Schoolboy Rapes 30 Women


A “baby-face” serial rapist thought to be behind as many as 30 sex attacks over recent months has turned out to be an actual schoolboy.

Police in Sweden’s southern city of Gothenburg were perplexed by dozens of similar rapes and sexual assaults, many widely reported as describing a “baby-face” man.

The rapes, which began in August and continued until recently, were distinguished by their unusual modus operandi – the attacker would randomly knock on people’s doors, conversing and asking personal questions of potential victims, and then forcing his way inside, although police paradoxically claim “he has not shown himself to be violent.”

Police describe his brazen tactics:

“He’s really direct and looks women who open their doors straight in the eye and asks, for example, ‘Are you married, will you marry me, is your husband home, do you want to have a quickie?’

If he’s met with resistance and the door is closed, he just goes across the hall and rings the next door and tries again. He can ring at a lot of doors before he leaves an area.”

When answered by a man he would say he came to the wrong home and flee.

Police subsequently arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with the attacks.

He has been firmly implicated in two rapes, two attempted rapes and two sexual assaults. Police are confident their boy is responsible for the rest:

”We are absolutely sure we have arrested the right person. There are six investigations currently underway and we believe he has committed many more sexual assaults which we hope to be able to prove.”

Sweden has some of the highest rates of rape and sexual assault in the developed world, which apologists say is because free sexual relations and “the right to say no” are so well entrenched, along with an increasingly broad definition of rape.

Critics say that overly broad definitions of what constitutes rape and false reporting inflate these numbers. Many also say this is a mere smokescreen, and point instead to the nation’s large population of poorly integrated Muslim immigrants, with most rapes supposedly committed by non-Swedes, a taboo subject in the overwhelmingly leftist political landscape of Sweden.

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