Star Ocean 4 Xbox Beta After All!


Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International, the PS3 edition of Star Ocean 4, is apparently set to have additional characters in addition to the previously publicised enhancements, suggesting the Xbox 360 may have been a beta much as with Tales of Vesperia, a prospect sure to aggravate long suffering Xbox RPG fans.


Additional characters are promised; curiously, at least one character was previously confirmed as being cut from the Xbox 360 version…

The obvious suspicion is that some of Microsoft’s largesse helped secure the Xbox exclusivity, with the PS3 version being the “perfect” edition.

The game, region free and fully multilingual, is due in February, with pre-orders available now.

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  • Who cares if *this* game was a beta or not? Nothing you can do will make it not suck completely, barring changing everything in the game except for the battle system. A new playable character? Big whoop. Every playable character in the game was terrible.

  • No, the function they disabled was loading games onto the hard drive. This however, can be re-enabled with a new hack. Reading copied games still works perfectly fine. I personally dont give a shit about playing online.

  • To everyone who claims 360 is better for piracy, I am assuming they don’t know about MS making 360 consoles that have detected chips in them no longer capable of logging on Live, and if I remember right being able to read dvd’s was also terminated and it voided your warrenty… so pirate away just don’t complain when/if they find out and kill your xbox on you.

    Me, its all about actually buying the games I want so meh :p

  • As a further note, these companies are not on anyone’s side, and any attempt to persuade the consumer base of that (Epic Games is a much better example here) is simply an attempt to augment their income by playing to an “us versus them” mentality.

    In this case, though, Microsoft probably bought exclusive distribution rights for a period of time for both games, and then when it expires, the companies have to augment the titles since otherwise they are selling a year old game. But if they can get their fanbase to believe they are staying “true to Sony” then all the better, the fans are more likely to buy the game without thinking.

    And in this case Star Ocean 4 is a very bad game, so it benefits from that.

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      That won’t stop some people from hyping it up to death, even though it’s the exact same amalgamation of fail and boredom, only with a cut-off character or two getting re-added and slightly less aggravating voice acting that don’t lessen the pain in the ass this game ended up being.

      Oh, and since this one will be released on all three main markets, I expect the typical Digital Foundry comparison finding out even more about the PS3 version’s technical inferiority than the small job they did with Vesperia. It’ll be lulzy, I’m sure of that.

  • Does “exclusive” actually mean ANYTHING any more? It seems that any company that signs an exclusivity deal with a console developer is free to just ignore it whenever they feel like it these days. I blame Capcom- remember Resident Evil 4?

  • Game is not very good either way so enjoy paying full price for a game that most xbox players have beaten and moved away from a looooonnnnnggg time ago. Oh wait you get a new cliched jrpg character or two to play as.

    Well have fun with a port of a mediocre game while i enjoy Mass Effect 2. Btw i own a ps3 also just it collects dust.

  • Well, in the coutry I live in, the average income is about 300~400 bucks. An imported game, considering that the developers don’t bother selling games to us, is about 100~200 bucks.

    You will have few options then: Play solitaire, don’t play at all, buy a console and play one original game if much for year or play piracy games.

    I don’t repent playing pirate games, since they don’t count us as costumers at all.

  • It’s like the whole thing was a giant trap. The “exclusive” 360 version is released first but has some of the worst English dubbing in recent memory. Then, naturally, gamers are motivated to buy the bilingual “perfect” edition. I’m part of that demographic. Once I heard the voice acting I refused to purchase SO4. I’ll stick with the international version.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    Hope this one works better for Sony than “perfect” low-res Vesperia: worldwide sales of the 360 version are still 35% higher than the PS3’s. That’s a much better deal for both Microsoft and the non-Japanese speaking crowd (and no, no game will ever justify learning the language just to play it, don’t be such laughable wapanese kthxbai).

  • You know, I really enjoy seing the 360 users getting f’cked in the ass but… this international version shit is nothing new. The only difference nowadays is that the first version is for 360 and the final version is for PS3. When Square was absolutely on Sonys side, they did the same on the PS2.

  • I was upset when I heard a better version of ToV was going to be released on PS3, but I could care less about SO4 since it was a mediocre jprg at best. Still waiting for ToV PS3 release date for the states…

  • God damnit, a BETA is something different! BETA means FEATURE & CONTENT COMPLETE!

    If anything, it’s an ALPHA. A well-polished, bug-free (well, at least A-class bug-free) ALPHA, but still an ALPHA.

    Not a BETA.

    Please don’t pretend you know anything about game development by throwing around terms like that.

    • Beta needs to be polished, almost complete game.

      Alpha is just pre-release, no features only the core component where stuff can be added later on after devs get feedback and feature requests…

      or you’re being just sarcastic…

  • This is fucking outrageous, absolutely dispicable.

    Normally I wouldnt give a fuck, but I own Star Ocean 4 and I expected that to be the full thing. Its just bloody wrong to bring out a game incomplete on one console and then finish it on another.

  • Star Ocean 4 was a terrible game in so many ways, but mostly because of its plot – it is often cliched, predictable, plain stupid or all three.

    The new “perfect” PS3 edition is very misleading. People who have played the Xbox360 are just paying full price again for basically some window dressings; people who have not played the Xbox360 will just be disappointed with the plot like the rest of us…so who is really the winner here?

  • as a xbox360 owner is not pleasing to see this type of news but on the bright side now everyone can enjoy a game that tbh i stopped playing after a few hours (it wasnt good enough to play it during school time).

    also my bro have the ps3 so i can tell him to get the game and tell me anydifference or just play it at his home =s still its shitty to buy a game twice.

      • lol console $400.
        lol PC = at lest $1500.
        20 console games = $2000.
        The same games on pc = 1000.(if you download they are free)
        DLC console = 30000 FAGMONEYS
        DLC PC = $300(only cause Xbox invented paying for the shit.)

        Actual community priceless.

      • I wish people would give up on the “ur console sukz” wars.

        * I’m “owned” by Microsoft because I bought a PC with Windows XP.

        * I’m “owned” by Apple because I bought a G3 with OS/X.

        * I’m “owned” by Sony because I bought a PS/3.

        That said… it _used_ to be that consoles were a simple and cheap way to get into gaming.

        + Standardized hardware, no surprises for the devs.
        + No configuration tweaks (“Open RegEdit and…”); no hardware upgrades required for the users.

        – Devs limited by the fixed hardware.
        – No ability to patch buggy games.

        o Your old games might, or might not, work on next-gen consoles.

        Now, consoles are more PC-like in that:
        * You can/sometimes-must store game code to harddrive/flash storage.

        + Manufacturers can “fix” operating systems with “firmware updates”.

        – Manufacturers can remove functionality in operating systems by “firmware updates”.

        – Some games won’t work unless you have version “X” of the operating system firmware.

        – Manufacturers can disable consoles with “firmware updates”.

        It seems like a major loss for the end-users. (Goes back to playing NES “Duck Hunt”…)

  • Meh consoles in general suck now a days, the last good console was ps2, now a days all they have mostly is rehashes of the same crappy fps games and such and nothing decent actually comes out anymore, I blame it on the dev costs, small studio’s just can’t afford to make a game for 360/ps3.

  • ScarredBushido says:

    okay…i love star ocean and im glad ps3 players are getting it but im sick of this beta crap if they let us download the Japanese language pack im happy i can handle the camera problem ect and to be honest i should of seen this coming same with tales think about it two well known RPG series coming exclusively to xbox 360?? very unlikely…but like i siad im happy for ps3 users

    • You know…I had a very poor feeling when I bought Eternal Arms as one of those “exclusives” for 360 only to find it out on ps3 within a few months.

      Although I couldn’t quite fathom this deep rooted conspiracy at the time. But given the fact it had some worthless extra threw up a red flag to hold off on buying rpg’s on the 360.

      But not for these reasons but mainly because I like playstations controller better.

      Who knew it would boil down to such an intriquing yet maddening tale of corporate corruption and consumer pooch screwing?

    • Atleast the 360 has enough CPU power to actually do decompression, and isn’t only good for running SETI@Home. Then again, 3 DVD-9 is pretty much the same as one blu-ray single layer, so I don’t think there’ll be any major compression differences.

      Enjoy your LOADING TIMES though since Sony still hasn’t realized that running stuff from hard drives is superior to running from discs (no matter if it’s bluray or DVD).

      • Pretty much all ps3 games can be installed on the HDD to reduce loading, and ur beloved Xenon CPU is a “beta” version of Cell with FAR less processing power. It seems M$ like to have their consumers beta testing everything!

      • actually its more like the 360 HAS to run compression or else it lacks the space on DVDs for any of its games.
        and yes there WILL be compression differences. S-E has said as much already (that the 360 version will be compressed more.

        enjoy YOUR loading times, as 360 games have long had far worse loads than the better optimized PS3 games.
        not to mention the PS3 has had installs for a while now (i guess you’ve forgotten that in your desperate search for retorts). its funny how 360 fanboys talked crap about that until they get full installs and now they act like they have some edge when evidence shows the 360 full install doesn’t produce much better results than the PS3 install options that Sony’s had since day 1.

    • Tales of Vesperia was godlike,even the Beta from the 360.PS3 Version was perfect.

      Star Ocean 4 gets raped by the 360.
      Hopefully they could save and make something good out of it for the Final Version :/

      Hopefully too FF13 didn’t get raped because M$ wanted the same Version as the PS3 is.
      360 can’t do what PS3 can so they have to downgrade the REAL Version :/
      OMG getting Nightmares already

      • It’s funny to hear all the Sony assholes talk about 360 beta and PS3 perfect versions..

        While the 360 is playing games Sony MIGHT NOT EVEN GET, they will watch and hope they release another +1 version for the PS3 to justify the new game price.

        While you play games that were already 1-2 years old already, Xbox is moving on to NEW games..

        Enjoy your +1 versions. Look at the Xbox games that come out and expect a scrap, new price version in about 2 years after.

        • Is it downgrading the gameplay or the story of the game?


          Okay then, shut the fuck up…it’s the same fucking game.

          You shouldn’t be talking about downgraded versions with all the TERRIBLE looking exclusives Sony has out there.

        • except its been confirmed the 360 version is getting downgraded. anything particularly major? probably not, but its evidence that if downgrading has occurred at all, its due to the 360 end, not the PS3.
          don’t blame anyone else if you’re ignorant of that detail.

          of course… maybe ignorance is what helps you sleep better at night.

  • I really don’t see the fuss about this game being released for PS3 now although it was exclusively 360 before. The dev team even said they might, or might not release it for the PS3 in the future, so it’s not like any promises were broken or not. Personally I have both consoles, so I’m glad that they have new content and I don’t mind purchasing another copy to play this great game again.

    • i doubt welch will become playable due to her role as IC attendant. Though Crowe is most likely playable. Now I wonder how Squeeeenix would make adjustments to crowe to become become permanent party member since he will die near the end of the game. (derp)

  • In other news, the iphone has been used as a beta platform for indie devs wanting to make the leap to PSP Minis (for PSP Go and soon PS3).

    Whereas many iphone games are ports of (Microsoft) PC games.

    More on topic…
    is dual-spoken language a big deal? I kinda took it for granted since the (admittedly very few) JRPGs on PS3 have dual audio tracks.

    The only DVD dual-audio games I recall were the Gust / NIS 2D tactical rpgs. Not even Persona nor the more mainstream jrpgs were dual-audio. Unless anyone can come up with other examples.

    • Both Lost Odyssey and Eternal Sonata were dual audio on the 360 for example. For some reason they decided against including both audio tracks in SO4, eventhough each DVD had atleast 1 GB of free space, so it shouldn’t have been that hard to fit the extra audio track.

      For this game, dual language is quite a big deal actually, since Lymle makes you want to stab your eardrums after five seconds in the english dub.

      • not exactly: lost odyssey had english, french, italian, japanese, spanish and german audio.
        it was 4 dvd, but hell that was so good.
        also the quality of the voice acting was extremely high on all languages, except – sadly – for the italian voice of the bad guy, done by someone I just can’t stand.
        Everything else you said is nothing but truth.
        I would add, when they have dual audio (at least), both choices are good. When there’s only one.. you get Lymle. Oh, and Sarah was dreadful, aswell.

    • yeah man, im nearly finished with the game and WOW.. the story is ABYSMAL!! this game bored me to death from the get-go.. the *only* redeeming factor it has would be the gameplay.. I swear i dont understand how anybody could enjoy this crappy game..

      ppl should go play the Xenosaga series, now that right there is some quality RPG’s..

    • I second that, nobody really gives a shit at this news, people miss alot of the point. I would rather go buy the older $20 imperfect version than the new $60 ‘perfect’ version it’s not that much of an increase to make me spend 40 dollars more realistically.

  • Sounds good, the description in that image suggests that the ps3 version is in every way superior. English/Japanese voice audio? more characters? improved gui and battle system? Holy shit, it’s like a new game.

    Xbox360 owners got owned. again.

    • A-fucking-greed. And here I thought I was the only one foolishly hopeful for this “port” to PS3. Still, I’ve heard more bad than good about the game… Time to hope that Edge Maverick isn’t only a stupid name.

      • At first it was announced for both Xbox AND PS3.
        Got cancelled later, though.

        Thus i’d think of this rather as an apology to the Star Ocean fans owning a Playstation, who have been disappointed badly.

        As for the “playable characters”:
        Maybe it’s Raimi? In Star Ocean 2 you could choose between Claude and Rena, for example.
        Eventually this was added for Raimi, too.

        • @ Anon 04:11
          Seems like yesterday’s comment wasn’t approved, so here it is again 😉

          No, i did not mean Welch.
          I meant Reimi as in “choose her at the beginning (like Rena) and unfold the story from her perspective”… BluRay could make it possible.

          Welch is, like, kinda annoying in this game.
          Liked her as Rise’s dub in ‘Persona 4’ though.
          In SOTeT she was good, especially the fights with the guildmaster.

          Further playable characters are introduced on the official website (

        • @Anon 04:11
          No, i did not mean Welch. What i meant was a playable Reimi as in “choose her at the beginning and unfold the story like you did with Rena” ^^

          Welch in ‘Last Hope’ is, like, kinda annoying…to me.
          Actually liked Rise’s dub in ‘Persona 4’, but here it is a pity. Dunno why :/
          Her dub in SOTeT was good, the fights with the guildmaster the icing on the cake.

        • @Anon 20:12
          Sadly, there is a part that I hated where said character turns emo. And it gets very annoying. At least, I thought it was very annoying.

          @Anon 21:37
          Reimi is already in the game. Do you mean Welch? I liked her more in So3 then in this one. She looks very, very, bad to me. Though it could have been from the English voice over…

        • I see it as a way to make a whole second wave of buys (at full price, no less) after a year of time with costs (at least meshes, materials, sounds, etc already complete) greatly lessened. Even the people who already have it for 360 will go out and buy it since it’s a “more complete” version.

  • Additional character(s)? I can see how one of the non-playable characters would make sense but I don’t see where they can add more without changing the story line a lot.

    Hmm, debating on whether to pick this up. I know this game is multi-lingual but does it also have subtitles? That and some more rewards for their retarded trophy system would make this a much more palatable purchase.

    • Yeah, I want it too. I played the 360 version and I really liked it, and personally i don’t mind it being released again on the ps3 with more content I’ll just buy it again and play it again and have an even better time.

      • I’m going to re buy it, too. Though I haven’t beaten the game, I will beat it on the PS3.

        Also, I have no hate for either gaming platform. I have both and play a good amount of games. All but sports games, which I suck at.

        But I have to say I enjoy playing my Ps3 more then my 360 only because I don’t want to pay for, what, sending messages to my xbox buddies? A silly avatar?

        Don’t get me wrong, I love my library of xbox games, I just feel that they already get enough money from all other people who get the RROD and don’t know it’s repairable. They should at least lower it. I say 20 dollars a year. When Xbox live starts making me breakfast, THEN I’ll be happy to dish out 50 dollars a year.

        • ANON 22:22

          Big talk for someone crying/whining under an anonymous label. Your post reminds me of people who talk tough and threaten others over the phone.

          I also find it highly curious that your own personal self esteem and gamer esteem is seemingly reliant on people at comment section on a forum online.

          I’m also curious why you have to resort to insults and name calling in order to stress your point/intimidate.

          Or maybe Vegio’s comments shrunk your junk a little and you need some digital verbal payback?

          Just trying to understand your mindset here.

        • PS3 = superior hardware. I don’t really care about the platform I care more about the game itself. For those who are throwing the whole “true gamer” thing around “true gamers” are those who don’t care about platform. If the game is good it’s good if it’s bad it’s bad. That’s all there really is to it.

        • common Vegio, come suck my dick PS fagboy. So what if the 360 has the graphics. All that matters is the gameplay. So STFU and go play with yourself in the closet. It’s people like you who make me not want a PS3. I still own the PS1, PS2 and the first wave of the PSP’s but bullocks man just get over the fact that your attitude just like everyother PS fagboy will always make me and other “TRUE” gamers not want to play on or own a PS3!

        • Haha, always those poor 360 fanboys who can only count on their graphics when it comes to multiplatform.

          Everyone knows that the best looking Exclusive Games are on the PS3.

          And everybody disagreeing with that is a unbelievable cretin with no brain at all!

          NO BRAIN AT ALL!

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          What will it change?

          The people like me can’t afford the originals anyways, so piracy or not, it won’t change anything for the developers.

          Think of reading a book inside a library or a bookstore.
          Somebody made it, I read it.
          For free.
          If I like it and the price is affordable, I go buy it.
          At which point this starts to become a crime?

          Movie makers tried to protest against home television at first, also. However in the end, nobody died. Yarr! ☠

        • @darkrockslizer: I don’t have anything against you but pirating games isn’t really a good thing. Even you don’t pirate games, some people does. Even if you say that “Everybody wants to make the best out of their lives and have fun sometimes. It’s those little bits that count”, pirating game is still a form of stealing. No matter where you look at it, it’s just not right.

          And think about it, what if you are the owner of the games that they are pirating, will you be happy about it?

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          Justify!? What are you talking about.

          All those games can be bought in shops officially – the shop owners know nobody would buy any of the official disks with our wages.

          We have 9 times lower wages for every job compared to developed states;
          also 200%+ prices for electronics compared to US – import taxes, resale and transport costs to get it to Eastern Europe.

          So it is 18 times more expensive to buy official disk here. 18 TIMES! It is not a matter of goodwill anymore.

          for an XboX360/PS3 game, you pay 20-50 USD

          But for us, that’d be like paying 360-900 USD.

          Reasonable enough for you?

        • If you pirate your games, go pirate them in a corner of your room. Don’t go bragging about it online, simple.
          No one needs to know your sad story for justifying your reason for pirating games.

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          Everybody wants to make the best out of their lives and have fun sometimes. It’s those little bits that count.

          I remember how I collected money for my first PlayStation for a year and a half by not eating anything for my pocket money at school.. ahh, the good times.
          I kept saving it all for games, asking for more pocket money as parents started to earn more, and could buy one pirated disk from the shop for 4$ a week. It was like the life had become a dream come true.

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          Anon@ 03:50
          It’s easy to laugh your fat American ass off at poor people, eh. Good for you.

          Try moving to, say, India and do the same job you do in USA for THEIR salary. I so want to see how you’ll manage to afford any of the official games with that.

        • Oh not to mention that the Xbox360 has one half the streaming ability of the PS3, literally one-half. Games like Call of Duty: MW2 where they have to stream in the quality of the graphics wouldn’t even be noticed on the PS3. Take Uncharted 2 as an example. Yet we have to pretend we have an Xbox360 with it’s slow streaming, I can only shake my head everytime I see it.

        • I don’t know I don’t support Xbox360, for a number of reasons, one of the biggest ones is that it drags down PS3 and PC, due to the DVD and Microsoft licensing fees. Purely that, people have to pay a licensing fee for each additional DVD unless they secure a special deal. This makes it more likely that a game will cut out additional content, higher res textures, and other things that would have been free but end up turning into DLC instead. As a CONSUMER I can’t support it, it’s just bad for me to support it. Look at Ubisofts new double pack idea, they combine Rainbow Six: Vegas and Ghost Recon 2 on one PS3 Bluray. Imagine how much more could have been packed on an exclusive Bluray.

          Games will not improve in quality until a new Xbox console comes out using Bluray, the sad fact is the PS3 might be able to keep up with a new Xbox. Simple because most of the quality is based on DATA. The more data you can place on a disc the higher the quality especially of textures.

          I’m tired of playing Xbox games on my PC and PS3. I hate the jaggies, I hate the blur, I have the low textures, and I hate the slow stream they have, like COD:MW2.

        • InfiniteNine says:

          Video game publishers are not Microsoft. Microsoft already has TONS of money, but publishers like Atlus, XSEED, NIS/A, and other small firms loose money when you pirate their games. They really need their sales to stay afloat with the amount of sales their games get. I can get the whole not being able to afford them and everything, but small publishers like them need the money for their games to keep on localizing/bring their titles over. I wasn’t able to buy new video games for a good half year and beyond at a time growing up, but I know I helped the companies that brought over my favorite games. You have no reason to be proud of your piracy or your consoles ability to enable it.

          I own a PS3 and a Japanese 360, and they both have their merits. I use my 360 for Cave shooters (Death Smiles), and Tales of Vesperia. My PS3 gets used for pretty much everything else. I don’t weight one over the other because I like them both for what they are.

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          @asuka222: At least I buy their console.

          No pirate games–>

          nobody buys games in 2nd and 3rd world states–>

          no reason to buy console you can’t afford games for–>

          less profit for companies making the hardware.

          (game developer’s loss about same as their original games would not be bought there anyways.)

          @anon 01:58: think of a tiny shit country in Eastern Europe with the deepest recession in EU.

        • LOLz I’d go for the Xbox 360 now that the rrod is dealt with. cheaper games, better graphics and except for disgaea 3, (but seriously, who plays that shit?) I’m having a blast with my 360 and oh the fact that bayonetta and the DOA girls looks so much hotter is a plus

        • @darkrockslizer: Piracy isn’t a good thing to do and it makes the company poorer
          @anon 23:47: true true, PS3 online is free and that’s a good thing

          I personally don’t care w/c one is better. I have both and they have each game uniqueness. Also, I don’t pirate games on 360.

        • A true gamer doesn’t play on consoles. Consoles have multiple disadvantages and none of the advantages of Macs and PCs.
          Every console game I’ve played past the age of side scrollers has been a huge disadvantage in terms of performance and control scheme.

        • As for my myself, i own a Wii, a ps3, but no xbox 360. A lot of my favorite game I want are on ps3 and xbox 360 isn’t really a console i want to buy. But, I’ve been playing xbox360 a lot and have fun. xbox360 was unbelievable before when his game library was so huge compared to ps3 with his only 10 games. Now ps3 got a great library of game. You see my point!?

        • true gamers have ALL CONSOLES, personally im a rpg gamer who would of gotten a 360 if i was so afraid of RROD.

          n xbox makes u PAY FOR ONLINE
          ps3 doesn’t. WOOT FREE modern warfare 2, n i can thank xbox360 users for subsidizing my free online. -seriously thank you.

        • Darkrockslizer says:

          I have 360 and it’s not sad. At least I can play pirated games on that one. You can’t on PS3.

          Before somebody starts flaming me, I’d have to add that you could buy food for one month for the cost of one PS3 game where I live. So the choice is obvious for me.

        • PS fagboy. People like you don’t even deserve to own consoles and be called “gamers.” A true gamer has no bias against other consoles. And for the sake of argument like I have said before, you get for you pay for service wise. Though not to forger this part of the argument, if you don’t take care of your system(s) and wonder why they crash or break or whatnot, it’s soley your responsibility.