US Army Brats Attempt Murder of Japanese Woman


Four American youths who attempted to kill random Japanese motorists by way of a rope strung across a road have been arrested for attempted murder after they succeeded in knocking a woman off her bike and fracturing her skull.

The four youths, consisting of three boys and a girl aged 15-18, were all family members of US armed forces stationed at Yokota Air Base, a US air force base on the outskirts of Tokyo.


The group decided to amuse themselves by stringing a rope across a 6.5 metre wide road in order to interfere with traffic, and soon got their desire when a 23-year-old Japanese woman riding a moped was thrown from her bike after riding into the rope.

She cracked her skull on the ground in a violent fall, suffering a severe skull fracture.

The four were apprehended by police at the scene, with bystanders and security cameras witnessing the incident; police soon charged them with attempted murder.

The group admitted their crimes, saying “We didn’t think it would be a big thing” and “We didn’t think people would think of this as attempted murder.”

US armed forces stationed in Japan enjoy a variety of special privileges, and Japanese police actually had to secure their permission to arrest two of the perpetrators who lived on the base.

The US forces impudently refused to hand over the pair for over a week after the initial arrest warrant was served, perhaps thinking police would not renew it after its week-long validity expired. However, Japanese police merely renewed it and after several days of further wrangling the base finally agreed to hand over the pair to face charges.

US bases in Japan, though an integral part of the nation’s defence policy and strategic US alliance, are extremely unpopular in the localities they operate, chiefly thanks to the highly criminal tendencies of the average US army serviceman as compared to the general populace.

A series of high-profile rapes, murders and robberies has ensured US armed forces have had to become increasingly careful lest they further erode the already sceptical public support for the bases, a lesson Yokota apparently failed to learn…

Via Jiji.

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  • this type of stuff will always happen..its time for the US to leave japan..btw im american and i was stationed in korea and saw the same sillines from idiots drinking.. i wouldnt even hang around other US service member just because of their actions towards the koreans.

  • Id’ve had a severely smacked bottom, A good few smacks around my head and a right telling off if I did anything like this! (But I wouldnt cause im not that bored/retarded)

    We’ve all done stupid things as kids but shit those “kids” were 15-18 for Christs sake!! (Mommy and Daddy obviously wernt showing them enough love and attention)

    The worst things I did as a kid were Hedge hopping, Postmans knock and Pulling Moonys and Sunnys. (Shame on you dirty trick pulling imperialist yankee scum)

  • Anonymous says:

    To you sons of bitches who want to blame this on “white people”, fuck you. I’m American, my parents were born here, and my grandparents in Germany. Yet I’m sure this is enough for one of you WHITE people on this site to base a stereotype. BTW, all this American hate here, has anybody bothered to notice that this site has a US URL, and is not Also, you speak English here, so you are either in an English speaking country or you liked the language and cultures enough to learn it. Some of you talk about destroying America or killing the whites, you don’t understand that once the American whites are gone, who are the Islamic radicals going to decide is the final thing in the way of Allah’s paradise? They wont stop until your democratic *puke* government and free- willed women and unmarried children are slaughtered. I don’t support these little shits but who are you people to say all of us are alike?

  • Anonymous says:

    As a member of the USMC I have made it very clear to both of my kids that if they ever pulled something like this I would personally hand them to the authorities AFTER I disciplined them myself…this kind of crap is to widespread and is why Americans are in danger abroad.

  • ok im stationed over in japan and all i can say is that the children get their parents in a shit load of trouble on a daily basis…. its for the craziest things too this being one of the craziest iven seen and im a cop….the partents most times either dont have much time to watch their children or just out right dont disclipine them…i feel terrable knowing that the dependents do this and they are very out right disrepectful to everyone….its been a few who just hate japan and want to go back to the states so they do things like this….i love japan

  • I love how some of you base your opinions of America on the actions of the stupid ones. If did that I would think that all Japanese people run around stabbing each other when they are not too busy chopping up their girlfriends, or killing their boyfriend after stealing all of his money.

    Ive seen some stupid shit since I’ve lived in Japan and I gotta say Japanese has its fair share of crazy people as well.

    And those kids are Air Force Brats NOT Army brats, which explains a lot.

  • im an American and i find that retarded and beyond stupid. its idiots like them that make me ashamed to be an American sometimes. gawd. i really hope they get what they deserve and i also hope that the Japanese woman gets better.

  • Ugh, I cant believe the Americans actually tried to hide attempted murderers and stood in the way of police trying to punish the perpetrators for their crime! (probably only because they were American as well)…and to hear that the areas in Japan that house US military bases are pretty much ghetto because of the increased crime, rape, and other violent activity BECAUSE Americans are there…makes me ashamed to call myself American….

  • American army brat here:

    This reminds me of that time in Germany when some American kids decided it would be funny to drop rocks from an overpass at cars. They ended up killing at least one person.

  • My grampa used to say to the teachers of my dad and uncles when he wen’t to talk to them in school “Entrégeme sólo la zalea si es necesario” Which roughly translates to “Just bring the skin if necessary”, so my uncles would behave in school.
    These days if one goes as far as calling “dumb” any student you get both parents on yourself and if you’re unlucky, you can even get sued…

    • so are the japs, and the kraughts, and the russians and the brits. But who cares? This whole world is full of crap and its all going to end soon. make your peace with God now or suffer an eternity in Hell

  • HentaiKamen says:

    Blitz said:
    People didn't choose freedom over fascism in world war II. They chose globalism over fascism; globalism will be just as totalitarian as fascism….you just don't know it yet. I think in a few decades people will realize it, but by then it's far too late.

    Most people prefer isolationism. Some of them just don't know it. It's human nature, really.
    People always like to group together on some sort of common ground, whether it be religion or race or skin colour or even political views… (proof: almost every north american city has a "little italy" and/or "chinatown")
    That is why there is so much intolerance and discrimination on the internet and in multi-cultural societies…
    Canada for example has no national identity. Very few people choose to call themselves Canadian.
    As for your previous comment on "globalism" I can see what you mean. Given enough time, "liberal/moral" fags like EU politicians and Equality Now (or death!) will try to force totalitarians laws againts anything that they believe is immoral…
    porn!? no. degrades women.
    2D porn!?!? no. it harms virtual women…
    2D porn loli!?!?!!?!?!?? child molestor jailed.

  • I believe it’s nothing more than “the invisible rope” gone wrong. Cause if it was trully caught with security cameras they would be airing that to hell. Plus footage of the damage to the bike plus to show the rope in general.

    • You can’t be bothered to read the article, yet you feel compelled to write a paragraph of ignorant, irrelevant bullshit regardless?

      The only insight you’ve provided (albeit unwittingly) is a reminder of just how idiotic people can be.

  • Yet another shame on my country.

    Bring them home. All of them. Bring all of our military home to the U.S.

    We will be better protected and the world will be a better place. Especially Okinawa

    • I agree-bring them all home and let each nation and country defend themselves.let China have free reign over Asia. Let North Vietnam invade and destroy the south. Let Iran point their nukes at Italy, Greece and even Japan and see who steps up to cover your weeping, lazy asses. bring our boys home and close OUR borders. Bring them home and guard OUR cities from allah and his stupid hell bound followers. IF this story is true, I hope the kids DO get just treatment, but to say things like “all americans are bad” or “stupid” or “white parents” are bad-how RACIST can you get? I suggest you get back to your anime porn and let us do what we do best: Kick ass. And stop asking for help and then questioning our methods. Further more, don’t forget who started it on December 7, 1941- 68 years ago TODAY- the day YOU woke up the sleeping giant- and who ended it- August 5 1945. Would you like for me to continue, or is that enough history for today?

      • ^
        I’m pretty sure they are not saying ‘get out American’. They are just asking that those who commit crime, recieve a well deserving punishment. Wether they are Natives or Army Brats who thought hurthing people were funny/amusement.

  • The hell? Didn’t the event happen way back in August?
    You should mention that they have just been formally charged and arrested as of 12/04/2009, just to be factually correct.

    Besides, the US didn’t REFUSE to hand the children over. The problem was whether to arrest them before formally charging them as per Japanese law. As there is no precedent for dependents of US personnel on whose responsibility it should be to handle them in case of criminal action. Besides, I like how Artefact doesn’t mention Japan’s archaic and Draconian legal system which would have denied even normal Japanese citizens of a Fair Trial much less those evil gaijin…

    As another reason why Japanese tolerate American presence, the bases provide a significant amount of jobs to local Japanese.

    • Fun? yeah, how would you feel some kids decides to pull a same exact prank on you? and they would say, “oh, we didnt mean no harm, its funny” and your skull is craked open, bleeding like hell, and they get away scott-free? Would you have exact same opinion you’ve stated above? “OH CMON PPL! KIDS ARE JUST HAVING SOM FUN!

      No, ofcourse you won’t. That clearly states how much you care about other human beings. Maybe someday you will be badly hurt, because some kids pulled a prank that threatened your life, and some stranger on a blog said, “hey, those kids were just having fun! hahahhhhahaha dhuuuhhhhhhh~ who gives a shit for fuck anyways, its not me! haha”

  • I love how people complain of American ignorance and bigotry, while they themselves are generalizing and entire country based off the stereotypical media representation of it. The fact is, there’s intelligent and stupid people in every country, and stating otherwise does nothing but project a negative view of yourself.

    Good job at the outstanding hypocrisy, however.

  • And why wasn’t she wearing a helmet?
    Not saying what the kids were doing was right (not at all), but she should still be wearing a helmet.
    And those kids deserve that attempted murder charge. How can you honestly say you didn’t think it’d be a big deal when you string a rope across a road when people are driving by? That’s like asking for someone to have an accident.

  • Story is a bit messy. First off, mentioned is “Yokota Air Base”, an Air Force base… but Army is not mentioned in your summary. Army brat is not equal to Air Force brat.

    Second, was she wearing a helmet? Doubt this sort of damage could be caused with one.

    The Japanese would be crazy to get rid of the US military. They are far to passivated to raise a real military, and even then that doesn’t guarantee they don’t get their asses handed to them.

      • Insider info, trusted high-ranking source: Japan’s been considered “for all intents and purposes a nuclear power”, “perpetually keeping themselves 1 day away from nuclear weapons” since at least the 70s by the intelligence community. Whether they actually keep disassembled nukes, assembled nukes they don’t admit to, or are simply ready to build em at moment’s notice is unknown, but no military intelligence or diplomat out there doubts for even a second that Japan will have nuclear weapons the moment they need them, that the research and facilities are there already. It’s one of the many reasons why Japan is treated the way it is by the international community.

  • I’m an American and I say Japan should demand our military bases be taken out of Japan. If Japan wants them there it should be in Guam or some island with no population of Japanese. Though most are good, it is ruining everything for American people by having military bases all over the world since locals only focus on bad things that happen and don’t care about lame excuses that are given why punishment is less severe. They should punish these kids hard so word gets around Japan is serious finally about stuff like this. Stories like this just create more and more bad press for America. They should not protect these brats just because their dad is some military big shot.

  • I wonder if, adjusted for population, more or less Japanese kids get up to this sort of shit. God knows I read enough about it here. Face it, there is a notable (if expected) degree of racism to this furor.
    Even the protests over the US not handing over the kids immediately are not as reasonable as they seem, to anyone who knows anything about the Japanese legal system with its remarkable 98% conviction rate.
    Anyway, Artefact could have just written a generic comment “America sucks!” as the first comment and closed the thread. It would have summed up 99% of the comments, anyway.

  • HAHAHAHA That’s cool. Well with some servicemen coming from it’s good to relieve some of that stress on a different population hahahahaha. GOD BLESS U.S ARMY NAVY MARINES AIRFORCE COAST GUARD. NUKE again.

  • if i were POTUS , i would make a trip to japan , gut the little fucks like a fish , then put their heads on spikes at the front gate of the base in a public ceremony …
    their worthless parents would be flogged until they died , then i would present the injured party with their ears and noses , plus all her expenses paid with compensation…
    but our potus is a worthless coward who would never have the guts to do anything so bold…

  • The fact is the American forces refused to hand the punks over to authorities, so yes, the Americans – at least at the base, ARE at fault for not discouraging this type of behavior. It was good to see that the local authorities didn’t give in.

    But on a broad level, I wouldn’t limit this to “American stupidity” in general, as there are plenty of ill-mannered punks wasting air on this planet. It’s a shame that we have laws protecting so-called “kids” at the expense of others. If it were up to me, I’d host a public execution for those little sacks of shit.

  • i work at a hotel, and recently a relgious group stayed, with there children….

    the children were little devils.. complete assholes the lot of them, spray painting the hallway walls ( work at an upscale place so bad thing) didn’t calm down till the police arrived and told the parents that he’ll take them off to jail if they don’t calm down…

    kids should be afraid of there parents.. that it.. afraid to piss them off cuz they know the’ll get a beatten if they screw up! i was totally afraid of my mom getting upset…and she never ever touched me… Thats the way it should be!

  • I was in Germany for a few years, just on the outskirts of one of the American bases. The kids on that base did stupid shit too, because once you go off base, legal drinking age is sixteen years old. So, they had their “fun”. However, what I loved over there was when one of those little shits would do something stupid on German soil, you bet your ass the German police had a field day. Regardless if you were a GI’s kid or a Generals daughter, if you did something illegal or stupid to a German cop, they were gonna beat your ass, and the American base couldn’t do anything about it.

    I remember this one drunken loser, must’ve been 17, called a German cop a Nazi. Let me tell you, I never laughed so hard when they beat the ever loving shit out of him. Ahh… That’ll teach the little fuck bucket to go into another country and show disrespect. Especially if it’s Germany.

  • Holy shit, what is with the American hate here? There’s probably a majority of you that are American, why the fuck are you criticizing your country? The last time I remembered, AMERICA IS A DEMOCRACY. YOU PICKED YOUR PRESIDENT.
    Christ, I’m not even America, I’m Canadian. I’m sick and tired of seeing all this America hate when the rest of the world is just as rude and ignorant as America is.
    Japan is probably even worse socially than America, but none of you live there, so you can’t fucking say anything about it.

    • Idiots don’t listen to the president when he tells them not to do shit like this, if he actually knew about this.

      As for criticizing America… it’s the dumb kids’ fault for acting like morons in foreign territory. By being on a US base, they are public representations of America to the general populace. If they choose to act like that, of course people are going to hate America, because they don’t have any evidence of Americans doing anything better.

      A bad reputation is easy to gain. A good reputation is not.

      • Something’s a bit off with that. I did remember saying it’s his or her fault if they do something stupid in the country that gets them deported. Nobody knows what’s going to happen these days especially when a foreigner who is breaks a laws in another country. Whatever happens is that persons fault for doing it. you said” at least other countries don’t send people to other countries to rape and enact other acts of violence on their people. One problem, HOW IN THE WORLD WOULD ANYBODY BE AWARE OF WHAT THAT PERSON IS GOING TO DO IN OTHER PLACES!? They know nothing of what that person, either a he or she, was going to do in other countries? If that foreigner messed up and gets in trouble, it is on them not everyone else. That comment fails to make sense.

  • You have to wear a helmet (and one of good quality at that) when riding motorcycle, even if for the sole purpose of surviving some stupid fuck’s pranks.

    Oh, you have no idead how I want to get close and personal with the kid who gave an idea first. Srsly, I believe he deserves death.

    • Another interesting question is what if the person they got was a cop instead of just a random passer by?

      And yes, an attempted murder charge is appropriate for this case, as other people mentioned before (unless she ends up dieing, then murder).

  • BAHAHA, STUPID ASS CRACKERS. you know they were white, white people get away with all the shit they do to others and don’t feel any remorse.

    A bunch of fucking hypocrites. I can picture them now, the stringy haired sunburnt aryan asswipes.

    I should try this trick on some of those stupid ass white bikers always hogging up the lanes downtown. might nail a few 🙂

  • Actually, this is so typical nowadays. Teens doing things without thinking about the effects, whether what they did would kill or at least seriously injured someone. Upbringing this days is as good as in the past any more I think. It looks like there’re no limits in what we are doing since people are abusing arguments like “we live in a free society/democracy” etc.

    By the way, did the Japanese girl/woman wear a helmet. The injury is quite serious if she does wear a helmet.

  • All I have to say is “Like father, like son”.

    Americans are dumb and meen people, expecially those who live in military bases.

    The number of rapes and violent crimes to avarage american is very high rate.
    It’s because you live in military aka. us versus them mentality and by that group mentality they support stupid ideas they get from the moment and back their friends who see it right to abuse and attack locals.

    US citizens are hated across the world exspecially in asia.
    Asia has got the most shit from US then any other part of the world. South America has it’s share too.

    I do not feel bad if these kids get 10 to 15 year sentence and get raped by some hiv positive yakuza fucker.

    At least their parents know what it means to be reletive to those who they themself have made harm.

    • I understand what you’re saying, but I’m a bit bother that you would put me down with the rest of those other idiots. Sure USA got some of their idiots in our country, but that doesn’t mean that other countries do not have their own idiots in their countries as well. And even if the numbers don’t lie, don’t just judge everyone else as the same. I read the news and I know I’m disgusted with the somebody’s actions, whether they be American or some other person from another country, because it is wrong. Even though I’m african american, I know I had nothing to do with that crap going on around the world, and you hurt me by saying I’m dumb, but I’m in college doing fine and I’m very respectful to people no matter where they are from. So you think you know me just because I’m an American right? Wrong, Me and few other Americans got common sense and the smarts to not do the wrong things. And you don’t even take the time to see other people’s views on the situation, especially some americans are also disgusted at one of their owns’s actions. You just see the news about 4 stupid american youths doing something moronic, you get mad and act on your anger about it without a thought.

      All these stereotype nonsense is getting on my nerves, and I don’t have to keep up this drivel, after all, this has been going for a long time, and some people don’t even try to make sense of the whole thing, just complicates arguements with the most simplest of words out of the hatred for another country.

      I said my words, don’t even reply to me because I’m not going to reply back.

    • Yeah, where do some people, especially some US soldiers get off thinking they can actually do anything they want here without consequence? I read some news about this constant stupidity. Face it, some US soldiers in the ranks stationed in Japan can not control themselves and leave some people alone. This is partly one reason most people diss on the Americans, though some of us are unaware of what is going on in Japan, and some of us have some dignity and control. It’s sad.

  • I think this really depends on the speed of that road. If it was 5 miles an hour it probably just got out of hand. But if it was 60 or somethin then yeah they deserve jail-time.
    Also the populace seems to hate them… It’s self for filling if you hate someone for something and then they do it. I wonder how they were treated by the Japanese…

    • That’s a weak statement, I’m American, but don’t put me down with those other idiots. Getting sick of all these stereotypes and nonsense. Some people do got commen sense and are smart enough not do something so incompetent, unlike those four Americans army brats.

    • Pretty much true of everyone in the world.

      I hope these idiots spend a long time in prison. Not knowing it was attempted murder? Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, and definitely true in this case.

      A bad showing by the commanders at Yokota. I might be able to understand their reluctance, especially if the two they did not want to hand over were the younger ones, because the difference in juvenile laws between Japan and the US. However, that is a what a consular officer from the the embassy is for.

      I do have to wonder if the reluctance had something to do with the experience of US troops in South Korea, where the local authorities DO have a history of harassing and discriminating against US servicemen and their dependents. Listening to former military lawyers who served in Korea can be a very eye-opening experience.

      • Yeah it’s sad all right, I read some of the news about this, I just want to yell knowing that somebody messed up big time and that person might be American. None of this would never happen if that person didn’t do what he or she did that just gives their own nationality a bad name. Whatever reason it was done is definitely no excuse. That person disgraced him or herself and is provided as a bad example of how you act in other countries.

  • Even if it is arrested by them, the person related to the U.S. military is innocent because the U.S. military protects it until evidence is destructed even if the person is killed.
    It is not possible to judge by the law of Japan because the U.S. military doesn’t hand over the person even if U.S. service member rapes and does the grade-schooler, and the minor offense treatment in martial court.

        • HentaiKamen says:

          It is ironic how it is perfectly fine to be racist towards “white” people nowadays when it was the “white” American/EU politicians that made those anti-racism and equality laws.

          If a white person says anything against anyone it’s racism but not vice-versa it seems.

          And yet “Minorities” in “white” countries always pull the discrimination card whenever they can.

        • I have to laugh at your stupidity, above Anon…you think you’re going to get revenge haha…may I remind you, in the US, it isn’t the black population that’s slated to become a majority within the century. It’s the Latinos, and they won’t put up with your shit like we Whites did. Continue to bite the hand that feeds you….you don’t have a clue how good you have it you filthy ingrate.

  • I bet they won’t do these kinda pranks if they were in the U.S.
    They need to set up a similar pranks on them and split their skull open, and see how they like it.
    Probably not, why should they do something to others that they are not willing to do upon themselves? BECAUSE THEY ARE FUCKING MORONS!

  • Does anyone think that it is funny that people like to say A ‘Parents should smack their kids more.’ in the same breath as B ‘Japan should ask US to go back to their own country’, because having mindset A leads to mindset B.

    When parents discipline their children, the children learn to obey parents and authority from a young age, which is basically the case in Asian society.
    In the hierarchy of nations, US is Japan’s authority figure, and Japan thus puts up with US infractions simply because they know they cannot stand up to the US.

    Sometimes you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  • YEAH If that victim is my sister or mother I would shot them with my pneumatic spud gun I’ll use a potato but with few small iron bolitas in it. silent and maybe not so deadly (I think). Let see if they how thick their skull is.

  • LOL Dumb Nip bitch deserved to die. She should have seen the rope. This is just a working example of survival of the fittest and the unfit being eliminated by nature. The youths were simply removing from the gene pool stupid, inbred slant eyes and fulfilling our shared responsibility of giving our full support to Darwinism for the betterment of our global village.

  • the brat bastards fit a ‘certain demographic’ and it isn’t ‘white’ just like it isn’t ‘white’ in over 97% of all other ‘american’ connected criminal activity in japan…
    dam’d PC a$$ho!e$…

  • I was in the US Army a few years back, and frankly this just makes me sick. To many times the unit there in Japan have special priveleges that should not be given. If they were here in US jail and punishment would be immediate. If Sankaku Complex would like to talk to me then please email at

  • stupid kids saying “We didn’t think people would think of this as attempted murder” what they expect? the drive get up and say “nice one” while smiling? next time build a door at 10th floor that lead straight outside, i bet you wouldt think of it as attempted muder.

    • You mean the country that doesn’t believe in evolution? The same country that gave birth to C0$ and YEC?
      It’s not certain stupid people, anon. Even if you and/or your social circle are not stupid, most of America is. Not that the rest of the world is much better.

  • I really don’t like the idea of US military forces stationed on many countries. It’s like they’re policing the world and they think they could get away with anything with the power on their side. When you’re in another country show some manners and respect.

    • Stahn Aileron says:

      They try to beat that into the SERVICEMEMBERS damn near everyday…Unfortnately, FAMILY members don’t always partake in that type of training they provide/enforce.

      So while Servicemembers are directly taught NOT to fuck up (though obviously some of them don’t take it to heart), family member behavior is a whole other problem…(Probably why, at least from my experience in the Navy, they prefer to send single people overseas.)

  • As someone who lives at Yokota, I was dumb-stuck to see this on Sankaku. No one even knows about this on base, I had heard about it through the grapevine. Rumor has it that the kids (Air Force, not Army dependants lets me clear) are sons/daughters of higher ups here at the air base, which is why absolutely no one here knows about it, because if it had been a service member who had done something similar, they’d go to military jail for 20 years, and these kids will get off scott free.

    • Stahn Aileron says:

      Sankaku probably got it via JPN news. I dunno about Yokota, but the bases in Japan tend to be their little own world. Some people just don’t care about what happens outside the gates, so keeping info hushed up about outside affairs could be fairly easy…Unless you know people.

      And yeah…I’m sure if it was a servicemember, his ass would handed to the JPN police on a platter…Family member cases I never heard much about…Though if indeed it’s the kids of high-ranking/important people…Then yeah…probably scott-free. (Is it just me, or is the stupidity of military brat directly proportional to the rank/importance of their parents?)

      I should contact some friends I have in JPN and see what measures they’e gonna implement to “deter” this behavior in the future…Assuming news of this gets out to the rest of the forces over there…

      • If it was an active duty service member who did this, they’d probably prefer to be handed over to the Japanese police as compared to the very real alternative of being sent to military prison followed by the Dishonorable Discharge.

        Earning a Dishonorable is as bad, or even worse than being a convicted sexual offender in many parts of the US (especially down here in the South). Certain lesser felonious behaviors are routinely excused by most US civilians and employers, but a Dishonorable discharge is a totally different can of worms.

        As for these kids; their asses will be nailed to the wall after they’re shipped home, and their parent’s career(s) will come to a screeching and highly involuntary halt.

      • All of the members involved will be “barred from base” which means they have to move off base, can not come onto base, which means they can’t go to school, which leaves them unsupervised during the day. It’s pretty much a way of sending them and their parents back to the US without shit canning their folk’s career.

        Some involved were half Japanese and more than likely born in Japan, just in case anyone was wondering.

  • How long are the Japanese going to take this shit?

    They should kick americans out. No independent country should have foreign military bases. Americans brag how their military bases are like a gun pointed at the head of the government. That is how much power the military bases give americans.

    And this case is one more proof of how the Japanese are losing independence and sovereignity because of old US military bases.

    The Japanese need to stand up and kick the americans out!

    • “Americans brag how their military bases are like a gun pointed at the head of the government. ”

      Yeah, I hear that everyday from everyone.
      Why, just the other day while buying groceries the teller told me how great it is to have a base in Korea since its an assault rifle pointed at the brain of the head of government. True story and in those exact words.
      The boy scout meetings I also attended so as much as well, I swear everyone must being saying that.

    • How long are they going to take it? They agreed to it when they signed the treaty after WW2. Trust me, they wouldn’t let us leave if we tried. Each base is one huge paycheck for the immediate area, not to mention everything on base is staffed by the Japanese. It’s not as simple as hurr durr they should just kick them out. You don’t read about the american service members getting stabbed and etc, but it happens. It’s not like the horrible Americans are running a muck in Asia

    • The problem is, to have the American leave. That would mean that Japan will need to build and maintain her own standing military force. The JSDF simply doesn’t have the capacity to operate alone at the event of a full scale invasion. They have no hope of counter balancing the military might of China/Russia/NK. Also consider the shitstorm it’s gonna stir up should Japan actually does rebuild her military. Just about every country in Asia where Japanese had once invaded back in WWII will go apeshit.

      There’s also a very practical side of having American presence. Namly the fact that keeping a standing military costs shit tons of money. The money Japan really couldn’t afford. In fact one of the reason behind the Japanese post WWII economy boom was because they didn’t have to put any money in their defence budget since American handled everything for them.

      Simply put, right now the pros simply outweight the cons by far. It is still in their best interests to keep the American presence.

  • Americans are fucking pussies with huge guns to make themselves feel better. From what I’ve heard, in any country ASIDE from America, if you’re a kid and fuck up, your parents beat the shit out of you.

  • Times like this that makes me wonder…why the fuck did America abolish physical discipline of their brats…see, THIS is what happens when white people raise their children.

    Other cultures knows that a good spanking now and then will set their kids straight, but no, the Retarded States of America just looves to spoil their kids, and say they can do anything they want, and THIS happens.

    Know what the sad thing is? The brats will probably get off scot-free and they wont learn any lesson, since they’re americans, and the Japanese are so gutless when it comes to dealing with the amerifags stationed there….
    And Japan isn’t even known for really harsh crime punishments to begin with…

    • maybe you guys dont know shit about anything. white white white? wtf is that? it isnt race you fucktards. ive probably been beat more than either one of you. black americans dont do shit by majority.

    • AS for the physical discipline thing it really depends on where you live. If you live in the south, as long as you don’t leave any visible marks (and there are tons of ways to do that) and don’t do it in public you can get away with it fairly easily…hell look at the cops that tazed the 10 year old girl in Alabama (though I’m not bragging cause that was stupid). When I was younger my dad had a paddle with my brother’s and my name on it, and we knew where it was gonna hit when we did something bad -_-

    • Because white Americans idealize everything, including the innocence of children, which in the US means something ‘precious’ to be protected *puke*, whereas in Japan, it just means whacking off material.

    • Hah, so true.
      Just look at the senate and congress.

      Everything they do is for the good of the people. no matter how stupid it is, it was never their mistake.

      Forcing Bank to make bad loan, What? is was not our fault it’s the Bank fault.

  • “We didn’t think it would be a big thing”

    NO REALLY!? Putting hard to see obstacles in front of speeding vehicles CAN’T be dangerous right!? Why don’t they just dare each other to jump in front of the freeway while they’re at it!?

    They should be thankful the woman didn’t break her neck on her fall. Manslaughter is a much more serious crime.

  • I see Korea aint the only place where us soldiers are basically doing whatever the hell they want

    In Korea an american soldier ran over two school girls with a tank and he walked away free because hes in the army

    “We don’t kill civilians, we use precision” my ass

    For those of you who want to know more about it, Google it

    Justice my ass

  • I don’t know if attempted murder seems to be a right charge. I read articles about this, though I believe they were pure stupid idiots that deserve every punishment coming to them. The fact attempted murder seems extreme only because though stupid and irresponsible, I do not think they actually did this to try and kill someone. Perhaps manslaughter or something along that line seems more appropriate. I’m unfamiliar with japanese law, is there such a distinction in japan?

    • And just what do you think they were trying to do?

      You know americans have movies where this kind of rope thing is used to behead people. Maybe they saw the movie and took it to practice?

      I would say it was attempted decapitation. There was no other purpose.

    • I think its the right charge

      What if someone’s neck hit the rope?

      And as it happened to the person in this article, what if they cracked their head and didn’t survive? or maybe cracked their head open?


      Those stupid kids didn’t think, obviously common sense is not being used here

      I wonder what a rope can to do a person when they hit a rape who is traveling at high speeds?

  • @Anon 16:15:

    I can hear your whiney voice now: “God-damn you fukkerz! It ain’t fair, ‘ur’ pickin’ on us Americunz…”

    The “bullshit self-made-martyr / the world owes me / I can do anything I want simply because I can” attitude you have probably is shared by the four individuals in question.

    To All:

    It pisses me that they did this, and more so that the sires and dams of these four majorly contributed to it by neglecting their parental duties.

    If I believed in cruel-yet-ironic punishments (I don’t), I’d force the perpetrators to re-create their stunt, but with a few changes:

    1) The perps will use steel cable instead of rope;
    2) The perps will hold the cable themselves, instead of tying it to structural objects, two persons per cable end;
    3) The perps will be bound to the cable, hands in front of them;
    4) The perps will attempt to stop the Shinkansen;
    5) The perps’ sires and dams will be forced to watch; and
    6) The perps’ sires and dams will be forced to neatly paint over any resultant scratches to the Shinkansen locomotive and cars.

    I wrote ‘sires and dams’ because they do not deserve the title of ‘parents’.

  • Honestly,the toaj is the idiot,come on it’s a rope.She couldn’t see a rope,well with their cunt eyes I guess not.And Their Air Force brats,so fuck them,but the japs should cope with it because without America being there they’d get screwed,possibly by Stovies cause you should know how Stovies love to invade shit,like Georgia

    • Your fucking retarded. Learn the facts before you say shit.

      It was late at night when the woman was driving, so seeing a rope stretched out in front of you would be difficult to see. And are you honestly siding with these kids? Saying it isn’t their fault?

      As for the “japs coping with us”, isn’t out of choice. They are constitutionally not allowed a standing military force ever since MaCarthur wrote it for them after their surrender.

      Yes, they have the JSDF, which isn’t a government army, but a civilian one. Similar to the Coast Guard, meant to protect our borders, and thats about it.

      As for the American soldiers have “special priviliges”,that is just retarded. They are on foreign soil when they commit these crimes, therefor they should be under the countries laws.

      Having dual citizenship is nice, as more and more I feel ashamed to be an American after hearing about the inane and retarded things that some of us do.

      Whatever happens to these kids, I hope political affairs don’t interfere and let these kids off with a slap on the wrist.

      • The special privilege goes for any country, ambassadors here have diplomatic immunity,so don’t bitch and trying to acted smart you’re just making an ass of yourself because no one gives a flying rat’s ass if you have a large vocabulary , Douchebag.Also it’s MacArthur and America for the win.And to the Russians invading Japland would be a sight to see cause c’mon,if a nudist could did what he fid,I it be a potato walk for the Russians.

      • What the fuck do you think headlights are for!!!!!And I’m not siding ,I just hate Toajs.I still think they should suck it up or the Stovies will get them before they go to Hari-Kari rock with the tuning fork.

      • They do have special priveledges.

        If the children were japanese could their parents refuse to hand them over for a week? No the police would either storm in or charge the parents with something.

        It sounds like the army was trying to let the kids get away with it.

      • finally someone actually knows why japan can’t have an army.

        and as for special privileges like diplomatic immunity and foreign soil policy the only way to fix it is to have only lolis to be elected as head of state. 😀

    • They should leave everyone alone

      JP aint the only place

      Korea suffered so much from them too

      One of the bigger incidents was when an american soldier driving a tank, running over two school girls

      He got off easily because hes in the army, and it was bush as the president that time, he wouldn’t hand the soldier over to the Korean police

      “We don’t kill civilians, we use precision”

      screw them, hypocrites

  • japan has the highest suicide rate of any country

    japan is one of the most openly racist countries on earth, if not the most.

    japanese men would rather have 2d ‘waifus’ than meet and date and marry japanese women.

    So regardless of if american armed forces are popular in those locations or not, and regardless of if there is higher alleged criminal activity, that tiny tiny tiny percentage will never stunt japan’s growth as a nation, as the japanese have taken the lead in doing that.

    Bad prank? sure. Worse than anything the nips will do to themselves in the next 20-30 years? hell no.

  • No imagination, no inteligence, no honor.
    Or propably they know what they doing but they were sure that USArmy will protect them from consequences.

    In any casy they should suffer. Suffer greatly.

  • Can you guys shut the fuck up with the LOL AMERICA comments? UK articles don’t receive the same comments, and neither do other countries, when we all know the youth in other countries are just as stupid.

    • thank you. have these people looked at what happens in china recently? it isnt even the teens there. alot of them have been people 40s- higher. or look at any other country. there are violent crimes all over the world that happen all the time. why is it when its american its put all over the news?. a guy on here also said crimes and rape in America are very bad. well here is this . check it out. the fucking UK has more rapes per cap than america. people need to stf up and look at the god damn facts

      • I must be reading this wrong… but the US has 2x the number of rapes per capita… according to the same source you posted (US is ranked 9th, while UK is 13th). What facts?

        On another note, check out where Japan is ranked in comparison to the US.

        The reason this is hyped up is because it happened to be an international incident, involving Japan (Which, not coincidentally, happens to be where Sankaku is…).

    • I know this is wrong…but I still laughed.

      That said this is one of the reasons I’m not proud to be an American…I’m sorry, but I don’t think they should have any more rights than the Japanese citizens even if they live on a U.S. base…it’s still in bloody Japan and they do that shit just because they know they can get away with it.

  • Sounds about right, their generation are a bunch of idiot, not just in america, over here in the UK too.

    Without even the common sense to realise that someone riding into a rope at 30mph is going to be lucky to escape with their life.

    Throw them all into a pit and shoot them.

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Army brats, tho- are quite capable of a lot of mayhem.

    I remember hearing about an incident nearby a base in Germany, near Wursburg, but a smaller town where the head of Count Dracula (Vlad the Impaler) is alledgedly buried.

    Some Army brats were bored so they decided to turn themselves into a “Gang” and they were fair, they’d do their own “Initiation” before demanding it of others. A simple “Stick-Up”. So they got a gun, which was a replica antique and unlikely to fire (think over garnished cowboy gun) and went to a bakery to rob it. That area had so low a crime rate, the lady thought they were looking for a gunsmith and just didn’t know proper etiquitte. The brats had been in Germany 5 years and still didn’t know enough to say “This be a stickup!”

    But, with the help of a translation book one letter at a time, they pieced it together. Then she screamed and fainted. They didn’t know how to operate the till, and it was too heavy to lift, and so they ripped it open with the crowbar, but only ripped the keys apart. Then the Polezi stepped in, beat the shit out of them, arrested them, and called the Army to deal with the politics of that situation…

    The Army had to pay for the damages, including having a Swiss Cockwork technician/engineer come over to re-build the register. Classic hand made job, about a century old.

    The people that owned the baker had owned it in their family for a looonnng time; The last time it was robbed was by “Attila the Hun”. And he and his men just waited outside and said “If you toss your day’s baking out, we won’t have any need to come in.” They did, and he left.

  • This reminds me of a story in my town of Houston where some Mexican youth scum put debris on a road at night and where a biker, a father of two had hit it and was flung far ahead and died. Stupid fucking punks deserve the death penalty.

    I wonder what was the race of these scum?

    • Okay come on, it’s not cause they’re white, it’s cause they’re American. In a country where the movie Jackass came from, it’s not surprising other youth would do something as stupid.
      But the other problem is, those kids shouldn’t even be in that country. American bases are known to increase crime such as rape and murder but mostly just assaults around the world (Yes I’m sorry but this is a fact).
      These soldiers usually get away with it, like back in 1994 with the famous case where 3 privates kidnapped and raped a 12 year old Japanese girl. They did get away with it, and all Japan got was a sorry.
      With these kinds of events, kids on the base would come to a feeling of “I can get way with anything cause I’m American”

        • Stahn Aileron says:

          Be that as it may (which is very possible…Though the Base Commander could very well say “FUCK IT!” and turn them over completely), there’s still the diplomatic and political fallout from all this…At all levels. I was station in JPN for 6 years in total, so I at least have some familiarity with this type of situation. (Too well, unfornately.)

          I ABSOLUTLEY hated it when some stupid dumbass decides to make a damn fool of himself and make if harder for EVERYONE ELSE to do stuff. (Midnight curfews, can’t be in bars off-base after a certain time, no drinking within the 12-hours prior to starting working hours, etc.)

          And yeah…Military brats at overseas locations tend to be the worst of the bunch (State-side kids tend to have parents that can live off-base). Probably because they’re stuck on a base 99% of the time…Still, wish some parents would do SOMETHING to keep them reigned in. No excuse to do something as retarded as this. “Didn’t think it would be considered murder,” my ass…

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Good thing she wasn’t an underage girl and they were adult soldiers or it’d be “Loli Raep” time! Esp if they watched all the porn videos for rent at the base and were bored.

    And a General would say: “Geez… Look at all the money they spent renting a van, stocking up on Duct tape, etc… They could have gotten a hooker…”

    G.I. Jokes….

    Real AmeriKKKan Zeros!

      • wow, what fuckin’ idiots, these guys Americans too? I wouldn’t be surprised if they are, it’s like most teens are idiots like these in the U.S., or at least the part I live in. The other day my neighbor was setting up these “fart-bombs” and sticking them on the bumpers of cars or in mail boxes…..typical morons.

      • I’m going to over-generalize here and say that not only are most teenagers stupid, most people regardless of age are stupid as well. I really don’t think it matters much where you’re from. Case in point: 4chan. Verbal idiocy just oozes from the under 30 crowd on that board; it doesn’t seem to matter much if the poster is European, American, or Asian.
        Dig through the news from around the world and you’ll easily find examples of colossal idiocy every bit as bad as what these kids did. Reaching the conclusion that only American youth is capable of this kind of crap is a mistake.
        That said, I hope they learn their lesson, but somehow I doubt it. Education is the only way to cultivate scientific reasoning and common sense in these kids, but sadly good education IS lacking in the United States.

      • Yes, you can’t say children in general, you have to specify that they were American, Chinese, black, hispanic. WHY? Because if you say all children, you implicate yourselves. And the ‘Gods’ you believe yourselves to be can never be in the wrong. Which is ironically exactly why children in general are stupid.

        • HentaiKamen says:

          Most people prefer isolationism. Some of them just don’t know it. It’s human nature, really.

          People always like to group together on some sort of common ground, whether it be religion or race or skin colour or even political views…

          That is why there is so much intolerance and discrimination on the internet and in multi-cultural societies…

          Canada for example has no national identity. Very few people choose to call themselves Canadian.

          As for your previous comment on “globalism” I can see what you mean. Given enough time, “liberal/moral” fags like EU politicians and Equality Now (or death!) will try to force totalitarians laws againts anything that they believe is immoral…

          porn!? no. degrades women.
          2D porn!?!? no. it harms virtual women…
          2D porn loli!?!?!!?!?!?? child molestor jailed.

        • its called ignorance… and with the way most parents are doing their parenting these days… its only going to get worse… the kids never learn that there are negative consequences to certain kinds of actions, nor do they learn to respect other people who are not the same. the US is sliding toward isolationism… again…

        • Bullshit about needing to be more intelligent and educated than the vast majority of people in this world to be a military officer.
          What my time in the military taught me, and if you look at the current state of things, how the war in Iraq hasn’t really progressed for ages, was that the higher ups are most definitely not more intelligent and educated than the vast majority of people in this world.
          If they were, don’t you think they would’ve gotten more done by now?
          They’re all useless old men, high on the smell of their own shit.

        • It’s not that the people who enter service as infantrymen are idiots. Some are, sure, but some others are just poor with little education and come from a difficult, often violent background.

          Lack of education leads to MANY other issues like how they percieve the exterior world, their reactions to it, and ultimately the way they raise their kids to repeat the process.

        • I wonder if people think you don’t really need any intelligence to get into the armed forces. Maybe not so much as a infantrymen, but if you’re an officer You’d better be more intelligent and educated than the vast majority of people in this world.

        • @Anon 17:33
          It was pretty surprising hearing about that, but now that I think about it, it makes more sense, seeing as intelligence isn’t one of the requirements to get into the army. Most people I hear saying they’ll join the army are typically mindless idiots who simply joined because they had no hope of getting a normal job…’s people like these that probably make us all look like idiots over here.

          And yes, about the fact that I didn’t know much about that stuff, you never hear about it around here because they probably don’t want us to hear about it, cuz it’d further tarnish the u.s.’s reputation.

        • you need to lump the entire nation together as idiots, this way the smart ones can tell the stupid ones to stop acting stupid. Otherwise, why tell an idiot he is an idiot, he will think its a compliment!

        • You’re absolutely right, lumping up entire nation of people for that is just as stupid and incite more problems.

          Those kids did stupid thing and their circumstances most likely allowed them to do such things. What happen was probably the end result of series of problems.

        • @17:06 05/12/2009 And why are you posting in here instead of calling childrens-care? Beating without a proper reason tranceds between bullying and torture, not punishing. They will hate you and treat their kid the same, which actually results in more little dumb fucks. Think Liam Gallagher.

        • I would wonder at this too.
          I mean would they do this if they were in America where the likelyhood of killing/injuring another American would be higher?

          And I think it’s disgusting that their parents wouldn’t hand them over to the police. Disgusting that the police even need to get permission just cus they’re from the bloody US army.
          Parents should be arrested for prevention of duty or soemthing like that.

          So if you’re in the army and you do something wrong and you’re an adult, do you have to give them permission to arrest you?

      • Great, the majority of the world thinks the majority of us are a bunch of idiots. These kids went ahead and further cemented that line of thought. Way to go you stupid little shits!

        I hope the woman makes a full recovery and gets to press charges.

        • @Dirty_Dingus008: Stop your freaking delusions and prove that anyone needs you outside your own borders. It is like saying that only because I jump daily four times, the earth won’t leave its elleptical course around the sun because I am pushing it back. You think you are “out there to keep the world safe and together”? No boy, if it is not to loot oil and other ressources, then to solidify your power in regions which could get “nasty”, with anything on the West beeing able to easily reach you.
          Of course, this can result in positive or negative results for other nations. But thats not why you are there.

        • What Japan can do is hire and train Taiwanese soldiers. Taiwanese are more acceptable than Chinese or Koreans. And for the lucky Taiwanese chosen, they get to play with much safer Japanese military equipment than the Taiwanese kind and Taiwan gets trained soldier at the end of the tour.

        • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

          That must explain why that nk MISSILE “test” LAUCH flew the FUCK right over Japan with only the American PATRIOT missiles stationed strategically all over Japan to protect them back in ’05… oh, I was stationed there then and the hysteria by the Japanese was hilarious.

          Japan does have a ‘sorta’ self defense force that has NEver cut its teeth in Death – Dismemberment – Delirium often popularized by hollyweird elites, but seriously. When they where deployed during the war in Iraq, the most dangerous thing that threatened them was splinters and getting accidentally run over by a truck.

          So if nk tastes fresh bait out of Japan if America pulls completely out and retreats back to its ‘sorta’ island state. Skorea and Guam. The starving masses of nk soldiers would pull a genghis clan REAP and Pillage on them soon.. right after they kill all those treehuggin college students who always cry out for unification of Korea and obliterate Seoul to boot! Reaping and so forth will follow… Remember that tiny arab state that got destroyed by saddam?

          Same. Fucking. SHIT.. will be happening too.

        • Ah, ignorant as always. That base is still Japanese soil. In my country there is also a US base. But, its a shared facility with the local military.

          The US having bases around the world is not for defending the host country. For Japan,the US is obligated into defending them militarily under some weird WWII treaty. Bases in foreign countries is just a way of getting around quickly if any trouble occurs. Like if there is an issue with N.Korea, US troops based in Hawaii, S.Korea and Japan will react first. Troops from mainland US will take too long to arrive at the scene. Not to mention that the main bulk of US troops other than the National Guards are based in S.Korea/Japan(East Asia), Hawaii+Guam(Pacific), Western Europe, India Ocean, Middle East (due to that war). Will take more than 12 hours to arrive.

          Anyways if people think that Japan is defenseless without American aid, then should think twice or not trice. Japan’s own military is actually quite sophisticated. Not to mention, at one point in time there is a report that said they are able to produce atomic weapons under a war time scenario.

        • being a US service member I find events like this extremely annoying with people that can’t control their kids, and worse yet other service members that do the stupidest shit in other countries… it makes us look bad and really doesn’t help the locals support us any…

          sadly i can say with confidence that a lot of my fellow service members (all branches really..) are dumber than nails, although many have good intentions they’re just not all there…

          its hard to seperate yourself from the idiots sometimes as it is in the civilian world as well..

          i still think those kids need their asses beat just like the rest of the world disciplines their offspring… it almost doesn’t exist anymore here in the states its retarded…

        • a reply from same anon as > 20:11 05/12/2009 and 17:11 05/12/2009

          Well if the US left, what would Japan do?

          “Dear China, although I know we invaded your country and slaughtered millions of your people barely a century ago, but could you please look away for a few years as I build up my own forces?”

          Hello? It’s gonna trigger an arms race. Japan increases military expenditure, China increases theirs, repeat. US can’t intervene if no war breaks out, but Japan’s already precarious economy would be thrown into chaos as it continues to pump money into weapons.

          And then comes the question of men. Do you think the pampered self-absorbed Japanese males of today would be able to take conscription, unlike their neighbors Taiwan and South Korea, who have compulsary military service? Ask them what it feels like, compared to them Japan has been having it easy. And add to the fact that Japan has an aging population. And if every male entered conscription, the economy would lose thousands of years in labor hours.

          The US can put its troops in Japan because its under the brand name “US”. If Japan increases its own forces, China will definitely not allow it.

          And then, there’s NORTH KOREA, which, unlike China, is actually openly hostile to Japan and has threatened the country directly.

          I’m not an American nor US supporter, but its as clear as day that Japan needs the US. Those here against US presence in Japan are probably all-talk idealists themselves who will end up raising children similar to those in the article.

        • To Anon at 20:47

          When a country needs to engage in armed conflict the ideal army is one composed of idividualists, philosophers, and epigramists.
          (just reinforcing the obvious, this is sarcasm).

        • ”army wo/men arnt paid to think, thats why they make good ignorant soldiers”

          As a great man ones said.

          ”He who joyfully marches to music rank and file, has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice. ”

        • Weren’t there something about Japan possibly getting their own army due to threathening launches from north korea? And The US need more soliders down to the middle east to mess up another country.

        • They’re there as postwar occupiers, and the largest payments were more like reparation money. Most of the monetary payments came AFTER Japan grew more affluent, and the US realized that Japan was capable of contributing to their upkeep.

          The money Japan pays to USFJ pales in comparison to how much it would cost them to build up a sufficient military force themselves again after their demilitarization.

          The US only stayed on in Japan first as occupiers, then as a strategic buffer against communists. There were never any illusions that the US is doing it for free.

          The Japanese population shouldn’t take the abuse, but then, they have no choice. It is because they are over-reliant on the US. It is like a parent child relationship. Even if your dad smacks you, you aren’t gonna run outside and live on the streets yourself. Japan would probably suck it up and let the US get away with it. This is politics and life is unfair.

        • >> freeing up funds
          The Japanese pays billions of dollars every year for the US military to be stationed in the bases. What? You thought the Americans are gonna protect some East Asian country whom they have warred with before for free?

        • reply@If our service people can’t act like civilized humans when they are the guests of a foreign country, we should pull them out and close the bases.

          Actually, the Japanese don’t want the Americans to pull out. The reason they became so prosperous in the first place is because they have the US to take care of the bulk of their own military defense, freeing up funds to contribute to their rapid economic growth back in the day.
          The Japanese need the US more than they admit.

        • I agree completely. I really hope the woman recovers and wins a big lawsuit against the little bastards.
          If our service people can’t act like civilized humans when they are the guests of a foreign country, we should pull them out and close the bases. I love the men and women who protect our country, but when they or their offspring pull shit like this, they make it mighty hard.

      • Seriously man, these kids didn’t get disciplined by their parents. I know asian parents would beat the shit out of their kids if they messed up, but American kids just get sent to their rooms or time out bullshit.

        • Heck middle-class white kids parents wouldn’t send them to their room, they’d just threaten to not buy them a car for their “Sweet 16th”… God I hate that term!

          The brats didn’t sound like they were sorry about hurting someone “We didn’t think people would think of this as attempted murder.” They’re only feeling sorry for themselves, not the victims.

        • @Anon, 16:37

          “we are not allowed to beat our kids, you go to jail for properly disciplining kids these days over here… :(”

          If a kid is properly disciplined and no one is around to witness it, does it qualify as breaking the law?

          I wonder.

        • what a fucking embarrassment for my country. those kids… wait 15-18 they can all be tried as adults. they are not kids they are criminals. that poor woman was minding her own fucking business and these scumbags nearly ended her life for amusement. they wont even be punished because their folks are soldiers. and all this crap about not hitting your kids is a bunch of bleeding heart bullshit. as long as you raise your kids right you shouldn’t have to hit them, true? but when they need to be disciplined there is nothing wrong with a swat on the rear, or a slap on the wrist. Many adults are too childish to understand the pain thresh hold of a child and hit too hard. i think it should be just hard enough to let them associate the pain with “bad” not “punishment.” similar to training a dog. you pop him on the butt if he bites your couch, he will know you disapprove, rather than break a chair over his back.

        • It is proven that a certain level of violence at certain points triggers that response in children, such as bullying and the like. The issues formed due to that. The problem is it became ‘all violence’ as opposed to the reality, which is that there are ‘parental slaps’ and such that have a very definite intent behind them. Not beatings, not really even painful, but getting the attention of the children. After the physical connection of a light slap, saying “you need to stop this or I’ll have to punish you more, understand?” will almost always cause them to recognize something they are doing is wrong. You will of course eventually have to follow through a bit, because children exist to test their limits, that’s what life is: experiencing new things, and until a limit is set, they will continue to search for it.

        • These kids are IDIOTS they need to have a good ‘ol coleman water jug forced up their asses. Honestly, just because they’re americans they do this kinda shit? Well if you ask me somebody ought to hang ’em by their balls 12 ft. in the air was they serve as human pinatas to mexicans.


        • I’m British and here, you aren’t allowed to beat up your kids to discpline them.

          Regardless of the law, my father whipped the shit out of my back whenever I did something wrong or whenever I even started to cry.

          Saying the law stops you is pure bull. Stern families do it anyway and none of them have been arrested yet.

        • I donno. My mom tried spanking us when we were little but she stopped when we ended up just being scared of her. I’m pretty confident I and my siblings turned out to be pretty solid people without the threat of being hit.

          But we were always the kind of kids who felt bad about disappointing our mom regardless, so maybe we were just taught better to begin with? I’m not saying we were perfect, but we had respect for our elders that I think a lot of spoiled bratty kids don’t have.

          Wish I knew what it was my mom did cause I’m pretty freaked about the day I’ll have to raise my own kids.

        • To Anon@17:28:
          What?! My teachers never asked me that! lol I can’t believe that not even a hundred years ago teachers were in fact allowed to hit kids for doing stupid stuff.

          The legal issue is murky as heck, true, but child services obviously doesn’t get called in every time a kid is spanked. But the alternative method of non-physical discipline is just simply going to be less direct and less effective. I’m pretty sure that’s why spanking is still done and tolerated (to an extent, of course) today.

          I’m a child of the metal clothes-hanger myself, and I’m doing fine too. Of course I hated it when my mom did it to me, but looking back, I honestly probably wouldn’t have really listened to her if she’d just said “Oh, stop it,” or “Sit down and be quiet” or “Go to your room” every time. I agree with you on that last thing: my kids’ll get an “Involve me, and I will understand” upbringing too.

        • not how it works insilencio, teachers will ask kids if their parents ever hit them, spanking is hitting, kids will say yes or “when im bad” and then child services steps in.

          weather its acceptable discipline or not there are cases and tons of legal shit you have to deal with just for spanking your child. so most people just dont now, they dont want to deal with the the government so they resort to giving in to their children or other forms of punishment…

          I got the spatula when i got in trouble and I came out fine, so I really don’t see why its a big deal, personally ill spank my kids and just make sure to leave no marks.

        • I’m American. My brother-in-law beats the crap out of his kids as a way of playing with them. If it hurts them enough for them to break down in tears(and I mean really break down) he beats the crap out of them for crying.

        • To Anon@16:37:
          Technically true, but people still do it anyway. An old fashioned beatin’ is discipline, not child abuse. It’s a tried and true method, my friend. As long as you don’t really mess the kid up like break a bone or permanently disfigure him/her, I’m sure people can tell the difference.

          Then again, if your kid is psycho or irrational enough to call the cops on you for disciplining them like that, you might want to reconsider how much you should even bother in the future.

        • I use to work with kids at a day camp, and a lot of parents don’t even do that. We have asian parents, and if there kids are bad the they fear us telling them so there good kids. but about all the white kids well not care you tell them and parents look on there faces is like i dont care. there even was times i was yell by the parents for giving there kids time out.

        • “We didn’t think people would think of this as attempted murder.”

          when my brother taught me how to use a rifle he gave me simply instruction “never point the rifle at something you are not willing to lose, even if you *think* it have no bullets in it!”.

          those kids are living among solders and they have no idea what is dangerous?! WTF?

          wait… kids?!, I used to look after the house when I was 12, how can a 15 years old be considered a kid?

  • Meh, even though the kids are teens, I’m not surprised by this level of stupidity. They probably did it because they thought it would be funny (admittedly it does sound funny), but didn’t consider the serious injury that could come of it. Charging them with attempted murder is a bit much though.