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Stickam Broadcasts Girl’s Suicide Live


A girl has leapt to her death live on video streaming site Stickam, disappearing off her balcony and into the night sky in a broadcast which later showed police arriving and exchanging off-colour remarks…

The girl, known as “mextli,” was apparently of Okinawan extraction and living in Aichi prefecture. She had a history of “cutting” and similar extreme behaviour, also broadcast live.

For whatever reasons she decided to kill herself by leaping from her fourth storey residence, which she broadcast live to the world.

The actual scene of the girl leaping from the balcony and to her doom, her screaming clearly audible, is perhaps best left to the imagination (the footage and her profile soon disappeared). She apparently lingered for some time after the fall, heavily injured.

However, the scene of police and ambulance personnel arriving is visible below – one of the officers arriving at the scene makes a tasteless remark about going to see her in hospital if she is cute, unaware that he was being broadcast to the world…

The words remaining on her feed are “Well, let’s play the game of life and death.”


The morbid facts of the case were circulating in threads on 2ch within mere minutes of the incident.

Stickam has previously attracted notoriety for its management connections to adult sites, and in one particularly sordid episode a privileged user residing in Arizona actually raped a woman he had drugged live on the service – he was later arrested.

Coming so soon after the furore over a girl who mutilated herself live on NicoNico Douga, it does indeed seem that absolutely anything can be seen on live streaming sites…

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