Manga to Anime 70% Approve, Manga to Movie 35% Approve


When asked in a survey whether they approved of manga to anime adaptations, some 70% approved. However, half that number, 35%, approved of the fraught process of adapting a manga to a live action movie.

The survey found that against the 68.5% of respondents who approved of manga to anime adaptations, only 35.2% approved of manga to film conversions.

Those who saw anime adaptations from manga, which some 95% reported watching in the case of their favourites, gave such reasons for their approval as “It’s possible to see the work from another angle,” “I wanted to see it animated” and “It increases the number of fans.”

Those unhappy with these adaptations made such complaints as “The voices differed to my image of them” and “A manga worldview is hard to convey through anime.”

People who approved of movie adaptations gave such reasons as “It’s possible to enjoy the casting choices,” and “It can promote a title to a wider audience.”

On the other hand, those who detested such efforts voiced such complaints as “The cast felt out of place,” “They often don’t treat the image of the original work properly” and “There’s a limit to what you can express in film.”

Concerns about the quality of live action movies adapted from anime, manga and games seem to be universal, yet their continued success seems assured…

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