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“As A Girl, I Can’t Comprehend Nagato’s Popularity!”


The overpowering effect of Nagato Yuki on otaku has come to the attention of a female 2ch denizen, who asks how a girl with all the apparent warmth of a stone can attain such popularity.

A female Vipper poses the question “As a girl, I can’t understand why Nagato is so popular!?”:

“She’s a gloomy virgin who never changes her expression. Living with her wouldn’t be fun at all, and she isn’t even very cute. In spite of all this, why?”

Naturally such a heretical assertion encourages some interesting responses:

“The OP is unpopular!”

“Because she’s way cuter than you.”

“Nice one, old woman.”

“Women, go home!”

“For a creepy otaku, a bright and chirpy girl is frightening. It’s the same reason Rei Ayanami is popular. The end.”

“He’s right.”

“It’s because she’s 2D.”

“I’m a guy, but I understand what the OP means…”

“But it’s all about Tsuruya-san and Asakura, right?”

“I’m a girl, but I do think Nagato is cute.”

“Nagato’s goodness stems from her gloominess (reticence). From her lack of breasts. These emphasise her cuteness. The lack of these creates the supreme beauty.”

“2ch’s women aren’t women, so ignore her, Nagato’s cuteness is abnormal.”

“Lately it’s all about Haruhi. It can’t be helped.”

“Haruhi’s cute, isn’t she?”

“There are too many serious responses here…”

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