Sankaku Complex Comment Editing & Statistics


Those who frequently make or read comments on Sankaku Complex may be interested to learn of two new additions to the site’s commenting functionality, in the form of comment editing and deletion, and an expansion of the comment rating system to include comprehensive rankings and statistics.

Firstly, logged in users who comment can now edit their own posts by way of the “Edit” link in the comment in question, though a time limit applies as this is not intended as a way for users to revise the content of their statements after the fact, but rather as a way for them to correct errors and omissions.

Similarly, comment deletion is now possible from the same area, though with a very short time limit to limit the potential for abuse.

Please note that there are a variety of reasons a comment may not display immediately – it is unlikely to be helpful to repeatedly repost the same comment in these cases. Usually, it will only be delayed somewhat, although in cases where a time-out occurs a genuine error is more likely.

Secondly, anyone interested in seeing the best and worst comments, the most active voters and the most highly or lowly rated commenters, can see this information and more on the new comment rating statistics page, updated hourly. There is a link at the base of the comments to this page.

This is intended as a prelude to more extensive karmic functionality later, but even now this serves as an interesting method of highlighting comments of interest.

As always, comments or suggestions on these systems are welcomed.

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