60% of Japanese Agree “Children are Unnecessary”


Government surveys of the Japanese population reveal unprecedented numbers no longer see having children as “necessary,” with some 60% of men and women in their twenties and thirties seeing no need to bother reproducing.

The Cabinet Office public opinion polls, covering over 3,000 people, found an overall 38.7% of men and 46.4% of women saw no need to have children.

Of these, 63% of those in their twenties and 59% of those in their thirties had no interest in children.

Additionally, 55.1% of respondents opposed the statement “The husband should work outside and protect the family,” an increase of 3% from the previous survey.

The government explains the changes as being because “diversification of people’s ways of life has proceeded.”

Many are interpreting these results not so much as a lack of interest, but rather a lack of ability – general perceptions of both marriage and childrearing are that they are prohibitively expensive for those of only average means…

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