Top Male Fashion Faux Pas: The Rucksack


Japanese fashion experts surveyed on what they consider the worst fashion choices a man could make have slated the rucksack as the most unsightly despite its handiness, also rubbishing a variety of other fashion blunders.

Curiously, their list all but mirrors the fashion most associated with otaku

The survey asked 120 female “advisors” with marriage service Onet what fashion choices men hoping to do well in konkatsu would do well to avoid.

The most maligned was the rucksack, with 20% saying it was no good, followed by carrying a secondary bag (15.8%), and the universally reviled waist pouch (“fanny pack”/”bum bag”) at 15%.

Bags were the biggest faux pas, but in other areas there were plenty too – white socks, dirty shoes, gold necklaces, excessive mobile phone straps, belts with strange buckles, and of course having a shirt tucked into the trousers.

Not mentioned were anime emblazoned T-shirts and similar – clearly no sensible person would ever consider attempting to court females so dressed, so it hardly needs to be pointed out.

It must be no coincidence that this list has such an overlap with the otaku fashion so loathed by women of taste


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