Top 10 Professions Japanese Women Most Want to Date


When asked “what profession would you most like to try dating?” Japanese women gave a less than surprising list of the most glamourous and lucrative professions they could think of, apparently supporting the all but universally held notion that material wealth is the key to success with the ladies…

The ranking:

1. Doctor

2. Pilot

3. Comedian / “talent”

4. Entertainer

5. Lawyer

6. Working in the mass media

7. Manager

8. Working at a big manufacturer

9. Civil servant

10. Musician

Even politicians and academics found themselves languishing at the bottom of the list, showing perhaps that high status is not as desirable as high salary; a poor showing by financial professionals, also at the bottom, is probably a reflection of the lately less than stable nature of this industry…

However, this list is positively balanced in comparison to the male version, visible here.

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