Cosplay Ideal vs Actuality


The role of Photoshop in enhancing cosplay has long been a controversial one – images such as these demonstrate that at times cosplayers are perhaps closer to the 2D works they seek to emulate than they would like to admit – in fact they rather resemble a lazy form of photorealistic illustration.



Just where this leaves the likes of Kipi is not clear…

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  • first pic on the left side, . badly photoshoped,…
    the one photoshophing should be paying more attention on the cloth color, and the left breast seems smaller than the right one,..
    and also the hip,. something strange even i couldn’t get why, .
    even if pics on the right side was photoshoped, the one photoshoping it surely did a great job,. (-x-“”

  • The girl in the picture is Arisa Mizuhara I think…

    Is someone trying to sabotage her or is it really the magic of photoshop… It is really sad if that is her real person T.T

    Well anyway, even if it is photoshop it still a great eye candy cause like we ever gonna know her in person XD

    Btw, those people up there fighting, a lot of things you guys/girls stated is true. But when u observe it as a third person in a neutral point, you will see that it is all important that we all have those trait in life. Well, I watch Discovery Channel and they did talk about this before. It all make sense if once you understand why we are made that way. A lot of things you are not able to visualize especially when you are talking about yourself. You always need a third person.

      • Well, yes. I see her at Ariake.
        She was selling her own photos there, talking with a girl(maybe another cosplayer, I think).

        As a reader of “sankaku”, I knew her. So I was a lil bit surprised to see her.

        Maybe she had been a “fat girl” once, but when I saw her, it didn’t seem to be like that. I simply thought that she was a “kawaii” cosplayer.(she was wearing something like a goth costume)

  • There are hot cosplayers out there, just not many cos lotsa hot chicks dont cosplay or dun even know what cosplay is.


    99.99% of Japanese cosplayers dont have the figure of AV stars while over 90% of AV titles which involved anime cosplay either dont have the best AV chicks or dont put a serios effort in the costume.

  • So were’s all the “OMFG, I ALWAYS KNEW she was shopped!!11!1” comments? I find it funny that there’s none of those here yet they’re all over the comments section of that fake ‘shopped’ Youtube vid of Kipi.

    Just shows you’re all a bunch of fucking idiots.

  • Photoshop or make-up (and cosmetic surgery), it’s the same cheat.
    Photoshop is just the digital counterpart.

    It should be common knowledge that nobody can trust a photo, that’s not restricted to cosplay or girls.

    For example, did anyone ever see an hamburger that looks the same in real as on it’s marketing picture?

  • 1 and 3 are in different poses and even angle so it can’t really be used as comparison unless someone was so skilled at photoshopping, they’re able to redraw a person and make it look the same..

    • People have built-in Photoshop which prevents them from seeing the ugly truth.

      Ask any politician – the peoples’ memories are short, and they blow off any official conduct which “leaks through” the filters.

      Guantanamo Bay? “Oh, yeah, that resort thingy they built to improve the local economy, or something….”

  • It’s difficult to pick a right side on this. I’m going to go with photoshop on this one. Simply because they are ugly before it and I’m never going to meet them. Therefore it is taken as something that just needs to look good.

  • Wow, that’s really what Arisa Mizuhara looks like before editting? @@ hard to believe…especially the last pic….almost seems like she was shopped to be that fat, or else that’s such a tremendous amount of editting I couldn’t believe my eyes…

    • It’s like I’ve always said. 3D girls are starting to lose to 2D ones, and they know it. The ones above obviously have a “if you can’t beat them, join/imitate them” mentality. But at the end of the day, we are still left with 3D as reality.

      Japan’s future looks…clouded…

      • just to be clear 2d3d is rubbish. how many of you will say “fuck off you 3d pig” to a pretty girl interested in you in RL? off give up a chance to sleep with here for a 2d poster or erogame?

      • When chubby and fat are suppose to be beauty…

        Remember what they said about women having to put 90% effort into looks? I don’t really think they put much into physical fitness.

        2D chars on the other hand get 900% of the artist’s effort…

        • Comment directed to all that have commented above:

          Sometimes, I would prefer to say tat we as human beings(boys and girls) are selfish. We always want people to like us to a point tat if they dont like us back we easily feel heart broken without trully considering the other persons feeling or thoughts. From here we choose either to live our lives in fantasy or to try our luck again. Another thing that shows how selfish or this case how greedy we are is that we pursue for perfection. Animated boys or girls are “perfect”. Boys have eight packs and they are caring while girls are sweet and pretty. This perfection comes from the fantasy of the creator of those characters and we human beings tend to have the same concept of perfection in our mind. As greedy as we are, we are happy that we get this perfect thing that is 2D boys or 2D girls regardless of them being real or not. Just as long as we say it is, it is. It is not 2D boys or 2D girls that are better than reality. I mean if i draw a picture of a fat man or girl that has the ugliest face ever who are very violent would u say it is beautiful (generally)? No, because the very thing that is better than reality is fantasy(not 2D boys and 2D girls). It is no contest bcos since the very beginning fantasy has always triumphed over reality. That is where love comes in. ‘Love’ is the ability to accept someone regardless of their imperfectionS over perfection which is different from ‘like’ which admires beauty and perfection(like x 2 doesn’t equals love). And greedyness and selfishness stops us from loving others. We only want to accept love but not to give. That is why we stay in our little fantasy where that perfect guy or girl will constantly love us. Have u ever had a fantasy about loving or caring people that are not pll we like? No. Selfishness and greedyness. This is human error where only us humans can fix. I hope this can save Japan…

          To the boys: Regarding about getting a date or a girlfriend, just be confident(not over confident. Knowing what u are doing helps). You don’t have to be cool(although it does give an edge) but most importantly be caring and kind. Last but not least, be aware of other pll’s feelings. Somebody might like u and u don’t even know bout it.

          To the girls: Wow! Girls in sankaku? Now that is surprising but seeing that u girls are here means u girls have a certian amount of passion towards anime and weird(erotic) stuffs that happens around the world. Would u care for a date?

        • This is a really interesting discussion, and set of comments to me, since the girls are active aswell for once (though I am still surprised that there are so many girls on this site. One of you said you like the content just as much as us guys, just not the anti-female stuff, but while this site has some interesting neutral news about anime and games, the majority of posts are about girls in anime or manga, galleries of 2D or 3D women, or news about weird/funny/disturbing happenings in the world, where the majority of this last type of posts put girls in a bad light, or is focused on sex and women in one way or another. Because of that, I can’t imagine you liking this site’s content as much as we guys do unless you are either lesbian or bisexual. I’m not full of prejudice, I just genuinely have a hard time understanding why you would like this site otherwise).

          I will join in, and say that I am a guy that would love to have a proper girlfriend, and I think 2D girls cannot give you compassion or a personality like real ones, and I also don’t think all girls are gold-digging bitches, and I hope that they aren’t (though all the articles here are making me worry about the mentality of japanese girls, but I’l choose not to take them too seriously). I DO love 2D girls, for their beauty and interesting personalities, and I often find myself thinking that 2D is better, but I know it’s a lie, even though I am a hardcore otaku that spends all his time (outside of what is dedicated to school and work, which is quite alot, currently) on games, manga, anime, cosplay, figures, and eroge (I wonder if girls would love and play eroge as much as us guys if they made more eroge aimed at girls…). Having said that however, I have no self-confidence, have a bit under average (I think) looks, weak musculature, and some other minor flaws aswell, like I am perhaps not patient enough, and when something about someone annoys me, it tends to annoy me too much. This last part about me is also particularly a problem when people say something I find stupid, as I am quite frank, and often say what I mean/think (I try to keep this in check more now than before however). I was bullied most of my childhood for my temper and weak physique aswell (the temper thing has gone away now FYI), which didn’t exactly make things better. It’s probably part of why I have such low self-confidence. I have plenty of friends now though, and I am studying and working properly, and I do believe I have some good qualities in that while I hate working (I am lazy in that I wouldn’t mind living all my life doing nothing if I suddenly became filthy rich), I make a decent effort in mostly everything I do when I do it, also with things I don’t want to do, but have to. And I personally feel that I am quite kind, and listen well to what people are saying, and I genuinely care about other people’s feelings and what happens to them. And I do NOT treat girls as objects. I’ve been raised to be nice to girls, and I am all for equality, as long as it doesn’t go too far the other way around. That said, I am now 22 1/2 years old, and I have never as much as kissed a single girl in my life, and it troubles me. I can count on my two hands the number of hugs I have gotten from girls other than my mom, sister, or other family. To make things worse, it’s not easy for me to meet girls even if you take away the physical and personality aspects, and low confidence, since I don’t enjoy alcohol and/or partying, so I don’t go out much.

          Finally, I would like to comment to the girl/girls that said that she believes guys mostly look at what’s on the outside, and not on the inside, and that she doesn’t believe that they want to be loved, and the one that said that that’s a major difference between guys and girls: men care about looks, women care about personality; Isn’t that the very same kind of prejudice and narrow minded thinking about the opposite sex that you condemn when the guys on this site make the false claim that all girls are gold diggers? I don’t think you are being a hypocrite on purpose, or are aware of it, but try to think about it, isn’t that kind of claim the very same thing that you hate that we guys say about you? I’m not attacking you or anything here, but please, don’t say such things. I may care quite a bit about a girl’s looks, and it is indeed the first thing I’l look at, since it’s the first thing I’l see (it’s unavoidable. This will be the same for you girls aswell, wether you want to admit it or not), but once I approach the girl, IF I approach her, and I feel that I am attracted to her, and may like her, if I find that her personality is totally off-putting to me, I’l dislike her right away, and offer her no further thought, regardless of how gorgeous she may be. Believe me, guys care alot about personality too. Maybe not as much if they are just looking to get laid as if when they are looking to find a suitable girl to get into a relationship with, but it still matters to a certain degree in the first case, and ALOT in the latter. There ARE some guys who don’t care at all about personality in any case, but I believe them to be a minority, and there will always be exceptions in any case, just like how there are some girls who only care about how much money a guy makes. They are there, but they don’t make up the majority. I for one would like an average looking girl just fine as long as she has SOME decent level of kindness and affection towards me (love without any compassion is not love), is willing to listen to what I say, and isn’t controlling and completely demanding, not accepting me for who I am, and trying to change me, or ordering me around/deciding what I can and can’t do. The me-me-me type. Offcourse this would run both ways, as I will offcourse be the same way towards her, and some sacrifices have to be made in a relationship, but I can’t stand manipulative girls. For instance, if she tells me that I will have to stop playing eroge, and read manga/watch anime, otherwise she will leave me, well, then she can leave right away for all I care, cause I don’t want a girl like that. Which makes me worry that the only girl I could possibly find that would accept me is a fellow otaku girl….and there are too few of those here (where I live)…..sigh….

          I’m sorry if I bored and/or offended anyone with my long rambling post, but I was just compelled to share my thoughts and views on this topic, aswell as my experiences. I hope all of you, guys and girls alike, will try to be more open minded about the opposite sex, and not condemn them, or fall for stereotypes. Also, for all my fellow otakus, and this is directed to the guys especially, obviously, I advise those among you who make statements such as “2D>3D” or the like all the time, to not give up, and try to find a partner in real life aswell, and not just sit in front of the computer all your life, staring at 2D girls in anime and eroge, because I KNOW that deep down you would love to have a real life girl that loves you, as long as she has a good personality and ok looks, no matter what you say. It requires effort, yes, and there are alot of bad girls, or girls that are not right for you, and you may have bad experiences, but the right girls IS out there somewhere. I for one am going to start trying harder, and will not give up! You may think I’m being weird and corny, but this thread has been an inspiration, and I thank you all! Good luck to all of us! ^^

        • Sounds tough for you guys. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such unfortunate experiences.

          Sometimes you just have to wait things out. I’ve noticed that though you can be attracted to someone, they may still get on your nerves/have habits that bother you and things will eventually just not work out between you. I know it sounds corny and all, but I do believe that there will be a person that you will meet that everything will just click with (I’ve had it happen before). I’m not saying that they will be perfect, because they won’t be. However, their flaws give off a different feeling than other peoples’. It’s like, you embrace their flaws as a part of them, and realize that though the flaws can get annoying from time to time, the good times you have completely dwarf them.

          That’s why I don’t want you guys to ever give up. If you stop looking, you may never find that person who will click with you, and you can’t expect them to just fall into your lap. It’s worth the effort of failing a few times, because the happiness you feel when you’ve found the right person is indescribable. It’s like just sitting on the couch, cooking dinner, or getting stuck in traffic is enjoyable as long as they’re with you. I don’t know, I’m bad at describing the feeling. But it’s wonderful.

          As for the comment about it always being me me me! with a girl, you have every right to be upset when you’re with someone like that. It sounds like she was very self-centered. What I do is I take turns to assure that neither of us feels resentful. If we did what I wanted to do last time, the next time we do what he wants to do. It can’t be all about one person in a relationship. I’m sorry your relationships turned out so badly, but it sounds to me that you got stuck with bad luck.

          I’m sorry if I phrased it weirdly, I didn’t mean to not be yourself around the girl. If you’re not funny, you’re not funny. I just meant to try to make her feel relaxed and for you to not come across as negative. If you’re a serious person, that may mean that you won’t end up with a goofy girl, but you’ll probably end up with a girl that’s pretty serious too.

          I’m not saying it’s not hard to get a girlfriend. It will be work. But I think it’s worth it!

          Good luck guys!

        • >This is a really long argument that shouldn’t be done here. Whoever started this really piss me off. I think the guys were hurt when that girl said that she likes 2D guys better than 3D ones.

          Lol, think about how we feel every time a thread comes up with a real girl or anything of the sort.
          “3D pig disgusting!” “Screw real girls” etc etc etc…

        • This is a really long argument that shouldn’t be done here. Whoever started this really piss me off. I think the guys were hurt when that girl said that she likes 2D guys better than 3D ones.

          I guess its not just girls who are threatened by anime and manga characters.

        • Comment directed at girl:

          Fuck it I’m not gonna lie anymore. I want to be with a 3D woman. I don’t care how much sacrifice I have to put in a relationship. If she wants nice things then I’ll buy it for her only because it makes her happy. 2D women suck and I don’t even have a 2D woman. It doesn’t matter what she looks like as long as we get along. Life feels so empty, I just do the same shit everyday. Life is so boring and ordinary. I don’t care what random useless crap they talk about as long as there is always something new. Relationships is about working together to make it work. So please give 3D guys like me a chance.

          Comment directed at guys:

          You guys will never move forward and get a girlfriend until you guys stop thinking negatively about girls. You have to allow youselves to get hurt. You can’t just expect some woman to fall in love with you randomly sometime in you lives. If you get hurt, take the pain and move on. You can’t die from a break up (unless you kill youself for being dumped). Let’s be honest, you guys know that 2D waifus are really pathetic. If you really want to be happy then you need a real woman.

          Comment directed at critics:

          I know this really sounds sad and pathetic. Screw you! I didn’t ask for your opinion.

        • I have made 3 attempts at getting a girlfriend. Two were successful. One was worth the time and even then it ended with her getting pregnant with another guy’s kid. She was 16 at the time.

          For tl;dr – 3D means interaction. 2D satisfies emotional needs.

          The second successful attempt, the one that was a complete waste, turned out that the girl was using me to make another guy jealous.

          The failure was a complete shut out, in that after she recognized my attempt she ignored me and I shut up a few seconds later.

          I favor 2D over 99% of 3D. This is because the personality is not there. The potentials I scout almost always fail that test. It’s always her, her, her.

          You want to watch a movie, she wants to go shopping… So you go shopping.
          You want to go to a carnival, she wants to go see a movie, so you go pay for tickets at the theater…
          You want to read a book, she wants to listen to music, so you listen to music…

          That is gleaned from talking with friends and their relationships.

          A 2D girl may not be able to have a conversation, you may not be able to touch her, or physically interact with her. But she WILL satisfy the emotional need. She WILL be there when you need her. She WILL listen to you and comfort you with her presence.

          I really require nothing more from a girl or any companion.

        • I am not typing this because I think one side is wrong and one isn’t. I’m typing this because i’m weak, and need to feel like someone cares. I want a 3D girl not for sex or beauty or ideal personality, I just want someone to confide in. My only friend is somewhere around 12,000 miles away and almost twice my age. There is alot of fighting in my home, I am rather poor, I don’t even eat some days. I saved up $300 and bought some nice clothes for school so know would know how broke I am ($300 didn’t go far). I was home schooled 3 years, I am supposed to be in 11th grade but because my school “doesn’t have placement tests” I am in 9th. I have a mensa level I.Q. they call me “gifted” yet I am forced to waste 3 extra years. No one talks to me exept three asian boys (I’m a white male) all of whom are in the same class. I go there everyday and hate it, I have no one to pour my heart out to I hold it in so it claws at my heart.I was made fun of every year of school until 8th, so I have low self-esteem.I just want love

        • Honestly, I prefer 3D… But it has been my sad experience that smiling and being nice aren’t enough… It might just be me, I’m not saying all women are shit.

          I’ve had 10 different girlfriends. Only one of which was worthwhile. The rest were different degrees of annoyance, problems, disasters, emotional breakdowns (for me), etc.

          I’m at the age where I actually FEEL the need of having a woman to love (Fuck! Typing this feels weird!), but most of what I find ranges from lazybones to plain money grubbing.

          The only awesome females I know (at the moment) are already married or have a stable boyfriend and are very few.

          What about that?

          Again, it might be just that I suck at life.

          However I’m not going to “turn to 2D”, as that’d be lying to myself and I’d much prefer to blow my skullcap off first. No offense intended to 2D lovers, all I say applies to Me, I and Myself.

        • We’re quite a few here, not only one. Anon doesn’t translate to only one individual.

          “It’s girls arguing with guys about whether girls are only after your money or not.”

          No it’s not. It’s about refuting losers with double standards who claim and think it’s alright for them to like (and choose) 2D girls, but as soon as women claim the same with 2D guys they have the gall to make a B’AWWWW shit-storm; accusing and assuming crap about how we supposedly feel about 2D and 3D men. To make it worse our feelings are shit while their manly ones are metaphorical crystal china or some delicate crap thus why it’s ok for only them to get 2D love, what the fuck.

          Also, we don’t need your money, we can make our own. If I wanna buy anime or a PS3, I go and get an extra job. I don’t need a herbivore-man to give me anything. keep it, and STOP.WHINING.ABOUT IT.

          Maybe if you stopped stalking beautiful slutty gold-digger selfish bitches you would thing there are actually sweet girls out there.

        • Comment directed at girl:

          I personally don’t think that 2D is a replacement of 3D. I think more of it as a guy’s substitute to the real thing. For some otaku it is the closest they can get to being with a girl. I personally do not prefer a 2D over a 3D but I think it would be a lot harder for me to be with a 3D one because I’m not perfect. I fit in the description of a herbivore man, I don’t think or try to be, its just my personality. The problem with being a herbivore is that we are serious 99.9% of the time. Doing the above would mean that we should not act like we are. The problem is that women expect so much of men and it puts so much pressure on us. I couldn’t choose the degree I wanted to do in university because my family pressured me to choose another one with a higher earning potential. Why? so a decent woman would marry me. Otakus and the like want to be with real women. I think that they think its too much burden on them that they end up hating the idea and ask themselves, “why do I have to get a girlfriend or get married?”. I don’t hate women. The problem is the growing materialism of everybody, both men and women.

        • Hey, woah, wait. That was one girl’s opinion. She doesn’t speak for us all, you know.

          I understand how you can feel affection for 2D girls, and the reason that many of you feel that way. I respect that you like them, and I’m sure that you all have different reasons for doing so: their idealistic personalities, their perfect bodies, their beauty, etc.

          I’m not here to dissuade you from liking 2D. That’s entirely your decision. However, some people have turned to 2D as more of a crutch out of fear of rejection or because they think that women are just money grubbing whores. THAT’S what I have a problem with. We’re not. There are some out there that give us a bad reputation, but we just want to be loved. WE’RE the ones that are afraid that you are just using us. If you make us feel loved, then we’ll give you our hearts in return.

          I have a friend of mine who ONLY likes guys that are “dorky” and she’s actually pretty cute and has a very sweet personality. She thinks it’s adorable when guys get shy or have nerdy hobbies that they’re into. I know the way I’m typing this out it sounds kinda weird, but isn’t. It’s kinda like her fetish in a way, lol.

          Okay, I’m just gonna give you guys a few quick tips on getting girls to like you: be POSITIVE and SMILE (girls don’t want to hang out with someone that looks like they’re gloomy), try to make her laugh (making her laugh will make her fall for you FAST), be casual and keep the conversation topic light (no interrogation, that will come off as weird), once you know her a little better you can lightly tease her (she’ll like it, just make sure you don’t tease her about anything like her looks or wardrobe), make eye contact, and pretend like you have some confidence (I’m not saying you should strut or anything, just don’t look super uncomfortable).

          If 2D is your decision just because that’s what you like, and you’d prefer that to any 3D woman, then that’s fine by me. I just get upset when I see you guys turning to 2D as a last resort. I wouldn’t go through the trouble of typing all this out if I didn’t care about you guys. I want to see you gain some confidence and have hope, because whether you realize it or not there ARE girls out there who would date you, rich or poor, good-looking or not.

        • It’s not a “BOYZ R BETTUR! NO, GURLZ R!” war. It’s girls arguing with guys about whether girls are only after your money or not. They’re trying to convince the guys that most women aren’t so conniving.

          How old are YOU? You seem like the child.

        • Comment directed at girls:

          Yes, we guys have heard all your stereotypical rantings of us. I don’t personally believe what sankaku say about girls but I bet you girls can’t even say one good thing about guys like us. You are all hypocrites. Who would want to be near you girls anyway when you despise us before we even speak. I bet a lot of otakus have manned up sometime in their life but just didn’t succeed and after failing too many times they just tell themselves that what they can’t get they probably don’t want anyway.

          Just leave them alone. No need to crush their self esteem further.

          Well, now we know what you think of us.

        • RogueLioness says:

          omg a boy V girl war

          *rolls arround on the floor laughing her ass off*

          how old are you people?

          i dont belive they are the same people..why not get before and after pics that are in the same pose? then it would be more belived that they are shopped. and hey..sometimes girls do have perfect everything sometimes not and in the latter case photoshop for the win.

        • >Off course it’s just a simulation of love and not real but even with a simulation of love you can fool your self a little and feel some joy but there ain’t no way to simulate the luxuries and power of money. Ether you have them or you don’t.

          Like said, and like all the other girls are saying here, well… it’s really not like that. For me at least. Some women are money-leeching whores, but not all. Besides Sankaku articles I’m not sure what you’re basing your opinion on. Have you ever HAD a real 3D girlfriend? Women look for love and affection, and women fall for people who have a nice and respectful personality (for a most part)… it’s really as simple as that. Why the hell do so many people like Edward Cullen…? He’s not rich. He’s the stereo-typical hero; a knight in shining armor. Stereotypically, women want to be cared for, cherished, and loved, just as you are saying men want to be loved (though I refuse to believe that, though there are some, but I personally believe lots of men look at what’s on the outside before even considering her personality – I mean, geez, how much more do you see the ‘women going out to pick up some guys for sex(or MONEY, if you so prefer)’ idea than the ‘men going out to pick up some chicks for sex’ idea?)
          Anyway, well. In the end, I guess all I can say is, 2D girls are certainly nice to look at, as are 2D guys, but I myself am not going to go giving all my love to them. Because it’s not real, it’s just sad. I want to feel a real kind of love, where I can be held or comforted – not given gifts or the like.
          In conclusion. Enjoy your fake love with game scripts and your hand – I feel bad at how falsely you’ve been taught with the way women really are. Hope you come to the real world soon.

        • your attitude proves the point, you know. 🙂

          one can argue that people are superficial, it’s just that different people care about different things. some things are more acceptable in society, so it’s easier to be openly interested in them. some things are looked strange at, so people tend to keep them to themselves, which causes a lot of psychological strain and makes the affected turn away from society. for otaku, it’s usually something in between.
          financial security is something you usually can’t go wrong with. affection towards puppet-like perfect appearance is much harder to satisfy. and some things are better not talked about openly, like anything that’s banned by law, even if there’s no real crime.

          also, social skills are something you’re not taught. either you learn them by yourself or not at all. i know countless people who have trouble attaining or sustaining a relationship, simply because they can’t deal with other people. especially with those that bitch around easily.

        • New girl here.

          I don’t know where you live, but yeah, I guess if the woman is poor and she dates a rich guy there is a higher success rate. But honestly? For me, I’m plenty rich enough to support myself and a husband. However, I DO want to be with a guy who is intelligent and can hold a decent conversation. I hate to break this to you guys, but I don’t generally think construction workers have a reputation for being intellectuals. I’m not saying I wouldn’t date a construction worker, etc. that was smart, it’s just rare to find someone like that, and I’d like to date someone who has some motivation in life. Because of that, I don’t necessarily date rich guys, but I don’t usually date poor ones.
          But to be fucking honest, if you have a good personality and aren’t offensive to the eyes, it doesn’t matter what shit hole you crawl out of, I would fall for you. That’s what’s different between men and women. I tend to fall in love with personality. They tend to fall in love with looks.

          As for what are women doing on here, I like the content just as much as you guys. I just hate the anti-female ranting.

        • lol this is pathetic. “I think some guys prefer 2D over 3D because they don’t want to get hurt.” Man up and live in reality. Sometimes you get hurt sure, but if you never take the chance you’ll never get anywhere. You’ll end up a lonely old man drooling over a collection of pixels on a screen.

        • God how fucking retarded you are with your fucking excuse “women like money, can’t recreate that feeling” bullshit!

          Listen, we girls can get our own fucking money to buy our own 2D guys. Stop making lame excuses to justify choosing being a loser. Be fucking men and accept that your choice is no better just because you’ve got a dick.

          FUCK, you sound like Twilight fangirls who can’t accept the fact the books are shit. You can enjoy any crap and still be happy, this is a free world, but stop being in denial will you?

          “Not all guys are sex addicts. We men have feelings too.”

          What the hell is it with all the double standards? men have feelings too but women are all gold-diggers “with a few exceptions” (among other utterly retarded excuses), are you guys seriously thinking like this? you are either trolling hard and long or fucking delusional.

        • Comment directed at girl:

          Not all guys are sex addicts. We men have feelings too. I think some guys prefer 2D over 3D because they don’t want to get hurt. It is a lot harder for a man to heal emotionally compared to women since a man’s environment doesn’t encourage openness. Unlike girls who have friends to console to.

        • “Protip: Sankaku Complex articles are not an accurate depiction of real life.”

          I don’t think you need Sankaku complex to realize that women love money more than anything.
          Just send a guy to hit on 20 women and then send him to do the same with the keys of a Ferrari. The successes rate on the second attempt compared to the first attempt will prove my point.

          “If we’re talking superficiality, women are superficial in the same physical ways as men. The focus is a bit different though– they like abs and eyes. Fuck, look at fujoshi, whose ideal men are hot, girly-looking homos fucking each other. Where’s the money obsession in that?”

          Do you think women will ever have a serious relationship or marry someone like that if his broke? They only like them for a nice fuck or to cheat on there rich husband.

          Off course i realize that there are exceptions. Exceptions exist for every rule and am sure their are a few girls out there that care more about other things but the vast majority wants money.
          The reason is simple. Money are power in our modern societies. And like the cave women preferred the most powerful guy that could kill more animals than others because he was the best choice for strong genes and taking care the child so do now they prefer the most money making guy because that is the guy with power and money to take care the offspring.

          “You can’t get love from a 2D girl. If you’re talking about erogames or the like, you can’t actually have a real conversation with these girls. You can love them, yes, and I guess in a sense they “love you back”, but it’s not real affection between two human beings. And if you’re not talking about eroge and just… images.. or anime.. well, that makes even less sense. :|”

          Off course it’s just a simulation of love and not real but even with a simulation of love you can fool your self a little and feel some joy but there ain’t no way to simulate the luxuries and power of money. Ether you have them or you don’t.

        • Hahahaahaha! it just shows you guys know no girls if you just assume shit about us based on SamCom articles…

          Please, cut the shit down. You’re sounding like fucking Twilight fangirls who have apoplexies the moment you mention the “perfect” books are crap. Instead of trying to justify that liking 2D chicks is better than women liking 2D guys face the facts, will you? You’re lonely, lazy and well 2D girls ARE pretty as hell. They give you a good time without the effort and the heartache. Stop shitting double standards.

          It won’t make your 2D waifu times less enjoyable; if you’re so happy with your choices then accept them all, cons and pros instead of putting lame excuses for choosing to be losers. Be fucking men.

        • >But women only want money and someone to take care of them.

          Protip: Sankaku Complex articles are not an accurate depiction of real life.

          If we’re talking superficiality, women are superficial in the same physical ways as men. The focus is a bit different though– they like abs and eyes. Fuck, look at fujoshi, whose ideal men are hot, girly-looking homos fucking each other. Where’s the money obsession in that?

          On the other hand, saying that men want love is also bullshit. Stop trying to idealize your happy times with your hand.

        • >Yeah, we never tried to maintain the contrary. Go on with your 2D guys, we are happy with our 2D girls. Just don’t come back crying if that was a pathetic attempt to make your respective boyfriends jealous.

          And likewise, don’t come back crying if that was a pathetic attempt to deny that you’re depressed about being too unattractive and lame to get a girlfriend. Being a loser certainly isn’t restricted to females; I’d even go so far as to say that men have a higher chance of being losers, just as women have a higher chance of being bitches.

          Not to say that I’m assuming anything about you =)

        • Wowww, super generalization much.
          Sorry, I’m a girl, but I care about love and affection more than I will ever care about money or gifts. Moreso, I lol at this “Girls will never be pleased with 2D guys like men are with 2d girls”. In my eyes, they’re both pretty equal, and also both pretty sad points of view. You can’t get love from a 2D girl. If you’re talking about erogames or the like, you can’t actually have a real conversation with these girls. You can love them, yes, and I guess in a sense they “love you back”, but it’s not real affection between two human beings. And if you’re not talking about eroge and just… images.. or anime.. well, that makes even less sense. 😐

        • Girls will never be pleased with 2D guys like men are with 2d girls. The reason is simple. Men look for beauty love and affection. A 2D girl comes close even with out the touching experience. But women only want money and someone to take care of them. A 2D guy can’t give them money or do things for them. They can’t make him take them shopping make them gifts or give them money. Men don’t care about those things from there 2D girl. They only want her to be cute and nice.

        • >Give me a 2D man over a 3D guy any day.

          Yeah, we never tried to maintain the contrary. Go on with your 2D guys, we are happy with our 2D girls. Just don’t come back crying if that was a pathetic attempt to make your respective boyfriends jealous.

          btw what are girls doing on this site, traps?