Philippines: Life Sentence for Loli Manga


The Philippines has based a draconian ban on child pornography which means a potential life sentence for possessing books, comics or artwork considered by authorities to depict a child involved in sexual activity.

Republic Act 9775, “the Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009,” previously reported here, has now been signed into law, and its provisions seem to be far more severe and far-reaching than previously imagined.

Producing, distributing, “promoting” or possessing anything defined as child pornography attracts anything up to a life sentence and a fine of 5 million pesos ($110,000).

The ban sweepingly defines child pornography as “any representation, whether visual, audio, or written combination thereof, by electronic, mechanical, digital, optical, magnetic or any other means, or a child engaged or involved in real or simulated explicit sexual activities.”

Alongside actual pornography featuring underage participants (which was already illegal), the ban clearly makes no distinction between fictional and non-fictional material, prescribing the same extreme penalties for both.

With no clear definition of “explicit sexual activities,” it also seems authorities are free to apply their own standards of judgement.

The ban on textual and audio material would also appear to define even talking about child sexuality as child pornography, and undoubtedly bans a variety of literary works featuring underage sex.

Possessing Vladimir Nabokov’s literary classic Lolita, considered one of the best English novels of the twentieth century, would certainly seem to attract a possible life sentence under these provisions.

As is usual with such laws, those under 18 writing about or recording activities with other “children” also face the full weight of the law, so in theory a minor could be handed a life sentence for writing about having sex with their partner, although presumably in such cases judges might decide to be lenient.

Internet service providers, hosts and owners of business premises are also enjoined to monitor for and quickly report any offending activity.

One of the authors of the bill rejoices at her success:

“We used to be a haven for child pornography proliferators and foreign pedophiles, now our country is going to be a safe haven for children.”

Displaying its usual commitment to freedom of expression, the EU expressed its delight with the draconian bill through its ambassador:

“It is extremely a positive step forward to fight child pornography. We are pleased that the legislature passed the bill and the President signed it into a law on November 17.”

Unsurprising considering international pressure was one reason for the ban.

Leaving aside the issue of the poorly written nature of the law, actual enforcement of the law is unlikely to be very effective, as the Philippines is by any estimation a chaotic and corrupt nation unable to enforce its existing body of laws, let alone any new ones. However, this is in itself hardly reassuring…

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  • Anonymous says:

    **Possessing Vladimir Nabokov’s literary classic Lolita, considered one of the best English novels of the twentieth century, would certainly seem to attract a possible life sentence under these provisions.**

    while they arrest us for possessing these things that does not have to do with reality, murderers, rapist(priests), kidnappers, bribery, corruption of politicians are still at large
    what a shitty law.

  • Anonymous says:

    What an easy way of sucking money out of an poor person who does not even harming anyone. I don’t even care if they like to read loli.. I hate assholes who are in position of power banning something that is relatively harmless.

    You have no idea how raging i am right now as i’m reading this shit. Feminist go suck a d*ck pls ffs

  • yes assholes a child is 12 and under 13 is a teen and the bible said that jesus mother wa 13 to 15 years old the world is fucked up it should be fine for a 13 year old to have sex or be nude you just don,t like your nude body same same on you all i love to be nude that was how i was born with no closes aND adam and eve had npo close tell they sined i don,t have any close on now if i had 100 tillon bucks i would give it all to the usa to make child porn legle

  • Anonymous says:

    First thing to do is watching any further parlamentary meeting and putting anyone being steel bars mentioning child and sex in the same sentence for it being audio metrial that hints at porn and/or abuse. The fine is not to be payed by their salary as this is money of the taxpayers and thus more or less not their own. Would hardly be fair to let the taxpayers pay for their pervert actions. Lifelong sentence is hopefully applied to it’s fullest with no chance to revision due to good behaviour, it’s kinda hard to molest children in a prison anyway now isn’t it?

  • Anonymous says:

    To put a visual on this, the Philippines is a scared little girl who hans out withe the “cooler kids” trying to gain their respec by agreeing to what others say and copying them.

  • kenshinflyer says:

    Another law authored by some idle politician who can’t think of any smarter law to craft. Take it from me, a Filipino, who lives in the Philippines–most of our congressmen are idiots.

    Instead of venting your idiocy on some fictitious doodles, you congressmen should show you’ve got brains and do something about the Reproductive Health Bill.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m a filipino but wish born on other country, what I can say about this is just a paper law and won’t attract to much attention on mass media. They only care about impeaching politician that did not give a cut to other politician, Philippines is a JOKE!

  • The UK has a similar law in effect, it may not carry a life sentance but to draw, view, or ‘store’ imagery of any child or ‘apperant’ child in a sexual act or manner is now illegal, even viewing this post is illegal. the end decision however is with a jury at what is legal and what is not. this, would make it extrodenarly dangerous for Nudists or Naturalists as so far there has been no legistaltion protecting them from this law. it is more a mute point as again the Jury will decide.

    But still, i’m surprised that the UK would go this direction then again Anime, Manga and hentai is nowhere near as popular or known here. our Anime culture is probably smaller than the LGBT commuinty so it shouldn’t be that surprising as the mainstream poplucae would not be aware of Lolicon and such, but Peodo’s probably would be. any Loli artists in the UK, are now screwed.

    • Why? Because of the header art used for it? But it’s not in a “sexual manner” because she’s been censored by water ripples. I’m sure a page discussing a law, would NOT blatantly break the law. I’m sure they had lawyers from various countries review the image and deem it to be ok.

  • this is all nothing but pure bullshit.
    i don’t believe this shit.

    fucking lies i can see a lot of my classmates carrying
    loli mangas in school buying it from a mall. right infront of the police but they dont do anything.

    these hypocritical bastards should go to hell.

  • Anonymous says:

    Death to the midget. We know where she lives. It won’t be hard. I’m pretty sure even people who don’t care about this piece of news would join in. Here’s to hoping the new retard of a president doesn’t act on this law.

    • Anonymous says:

      He retarded alright… he’s got the look down that’s for sure.

      simple reason to pass this law.

      1. to make it seem like they’re doing something.

      2. distract people’s attention from the bigger issues benefiting the bastards.

      3. they go for the illustrations because they’re more common and easier compared to the actual offenders.

      4. they’re haters!

  • Anonymous says:

    HAHAYS this is just another way for politicians to conjure votes by saying “We love children and strive to protect them SO VOTE FOR US!!” anyone find this pathetic excuse for a human being!!

  • why not revolt and overthrow the midget? peaceful or bloody one it doesn’t matter…,as long as it purges those you deemed unfit to rule,those who rob the governments pockets,even if you guys were ruled by nations before you have proven you can put up a fight even with the odds against you…look at the long term effect…

  • ”We used to be a haven for child pornography proliferators and foreign pedophiles, now our country is going to be a safe haven for children”

    never knew this existed here or i’m just not watching enough news?

    how bout focusing on issues that affect / help the economy, rather than crap like this… idiotic politicians…

  • hahahaha a new law??? puhleeeeeaze! they can’t even make the old ones work right (even forgot some of them). it’s just a whole lot of bullshit and lip service. remnants of the country’s colonial past brainwashing of “wanting to make the masters happy”, which in this case are the rich industrialized nations.

    Don’t even think about the implementation because it’ll never happen why? Because the country’s got a zoo for a senate, and wild monkeys for congressmen.

  • Thank you Arroyo. Now I wish Altair/Ezio’s descendants will brutally assassinate you as well as the senates who came up with this sh**t.

    Anyway as a Filipino myself, this just give me another reason NOT to comeback to that third-world country.

    • Now that you live somewhere in another country, you pridefully call Philippines as “that third-world country” when clearly, you, yourself admit that you’re a Filipino. What kind of mindset is that?

      I’ll give you another reason not to come back.

      Because you’re a fag. And you cry about not seeing some child’s private parts whether be it on anime or live.

      If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all.

  • Hahaha, I have already given up on my “former” country. I left because I can see no future, it’s corrupt system will just go on and on. If they elect another corrupt idiot, then it’s true that Filipinos are idiots too.

    • “If they elect another corrupt idiot, then it’s true that Filipinos are idiots too.”

      That’s because all thanks to the elite and the media which continues to manipulate the minds of the people by feeding them ‘rubbish’ shows, etc.

      Filipinos are not idiots in the first place, but they chose to become as one.

      And those who chose not to become an idiot are so pissed off that they fucking want to leave the god-forsaken land.

      • Amen brother, but there are sensible people there too, unfortunately they are far too few, or too young to be heard. What we need is a great social upheaval to rid ourselves of politicians, media, and the elite. We must destroy the corrupt institutions and re-educate the masses. What we need is REVOLUTION led by youth.

  • “The law mandates that child pornography victims be given emergency shelter or appropriate housing, counseling, free legal services, medical or psychological services, livelihood and skills training, and educational assistance. ”

    Imagine how many 2d Lolis will get free education!

  • This is pretty much the same as Canadian Child Pornography laws, although supposedly the works have to be proven to possess no artistic merit to be deemed pornography (and consequently, child pornography).

    I heard a about a guy who was charged for having erotic stories featuring children (along with the usual real CP, and lolicon drawings). Browsing 7chan’s /elit/ board is illegal for Canadians it would seem.

  • Wha that is really fucking stupid he would have got less time if he kept real loli’s locked in the basement as sex slaves.
    As for the person who signed this into law I’d like see that person used for medical experiments.

  • LOL at “a chaotic and corrupt nation.” That’s “a chaotic and corrupt government” for you. I don’t particularly consider myself a corrupt person…

    What with his constant coverage of this anti-child porn law (whose effects, I assure you, are hardly felt here), Artefact must really have a soft spot for the Philippines.

  • Shit, a life sentence for this?

    Not even pedophiles and child molesters are treated this harshly…

    so does this mean, people who have artbooks and mangas with loli style characters are WORSE than pedophiles and child molesters?

    LOL! once again…the human race shows their wonderful reasoning skills…

    better hide my artbooks before people start calling me a child molester….

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    They just made the Christian bible illegal, btw…

    Lot’s daughters were definitely under 18, by some accounts 12 and 14. That was Crumb’s only bad, btw, since he likes big, ‘natural’ people in depicting them kind of meaty when in RL they certainly were lolis…

    Not sure the age of Thamara and Juda… You know the anal prostitutes…


    Mary (THAT Mary) was 14-16 when she had you know who…

    Now, for the times, nothing unusual or pedophiliac, but in such a sweeping law… Really, in the past such laws were stopped not when they’d make “Romeo and Juliet” illegal but when the technicality could be applied to da “Good Book”. “Mysterious ways” indeed!


    In a few years when the USA stops being such an influence, I doubt they’ll enforce the law. They’ll go back to being a flesh pot of all ages and you’d have to shout what you are doing with a megaphone and refuse all bribe offers to get busted for it.

    What I’m for, besides the “SeaSteading” option, is a more open “Tong Affiliation” thing. “The rich have the government, the common people the secret societies.” Remove the menace and mystery, a lot of “Westerners” would love to become a “Paying Member” of the underworld versus just a customer and in exchange for their helping them with their comfort and freedom of deed and expression would eagerly help them ‘set up shop’ elsewhere. Imagine getting a “Bride” and adopting a “Son” every couple of years and helping set up a business to hire and get ‘green cards’?

    Given how AmeriKKKa is sputtering, we might need to form our own “Tongs” to survive and who better to help us set them up than members of real Tongs?

  • Y’know, the most common work that people own in which underage people explicitly have sex, sometimes without their consent, is the Bible. The Philippines has just made posession of a bible punishable by life imprisonment. Of course, those evangelists who go around knocking on doors are also guilty of promoting such a work, so that’s illegal too.

    • I highly doubt that enforcement would be applied to the Bible, the religious book of the world’s BY FAR most popular religion. Also considering that quite a large portion of Philipenos are indeed Christians (this may even have helped SUPPORT the law being made to start with), I doubt that they would even CONSIDER touching the Bible with this law.

  • F*ck!(x100)
    I really friggin hate my country! Just when I’m starting to think that it’s starting to develop it ends up like sh!t again. I thought this country can tell what’s the differences between reality and fantasy… Just look outside the computer and into the streets, poverty and filth, that’s reality. Would the government please work on that?

    • don’t worry fafi, were all in the same boat, so to speak.


      a pamphlet to get higher votes..
      an addon to our country’s letters demanding foreign aid..

      here’s an example:
      Dear big country,

      We are good poeple, give us moneys..
      We banned loli, Give us moneys..

      Thanky you,
      The great Midget.

      PS: give us moneys.

  • lol Philippines. they probably think that this law will help them be better perceived as a civilized and industrialized nation…too bad outside of big cities they are still basically a third world country.

  • Wait a minute, I though the church here is not supposed to get invovled with politics, since this bill is politically motivated (with courtesy of those feminazis), why did the church got involved in implementing this law?

  • Possessing Vladimir Nabokov’s literary classic Lolita, considered one of the best English novels of the twentieth century, would certainly seem to attract a possible life sentence under these provisions.

    Not sure I have met or have heard of any one that thinks that book is one of the “best English novels” Actually I do not know any one that has read it or even saw the whole movie, with Jeremy Irons. A much better film was The Girl by New World films.

  • Ok a little case study here, since I’m not totally aware of this. Lest say somebody owns a hentai manga, depicting a character that seems like a minor (loli of “ambiguous” age) engaging in sexual activities, but there’s a statement inside the manga in question saying that all characters appearing in it are supposedly of legal age, and the real age is not mentioned again in the actual content. Is it illegal then?

  • The law is a trick to actualy get rid of men and bash them for everything,emasculate men and bring huge amounts of money for the goverment system when prosecuting people mostly in favor of women,even if the women is at fault.

    Creating a huge dsyfunction in society,families,destroying man and womens life if used wrong.Society is already enough dysfunctional in america

    I say down with this kind of feministic capitalism.
    The law is totaly ok when it goes against real casses and real people to help them.
    But when the law goes beyond that like fiction that doesn’t hurt anyone and promoting to lock up innocent parents for their normal family pictures and creating a huge misunderstanding in society and paranoa then that society is tend to end up in the path of destruction.

    Men are men.When it comes to fiction they are not hurting anyone and are using it as an outlet(some don’t need such stuff at all).

  • after reading all the comments, a few things.

    bleedman is a filipino? omgwtf?

    this law is so that the midget president can be remembered as doing something right (in the eyes of moralfags, which number more than you might think) before she steps down.

    like we’d forget the zte deal and trying several times to pass the charter change. not to mention silencing the media a few times with a few dead reporters here and there and maybe light to heavy treason.

    once yer time as pres is up, yer gonna fry midget.

    my only hope is this law is amended properly (definitions, limitations, etc etc.) if the next regime does pick it up, or it gets trashed outright.

    they should do something about the poverty first specially after ondoy(ketsana?) and a host of other storms hit us before they think about passing a law that even the us could not(probably) enforce.

    btw how feasible is it to actually monitor every goddam ip in the country and log every goddam site and download? and then issue a warrant for ALL of them?

    besides, won’t that go against some laws, its like wiretapping isn’t it, which is IIRC illegal, unless there’s a warrant for it, or some shit?

    • Yea wiretapping citizens without warrants is illegal.

      Unless your a terrorist.

      The US government has been using anti terrorist laws to nab low level marijuanna street dealers.

      They probably won’t even tell you if they collected evidence through wiretapping they’d use the evidence to search you then never say it was gathered from wiretap but from the search.

  • To me, pedophilia has become the new red scare. Just as people in the 50’s and 60’s were paranoid that their neighbors could be a potential communist, today people have become paranoid over the fact that there could be pedophiles lurking at every corner.

    All for the “safety of children” supposedly.

  • Why it is unforgivable for a human being that lived 14 years from birth and have a clearly developed sexuality, to have a natural need and curiosity at exploring the matter of gender relations, is F-U-C-K-I-N-G BEYOND ME!!!!! I couldnt POSSIBLY describe by words HOW UN_FUCKING_BELIEAVABLE, UNSENSIBLE, IDIOTIC, FUCKING MORRONISTIC this shit is. I can barely breath when thinking about this matter. It defies the logic, the rationality, it defies the NATURE itself!! It’s just that UN. FUCKING. BELIEVABLE.

    Man…. this thing is the second worst and senseless thing in this world, allowing only the WAR to take the first place.

    • Dude, in the first place owning anything loli (may it be hentai anime or manga, 2d or 3d) is just plain wrong. BUT imposing such a harsh penalty (Life, not to mention 5 million freaking bucks) Is MUCH MUCH WRONG.

      • But how is owning some loli content is wrong? You see, if I’m, let’s say, a 14 y.o. boy, and I want to do a 14 y.o. girl (or at least see her naked doing stuff like in H-manga) is that wrong? It’s fucking natural! Killing is unnatural (well, debately of corse), but this thing is just a given.

  • Hmmm..

    So an image of the Virgin Mary nursing a baby Jesus would get folks into trouble for kiddy porn huh…

    Afterall, men sucks breasts as well and from a sexual motive, and seeing how this law makes no clear distinction, well then baby Jeus sucking on Mary’s oppai is the exact same thing.

    And wouldn’t that also make the Roman Catholic Church the biggest kiddie porn peddlers.. Haul all the priests to the pokey…

  • Yet again I’m left in despair over my countries attempt to gain the global limelight not to mention election points…

    Its always near election period when these damn politicians start doing stuff. And by stuff I mean everything. I mean why the fuck would you implement a law at the end of a Term. With the next election coming there’s a 90% chance that newly elected officials won’t give a crap about the new law coz they have their own agendas to deal with.

    Kinda like how this Mayor of my place fixed half a street… HALF… He actually expects to be re-elected so he can finish the other half… Utter bullshit…

    I sincerely hope that in the near future with the sea levels rising… The Philippines will just go to the bottom of the ocean…

  • we all need to start our own sovereign nation on a deserted island somewhere where there is no inane laws or censorship and everyone is free to think whatever they want and do what they want provided it doesnt actually harm anyone else. WHO’S WITH ME?! Hey dont all yell at once, I’ve grown fond of my ear drums..

  • soo uhhh in the philippines what does have this effect into… uhhh…. seriously…. how big are we talking about here and how active is the law implementation again this is utter crap and by I mean useless

  • We could have been Spanish, American or Japanese *if they won the war*… now we are just a nation of Pacquiao is teh #1 shutupmotherfucker flame mongering trolls who don’t understand satires or sarcasm.

  • Now, That midget GMA has imposed such a law that force more Pinoy to watch more bomba Movies or even worse instead

    Hope that it is not goign to be worsened to follow the footpath of Marcos & Cronies … or Sjhe and her crtonies would have to withness “Rape of Manila” as the wrathful revenge against such a law!

  • Leaving the discussion about how dumb it is to arrest people for 2D depictions and how this is a very serious threat to freedom of speech aside, I have to point out how utterly stupid this is:
    “We used to be a haven for child pornography proliferators and foreign pedophiles, now our country is going to be a safe haven for children.”

    Yeah. They really think passing a law will turn a situation from one extreme to another.
    Watching too many movies lately, it seems?

    I dunno how things happens in Philipines, but I live in Brazil, which is also a known place for sexual exploitation of minors.

    And following the international trend, politicians who apparently know nothing about the harsh reality of some countries, also came up with laws similar to those ones.

    But you see, NOTHING changed. And I’ll explain why:

    The vast majority of child abuse cases happens with tourists and foreigners paying to have sex with minors that are forced to work as prostitutes.. something that happens on the poorest brazilian states, and also something that always was illegal.
    Other than that, most other cases happens at home.

    We had only one minor change right after new laws were implemented, but it had nothing to do with the law itself, but with the joint effort of the police force to go after big schemes of child exploitation, which ended in several arrests.

    But the law change really did nothing. It only proved what we really need is a better more present police force.

    It’s clear, at least in Brazil, that implementing new laws is just a politic move to save face, or pretend they are really making an effort to stop child exploitation.

    But if we go to less developed states where the problems are worse, nothing has changed.
    You’ll still be able to easily find children selling their bodies in the middle of the street in broad daylight because the police didn’t change their attitude.

    The whole loli ban is a scapegoat. It’s just a way for politicians not to go after the real sources and discuss the real problems of society, because that would be way too hard for their peanut sized brains.

    It’s easier to go against something that was already stereotyped by the mass media as something evil, even when they have no evidence of that.

  • War on X.

    Replace X with drugs, terrorism, piracy, and child pornography.

    You’d realize that none of these wars were won, and never will be. Their country isn’t any safer. No one’s is by these laws. Blunt force does not work.

  • So technically saying GMA wants to leave a good impression b4 she leaves her position, but for us it will be a total crap. Anyway its just a paper signed and sooner or later they are going to wipe it on their ass

  • “Leaving aside the issue of the poorly written nature of the law, actual enforcement of the law is unlikely to be very effective, as the Philippines is by any estimation a chaotic and corrupt nation unable to enforce its existing body of laws, let alone any new ones. However, this is in itself hardly reassuring…”


    • Insanity based on the religious stupidity that ‘god’ (who doesn’t exist in any way, shape or form) didn’t want us to be sexual until we are ‘married’, yet couldn’t make us WITHOUT genitals until we are ‘married’.

      Plus, the insanity of the feminists and femnazis who know that people who have CONSENSUAL AND WONDERFUL sexual experiences with adults as children will REJECT their bullhockey about sex being ‘bad’ for children.

  • Everyone knows why they are banning lolicon, their very own child prostitution market has taken a hit because people would rather jacket to some 2D loli then pay for a disease ridden 3D loli. The government is pissed that a main tourist income is being undermined.

    Well fuck you, Philippines, and fuck your laws. I hope your people take over the country and throw your corrupt asses in the lion pit. You fuckers don’t deserve to live. Your ban of 2D loli to distract us from the fact the you’re letting a REAL CHILD being raped 20 times a day has not gone unnoticed. Your days are numbered.

    Viva La Revolucion!

  • This is a good thing. I like the line to be clearly established between people who like anime/manga, and the people who like indulging their bizarre and creepy fetishes which would be crimes if they occurred in reality.

    • you said it yourself..

      normal people who play shooting games don’t gun people down.
      normal people that read vampire novels dont drink blood.

      its a work of fiction.. sure its erotic fiction, but the same can be said for standard 3d porn.

      im not defending the fetish [well i am to a degree] but if you have enough mental capacities to keep reality from fantasy, reading/possesing 2d manga of non-existent characters having sex should be alright.


  • Uhmm… The government should have more pressing issues than this…

    Poverty, Political Corruption, Insurgency in Mindanao etc..

    And now they are wasting time for sh!t like this?!
    Give me a break! Though loli’s are not to my preferences but that is not the point! and every sane Filipino should already know that!

    • The sentence is very very brutal! I mean come on, rapists get life sentences even death. Why should possessing loli manga even in the same degree as rape? Why don’t they just on other problems like poverty and corruption rather than putting 5 million bail on someone who can’t even make 100,000 a year.

      • Because (playing Devil’s Advocate here) these people looking at Lolicon have probably doinked a child or two!

        That is one argument that someone used, and it’s a bullshit argument, because then we should assume that because someone has snuff porn, that they have actually killed someone for sexual gratification!

        Or, just becuase someone watches Friday the 13th, that they are a Jason-like serial killer.

  • ooh i almost forgot the man who rape and kill the sisters i mention is a FILIPINO not a SPANISH national no reason to deport him. What a shame for their so called law with the same president who sign the law also the one who deported that man.

  • LoL

    No matter how the law changes and the government acts, there is no way they can caught us. The Philippine system has a lot of loops and holes. We can “talk” to the police and officials before things get worse. We are alert, clever and brave. Nobody cares and life continues. 😛

    lol.. Quiapo and Divisoria, the hot spot of piracy and pornography, is still alive despite the countless raids of the police.

    • What do you expect?

      This is the Philippines.. One of the most shittiest country of all. Only good thing here is that people can still find the time to be happy in life.

      I’d bet you my life that in 2 decades this country is still in deep shit. And still pondering on corruption when they themselves are deemed corrupt.

  • Hopefully things will die down post-election. Politicians are just finding something to antagonize to gain more votes for the approaching election. Hopefully someone will post the list of politicians who agreed to this ban. Then we can make sure they never get into office.

  • PUTANG INA LAW! IT WILL NOT work on INFLUENCIAL PPOL & CLOSE to the cabinet member of the president like what happen to rapist/killer of 2 sister deported to spain to continue(daw?) their sentence. FUCK THEM if that happens to their daugthers or kins thats a different kind of story kaya FUCK YOUR MORALITY LAW SHIT PURO BULLSHIT ANGTAGAL NYONG PALITAN SA PWESTO!!!

  • Well the given statement by site is somehow incomplete of course the given law will be continuously improve.

    About the statement on literary works:
    C’mon the Philippines can’t just go fetching those who are reading lolicon related literature, they would still go for certain measures either to imprisoned the person for immoral conduct or let him go because it’s for his project or research, the same goes for all.

    Concerning about this issue the main reason is because when the talk is about to Philippines it’s either corrupt politician or entertainers (prostitute)

  • “The ban sweepingly defines child pornography as “any representation, whether visual, audio, or written combination thereof, by electronic, mechanical, digital, optical, magnetic or any other means, or a child engaged or involved in real or simulated explicit sexual activities.””

    No “Song of Ice and Fire” for Philippines… :F

  • Failippine’s morality yet exceeded many disappointments.
    I’m in the country itself, and I must say, they must upheld such strict law after they solve the problem, which is apparently the whole country itself.
    A witty government, I say. So far, I don’t see any causalities concerning this law in the news yet. I also doubt that these beer-bellied policemen are that active to arrest somebody who’s interested in artworks.

  • The bill itself is actually a good piece of work. It just needs a bit more fine tuning. Younger generations of Filipinos have more than embraced japanese visual arts in all forms. As we have come to appriciate their artistry even if at times these may be expressed in what would be considered in our culture as “unthinkably obscene” manner.

    The current generation that holds sway over our nation is not only alienated from these art forms but are also deeply rooted in what can be called a stubborn loyalty toward the old norms. This fact coupled with the value our people place on family and children, would make our current officials’ indiscriminate assault between actual perpetrators of child abuse and of individuals producing, propagating and availing fictional (albeit underage) sexual materials as “somewhat” understandable. I believe that this bill, in time, would be amended to focus more on actual lawbreakers than those who look like they “might become” child molesters.

    So, for the time being, until otaku’s fill at least 3/4 of the seats in the senate, we’ll just have to keep all our underage hentai (whether they actually depict children or just short petanko’s) and word of them under the sheets…. or inside 5 subfolders in your hard-drives.

    We Filipinos make exceptionally good laws but fail miserably in upholding them.

    • That’s why we need net activism; OK, the number of internet users in the Philippines is quite low but it is the internet which is the real battleground today. Forget TV; we otaku fans never intend to show this on a mass scale. What we need is that this law is at least poorly defined and it is just the wet dream of bigoted feminists and moralists. We must revolt! Vamos!

    • Does that also mean that doctors cannot take up pediatrics anymore because of their books have illustrations of so many nude children in them and Loli pictures too. The school doctors will also get a slap in the wrist for giving annual physical examinations to the school children?!

    • Never underestimate how far moralists will go to persecute those who they view as a thread.
      People like PJ members are not bellow vigilante freelancing and planting evidence (although in PJ’s defense, at least they are actually stopping dangerous people).

  • oh…… that reminds me.

    My part time job involves visiting many websites then classify them (as porn or something). If by chance I am working on a child pornography, I’ll get arrested for working?

    • oooohkay…

      the pedos in the phils are white folk yunno. we filipinos see little kids nekkid everytime, dirty little things begging for money, looking for food in the trash.

      so i see a lil brown girl, i don’t mind. white folk like lil brown girls, not brown folk. brown folk like white chicks, just like black folk.

      so phils, a haven for pedo? usa made it so.

  • If the government watch out for every otaku in a convention, and conduct surveillance on their computers, and issue a search warrant on each of these otaku, male or female, and find ecchi, loli, shota, yuri, yaoi fanfics, pictures, videos etc. in their computers and sentence them for Life, I might as well, see you guys and prison.

    What a glorious country you guys live in.

  • ok, here’s how the logic there fails..
    imma draw a stick figure with boobs.
    “she’s a loli” is exclaimed. phillipino law says i goto prison for life.
    now all i have to say is it’s local legal age.. wtf ever it is.
    now. this is the lowest form of stupidity i have seen in any case… get real, stop worrying about crap like that.. we have real issues.. like why can’t i buy a smores anymore???

  • well, if that nation is so fixated for the most part on variety shows and cheap, inane soap operas, and their most recent reason to boast is only a boxer whose most memorable quote is “with great power comes with great responsibility” from spider man, uh.

    …it’s not really surprising that they’d say “ANIME IS PEDOPHILE, OMG”

    I dunno. I’m Filipino, but I guess I’m whitewashed? Or maybe there IS an objective difference between intellectual perception of things with regards to each culture. (It’s a cultural difference, not an intellectual one?)

    It’s not like Filipinos have contributed anything worth mentioning in a while. (unless you count being extras or background characters in hollywood films? Adobo? sex tourism? cheap domestic helpers? nurses?)

    Jose Rizal, the Filipino national hero’s stance is this “Spain, make us a part of your country!”

    Emilio Aguinaldo, the Filipino George Washington, was a dictator who put to death his enemies and ran to Hong Kong when the Americans were winning. He also worked with the Japanese government during WW2.

    I dunno. It’s a pretty fucked up place, but at least it’s not Somalia. And Filipinos are happy, somehow, despite the government, ass-raping typhoons, etc.

    But tl;dr: Filipinos just tend to remind me of the proles from 1984. It’s depressing.

    I mean, I guess those are good things. I guess.

  • LOL! Its a suprise that there are a number of filipinos here? So, how many “high level” (high level = those that can keep up with the most latest anime from Japan with only the internet as their medium) Philippine Otakus are there

  • Stupid Government and their stupid laws how can you ban something that can still exist in the underground… you can’t take away a humans Fetish on getting us into Jail…


  • Marine-RX179 says:

    “We used to be a haven for child pornography proliferators and foreign pedophiles, now our country is going to be a safe haven for children.”

    Safe haven for children? And what’s protecting the children that don’t know better from being arrested for talking photo of themselves? (not that it didn’t happen already) Or writing romance fiction stories that involve kissing/hugging/touching?

    Those idiots might as well banned photographing of writing anything involve any human being under the age of 18 entirely <_<

  • “We used to be a haven for child pornography proliferators and foreign pedophiles, now our country is going to be a safe haven for children.”
    Because protecting fictional children is the same as protecting real children from abusive families and of course a pedophile is a child molester.
    1. Pedo -An adult who is sexually attracted to children
    2. Child molester -A man who has sex (usually sodomy) with a boy as the passive partner

    Attraction equals rape, make note of this.

    • Sorry, but no, they are not going to be a ‘safe haven for children’. The only thing they are doing is driving the child sex trade underground, where we will find little bits and pieces of the children spread over the entire COUNTRY if they try to protest against the people who are forcing them into sex.

      Really, most of the time, the children were NOT being forced into sex over in the Phillipines…. they were asked by their parents if they would get involved in it, with eyes wide open, to help support their families.

  • ” “We used to be a haven for child pornography proliferators and foreign pedophiles, now our country is going to be a safe haven for children.””

    Except for the millions of children living in the garbage dump-like slums all over the country, of course. No wonder Filipinos move to other countries…

  • Hooray, let’s ban lolicon and give lots of people reason to just turn to CP because it’s all the same in the eyes of the law if they wind up caught! Yeah, that’ll totally make the world a better place!

    • Right in one. It’s about time that they realized that pedosexuality is a NORMAL sexuality, and that if they don’t want them having sex with REAL children, they are going to have to give these people like myself OTHER ways to sate their perfectly normal sexual impulses….. such as lolicon.

      They can stop with the argument that “Lolicon creates pedosexuals!” Nope… pedosexuals find lolicon, realize this is a safe way to sate the impulses that they already have, and children are ‘safer’…. though they would really be SAFEST if we would just legalize pedosexuality, bring adult/child sexual encounters out into the open, and move on!

      • In an ideal world perhaps you’d be right. Hopefully, someday humans will get to the place where children will be able to fully express their sexuality. How repressive are these kinds of laws to children? Do they create an arbitrary and artificial environment that stunts and deforms their normal and healthy psycho-sexual development? Personally, I wish I would have had a safe place to go to explore my sexuality as a child. However, the current worldwide trend is toward more repression.

        • I get your concerns, but your argument about “law of nature” is sorta bullshit.

          I’ve owned plenty enough kittens and puppies to know that young animals sometimes try to mate (or older animals will try to mate them), even before an age of sexually mature age. Nice try, though.

          You’d be better to claim that humans don’t mate so much by instinct and select mates based on what appeals to us psychologically–that is, what’s reasonably and maturely acceptable.

          …Then again, age of consent IS set at 16 in many places… It’s amazing how in some places, you can sleep with a teen before adulthood, but once you take a picture of them, it’s ch*ld porn.

          Ah, humanity. That conglomerate of odd values and cognitive dissonance. Ain’t it grand?

        • You don’t understand. Lolita focuses on pre-pubes. Even in the animal kingdom, animals only mate when they are able to to successfully reproduce. I.e.: when they have passed puberty. Pre-pube children have no sexuality: that is a law of nature, not a law of society. It isn’t a “trend”.

  • Does this include drawn images of children, and how do they figure out who is a “child”?
    I appreciate the effort to make this law and the good intention it wishes to achieve. But I am appalled as to why they are so serious with this censorship, while outside there are REAL children who are being sold and molested. If the law can’t even protect these children, how can they even enforce this new law and penalize the offenders which are even harder to locate, and with the advent of the internet and sharing technologies also to mention rampant piracy, how would they know who’s who to arrest?
    The law states that a victim of child pornography is also a victim of a violent crime. So is this a loophole? If I watch drawn underage girls involved in explicit sex, who would be the victim? The drawn character? I will be apprehended for doing a violent crime against a fictional character which doesn’t even have rights. The same with written expressions, who would be the victim if people write or read a fictional underage character having sex?

    • In the end… Politicians are just spineless when there’s international pressure. Talk about peer pressure. It’s exactly the same.

      I think that, countries are simply putting down these laws for self-gratification. There’s no true meaning behind it, since like Ichiro Ino said, the law can never really provide enough protection.

    • I believe the point is now they don’t actually have to arrest the real offenders to get good results. I mean who’s harder to arrest? The black markets selling children or a lonely guy using his computer?

    • The reason tehy do it isn’t to proetct the rights of 2D children, it’s the idea that if one has the desire to read/watch/enjoy fictional/2D children in sexually explicit situations, then those people are also likely to want to take it up an otch and go for the real thing.
      I think it’s to try to nip it in the bud – stop real child abuse before it starts.
      Of course there is the point that jsut because someone uses 2D child ornography doesn’t mean they’ll actually do it – in fact it stops them from doing it, well, you ahve to think of the mindset that person has to begin with. If you enjoy 2D child pornography then u have the same mindset as thsoe who watch 3D child pornography.

    • I think this is just for show and will die down anytime soon, just like their anti-piracy campaign where the government seems to have lost interest in the long run. Having a corrupt government has also a beneficial side, because of this law enforcement is poorly practiced and coordinated.

      I don’t know but hearing about it doesn’t alarm me at all, maybe because I am aware that the law in this country has no teeth to enforce it’s policy. In the long run, things will just die down like as if they had forgotten about it.

    • In Malaria…*cough* I meant Malaysia, apologies to malays. A fellow critic and blogger of Malaysia’s political system has been placed under ISA(Internal Security Act) for an ANONYMOUS COMMENT on his article concerning malay morality.

      The experience of being in ISA may vary depending on your actions. Since he isn’t involved in crime or armed action, it’s merely like being in jail for several weeks – due to an anonymous comment some malay written on your blog.

      Nonetheless, there are some people who wish to abolish the ISA, because someone had died from the “interrogation” methods used when they SUSPECTED someone for corruption.

    • If you look behind the facade for a bit, you’ll see that it makes a lot of sense. They can jail an otaku or two every once in a while and it’ll make big news not only in the Philippines, but also and mainly in international news outlets. The government can present the world another “child molester” in jail and child welfare and feminist organizations all over the world rejoice – all this without the huge inconvenience of actually having to deal with the child sex market still rampant as ever in the underground…

      • Mass murder would earn you more respect, maybe more wealth and the same end sentence, if you come to be caught.

        I sense regression and anchoring…

        Next step, ban every violent drawing because those drawings have right and they must be protected. And if you’re watching drawings of people murdering others, it’s just because you’re a heartless murderer, you filthy bastard !
        I know what you’re thinking exactly just by looking at what drawings you like. Telepathy ? Hah, only newbies and fools use that !

        • Killing people in most religions seem to be ok, actually most real religions people I know love to see sick killing movies like SAW, what they freak out is on the sex part, their God (s) seems to have a problem with sex but not with killing others.

          So killing is nothing, its just a part of religious indoctrination, after all if you don’t believe what I believe your nothing to me is their way of thinking, they don’t say it but if you ask the right questions they basically have it in them.

        • @Anon 22:58

          I absolutely approve of you. Mass murder and child molestation ARE definitely crimes, but watching fictional films about killing peolple or reading loli manga is NOT. Also, to think about stealing something doesn’t equals stealing it. It only means aptness.

    • See you in Bilibid Prison, once the witchhunt commences against those who possess H-materials.

      I and the other lolicons might want to hold a Lolicon Convention inside the prison and even our loli president is invited to join the event. =)

    • I also feel this is a bad move… If I’m into loli porn and I know that I could get the same sentance wether I’m watching anime or real loli porn, that can tempt me to go the extra mile and get into real lolis.

      Its like the murder and rape law, if the rape sentance go up, the murder one does too to avoid that people just kill their victims (no testimony) because they know they’ll get the saw treatment anyway…

      Bottom line, that’s not the way they’ll stop child abuse because whatever they think, drawn childrens aren’t childrens.

      • Actually, there is no such thing as ‘child sexual abuse’ in reality. It’s time to realize that children are VERY able to make their own choices in sexual matters, that they ARE sexual beings (hell, I’ve been propositioned by 6 year olds before), and realize that we are putting them in TRUE danger by forcing pedosexuality underground.

        It is just simply time to bring pedosexuality out into the open, allow the adults in question to proposition children out in the open, and only intervene if said adult is trying to PHYSICALLY FORCE THE CHILD INTO A SEXUAL ENCOUNTER!

        Otherwise, just butt the fuck out! The only person whose business that is: the child and the adult in question.

        I know someone is going to bring up “What about STD’s!?” Well, nearly all pedosexuals don’t HAVE those STD’s, proven by government studies into ‘child molesters’ in prison.

        • My god, Anonymous (3 comments up 4:40), you ignoramus. What the HELL are you talking about? Some people very close to me are Indian, and they definitely do not partake in incest between father and daughter.. For the sake of political correctness I will not comment further; but you obviously have an extremely odd (for lack of a better word) view of India.

        • I thought of sex when I was young and no I did not become addicted, I personally had a fond for the older ladies in those days, young girls looked like flag poles 20 year ago. It would have been nice to do my teacher in science class dam she was so hot.

          Unlike now where 10 year old look like 15 plus, makes you wonder what they are eating to look like that so young.

        • India has a faith-based system, and most of their people are pretty religious, or so I think. That said, faith sort of keeps them in line. As for the incest thing, well, I never knew. As for North America, I agree that it is a bit too fanatic about making victims where there are none to be found (ie. kids consented and it didn’t feel bad to them). However, what I’m not going to agree on is the fact that having no law in place will prove to be a better deterrent than having at least some measure.

          And as for sex as a child, I’m just going off assumptions (better safe than sorry). Kids are a lot more sensual than adults in the sense that pain and/or pleasure leaves a huge imprint on them (physical traumas develop more easily in kids). While it’s probably natural to crave sex as a human being, I don’t think it’s natural to be thinking about it all the time as a kid. Kids who find themselves addicted to it or overly curious often ends up harming themselves or others.

        • in india daughters take advantage of their fathers and have no problems.
          It’s one of their best expiriences and come out better sometimes,shurely they also say to use pills and condoms.

          It is a special bond that most of us will never understand.

        • Well, intervening after the fact means you’re too late. Also, I disagree with your claim that kids are able to make choices regarding sexual matter. Children aren’t that intelligent. Hell, they’re in an emotive state until they get into (some past) their freaking teenage years. To even try to claim that they are capable of making “RATIONAL” decisions and bear the full weight of the responsibilities that accompany sex is preposterous.

          Also while sex isn’t as sacred as some religious people make it out to be (it’s just a means of reproduction), it still holds more meaning than pleasure in our society. Kids having sex without knowing the values it holds aren’t going to grow up healthy and wholesome. There’s also the chance of getting hooked on it like any other pleasure inducing substance, and that would probably ruin their lives.

          All that said, tempting kids into pleasure (doubt sex without an adult is pleasurable anyways) is pretty freaking sick, since you’re just taking advantage of the youth of their mind. We keep them away from knowledge of it for a reason.

          In any case though, what I’m saying only applies to prepubescents. Teens are rational enough to understand that actions comes with consequences. Kids aren’t. Also, sex and prostitution are two different matters.

    • Well, we can’t do anything about it because our country is run by corrupt midget. They care more about what people don’t really see and turns a blind eye on the big issues. Hope that in the next election better people would take the lead.

      • Sound like communism or dictatorship in the making, maybe soon sharia will be the big word in the street.

        Should be interesting to see how many countries over time will fall politically it theocracy and plain mafia run governments.

      • ” Hope that in the next election better people would take the lead.”

        That is one problem, now that we have the law, if ever we get better people (those who are not corrupt and such), there’s a chance that enforcing of laws would be better, and that means we get more arrests because they’re just simply following the law.

        But if the “better people” could have taken the lead before these moralists made the law and the midget signed it, chances are that this kind of law wouldn’t be prioritized because a much better law that cares about the economy and welfare would come as priority.

        • It’s 21 to buy or possess alcohol (state law, but presently the case in every state), and to buy a handgun or the ammunition for a handgun from a dealer (federal law), but 18 is the age of majority in all states except Missouri (17), Alabama (19), Nebraska (19), and Mississippi (21). However the age of consent for sex is another matter, and that’s 16 in most states, 17 in a few, and 18 in the rest. Most states also have a tiered system or “Romeo and Juliet” laws that make an exception to the AoC if the participants are sufficiently close in age – e.g., in my state, the AoC is 16, but 15 is legal as long as the other party is 18 or under. There is sometimes also an exception if the parties are married, since the marriageable age is actually less than the age of consent in some states.

          In short, the legal definition of “child” in the U.S. is a giant clusterfuck.

        • This is a bullshit. I appreciate the activity of the Philippine government, it’s really a serious thing to stop the child molestation, and punish the criminals…

          But I see two mistakes in this. First – sexual activity does not depend on the age. For example, in USA you’re child until the age of 21, but the 80% of girls aren’t virgin at 14. It implies something, eh?
          Second – Everyone knows about the “legend” how Japan reduced the pedo activities by 90% – they allowed the loli mangas.