Swindler Cons 20 into Sex “My Father Needs Sex to Live”


A conman who duped 20 women into having kinky sex with him by posing as a young man whose father needed sex to stay alive has been arrested. He was also found to have swindled some 6 million dollars from them, and to have blackmailed them with incriminating photos in order to keep them quiet.

The man, a 55-year-old resident of Taiwan’s capital Taipei, who police unkindly described as “bald” and “unattractive,” began a criminal scheme where he would pose as a handsome young man online.

Luring in women in this way, he would beguile them over the phone and Internet, telling them that his poor father was suffering from prostate cancer and needed constant sex to survive.

Posing as the son, he would promise gifts and betrothal, but would also beg victims to visit his dear father in the presidential suites of a variety of top hotels for sex. He would then play the role of the father in person.

Victims were persuaded into a variety of kinky sex acts, including sodomy and group sex. He would also take lewd pictures of the victims in order to blackmail them into keeping quiet.

He did not stop at sex – he also gulled victims into giving him assets worth the equivalent of 6.2 million US dollars. One victim, after losing several hundred thousand dollars to the crook, hired a private detective to investigate. Soon police became involved and his schemes unravelled, culminating in his arrest.

Police found checks for millions of dollars and hundreds of carefully catalogued incriminating photographs of his female victims in his possession, including some involving top Taiwanese models.

He denies defrauding his victims of money, but apparently told police that he targeted victims aged 28-50 as they were more gullible.

If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 5 years for each offence.

Via The China Post.

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