almost guarantee that they was not forced thus not suffering mentally either. Children experiencing sex and a “mature” relationship is not bad as long as these two factors are cleared out. I know how bad it CAN be, but I also know that women and men in “GROWN-UP” age is also able to suffer these same difficulties when being forced or raped. THey can be physically injured and mentally injured as well. Then it is a bad thing to us, but when both agree and have a good sexual relationship, then we think it is good. Children on the other hand are refused this experience no matter what. It is always bad no matter what. I cant seem to understand why. We have been manipulated to make it such a bad thing and thus cause more damage to our children. Wake up people. Ask yourself why sex can be scarring and damaging. Maybe you will see that age does not matter really. It all comes down to size and agreements between the people within the sexual act.

  • “[She] took away the first relationship that my son will be able to have, the first girlfriend experience of a teen … the first intimate moment, the first everything that we as adults got to experience.”

    I personally found this mother awesome; it’s pretty hard to find mothers that approve and encourage their sons to be in a youthful relationship with a similar aged girl nowadays.

  • I am an adult now, but I have never had a first relationship, first girlfriend experience of a teen, first intimate moment, or first anything

    I would’ve been glad if some kind 30 year old helped me out with that stuff

  • Imagine if it was your son. With the over crowed prisons theres no idea how long she will actually do time as there are so many gang members age 10 up trying as hard as they can to get into jail now in the USA. She might get out a whole lot earlier since she is NOT a male and she can’t get the boys pregnant.

  • When I was 12 I’d have nailed a MILF… probably at 11 too. If it was offered, hit it. She was providing a service that MOST boys that age would WANT! This was something that went on for a year, they weren’t living with her, and they kept coming back. There are murders and VIOLENT criminals that don’t get 60 fucking years.

  • 60 YEARS? Jeez, not even guys who have sex with lolis get that kind of sentence… I’m a woman who believes that gender equality should also mean equal prison sentences for the same crimes, but this is pretty ridiculous. I think 20 years + sex offender registry would have been enough, right?

  • It was in Indiana, USA. They are so damn paranoid about under 18 sex. Indiana law says that once you register as a Convicted Sex Offender, no matter how long the judge said you had to register, your are on their list for life. You never get off of it!

  • “the first everything that we as adults got to experience.”

    She probably lost her virginity to some loser in the back of a car after prom.

    “I would’ve never in a million years thought a female would have done something like that to my child.”

    I can’t stand women who think that only men commit sex crimes.

    “My son is going to have a long road ahead of him.”

    Or he could just move on like most men.

    “You took every precious moment he could experience in his life.”

    She didn’t take EVERY precious moment. You’re entire life doesn’t revolve around the first time you had sex.

    “forcing her to register as a violent sex offender.”

    How was she violent?

    “The average sentence for murder in the US is 15-20 years…”

    FUCKING THIS! Whenever my dad hears about stuff like this, his usual response is “You could get convicted for murder and be out on the streets quicker than this.”

  • Meh, I understand that it’s possible to get a boner without actually feeling attracted to the female in question, and my sympathy goes out upon seeing the pic in the link, but it still doesn’t seem like an earth-shattering event to me as a male. Unless she was at least twice as ugly and/or fat, seems like you could get over it with a few drinks and a good lay or three (perhaps provided by a concerned mom’s younger friends?)

  • i personally dont think sex with children are wrong, neither is it right… she didnt rape them… if those 2 kids didnt want it.. they can always run. Beside, she didnt take away his first time, dont make it sounds like she robbed him of his virginity, the kids should have said no, the fact that it is not rape, means the kids handed their virginity over to her. Despite all i said, i do believe there might be an element of exploiting, as the woman is older and wiser, probably seduced them, but then again, if those 2 got seduced, it is their fault for having sex with her too. conclusion is, they are all responsible, but just blame the older one because she is older.

  • 60 yrs in prison for having sex with 2 underage boys? in most cases, there’s no actual way of raping a male, other than prison sex. Sexual arousal would have to occur in order for anything to happen, cuz shit ain’t gonna happen with a soggy sausage.

    honestly, yeah, what she did was fucked up, and those kids are probably gonna be a little odd growing up, but what the hell gave the reason to give a 60 year sentence??? she didn’t beat them or threaten to kill them. She didn’t like force em into gay sex or whatever.

    Most i would have given her is probably 2 years max.

    of course there’s going to be a double standard because guys are more able to rape women as opposed to vice versa. This ruling was too harsh, but I still see the fucked up side on it.


    • “Sexual arousal would have to occur in order for anything to happen”

      It would, however sexual arousal doesn’t mean you want to have sex or consent to having sex. Most people will become sexually aroused from physical stimulation alone.

  • Well Gee mothers, don’t you think that all of your hysterics is going to make your sons mental state WORSE than it already is?

    Example 1: Parents sit down with child & let him know that what the woman did was wrong, that she was far too old to have sex with them regardless of their emotions, and she must go to prison for, as society sees it & as the law sees it, taking advantage of them. Then then remind their child they love him very much, he should not feel guilty and, if he should ever have any questions or concerns about the relationship he had then come talk to them at any time.


    Which reaction do you think will cause their sons more harm? Yes, what the woman did was wrong. Screaming about it will only hurt their kids more. Their sons know that what happened wasn’t normal. No sense making them feel guilty about it on top of everything else they’re feeling. The guilt will likely drive the kids to suicide.

    • I think I would be worse off emotionally if I had to regret being too young. If I had been responsible in some way for getting someone incarcerated. Knowing that I was in some way responsible for taking someone else’s freedom away would screw me up. The trauma wouldn’t come from getting laid.

      Props for the superb post.

        • I’m lucky that my mother took the Laissez-faire approach in parenting and letting me do whatever I want unless I’m starting to stray off the ‘acceptable path’. If I start doing something that she deems as ‘risky behaviour’, she reels me out of the water, tell me what it is that I am about to do and what consequences I am going to face, and then throw me back into the water and let me decide on my own whether to swim in that direction or turn around.

    • They’re underage. you’ve got no say when you’re under 18-21. You parents are responsible for you, thus they decide what’s the best for you.

      …then again there are quite a lot of retarded parents out there.

      • I don’t care what the law says; the kids may be ‘underaged’, but no one knows their bodies better than themselves (The arrested woman is a close runner-up, but that’s beside the point right now).

        • Even if you don’t care (and indeed, even when we know the laws are fucked up), the law is the law and people must obey it.

          Unfortunately the law makes the parents responsible for their kids until they’re 18-21, so whether you care or not doesn’t matter.

  • Amusing part of it all? Those boys will probably wear these as badges of honor especially if she was a milf, and any sane man would wonder why this never happened to him when he was younger. Well at least there’s no double standard in the law, though that sentence is rather harsh compared to that of murder.

  • Well child molestation is still child molestation,
    be it a female victim or a male victim. or the offender being male or female. I think if the boys are actually traumatized, then by all means punish her to the fullest extent of the law.

      • Oh, a boy would kinda get traumatized when he has no idea what the big auntie is doing to him. Remember that people are afraid of what they do not know and if they do not know that the woman is trying to fulfill her sexual desires of them, they are going to be deathly afraid of it that they mind will blank out the next time they see their girlfriends attempt to do it on them.

        If the boys know what is happening and want it, then no, they are not going to get traumatized. However, if they have no idea what it is happening and the woman is ‘molesting’ them all the sudden without their ‘consent’, then yes, they WILL get traumatized.

        • If they get traumatized, in that case it probably WAS rape. The thing is, most kids, especially in the west, ARE kept totally in the dark as to what sex is at all, even up until their late teens. Some parents go as far as to tell their kids that anything remotely sexual before the age of 18 will get them damned to hell. I personally would be one of those ignorant kids even after the age of 12 if it wasnt for the European kid that lived down the street from me (I basically believed in virgin births before i met him! He’s the one that first told me my parents had sex to create me.)

          THe problem is, we dont know enough about the backround of these boys to figure out how bad this whole thing really was for them. We can only hope they were sneaking peaks at porn behind their parents backs, for some time before the incident first occured… that they at least had someone/something to go to for some kind of sexual information, if not their parents.

  • Women have more trouble admitting their desires for boys.

    I’m 21, and I have very intense longing for shota boys. Not in real life of course…but the only thing that gets me off while I’m shlicking is the thought of taking a shota boy’s innocence.

    • You like Shotas? I like girls that like shotas! :3

      lol, no worries, im not creepily targetting you now or anything. Just saying, I love Straight Shota manga, though for the women in them (but i guess its more likely that a female shotacon would be more into yaoi though… am i wrong?). I guess im kinda chasing a dead end cuz I don’t look anything like a shota for a 21 year old. :/ hmm, maybe i could be considered to have boyish looks though? lol

      heh, ever heard the term “boyish good looks”? I wonder if all women actually have a bit of a shotacon deep down.

    • uh….. well you better just kill them instead, murder carries less of a sentence than shota rape, well you can rape the corpses I think necrophilia or “defiling a corpse” caries less of a sentence too…

      • I’m not a murderer, and I’d never touch a boy in real life. Maybe young-looking legals, but I’d just fuck them and be on my way.
        For now though, this virgin will continue fantasizing about shotas, but like men that fantasize about lolis, know that acting on it isn’t a possibility.

        • It is always a mistake to assume children are innocent little angels who know absolutely nothing. Children are very intelligent, and if left on their own, they will grow up to be devious little basterds (depending on what they are being exposed to). Children are capable of learning at an incredible rate, usually by mimicking whatever they are seeing and hearing. If parents do not attempt to curb the learning process of a child in regards to particular subjects, the kid will probably ‘get it’ within a couple of months or exposure.

          Children are people too. They learn from things they are exposed to and they are exposed to lots of things. The notion of children being stupid, naive, innocent and etc is nothing more than wishful thinking.

  • Well, at least it’s reassuring that they’re capable of punishing female molestors as severely as they have been with male molestors instead of letting them off the hook out of some bizarre double-standard like they usually do.

  • if taking away the first intimate moment, the first everything that we as adults got to experience, results in a 60-year sentence, the whole anime industry and this website writers should have been in prison already

    • Well, that’s what Unicef, Equality Now and Agnes Chan are trying to do… 😛

      The American way lately is to toss people in jail for anything that people don’t like. Result? Overcrowded prisons and bankrupt states that can’t afford them any more.

      While this woman did deserve prison time, the number of years is overkill. The fact that murderer’s get shorter sentences shows that a large portion of Americans are so sexually immature that they lose any sense of logic when it comes to sex.

        • I agree with the above poster 100% There’s a moral panic across the entire United States with pedophilia these days. Aside from video games, kids never go out anymore, because parents are afraid men in vans are going to come and rape ’em.

          They seem to ignore the fact that a sizeable amount of pedophilia cases involve family members. I also slammed my head on a wall when I read that bit about one of the mothers being shocked that a woman could rape a kid. Ugh. How dense can a soccer mom be?

          That said, I also cry foul at the posters who think the kids weren’t raped. Sure, ten-to-twelve year olds are horny little fappers, but, who can say they REALLY wanted it? This reminds me of that South Park episode where everyone is in a fervor because Ike had sex with his teacher, only to change their reaction to “Oh, good for him!” when they found out it was a woman. Guys can get raped, too, you know.

          Dammit, we all need to be educated more. Why was Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson’s commissioned report on porn denounced by the senate…?!

        • I’m of the argument that one should not assume when a child is able to consent, like many adults wrongly do and make illogical “common sense” type arguments.

          I simply take the road of “I don’t know when a child is able to consent to sex”. It may be that the child could have been able to consent, but it’s also possible he did not.

          I think this is another case of the problem in the matter of ever time we hear about molestation and sex, we always hear about it from the parents. We never hear about what’s happened objective to the children, but some emotional justification for the idea age deviation is wrong.

          I’m honestly not convinced about the matter either way at this point. And stuff like “he won’t be able to have his teenage relationship at this point” is just fluff I don’t agree with and much less find convincing. Why are relationships between minors sacred? Who says she’s experienced? Who care’s if she’s experienced while he isn’t?

          To me assuming the boy is “lucky” or “oh so disturbingly violated” is equally ridiculous. It’s awfully sexist to assume all boys want sex. And it’s ageist to hide their opinion from view, little boy or girl, when the matter of violation is at hand. This whole age of consent thing gets really belittling and patronizing of children.

          This whole thing of “I’m protecting you but your feeble opinion doesn’t matter and shouldn’t be heard, you’re my child and this is my responsibility” seems more controlling than we stereotype child molesters out to be.

  • Wow. That’s a ridiculous sentence. Arrest her or whatever, but 60 years (or anything close to that) is a joke, even if a man did it.

    And the moralistic exaggeration by the parents is nauseating. Is your son gonna be scarred for life because he had sexual contact with an older woman at the age of 12? Maybe if people keep treating him like he’s been severely damaged and stripped of “all the precious moments in his life”? And if he is still crying about this shit 10 years later, shoot him for being a little bitch lol.

  • Isn’t it ironic that if she murdered those kids she’d get half to 2/3 of the sentance that she received.

    Took away the boys first relationship?

    Technically the police officers took the relationship away from him.

  • “As far as I’m concerned there is no sentence in this world that is good enough. You took every precious moment he could experience in his life.”

    It sound more like she was giving him precious moments to remember.

    If I was that kid, and the woman was kind and gentle to me, I fail to see anything immoral. If I was one of the parents, I’m not really sure how I would feel. I think I would have to sit down for a while and think about it… but I wouldn’t be immeadiatly outraged, and I wouldn’t go immeadiatly charging like a bull trying to “protect the children”. That kind of person comes of to me as someone that doesn’t think or contemplate anything.

    • Your not a mother are you anon? Cause from what I’ve seen in this countries, mothers ride around with the blinders on when it comes to teen boy’s sexuality. I hooked a friend of mine up with a girlfriend, and when they finally had sex and his mom found out, she called me a pimp and his girlfriend a whore. =_=

      • ’tis true. In fact, the courts probably should be investigating those mothers for attempting to sabotage their children’s independence and individuality.

        It is quite often the case that the children grow quite fucked up because of the world-view that the parents force on their kids.

  • You know, there are murderers who get a lighter sentence.

    It’s not like she raped the boys, I’m pretty sure they had their fun.

    I think this case and destroying a woman’s life will have more impact on the boys’ life than the sex they had.

    • Agreed, all this drama is much more likely to leave the kids traumatized than some consensual humping. As Anon 11:54 said, it wouldn’t be surprizing if having testified against the woman turned into a source of devouring guilt as they grow older, leaving them depressive, emotionally fucked up and/or ripe for fundamentalist indoctrination.

      On a side note, a small, not-very-kind part of me is wondering if the real reason these mothers are so pissed isn’t that they wanted to do the same thing, but they didn’t have the balls to act on their desire…

  • Good to see that they’re not giving her a free pass just because she’s a woman. Female rapists don’t deserve leniency just for being the ones with the vajayjay; fuckin’ double standards.

      • And you morons are assuming that females aren’t somehow capable of having fantasies of having sex with older males or consider themselves “lucky” enough to get it on with an older guy? What about all the men that went through these sorts of sentences for having consentual sex with females under the legal age? Oh wait, I forgot–They’re too “pure” to even think about doing this sort of crap.

        It’s a double standard, you know it, and your childhood fantasies are not going to change that. It’s nice to know that it doesn’t always prevail with these sort of things.

        • When you make something an anomaly or crime many of the people who are willing to do it are those that would cross that line in other cases. By making having a sexual relationship with them a crime you filter out many of the health and beneficial relationships and leave people like murderers.

        • ^ You must be new.

          I suggest you take a look at some of the articles dealing with Enjo Kousai again. There have also been several articles about schoolgirl-on-older-woman cases.

          The “kill the pedo” comments can be found in abundance on the many articles about Fritzl-like cases and the forced loli marriages of Islam.

          As for why there aren’t all that much “Is the guy hot?” comments around, I blame that on gays not being interested in hetero “rape”, and girls not commenting as much as they used to (understandable considering the rather extreme women-hating phase Sankaku went through for the larger part of 2009…)

          While it’s certainly true that there are girls, bi-sexuals and maybe even the occasional gay here, the vast majority of commenters are straight males. You’ll get maybe one such comment for every ~1000 “was she hot” ones. But that disproves nothing. It’s still a fact that most commenters were supportive of the couples if there was reasonable doubt about the non-consensual nature of the case.

        • In canada we had a case with girl who was 12 with her 23 year old boyfriend murdered her entire family. becausee the family did not approve, is that a healthy relationship between a young girl and her “adult” boyfriend?

        • Bullshit. I’ve seen plenty of “kill the pedo” comments on other articles reporting a male being arrested for having consentual sex with an underaged girl.

          Besides, there ARE girls and gay men on here too, you know. Why don’t I hear anyone asking “Is the guy hot?” crap on those articles?

        • Sankaku covered such cases in the past, and IIRC the reactions in the comments have always been the same. If the relationships were consensual, wishes of misfortune and eternal suffering were extended to the dumbass legislators and prosecutors who made such injustice possible – no matter if the younger partner was male or female.

          No double standard here, at all.

    • Not ‘cruel or unusual’, because simply doing prison time is about as mundane a punishment you can get. Cruel and unusual is when something that violates her rights comes in. Pedophiles have no rights, in the public’s eyes.

    • Yes it really makes no sense at all.
      I blame 8 years of having f-tards aka christian conservatives run the USA.
      To be honest having a Tunguska event happen in the bible belt would have been less damaging.
      These crimes used to carry an appropriate sentence but then the moral fags decided to go on a witch hunt to gather votes from the uneducated.
      I do not support the concept of people having sex with children and believe it should be probably punished.
      But this is cruel and unusual punishment by the state and nothing more.
      Also in the pic someone showed the one cop on the left looked like a douche bag who should not be a cop.

    • By west, you mean the USA. The wonderful country where chainsawing 2 boys and making shota-burgers out of them would get you a minor sentence compared to only “molesting them” aka having them do something enjoyable.

    • Although I agree with what you say, I don’t think molestation is mundane, especially when it is very psychologically damaging to the victim and/or involves pregnancy.

      It can literally destroy the victim’s life as I’ve learned in human relationships. Suicide, major depressions, and insecurity are often the results.

      • “It can literally destroy the victim’s life as I’ve learned in human relationships. Suicide, major depressions, and insecurity are often the results.”

        In women, it’s likely but in males…not so. You see, the structures and functions of the brain for men and women are markedly different. Women tend to be a lot more in touch with their feelings so such things would be the likely result of experiences with molestation. But as for males, I don’t think that’s the likely result.

      • The experience isn’t much different whether they are 10 or 20. The experience could be a rewarding and fruitful relationship. If you insist that all these children are victimized than that is what they will think. It is the violent fanfare after the matter that causes suicide, depression, and insecurity.

      • When a company illegally dumps crap in the water supply they usually just have to pay to clean it up.

        Even if the poison exists in the fish for decades and causes birth defects, deformities, cancer, mercury poisoning, stillbirths etc.

        White collar crime that robs hundreds of thousands of people of their lives work causes people to die on the streets after they lose their homes and wall street fraud only get a couple of years and a small fraction of the perpetrators fortunes.

        Fucking one person without consent earns you 60 years of jail time

        Fucking a few million people without consent earns you a multi billion dollar Christmas bonus

  • BlackEpsilon says:

    Someone should bitch slap the moms. Those kids were having the time of their lives and they took her away from them. Is that not the real crime here? Arrest them. Give em sixty years or the guillotine.

    • “William F. Buckley reminisces about a dinner in Monaco with Prince Ranier and David Niven:
      “Waiting for the first course to arrive, David Launched into an autobiographical account of his seduction at age 15 by an accomplished lady of the night. The words spoken were lightly ribald, amusing, evocative. Before the second course was served, the prince was a rollicking companion…”
      Obviously, in telling this “ribald” and “rollicking” tale, Niven didn’t think of himself as a “victim” of “rape” or “child sexual abuse.” Nor did Buckley, Ranier, or anyone else, male or female, think any such thing.
      But if Niven were alive today and had “launched” into this “autobiographical account” as the guest speaker at a convention of “mental health professionals,” social workers, police investigators, victim’s advocates, prosecutors, and judges, poor David would be viewed as a “victim” of “child sexual abuse,” and his delight in telling this story would be attributed to “denial” and/or “male socialization.” The virtually unanimous response would be indignation, for many even rage, directed at the “rapist” and especially a society that could brainwash a “victim” and “survivor” into believing he enjoyed a heinous and life-destroying violation. (vaginal intercourse – what causes life to be and the essense of life and makes the world go around)
      At sentencing, prosecutors and psychiatrists would compare his trauma to that of people who’ve experienced warfare, torture, vicious beatings, dog attacks, gruesome car accidents, and internment in concentration camps. The woman would be classified as a deviant and compelled to underago “sex-offender treatment” as well as register with the police for 20 years if not the rest of her life so people could be notifed that a “convicted sex offender” is living in their community or neighborhood.
      And so, too, with the woman played by Jennifer O’Neal in The Summer of 42. If this movie were remade today, it should end or begin with Jennifer O’Neal being transported to prison in handcuffs attached to a waistchain and leg-irons.”

    • It is pretty harsh I say at the worst she deserved 7 to 10 years.
      BTW to dumb fucks who say bitch deserved that sentence well you can pay the $36,700 a year it’ll cost to house her in prison for the next 60 years.

      This why I’d like to purge the Puritan element from my country with extreme prejudice.

        • We don’t know the circumstances behind how she was raping these boys. She may be a dominate female and penetrated the boys with objects to get her rocks off. Sexual deviance is different from what your casual idea of what sex is. She could have found a way to exploit these boys, blackmailed them into a sexual relationship with her, maybe she had naked pictures of them, with there genitalia being tiny, and forced them into a predatory sexual relationship where she violated the boys with a strap-on to feed her woman over man complex, remember she has a husband she can get normal size dick from. Assume these boys were violated in a way you wouldn’t want to be violated, and then decide what someone should get for doing that to you.

        • What’s the difference between the molestation of females or males? Uh, difference is when a woman molests a boy she’s taking the dick! The kid isn’t physically harmed as much as becoming possibly traumatised depending on the boy. When a man molests a young girl he is waaaay more likely to inflict harsher trauma upon the girl physically and emotionally.

          Simply put, as a guy I can tell you, I’d rather be penetrating than being penetrated. That’s why there’s such a major difference between a man molesting a girl and a woman molesting a boy. Different physical attributes.

          As for the sentence it is completely riddiculous to sentence any person to a 60 year sentence when if she would have rather murdered the boys she would only be sentenced to 20 years for murder. What kind of message does that send? Given the choice to molest or murder a criminal would much rather kill rather than spend practically a life sentence for rape.

        • Um…a male at twelve does not know what they are doing, not by the least. No way especially with hormones. But ya sucks for the kids. They probably wont regret it now, but ten or so years from now it’ll probably hit them.

        • It’s simple really, without trying to sound sexist, I think you’ll find it’s much easier for a male pedo to push down a girl and rape her, than it is for a female pedo to push down a guy who in 8/10 wants it more than she does, especially at 12 years old, which is 1, more than enough years to know what you are doing, and by that age most kids these days are much larger in size than they used to be anyway, so yeh i do think a guy raping a little girl can be seen as worse than the visa versa case scenarios (not in all cases) but surely most.

        • While you are right the boys probably don’t regret it (except perhaps because they got her jailed, I’d sure feel sorry about her) I don’t agree that there is a definitive distinctintions between boys and girl here.

          Firstly, legally, I cannot concent to there being harsher punishment for raping boy than for raping girls.

          Secondly for the sggestion that girls can’t be lustful at that age, actually lots of girls lose their virginity at 10-12, most girls that age masturbate and have sexual fantasies, including about older men, including “rape” fantasies. Little girls are nowhere as innocent as their parents wish them to be and consensual sex is not out of the question.

          Consensual meaning willing. The current interpretation is that concent not only involves willingness but maturity age.

          Which leads us to the odd abuntance of preteen girls being accused of C P for photographing themselves.

        • Yes, it’s bullshit. The mothers are talking about the boys like they’re girls losing their hymen and were raped. This shit happened for a year, they loved it, and boys lose nothing by having sex with an older woman, in fact they’re going to get complimented all through high school if she was hot. If she were ugly, then the double standard, and by proxy this sentence, makes sense in an odd and incredibly sad way. If a woman wants to fuck a willing pubescent boy (which is to say nearly all the time), all that will happen is he’ll have some experience for his girlfriend later.

          Fuck our country.

        • There’s a definite deference between 12 y/o boys, and 12 y/o girls when it comes to sex. For one thing, we males are pretty much expected to be predatory and lustful. This extend clear back into our teens (especially these days with the net and such). Obviously there are psych issues that could result from this, but my money is on the boys not regretting this at all.

        • Should it make a difference? Who cares if it was with males or females. Molestation is molestation. I’m more amused that the judge knew the people. Can this truly be impartial? She would probably been found guilty anyways but still.

      • That’s how it is. Why? Because it is cheaper than giving an actual life sentence or execution.

        I’m more amused that you would get off with less time killing an individual. You can get 30 years molesting someone’s daughter and 20 years for killing the governor…

        • Society these days. People are really fucked up.
          I mean in America rape has a higher sentence than MURDER! Wtf is wrong with this country’s court??? Or peoples sense of justice? Oh wait. Im in SanCom >.>

        • it is sick. i would agree to sentence her for some time, making advantage of the shotacon but not finish her life ;/..
          (by the way im getting curious about this tenga mobile vagina adding over this place, since i am a singel otaku. anybody has experience?

        • Smiling Jack says:

          It’s not that it’s a lack of acceptance, it’s that this country tends to villainize sex. You can buy a game where you blow people to bits, but the second it has a nipple in it, it’s like the world ends and angry mothers start bitching. Look at what happened with the Hot Coffee mod for GTA San Andreas.

        • a bit harsh, but we here say that the boys had a good time, cuz we’re boys (some of us) and would enjoy the early experiance, but think of a girl at 10 or 11, would you be so nice? a child is a child. 60 years, is a bit much considering some only get house arrest for a year for doing the same crime. 20 years would have been good, for all, you touch the inocent no mater if man or woman you get 20 years, no i’m to pretty to go to jail BS.

          mothers went a bit overboard thou.. but you would to if it was your child, if i had a daughter and found out someone touched her at that early age… one word.. Shotgun!

        • I too don’t agree with the sentence. Seeing how the prison population is exploding and is a huge burden on the economy and society I believe the death penalty should be more liberally used. She is a rapist.

        • While what she did was terrible, that sentence is extremely harsh. This kind of thing does not “make an example.” That’s the naivest shit I’ve ever heard. You don’t go around molesting kids if you think you’re going to get caught doing it. It’s not a deterrent to anyone but the woman they put behind bars. While it /may/ be fair enough to lock her up until she has barely any sex drive left, she’ll be lucky if she can still walk by the time that sentence is up.

          A sentence like that is vengeance, not justice.

        • But of course they have an opinion on being allowed to have sex earlier and earlier. They can also drive cars at an earlier age.

          Wait a second… And they have problems with teens getting married or getting pregnant at an early age but don’t want to restrain sex socially?

          For whatever reason kids are having more sexual activity at an early age be it the hormones in foods or lack of culture, it makes no difference. The end result is still the lack of acceptance of and demonizing of pregnancy and marriage at an early age.

          I’d find it more amusing that instead of promoting relationships, more and more casual sex is happening as card and board games seem to go out the door…

        • Smiling Jack says:


          The courts didn’t site what the kids had to say about it because they don’t give a shit on the opinion of a person until they turn 18. They think people aren’t capable of formulating thoughts in this country till 18 and that we can’t handle our alcohol before the age of 21.

        • >also forcing her to register as a violent sex offender.

          I think that solves whether they went willingly or not.

          And, hell, they’re 11 and 12. I’m thinking they were glad to get whatever they could.

        • That’s exactly what I always thought hearing people ask for hugely idiotic sentences for these cases. The offender are better off killing their victims. This is so retarded!
          And anyway, these mothers are absolutely idiotic. If their sons are not faggot, they enjoyed the experience!

        • To all the guys who say I’d be sweet to get laid by their teacher when they were young:
          She’s a 33 year old mother of 2. I can’t find picks but I’m guessing she’s past her prime.
          I for one was flashed by a teacher when I was in primary school. I can remember her tattoo. Based on what she said, I think now that she was trying to seduce me. At the time I had no idea what to do and was too embarrassed to tell anyone.
          If she had been halfway decent, maybe I would have felt differently, but I did not want a piece of that. I wanted nothing to do a desperate, rapidly aging Christmas cake, and I don’t want it now.