Vaginal Plastic Surgery “Female Circumcision”


The increasingly popular practice of surgically reshaping the female genitalia in order to create the “perfect vagina” has come under sharp criticism by medical experts, who claim the practice is akin to female genital mutilation and has little medical necessity.

The procedure, known as labioplasty, usually involves surgically reshaping or cutting off parts of the labia minora/majora, the folds of skin surrounding the vagina.

Reportedly most operations are undertaken for aesthetic reasons, but medical reasons include discomfort caused by an excessively overdeveloped labia, with costs in the region of $5,000. Possible complications include loss of sensation, scarring, and the usual risks of infection and botched operations.

A variety of studies have criticised the practice, with the latest research published by the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology damning the procedure as largely unnecessary and poorly understood.

The study criticised the procedure as being an unnecessary one with demand fuelled by plastic surgeons’ own advertising, and questioned the underlying notion that there is a “correct” aesthetic for the vagina:

“Advertisements promote labial surgery as easy answers to women’s insecurities about their genital appearances – insecurities that are fuelled by the very advertisements that prescribe a homogenised, pre-pubescent genital appearance standard for all women.”

Such “standards of beauty” for something so intimate as the female vagina are, particularly in the relatively modest nations of Europe and America, likely to be based almost exclusively on the genital appearance of performers in pornography, hardly providing a broad cross-section of female anatomical variation.

The fact that many of these performers have actually had the surgery further increases the risk that an unrealistic aesthetic is being promoted as desirable.

They also questioned the medical justification for such surgery, saying supposed pain from a protruding labia may well be psychosomatic, and pointing out that male genitalia has similar sensitivity whilst protruding far further – in such cases therapy might be more effective, they say.

The researchers even go so far as to note certain similarities between labioplasty and female genital mutilation, where the labia and/or clitoris are cut off, a practice endemic in certain Islamic nations, saying the procedure may permanently damage sexual sensitivity and cause complications in childbirth.

The study concludes by questioning the wisdom of cutting off the most sensitive parts of the female body for purely cosmetic reasons:

“Labial surgery needs to be rigorously evaluated in future, and for longer term.

Furthermore, quality research is needed to improve our understanding of the psychological drivers behind women’s decision to sacrifice sexually sensitive tissue that contributes to erotic experiences, for a certain genital appearance that used to be an obligation only for some glamour models.”

Just how many women are undergoing such surgery is not known, but numbers are thought to be increasing “exponentially.”

Naturally, plastic surgeons offering the procedure insist there are no possible long-term problems worth “terrorising” customers over, and everyone can now enjoy an “elegant” labia:

“They’ve gone a bit over the top. Essentially this is just about removing a bit of loose flesh, leaving behind an elegant-looking labia with minimum scarring. The procedure won’t interfere with sexual function.

Women want this for a number of reasons – some find it uncomfortable to ride a bike for instance, but for the majority it is aesthetic, that’s true.

Lads’ mags are looked at by girlfriends, and make them think more about the way they look. We live in times where we are much more open about our bodies – and changing them – and labioplasty is simply a part of this.”

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  • Anonymous says:

    I have rather large labia, and, while I never minded before I got married, or even thought twice about it, I have become rather embarrassed by it now. My husband has a difficult time with oral, he says he can’t breathe because my vulva suffocates him while performing oral sex. Also, it has gotten to the point where my labia will sometimes roll inwards during sex, even with lube, whenever he thrusts. For these reasons, I can understand why women with large labia would want to have surgery to reduce it. If I had five thousand bucks lying around, I would probably do it, myself.

  • ok people get a life ther is nothing wrong with getting any surgery to reshape urself im getting somthing simmaller a sex change operation and if u have some thing to say conatact me at ok ill be waiting to see how many asshole want to be retarded and say dumbass things that arent logical so have a go ok

  • Wait, wait, WAIT……
    1st, they’re cutting off the labia, not the clitoris. So it’s NOT circumcision.

    2nd, I can’t blame them for getting them cut down. I sure as hell don’t want to look at no fucking “meat curtains”.

    Don’t go telling me I’m shallow, you fuckers, I know what I DO like to see and what I DON’T.
    Go take your feminazi bullshit complaints elsewhere.

  • God forbid a slim tidy box be considered asthetically pleasing. Say no to meat curtains and you are apparently a chauvinist.

    I received scrotal reduction surgery for aesthetic reasons. I shoulda let the boys hang low and pasted a daily picture of em on the door of Miss “largely unnecessary and poorly understood.”

  • I can’t imagine someone voluntarily taking a knife to it unless there is a disease or condition with it. Then again people pierce themselves in places I wouldn’t either. But to take such a risk of losing nerves for feeling and control is beyond me. The ‘camel-toes pouch and unit’ is something females are born with so deal with it.

  • I’m just gonna throw in here that plastic surgery is the ultimate definition of the yuppie subculture; you are what you can pay.

    Plain as an ironing board? No problem. Your true age is showing? we got Botox for that. Don’t like the size of your Willie friend? Look, we can make it bigger and wider; but I warn ya; I’ll look completely unrealistic. So as long as you can afford it; the doors of a aesthetical-driven society(I personally blame the media and mainstream pr0n stars)are open for you.

    For We Are Many.

    • Hey, get used to it. The fact is that people don’t want to appear ‘ugly’ anymore, and the men and women (even girls and boys) today are more willing to tell you “Honey, you are ugly!”

      I don’t see that as a problem in the slightest. If you don’t want to do these things, then simply don’t do them and ‘live with people calling you ugly’…. because it is THEIR OPINION of you, nothing more, nothing less… and unless you have a problem with the person in question seeing you as ‘ugly’, just ignore them.

  • I don’t think they should cut it if they don’t have to. If I didn’t already have a circumsision, I wouldn’t be able to deal with the thought of cutting off a part of my penis. Even if they say it won’t hurt, you know it will.

    The op pic is great.

    • Actually, no, it doesn’t. I have some Jewish friends who have had circumcisions, and they say it doesn’t hurt at all with the pain-deadening cream that they give you for the penis and the pain pills that they give you.

  • Let me put it this way.

    Maybe it’s wrong, maybe it’s right, it’s not definite, but who are they to try to prohibit it? Come on, I thought humans are finally free, let people do what they want to do, as long as they don’t harm anyone else.

    You want a piercing, tattoo, circumcision, fine, your body your decision. Why do people have to censor and prohibit stuff, I thought the modern world is based on freedom of speech and thought.

    God damn it, this reminds me so much of religion and feminism. I hate those kind of people.

    • while religeon did destroy us that why i dont believein a god but many im draconian so i know what will come in the afterlife either a rebirth of ascension to a godlike being we decide wher we go and if u want to go to heaven make sure u a god before wanting to cause itll just be pointless wishing ok cause heaven is where the gods reside
      ok and ull just be going to the well of sould for another rebirth if this isnt ur first life on this little planet ok

  • Fuck that. Too many girls are too fake as it is. Nothing kills a boner faster than huge fakeass mutilated boobs, especially ones where you can see where the nipples were cut out and replaced (yes – put back where they were before, but it is still done in the over-muscle implants.)

    I would actually dump a girl if I found out she’d hacked up her body to falsify it if it wasn’t medically neccesary. BE WHO YOU ARE. GOD. DAMN. IT.

    • Having a body you’re comfortable with does wonders for one’s personality, you know.

      And everybody falsifies who they are to a certain degree, please. Do you brush your teeth? You’re trying to fake a white tone not found in nature. Do you wear deodorant? You’re trying to trick people into thinking you actually smell of roses after you ride a crowded bus during lunchtime on a hot summer day.

      • Brushing teeth is NOT falsifying who you are any more than cats licking their own fur falsifies who they are. Tooth WHITENERS whiten teeth. Normal tooth paste is for cleaning teeth, not whitening. Not that there aren’t plenty of tooth pastes that claim to whiten – but that’s often by abrasion (eroding the enamel to a whiter layer) than real tooth whitening.

      • “Do you brush your teeth? You’re trying to fake a white tone not found in nature.”

        Do you realize that brushing your teeth doesn’t just whiten them? If you don’t take care of your teeth then they will rot and fall out. It’s not a matter of “Do you want white teeth?” as much as it is “Do you want to keep your teeth?”.

        • whill i pick at my teeth and my dentist is shocked and i never brush mine at all two years ago was the last time i brushed min ok i have perfect teeth i was born human and i have gotten to a point im not human anymore so that might be why im healthy as a horse in most common sense so dont say that brusshing is great ok idont abd it couldnt be better

        • Actually, no. I don’t brush my teeth, they are pretty white and tartar free (so much that the dentist was shocked when I told him “I brush only once a week, at most!”), and have had NO cavities. In fact, to be blunt, I have had LESS cavities than when I was brushing every single day while under my parents control before I was 18!
          And I’m eating more ‘sugary foods’ and snacks to boot!

          One thing I do however…. rinse with mouthwash and whitening rinse twice a day (one time for one, one for the other a day).

        • Yay! We anons won! 😛

          Back on topic, I don’t really care about people going under the knife if it’s for something serious, like a severe car accident, disease or burns but, paying $5000+ just because one want to be “MORE beautiful” is kinda over my understanding. Enhancing one’s beauty is not a new concept in human history, makeup existed even in the prehistoric times but, wanting to pass from a D to a FF in bust size or to have the “perfect” vagina and risking (as minimal as it is) complications later in life, is a very flawed concept to me.

          Just my 2 cents

          **The definition of perfect being a very subjective and personal matter

      • Did you just put basic minimal oral hygiene on the same level as genital mutilation?

        I’m saying that I’m not attracted to someone who would have their bodies mutilated to form it to an arbitrary judgement of what it “should” look like. I’ve seen too many girls who would readily get a boob job because they think that’s the only way they’ll be popular or liked – one, that’s bullshit – two, whatever “like” they get from that will be superficial and temporary at best anyway. They’d be better served by loving themselves as they are and projecting it so that others follow. Sounds outlandish, but that’s largely how group psychology works – do something with confidence and clout and others will fall into line so they don’t look like fools. (Wear a suit and people will start calling you “sir.” Act like no one could like you as you are… and they won’t.)

        So I’d take someone who either doesn’t have such bad insecurity issues that they would LITERALLY cut off their nose to spite their face, or doesn’t practice that level of deception.

        • …whoa, both posts wound up coming out. +_+

          I must ask you once again, what’s wrong with wanting a bigger breast size? I figured that if I’m not against other less invasive means of falsifying one’s appearance (wigs, make-up, high heels, colored contact lenses, etc.), I also shouldn’t be against surgical modifications. Breast implants fake the female chest as much as a push-up bra would, for that matter. Either way, you’re deceiving society on the way you look. I agree that if you do it just to mimic this or that celeb or if you want the grass greener on your side of the fence just for the heck of it, plastic surgery is not the solution to your problem and you’ll still be unhappy. It’s something you should do for yourself.

          Being this the case… even if the procedure isn’t medically urgent, or even if there aren’t any deformations, I still consider it something healthy. Instead of spending years in therapy, I honestly think it’s much more effective and easy to just get rid of the problem in question. Therapy isn’t magic, you don’t just go there and they fix you right up. Neither is plastic surgery, but I’m still willing to bet on it for long-term satisfaction.

          And plastic surgery isn’t even that risky. Yes, complications may occur. No, it’s not as dangerous as it was a few years back. If you reshape the labia, loss of sensation will be limited to (very faintly) scarred areas only and most of it will return with time, like other procedures done on other body parts. Both clitoris and g-spot will be left intact.

        • “i made you a reply but sankaku ated it :(”

          Hygiene keeps you from developing a wide range of diseases. At the very least, it’s done as a courtesy to others, at no harm to yourself. Plastic surgery keeps snobs from thumbing their designer noses at you. I do hope you can tell the difference, but it seems you can’t, so while I’ll read your replies, this is my final word on it.

          I deal with people all day long. I’m not a natural bishounen, but like most people, I do fine as it is. What I lack in looks I make up for with personality and friendliness, and I am truly at no loss for being passed over by those who can’t handle that. Honestly though, I haven’t encountered that type since junior high.

          I’m not against all plastic surgery; there are reconstructions after severe accidents. In some cases, like you’d said, there are people who most would actually consider deformed. These genital surgeries may turn the life around of someone with 6 inch labia, but if it follows the trend of other plastic surgeries, then most people will probably be the kind who think they’d look better with a face like the celeb of the week, or a big round d-cup, and will have their sexual organs sculpted to look more symmetrical, “tidier”, or even younger as the articles suggested – at the risk of never again having an orgasm, or having problems when the scars rip open in childbirth. I’m simply not willing or able to relate to someone with that mindset. It’s like knowing someone with anorexia nervosa who, after starving themselves half to death, starts bloodletting to drop more weight, but while you try to talk them out of it, others go “hey, that does look good! If they can afford it, then it’s their right!”

          Finally, I’d berate someone for having plastic surgery no more than I would for how they naturally look, but that doesn’t mean I support the procedure. In the majority of cases I see, the people would be better off with some self esteem counselling or psychological change rather than commissioning a simulacrum of living flesh at risk to their own health and wellbeing for purely aesthetic reasons.

        • “Yes, I did put oral hygiene and plastic surgery on the same level. They’re both procedures commonly used by humans to look more appealing to their peers.”

          So are you brushing your teeth JUST for the “beauty” it?

          Unlike sharks, we humans don’t grow a new set of teeth every few months or so, unless you’re very different, please refrain from comparing basic oral hygiene and plastic surgery.

        • Hygeine keeps you from developing ranges of diseases. Your ongoing health directly depends upon it – it is no more deception than eating is. Plastic surgery keeps superficial snobs from thumbing their designer noses at you. I do hope you can tell the difference.

          I deal with people all day. I’m not a natural bishounen, but I get by alright, and what I don’t have in looks, I fill in with friendliness and personality. I’m really at no loss by losing the respect of those who can’t deal with that, and I really haven’t run into any in real life since maybe junior high.

          I don’t honestly believe all plastic surgery is bad. There is reconstructive surgery for severe accidents. There are some cases where someone may actually be thought of by most as deformed. Then there are the other 95% who look like fine ordinary humans, but wish they had a face like the celeb of the week, or a d-cup bust. I guess I’m going to sound like a real Sankakuite here, but if that degree of falsity pervades even genitals, then I have to ask “is nothing sacred?” Ok, so maybe someone has 6-inch labia and their life will be turned around by this, but I think the common case will be people who just want to be a bit more symmetrical, or tidy, or young-looking, and they’d be willing to put those parts under the knife to reach that end. That is simply a mentality that I am not willing to associate myself with. It’s like meeting someone with anorexia nervosa who thinks they’re still fat after starving themselves half to death, so they start bloodletting to shave a few more pounds off while others ask “if they can afford it, isn’t it their right?”

          I wouldn’t attack someone for having plastic surgery any more than I would for how they look naturally, but in most cases that I actually see it done, I think they’d have been better off with some self esteem counselling rather than flesh sclupting.

        • Yes, I did put oral hygiene and plastic surgery on the same level. They’re both procedures commonly used by humans to look more appealing to their peers.

          And unless you plan on isolating yourself in a cave for the rest of your life, you’re going to have to deal with other people. And if you can make that experience as less traumatizing as possible, by all means, proceed.

          I know you’re thinking this sounds superficial, but consider some less extreme cases.

          Not all people do it because it’s trendy, being self-conscious is a horrible thing and nobody should feel guilty for wanting that burden off their shoulders. And sometimes it’s just not possible to act all that confident if you have an itch you can never scratch. You try to feel like making others fall in line with a huge, misshapen pear for a nose. Some people change for GOOD after going under the knife and modifying what they feel that could improve, and sometimes this is not triggered exclusively by public opinion. Breast reductions for non-medical purposes are a good example.

          Oversized, bloated lips look ridiculous. So do stretched, lifeless physiognomies. Injecting moderate amounts of silicone to lift breasts after one or more pregnancies and subsequent periods of breastfeeding doesn’t fall into that category, I think. Ask people how they feel pre and post-op. I don’t have the heart to tell perfectly happy people that they have mutilated themselves and it was wrong and they should have learned how to live with themselves because they were born that way and they should die that way.

          Do you?

  • im pro-choice, if a girl wants to wear makeup to cover blemishes, good for them they deserve to have a choice in the matter, and revlon stays in business. if a girls twat is fat and sloppy, and they don’t like it that way, i still think they should have a choice to fix that shit up. and plastic surgeons stay in business. its a fucking win-win. those critics should be minding their own fucking business, if it doesn’t concern them and it isn’t hurting anyone else, then leave it between the doctor and patient. although, there are some guys who prefer girls with large labia. im indifferent, so long as it’s clean.

  • The pro-censorship, anti-freedom people (fascist feminists and the like) will, of course, use this as a reason to ban porn. “Porn gives women an impossible standard to try and live up to, so they undergo these horrible mutilations!!”

    Of course, the solution is to remove the stigma of nudity forced on children by their parents, who had it forced one them by their parents, etc…

    The forced ‘demonizing’ and hiding of the human body only serves to mean the only vaginas seen are those (so-called) perfect ones in porn. If we instead taught people (and particularly women) to respect and accept their bodies for what they are instead of teaching them to be ashamed of them and to hide them at all cost, then men would see a wider variety of body types (and, yes, vaginas) and accept them as they are. And women wouldn’t think they have to mutilate their own vagina to match up with an impossible standard.

    I’m not saying everyone should be naked everywhere. Clothing is useful for protection against the elements, but I see no reason for the puritan insistence that we cover our bodies everywhere.

    But the prudes will never let that happen. They’re content to give boys and girls life long mental problems with body image issues.

    • There’s a website for females where they send in pics of their breasts, which are then posted on the site.

      The point is to show females that there are many different kinds of breast sizes and shapes.

      Maybe there should be one labia, too.

      (No, sorry, I don’t recall the URL for the breast site. No, I wouldn’t post it here if I did recall. You’d Slashdot the site into the ground. Yes, I looked at every pic there. No, there was nothing surprising: some were cute, some were okay, and some were do-not-want. What you’d expect from real-life 3-D.)

    • yeah, on that… a law was passed here in Arizona not too long ago, banning public breast feeding. makes me sick that society is at the point were breasts can’t be used for their primary purpose. If a baby is hungry in public, are mothers just supposed to feed them the crap formula that’s full of estrogen mimicking chemicals and Buddha knows what?

    • Your joking right? I’m sorry, but just because we saw a wider variety, and women weren’t as quick to keep them away, does NOT mean we (men) won’t judge them. It’s a sad fact that comparison judgement is HOW we come to standards of beauty (and even normalcy). As long as one woman has a vagina that makes all the guys go “mm-mm!”, all the other women’s naughty bits will be compared to it. Just like how men’s penis sizes are constantly compared and criticized (also mostly due to standards put forth in porn).

      Mind you, I don’t find any of this “wrong” per se. Rather I just think these types of comparison are natural, regardless of how much people cover up. Nor do I believe it will stop when women “take charge” of their bodies (because logically they won’t. Women in this case are their own worst enemies, not men.)

    • You have a very constructive & wise approach to this issue. I support everything you are saying here. Myself i am too furious of all stupidity and ignorance displayed here to keep my own comments cool all the time.

  • I have to say, aesthetically, after having looked at the before and after pictures, the results of the labiaplasty look good. They look better than the way they looked before.
    However, I’d never want any potential girlfriend of mine to risk injuring her body in such a procedure. Let alone, spend $5,000.

  • Make this shit ilegal and there will be a whole new market for it with higher risks and real negative sides like with every prohibition.

    Pussies can be very damn ugly and its a very important part for girls, plus its not like if they were gonna go showing it up to everyone they just want to feel better with themselves.
    This is a plus for us too, less ugly mega labias.

    Like smokes, just make it clear that there is a danger and if the real dangers are that bad and they still do it then its their choice and their risk.

    • @06:51

      99% is a little bit high.

      Some nose jobs which correct and unblock the nasal cavity are considered “plastic surgery” but have valid medical benefits.

      Many corrective surgeries are handled by Plastic Surgeons entirely because they have the expertise working with those areas of the body.

      Granted most of it is for improving one’s outward appearance, but much of the procedures that are called “plastic surgery” have actual medical benefits. I’d say it’s more like 80% of all plastic surgery.

  • “Furthermore, quality research is needed to improve our understanding of the psychological drivers behind women’s decision to sacrifice sexually sensitive tissue that contributes to erotic experiences”

    Do they really need “quality research” to understand that they just want their labia to look like the labias they see in porn?

  • used pie is used, if you care fer it it’ll last, if you don’t it goes bad.
    here is another fine example of WTF laziness on their bodies..
    lyposuction to lose the fat? how about not eating McD’s all the time?
    plastic surgery fer the body to look better, excersize..
    same goes fer any other part of the anatomy, find out to stay healthy and follow thru… labioplasty… sounds like a VD of the worse kind

    • Missed an “or” there, thanks:

      “Labiaplasty (sometimes spelled labioplasty and sometimes referred to as labia minor reduction or labial reduction) is plastic surgery of the labia majora and/or the labia minora, which are the external folds of skin surrounding the structures of the vulva. The procedure involves reducing elongated labia.”

    • I think there’s a major difference, between mutilating a vagina in some villiage to keep her from “wandering” to other men…and surgically removing bits and pieces so your vagina looks more desireable. Do I find it ridiculous? Yes. Do I think of it as “female circumcision”? No.

      • I don’t think that it’s any more ‘ridiculous’ than having a tummy-tuck or botox. It’s just someone trying to use the newfound medical knowledge to look their best, and are usually paying for out of their own pocket.

    • 3rd world countries do CLITORIS mutilation, it’s absolutely not the same as labial modification…

      Labial surgery = circumcision, not necessary but if they want to.

      clitoris ablation = glans ablation, just butchering someone (and it’s made on girl before puberty)

      Do you see a difference moron ?

    • What they’re trying to ban in 3rd world countries is true female mutilation. There is really nothing wrong with this type of surgery if she chooses to go with it. Why isn’t plastic surgery in general getting such a huge negative ho-hah? Just your usual moralfag.

      • True. There is a difference between being forced to have your clit cut off (something that deadens sexual sensation for a woman for life, and is FORCED on most females when they are too young to fight back against it with any reasonable amount of success because their WHOLE FAMILIES WANT IT DONE!) and this surgery.

      • Genital mutilation is NOT the same as this plastic surgery. Real female circumcision would be a minor trim of the hood of the clitoris, nothing more. But female “circumcision” is often chopping OFF the clitoris (note, this is the same as chopping off your penis), either one or both pairs of labia lips, and then stitch the whole gaping wound together, leaving only a tiiiny hole to urinate from. When a girl gets married, they cut her open so that her husband can actually shove his penis in.
        There are of course less thorough versions, but they are all genital mutilation.

        Here’s a handy conversion chart for any needs so that you can better relate:
        Penis ==> clitoris
        Foreskin ==> clitoral hood
        Scrotal sack (without the testicles) ==> labias
        Testicles ==> ovaries
        If you want any more, just look up foetal developement and where/how the genders diverge in developement.

        Random amusing fact: females can get blue-balled too. Apparently it’s sometimes called getting “pink-ovaried”, or “blue-ovaried”.

        • Anonymous says:

          On the topic of male circumcision: I live in the US. I had an ex that was born in Italy, and he was not circumcised until he was 10 years old, and it was done at that time because his penis had grown so much, so fast, that the foreskin began to “strangle” his penis, and was beginning to cut off circulation. Yes, he was quite well-hung. I had another male friend from the UK that had a similar experience, but he was a few years older when he had to be circumcised. Older male circumcision requires wearing a diaper and bleeding from the penis A LOT for WEEKS. On the other hand, my husband has very little feeling in his penis except for the spot just under the glans, and he was circumcised as an infant. My sister’s son had to be re-circumcised TWICE because the doctor apparently didn’t circumcise him entirely the first time, and I’m not sure why exactly the second time didn’t turn out right. It was very expensive to have corrected, and very painful for the poor little boy when he was between six and eighteen months for all of it.
          No matter whether you circumcise or not, there are still chances of problems occurring. There is no right or wrong choice. Until I found that my husband has very little sensitivity, I thought that it was better to inflict the pain when they are young and will not remember it the rest of their lives than risk them having to wear bloody diapers and go through excruciating pain during puberty. The question now is whether possible loss of sensitivity is worth avoiding that.

        • And the reason that men are wanting loli’s more and more is because after the age of 25, a lot of women let themselves go if they are married.

          I’m not kidding there, my own mother did that (though part of it I have to blame on my father’s eating habits and our family having a history of using food to console ourselves).

        • foreskin does give a slightly increased protection against most STD’s except for HIV. In case of HIV its the opposite, foreskin give a slightly increased risk of HIV infection. This is due to foreskin functioning like a kind of a buffer against pathogens so the immune system can more easily combat the collected pathogens in the foreskin, but because HIV targets white blood cell directly foreskins are advantages for HIV.
          But leaving the foreskin or circumcising is a inadequate measure against STD’s anyway so it negates the argument.

        • Most studies have shown that Male Circumcision reduces the chances of catching an STD by somewhere between 30-60% depending on the STD. As well as reducing the chances for urinary track infection in infants.

          The reason for this is because the skin on the underside of the foreskin is thinner and more sensitive to outside attack than the rest of the penis.

          Of course there are also the cultural reasons as well as hygiene (which is less of an issue in today’s first world countries).

          While it may cause some minor loss of sensation the glans due to the constant stimulation it receives, it is not enough of an issue to cause one to not under go the procedure.

          There are very few risks associated with male circumcision, most of which are infection or scaring, however those are very rare.

          The more you know.

        • Cutting a Child’s genitals is mutilation. Having it done of your own volition, as an adult is fine.

          And btw, circumcision has little medical function in the modern world. It is purely cosmetic.
          It’s just as clean unless you’re the type that only washed his cock once a week.

          Having a foreskin makes you slightly more likely to contract an STD from unprotected sex, but makes no difference if you wear a condom.

          But, I will admit that cutting off the clitoris is more severe.

        • There is no difference, except these women do it out of free will, where cutting babies is mutilation. Ofc there are medical reasons for circumcision, but they mostly appear in the early teens.

          In third-world countries there are benefits of hygiene and STD-prevention as well.

        • Reread your facts: medical science has proven that there’s NO need for circumcision since we have running water and the ability to bathe, not that people do it.
          Circumcised men are something like 3 times more likely to get STDs as well, which was a bit of an odd discovery. There’s a huge moralfag push to stop the process of male circumcision as well.
          Women wanting to look pre-pubescent is due to men wanting lolis more and more. Shaving is just another step on that totem. I suppose we should moralfag to stop female shaving, too?

          Let people do what they want with their bodies and stop being a douche.

        • Non-religious circumcision was a medical fad. It was supposedly done to promote cleanliness.

          I fortunately missed the fad. My brother was about three or four when the wave hit, and on medical advice, my parents had it done to him.

          I remember him screaming and bawling every time he took a piss – shudder. That lasted three or four months.

          Years later my mom said that if she’d known it was going to cause such extensive post-surgery pain, she’d never have had it done.

          “Trust me, I’m a GOD^H^H^Hdoctor.”

          If my brother wasn’t so good-natured, he’d probably have tracked down that doctor and had a little wager.

          “Hey, doc, I’ll bet ten bucks you can’t put your hands on the bar and keep your mouth closed at the same time.”

          (Doc puts his hands on the bar, then opens his mouth and screams after an inch-and-a-half diameter piece of steel stock slams down on his knuckles and fingers, breaking many of them.)

          “By the way, doc, ‘You may experience some mild discomfort’. And you owe me ten bucks.”

      • Texas Dude:

        No, it has nothing to do with how much sex a girl has.

        Some girls/women are simply born with bigger lips than others. Just like some guys are born with smaller dicks than others.

        I prefer to not have large lips visually sometimes, but I have fun either way. When having sex with larger lips, it may give more feeling to your dick as you do the IN-OUT.

        Women can’t choose how their lips are going to form just as much they can’t choose how big their breasts will get.

      • when will guys get that labia grow large naturally? Virgins with no dildo contact can have huge ones. Why do you think they get surgery? Because people tell them girls with large labia are sluts and loose and no one likes them even when they didn’t do anything. They don’t want their first boyfriend or any boyfriend to think that and they cut it.

        • “It’s not natural, it is something make the women’s labia overgrow…. maybe the fact that she isn’t getting doinked enough.”

          Large labias are usually a sign of a lot of estrogen.

          And the size of the outer/inner labias has less to do with (normal) sex habits, and a hell of a lot more to do with genes.

          Meaning that teenage virgins who never have touched their genitals can have hueg “meat curtains”, and that they probably inhereted it from their mothers. Same as with guys: dudes with a fuckton of excessive foreskin often have dads that look the same, and dudes with so little foreskin naturally that they look cut often have dads that look the same.

          Genitals are only yet another body part. If a guy has a weird looking natural nose, chances are he got it from one of his parents.

        • A lot of guys are turned off by labia that large. They know that it is natural, idiots…. they just DO NOT LIKE IT and do not feel that their women should have them like that.

          Also, it is not natural to have labia that ‘hang down’ like ‘meat curtains’. I have seen 40 year olds who have had NO surgery, have had sex with oodles of big dicked men, yet don’t have that.

          It’s not natural, it is something make the women’s labia overgrow…. maybe the fact that she isn’t getting doinked enough.

          I’ve only seen the ‘meat curtains’ in ‘moral’ women who don’t have sex outside of marriage or women who have had STD’s.

        • ill say this now – i havent has actual sex before… but from the pron ive seen, i see “whithered” looking pussies like this

          and then there’s this kind

          and this:

          and this:

          the latter few seem to be the blueprint anime tend to use to get the cleaner and easier to draw look that anime likes so much… you can guess which kind i find more appealing. still, its not like that when im with a woman ill ever be staring at her crotch (anime tells me they find that embarrasing LOL), so in the end it matters to me very little. im actually surprised many women care what men think about how they look down there, our eyes arent actually in our dicks obviously. maybe theyre hoping guys would be more likely to go down on them by making it look more inviting? Still, one side they say they hate sluts and what to not look slutty at all, on the other side they think they need to looks and act slutty to be actractive to men by sneaking a pic at their fap material o_O (they should peak at my fap material, id like to see a 3D girl turn herself 2D, like Mr. Game and Watch or something) they hate not only porn stars but even sexy internet/magazine models, yet they love mariah carey and pussycat dolls who basically dress and act like those “sluts” do. paradoxes and hypocracies gallore.

          but i really dont think there’s enough information out there on how different pussies look and should look, a lot of people just watch porn and make their own assumptions. ill tell you now, i have no idea which kind is fake, which is just worn from too much fucking, which is “untouched”, which is just poor surgery…

        • For me it’s nothing to do with looking like a slut. It’s just that “innie” vaginas a more visually appealing than “outie” vaginas. And more pleasant to perform oral sex on.

          I think I’ve missed quite why the medical professionals are so upset. It’s only because it’s genitalia that they’re kicking up so much fuss. It’s just removing/trimming excess, unnecessary stuff to make it look nicer. Like shaving, just more permanent and requires surgery.

        • There’s a difference between spewing out kids like a Pez dispenser, and keeping in shape.

          Plenty of women with 1, 2 3 or even 4 kids who take care of themselves still look and probably feel great..

          Don’t blame us because your mother’s got a vagoo the size of a hallway..

        • ^ this comment is also somewhat misleading.

          The vagina is a muscle, not a shoe. I mean, the skin can stretch to the size needed for a baby, and then shrink back naturally. It’s not like they have a bowling-ball sized opening in their pelvis for the rest of their life.

        • What a idiot you are. Why are there so different noses, mouths, ears, chins, hands, eyes, legs, feet… and so on forever.
          Why should a pussy and vagina always look the same on every woman? what right do you have to say that?
          I like many kinds of pussies, but i prefer definitely large, long lipped, voluptuous ones. And i think most men( and i man men) do, it`s only shyness and peer pressure what makes them to keep silent instead of admitting it clearly.
          I have had my best sex with large pussied girls, and believe me, there has been many! I still love all of them!

  • I am a experienced, very grown-up, real virile man. I like big pussies, the bigger the better. It should have a lot of large, multiple folds, and very strong upper and lower love muscles. This kind of pussy and vagina i find most attractive and beautiful. To all noobs & other idiots, i have to say that the visual size of pussy has nothing to do how strongly it can press & massage a penis, whatever size, during lovemaking.
    Labiaplasty is simply utter idiocy, only good for surgeons to get money from something which is not needed for any intelligent reason. Women who want it do not know that pussies can be beautiful in so many ways, as many other body parts. And real, experienced men with great capacity to satisfy women happens mostly prefer great, voluptuous pussies!

    • First of all, nobody is impressed with you.

      Secondly, the desired shape for the vagina has largely come about as a result of people voting with their dollar–buying porn more often with those who have better shaped vaginas. You’ll notice that porn is also purchased by “experienced, very grown up, real virile” men.

      So fuck off, we can and will promote an ideal image. If a woman gets some surgery to match that image, awesome.

      • That surgery often destroys her sex life. What is a better shaped vagina, or vulva, or pussy? Who are you to decide which of various types of female sex organ is attractive? Men buying porn are usually not the ones with greater experience, or rich sex life.
        They usually haven`t seen vey many pussies in real life.
        I an NOT aiming to be impressed. Ignorance on this area of human life is astonishing. What even more astonshing, there is a great number of men not wanting to give up their faulty knowledge, if they have anything at all, of woman`s sex organs and how they function.
        It feels they demand of women dot to do anything, only lay there as dead fish, when they try in vain do everything with their dicks. They are frightened of the thought that women have bigger erectile muscles in their pussy and vagina tha most men.
        I have learned what i know directly by talking with women.
        You should ask about these things from women you know, if there is any.
        Again, i am not trying to impress anyone, i only try to send some light of reality to inexperienced boys in these, ah so dark ages, when reason and knowledge is rapidly vanishing away. Idiotic ideas and religions are on march again trying to enslave people.

        P.S. I wonder if cosmetic surgeoning really is so lucrative for any longer, when those witch doctors have to advertise themselves so furiously. They have a growing number of lawsuits on their heels, and some good lawyers against them!

        • Cool assumptions, bro. Fact of the matter is that nearly all men buy or view porn–and this is the image they overwhelmingly respond to.

          The rest of your comment was irrelevant to the subject and full of propaganda.

        • I am sorry for some spelling faults above.
          In short, i am not trying to look like a stud or impress anyone. Far from it.
          Instead i wish to say to boys & inexperienced men: Do not believe to urban legends or what stupid, women hating men sprout out from their mouths. Do not believe on bad jokes, but think clearly what is most natural and trustworthy, learn and think of your real experiences, and the most important: LISTEN TO WOMEN AND DISCUSS WITH THEM. They should know their bodies best.
          There is no harm to your manliness if you give some credit to women. Even when it comes to sex.

  • “Lad’s mags”

    Who still buys magazines? Do those men not know about the internet or are they too stupid to find out how to get free porn off of it? I’ve seen quick a few of these “Lad’s mags” and I’ve got to say that the porn that you can get free on the internet is much better by far.

    Also if your girlfriend wants to look like a pornstar then it’s time to get a new girlfriend. Pornstars aren’t hot, never have been and never will be. Plus once your girlfriend thinks she’s as “sexy” as a pornstar, she’ll dump your ass because now she will think that she can do much better (which she probably can if her boyfriend uses this site).

  • Tiedupinknots says:

    You know? It doesn’t matter a bit if its hairy or shaved, sloppy or neat, big or small, or whatever damn shade of pink or purple or black or whatever. I love pussy and I think a woman should keep her pussy (and tits) the way she was borne with them. Unless of course there are medical reasons to screw with them. (Please excuse the pun)

    On the other hand I also think artist decoration and expressionism through piercing and tattooing to be acceptable.


    • Well, people have been getting the skin around their anus bleached for a long time now. Mostly porn stars but just like with this, if you see a porn star with a buttcrack where the skin isn’t darker then some people think that it is unnatural to have discoloration.

      It isn’t surgery and it isn’t super common, but it is purely cosmetic and unnecessary.

    • All ignorant, inexperienced & plain stupid guys writing bullshit here should get their anus moved to where their mouths are, and vice versa. Then we would ask if they still are positive to cosmetic surgeoning.

    • Because cosmetic surgeons are telling them it is okay. Yes, these women should be doing more research, but if someone who is a licensed doctor, even if it is just cosmetic, and you trust, tells you that the surgery isn’t bad for you then there is a problem.

        • You`re spitting lies through your teeth. Are you a cosmetic surgeon yourself? Neutral arbiters? Not taking advantage? They would kill for money if it was not against the law. Go jump to sea or lake, have 100 kg of iron in your pockets.

        • Little problem: usually they are NOT taking advantage of others in the slightest.

          The doctor’s oath only states that they will tell people the side effects (there are few to none from this procedure) and the benefits (there are many). Then allow the PATIENT to decide if the risks are worth the benefits.

          In most, if not all, cases…. the benefits are worth the risks for the patients in their minds.

          The doctors are NEUTRAL ARBITERS… they just tell you benefit vs. risk, then allow you to make your own decision based on that… they don’t take ‘advantage’ of anyone, or at least most don’t.

  • This is disgusting. I’d never remove any part of my vagina…makes me shudder to think about.

    I’m also against circumcision before anyone says anything…we’re natural this way, and we should stay natural.