Xbox 360 Kills Baby


The Xbox 360’s gaming excellence has claimed another victim with the news that a man was so compelled to play the console that he accidentally killed his baby daughter through sheer exhaustion.

The 30-year-old unemployed Miami man lived with his partner and two daughters; he apparently took care of the children whilst she worked and studied.

He evidently also had much time for leisure, for after a session of cannabis use with a friend one afternoon he engaged in a marathon Xbox 360 gaming session, which only ended 6AM the following morning with him passing out.

Soon after losing consciousness he was roused by his partner, who had him feed the baby; once he had done so he went to bed with his two infant daughters. Seven hours later he awoke to find himself “lying on top” of his 7-month-old daughter, who had been smothered.

The man is also suspected of moving the baby to its crib in an attempt to avoid arrest.

This was not an effective tactic; police arrested the man for the aggravated manslaughter of a child, with bail set at $75,000, describing his conduct as “irresponsible.”

Just what game he was playing is not clear.

Via GameSpark.

With the Wii, PC and now Xbox 360 flagrantly killing people it seems only a matter of time before the PS3 follows suit…

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