12-Year-Old Boy Rapes 19-Year-Old Woman


A 12-year-old boy has been arrested for attempting the rape of a 19-year-old woman in an attack which saw him pull down her trousers and punch her in the face, hospitalising her.

The boy, a 12-year-old resident of southern Sweden, apparently took an interest in a 19-year-old woman on a bus one evening and began harassing her.

He continued following her after she got off the bus, culminating in an attack where he punched her in the face, pulled down her trousers and demanded sex.

His attack was curtailed when witnesses intervened after hearing his victim’s cries, and he was soon taken into police custody.

The victim was hospitalised with “relatively serious” injuries, but escaped with her dignity relatively intact.

Police report four similar attacks in the same area, and have arrested another 13-year-old boy in connection with these incidents. The background of these suspects has been withheld – there are some indications they were Somalian, although reporting crimes by Muslims is a major taboo in Sweden so this is unlikely to be confirmed.

Sweden of course is well known as Europe’s rape capital, and if these events are anything to go by this situation will long continue

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  • Muslims are responsible for almost all rape in Sweden. A staggering 85% of all convicted rapists are these 3rd world immigrants or their children.

    Tip of the iceberg.

    Their religious leaders call Swedish women whores and advise their followers to rape them and not muslim women. They should all be burned with fire.

  • About Sweden being Europe`s rape capital(- i thought i lived in a country????)can mostly be because of the high percentage of rape attempts which happen are in fact reported.
    That boy most probably was a somalian, or from other muslim group of immigrants. Their views of women`s rights and stand in a society is still medieval. I am sorry to tell this, but this problem exist.
    Swedish girls` light clothing in summer can be too much for them.
    What comes to the issue of problems with immigrants from certain parts of the world, that will be discussed more openly in the future here in Sweden.
    I must say now that i am not some right-wing racist, but a liberal social democrat.
    But failed integration in my otherwise quite good country do not fix itself by doing nothing, and without open discussion.

  • BlazingSpeed says:

    Blitz, wrote

    This is what happens when you let 3rd world muslim filth take over your country. Note it says “resident”. The Swedes are not a violent people; you know as well as I do what the situation really is.

    Agreed, it galls me that these people are quietly trying to sneak in “Sharia law” in places like London and even the US type “Sharia Law” into any Internet search engine and start doing some research if you don’t believe me…

    On a lighter note lol at the Saigado pic of Shota King…

    • You are mostly right. Let`s not be too hot-headed about this. Even real Swedes do rape sometimes, as every people, but they know all the time that it is wrong. Not so in some certain cultures.
      We are not violent people. Our Ice Hockey coaches are just now telling that we should be tougher to beat even Canadians.
      Shota King pic is more like Swedish reality: Everything seems to have happened in mutual understanding….

  • I live in sweden and I can tell you that the recent 20 years worth of immigrants, especially those who are muslims from albania and the surrounding countries, are seriously fucked up.
    They have no respect of the swedes, male or female, or anything that has to do with the country. Once they even tried to make the government change our national anthem because they thought it was racist.
    And in many areas, particularly in Malmö and Trelleborg and Stockholm, they have basically taken over parts of the cities.

    A friend of mine was walking hom one night from a party and crossed one of these areas and he was stopped by some albanians that demanded he pay them 2500 kr. Why? he asked and they said because you´re walking here. He told them to fuck off and they beat him up, sending him to the hospital and when he had recovered some weeks later they went to his house and said that he now owed them 250 000 with interest.
    They´ve done this to lots of people and some of them even sell the “debt” to Hells Angels and let them come collecting it.

    It has gotten worse and worse and soon we swedes will have to do something about it.
    Or there won´t be any of us left.

    • If you are of age, you may vote for the Sweden Democrats (SD) in the coming elections. No other party wants to touch the immigration policies. If you’re not of age, tell your parents that you’re fed up with getting robbed by enrichers.

      The other parties only want to adjust a few taxation issues one notch in one direction or the other. Considering the potential massive budget savings a strict immigration policy could give; it wouldn’t matter if you’re a red commie or blue smurf, you can get wellfare AND tax cuts.

    • Well let’s hope your politicians decide to grow some testicles like the ones in Switzerland then, because you’re absolutely right; if your country stands by idly, your people will be overtaken, just like they are being overtaking in France, the UK, and the Netherlands. It’s good to see at least people are recognizing the problem now.

    • And how much of that is an issue of them being Muslim or them being Albanian?

      I mean, Albania isn’t exactly Eden to say the least. Educational values are only somewhat better than those of certain African Nations.

      Combine that with the general proliferation of what is termed the Albanian mob across Continental Europe. Eh..

      Heck, the entire S.Eastern area of Europe, meaning Bulgaria, Romania, Albania etc. It’s a cesspool from a criminal vs law enforcement perspective. High amounts of corruption, failure to comply with local and European laws and regulations etc etc.

      About the only Western European Nation, which is as dirty is Italy, and they just happen to have a better PR machine about it.


      I have a very simple divide for people. You got scum, and then you’ve got not-scum. People of all walks of life, all faiths, national backgrounds, gender, sexual orientation, etc fit into either one or the other category.

      Life would be a lot simpler if more folks thought like that. 😛

  • I’m still amazed how Artefact’s manages to choose (find) such fitting pictures.

    In other news, despite the fact that I found the last paragraph about Somalians to be unnecessary, for some strange reason, while I was reading the article, I was thinking the perpetrator was of Somalian descent…

  • Anonymous said:
    Not surprising at all. There is a huge rape problem in Somalia and other countries, you bring these 3rd world people into your country, they bring their lifestyle with them.
    What is wrong with you white people and all this immigration that is killing you?

    What is wrong with you for not understanding that white people are sick of letting people just so they can be accused of racism? Many Caucasians are tired of always being accused of racism and intolerance for something people hundreds of years did. Immigrants also need to understand that they can't just expect to come into Europe and run the place.
    You need to understand that Caucasians are the minority in this world. Ever occur to you that Caucasian countries want to keep their identity too?

    • Not surprising at all. There is a huge rape problem in Somalia and other countries, you bring these 3rd world people into your country, they bring their lifestyle with them.

      What is wrong with you white people and all this immigration that is killing you?

  • Anonymous said:
    Sweden should make a law where every time some sand nigger rapes a Swedish woman that the police randomly drag out a Muslim family out on the street and rape the females in front of the males' eyes.

    Rape isn't right no matter what.
    Just deport them back and stop the immigration… Before they kill all our Jews…

    • wuld u like to see ur mom screaming,crying while some strangers rape her n u can do nothing bout it? if u can fap to that u seriously have problems..

      i know i won’t. n not to others.

      WTF with the jews?? can’t relate to that??

      as far as i’m aware of them jews keep on slaughtering muslims till these day,

      p/s still them W. Bush is a winner by killing hundred thousand of people in quest for WMD which only a myth created to suck d oil.

  • O Christian Country of the Swedes
    How my heart goes with thee!

    To see these vile Mohammedans
    Tear thine country apart!

    In the fair city of Malmhaug
    They spread their venom vile

    A new crusade must start again
    to repel the Moslem.

    Honestly, Sweden’s kindness has been taken advantage of. We do not want Sweden to become less peaceful or the Swedes to become less kind and tolerant because these infidels want to spread their repulsive religion and their vile ilk. They are like viruses that infect societies to perpetuate themselves.

  • When I go visit grandma and grandpa I should consider going to our local "Jihad Driving School". Just watch the videos liberalfags.
    Blitz I support you. My dad was born in Malmö!
    The rest of you stupid ignorant fuckers amaze me! If you have no clue about something, don't talk. Sweden needs some tough immigration laws.
    It is not a big secret that at least 1/2 of all Muslims are just fanatics. Just look at how they treat their women, with Saudi Arabia’s 90 year old men marrying 10 year old children.
    There are many reasons for that, most notably because most Middle Eastern countries lack proper education systems, with many people not even going to school and those that do are being brainwashed with bullshit Islam and hate (all religions are just fiction though up by humans but some are more crazy than others).
    European countries should stop letting so many immigrants from non EU counties. Japan’s got the right idea; they actually care about preserving national identity.
    I think that every country should consist of at least 70%-80% of its native inhabitants. Having DISTINCT cultures makes the world so great; if everyone meshes together there will be no separate identity.
    Every country on Earth should strive to preserve its unique culture and identity. Multicultural hotspots are okay, but for a whole country to be united you need the people to have something in common.

  • Was the crime doer’s origin confirmed?

    even if one group make more trouble than other groups doesn’t mean the other groups don’t also make crimes from time to time.

    Men that hate women was a sample of this, the movie taking place in Sweden even

    I’m surprised however a 12 year old beating a 19 year old…

    a 14 year old I wouldn’t have been surprised over

    good thing it was stopped before the intended crime was done

  • Most women I know esp those in my family probably would have given the little bastard the worst beating of his life.
    Some of them would force feed him pork I know my older sister sure would.
    Of course afterwords I’d probably kick his ass too and then kick his dad’s ass in front of him.

    • The “problem” with immigration — in any country — is to what degree the immigrants have (or don’t have) the same values as the people in that country.

      If you have immigrants who treat women like chattels (owned objects) in their own culture, they’re not gonna think twice about taking any woman they see for their own pleasure.

      Similarly, if the immigrants view everyone outside their “tribe”, “extended family unit”, or “religion” as fair game for exploitation, they’re gonna rob and cheat those “outside-their-group” people (i.e., natives of the country they immigrated to).

      In a host country with liberal views (“Oh the poor dears — they’re just misunderstood. We have to help them…”), this difference between what the host population expects, and what the immigrant population _does_ is going to be severe, and cause backlash.

      In a host country with less-liberal views (say, China), these criminals will be jailed (or executed) and the rest of the country will move on.

      When you wonder why people (criminals) “don’t learn” that they likely will be punished [via the legal system, an armed mob, or vengeful relatives of the victim] for their misdeeds, the answers are:

      (1) Human self-deception (“_I_ am special. _I_ will never be caught and/or punished!”)

      (2) Fatalistic outlooks (a drug user who simply does not care what happens to him/her, or, a religiously-based view, i.e., “It is the will of Allah. If He did not want me to rape that woman, He would have made her take another path, and I would not have seen her.”)

  • According to sources on FB they knew each other.
    Both of them lived in Hässleholm. The older one (13), a Somalian, a student at Bodaskolan and the younger one (12) a student at Myråsskolan in the “international class”*. They have been placed in a “care center” to await further processing.

    * Special class for people to learn Swedish and stuff like that.

    They appeared to be under the influence but the police could not confirm this due to the necessary tests being illegal to do due to their age.

    There’s also the case of another woman in the same area (Hässleholm) who were stabbed in the back and punched in the face.

    • And people are more upset about the nearby Vellinge municipality not wanting these enrichers. Especially not when smuggled inside.

      Oh yeah, each “lonesome arriving” enricher “child” (most of them are adult liars) placed in a municipality gets state funding of ~US$300 per day to cover expenses in housing and government connectivity, there are some additional funding for education. It typically takes them five or ten years to get into society, if ever.

      You may now wonder where Sweden’s defence spending has gone.

      Yes, three hundred U.S. dollars per day.

      • From Googling cost-of-living in Sweden:

        It has been estimated that monthly living costs, excluding housing, for a single person in Sweden are around 5820 SEK (ca EUR 582)

        Average housing cost (apartment rent) in Sweden for 2009 is 5532 SEK.

        Putting those figures together, we have a total monthly cost of SEK 11,362, which at this moment, converts to US$1,632.08

        US$300.00 / day x 30 days /month == US$9,000.00 / month.

        After living costs, that gives you US$7,367.92 to put into the bank.

        It’s a sweet deal, if you can get it.

        • Well, most of the money is meant to be used by the municipality. The notorious Malmö municipality takes in a lot of “anchor children” (once they get to stay, their parents and family suddenly reincarnate and want to immigrate based on a ridiculously liberal paragraph), however they don’t house these “children” by themselves. Malmö already has enough trouble with the Rosengård enclave.

          Instead Malmö City hires a tax-sink company called Attendo Care to do it. Attendo Care rented a hostel building in the Vellinge municipality and put Malmö’s “children” in it.

          Essentially, Malmö gets $300/day.
          Malmö gives the Attendo Care company $250/day, keeping the rest to do whatever they want with.
          Attendo Care hides $200/day or so on the Isle of Man where they have a huge-ass bank account filled with billions and billions of tax dollars.
          The remainder is spent on the staff that gets threatened by these enrichers for making them do household chores or not letting them surf the Internet all day long.

          It is very likely that the Attendo Care company gives mr. Ilmar Reepalu (mayor of Malmö) a few bucks after laundry. And the Swedish Tax Agency is filled with socialists who would never think of prosecuting their own.

          This is a huge problem, and the lefties blatantly refuse to see it as they think money grows on trees, and only the “rich” pay when in fact everyone except immigrants do.

  • Ah the enrichers are at it again. I forgot if it was a somali, kosovar or arab this time. Studies show they vote 95% left, and the lefties naturally want more of them. The rightie people are too pathetic to do anything.

    There is one, ONE political party which wants to regulate the world’s most liberal asylum policies. If you mention their name any leftist will get furious and start screaming “nazi” or “racist” at you. Even if said leftwinger has the same views on mass-immigration.

    And pretty much all newspapers and television channels (having romantic views of the year 1968) churn out the same shit because none of their employees live near the warzones. Yes, warzones, we don’t have ghettos any more. There are places you better don’t go to if you’re white, woman or rich-looking.

    What bothers me the most is how people can get upset by KKK suits, but not burkas. It’s the same shit.

  • Immigration has destroyed the free society in Sweden. Muslims seems think that every Swedish female is a whore and treat them as such. Fathers pass on their pathetic views to their sons and create a vicious cycle.

  • Any woman/girl (that isn’t loli sized)that gets beaten up by a little boy, should resign themselves to kitchen duty (cause seriously, if you can’t even defend yourself against ONE kid, who could you defend yourself against).

    • Firearms have been called, “The Great Equalizer”, because even a physically small person can pull a trigger,

      What’s funny/sad is that where I live, you can get a concealed handgun permit (presuming you’re not a convicted criminal, etc.)….

      … but, there’s a county law against discharging firearms (even if you live in rural areas, which we still have).

      So the government can punish you for using a firearm, even if it’s fully justified self-defense.

      I’m guessing that in Sweden, private ownership and carrying of firearms is illegal.

    • I agree, I’d never let a little brat get away with anything I’d have bitch-slap him in the bus for his insolence.

      Then again, maybe she was quite petite and maybe she didn’t want to do anything to the “minor” because of the frigging laws. After all, who’d imagine a 12 year old would try to rape anyone?

      The world is fucked up.

  • Our entire D & D group was taken out by a group of 11/12/13-year old street urchins… the town we were in didn’t allow people to carry weapons or armor; we had to check them with the City Watch. The kids had rocks, bricks, and bar stock, and the City Watch was far away, and no help to us.

    Once you’ve been hit in the head and/or knees, you go down pretty quick.

    I wonder if the Dungeonmaster was making a point about the wisdom of living in a place where only the government can be legally armed?


    Yeah, that Swedish girl should have punched that little fucker right back, and harder, but she’d be in jail.

    “Oooh, my poor defenseless little Sven! How could you do that to a 12-year old boy, you vicious bitch?!”


    “Oh, no, officer, this isn’t a weapon — it’s a (very heavy) security chain and lock for my bicycle… which I reported stolen out of my apartment last month; have you found my bike yet?”

  • Sweden should make a law where every time some sand nigger rapes a Swedish woman that the police randomly drag out a Muslim family out on the street and rape the females in front of the males’ eyes.

  • Article title: 12-Year-Old Boy Rapes 19-Year-Old Woman.

    First line in article: A 12-year-old boy has been arrested for attempting the rape of a 19-year-old woman…

    Attempted Rape != Rape. Has Sank become Fox News with its fallacious headlines in an effort to grab more ratings?

    • He’s Swedish. His name might be something like Bjorn or Thorvald. Anyone with those kinds of names automatically has the build of a longshoreman who bench presses rabid bears while drenched in blood and honey.

      • Come on cowards, if you’re going to thumb me down I’m sure you have some sort of retort, right? Or is it that you just don’t like what we have to say?

        We’re interested in nothing less than the truth.

        • Okay, so my attention span didn’t last for all of this debate so forgive me if I skip right to pointing out a few facts I think are important.

          the statement “every rape is performed by muslims” is definitely _false_

          the statement “every ‘race’ has many people throughout history who have raped other people” is definitely _true_

          The media is biased. People’s opinions are biased. If a person is trying to gain the favour of other people then they will argue Logos (logic and facts), Ethos(saying they’re an expert in such-and-such) or Pathos(appealing to morality).

          Blitz’ logos is:
          -the rate of rape went up in Sweden when
          the rate of immigration went up
          -“Islam promotes that we Westerners are
          infidels and they will treat us like
          He doesn’t have an ethos because he’s a
          His pathos is:
          -“I care about people in other countries,
          because I don’t want the same shit
          happening where I live”

          Note that I am biased against prejudice of any kind and will now argue these points.

          My logos:
          – as someone else pointed out, rape has
          different definitions in different
          countries. I would also like to point out
          that they have different methods for
          gathering statistcs, so to say that there
          are more rapes in Sweden cannot be
          confirmed with statistics alone.
          – connections can easily be made between
          anything. there are many other factors
          that could have more easily contributed
          to more rapes such as a lack of policing,
          lax rape laws, misogyny in the media etc.
          – Regarding Islam thinking other people
          are “infidels”, an infidel simply means
          someone who does not believe in one’s own
          religion. So if you’re a Christian or
          Catholic or what-have-you, then you
          believe that Islamists are infidels.

          I don’t have an ethos, I’m also a Westerner :3

          My pathos
          – And apparently thinking of them as
          “filth” is somehow better than them
          thinking of you as an infidel?
          – “the same shit” (rape) IS happening
          where you live. All you have to do is
          turn on the television to see pictures of
          little girls who were abducted or pasty
          faced white men like you or me, but
          hopefully crazier, that are rapist.

        • It’s just that most people tend to not care about others as long as they have their own “peace” and they completely ignore the truth about this distorted reality of the world because they think that being uninvolved with foreign issues means that they are going to live in peace.

          Ahh. what a distorted world it is.

        • You idiots who keep trying to derail any serious discussion because you think everything should be “for the lulz” (or rather because you disagree with the arguments in question but lack the will to debate it) are rather sad.

          Different people come to this site for different reasons, hence the wide spread of content – much of which is essentially serious in tone.

        • My friend moved to the USA from Sweden, and she was born there as a Chinese girl. She said it was incredibly racist, that it was “fashionable” to be racist, and that it was horrible for her. Her first 13 years of life there were awful. There is no reason for people to dislike her either, she is one of the most friendly and sweet people I know. She says people were so hostile that she never wants to go back.

          Sweden seems like such a great place.

        • That’s a rather fancy way of sugarcoating it. Posting comments devoted to a single subject – with unflagging pace – on a website devoted primarily to the celebration and adoration of tits and grotesque news doesn’t really seem like the kind of thing someone would do if he or she truly cared about the subject at hand. A famous Edmund Burke quote comes to mind, as well as that “actions speak louder than words” idiom.

          I’ve also noticed that this site has a propensity for attracting such heated “debates” by intentionally using misleading language and masking information.

        • Even if you do care it won’t really matter. Except you have some kind of influence over a lot of people, like being the guy who makes the local news.

          But back to the point. Remember writing:

          “I’d bet money this wasn’t perpetrated by a Swede” ?

          The thing is, that it isn’t important who this guy was or even if such a guy exists in the first place. Important is the joy we take out of reading a funny story. “Whoo a 12year old raped a 19year old girl. lolrofl” (Don’t mind the article telling a slightly different story about a boy nearly raping a girl, it’ really the fun headline that matters)

          Did you notice that this site has lots of this kind of news? It’s for the lulz, as nocturne said. The matter of the reality of such a thing is completely irrelevant as long as it’s an interesting story you can spread.

          Now here is the point: there are people reading it really only for the lulz and there are dumber people believing everything the news said. The first group won’t care for your statement, as they don’t really give a damn about the content, and the second, well, won’t care either, but for different reasons. Just who did you expect to influence with your posting? People who already share your opinion?

          (Damn, that was too goddamn serious for this site. Quick, someone make a funny remark!)

        • I care about people in other countries, because I don’t want the same shit happening where I live. Once people finally come to their senses and realize what’s happening, it’s going to be too late to stop it.

          And no, I didn’t pull the issue from SanCom first; the above article only rehashes it.

        • @Blitz: The present will be history – it’s just a matter of time. I’m just saying that it isn’t important. News are for entertainment. And to provide opinions for idiots. Future generation will learn what happened through books written by people who weren’t even there and thus write them as they want history to be.

          And for us in the present. Well, who gives a shit about people in other countries anyway? As long as they don’t start a war or affect us in some other way like the feminazis,…

          People who take (not anime related) news from here serious are beyond help anyway.

        • Thank you for your support, Sarissofoi. I think a lot of people are waking up; now it’s time to take that opinion to the polls.

          @ Chen-03: This isn’t an issue of historical review. This is an issue of the here and now; you can go to Paris, London, or as you now know, Stockholm, to find out for yourself. I have.

          @ MelancholyMomo: Yes, I edited it out after realizing it was just going to start a flame war, which was not my intention. If you want to continue it though, feel free to start a forums thread.

        • Truth? There is no truth in RL. History is written by the winners and news are made to entertain the masses.

          Besides, don’t identify yourself with your country, it’s dangerous and in some places (such as germany) prohibited for reasons.

          EDIT: nocturne is (essentially) right too, but I cared a little for Blitz’ opinion. Therefore a serious reply from me.

        • They simpy dont know how twisted reality is. They are blinded by political correctness.
          I chalenge them to go in day alone to muslim part of any swedish city.

          Blitz you are not alone. Keep up with good work.

      • If I knew you in real life I’d bet money this wasn’t perpetrated by a Swede, just like most of the rest of the rapes and murders that take place in what once was an absolutely beautiful and peaceful country.

    • YEAH a somalian fucking piece of gang raping shit. Those fuckers come to Sweden and commit horrendous mass gang rapes, beating women and killing them, slashing them, crushing their heads with stones.

      They are filthy, ugly, muslim, inbred, shitrags with an average IQ of 63 !!!


    • A 12yo nigra is NOT a child. Hell, even white boys sometimes outweigh adult women 2:1 by age 11-12 (I was about 182 cm and 90kg at 12, hell, I’m taller but much lighter now), and nigras have their growth spurt earlier.

      • Unfortunately I think Blitz is right, the Swedish are to hospital-able and far to forgiving. I don’t often condone violence but the fact that their children are committing the crimes shows that something is going to far. They need to throw up a full quota on Muslim immigrants.

        • @Anon 10:03
          Thing is, in Sweden if the paper says someone is Swedish, you can expect them to be a non-european immigrant. Otherwise they’ll write ethnic swede or european with swedish citizenship.

          >implying human rights as defined by the UN isn’t BS
          >implying the UN isn’t cancer

        • malaria is an islamic country that respects the human rights, the freedom of speech and is democratic ?


          just some info:
          1) human rights
          they have laws for enforcing “native” privilege that non-native citizen cannot enjoy. its like saying the indians in US has more right than “non-native” white people. there are some uni that only natives can enter. regardless of your grades in high school or whatsoever

          2) freedom of speech
          you can go to jail if you shout anything in public that is bad and considered “harmful to the peace of the country”. try shouting islam is ***** and see what happens. though (some) REAL criminals run free…

          3) democratic
          on the outside? yes…

        • ^ Not sure about that, we did have some really long ones in the past too…
          You're not serious, are you?
          Brunei is NOT a democracy, and neither is Dubai (no matter what they'd like tourists to think). Both countries implement Shariah law, so they also don't meet the first and second criteria, not even if they use a relatively liberal approach. Women are still being discriminated against (divorce and inheritance law for example) and many things are illegal, i.e. punishable by law (as opposed to just facing the consequences within your religious community) that plain and simply should not be illegal. People being content with just living their lives is not an excuse, since that has nothing to do with these 3 criteria. And besides, people deserve better than just that when all it takes is to simply secularize the government.
          Also, I think we can agree that Saudi Arabia is rich in oil. You won't attest meeting even one criterion to that country now, will you?
          Let's face it, Islam as state religion and freedom do not mix.

        • problem is that mostly of the immigrants are being nationalized or are 2nd or 3rd generation, so they can t be kicked out.
          Another thing … is there one islamic country country in the world that respects the human rights, the freedom of speech and is democratic ?

        • I agree that Blitz is an asshole. However, he’s also right. Still, fighting immigration is not the solution, in fact, it’d still be wrong even if it could somehow ease the problem. It is true however that the problem must be fought at it’s root, i.e. countries that are under Islamic rule. It’s an undeniable fact that there is a silent invasion of Islam into every corner of this world and every level of society. It’s also a fact that Islam oppresses women. If you can’t add one and one together, you’re simply a fool.

          I’m supportive of the idea that these countries must be secularized and democratized, by force if necessary. The problem with the situation today (Afghanistan, Iraq etc.) is that the western powers are there for their own egoistic and selfish reasons, not for the sake of people in these countries and the greater good of humanity. If they were, they’d also be in Somalia and Sudan, and even Saudi Arabia…

          The problem with immigration is the twisted idea of ‘tolerance’ harbored by the leftist governments of the countries that suffer most under the Islamic onslaught. People need to realize that the whole ‘multiculti’ idea is simply isolation in disguise. There can’t be true freedom and equality like this. Protecting a person’s individual choices also means protecting them from the people of their own background.
          A raped and honor-killed women can’t continue to live as a Moslem…

        • Whenever you see us as racist or not the fact is still there. Most of our crimes, in this case rapecrimes, are done by our immigrants.
          I’ve long said that they are welcome here,all I demand in return is that they behave, but instead when I go out I get call racist for walking around in a blue shirt with something yellow on it. I don’t even think we should jail them when they break the law, we should send them straight back home to their own country.

        • As mentioned earlier, Islam doesn’t show a lot of respect to Europeans, or peoples of any other group, for that matter. Moving Islam to Europe isn’t going to solve anything, it’s just importing the problems with the Islamic immigrants.

          Regarding France….I suppose you aren’t aware of the “Sensitive Urban Areas”, where the police dare not venture. I was in Paris in June, and the city itself was bad enough. In most parts, the Muslims outnumber the natives. What’s going on in France is simply colonization; maybe that’s karma, I’m not sure. Either way, the “French” way is not a right way, it’s capitulation. That wasn’t intended as a joke, but I suppose that’s in line with what one would expect given recent history….

          This article, originally posted in The Washington Times, may prove enlightening (feel free to skim it if you do read, it’s a bit long):


        • My suspicion is certainly not without evidence; and yes, you can attack the vikings all you want. They may have been quite brutal, but the fact of the matter is, they don’t exist anymore. The groups primarily responsible for the surge in rapes in Sweden today are, however, and something needs to be done to prevent it from getting worse.

        • @ Anonymous: In case you don’t know what an ad hominem attack is, I’ve gone through the trouble of copying the wikipedia definition for you.

          “An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: “argument to the person” or “argument against the person”) is an argument which links the validity of a premise to an irrelevant characteristic or belief of the person advocating the premise.[1]”

          Yes, I am attacking Islam. And not without premise, either. Islam promotes that we Westerners are infidels and they will treat us like infidels. How you can possibly deny that it is immigration that has increased crime rates also confuses me, care to explain?

          Oh and yes, please do, demonize me as some sort of right wing fanatic; that’s what you people are good at, right? It should be common sense, that if I were such, I wouldn’t be here in the first place. Nice try, though.

        • It hardly matters. What is known is that rape was a rare occurrence before all this immigration, and now it’s the “rape capital”. No matter how they define rape, there’s been a huge surge in crime.

          Go post your spin somewhere else.

        • This is what happens when you let 3rd world muslim filth take over your country. Note it says “resident”. The Swedes are not a violent people; you know as well as I do what the situation really is.

        • This entire debate was over the second anyone brought up naziism.

          05:15 30/11/2009 Bad (-0.6)

          You’re not, anyone could tell from his posts what he’s all about. Reminds me that sweden has also a high nazi rate…

          Yep, should’ve ended here.

        • I’m the anon of 05:05 30/11/2009.
          Nope, not a forum goer.

          Sorry, just noting something I find particularly interesting.

          As for your whole stance.. There is no singular Islam anymore than there is a singular Christianity. There are a lot of varying branches, all professing to be of the same faith and the true faith, and all busily bickering whether or not the others belong and whether or not a compromise is possible.

          See Catholics vs Protestant in N.Ireland for a fairly recent Christian version and essentially the equivalent of the whole Suni-Shiite strife.

          As for the whole immigration thing. Things are hardly that simple. Take a look see at the birth numbers in W.Europe, they’re declining, they’re not as bad yet as Japan’s, but they’re following the same trend.

          Who do you think will be paying for your social security? And no, you won’t be paying it for yourself, you’re currently paying for your grandparents.

          Toss in the whole social-economical issues not that dissimilar to those faced by African-Americans in the US. Combined with limited education, due to these folks often being from the more agrarian sections of their respective countries. As well as hostility by the locals, further fueling a sense of alienation and making the BS spewed by rabid fundamentalists all the more attractive etc etc.

          It’s not something all that easily solved, especially not as a number of these folks are sometimes second to third generation, born in the country in question, but still treated as if they were outsiders. Having limited access to good schooling, like I said, similar issues as faced by African-Americans etc etc.

          It’s just a cycle that keeps repeating itself, if someone doesn’t break the chain and try to find an equitable way out for all involved.

          As for the whole reasonable muslims thing. Try Suffi’s. Met a number of them over the years, all of them fully integrated into society, hard working, civic minded, law abiding, and the type of coworkers that you’d actually want to have, because they’ll have your back when the digestive material hits the rapidly oscillating metal blades.

          As for the whole name an Islamic Country that respects those three tenets. Name a “Christian” one, I’m willing to wager that I can point out some violations on their part as well, thus nullifying their candidacy for sainthood. 😛

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          that was my fault for not seeing the criteria, I’d like to apologize I’m tired, been doing work all day.. duno how I missed that actually.. tehe~ >_>..

          nevertheless I was merely saying that the majority aren’t the extremist/savages that so many seem to believe.

          I’ve always advocated equality and democracy, I’m merely saying that at a fundamental level most immigrants will just want to earn some money.. that’s when the social problems come in.

          nevertheless I’m sure Blitz will eventually post a load of information about how Sharia law spreading throughout Europe, so I’ll say this..

          I dislike and would protest against Sharia law whenever I could, and yes traditions are hard to break, although education and opportunities can do wonders.. but to punish an entire community due to a select few is pretty sorry for using the term ‘unfair’.

        • MelancholyMomo says:


          ‘An Islamic country that meets all 3 criteria? I don’t think so…’

          Shuu ever been to Dubai, Brunei, or any other oil rich country.

          It ain’t that different to any other country. just some cultural norms are different, for the most part people are content with just living their lives..

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          you guys are only looking at the extremes..

          me wonders when was the last time any of you guys actually interacted, if at all, with a Muslim.

          humans prefer to choose default, just because they choose to follow their own cultural religion doesn't mean that they're all the same, and the majority definitely aren't extremists.. and please don't give me the 'most of them are' bullshit.

          if we're going to judge an entire race due to some selfish bastards, well lets not go into that…

          regarding that "Sensitive Urban Areas"

          please don't piss me off..

          that isn't a culture issue, that's a social one, in fact most of it is..

          and as for the 'karma' stuff, people go to where the money is, it's as simple as that.

          as for that forced secularisation stoof.

          I'd support that anyday, and it isn't that hard to achieve.. instead of wasting money on a war, provide basic things like education and other things.

          if any of you guys make some money go visit Dubai or another oil rich country.. it's pretty cool..

          nevertheless you guys don't understand what you are advocating, or what Blitz is advocating..

          a place where different races/cultures don't mix..


        • ^lol, shouldn’t say that.
          But seriously Blizt, how come immigration smearing them?
          If you do not want them gone crazy, try to embrace them, not being discriminate to minority. Try to be like France!

        • Flaskis, wouldn’t the better solution be to fix the problems plaguing the land from which these immigrants are coming (via funding for education, for example)? Immigration isn’t fixing the problem, it’s just smearing it around.

        • @Flaskis : Truth to be told. At least try to understand them, not despise them.
          Or maybe Blizt used same method from evil big nations like ‘false accusation and baseless allegation’ due to his suspicion that leads thousands innocent lives lost in 2 countries?

          @Anon 06:07: Does that mean you can say bad to all non-swedish there? Aren’t they actually legally swedish by law? Why discrimination arise in sweden, while only non-swedish did crime?
          how about other white swedish?

        • But Blitz, something most muslim haters and other nationalist party people are missing is this: Instead of shutting them out (which is going against human rights, and Sweden is already in a bad position with the UN’s human rights department) nations should try to find the root of the problem. In this case, whole southern Sweden is getting infected by non-swedes not understanding how you should behave in a society. And because of the conditions, they learn from each other making this problem escalate further.
          It’s funny to see how we humans are the most intelligent and at the same time the stupidest being on this planet. When will we ever learn from our mistakes? weren’t two world wars enough?

        • Actually, vikings were mostly peaceful tradesmen. It was mostly former nationalistic/fascistic parties and lately Hitler’s Nazi party that romanticised the vikings as brutal warriors (Hitler went as far as to call them descendants of the Germanic people.

        • @Blizt: Talking about how bad Islam(or any other religions or races) from your suspicion without proof is being prejudiced.

          I can talk how brutal Sweden because of their viking gods and their Odin to kills other Europeans.

        • Blitz: No, it’s just the whole statistic boom by comparing Sweden’s high rape report rate along with southern Sweden’s immigrant’s harsh living condition (where in the worst parts 20% live in poverty) making them commit crimes more frequently.

        • Thanks for obvious info, dude. Taking you awhile to post crap?
          I spoke the truth about you being an asshole. It seems many agreed with me. You don’t know which Islam you’re talking about.

          Peace Be Upon You (Except Blizt, a brainwashed sweden hater, a product of propaganda)

        • I hate to break your xenophobic bubble, Blitz. But rape is something that has existed for the entire human history, no matter what religion people have belonged to (as if that really matters).

          Plus, afaik the so called “muslim filth” haven’t “taken over Sweden”.

  • He was 12, come on lady, unless he hit you with something or worked out every day, I highly doubt a 12 year old is gonna have a hit strong enough to hospitalise someone. Either way, he’s 12 hit him back with everything you got he’ll go down.
    Unless your like 90lbs of skin, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Blitz and followers= racist+asshole+peace hater+think that monkey is my granpa . . .

    your eyes must be blind if you not looking the history of western colonizer in the world, the caused of World Wars, and the biggest massacre in this century by zionists . . .

  • Anonymous says:

    it isnt hard to hosptialize someone if you realative like strong and unhesitant punching someone and breaking their nose will hospitalize them, if he was holding objects it do the same. But man wtf is with these young rapists in sweden. It is a quite a xenophobic country as well, like its pretty bad.

    • chill…armageddon is coming…
      wait, has it past already?according to bible…yay for eternity an life full of suffering ahead of us. and rapist to.
      maybe some medal in olympics for rapist could help
      them run their “hobby” with aspirations…

  • Sheeeeeeeit. Ok last time I checked, being Muslim didn't make 12 year old boys much more dangerous than say a 12 year old anywhere else.
    So whether or not the 12 year old was Muslim or not shouldn't be relevant.
    My son is 15, rather tall for a lad. So what, he's just a typical lad. I could lay him out on his ass after a long day.
    The 19 year old girl had to be particularly small or fragile or both.
    Of course the lad might have gotten her off guard. I'm sure most 19 year old girls don't expect to be belted by 12 year old boys even if rape IS a problem in the region. But then we're told the lad had been harassing her already. So why didn't she have her guard up?
    You know how you stop a 12 year old boy that is attempting a physical assault, you boot his brand new nuts up into his throat and leave him to pray he'll ever have any use for them in the future.
    If the woman is this incapable on her own, maybe she should discontinue the practice of walking alone.

    • Dude, I’m 25, 189cm 74kg. I can do like 20 pullups, 50 pushups, lift twice my weight… I’m a strong guy. Yet shit, ***I (25)*** wouldn’t want to fight myself (12), cause I was a good 40 pounds heavier back then.

    • oh, it’s not just one person. It’s the whole Ummah, who believes that as long as you are muslim, you are always entitled to behave however you want against other people, provided they are not muslim. Kill or rob a non-muslim, it is not the same as when done to a muslim.

      After all, in a muslim country, non-muslims have to pay jizyah, don’t they? Muslims use force and intimidation to make people convert to Islam or make them go away from their homes, like in Lebanon, in Iraq, and in Sweden.

      They are unruly, no longer like the noble, learned muslim of the middle ages. They have become embittered by what they perceive as the unfairness of Ferenji being more advanced and more cultured and more prosperous despite following Islam. They have become stuck, looking backwards to a past they cannot hope to regain.

      That is why a lot of muslim accuse the Saudi of being the lap-dog of westerners- to some point, there is truth in these accusations- Most arab states exist because of western political moves. The Saudi, becoming rich through oil, are rejected by the angry Palestinians and other refugees.

      In short, it is because a large majority of Muslims are poor and uneducated that they see themselves being justified in their anger against the hand that feeds them. Good Muslim are a small percentage, they are an exception to the truth that Muslim are indeed very bad people.

      • Personally, I’d argue that the vast majority of Muslims is simply apathetic and too concerned with getting by on a day to day basis to be worrying about anything else.

        Then you have the next two groups, the one embittered as you say and the law-abiding ones next. Possibly similar in size, the former just appears much more present due to media attention. Hey, bad news does sell better. There is no story in somebody paying their taxes on time, paying it in a sufficient amount, not getting parking tickets, working hard etc etc etc.

        And lastly, you got the fundamentalist whackjobs, who prey on the embittered, want to eradicate the law-abiding ones and rule the apathetic ones.

        Then again, I can easily see parallels with certain Christian branches across the world and how they interact with the rest of the world.

        The Christian nutcases who murder doctors, or blow up clinics/hospitals, because of abortion are really no different from the Wahabi suicide bomber who blows folks up for being infidels.

  • Blitz said:
    There's nothing that I can say or do that will ever remotely make up for the tragedy of what happened to the Native Americans; to lose your nation and your culture is something I cannot perceive the pain of, nor do I wish to ever feel the pain of. I do want to re-enforce what HentaiKamen said earlier, though; we can't be held responsible for the crimes committed hundreds of years ago, nor can today's European Americans be blamed for slavery that occurred in the 1800's or the modern Japanese be blamed for the Nanking massacre that happened 70 years ago.

    True, however it is up to the generations of this time to remember such tragedies and make sure they never happen again. As for the slavery thing, that is true but a vocal minority of Caucasians today especially those living in the southern region of the US perpetuate hate crimes which speak to a time of slavery and oppression which in turn affects the common citizen, it is no small wonder that Black use it that time period as a basis of argument. As for the Nanking tragedy, Japanese tend to ignore that it ever happened, that is just asking for such a thing to happen again. At the same time though using the massacre as an excuse to attack the Japanese is also just circling the hate. It is best to recognize that it happened and move on with the future making sure such things never happen again.
    I guess what I am trying to say is that the perceived "Vicitim" and "Attackers" (<–ther's a better word for that, I just can't think of it) lie at fault for dredging up the past as though it is relevant to the present and basing that as a platform for the future. Learn from history's mistakes and don't repeat them. 🙂

  • Holy crap! I missed some real drama and lulz!!HAHAHA

    On a more serious note:

    Now I am no expert in European affairs nor do I tend to follow any of the politics associated with the region-except for some of the EU members attempts at anti-piracy efforts such as bit-torrent- so I won't pass judgment on Muslims in that particular region. I also don't deal with them to often, really small minority groups such as Muslims tend to stick to themselves in their sheltered communities here in the US, but my experience with Islam and Muslims in general has never been any good. The worst experience-in terms of the physical- was back in High School was with the large numbers of sons and daughters of Somalian refugees who had been gifted, I remind you GIFTED not earned, US citizenship because of their background. They were always extremely violent, rude, caused fights and got away with it for reasons of which to me are now known, they were Somalian Immigrants they don't know better! As an adult, conducting business with any member of that community is a pain in the rear, they are Elitist for lack of a better word. They feel because they are Muslim they are immediately better than anyone and whenever you meet anyone of them you always get this rather condescending look out of them. They also don't tend to respect the rights of others, cutting in lines, yelling at you, etc.. I could go on. Due to the aforementioned circumstances I can see where Blitz is coming from and although his comments seem filled with hatred, he does seem to make good points for which I commend him. However at the same time the fault of their actions is due in no small part to government inaction, willing to overlook many of their heinous activities and not providing the tools, education, reform, health services, which lead many a Muslim to probably feel as though he (I won't say she for obvious reasons) has some right to do as they wish since if he isn't being provided with the same rights as others, why should he obey the laws?. It is the responsibility of the Voters of their respective countries to do something about such thing otherwise the cycle never ends and such thinking on the part of Muslims stagnates until it becomes nigh irreparable. I'm not saying such attempts are not being undertaken it is just there may be a fear of backlash by citizens in that particular country which prevents such reforms from taking place.

    Just my thoughts, TL;DR this if you wish 🙂

  • Sweden, what happened? You used to be all about raping and pillaging and fucking up other peoples’ stuff. And now, you have these foreigners mess with you?


    Maybe Norway and Denmark should organize Viking raids to Sweden now.

  • This may be a vindictive attitude to take on the whole situation but I’m glad that some other countries are experiencing immigration again for the first time in a few centuries or more depending where you live. I’m a “native american” living in these “united states”. The immigration here more or less destroyed my culture and was much worse for my people than a twelve year old boy with a hard on. And this countries doors remain open to any swedes, muslims, etc that would come here and be “free” and tread on the land of my forefathers without giving a thought to where this land came from and even making a joke of the Haudenosaunee as though they were someone to make fun of. So get used to it Blitz. Sucks to be you.

    • HentaiKamen says:

      Yeah, I would’ve added that the British massacred the Native Americans, but felt I hardly needed to point out that USA/Canada’s native population are a small minority some of whom have horrible living conditions in reserves. E-coli infested water, sub-par education, no infrastructure what-so-ever (in Canada at least).

      But yeah… You really want this to happen to other peoples as well? I thought Native Americans wouldn’t wish their situation on anyone else (except the British maybe). It’s horrible and all, but it’s way too late to change anything in America and kick everyone besides the Natives out…

      • I do not really wish harm on any human or animal (unless I’m attacked or hungry). I do not wish to see people oppressed.

        I do have a deep anger that I seem to have been born with, as though the hurt my Great Great Grandparents saw was passed down to me. You expect me to not have some feelings to revenge, that’s nuts.

        I find it funny I received a bad -0.2 rating on my previous statement because I suggested misfortune on the non-racist, kind and tolerant white people who want the “vile sand nigger infidels” out of their country.

        Also, I’d like to point out that your patronizing, pitying tone in your post, only makes me more prone to wish misfortune on you.

    • There’s nothing that I can say or do that will ever remotely make up for the tragedy of what happened to the Native Americans; to lose your nation and your culture is something I cannot perceive the pain of, nor do I wish to ever feel the pain of. I do want to re-enforce what HentaiKamen said earlier, though; we can’t be held responsible for the crimes committed hundreds of years ago, nor can today’s European Americans be blamed for slavery that occurred in the 1800’s or the modern Japanese be blamed for the Nanking massacre that happened 70 years ago.

  • I think that you would need to compare definitions of the term rape – Sweden’s definition is pretty broad and covers some other types of sexual assault as well – in addition many countries focus only on stranger rape do not classify the following as rape at all:

    – homosexual rape

    – date rape

    – rape within marriage

    You also need to adjust for the age of consent as the level of stautory rape of minors would be variable – and in Sweden acts of consensual sex involving minors would be classed as rape – eg

    – a 14 year old and a 20 year old – in Sweden statutory rape/ in Italy legal.

    There is also the issue of religious belief and shame as in some countries women/ homosexuals would not even report rape/ sexual assault because of the potential shame.

    However even though I think that raw statistics such as this are often meaningless – there is an issue in Sweden. My personal opinion is that rape has not traditionally been perceived as a very serious crime in the same way as in other countries ans sentences often appear very low in an international comparative perspective.

    • I don`t think that most people believe Sweden being the worst rape affected country in Europe.
      It is in the writer`s head. If great percentage of rape crimes are reported, it does not necessarily mean that a country has higher rape crimes than in other countries.

    • Sweden has pretty wide laws on rape. Then there may be a larger acceptance for reporting rape with whatever trauma treatment offered.

      In many countries, the woman has to physically resist the rape. A woman scared stiff by threat might comply enough for “rape” to not occur legally. The same would go for a woman who is voluntarily drunk.

      A football player was recently convicted for rape of a drunk woman, thinking she accepted sex with him.

      However, you’re usually legally worse off mistreating animals or pirating mp3s.