Young Japanese Women Hunt Middle-Aged Men


Middle-aged men are enjoying great popularity amongst younger Japanese women, with some 40% of women preferring older men, and 20% of these only being interested in men at least 10 years older than them, with men in their forties being particularly popular.

Observers speculate that this may be due to the “manly aura” of such older men as compared to the effete younger generations, and of course that women know that the Japanese pay structure vastly favours older men.

When asked “Do you prefer your lover to be older or younger?” most women (40%) in their twenties responded “older,” not itself an unexpected result.

However, the extent of their preference for older men is perhaps surprising: 20% wanted men at least 10 years older than them, whilst 38.2% wanted older men up to 9 years their senior. 26.5% did not have any preference regarding age.

Predictably, most men in their forties after younger women weren’t picky, with 47.4% not caring about how much younger their partner is.

When asked about their actual experience with dating, 48.4% of young women had dated older men, whilst 60.4% of men in their forties reported experience dating younger women.

The survey did not ask for the reasons respondents displayed these preferences, but a marriage counsellor discretely mentions what may be the main reason:

“Women start becoming conscious of marriage after the age of 25, and they start to become realistic about romance too. When they think about having and rearing children, very few women actually want to keep working at the same pace for the rest of their life.”

Considering the pitiful birth rates Japan enjoys, possibly their interest in having children is being overstated; however, it is undeniable that Japanese men enjoy their peak earnings in their forties and fifties, and it is well established that a great many female marriage seekers have no interest in working

A female author delving into this preference offers another interesting interpretation, saying this may be a reaction against the unmanliness of younger men, with women preferring more masculine partners only finding satisfaction in much older men.

Sex is, she says, “a very important factor,” and compared to younger “herbivorous” men these older men are more likely to be “carnivorous” and to have a “manly aura.”

Perhaps more pointedly, just what is to become of all these unwanted young men in their twenties, with their low incomes and “lack of experience” or “lack of manliness”? A growing proportion of these seem to be becoming “middle-aged virgins“…

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  • This is actually very normal. While I am no expert in the field, I have studied a bit on human evolution and came across an explanation for such behavior. Since women were often subjugated by men in most ancient (and, unfortunately, some modern societies), it only made sense to choose older mates who were more financially sound and have proven themselves as productive members of societies than younger mates who could still go either way. As such, this behavior has continued to propagate in human female mating as such tactics are adaptive and help ensure the survival of both the woman and her offspring. This is why many women in America tend to marry younger men since they no longer are reliant on their man for financial support. This also explains another interesting development in the American dating scene as many older, accomplished business women are often found in relationships with younger men which mirrors many older business men.

    To further elaborate on why women see older men as preferable mates, from an evolutionary perspective of course, is that women seek out men who are either capable of making somatic investments or are in physical good health or, of course, somewhere in the middle of both. An older man is capable of putting in a larger somatic investment as they are likely in good standings with their work and tend to be less ambitious. In other words, older men are more likely to spend time with their families. Physically, most older men are usually still in good standings with their health and are capable of fathering healthy children.

  • I don’t know about Japanese otaku, but I’m only 20 and I would commit to a marriage and provide my wife with (almost) everything she could ask for. But considering the rate of women cheating in Japan, there’s more than one party at fault here.

  • Sorry but there is no way I’d settle for an old guy, money or no money. Receding hairline, growing waistline, wrinkled as hell, thinking they know it all? No thanks. Give me a hot, youthful guy who doesn’t need vyagra.

  • Japan’s birthrates are going to be abysmal in the next decade. Sure, these young girls are happy dating older men now but when they reach that biological clock hits and the eggs start running dry their precious Oyaji-sama will be too old and too frail to handle any prolonged baby-making. And while all this is happening, the middle-aged virgins will continue fapping to 2D, just like they’ve been doing for so many years.

    Has anyone done a study on fujyoshi yet or do they pretty much have the same mindset as their carnivorous sisters?

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    My favorite H Anime, one of the early ones that got me perverted: “Countdown” Alimony hunter had a very feminine transsexual seducing the trophy wife and young (18 years and 14 days old:-) son of some absent business man…

    And there’s the Manga inspired parody online comic, “Sexy Losers”…

    Man in electronics store: “I need to install some hidden cameras, my wife is having an affair…” frank and serious.

    Clerk, “Geez, buddy, that’s a let-down and your wife is such a looker. Who is it? Friend from college? Mailman?”…

    Man: “18 year old High School girl.”

    Clerk: “Well, buddy, this is a bit over your budget, but this better brand of cameras is both controllable and auto-responsive and can zoom in and filter and gets good color even in the dimmest of light…”

    Man, pulling out wallet: “I love a store that understands it’s customers…”


    On a similar note, have you noticed how while a man’s son is almost never attracted to his biological mother, he’s almost always attracted to the later women in his father’s life? Absolutely true with me!

  • 20y difference.
    Women probably still want daddys as they don’t grow up and still want to be children for life where the relationship works perfectly like father daughter relationship with more things XD.

    But hey part of real men are kinda like that,it’s attractive when the man knows what he wants,does for you,you also must obey him unless it endangeres your life and both of you fill your expectations,but the women must also fill the mans expectations.

  • This is very interesting to me and there may be a pattern to take note of.

    Long ago in ancient times, getting to about 13 was considered an adult and from there you had to work and support your family, and you could be expected to be married very soon.

    As time has gone on and we humans learn more and more about our world it takes longer and longer for us to “mature”.

    In America, getting JUST a High school degree got you a very good job to support a whole FAMILY on, benefits, and retirement, during the 50’s (at least that’s what MY grandparents always tell me :3). As things have changed and the world has become more complicated. Now, if don’t walk out of a University with a BS/BA in SOMETHING your jobs and future prospects are grim, not to mention you will be poor.

    To me, this means that we as humans are taking longer to “become adults”. We have a longer learning period where now, even being in you 20’s doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to be an “adult”. Sure you can work at a McD’s or work a video store, but you’ll never be able to live on your own, let alone marry someone and support them on that kind of job.

    Everyone in today’s world has to be a quick learner and always keep up with the changing world. It’s less about brutal survival and more patient education.

    This is why I think being “young”, in this article, is a turn off, you’re just not seen as an adult human that can protect and support a family, which is the main reason for dating and marrying in the first place.

    There is more strain on men (and women I’m sure, though probably less so) to be “successful” and the only way you can do that is by specializing in a skill and doing that skill for a living. But to learn that skill takes time, and that’s the problem! You take more time to be a capable adult.

    It’s a tougher world we live in everyone, good luck! X3

    • Please do not forget that not only are we considered adults later in modern times, we also have a far longer life expectancy than before modern times… Women are especially prone to death by child birth when they do not have access to modern health care, especially if they have multiple ones.

  • Woman wouldn’t be like this, had we not given them equal rights. 😀

    We gave them rights, and they became power/money hungry meanies.

    But you know what I think is even worse, Hook one, marry her, have kids. Then, when she’s bored, she’s going to divorce you, and take your kids, your car, your money, the house you paid for and burn the shit she couldn’t take.

    Oh well, Steven Hawkins predicted that by 2050 it will be common for humans to be making love with robot partners. We’ll see how this works out.

    • Let me translate this for everyone’s basic comprehension:

      “Woman wouldn’t be like this, had we not given them equal rights. 😀

      We gave them rights, and they became power/money hungry meanies.”

      We didn’t teach women accountability, to the point divorce courts are tilted towards them.

      Case in point: single white female feminism in the West.

      “But you know what I think is even worse, Hook one, marry her, have kids. Then, when she’s bored, she’s going to divorce you, and take your kids, your car, your money, the house you paid for and burn the shit she couldn’t take.”

      Divorce courts and the fact that women can and DO instigate false allegations allow them to do this.

      “Oh well, Steven Hawkins predicted that by 2050 it will be common for humans to be making love with robot partners. We’ll see how this works out.”

      Why, thank you, single white female feminism. You just helped castrating off a man’s virility, to the point you just screwed yourselves out of a sugar daddy.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    Put it in another way, does this actually mean that for any of those single 20-somethings, as long as he works hard (as in down-to-earth hard) and slowly bides his time, by the time he reaches 40-something, he’ll eventually get a younger girl willing to fall into his arms without him even trying?

    (Provided that the said single men are decently good-looking and isn’t like those stereotypically hideous and fat balding otakus out there, of course. )

  • I guess they might also feel that older men will be able to hold a conversation, and pay attention to what they talk about more. Not that younger guys won’t, but in their fourties, guys’ll probably be more relaxed and focused on really truly having a relationship.

  • Most Otaku are not handsome. So it is pretty obvious why younger women would choose older men that has never been apart of the otaku generation. They would like to have children that aren’t influenced to men that have troubled, collectible habits.

    I mean that also goes the same to many other countries as well. They may not be Anime-Otaku, but they have their otaku-ism in their own way and it always boils down to where the women will choose a older man(yeah, I would say some have it together than most younger men who haven’t made the resolve to commit to a family.)

    Just to let you know, I am a single guy myself and I am heavily into collecting anime, manga and games. As a young guy, I would love to date a woman about the same age as myself. But I don’t think I’m the kind of guy that would commit to marriage anytime soon. Honestly, I rather not have children born of my own. I just don’t think now is not a great time to have a family with the way the economy is now. And it wouldn’t be fair to them if I had children now. But I do understand a woman’s point of view.

  • you see, women in 20’s, when marrying men in 40’s, would end up with their husbands’ money- I’m sure that those young women expect to outlive their older husbands.

    And when she inherits the dead old fart’s money, she can be some young, hot boytoy’s sugar mama.

    • Your wavelength? If you mean a person who is incapable of critically evaluating people around them, then boys of age 15+ all fall in this group.

      On a more serious note, there is nothing different in how men and women develop mentally as they grow. While there are some oddities in male behavior under peer pressure in the lower age groups, that doesn’t make them less mature. The same problem applies to most women I see in college, but you don’t see me complaining about it.

      Expressing yourself in the tender age <23 tends to be very tricky. Standing out gets you kicked out of the crowd really fast.

      • “While there are some oddities in male behavior under peer pressure in the lower age groups, that doesn’t make them less mature.”

        Dude you have no idea how from the year 1970 society was being changed and men became pussified and forgot what manhood is and what is really important.
        So it’s normal that young men have problem keeping their wifes today,problems getting girlfriends,havings such high divorce rates and havings so many cheating women.
        They were not raised in manhood as they needed to be.

        Those older men are still traditional men and it’s pretty normal that women get attracted to them,since they have what it means to be attractive without the actual need of money,looks,social status.And those older men know how to keep a relationship working.Unlike most of us these days.

    • You say this, but seem to miss that there are younger men who are more mature who are left having to date immature girls because all the mature girls are chasing older men. I tend to find that there are similar numbers of particularly mature men as women in any age group, but the women want someone older, while men still wish to have someone their own age. This ultimately means people like myself end up dating children the same age as myself because I need a partner to further my career, and will end up when I’m in my 40s being chased by children of your age, accepting simply because the thought of having a meaningful relationship long since left me, and was simply replaced with disdain for all women, but a simple biological desire to spread my seed.

      Basically, Grow Up, and look for someone your own age, or carry on with what your doing and accept that your ‘mature’ and logical justification is not the actual reason you’re doing it, and that honestly you are simply sexually attracted to older men. There is nothing wrong with that, so stop trying to hide it to look ‘grown up.’

  • I actually don’t see this as a bad thing. It’s natural for a woman to want to marry a man with resources. In times past, the children of women who married men without resources were less likely to survive. Those women who desired men who provided resources for the family had children that were more likely to survive and pass on those genes for ‘attraction to man with resources’.

    The problem comes when women shag every man they find desirable in their youth. Then, when their looks are gone, they’ve got children in tow and multiple STDs they want that nice provider male they ignored in high school and college to come to the rescue.


    • >that nice provider male they ignored in high school

      Also known as the nerd who gut bullied in high school but started up a multimillion yen IT company the moment they left it.

      Or the far more common “guyfriend”, the male women keep around for convenience, but would never even think of going out with.

  • Sucks to be female in this age I guess.

    With so many ways for men to relieve their sexual desires, which are all very cheap, the usefulness of women has shrunken tremendously.

    Now they are left with those man who don’t know how to embrace hentai, porn or hookers, which are the old folks I guess.

    Well, at least they still bear children… for now.

    • I don’t want to bear children! ;____; I would happily have my boyfriend do it though. Or us paying someone to carry the baby instead of us. I don’t really feel a need to have babies, though. Children are so much effort to raise properly (raising kids improperly is a horrific option and do not want), and there is no lack of others breeding so I’d rather let them do it while I contribute to society and the future generations in less gene-centric ways. Economy, culture and science for the win!

      • Yes, but you don’t stand a chance.

        There are always pure-hearted types about, but they’re getting rarer and rarer and they have a high moral/ethical/religious expectation of their partner. Every woman is looking for something, and has a high expectation, some are looking for sexual experience, others for interest, others for money, and others for moral worth; the problem is that in Japan those looking for money make up the majority, and the next set of those looking for sexual experience are unable to find it because those money-grabbers aren’t having sex with younger men for them to gain experience.

        All in all Japan is in a state, but it is still going to have a few pure-hearted women, but just as with any country, don’t expect them to be easy catches just because they’re pure-hearted, since they will expect an exceptionally pure heart from you as well.

        • My boyfriend plays Love-plus in front of me. I have no problems with that. Some of the girls have such cute personalities! And I badly want to find more stuff voiced by one of the voice actresses… :-3 But then again he and I even swap porn soo… It’s a bit difficult to feel threatened by porn when someone obviously loves you and finds you very attractive.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          Which was why the Love-Plus game is such a hit in Japan. People laugh at the otaku for playing such game because they are never gonna have a girlfriend, but the truth is lots of players of the game play it behind their gf/wife’s back, because they simply can’t (or at least close to impossible) find ‘pure relationship’ that’s not polluted by materialism in the world today. Money ALWAYS enter the equation for romance/relationship.

        • A little livelyhood? So you’re ok with a little party-hardy slighty money-grubbing clubbing somewhat whore.

          … Good luck finding out there’s no real difference when these qualities are involved.

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    Pssss. Those women don’t ‘want’ older MEN…what they are looking for is a deep(er) money source at their disposal without having to do any work to gain it…and older men are just so happens to be that.

    “Women prefer older man because of manliness” what an obvious lie…I bet the women would go for younger men if their pay-cheque got more zeros on it or got more money stashed away in their bank than the older men.

      • Marine-RX179 says:

        It’s pretty ignorant of you to generalise all young men as otaku with unhealthy buying habits.

        Besides, it is wiser for men to spend the money that THEY make on things that they want (may it be nice anime figures, HI-FI systems, cars, watches) instead of letting parasites sucking it dry and blowning them all on expensive big-branded stuffs like handbags, shoes, clothes which cost hundreds or thousands of bucks.

        If they REALLY love you, that’s fair enough and worth the ‘investment’, but if all they see in you is a convenience cash-withdrawal unit and nothing more…then to hell with it.

        • Hell, at least the figurines, Hi-Fi systems and Playstations last the men.

          A woman will buy a handbag/pair of shoes, go out with friends, show it off once and then tuck it back in the deepest darkest corner of her wardrobe, never to be seen again.

  • Always Room For Jello says:

    When you think about it, these older men deserve the younger women!
    The older generation has experience in making money, living out in the real world, and knows exactly how to “tame” these women.

    If the Japanese women see men simply as tickets to easy lives, then an older and wiser generation is required to keep tabs on these girls.

    From the women’s point of view, you can see how unappealing a young herbivorous man is. Socially and sexually, they lack skills. Monetarily, they lack a steady income (and spend most of their money on their fantasy worlds). It seems like an easy choice.

    It’s good luck to Japan when these young kids have to go on to become middle aged, still lacking in experience, income, and a future.

  • What in the hell is wrong with these japanese women that they get these statistics from? seriously it seems like every time I come on to this site I see a new post about japanese women being superficial money hungry whore’s…..god damm….and I thought the sluts here in america was bad.

  • Well, Japan is for sure going down, but luckly Korea and China will replace it. Korea in pop-culture, robotics, cars, adult video etc. and China in all other wields of economy and (traditional) culture.

  • Middle aged men are certainly more greeny(not in the mind) because their women are less childish in terms of spending, being more budgetly educated

    Then, some single middle aged men rose in power either from declining carnivorous women(known as a wallet/vacuum/cleaning/machine or as many of you know, the other meaning) or satisfied from his progressing career for him to reap…to 2D or 3D action dolls spending

    Results: A source of Hotness for young women
    Added comment: tis only a spike in popularity, somewhile it may change…… or not
    Young men: Waaaiiiitttt, watch us ’till we get buffer or older!!

    in reference from: geez, you can learn a lot from your oji-sans (like Jiraiya)

    • Wow most japanese women are sluts, money, money and money. Guys never get married, don’t sign anything or you will screw for the rest of you life. That’s Why I Prefer 2D loli, They Don’t Ask Anything.

        • Men my age care more about the outside, otaku included. They like beautiful women with all the trims and all that shit, so I know the world is not so forgiving of my lack of feminity (which translates to being a fashion whore in some level).

          But that’s alright, 2D FTW forever!

        • I’m a woman and I don’t spend much money on clothes, make-up and all that girly shit.

          But then again I spend all my money on figurines, manga and all misc. anime shit.

          I guess I lose either way.

        • while women need more money for their things,men need it more for food and other things.
          Arguing about this is stupid anyway.

          Btw i don’t know about the wage gap there.
          But certainly it’s more a lie by feminism that women get paid less more for US,when they don’t consider all the detail why men get paid more.

          I am hearing how men want to spend more time with their family,yet they still have to work more,becouse there is no system made for them to allow them that.
          When they tend to go easy on women.

        • Don’t marry a living doll then. Seriously, people want beautiful girl-friends and complain that they spend too much money on cosmetics and clothes that make them beautiful. If you’d like an average girl who does not spend a lot of money on random crap, then don’t go find girls at parties, go to the chess club, your gym and try your luck there…

        • Well, you get the pill already with 9-12 these days and if you maybe know a bit about it you know that you aren’t allowed to stop taking it or you will get lots of problems with your body. The pills have to be used every day and then just think how much pills are in one package, how many you have to use and how much a package costs…

        • Given how little money I’ve managed to scrape a living from myself when times got hard, this seems to be more about women desiring to spend money a ton more than men typically do. Even if it’s not necessarily their money. Which I find strange. As a man, I could never take any pleasure in spending money my girl had earned all on myself, I’d just feel bad about it. It’s something that requires a different attitude about life in general I guess.

        • The extra money women spend can’t ALL be used on sanitary towels, tampons and the like- Women spend money at a horrifying rate, on crap they’ll use once or twice and then never look at afterwards.

          150$ spent on a pair of shoes that’ll be used twice, or 1k$ spent for a new computer that’ll last for the next 3 years (lol, microsoft)?

        • Actually Im not a girl but Im not sure tampons, pills and bras (plus other things whom importance is debatable) are expensive enough to justify why a woman should spend more money.
          I mean, I’ve always lived with alot of women/girls and it’s not like they buy bras every month or even tampons and pills. For the rest its generally lotions, shampoos and make up take they deem NECESSARY.
          On that basis Im not really sure women NEEDS more money and if they do Im not sure how much.
          I spend alot too… I need to go to the gym, buy a more expensive type of food, buy sport specific items now and then but I won’t use that as base to say I need more money than a girl.

          Just sayin

        • Tampons, bras (which can really equate to “underwear”), and the like are “needs”. The pill is something that’s about as necessary (to life anyway) as the condoms in my drawer. I don’t find it as a justification for a woman needing more money. My ex used to spend MOST of her cash on clothes or getting her hair done, then complain about being broke (she made about as much as I did at the time). At the same time though I know women (or rather “one woman”) who makes quite a bit less than me, and always have more cash (than me ;_;).

        • If I’m not mistaken tampons are necessary but still I don’t think that that’s something a man should give money to the woman. The bill bras and all the other things are a necessity that WOMEN must buy THEMSELVES not a man who earns them money and gives it to them. You can’t tell me that unmarried or not dating women don’t buy those things since they do so basically all they need money from the man are just things they can buy on their own with their own money. The only part about pregnancy is that if a man doesn’t want to get the woman pregnant is that he wears protection called condom and the pill is after that just a excessive extra which isn’t exactly necessary. The other two are just things that the woman must buy with HER OWN money and not taking the whole salary of her husband or boyfriend and besides even if he is dumb enough to give all his money to her I don’t think that she will spend it all on bras tampons and pills. At least a third of the salary will be spent at a cafe with friends just talking random daily stuff or at tons of clothes that she won’t probably wear more than once or twice. So yea. If women want money they need to earn it themselves and quit wanting their husband/boyfriends money and not bitch about how different the salaries are between men and women and how different the behavior towards them is different everywhere. In short. Women just want to own the money of their boyfriends and spend it on whatever they want and just be as lazy as hell and just waste time instead of earning money themselves. Yeah well it doesn’t make me wander that quite a lot of men don’t want girlfriends or don’t want to get married. What’s the point in earning money when their woman is just gonna spend it somewhere and how many of the monthly taxes like electricity and water are gonna be paid stays a mystery for me since all the money will be spend by the woman and I don’t think she’ll rush out of home or the cafe just so she can pay a few bills.

      • Or you just can’t get a girl even if you tried. Could that be the reason why you prefer 2d loli. Oh and if you can screw for the rest of your life why wouldn’t I get married. If you cant tell I’m being sarcastic. Learn how to speak english if your gonna type that way.

      • but…but i’m under 35 with ¥20,000,000 a year. I wonder if being under 40 matters anymore. (I doubt it) Of course i’d never go for such gold-diggers, I only have eyes for a certain lady (She’s 3D BTW) , I found her recently (works at a store in a Seibu in Ikebukuro, I think she’s 24-27 I haven’t asked) I think she likes me and I haven’t asked her out yet. She’s beautiful, kind, intelligent and has a great body but unfortunately I think she knows i’m rich (I try to keep it secret to keep away gold-diggers but I wear designer suits 5 days days of the week because of work plus I like suits, she asked and I told her what I do for a living) but I don’t think shes a gold-digger, she hasn’t tried to ask about my money, or what I drive. We mainly just talk about standard stuff whenever I come by but it occasionally drifts to other things (things we look for in a partner, family, my earlier life in america, etc.) I want to ask her out but I want to be sure she’s not in it for money. Any suggestions?

        • Thank You for the suggestion, seems rather reasonable. I’m thinking maybe a light lunch at a cafe or something (not too cheap or too expensive). What do you think? I’ll report back after I ask her out tomorrow.

        • Ask her out to a casual date, something unassuming, which doesn’t seem expensive. If she stays with you she’s interested in you, if she takes it as an insult then you know what’s going on. Either way good luck, hope it goes well.

    • Lol, I think the whole pocket-money thing is a test to see if your man is a wimp or if he’ll stand up to you. If my waifu tried to ration the money that I bring to the table, I’d tell her where to stick it. Fucking ridiculous how the bitches stay at home and think they can spend most of the money.

        • Thanks anon i’m definitely going to pursue this one. She’s exactly what i’m looking for in a woman. I’m going to do my best to avoid rushing anything, i’m taking this one reaaaally slow to get to know her as a person. She doesn’t really make it easy though (a bit cold sometimes) but i’m going to let her open up on her own. It’ll take time but i’m willing to put in the work and have the patience for a good relationship. So with each step we take, no matter how small, we’re moving in the right direction. I’ve never had the best luck with women but i’m going to try again, because something just calls me to her. She’s not the most beautiful girl or the most intelligent or really the best anything, (she’s definitely above average though) but I feel something when she smiles at me, that words fail to describe it’s something that surpasses my senses and hits my core and I feel it more than anything. I wouldn’t say i’m in love but for this girl, I very well could very well fall in love. -Asada

        • Yays, I’m the anon who gave you the advice, and good to hear it went well, as for advice from this point on it’s hard to say since it varies so much from person to person; with gold-diggers it’s a lot easier, but if she’s a proper nice lass then it’s harder, I’d advise thinking for yourself honestly as you have the most information, and even if it isn’t quite up her street then it’s still your idea with the best intentions. It also depends on you ofcourse, but yeah, that’s just another reason it’s best to be yourself :).

          And also I tend to follow a similar vein of thought about girls as yourself, though I would say you’re a little sweeping, there are plenty of 4-5 girls who don’t develop any personality and plenty of 9-10 girls who do; but I will say that no girl is going to be perfect, they can lack beauty, personality, home skills, sexual skills or anything, trying to find someone who has the parts you most wish for is the hardest, and learning to compromise, or better yet embrace whatever it is that’s her ‘downfall.’

          I’ve personally lucked out with a girl who actually has all of the above, but she has a form of amnesia making the relationship really really hard at times, and has scared every other guy off that she’s ever dated (at least that she remembers… but she remembers important things so I presume she hasn’t forgotten any boyfriends which stuck with her, other than me), but I’ve learned to embrace it as very touching, if she remembers anything about me it makes me happy, no matter what it is; if you can find any persons imperfections and learn to embrace them then you’ll be a happy guy; but of course the money-grubbing problem is one I’m unable to embrace as well.

          Again, good luck in your further dates, and it’s nice to see you’ve already embraced her more middling beauty; I wish you many happy dates to come.

        • This is anon at 12:06 I’m suprised people read my posts. I’m glad people agree with me and if you’re reading this please check my other 2 posts. It’s only a little ways down (4:06) it starts with “but…but” and I ask for some advice. By the way it went great. I think i’ll keep dating her and i’d like to know what advice you guys have. By the way to avoid confusion i’m going to from now go by -Asada (I don’t want an account)

        • Agreed 12:06 anon won the website…as for Japan lol don’t they still have Office Lady’s that don’t want to quit there jobs when they get married?

          Or do they all want to be house wifu’s…

          The kind of woman I want now one that is well rooted in her own career. Not the club girls that go out three times a week because their life sucks.

          All the 9’s and 10’s I ever did are now miserably unmarried with children thank God for condoms.

        • @(08:20 16/11/2009)
          3 possibilities:
          1. You are a 14 year old kid.
          2. you are highly annoyed by this topic.
          3. You need more training on how to be polite.

          Whatever the reason, IF you are succesfull, you need to back it up with proper language. But your points are all true, Thumbsup for that.

          @(09:23 16/11/2009)
          It is okay to have an own view of things, But don’t except to end up happy with such a negative one. Believe me, money WILL matter less if you are older(45+) and have enough to live. Loneliness is different matter thought.

        • So you say…i’ve gone out suceeded in life I make ¥20,000,000 a year, I live on my own in a foreign country, I work, i’m a multi-faceted person, i’m kind and courteous and I stick up for the people who need help. Where as you are proving what a presumptious bitch you are. “Trophy Wife” don’t kid yourself, I don’t want a super-model or someone who does everything I want. I’d take a 5 or a 6 over a 9 or a 10 any day. You want to know why? It’s because “beautiful” people let it go to their head, become full of themselves, are gold-diggers, and have no personality. Where as the less attractive ones develop skills, personality, are humble, kind, and all around better people. When people don’t have something that others do they either become jealous and judgemental or devlop their other strengths. The latter become better people because they went without, they can appreciate the things in life. I’m not looking for a maid or a fuck-buddy, i’m looking for someone who I can share my hopes and dreams and future with.

        • Blah blah blah. Your in your moms basement beating off to porn.

          If it’s oh so hard to find a woman that isn’t a gold-digger, you’re obviously looking for a model that isn’t. If you wanted “love” so bad, you’d settle for some ugger since beauty fades over time. Which is why I use mine to my advantage while I have it.

          Everyone knows “rich” men like yourself only want trophy wives.
          “Whore”…..couldn’t be such a thing if their weren’t so many people (men) that weren’t willing to pay for sex. So FUCK YOU. 😀

        • I’d as a man never trade a woman I love for anything. Let alone because another girl is younger that’s just idiotic. I like the outside, but I love the inside. People like you and your mindset is why I can’t trust women these days, I have to go through so much just to find women that aren’t gold-diggers because i’m rich. I worked my way up from nothing to being rich and now it’s gold-diggers left and right. Fuck you you whore! I want love not some girl just to fuck, you presumptious bitch. “Trade you in when you get old” I view women as people not cars to trade in for the model. Luckily, I think I found somebody who isn’t a gold-digging presumptious bitch like you. You are what’s wrong with women. I’m tired of immature gold-diggers who don’t know what they want, such naivet’e they think i’m a fucking money sack with no brain. I have an I.Q. of 175, speak 3 languages, graduated from college, and play 3 instruments. Yet they think i’m stupid and can use me so I use them instead. I’m no ones sugar daddy!

        • It’s normal for a woman to want older men, considering men in their twnthies are still graduating and mostly pennyless. Older men have a proper job and an income to suport his girl-friend. But it mostly depends on which relationship they’re going for.

        • I can hardly say Artefact is wrong… but in japan… well, they’re kinda weird… a 20 year male is til a “big boy”…

          i STILL think he only motivation is the money. and that arguments of manly aura and experienced partners are a stupid way to hide it.