Akihabara’s Top Ten Words of 2009


A list of the top words and phrases to be unleashed upon Akihabara in 2009 provides results unlikely to surprise anyone familiar with the year’s top stories…

The ranking:

Overall winner:

Untan!♪ (Yui of K-ON!’s catchphrase)

Top ten other words and phrases of 2009:

1. Goran no arisama da yo! (A certain unfinished eroge’s now notorious catchphrase)

2. Majikon (Flash cartridge action)

3. Rekijo (History loving women – referring to a modest boom around titles such as Sengoku Basara)

4. Odaiba Gundam (The giant Gundam statue)

5. Da-je! (The catchphrase (gobi) of Yuuki, of nopan anime Saki)

6. Endless Eight (Kadokawa’s legendary marketing coup)

7. Judgement desu-no! (To Aru Kagaku no Catchphrase)

8. Madobe Nanami (Windows7-tan theme by Microsoft)

9. Isshoni Trainingu (Anime aerobics marketing gimmick)

10. Moe Moe Kyun (Akiyama Mio’s moe catchphrase)

It would appear Akihabara spent 2009 firmly in the grip of the moe boom…


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