Mrs Wide Open: “I Have Sex with Grandpa for $1000 a Time”


Infamous Akihabara exposure idol Asuka Sawamoto’s career has reached new depths with her brazen admissions that her main source of income is prostitution and selling her used underwear to fans…


“Eternally 22” Asuka Sawamoto, also known as Mrs Wide Open, formerly a petty criminal, earned great infamy in 2008 by parading about the streets of Akihabara in a thong and inviting onlookers to probe her nether regions with their cameras, at least until her arrest.




Her career soon culminated in great mass media exposure and a decidedly seedy career as an idol of sorts. Police meanwhile banned her from appearing in Akihabara.

Now it seems her career has taken another unwelcome direction, for in an interview she gleefully boasts her sordid line of work:

Recently you were treated like a criminal at an idol event after several thousand yen went missing, were you not?

Asuka even disputed this in magazines, I’ve got no interest in a paltry few thousand yen.

I have a “papa” who’s a doctor, money’s no problem. He may be at grandpa age now, but he pays me 100,000 yen a time to have sex with him.

What! You’re an idol but you’re admitting to enjo kousai? (enjo kousai, “compensated dating,” is a form of casual prostitution endemic to Japan)

Asuka’s been called a “enko-idol”! Enko and selling my pantsu are my source of income.

Not only enko, you’re into burusera too!? (burusera is the term for selling used clothing to perverted maniacs)

At live events Asuka takes off her pantsu live in the toilets and sells them to customers for 10,000. Also, I make quite a bit from sealing up pantsu I’ve worn for a day and sending them to customers – the price is about 8,000, I make quite a bit.

You’re making a lot from all this?

Asuka’s aren’t that expensive. People buy them from me as they have the value of being “Asuka Sawamoto’s pantsu.” It’d be best to sell them more dearly, but I’m selling them cheap.

Mrs Wide Open’s astute grasp of marketing and complete lack of scruples seems to have advanced her disgraceful career some way…

Of course, it is widely understood that prostitution is a standard sideline for even respectable idols, though rarely are they so candid.

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