Top 10 Partners You Don’t Want Your Child Bringing Home


Japanese asked what sort of boy or girlfriend they would be aghast at their children bringing home gave an interesting if unsurprising set of answers…

The unwelcome boyfriend ranking:

1. He’s violent

2. He’s a violent drunk

3. He’s in debt

4. He likes gambling

5. He is prone to adultery

6. He has a tattoo

7. He has no fixed income

8. He’s a NEET

9. He has a bad personality

10. He can’t greet people properly

Almost two thirds of the respondents were female, possibly explaining the preoccupation with material wealth…

The unwelcome girlfriend ranking:

1. She’s in debt

2. She’s a violent drunk

3. She likes gambling

4. She’s violent

5. She has a bad personality

6. She has a tattoo

7. She is prone to adultery

8. She has no manners

9. She has no common sense

10. She can’t greet people properly

Poor potential daughter-in-laws are acceptable however…

In both cases a relatively relaxed attitude towards otaku was evident though – an otaku boyfriend was ranked 22nd, whilst a fujoshi girlfriend came dead last at 30; although the fact they were even included in the ranking says something…

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