DS Outsells PSP by 300%


The latest Japanese console sales figures for the end of November seem to demonstrate some very healthy sales for Nintendo, as well as an embarassment for Sony with the PSP Go now slipping below even the Xbox 360’s dismal sales…

The sales figures:

DSi 37,500
DSi LL 68,300
DSL 7,100
Wii 46,400
PS3 45,300
PSP 36,300
PSP Go 3,700
X360 4,100
PS2 2,000

The combined DS sales are nearly 3 times those of the PSP, not a huge surprise considering the cold reaction to the PSP Go and the unexpectedly warm response to the DSi LL.

The PS3 does however appear to still be holding its own against the Wii (actually outselling by a fair margin in terms of revenues, as the units are more expensive). Just what happens with the release of Final Fantasy XIII is the key question…

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