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Persona 3 Portable Gets Sex Scene


Persona 3 Portable, for the PSP, has attracted note for having introduced an apparent sex scene event for the newly introduced female protagonist.


Playing as a female protagonist, a night-time bedroom dialogue with Shinjiro Aragaki leads to the option to “not go home,” with the consequence that the player “spent a long time together with Aragaki,” together with a black screen.

It may just be possible to read these innocently in English, but the choice of wording in Japanese leaves very little doubt about matters.

Though it may not be as graphic as some might hope for, but with Sony persisting in its deluded support for the notion that games should somehow be held to different standards than the movies and other media it publishes, it is perhaps the best that could be expected.

Previously the female protagonist attracted some attention for the amusingly sharp nature of some of her dialogue choices, mercilessly shooting down other characters, a departure from the male protagonist’s rather amenable nature – it seems the writers chose to grant her some attitude.

With her getting her own off-screen love scene, fans are doubtless wondering what happened to the male protagonist’s chances to bed Mitsuru and Yukari…

P3P is available now; as yet a western release has not been announced.

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