Otaku Popular: “They Can Only Cheat With 2D Girls!”


Otaku have consistently been amongst the least popular men for Japanese women, but at least a few have kind words for them, praising their “conscientious” nature and inability to cheat on all but 2D girls…

According to some of the girls dating them, otaku boyfriends are honest, faithful and gentlemanly – more so than men at large, at least.

Most of all, they are said to be unlikely to be unfaithful, unless of course 2D girls are included in the equation.

One otaku girlfriend explains:

“Who cares about 2D? If it’s not a real human, it’s fine – I’d actually be grateful for him cheating with a girl in a game like that…”

Dubious praise indeed… Of course, not all such partners are so forgiving of 2D girls competing for their affections.

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