Gonzo Stripped of Strike Witches Season 2


In a surprise announcement which may be the death knell for troubled studio Gonzo, the production for the second season of Strike Witches has apparently been confirmed as moving to studio AIC, despite earlier assurances that Gonzo would retain the rights.

AIC has previously cooperated with Gonzo on the production of Strike Witches, so they likely have some expertise with aerial pantsu-like things.

AIC may actually be a very logical choice if Gonzo was considered too unreliable or otherwise, as they have previously produced the similar Skygirls, as well as several series jointly with Gonzo (such as Seto no Hanayome and Sora no Otoshimono, along with the aforementioned Strike Witches).

In any case, the loss of its most high profile franchise probably spells the end for the lingering remains of Gonzo, at least unless its management overhaul turns out to be spectacularly successful…


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