“Accidental” Loli Downloader Faces 20 Years


A man who “accidentally” downloaded and then subsequently deleted child pornography faces a possible 20 year sentence, even though he claims he immediately deleted the files and police had to reconstruct the images from deleted files.

The 22-year-old California man claims he was using the Limewire P2P network to download pornography, specifically “College Girls Gone Wild,” but that when he downloaded it he discovered he had also unwittingly downloaded pornography featuring minors.

He maintains he deleted the files and thought nothing of it. However, a year later the FBI asked to search his family home, and whilst prying into the depths of his hard drive they discovered illegal material which had been deleted.

“It didn’t appeal to me. I was looking for women my age, so I just wanted to download ‘College Girls Gone Wild’ and accidentally downloaded underage pornography.

I asked them, ‘Where did you get that? I don’t remember that.’ I asked them, ‘Could I access that if I wanted to?’ They said no.”

He has pleaded guilty in the hopes of securing the mercy of the courts – he faces a maximum of 20 years for possessing child pornography, but his counsel is hoping for a “lenient” 3 and a half year sentence, 10 year probation and registration as a sex offender.

The FBI advises people in similar circumstances to turn themselves in to authorities, although there is no guarantee they will escape prosecution, and (frequently permanent) confiscation of computers is likely.

Unencrypted P2P networks such as Limewire are heavily monitored by police looking to nab people sharing underage pornography – IP addresses can easily be gathered and traced to physical addresses, likely what happened in this case.

Deleting files from a hard drive in the conventional manner actually only removes the information as to where on the disk the data is stored – the actual data remains in place until overwritten with new data, likely what happened in this case. Data recovery tools and computer forensics software enable such fragments to be reconstituted or at least identified.

It is also possible to discover previously overwritten data by inspecting the physical structure of the disk, though this is far harder – only repeatedly overwriting the affected sections of the disk with random data can prevent this.

Computer users wishing to prevent such “accidents” resulting from the presence of previously deleted files can use secure deletion tools to overwrite previously deleted files with random data – such procedures prevent forensic recovery of deleted data and are approved for military use in ensuring classified files are rendered irrecoverable.

Complete hard drive encryption using utilities such as TrueCrypt is similarly effective, as is the use of P2P networks which are fully encrypted in the first place.

Fortunately for governments the use of such tools is still not common knowledge…

Via CBS13.

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  • Oh an by the way, thanks Sankaku for letting all the pedophiles know how to cover their tracks lol. At least you didn’t tell them how to find peoples address from their IP seeing as how retarded people online can be.

  • This may just be “Wild Allegations” on my part but it is Possible the file may have actually been uploaded by the FBI themselves as a form of Virtual Jail-Bait.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking “…great, Another conspiracy-theory >:P ”
    But consider this: How it the world would they know EXACTLY what files contained child-porn? After Recovering ALL the files the guy deleted in the course of a Year, they would have had to run a Search based on file-names …umm?

    There’s a distinct Cheesy smell to all of these recent court-trials involving some average Joe downloading “Child-PORN!!!”

    • Since the law applies to any depiction under 18 this really goes far beyond the scope of loli. Most people wouldn’t consider Bulma or the yuri Sailour Scouts or Tuxedo Mask and Zoycite to be children, but legally they are minors and thus children since they’re all 17.

  • wow im amazed with the justice in this world… i mean the guy wants to download something legal and some fu**ing bastard frame the downloaders with cp and the poor guy that only wanted to spank the monkey with some legal pornography gets arrested. i wonder what would the feds do if on their own would received a email with cp from some hacker with bad intentions. would he b arrested the same way? unfortunatly there r some idiots that instead of making good use of their skills prefer to ruin the PCs and lives of innocent ppl. for all the hackers/framers in the world: get your own life u assholes dont destroy the others.

    • I feel sorry for the guy, i actually had a similar experience once, i downloaded what i thught to be a normal porn movie but it turned out that some people in it were clearly underage so i deleted it too.

      thank god in my country the governement doesnt track stuff like that on limerwire and stuff…or so i hope…D:

  • is it a crime to like chocolate? it exactly like the fact you like some thing can kill you like that guy was killed, who will he be at 40 where he gets out? a violent and hardened criminally prosecuted guy who will have a vengeance exponentiationising and for ever growing rage wich is just from the fact that this is epic injustice. if some one becomes crazy, his life is to blame. if some one has preference that the world does not support… should he stop him self from living? how can preferences versus harm done and morals be so badly twisted that they are killing each other? in my ideal world you could like what you want but never do harm. faping on 2d is like thinking i can think what i want but i can not do every thing i think. hence a caricature of your rped sister is bad but a caricature of what you think of your sister would be acceptable considering it never realy happend. this would balance harm and fiction to there just values while respecting living human beings. though since your sister might not be ok with your drawings this conflicts with harm hence now it is bad. so to make it just every character depicted should be fictional. but still overmoralist and epicaly deranged systems determines if “YOU” are right and now what you do or think. laws are passed like posers listen to non underground music unless it is poser to do so. this means people believe that a good posed argument or law is always the way to go. but the people only knows as much as they are thought or told. how many did really grasp there own answer? was it a big one? thing is i never guessed that he would ever get more than a 500$ fine and a 2 years watch period. how can being horny and preferring coordinated streams of binary depicting a form of media lead to any prison at all to me is unfathomable and insulting as an living organism. if he would of been chatting with teens online and preparing meetings then i could see this penalty as an extreme still a 10 years would serve that. but this guy is a martyr and not like those fake one like the blowin ppl ones but the ones where you see an unjust slaughter. those 20 years in prison is like getting raped of life. who would have taste for life and no revenge plot after that? do they want to create criminals? i see no other issue for that person except the challenge of accepting hell from god and the system and some how keep sane and human which is totally science fiction/fantasy; if some one even belief that he would pull trough this then go make a drama anime, im sure it will sell out with that much hope giving… but that wont resurect martyrs as much as placing that guy in prison will not undo the CP and no matter how much hate you pass, no cure would arise from that. no matter how much light a god could shine on an issue or what i would say could not change people’s combined efforts of stupidity in eradicating a problem from every where than it’s root and thinking they are making a good difference is more than i can handle as a human or a living being. it is like accepting that a black hole is going to swallow the solar system and seeing people lie about it thinking the last of there time should be used in pleasure. if that were to be the case i would think that a sitting duck in star craft would survive but actually migration is the key to survival so why would they lie and sit there waiting for things to crumble? in short how can people be like on a fire pit, not tied up and actually free to get off any time AND yet just stay and burn? they know they flaw and yet no corrections are made, law should protect living things and valuables from damage, if you value your emotions and a law exist to protect them and conflicts, what is its flaw? why are they not correcting the flaw instead of reforming the whole thing and creating a new flaw? i can see why CP is harmful even as a seed of pedoism but to rape and to like is a difference of action and a state of preference. i like woman from 14 to 35 and looking good naked but i think of the idea of dating a 14 y like dating a rotten dead pig carcass that speak only nonsense. like to me sexual attractions are like allergies and well the love attraction is all about acceptance in a pair of people. so to me a 10 years old girl is like a fat 50 yr old one or a 20 year old model who is a total bitch. it is like looking at your dog/cat’s anus; you just wished you would of realized you were going to look there before you did but now it is too late and feel discussed. it is not like you want this and you even don’t like it but if you did, what could you do about it? could have evaded this? what would you do to prevent your self afterward? are our own preferences our own curse? according to our world it seems so. so for you humanity to make it up, you would need to make it legal to be human and not to be harmful yet such a simple task is broken up by it very modules; the LAW. i have my share of stupidity which is unerasable from reality and yet if i were to reap some one… id rather kill my self and yet even if i am so i am equally some criminally viable candidate for having some shape being seen from my Pc connecting to my eyes in a form of light. and a president could blowup his own country if he desires, all he needs it power like backup and new law modifications to do so. who was superior to Saddam Hussein when he had power? who is controlling them now? if humans are capable of being criminals how would the ones making the laws be exempt from that? a cop can lie while you can not and yet lying is supposedly illegal or is it just technically? the net is an other planet that needs it own rules since it’s effect on the real world is only what we makes of it. seeing all the porn i seen and not yet be a reapist means that the law does not take in to account that a rapist is a specific category or stat or attribute even when ill be 80( if i get there) and watching more and or worst will not make me rape, drugs might, alchol might but only if i let them. so does that mean the law assumes any sexually oriented crimes leads to rape or makes rapists? my moms dad raped her, all he needed was his own intentions to screw up her life. a depression is more than common in victims and yet this guy is out, how could we prove to authority he did it? so only crimes with substantial leads are pursued in all types of crimes. hence why were have impossibly and unexceptionably disgusting things such as “COLD FILES” which means if you got killed and it is too hard to solve or too costly, they get dropped and put aside for a wait instead of a cut back on effort to reduce cost and time, they just forget about it assuming criminals live only 100 or less years and a 65 yrs old entering prison as less to lose and its all about payback, a lawful vengeance hence why i would likely double vengeance my way out naturally. why do you think a lot of criminal become repeat offenders? vengeance is natural hence why the law is builded on it. oups im ranting… this is first post in 2-3 years in any form what so ever 😛

  • This is so gay, seriously, the fucking law. This does nothing to actually rescue kids from abusive or exploitive situations.

    It’d be find to have laws obligating people with the media to cooperate with police to track it down to its original location, but that’s it.

  • Move to Poland everyone. Police right here don’t know how to use PC, tell a difference between green tea and marihuana or even maintain the surveillance camera(I know it from experience. Seriously I was sitting 4 hours in police-station when they made tests on my bag of kokeicha green tea… quite nice brand btw.) Although I still feel little uneasy about monitors, my loli manga scans are too dear for me to delate them xD

    • That’s the thing. People think that police exist to “protect the people”, which is bullshit. Police exist for ONE reason- “uphold the law”. Laws are meant to exist to protect the people, so police usually are doing that anyway- but the fact is, if you cross the law (wether it’s a just law or not), the police will deal with you. That’s what they exist for.

  • If I was a lawyer I’d be so ecstatic to get this case I’d nearly jeeze myself as I could get millions out of the FBI.
    The charges can be challenged now that the balance of power has shifted from the tards.
    Really it shows that the laws made in the past 8 years are a complete failure ,pushed by people who failed at being human beings and enforced by extremely lazy who are people still stuck in the 1680s.
    This is as silly as the witch hunts of the 1600s.
    It’s enough to make me ashamed to be an American that someone can be arrested in this manner.
    If they want to catch the real criminals in CP then go back to posing as children and conducting stings when the pervert come to collect his victim.
    Catching criminals requires hard work vs sitting on you massive fat ass checking IPs.
    Can’t handle hard work then don’t go into law enforcement.

    • A remeber a case a year or so ago where a US citizen was crossing back from Canada and the inspector somehow says he had cp on his laptop. the case went to the us courts and the guy got off because he said he did not remember the password to login. since it was in his head he is under no legal obligation to provide it. If his laptop had a fingerprint scanner like a lot do now he would be obligate to swipe his finger (physical vs mental). the popo could of easily made the hdd a slave, but they were dumb…

      Just make sure to open it up so a bunch of dust gets on the platter. Newer hdd’s read so close to the platters that dust is larger…though knowing the way the US government works over local police they’ll spend $1 million to clean it and read it in some special lab to put a guy away for 1-20 years.

    • Limewire is rife with viruses and more often then not files are misnamed and stuffed inside a rar or zip.

      I’m surprised people still use limewire because about 20% of the peers are RIAA/MPAA trolls.

  • I didn’t have the time to read all the comments, so it is possible that someone posted similar words like these:


  • I’m starting to doubt the reality of all this CP possession cases. I dunno, it’s so far away from me and my understanding. Here in Russia I can store and watch as many child porn as I want and no one would give a fuck even if I post it on the net under my name. Such situations as in article are totally bizzare and unrealistic to me.

  • You know these things are a just a power grab and a way to suck the system of tax money.

    CP has been around longer than the internet. Chances are everyone has it in one form or another. It will continue that way through out the end of times without even directly hurting anyone.

    unjust law are just for sheeples and the rich.

  • USA huh? Do cops there usually randomly bust into your homes and cuff you for downloading illegal stuff?

    Because I find it ridiculous they would invest much time and dedication to catch a completely random 22 year old guy who had a 1 year old deleted CP leftovers on his hard disk.

    Over here the cops are near useless to the point where major criminals are left loose, let alone small fish.

    • No it’s the FBI being a fantastically wasteful organization they have computers that do nothing more then log p2ps.
      Often they’ll run stings and it probably was a fed computer that had CP relabeled as girls gone wild.
      They then rifle though these logs and look for who downloaded it.

      He was stupid did not use an IP ban list ,did not use encryption,DL’ed from a mostly static IP.
      Most people do not reset their broad band modems so they can have the same IP for months.
      Yes these operations costs millions and yes it diverts resources from far more important things.
      Often it seems members of the organization are far more interested in farthering their careers and getting more money from the government then actually protecting people.

      Consider this latest screw up the legacy of having an idiot for president for eight years.

      Though the FBI actions have been controversial through out it’s history.
      Every time they were given extra power without oversight they abused that power and eventually had it removed only for some other idiot politician to add it back for his latest war on the flavor of the month be it drugs,terrorists, or pedos.

  • “It is also possible to discover previously overwritten data by inspecting the physical structure of the disk, though this is far harder – only repeatedly overwriting the affected sections of the disk with random data can prevent this.”

    Btw, this is not true.



    Among other easily findable materials. Please don’t repeat digital myths …

    • Not true. Inspecting the platter directly is one way to go about it. But the more common practice is to use the analog signal detected at the drive head to deduce previously overwritten signal. And the feds don’t need to recover the whole drive to book you, just a segment of it.

    • The head of the Irish Catholics met with the Pope to discuss the 30 year cover up of sex offenses against minors perpetrated by clergy.

      He probably begged the pope to let him go back to molesting altar boys because he hasn’t had any for so long.

  • okay its a good thing i don’t mainly rely on downloads, but if i wanted to download dance in the vampire bund i could be arrested cuase of the main female character being naked most of the time? one question where would i get a magnet lol

  • Deam, i’ve got whole 500GB HDD full of some downloaded stuff. And i havent even looked at what is it that was really downloaded…
    Several times before i had a file downloaded through P2P being not what it should be acording to it’s name but just some bunch of Porn…
    And this file was laying for several month on the disc before i even managed to see him once.

  • HentaiKamen says:

    You think that is bad? Up here in Canada the law considers 2D hentai cp… So anyone who has any Hentai anime/manga on his HDs is pretty much going to jail if found out.

    No one is safe since the laws is as ambiguous as can get. If the 2D chick “looks” under 18, BAM! your gone for 20 years…

  • By USA Dude:

    Someone posted “how do you accidentally download illegal porn.”

    Well, you can very easily. Many of the P2P files are not what they say they are. Looking for a title-A, and get Video-B which something completely different happens a lot.

    I was looking for something obscure – and ended up getting some U.S. Movie in Spanish. Or something worse.

    So this guy can be telling the truth. Unfortunately, he doesn’t appear to have a good attorney.

    There should be MORE evidence that this guy is into that stuff. If only one file that was erased a LONG LONG time ago is their only evidence, then its weak.

    If someone went through my computer, my porn is Asians (usually Japanese), some Anime/manga and regular American porn. So for THAT guy – if they see stuff like that, and only 1 erased file – he should be “innocent” of a purposely mis-labeled file.

    If he was into little girls, he’d have hundreds or thousands of files, photos, videos whatever. He should have a history.

  • Let’s why I advise the use of Kremlin Secure Delete.
    Plus don’t use limewire.
    Most importantly, I don’t get what is the big fuss about it. Even if he is doing it intentionally big deal. I mean that’s nothing. Stop acting like a group of kids, and be a grow up by going to war like me. (I have been to Vietnam War)
    I rock
    War Rock

  • What the fish? So far I think people’re only concerned with recovering their lost data and here we find dozens of people panicking about how to eradicate their data permanently.
    Anyway, I gain a lot of knowledge here. Thanks everyone!
    Will exploding the hard drive work?

    • Everyone’s panicing about eradicating data because this is some real BS. One file. A year later.
      But to answer your question it really depends on what you explode it with. If the FBI is determined enough to send you away for life for a single deleted file, they’re determined enough to sweep your place for hard drive fragments.

  • drunkspiderman667 says:

    the other day when i came on sankakucomplex it was saying its java was blocked and i would need to whitelist it? does this mean ive been being monitored? also i have a iolo system mechanics drive scrubber and it says its DOD compliant so is this good? not that i have and child porn but i have some pics i saved from here.

  • Is it bad if I found a grammar error in the end of the article? “Complete hard drive encryption using utilities such as TrueCrypt is similarly effective”
    The verb ‘Is’ doesn’t agree with the noun ‘Utilities.’ 😀

    Also with full drive encryption… I’ve seen videos of people leaving their laptops and such in use using Windows BitLocker… People can freeze down your RAM with some really cold spray and remove it while it’s in use. The cold will help preserve the data in it, because it doesn’t fully wipe out when you turn off your computer. (It takes a minute or two) They grab some program and hook up your RAM to some adapter and dump all it’s contents to their laptop, then they scan it for the key and bingo, encrypted hard drive access. Pretty sure the FBI is capable of this, considering I saw it online. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDaicPIgn9U for more

    Anyway, here’s a Protip: Store all of your ‘bad’ files on a cheap old 10 or 20GB hard drive, then when the FBI rings your doorbell… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcT_AvCRgT8#t=1m26s
    That’s only if you happen to have thermite lying around. It’s totally not overkill and won’t get you arrested for anything.

    • “Complete hard drive encryption using utilities such as TrueCrypt is similarly effective”

      Actually the sentence is fine. The base sentence is “Encryption is effective.” ‘Using utilities’ is modifying ‘encryption.’

      Although I see where you’re coming from, in this case you’re wrong. It’s saying ‘encryption that utilities use’ as opposed to ‘utilities that use encryption’ is effective.

      • Actually… No. TrueCrypt, the example used, is ‘a utility that uses encryption’, several types in fact. 😀 So the correct verb should be ‘are’.

        The sentence is just weird because the modifier for utilities is a long fragment, ‘Complete hard drive encryption using.’

        Yay for my 11th grade English class. 😀

  • “The FBI advises people in similar circumstances to turn themselves in to authorities, although there is no guarantee they will escape prosecution, and (frequently permanent) confiscation of computers is likely.”

    Funniest part.

    • Yeah, taking a single life for financial gain or a grudge is way less severe than destroying lifes for the sake of 15 seconds of sexual gratification

      Having 2 nieces and a sister and ex sexually asaulted (just that i am aware of) makes me well familar how it can transform ones personality for the worse and lrave scars that remain for virtually your entire life. I could wager a quick death where there actually is some materialistic gain is more humane.

      • Are you bloody kidding me? Take a good hard look at what you wrote and what was said in the article.

        A young 22 year old man with a shitty random deleted porn (assuming he’s telling the truth) could potentially face a 20 years sentence. 20 years? Are you serious?

        So he should get the same sentence as a guy that could rape all those female friends/relatives you mentioned and murder them as a “bonus”?

        In the meantime while people are busy moralising over non-factors as this dude and retarded cops chasing clueless idiots, you have real pedos and rapists out there – attacking your sisters/wives/cousins/girlfriends because the law doesn’t do shit about it.

        • “Are you bloody kidding me? Take a good hard look at what you wrote and what was said in the article.”

          What i wrote was a reply to the person to
          quote: [Since when is downloading porn punishable by a sentence that’s as bad as murdering someone?]

          the topic expanded from there.

      • You should read the rind report sometime… Or Judith Levine’s “Harmful To Minors”.

        The rind report concluded, from analyzing 59 studies on the effects of such experiences as sexual molestation and concluded that “Basic beliefs about CSA in the general population were not supported.”

        The vast majority, and we’re talking like 90%, of child molesters are close family members, not some stranger looking at child porn over the net. The influence of child porn consumption on actual child molestation is a myth. I’m not saying that one should go around looking at it for fun, but it certainly doesn’t encourage the crime anymore than fapping to a news murder report, or playing a violent video game does. They don’t share a causal relationship as long as there is no commercialization of production.

        You assert that because the effect of a sex crime is life destroying, viewing it in media should in turn, without any regard for the viewers intent, merit the destruction of their life. You’re essentially stating that witnessing an act is equal to participating in that act. Well guess what? Not only is that logically absurd and hypocritical considering popular media involving all manner of crimes, but even if it were applied, the effects of molestation are not necessarily pervasive, intense, nor do they handicap the victim for life. This was scientifically proven and those findings were put under strenuous peer review TWICE, after a whole lot of public outrage because it didn’t support their mystified and hysterical beliefs, but nevertheless were found to be scientifically sound and accurate.

        In fact, the rind report couldn’t even support the belief that any maladjustment in the victims was explicitly the result of the sexual contact instead of the circumstances under which it occurred, such as extreme poverty. So you’re just flat out wrong on all counts buddy.

        I always cringe when I see your goddamn name. Take your twisted, perverted, factually unsupported attitudes, and shove the hysteria that they feed upon and create up your ass.

        Jailing someone for viewing an image or video containing nudity, child or not, or that depicts a criminal act is absurd. May you suffer the injustice of the asinine laws you approve of…. AFTER you leave this place so we don’t have to keep face palming at your idiocy…

        Somebody put CP on this guys computer and call the fucking cops. Let him have a taste of his own justice.

        • “you’re saying demand occurred after supply, but still somehow caused it. That’s a violation of the law of causation – the cause must always *precede* the effect.”

          That is like starting your own subbers group after seeing the popularity of others.
          Hell youtube is filled with HUNDREDS of copycat blogs that started after realising how popular the original was ie “high demand”
          photoshop artists, small story writers, game modd: ANY user content falls in this catagory.

          Anyone can easily read this high demand as encouragament and morale justification.

          I’m fine with any sexual preverence knowing that a fetish is rarely a personal choise but to fap to actual childporn leeched from others in my eyes is indirectly encouraging future molestations

          Say from before sancom had a comment/forum section all arte had was read the number of page views and i can GUARANTEE that was stroking his e-peen hard like hell.

        • “If i watch someone shoplifting via a surveillance camera, should i be prosecuted for robbery ?”

          A more acurate analogy would place you in the backalley with a hands extended saying “Thanks for sharing”

      • Hey calm down.
        Nobody talked about sexual assaults.
        Why would downloading porn be as punishable as performing the crime itself ? If that’s the case, why people bother with porn, and don’t go raping little girls directly.

        If i watch someone shoplifting via a surveillance camera, should i be prosecuted for robbery ?

        • “If i watch someone shoplifting via a surveillance camera, should i be prosecuted for robbery ?”

          A more acurate analogy would place you in the backalley with a broadsmile saying “Thanks for sharing”
          “you’re saying demand occurred after supply, but still somehow caused it. That’s a violation of the law of causation – the cause must always *precede* the effect.”

          That is like starting your own subbers group after seeing the popularity of others.
          Hell youtube is filled with HUNDREDS of copycat blogs that started after realising how popular the original was ie “high demand”
          photoshop artists, small story writers, game modd: ANY user content falls in this catagory.

          Anyone can easily read this high demand as encouragament and morale justification.

          I’m fine with any sexual preverence knowing that a fetish is rarely a personal choise but to fap to actual childporn leeched from others in my eyes is indirectly encouraging future molestations

          Say from before sancom had a comment/forum section all arte had was read the number of page views and i can GUARANTEE that was stroking his e-peen hard like hell.

        • How exactly does leeching contribute to supply? This is a horrible failure in understand supply and demand theory.

          Demand by itself has no effect on supply. Ever. In economics, demand can affect supply when it is matched with actual purchases that produce money for the suppliers. Leeching doesn’t do this.

          Also, you’re measuring demand by downloads. However, downloads could only occur after the pics were taken. That is, you’re saying demand occurred after supply, but still somehow caused it. That’s a violation of the law of causation – the cause must always *precede* the effect.

        • “Why would downloading porn be as punishable as performing the crime itself ?”

          When you DL pedo porn you are raising the demand, pedo networks exist to fufill this demand and actively encourage theyr community to “contribute”.

          Leeching does contribute in creating more victims.

        • “Why would downloading porn be as punishable as performing the crime itself ?”

          When you DL pedo porn you are raising the demand, pedo networks exist to fufill this demand and actively encourage theyr community to “contribute”.

          Leeching does contribute in crating more victims.

  • ow shit know i remember something:

    In the past more then 10 years ago i was seeing on school a video about education of sex ?? there was a girl and boy naked ??
    So now we all be jailed !!!!!

    • When you translate a law to pen and paper the humane factor often gets lost, The cops are just doing theyr job as possesion is illegal period.

      This reminds me of that tourist in Singapore who faced 20 years or so because they detected 0.02 grams of cocaine on the sole of his sneakers.

      I can only play the naive fool and hope the judge/jury will let the guy off, his reputation is shot to hell even in the brightest of scenarios

  • And the lesson here.

    Only idiots use Limewire.

    And only really dumb idiots think there's a perfect way to clean a drive of something that dangerous.

    My advice, remove drive, shoot drive with shotgun, acid bath and massive magnetic field if you really feel paranoid, then upgrade your hard drive with a new one and presto, it never happened.

    Shit, accidental kiddie porn is like a fender bender, just suck it up, you just bought a new hard drive.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    “Justice by Points” strikes again in the corporate fascist state of AmeriKKKa.

    They could have cared less whether or not he was guilty, (and I mean intent versus accident) they just found a target and did everything possible to get a conviction. Really, if it took a year to go get him, they just had a list and used it whenever they needed points. And their target talked to them, that was his biggest mistake. Most of their ‘scores’ come from interviewing a person and either getting them to say something that incriminates themselves, or outright claiming they said something since it’d be “The word of an FBI agent versus an accused criminal”. In his case if he’d shut up, said “I want a lawyer” then had the lawyer communicate properly, they’d have likely dropped the charges. In “Justice by Points” a failed conviction hurts, too many sink a career. The Prosecutors in the McMartin case were fired, not for ruining innocent people but for failing to convict any of them.

    There’s a neat book to look up “How to arrest proof yourself” written by an ex cop turned lawyer, disgusted with how the system has become, he doesn’t use the “Justice by points” term though he outlines it as proof. The best advice for anybody is to NOT TALK TO any police, any FBI, etc. It’s illegal to LIE to them but talking to them beyond identifying yourself if asked is bad. Even totally innocent persons have found themselves in jail for decades after talking to them trying to either prove their innocence or even “Help them catch the bad guy” but beyond identifying yourself you don’t have to say anything to them. The 5th amendment still applies. “Here’s my ID. I don’t talk to the police. May I go? Am I under arrest? May I have your badge number? I just want it for my records. I want a lawyer. I don’t talk to the police.” If they were going to arrest/charge a person, they’d do it whether or not he’d have talked to them, nothing he could say would let them release him or not charge him. And if the “Most likely to convict” is too hard or absent, they’ll certainly frame someone. On the other hand, talking to them gives them things to use against him, or at least establishes a conversation they can twist against him. They care NOTHING for guilt or innocence or justice, only for “Points”.

    This goes counter-intuitive, right?
    I mean you think “If the police know I’m honest and open they won’t go after me?” Well, maybe in the past if you were white and in the middle/upper class. Nowadays, they only care about “Points” those that care about “Justice” or “Defending Society” have retired or been weeded out. They are all your enemy who will do a “FINE” job on you for tiny traffic infractions but let the crazed ax wielding nut walk by because he’s “Mega Points” after he comes out of a house with it bloody but just a “Liability/lawsuit risk” when he’s toting it and raving.

    The long and short is, due to the 5th you can’t be incriminated for what you DON’T say, but the law can use what you DO say.

    Also, another lesson is: Don’t use Limewire-whatever you are looking for. If the FBI doesn’t get you for some ‘accidental download’ the RIAA will find a victim to sue, the college campuses are drying up. Never heard of any legal trouble due to BitTorrent unless the Fuzz got to them another way, just watch the torrent source.

    One neat thing is that some good encryption -TrueCrypt- (don’t trust stuff off the shelf, those have backdoors) is that they have multiple levels of encryption. So one could make a “Dummy” file that they’d have reason to encrypt, such as a misdemeanor prank planned, business info if they have a business, etc. they could hold out on, then ‘release under protest’ the password. Though, with encryption, the 5th also protects and it has gotten people off in some PGP cases.

    • I’m actually a law student studying to go into criminal law and become a DA. I always tell my friends, never, EVER, say anything more to law enforcement than your name. Always ask for a lawyer and don’t say SHIT. Law enforcement are NOT your friends.

  • I remember a few years back when the first naruto movie came out on bit torrent it was actually porn. (I forget who the subber of the listed file was)
    You think your getting one thing, you get another………..can’t see how he’s at fault.

    • Barbarian of Gor says:

      Have to agree with Anon…

      HDDs usually need some kind of multiple writing/re-writing before they can get past a good “Recovery” service.

      Jump Drives are easily destroyed and when written over, no data can be recovered. However, despite the drop in price, they tend to “Stick out” versus piles of CDs, Hard Drives, etc.

      The best, IMO, is a “Multi Level Encryption” that lets you do one thing hidden because revealing the password is self incrimination, and another or more levels of encryption, so even if they dump the 5th, or if you are where it doesn’t apply you can give the pigs a password that lets them see ‘secret’ business plans or videos of a misdemeanor you deliberately committed for kicks…

    • My company recently sent a hard drive to a data recovery service. The hard drive was roosted and charred in a fire. Yet they were actually able to recover data from that(for a steep price of course…). You have to literally turn the hard drive platters to saw dust for them not to be able to recover anything from it.

      • the_pragmatist says:

        You’ve made a huge erroneous assumption: that the fire damaged the drive. The fire may have destroyed the circuit board or somehow rendered the electronics useless, but a data recovery lab takes the pristine platters with data that hasn’t been wiped over at all and reads the information off of them with new electronics. People have done “platter swaps” before using a mechanically failed drive and good drive of the same type and recovered their data themselves, and data recovery labs can do something similar, just with a proper clean room and equipment.

        Wipe the data and everything in the game changes. Now it’s time to whip out an STM. Nearly all data recovery labs won’t be able to read something that was intentionally fully overwritten with trash.

        • Even if the platter is shattered into pieces they can still use scanning tunneling microscope to reconstruct the data bit by bit. If the files aren’t overly fragmented they are easily recoverable from the intact regions. When the feds come knock on your door you probably don’t have enough time to pulverize your drive out of existence, or zero fill your drive a few time.

        • Hammer no good? I don’t believe it. When I smashed mine up the platters shattered like glass, lots of tiny fragments and pin-head size pieces along with the bigger ones. Can they really glue that back together so precisely they’d be able to read it? Maybe if it was in “24” and the info for a massive nuclear attack on America was at stake….
          Anyway, I’d wiped it with a “Disk Eraser” boot disk beforehand. I just wanted to smash it up with a hammer. The MBR got corrupted and I was pissed at it.

        • I can assure you the platters were not “pristine”. They were able to recover the data because of their advance signal detection equipments. If the platters were fine I could have just swapped it in a Ziploc bag myself, which I have done plenty of times. I gotta say they earn their paychecks. Anyways the point remains that hammer is not a good way to make data non-recoverable.

  • i wonder how do they find cp between all that data.Guess the name of the file helps pretty much to find it.
    So if the name was something normal,they could have a hard time finding it if you deleted it?

  • Huh i didn’t think people used limewire to download porn it’s risky enough downloading music of of there. Hearing this though i gonna uninstall and delete anything related to it of my pc i don’t like the idea of being watched or having people spy on me.

  • Artefact said:
    What will happen to you when you accidentally download illegal material from Mediafire? If they do not turn over your details they may be criminally liable themselves – hardly an effective solution.

    That's really really hard to do unless you are completely idiotic and don't download from a trusted source, or are downloading from 4chan or something along those lines. For example, if I download a game I download one part of the .rar file and preview it with winrar to see if it is legit. If not I move on. Also, many of the things I download are movies which you can easily see beforehand as megaupload–my favorite file hoster–automatically puts most avi's, mkv's, video files in general into their megavideo service allowing you to preview what is on them. I'm not saying you can't get tricked into downloading something illicit but the chances of that happening are very slim and only if you are being outright dumb as to your source. Limewire on the other hand has been known for a very long time on the internet on being the most common way for pedo's to share their stuff and there has been many news sources of Limewire automatically inserting kiddy pr0n into limewire's cache (or temporary files, I've never used it myself for obvious reasons.) without any intent on the users part. Besides, a little bit of google and common sense is really what you need for which obviously the man in your news source lacked any knowledge of. I also doubt mediafire would be stupid enough not to check any of their files for such activities, after all if they didn't, they'd be liable too as you said.

  • is a conspiracy the inmates at the prison are running out of fresh meat so most of them are privilege so the FBI must give them what they ask for.

    So this is just a quick way to fill in the order…Prison is lonely!

  • u gotta be pretty dumb to use limewire for porn ~”~ either way, thats just not fair.. 20 years… hes only 22, that ruins his life… get some qualifications government before u lay stupid laws, not like he TRIED to download child porn…

  • The feds don’t seem to realize that they’ll only be catching the noobs that easily, ie people who don’t know how the net works and who are generally not hardcore about that particular content.

    The real culprits already make heavy use of anonymizers/encryption/secure deletion tools. Arresting people like the noob above just serves as publicity stunts and “look, we’re doing something”.

    TL;DR Multiple level fail.

    • Of course the feds know what they’re doing. They can’t cut off the source; that is the hand that feeds them. No source = no job. Also, this would be far too much work. Better from their point of view to put a few end users up for big penalties. As you said, the public goes “Ooooh!” and approves a big budget increase. Also supposed to reduce the end user base through scare tactics. All in all, a very bureaucratic way of doing business. Yay America.

  • HyperKnuckles99 says:

    “Unencrypted P2P networks such as Limewire are heavily monitored by police looking to nab people sharing underage pornography”

    Maybe the police are the ones uploading that sort of content so that an unwillingly person downloads it and then the police can get a bust on it.

    Bottom line is that’s why you shouldn’t use such things as limewire.

      • [quote]but if they are uploading it doesn’t that make them accomplices of the crime?[/quote]

        According to reason? Yes.

        According to “the law”? No.

        They’re protected. The same way undercover cops selling drugs to make criminals out of peop– er, I mean, to catch criminals are protected.

        So, essentially, we have the people charged with crime prevention going out there to commit crimes. Because hey, that way the criminal is right there and they just have to cuff them. Another job well done. Makes sense, right?

  • Makes you wonder why they didn’t go for the uploader too. Could it be they actually want it to stay online and available so that they can bait even more potential offenders? Makes the reasoning for the law banning simple possession (“as long as the images continue to exist, the child is being exploited”) sound awfully hypocritical…

    (I don’t dare say they put it up themselves for that purpose…)

    • Imagine the FBI randomly arresting children all over the country (for reasons like “refusing to take a bath” or “talking back to a teacher” [yes, countless children have been arrested for these or similar reasons]), raping them, gang-raping them, doing the most fucked up BDSM shit to them, videotaping it all and then put it up on the net to bait the evil pedoz.


    • It’s his lawyer that’s the moron.

      That said, the FBI even admitted that it wasn’t possible for Matt to even recover those deleted files through normal means. So the only thing they could find were file(s) that were deleted a year back. That doesn’t exactly sound like a pedo to me.

    • you just need to zero the drive.
      Since the early nineties we’ve been storing so much data inside drives that signal has become so weak that the heads can’t actually read the 1s and 0s so the hard drive controller has to resort to a statistical method to detect them.

    • No, you need to do a drive wipe, which is slower than a format.

      A format just rewrites the file system and the verifies that the rest of the hard drive can be read (and marks bad blocks if it finds any). It is difficult but possible to restore a file after format, because the sectors conatining data have not been overwritten.

      A wipe basically overwrites the drive with random data or zeroes, this way it is almost impossible to restore (and if you do it a few times it becomes really impossible).

      • What about deleting the drive then formating it again? I think ive done that about 6 times now it says thats its all free space so i assume nothing is left on there, but im not really a computer expert.

        • Well, the FBA really doesn’t care recovering all of it. All they need is few pieces of data that matches the original file and a bunch of “experts” that are 99% certain the files match.
          I’m not sure how far they are willing to go, but if they are willing to side track the law to stick it to pedos (Chris Hansen says hi), then I wouldn’t make any assumptions about it.

        • Drives nowadays use PRML (partial response maximum likelihood) to encode data on a disk. One random-character wipe really tears up the old signal in unimaginably shitty ways. Also, recovering overwritten data requires physical disassembly, examination of platters with scanning tunneling microscopes, millions of dollars of total equipment and can literally take months or even years of man-hours to complete.

          In short: they won’t go to this trouble unless they REALLY FUCKING WANT TO STICK YOU BAD. It’s not cost-effective and they can use the resources and funding to, I dunno, ACTUALLY STOP SERIOUS CRIMES. Any wipe is sufficient to prevent retrieval without clean-room disassembly. One random-byte wipe followed by one zero wipe should be sufficient to render clean-room recovery almost pointless.

        • (In response to Canti)
          If you think you may be receiving uninvited guests, the best thing to do is the old fashioned iron bar the HDD and then break the optical media to small peaces.
          Whole drive wipes can take hours on a few hundred GBs which leave enough time to pull the plug.

          If you are real paranoid (and you should be if you have illegal stuff), you can put some Thermite on top of it and have a one switch igniting device placed conveniently around you. This thing reaches over 9000 degrees (well ok, it’s actually 1000-5000 depending on how you mix it) and will burn through almost anything, including your PC case, HDD, floor, and the skull of anyone unfortunate enough to live on the floor bellow you if you have enough of the stuff. Did I meantion it burns so fast that in less than a second, it will penetrate the HDD in < second?
          It also leaves opportunity for some cool lines to make when the cops come.

          Also, vid on Thermite: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjLgzgflCk8

        • Canti:

          Single pass will make data irrecoverable on new drives. Modern drives stuff so much data in a very small place that any residual signal would be totally consumed by noise. Actually, even the current signal (the data you have just written) cannot be read back correctly, hard drives need to use error correction all the time now. Old 10-100MB drives left a big part of the signal intact, also, they recorded a signal strong enough that error correction was not needed to read the current data back if the drive was working properly.

          Of course, more than one pass does not hurt, but one would be enough.

        • 06:08 is partially correct and while i apreciate the lengthy enxplenation he screws up near the end by claiming it will only require a single pass to make data irrecoverable.

          I would recommend any avid PC user to have a copy of Hiren’s boot disk on standby as its a collection disk of many useful PC tools (among wich afcourse data destruction)

        • That it says free space does not mean that it is.

          A file is stored somewhere in the drive. To make it easier to access that file, information about it is stored in a special index, called “File Allocation Table” for FAT file systems or “Master File Table” for NTFS, but is basically the same thing.

          The file table basically stores where the file is, for example:

          a.txt: sectors 4456-4470; 8000-9000
          b.txt: sectors 4471-7000;
          c.txt: sectors 15000-18000;

          So when you want to access the file b.txt, the computer knows where on the disk it is.

          When you want to delete the file, it is faster to just mark that space as free. In the above example, the computer would just mark “free space: sectors 4471-7000”, but the data in those sectors is still there.

          A format erases the file table and creates a new one, leaving the data secors intact. Now it is harder to find the file, but still possible.

          It’s like that cassette tape I put where my blanks are – it still has its contents until I record something over them.

          After format, you need to completely fill the drive with some data so that every sector is overwritten. You can delete that data afterwards and the government will only be able to restore it, the files that were on the drive before the wipe will be lost forever.

    • Exactly. I remember using limewire and everything was mislabeled all the time. I kept getting the first Scooby Doo Movie several times while trying to download other things. This guy sounds pretty innocent to me. He even admitted he was trying to get girls gone wild and the file was misnamed. He deleted it as soon as he realized what it was. Not everyone is hardcore enough to encrypt their HDD and Clean sweep the drive. He figured the file was gone after deletion like any common user would.

  • yeah right.
    1 year after he downloaded those he still had not completely filled his drive thus overwriting the files?
    He is not telling the truth and deserves punishment.
    Hell, he should be punished just for his porn downloading incompetence.

  • what an idiocy. let people look and fap on whatever they want.
    Do something so child porn will disappear, then there will be nothing to download. Thats the same situation as in feminazi case. Stop beign idiots and erase problems, not consequences they bring.

  • Who the hell uses Limewire to download porn?
    Damn, no wonder I now use things like megaupload and mediafire to download anything. As for cleaning tools CCleaner would be one of the best, it has a tool to actively overwrite data in the “free space” of you HDD which makes data unrecoverable. It’s also free. Any other good tools out there for that purpose?

      • Ok, let’s see…

        The police can’t monitor one click hosters. They can of course scan for potentially illegal content by using the myriad of search engines and indexers available, but that hardly changes a thing. All they can do is requiring the hoster to remove the offending material at once. I seriously doubt one click hosters keep logs of what IP downloaded what, at least for longer than a few hours (and they can’t be required to do so since the expense would be enormous, essentially ruining their business). But even if they did, the fact that the HTTP protocol is used for downloading makes it insanely easy to hide your identity. Just use one or two good anonymous HTTP proxies and you’re effectively safe. All of this applies to free downloads only, of course (as opposed to having and using an account with the hoster).

        Feel free to correct me should I have actually overlooked something.

        • Wow, I’m seeing a lot of “I can’t do it, so it can’t be done!” here.

          Let me try to explain this for the thickskulls in the audience:

          Networks have lots of branches, yeah? So maybe they can’t get full throughput if they’re trying to monitor at the trunk. Can’t blame them for that. It’s thick. So instead, they can put multiple systems for inspecting and logging, one for each of the main branches. Or if that’s not feasible, then they can go to smaller branches.

          The cost isn’t as astronomical as you might think, either. My school, for example, has three devices for deep packet inspection. They can not only read the packets, but actually analyze them for intrusion patterns and perform actions based on the type of threat detected. As you can probably guess, this is quite a bit more involved than a simple read and log, yet they can still perform at Gigabit throughput, and they only cost about $30k each.

        • Well, how about you try stuffing a couple of ATM adapters into your oh-so-fast CoreDuo machine, replace a network node with it, let your pretty C algorithm (wait, you know C? No fucking way! o_O) inspect every packet your machine is routing and see how that affects overall network responsivity? There is a reason backbone routers and even access concentrators do as few buffering as possible, and they don’t even have to cope with slow-ass general-purpose buses…

        • Fine, delude yourself. I’m not going to argue with some random guy I don’t even know. I’ve had more than enough of C to know just how much a modern CPU can do.

          But just so you know, the EU law does indeed require logging all connection details since 2006th. If you had taken 5 minutes to look at the linked articles you will realize you are making an ass of yourself.

        • You know, you should really call your ISP and tell them that what they are doing is impossible and that they shouldn’t have all the logs they have.

          Processing power is it? If you only knew how much your computer does behind your back, you would choke on your words.
          My 3 years old CoreDuo can compare two random 4 byte blocks at the rate of over 60Gb/second with 2xFolding@Home clients and Vuze in the background. Using only one thread. Here’s the source if you think I’m making this up:
          If you do the math, you will find out that at this rate I can quite comfortably inspect so many TCP packages, that my 100mbit network cable is going to get saturated long before the CPU hits 1% capacity even with all the kernel boiler plate.

          According to anon:
          “…Also, ISPs in the EU are only forced to log what IP addresses they assigned to who…”

          But according to Wikipedia:
          — begin wikipedia quote —
          The Directive requires Member States to ensure that communications providers must retain, for a period of between 6 months and 2 years, necessary data as specified in the Directive

          * to trace and identify the source of a communication;
          * to trace and identify the destination of a communication;
          * to identify the date, time and duration of a communication;
          * to identify the type of communication;
          * to identify the communication device;
          * to identify the location of mobile communication equipment.
          — end wikipedia quote —

          Finally, UDP connections maintain no notion of session, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be traced. Just because you have no idea how to organize big data streams doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
          And HTTP runs over TCP so that doesn’t matter when it comes to 1-click hosts.

        • The issue with ISP logging is much less storage capacity than it is processing power. In a country like Japan, where the average Taro goes online @ 100Mbit/s, have fun DPI’ing every single IP packet to look if it’s for establishing a TCP connection, which is the least you must do as an ISP if you want the absolute minimum of data (“who-connected-to-who”), or otherwise your little calculation of 50bytes/connection would not even be possible in the first place. Also, ISPs in the EU are only forced to log what IP addresses they assigned to who (which is absolutely useless should they actually want to catch real criminals for once), not connection data, which would be totally unfeasible even if you’re as naive as our politicians about it. Yay for packet switching!

          Also, there is the option of using connectionless protocols like UDP. This way, they’d have to store every single packet sent and received by a user to gain any useful data at all.

        • /sigh, here we go again. Nerdrage much, are we?
          The ISPs will keep logs because the law in their OWN country require them to do so. You know, the kind of law that says “do it or go out of business”? If you live in EU/US you are screwed. If not, you are probably screwed but it’s not 100% certain.

          Even anon proxies tell you ISPs log:

          Yes, the EU really force your ISP to keep logs. I’m not making this up:

          And ironically, the law against pedos is spear-heading the same law in the US:


          And if you think the lack of legalization means they are not logging your trafic, Time Warner’s privacy policy would beg the differ:

          As for costs, let’s make a wild assumption that the average internet user makes 100000 TCP connections per day and the ISP stores 50bytes / connection. That’s 4Mb worth of data or 124Mb/month or about 1,4Gb per year.
          With the wonderful thing called compression, that data will be reduced to only a fraction of it’s size. Tell me, how much do you pay your ISP over a course of a year?
          Because 1GB is worth roughly $0.07.

          Yes, there are electric bills, but that’s besides the point.

          Oh yeah, and I definitely wouldn’t mind living in a fantasy world. I’d much rather exchange fireballs with a dragon than sit behind some desk for the rest of my life. Alas, that does not seem to be the case.

          Too lazy to log into an account,
          Anon 08:38

        • “IP logs are stored by the file host and by their ISP for quite a long time. I can’t speak for the host, but I know ISPs tend to store logs for at least a year, and some even longer.”


          Do you have any idea how much traffic moves through an ISP? Even if an ISP were to keep the most basic of basic information on what its customers were doing, that would be many terabytes of data -per day-. The cost to do such a thing would be absolutely phenomenal.

          There’s also the huge infrastructure that would be required to actually implement such a system. They’d need to do some serious DPI (deep packet inspection) to get all these details they’re “required” to keep. Before you start on the argument that they could just log the data from the first few packets of each connection, go learn about the keep-alive section of the HTTP 1.1 protocol. On top of that, they’d need to be processing -every single packet- that went through their equipment, not just the packets that have a dest/src port of 80 (even just picking those packets out would be a tremendous strain on resources, let alone processing them), because http doesn’t magically break if you run it on another port.

          Even if it were viable, you have to ask yourself “why?”. Why would they be keeping these logs? Because some law enforcement agency (probably in a completely different country) might one day possibly ask them to find records of what happened at a specific time?

          You’re living in a bit of a fantasy land my friend. Maybe it’s time to retire the old tinfoil hat and go get some sunlight.

        • IP logs are stored by the file host and by their ISP for quite a long time. I can’t speak for the host, but I know ISPs tend to store logs for at least a year, and some even longer. There is no significant expense in storing few bytes per downloaded. An IP address, a date, and a 32bit file identifier can be stored in only 12 bytes. That’s 85records per Kb or 89128960 in a Gb. Something tells me they probably have few gigs of free space for them logs.
          One-click file hosters also tend to detect and prevent access from public anonymous proxies. And proxies also have ISPs which also keep logs. Indeed, most ISPs (especially in the US and EU) are required by law to maintain these logs.

          So be smart and browse everything that you don’t want the FBI to find on your PC through a VM with fully encrypted virtual hard drive and at least 20 character password.
          Preferably, keep your illegal files within another secure file container which is also encrypted and uses several well hidden key files and a 20+ char password that is different from your HDD’s. Passwords can be brute forced, but brute forcing keyfiles is harder than brute-forcing the god damn password hash.
          Even if the police/FBA can prove you’ve DLed something you can just use the “I’m a Tor exit node” defense (but you have to be an actual Tor exit node for that to work!).
          It’s not like they can keep you in prison for 160+ years* until they decrypt your data.

          * assuming we don’t develop usable quantum computers anytime soon.

    • Why bother shredding the data if my harddrive is encrypted. Should be more common to be paranoid about your data. Especially if you use the interwebz, which automatically requires you to be a terrorist, pirate or pedophile according to politicians.

      @CoreFlood: But I am lazy, just like everybody else. Good thing police actually can’t do shit about your stuff around where I live. They at least need to inform you. Enough time to physically destroy any data if needed.

      I think this is actually the reason for them going against innocent people. All the guilty guys are too hard to arrest.

      • @Chen-03:

        “Why bother shredding the data if my harddrive is encrypted.”

        Because, depending on where you live, if the authorities raid your PC, and you have an encrypted hard drive, they can have a judge give you a choice of turning over the keys to your encrypted whatever, or going to jail for “contempt of court”.

        • You people don’t seem to understand that with something like TrueCrypt they can’t prove that you have anything encrypted unless they get the key, as long as you deny having any encrypted data you cant give them the key because it “doesn’t exist” and the burden of proof falls on them if they try and prosecute you.

        • ^^^^
          Assuming you can try infinite number of times(though some systems can automatically lock up or do some nasty things after a few failed attempts), anything can be bruteforced, the only question is how long it takes. Not that it matters anyways, because in most country not turning over the encryption key is already a crime.

        • There is NO “hardware” or software than can “decrypt” any of the algorithms used by TrueCrypt. None. Nowhere. Not even the NSA.
          If you use crap passwords that’s a different problem. And if you use steganography, there is zero proof you have any encrypted data at all.
          In England you can be jailed indefinitely for forgetting your password, but I don’t know about other places. And of course if you happen to live somewhere like Saudi Arabia, they can use what is called “rubber hose decryption,” which is highly effective.
          For cleaning “unwanted” files off of hard drives, no one product seems to do it all. A combination of “Window Washer” and “BCWipe” should do the trick, but you never know until it’s put to the test.
          The last hard drive I disposed of, I didn’t bother with any fancy methods. I just put it in a box and beat the shit out of it with a hammer, then threw the pieces into two separate garbage cans.
          Where I live, possession of anime or manga that is even simply “ecchi” can get you into trouble (not big trouble, but still), so I’m pretty careful.

    • I dunno how you guys purge data but what I do involves doing a wipe using methods that meet and exceed US DoD 5220.22

      That and rare earth magnets and a bath of Nitric acid to boot for the actual plates 🙂

      … data these days in the wrong hands can have dire consequences whether the data is legal or otherwise…

      Doesn’t hurt to be thorough these days 🙂

      Oh and as for hiding data… depends on what it is I guess but a proper encryption program would be good. Better if you write it yourself though in my opinion

    • its sad that there are cases where you get less years for actually having sex with a minor -_-*

      I’m so glad that in the place I live no 1 gives a shit for what we download, heh even government people use torents for games and movies >_>

    • It’s highly likely that this guy isn’t as innocent as he claims to be. No truly innocent person that just accidentally downloaded one CP file and then immediately deleted it would plead guilty and accept going to jail for 3 and a half years and being listed as a sex offender. You would have to be dumber than a sack of bricks.

      • Depends: from what I understand about the US justice system they do have a nasty tendency to scare/bully people into pleading guilty even when they are innocent, particularly when said people can’t afford good lawyers and experts.

        I remember a pair of stories where well-off people whose computer had been infected and made part of a zombie network were basically presumed guilty as soon as the CP was detected, and they had to nearly bankrupt themselves to hire computer experts and lawyiers able to prove their innocence, with the very uncooperative court apparently more interested in throwing the suspects in jail than in establishing the truth.

        Also take into consideration that US judges have a great deal of power, and I have heard quite a few stories about fanatics with a knight templar/hanging judge mentality among them who care little about the possibility that accused may be innocent. And even when they aren’t completely mental, some US judges care mostly about being cultivating their “tough on crime” image for electoral purposes, and to Hell with the innocents who may find themselves wrongly jailed or executed in the process…

        • Anonymous 11:34 says a strong truth here. If you don’t have a few hundred thousand dollars at side, to hire some big lawyer you are screwed.
          You will become a victim of the public image of a judge.

        • ya, they spent nearly a quarter million defending themselves.

          cp laws are fucked up here, 17 year old girl had to register as a sex offender for taking a picture of herself topless, and her 17 year old bf is in jail.

      • You plead for mercy the court reduces your term. You don’t plead for mercy the court sticks you with the full term. They’ll get you on possessing the pictures and not on intent of use. So you have it for one second you’re guilty under the law and get 20 years for it. Like coke or marijuana.

        Does that law even have a intent of use clause?

      • And possibly risk a 20 year sentence when they fill your jury with Mormons and Scientologists? It’s California, so it’s almost understandable. Also, it is really easy to accidentally download CP if you don’t know how to avoid it, that’s one of the reasons people have to be diligent in reporting bad torrents.

    • you know you can gut and skullfuck that loli and get away claiming insanity or serve less then 10 years in jail for good behavior . I love how possessing digital media is worse then killing a human being .

    • That shit hurts my brain badly. Theese idiots can’t capture the child molesters and CP-distributers, so they arrest random people who are in some way alliable with CP. Infantile revenge, in my honest opinion.